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Christine and Karen's Sleepover by Jouissance

Christine and Karen's Sleepover

So, The After School Club seemed to go down pretty well. Thanks for all the mail and the useful suggestions. Here then is a little sequel to keep you warm over the festive season. Eat drink and be merry for soon we have to go back to work. I hope you like this one. If you haven't read The After School Club already it doesn't matter, but if you want to do so before you begin then it wouldn't hurt.

Christine and Karen ran swiftly down the road toward Christine's house. Their teacher had dropped them off at the end of the street, not wanting to be seen letting them out of his car right outside. Dressed in their uniforms they looked like typical school girls rushing home, if a little late, from school. No one would have guessed to look at them that both had just been well fucked by their class teacher. Trapping him as they had in the school's sickroom had been Christine's idea. At first she had only intended to watch him take her friend's virginity. As the evening had progressed, however, she had been unable to resist the lure of his thick eight inch cock. He had taken her virginity too, after a fashion. His had been the first cock she had taken in her arse. He fucked her and filled her bum with his hot cum as she sucked Karen's sweet blond cunny.

For most fourteen- year- olds, that would have been more than enough for one night. Christine though had for more planned for this evening. Her sexual education of Karen was only just beginning. The very thought of tonight's sleepover had her cunt juicing already.

"Come on Karen. Here we are." Christine pulled her friend up the path to the front door. The house was in darkness.

"There's no one else in then?" Asked Karen

"No. I told you, we're all on our own tonight. It's going to be fun." She unlocked the door and opened it. A shape bounded out of the darkness in the hall and Karen found herself pinned against the wall.

"Max! Get down! Down I said." Christine spoke sharply. Turning on the light she revealed what had given Karen such a fright. There, his great bulk pressing Karen against the wall, stood a large Doberman.

"Oh shit Chris! He scared me to death! I nearly wet myself."

"Don't worry about Max. He's a sweetie. He wouldn't hurt a fly, would you Maxie?"

Christine scratched the great head and the dog licked her hand with a huge pink tongue. Almost at once he began to whine.

"Can you smell pussy boy? You like that don't you? He can taste your pussy on my fingers Karen." She grinned at her blond friend as Max licked the fingers clean. "Where is it Maxie? Seek Max!"

The dog sat for a moment, his nostrils flaring. Then, as he caught the scent he was seeking, his muzzle pushed forward and he lifted the front of Karen's skirt. The wet tongue lapped at the front of the young girl's panties seeking out more of the taste he had recently enjoyed.

"Urgh! Stop it! That's disgusting. Make him stop Chris. Yuck!"

"Oh come on! He's only having a bit of fun. Don't you like it? I told you he was lots of fun. You're not going to disappoint me are you?"

"It's horrible! I thought you were joking when you told me about the dog. Make him stop or I'm going home now. I mean it. I'll ring my mum to come and get me."

"What a spoilsport! Are you sure? He's very good with his tongue; and with other things too."

"I really mean it Chris. I want to go home."

"Alright, alright. I was only joking. Max! Corner!" The dog paused and looked up at his mistress. "Corner Max!"

Reluctantly he slunk away. He walked down the hall and turned to enter a room at the far end. As he stood in profile to them, Karen thought for a moment that she caught a glimpse of a thick pink cock hanging beneath his belly. Then he was lost from sight and she shivered at the size of the organ she hoped she had only imagined.

"Alright now? Nasty doggy all gone." Christine giggled at her friend's evident discomfort. "Let's go upstairs then. My room's the first one at the top of the stairs. You go up and put some music on. I'll get us something to drink. Coke alright for you?"

"Fine. I'll see you in a second."

Karen walked up the stairs. Christine watched her for a moment as she ascended. The sight of the other girl's small bum and the flash of knickers she caught made her juicier than ever. Karen, she knew, was nervous. Sex was still new to her. It was only six weeks since Christine had found her masturbating in the changing rooms and offered to help her. She had dropped to her knees and pulled Karen's tight little slit open before pushing her tongue inside. Her friend had struggled for a moment, taken aback by this new experience. But once Christine had taken the hard little clit between her lips, Karen had relaxed into the sensation. To Chris's delight the blonde had come quickly and had proved to be not only wet but a squirter. Karen had ejaculated a stream of sticky cream into her face when she came. At that moment Chris had decided to take this innocent in hand and teach her all she needed to know.

Turning, she walked to the kitchen and filled two large glasses with cold fizzy drink. One of them, however, she filled only three quartets full. Before heading upstairs she stopped off in the lounge and opened her parents drinks cupboard. Taking a bottle of vodka from the shelf she topped up the glass.

"There" she said to herself. "That should loosen her up a bit. She took a swallow from the bottle before returning it to its spot on the shelf. She grimaced as the liquid coursed, burning, down her throat. "That's enough. I'm loose enough already." Chris raised the front of her skirt and slipped a hand inside her panties. Her fingers dipped between the sticky lips of her cunt. "I'm definitely loose enough."

She carried the glasses carefully upstairs to her room. Karen was waiting for her, music already playing. Christine handed her a glass, careful to make sure it was the right one.

"Drink up then. You must be really dry. Sucking cock always makes my throat dry afterwards." She had earlier shown Karen just how to suck the teacher's big prick.

Karen took a big swallow from her glass.

"That tastes weird! What is it?"

"It's just coke. It's one of those no sugar, no caffeine things. It doesn't taste right to me either but it's all mum will buy now. She's on some sort of health kick."

"Well it's not nasty or anything. It just tastes different." She took another gulp. "It's rather nice really, in a funny sort of way."

Karen was sitting in the only chair, so Christine sat on the floor opposite. From there she had another lovely view up her friend's uniform skirt to her white cotton knickers. She could see a large damp patch at the crotch where they covered Karen's wet cunt.

"Well? Did you like it? Did he give you a good fuck?"

"Oh Chris! You are rude! But... well... yes! It was great! I'm so glad you set it up. You're so clever. I'd never have thought of anything like that." She giggled, the vodka loosening her inhibitions. "It was such a big cock too. I never imagined it would be so long and thick. I wasn't sure it would fit up my cunny."

"It was a nice one. Still if you thought it was a tight fit, you should have had it where I did. It stretched my bum so much! But it was so good when he shot his spunk up me. It's a shame he chickened out and didn't put his cum up you. I'd have loved to suck it out of your pussy."

"Mmmm yes. That would be good. I'd love some spunk in my cunny." Karen was more than a little drunk already and she slide forward in her chair. As she did so her skirt rode up and uncovered her knickers entirely.

"I do love to look at your cunny Karen. Even if there isn't any spunk in it. Come on let me have a look."

"You'll have to ask really nicely." Karen's speech was slightly slurred. "Ask me really, really nicely." She rubbed her fingers over her damp crotch, teasing her friend.

"Please Karen. Please will you show me your pretty, blonde, well fucked cunt? Pretty please?"

Karen pulled the damp fabric aside to uncover her sparsely hair cunt. >From where she sat, Christine could see it glistening with moisture.

"Play with yourself Karen. I want to watch you frig yourself." Christine crawled across the floor to sit at the blonde girl's feet.

"Yeah, watch me finger my cunny." Karen slipped two fingers into her hot slit and pushed them deep. "Ohhh! I can get them so much further in now. Look they go all the way up me."

Christine watched excitedly as Karen fucked herself slowly with her slender fingers and her own hand slid under her mattress. She quickly found what she was looking for. Drawing out the slim vibrator she turned it on. The loud buzzing startled Karen and her eyes opened wide.

"What is it Chris? Where did you get it?"

"It's just a vibrator. My big sister gave it to me. She used to do me with it all the time. She started when I was twelve. She caught me with my brother's cock up me and after that she fucked me all the time. She's great. She has a really big clit that she puts in my cunt. Then she used the vibrator on my clitty. She's gone to university now and I hardly see her anymore. She gave me this as a present when she left. Here, have a feel."

She took the buzzing rod and stroked it gently across Karen's tits. The nipples of her tiny breasts erected immediately pushing against her bra and blouse.

"Oh yes! I like that! It feels great." Her fingers moved more rapidly in her slit. "Well how about this?" Chris moved the vibe down to tease her girlfriend's clitoris.

"Christ! That's so good! OHHHH! OHHH YESSSSS!"

"Here, take it. Try it in your cunt." Christine handed the slim plastic tool to Karen who used it in place of her fingers.

Karen's moans almost drowned out the music that still played, unnoticed now. As the blonde fucked herself with the vibrator, Christine knelt beside her and began to remove her friend's clothes. First the tie and then the blouse were abandoned in a heap on the floor. Chris pulled Karen's bra down to expose her small tits. She sucked hungrily at the hard little mounds with their fiercely erect nipples. Karen's eyes were closed in ecstasy. Seeing her so involved in her masturbatory pleasures, Chris released the breast from her mouth and moved silently to the door. Karen did not notice her absence. Out on the landing, Christine called quietly down the stairs.

"Max! Maxie! Here boy!" She waited for a moment and then heard the dog padding down the hall. He appeared at the foot of the stairs. "Come on boy. I've got a treat for you."

The big beast trotted up the stairs. When he reached the landing, Christine took him by the collar and led him into her room. She found Karen, her eyes tight closed, with the whole length of the vibrator buried in her sex. She held it there with the heel of her hand while her fingers danced over her swollen clit. She was coming hard now and totally unaware of Christine's wanderings. Christine crossed to the bed and lay down with her legs spread wide and her feet planted on the floor. Her cunt was facing her friend, not that Karen was noticing anything at that moment but the sensations spreading through her body from her pussy. Max, however, was very aware of his mistress's exposed posture. He trotted across the room and sat himself between the spread thighs.

"That's a good boy Max. Come on, you know what to do. Tongue Maxie! Tongue!"

She used her fingers to pull her cunt lips apart. Her sister had trained Max well from the time he was a puppy. He knew exactly what the command "tongue" meant. As Christine lay there opening her cunt, watching and listening to Karen's orgasm, Max's long pink tongue flopped out and licked her slowly from arsehole to clit.

"OH MAX! That's a gooood boy! Oh yeah. More Maxie, more tongue."

The Doberman pressed closer and began to stimulate her faster. His tongue was hot and rough, and so large that he covered her whole slit with each energetic swipe. Christine gave herself up to the fantastic sensation; a sensation she had first enjoyed at 12 when her older sister had first introduced her to this special pleasure. Her whole body shook as Max licked her juicy slit. She was only vaguely listening to Karen's moans now and it was a while before she realised that the sounds of pleasure had stopped.

"Chris! Chris, what are you doing? That's sick!"

"What? Oh, back with us are you? Oh fuck Max that's so nice. Come on Karen. Watch him do me. It's like having a dozen girls lick your cunny at the same time." Writhing on the bed, she grinned at Karen's shocked expression. "I told you he was fun. You don't know what you are missing."

Karen was both horrified and fascinated by the sight of this huge black dog licking her girlfriend's cunt. She quickly became absorbed in the bizarre vision, not noticing as the vibrator slipped from her slit.

"Isn't it really weird? All that fur brushing against you and stuff. I mean, you're letting an animal suck your cunny."

"Mmmmm! Oh his fur feels good. It's so soft and warm when it brushes against you. It's one of the best bits. Stroke him. See how nice it feels."

Karen couldn't bring herself to reach out and touch him. But she extended her leg and rubbed her foot along his broad back. The sensation of the hot furred body against her skin was surprisingly pleasant. Max seemed to enjoy the contact and half turned his body toward her while keeping his muzzle buried between Christine's legs. She giggled as the smooth coat ticked between her toes her initial revulsion slowly diminishing in the face of an increasing arousal and a large measure of vodka.

"Oooooo! Ha! It feels so tickly. Is it like that on your cunny? Does it tickle? I really like... O GOD!" Her laughter stopped short as she looked down at Max. There, jutting out red and wet, was the thing she thought she had seen earlier. The dog's great prick thrust forward from its furred sheath, twitching.

"I can see his cock Chris. It's huge."

"I know, fantastic isn't it? It's at least as big as the one we had earlier. I bet it makes you wet just looking at it. It always does that to me."

"It does not! It's a dog! That's... perverted. It doesn't make me sexy. AT ALL!"

"Then why are you touching your cunny? You're not a pervert are you? I am. I love my dog licking my cunt and I love to play with his big cock."

Karen blushed as she realised that her fingers were indeed rubbing her slit.

"Cat, or is that dog, got your tongue Karen love? Come on, it's just a cock. You like cock. You liked having one in your mouth and up your cunt earlier. A cock is a cock, I don't care if it's a man's or a dog's. Go on, touch it. Do it for me. You want to do it for me, don't you?"

"Chris." Karen groaned.

Christine sat up, pushing Max's head away from her slit. He whined pitifully. She looked at Karen with a sulky expression.

"Don't you love me anymore? Who set the teacher up to fuck you? I did that for you. Won't you do something for me? I think you're really mean."

"But... I mean I'd feel really weird. You know..."

The dog whimpered as Christine held him off.

"Poor Max is really unhappy now. He'd love you to touch it. Pleeeeease Karen? Just touch his cock. Do it for me." She gave Karen her most alluring smile.

"Ok. Just once though." Karen slipped from the chair and crouched beside the great black Doberman. Tentatively she reached out a small hand and laid it on the thick red shaft. The dog whimpered and Christine released his head giving him access, once more, to her cunt. Karen snatched her hand away at once.

"It's really hot, it feels so weird and sticky."

"You get used to it. Go on; touch it properly. Stroke it for him."

Karen wrapped her fingers around Max's meaty prick. She felt it pulse in her hand as blood flowed quickly to swell the hot cock. It grew still further as she gripped it.

"Oh wow! It's really growing now. He's coming already." She watched as the first drops of fluid oozed from the tip to flow down the shaft and moisten her hand.

"He's not really coming. He just does that when you start. He sort of starts slow and then he just squirts more and more. You'll know when he really comes. There are gallons of it."

"It's getting big at the bottom. He's swelling up. It's like a tennis ball."

"That's what they call the knot. It goes in the female dog and then she can't get it out. It makes sure all his spunk stays in to make loads of puppies. Fancy having puppies Karen?" Christine giggled.

"That thing's not going anywhere near my cunt! You are disgusting sometimes. You haven't let him do that to you! Have you?"

"Might have!"


"No! Not really. But I've seen him do it to my sister. Once he got it in she couldn't get it out for half an hour. She was coming all the time and when it did pull out then his spunk poured out all down her legs. It's really runny. Not like a man's spunk, but there's much more. And it tastes good too."

"You tasted it?"

"I licked when it ran out of my sister's cunt. Then I sucked his cock clean. I love to suck his cock. AHH! And I really love it when he licks my clitty. OHH MAXIE! GOOD BOY!!" Christine writhed on the bed as the Doberman's agile tongue caressed her slit and wrapped itself around her stiff clit.

Karen's arousal was growing now despite her initial revulsion. The sight of Max licking her girlfriend's pussy and the obvious pleasure Christine was deriving from it turned her on in spite of herself. Her mind was filled with visions of Chris's big sister with the huge red prick stuck fast in her sex and of Chris herself with her mouth round the shiny red cock, sucking doggie spunk. As Christine had planned, Karen was now too drunk to care how perverse the evening was becoming. The slim blonde girl took her hand from Max's rod, taking a fresh grip with the other. That first wet sticky hand she raised to her lips placing her fingers in her mouth. She hungrily licked them clean of runny pre-cum.

"Ooo yes. Do it Karen. Eat his lovely spunk. It's so hot. Suck it properly. Put his prick in your mouth." Christine squirmed on the bed, the dog's head clamped between her thighs as she watched her little friend.

Such was Karen's excitement that she did as she was told without a second thought. Her blonde head dipped forward and she slipped her lips over the pointed scarlet organ. She let him thrust into her mouth as Christine had done earlier with the teacher. The flow of liquid increased as she stimulated Max with her tongue.

"Jesus Christ! What the hell are you doing!"

Both girls' heads jerk around at the unexpected shout. Karen's mouth slipped from the prick and she saw, to her horror, a woman standing in the open door to Christine's bedroom. All three were frozen in place for what seemed like an eternity. Finally Christine spoke.

"Mum! You're supposed to be out all night. You shouldn't..."

"Is this what happens if I leave you on your own?" Chris's mother crossed swiftly to the bed and caught her daughter by the hair dragging her to her feet. Max still craned his neck forward in an effort to get his tongue back into her dripping sex.

"Max! Corner! Now!" Mrs. Jensen yelled at the dog and yanked hard at his collar. He slunk away to the corner of the room, clearly unhappy at being interrupted. He lay down on the floor and licked his erect cock.

"Mum. I... It's not what... Max, I couldn't stop him. He just..."

"Don't lie to me you filthy little tart!" Mrs. Jensen's hand shot forward and she slapped Christine hard across the face. "And you! You must be Karen. Sit down there. I'll ring your mother when I'm finished with this dirty cow."

Karen sat in the vacant chair, her lust long disappeared. She shivered as she watched the woman grab Christine by the arm. Mrs. Jensen was tall and dark like her daughter. And like her daughter she had large breasts that Karen couldn't help but notice straining against her sweater with her exertion. She took her daughter by the shoulders, shaking her.

"You are sick girl. You're a pervert. Normal people don't do things like that. Was it your idea or hers?" She looked over her shoulder and glared at Karen. "Well? Answer me!"

"It was Max! He started sniffing me and stuff. I couldn't stop him. He..."

"Don't lie! It was you. You're as bad as your sister. God knows what she's getting up to at university. I know about her and your brother, you know. I hoped you might be normal. Well I'm putting a stop to this here and now."

The woman sat on the bed and dragged her struggling daughter over her knee. Pressing one hand into the small of Christine's back she held her down. The other hand she drew back and brought down hard on the girl's arse. The loud crack of hand on buttock filled the room.

"AHHH! Shit that hurts. Stop it. Stop it." Mrs. Jensen paid no attention as she began to beat Christine's bottom hard and fast. Christine screamed and sobbed pleading with her mother to stop.

Karen just sat and stared in stunned silence. She could see her friend's bottom turning a vivid red as the blows continued. As Chris kicked and wriggled, Karen caught the occasional flash of wet cunt and she was fascinated by the way the large hanging breasts swung with the force of the blows. She realised that her own cunny was creaming again. The whole spectacle was strangely arousing to her. Unnoticed by the others she slid her fingers between her legs and surreptitiously began to stroke her slit.

Mrs. Jensen's hand continued to fall hard across her daughter's arse. Christine's reaction however had subtly changed. Her writhing had lessened, her kicking stopped. Her movements now centred on her crotch as she ground herself against her mother's legs. The cries of anguish had lowered in pitch and now sounded much more like low moans of arousal.

"Ohhh! Mum. Ahhhh!" Her groans were sounds of pleasure. She placed her hand low down on her mother's leg, stroking her ankle through her stockings. Slowly she slid her touch upward over the calf to move between her own body and her mum's thighs. She left it in the warm space there toying with the nylon covered flesh. It took a few moments before Mrs. Jensen realised just what was happening.

"Stop it you dirty little bitch. Bloody dyke! I'm not falling for that one again! I won't..." Mrs. Jensen stopped short, her spanking momentarily ceasing.

"Mummy! What do you mean? Again?" Christine asked excitedly. She took the opportunity of her mother's pause to slide the questing hand deeper between the firm thighs. "You did it with Lucy didn't you? You did it with my sister!"

The woman sat frozen and silent. In her shock she was barely aware as Christine's fingers finally reached their goal, bushing gently across the crotch of her mum's panties.

"I... I didn't want... She made... OHH! Chris stop it! I won't. You are as sick as she is. I'm not like that. I don't like... It's incest. Mmmmmm. I don't want..."

"Oh mummy. I didn't know. I had no idea you liked girls. I can tell now though. I can feel how wet you are through your knickers. Feel how wet I am." Christine parted her thighs. Her mother's hand had been resting on the well spanked arse. It now came naturally into contact with Chris's shaved and soaking cunt.

"I won't! I won't do it."

"Come on mum. You're very sexy you know. I'm not surprised Lucy wanted you. Look at Karen. She thinks you're sexy too." Christine directed her mother's gaze to where her girlfriend sat watching and masturbating. "Show her Karen. Show her how sexy she makes you."

The blonde opened her legs wide and gave the woman a perfect view of her sparsely haired slit as she slid two fingers back and forth between the lips. Christine took her chance as her mum's thighs relaxed apart. Her finger slipped beneath the elastic of the wet knickers to touch her mother's cunt.

"Nooooo! Christine, stop it. I won't. Your sister got me drunk one night and did it to me, but I swore never to do it again. Take your fingers away. Please Christine, I don't like girls. You're my daughter for God's sake. I'm not a dyke! I'm not!" Mrs. Jensen wriggled on her daughter's fingers but despite her protests, she made no real effort to stop the girl.

"Of course you're not a dyke mum. You don't have to be a lesbian to like girls. I love a good stiff cock. I had one tonight. I had a hard prick up my bum tonight."


"Mmmm, yeah. I had this great thick prick up me. The same one Karen had up her cunny. But Karen likes to do it with girls too." Christine slowly pushed two fingers into her mothers wet hairy cunt as she lay across her lap.

"No, please! Ahhhh!"

"You like that, don't you mum? You like my fingers in your hole. Karen. Come here and show my mum how much you like girls. Come and suck me."

Karen was hot and ready now and she pulled her wet fingers from her slit, licking them clean. Getting down from her chair she knelt between Christine's legs and applied her mouth to the open hole.

"Yessss! That's so good. Oh mum, she's so good at this. She sucks me so well. Did Lucy suck you mum, or did you suck her?" Chris took her mother's hand and placed it on one of her hanging breasts. "Did she make you touch her tits too? Just like this?"

"O Chris. It feels so good. You must stop. I don't like girls, really I don't." The mother's protestations carried little conviction as she thrust her hips forward to meet her daughter's probing fingers. One hand squeezed Christine's ample tit, while the other stroked Karen's soft blonde hair as the girl sucked hungrily at Chris's juicy pussy.

Christine turned her head to look back at her mum. The woman's eyes were half closed with pleasure, sweat glistened on her forehead. Her hand was now wrapped in Karen's long pale hair as the girl sucked her daughter's pussy.

"Do you like Karen then mum? She's dead sexy isn't she? Would you like to fuck her mum? I bet you would. Put your tongue up her cunny and suck her. Touch those tiny tits. You can have her mum, I won't be jealous at all. Come on, let's sort you out."

She stood up quickly, leaving the frustrated Karen kneeling on the floor with her face wet and sticky. Lifting her mother's sweater she uncovered the large 38D breasts spilling half out of a white bra. She lifted this too and allowed the two soft white tits to escape their confinement.

"Wow! Mum, they're fantastic. Mine are big but nothing like yours. I hope mine get that big. What do you think Karen? Are they sexy or what?"

"Mrs. Jensen? Please can I suck one? They just make me so hot. Please?" Not waiting for an answer, Karen lifted one heavy breast and took the large nipple between her lips.

"Ahh! Karen! Yes suck it little girl. Suck my tit." Mrs Jensen pressed the girl's face firmly against her flesh as her teat hardened and lengthened in the soft warm mouth. She looked down to see Christine take the other breast and play with the nipple for a moment before she too began to suck. The girls flanked her now as they sat on the bed. She stroked both their heads for a while before sliding a hand down each smooth body. She cupped breasts, one pair small and firm, the other large and soft, and then passed on downward. She knew that she was lost again to her own suppressed needs, just as she had been so long ago when drunk and tearful she had allowed Lucy to initiate her into incestuous lesbianism. Her fingers finally came to rest on two soft wet slits. Karen's, blonde and softly furred was still quite tightly folded as she probed for entry. Her daughter's naked and shaved cunt pouted outward and seemed to suck her in as copious juices coated her hand.

"You're very dirty girls. Mmmmm! So dirty and so hot. This is wrong, you shouldn't be doing it. But don't stop, I want to come now. Please do it to me. Touch my pussy."

"Oh we'll do much more than that mum," said Christine, pulling her mouth from her mother's nipple.

She sat up and pushed her aroused mum back onto the bed. Both girls lay beside her and the three kissed wetly. Karen pushed up Mrs. Jensen's skirt to uncover damp knickers. Christine pulled the knickers down and moved down to remove them. Her mother's thick dark bush almost hid the open slit beneath. Only a faint crimson line marked her lips. Her daughter parted the curls with long thin fingers.

"What a pretty cunt you have mummy." She chuckled. "I think I'm going to have to give it a big kiss. But first you have to kiss Karen's cunny. Go on love. Let my mum eat your cunt."

Karen moved up and placed a knee on either side of the woman's head. Then, holding Mrs. Jensen's face in her hands, she lowered her aching pussy onto the waiting mouth. She felt the long, hard, tongue penetrate her at once and she let out a low moan.

"Yesssss. Eat me, eat me now."

"Is she being a good mummy? Then she gets a treat." Christine pulled her mother's cunt wide and thrust her own tongue to the depths. She drank deep from the juices that soon poured forth and revelled in the writhing she coaxed from her mum's body. The woman sighed and groaned as her daughter skilfully sucked and licked her.

Karen too was breathing hard now. She had been masturbating while watching both the spanking and Christine's seduction of her mother. It wasn't long before she reached her climax. She ground herself unmercifully on the face beneath her, enjoying a new sensation of power. As she came she felt fingers slid between her lips as Christine's mother began to finger fuck her deeply. She lost all control and screamed her pleasure. As her cunt spasmed around the fingers and tongue she became aware of a new sensation. There was a pressure in her bladder, full as it now was with the soft drink and its added dose of vodka. Even in the midst of her climax it crossed her mind that she should get up now, leave these two to their pleasure while she went off to pee. The thought was only fleeting though. The vodka not only filled her bladder, but removed all her inhibitions. She could, she knew, do anything she wanted. Anything at all.

"Chris! Chris!"

"What it is it love? Isn't she doing it right?" Christine raised her wet face from the hairy cunt before her.

"Oh no she... she's good. OHHHH! Really good! Mmmmmm. I want you to watch." She smiled down at her friend and at that moment released a stream of piss onto the face below. Pressing her cunt down hard she left Mrs. Jensen with no option but to swallow it down. Christine could see trickles of urine escaping down her mum's chin and knew at once what was happening.

"O you dirty horny little bitch! You're pissing on her! Drink it down mum. Drink that lovely pee and I'll make you come so hard." Christine took the vibrator from the floor where it had lain forgotten and plunged it buzzing into the juicy slit between her mother's thighs. A gurgling cry came from the woman. Karen, spent, raised herself up and looked into the wet ecstatic face she had just pissed on.

"Thank you Mrs. Jensen that was a really good suck. Did you like my pee? I was so hot I just couldn't stop myself." She bent down and kissed the woman, savouring the taste of her own cunt and her own piss on the soaked face. "I'd better go and take care of your daughter now though, hadn't I? She hasn't had a proper come all night."

Karen climbed down from the bed and crawled behind her best friend. As Christine knelt, her mouth and fingers busy with her mouth's sex, her own cunt was open and exposed to Karen's gaze. She was about to slide her fingers inside when a noise from the corner of the room caught her attention. She turned toward the low whine to see Max on his feet, tail wagging rapidly.

"I'd forgotten about your Maxie. We were interrupted weren't we? Come on Max. Lick her. Tongue Max. Tongue."

The dog padded obediently across the room. He had not heard the command from this girl before but he was well trained. He knew what "tongue" meant. He nuzzled between Christine's legs and continued the licking that he had started earlier. Christine almost screamed in surprise then realised what was going on.

"Yeah! Good boy Max. Fuck, that's so good."

Karen knelt beside the dog watching him stick that long, flexible, pink tongue deep inside his mistress. Glancing down she saw that the thick red cock was slowly expanding from its sheath of fur. She too had been interrupted earlier. Lying beneath the great beast she resumed her earlier pleasure. There was no nervousness now as she took the whole length in her mouth, enjoying the taste of the hot flesh and the trickling pre-cum. She masturbated him with her small hand as she ran her tongue around the pointed tip. The lubricant came at an ever increasing rate and quickly filled her mouth. As fast as she swallowed it still ran from between her lips and dripped from her chin to her breasts. With her free hand she rubbed the thin sticky fluid across her nipples. The great swelling knot filled her hand as she held the cock around the base. Karen's head was suddenly filled with the vision of this huge cock buried deep inside a cunt, the knot locking prick and pussy together. Christine had always led her but now she saw her chance to take command.

Sitting up she reluctantly released Max's cock from her mouth. What was the command?

"Fuck Max! Fuck!"

The dog turned his head toward her for a moment when he heard his name but then returned to his licking.

"Knot! Knot Maxie!"

This time he lifted his head clear of Christine's cunt. He looked at Karen as if seeking confirmation of what he had been told.

"That's right Max. Christine wants you. Knot Max!"

The huge Doberman needed no further command. He leapt up placing his front paws on the bed. His dark hairy body covered Christine and he started to thrust blindly, searching for an entrance. Karen took hold of the slick red prick and guided it firmly to its target. She placed the head firmly against her girlfriend's pouting cunny and Max did the rest. With one swift thrust he rammed the whole length of his cock deep inside the girl. This time Christine really did scream.

"FUCK! Ahhhhh. It's so fucking big. And so fucking hot. Oh Christ Karen it's fantastic. Fuck me Max. Fuck me hard!"

Karen watched enthralled as the dog thrust rapidly back and forth. Each plunge forward took him deeper into Christine. Finally the great round bulge, the knot came to rest momentarily against her cunt lips. Then in an instant, accompanied to a loud moan from Christine, it slid inside. The two were locked together, inseparable, as Max filled the girl with spurt after spurt of scalding spunk. She was far too busy now to give any further attention to her mother's cunt and Mrs. Jensen slid from the bed to join Karen on the floor. They both stared in wonder as the Doberman fucked the girl. Finally Karen spoke.

"Mrs. Jensen? Is it true that dogs can't pull out for ages?"

"Mmm? Oh, yes. Ages and ages."

"It might be a long night then. It might be a very, very long night."

Karen looked again at her friend, now securely tied with Max, then slipped two fingers into the woman's cunt and began to fuck her slowly.

As ever, all your comments and suggestions are welcome. I try as far as possible to reply to all mail. If I missed a few recently I apologise. I've just been overwhelmed. If you wrote and didn't receive a reply then please try again. I love to hear from you.


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