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Chip by Siren99


When I was a teenager, we spent our summers at a cottage on the lake. My mom being a single parent at that point (my dad had died when I was young), she usually had to leave me alone during the day, which really didn't bother me much, since there was always plenty to do -- swim, sail, fish, whatever I wanted to do.

The summer I was 14, my good friend Chip came to visit for a week. Our families were close, and it was not unusual for Chip to spend the night at our house. We always had a good time together, and we were delighted to have an entire week. Chip was 13, blond and freckled. This was the summer we were both beginning to get interested in girls, and we spent the first day talking about nothing else. It was a good thing the lake was chilly, as we both stayed pretty horny. Worn out from swimming and fantasizing, we slept pretty soundly the first night.

The next morning, we decided to go for a dip right off the bat, then get started on our day. My mom was already gone, I noticed, as we ran in for a quick splash. Within minutes, we were out, then went back in the house to dry off and change. As usual, we stripped off our suits together in my room. This time, however, I noticed that Chip's dick was hard. I had never seen it like that before, and I couldn't help staring at it a little. It was just a bit shorter than mine, but that was the only difference. We were both just beginning to grow hair there, and his was the same color as the blond hair on his head. Chip had a sheepish grin on his face, only a little embarrassed. "I guess all that talk about the girls caught up with me, huh?" he said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean", I said, "Mine's been like that a lot since you got here."

"What does yours look like when it's that way?" he asked.

"Oh, pretty much like yours. Want to see?"

I rubbed myself a little, thinking about a girl I had the hots for... it didn't take long. Chip & I sort of began to examine each other, simply curious at this point. But soon we both noticed that we were getting harder as we touched each other...

I decided to suggest something. "You know, Chip, I've always wanted to see what it felt like to lay in bed naked next to a girl, and I bet you have, too. How about if we get in bed together and pretend?"

"Sure," he said, with a touch of enthusiasm.

So without further ado, we climbed into my bunk (Chip usually slept on the top one, and me on the bottom), and pulled up the sheet to cover us.

Unsure where to begin, we decided to start by just putting our arms around each other and hugging. This felt pretty comfortable, and we stayed that way for a little while. Our dicks were touching, and while neither of us minded, we agreed that it would feel more like we were with girls if we each tucked the other between our legs. After some clumsiness over who goes to which side, we accomplished this. Now our hips were together, and we hugged some more. Chip asked me to kiss him, to see what that felt like. I hesitated, but decided this had all felt pretty good so far, so why not? We put our lips together and practiced kissing for a few minutes. I don't think either of us was all that much into it, so we stopped after a bit. Which is not to say we weren't into any of the rest of it... it felt good having my dick between his legs, and we were kind of pushing and pulling on each other as we embraced.

Breaking apart and propping up on one elbow, Chip worked up his nerve and asked me a favor. "I've always wondered what it would feel like to have a girl put her mouth on my dick. Would you show me?"

I said I would, and as he stretched out on his back, he said, "I promise I won't do anything gross, like pee in your mouth."

I wasn't really worried, because I knew from experience that it was almost impossible to pee with your dick as hard as we both were. As I lowered my lips over him, Chip let out a contented sigh, as if this were the most wonderful feeling in the world. I wasn't too sure I disagreed with him... here I was with a close friend who trusted me completely, enough to allow me to put his most tender area in my mouth. This made me feel closer than ever to Chip, and I was determined to do my best to make him feel good. I began to suck lightly on him, enjoying his taste and feel, and I used my hand to fondle his balls -- gently, because I knew how tender they could be. After just a couple of minutes of this, Chip breathlessly eased me away, saying he didn't know how much more of it he could take.

"Now let me try that on you," he said, as his breathing slowed down a little. I stretched out for my turn, and was immediately rewarded with Chip's warm mouth on me. The feeling was incredible! I didn't think I could take more than a couple of minutes either, so I also eased Chip away after a bit, and we both caught our breath.

We lay there for a moment, both lightly fondling each other, struck by how good we could make each other feel.

"You know," began Chip, "we're homosexuals."

I scoffed at that... after all, we had just been pretending to be with girls! But I was listening, and he wasn't done.

"Guys like that screw each other in the ass. What do you think about trying it?"

I thought for a minute... I really didn't think of myself as a "homosexual", but I did like Chip, and if this was a way we could make each other feel even better ....I decided not to fight it. In my mind, we were still play-acting, but I found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into feelings I'd never had.

Wanting me to go first, Chip rolled over on his stomach and spread his legs slightly, showing me his puckered little hole. I felt mesmerized by it, but I knew, just from looking at it, that this would be a tight fit, so I ducked around the corner to the bathroom and grabbed some Vaseline. I quickly put a little bit between his cheeks, and a lot of it on my dick, and then, getting anxious, I lined myself up, pushing very slowly at first. Chip tried to relax to make it easier, but this was new and he was stretching. He grimaced a little and let out a small gasp. I asked if he wanted me to stop, but he said no, so I took a hold of his hips with my hands and pulled myself the rest of the way into his warm, tight hole. What a rush! He was squeezed so tight around the base of my dick, it felt twice its normal size, nestled in Chip's hot young ass. He let out the breath he'd been holding, and we lay that way for a few minutes, deciding we'd accomplished something.

"Chip, you've got no idea how good this feels," I told him, as I wiggled around inside him a little, enjoying his heat.

"You can show me in a minute", he said, breathing pretty hard. "Right now, let's take this all the way."

We had each had enough experience with masturbation to know what happens at the end, and Chip began using his body to bring me to a climax... squeezing, pulling me partway out, then pushing me back in again. I got into the groove with him, and within minutes we were pumping like pros. I suddenly shot into him full force, as I arched myself against his young blonde cheeks, grabbing him by the hips again and pulling tight.

As we caught our breath, he said, "Now it's my turn."

I pulled out and found something to wipe myself off with, while Chip got the Vaseline and started spreading it onto his dick. As I lay down on the bed, he eagerly applied some to me and then climbed on.

"You're going to love this", I told him, as he began his own pushing.

I knew what to expect, but the pain wasn't that bad and didn't last long. As he slid himself into me, my own dick got rock-hard under me again, thrilling to the feeling of Chip filling me with his own heat and taking pleasure from mine. I began using my own body to work on Chip the way he had on me, and again we were pumping very quickly, our breath getting ragged. Chip exploded into me all at once, and I felt a hot rush of fluids up my insides, thinking, This is what it feels like to a girl. In that moment, though, I decided I didn't really care about how a girl might feel, I only cared about making Chip feel good. We caught our breath in a few minutes, then he pulled out, and we tried kissing again. This time, it was passionate, and we stayed like that for a long while.

That whole week was full of such encounters. We had the mornings and afternoons to ourselves -- and at night, after going chastely to bed in separate bunks, we'd meet in the dark in one bunk or the other. At the end of the week, we hated to part, but we couldn't help it. There was a kind of unspoken agreement between us to keep the memory of this week sacred, even though we might (and we did) go on to other lovers, male and female.

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