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Cheryl's Awakening by Ed

Cheryl's Awakening

Author's Note: This little opus is of a slightly different feel than my others in that there is no incest herein. I don't know where the idea came from, but it sprang on me unawares in the wee hours of the morning. I worked on it feverishly, and in 24 hours, it was done. I like it. As I have stated in the past, I will be more than happy to tailor a tale to your individual specs. Just leave me a note. Also, I welcome any comments about this or any other of my works, including Family Fun, Voyeur Son and A Mother's Love.

Let's hear from y'all.
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Warning: This story contains graphic language, and (barely) underage sex. If any of these topics offend you, delete this NOW. If they don't offend you, gee, you're as perverted as I am *grin*. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

"The dark knight entered the pavilion. Princess Valera trembled upon her pillows, but not from fear. As if by magic, (perhaps it was), his armor lay on the ground. He approached her in his pants and shirt."

"As he knelt beside her upon the pillows and leaned over her, Valera noticed the blood staining the linen of his shirt."

"'You're wounded," she protested."

"'To the heart, my lady," he returned. The he bent over her and...."

"Ahem!!! We're closed now, miss."

Cheryl Connor had been squatting down between the shelves of the bookstore, engrossed in the romantic novel she'd been perusing. But the sudden intrusion startled her nearly out of her wits, and she ended up flat on her backside, the book beside her on the floor, staring up at the proprietor.

Said proprietor now could not suppress the giggle which jumped forth at the sight of the slightly chubby 17 year old with the surprised and guilty look on her face. "I'm sorry," she said between giggles, "I didn't mean to startle you. I don't mean to be laughing either." But she couldn't help it.

Cheryl, who long ago learned how to deal with malicious laughs, recognized the innocent humor of the situation, joined in the laughter, then replied equably "I'm sorry. I got so wrapped up I lost track of the time."

The proprietor reached a hand down and helped Cheryl to her feet. "I'm Sandra Bellows, Sandy. My husband Joe and I own this store. And you're...?"

"Cheryl Connor. I wish I owned this store. I always thought it would be nice to have a bookstore that I could read in."

"Oh, it is nice, but I never can read the merchandise. Otherwise I couldn't sell it as new. Anyway, with all the work around here, I never have time to read on the job. Especially such fine literature as... "The Many Loves of Princess Valera?" Is this required reading."

"I'm sorry. It's just that I don't get out much. And this is all I ever see in the way of romance."

"Oh, Cheryl, this isn't romance, this is smut."

"Well, whatever it is, I sure don't get much of it."

Sandy took an instant liking to this girl. It was clear she was intelligent, witty and humble. In fact, too humble. True, she was a tad overweight, but nothing that a good dose of self-confidence couldn't overcome. She decided to indulge in her favorite pastime, meddling.

"Listen, I just locked everything up, not knowing there was still someone here. I was about to go upstairs and have some tea. Would you care to join me?"

"Sure," Cheryl enthused, anxious to make a new friend.

"Come along, then."

Cheryl followed Sandy to the old wooden stairs back in the corner of the shop. Often she had wondered what was up there. Now the mystery would be solved.

In fact, it wasn't to mysterious after all. Upstairs proved to be an old apartment, fully furnished in what appeared to be antiques. "Sit anywhere," Sandy called over her shoulder as she headed into the kitchen to make the tea.

When she returned, she found Cheryl perched on the edge of the couch, afraid to relax around such apparent collector's items. Sandy laughed again, a richly textured laugh, and said "Cheryl, everything around here looks old, but they're all good imitations. We could never afford the real thing on what this shop brings in."

"Oh," Cheryl said in a small voice. She settled deeper into the couch and accepted the cup of tea.

Sandy sat down opposite her in a straight back chair, and they two chatted amiably. As they did, Cheryl took in first her surroundings, then more of her hostess. Sandy appeared to be in her mid-thirties, with naturally blonde hair worn up in a bun, and a good figure under a simple black sweater dress. She seemed not to be wearing make-up, and the whole effect was rather severe. But when she smiled or laughed, her whole face lit up, and Cheryl could see her new friend only looked foreboding.

Sandy was very interested in Cheryl's life, and seemed to be an extremely sympathetic listener. Cheryl found herself unburdening a lot of emotional baggage onto her hostess, and began to feel uncomfortable. But Sandy was so kind and understanding, that she felt that she had found a new best friend. There was one very big difference between Sandy and all Cheryl's other friends: Sandy was truly beautiful. At school all the B.P.'s (Beautiful People) hung out together, and were part of the in-crowd. Cheryl, pretty but plump, not to mention intelligent (seemingly a social taboo) usually found herself ignored by beauty.

It was getting darker outside as 6:30 moved toward 7:00, when Joe arrived home. He had been out at a happy hour, standing several suppliers to drinks, but was himself sober as a judge. Not that he never drank, but rarely mixed business with booze.

When he bounded into the apartment, Cheryl was take aback. Joe Bellows was gorgeous, with dark curly hair, a strong, lithe physique, and the twinkliest blue eyes Cheryl had ever seen. He seemed larger than life and the apartment seemed too small to hold him. Confronted now with both Sandy and Joe, she felt overwhelmed by beauty, and began to panic a bit.

"I've got to go," she said, although she wished she could stay forever, "It's getting late."

"Okay, thank you for coming over," Sandy said, standing up.

"Hey, what did I say?" Joe acted mock injured," Why do I always scare away the good looking gals?"

Cheryl flushed a deep red right to the roots of her hair (which was also red), stammered her thanks and farewells, and all but fled.

Sandy called after her, "I hope you stop in again soon," then turned to face her husband after the door had closed.

"You shouldn't have said that," she said reproachfully.

"What?" he asked, "She's a cute kid. It was a compliment."

"I know she's cute, and you obviously think she's cute, but she doesn't know it. I think we, you especially, overwhelmed her."

"Uh, oh. I know that look," Joe protested, "You've got another little project on your hands, don't you?"

"Maybe. She's a great kid. Someone's just got to teach her to give herself a chance."

"I swear, Sandy, why can't you limit yourself to lost dogs and hungry kittens? Why are all your strays young girls?"

"'Cause you like 'em that way, sport." Sandy said, slipping her arms around her husband's waist, "I seem to remember a shy, overweight gal named Sandy you took a shine to."

"Well, at least Cheryl has a head start. As I recall, you had braces when I met you, and yow! did that make the blowjobs tough!"

Sandy dropped her hands to his pants and cupped his crotch, "I've improved since then," ZIP "wanna see?"

Chapter 2

Despite her initial fear, Cheryl did return often to Bellow's Book Shoppe, to browse when Sandy was busy, and chat when she wasn't. It got so that every day, after school, she would stay there 'til close, then help Sandy straighten up. Then they'd go up for tea.

Within a week, Cheryl had come to regard Sandy as her best friend, despite the difference in their ages. Sandy, for her part, tried to comport herself as a big sister would. Cheryl was still a tad uncomfortable around Joe, but he treated her very kindly and tried not to embarrass her anymore.

One afternoon, in a burst of emotion, Cheryl hugged Sandy and said "Oh, Sandy, I'm so glad you're my friend. I feel so close to you. I've never been able to find friends. I don't know why you like me."

Sandy hugged her back, then pulled away and said, "Now just one second here. I like you too, very much. But you have to realize that this is not some fluke. You are a very likable person, in fact, you're one of the sweetest, smartest people I know. But you've got to stop selling yourself short. If other people don't latch on to you, it's their problem and their loss, not yours."

"I wish I could believe that," Cheryl said bitterly, "but I'm fat and boring. I'll never have friends my own age, much less a boyfriend."

"If you keep this up much longer, I'm going to get upset," Sandy admonished. "You are extremely attractive, even if you are a little overweight. But there are things you can do to emphasize your beauty. You can also lose the weight, if you want. But I have to tell you, Cheryl, you'll never get people to like you unless you like yourself first.

Cheryl was a bit taken aback at first. No one had ever spoken to her like this before. But no one had ever been such a good friend to her, either, so she had to believe Sandy. "Okay, I'll try," she said, "but what should I do?"

"Do you want me to help you?" Sandy asked.

"Oh, yes."

"Okay then, come with me. We'll start by teaching you a thing or two about presentation."

Sandy led Cheryl to the bedroom, where she flung open a surprisingly deep walk-in closet. Going to the back, she brought out several dresses wrapped in dry-cleaner plastic. "Here," she said, "try one of these on." They may be a little long for you, but otherwise should fit."

Cheryl picked one up and flicked off the plastic. The style was a little old, but the quality was top-notch and actually was more in style than anything Cheryl normally wore. She was about to skin out of her T-shirt, but hesitated and glanced at Sandy. "Do you want me to leave while you change, hon?"

Actually, Cheryl did, but it seemed silly for Sandy to go out and come in as many time as it would take to try the dresses. "No, that's okay."

So she pulled the T-shirt off and shucked her jeans and gym shoes. She quickly got into the dress, but not before Sandy noted the plain white bra and cotton panties.

Cheryl stood in front of the full-length mirror and adjusted the dress , which was a little long, but fit her really well. Sandy came up behind her to zip her up, then looked her over in the mirror. "Yep, a little long, but we can adjust that," she said.

Cheryl stared at the figure in the mirror. The cut of the dress de- emphasized her hips and flaunted her full bosom. She noticed her bra peeking around the edges of the neckline and tried to adjust that, but Sandy said "That's okay. It's just the wrong type of bra for this dress. We can get you another one that does a better job."

"Hey, I actually look pretty good, if you don't look at my face."

"Are you kidding, your face is your best feature, you just don't present it right."

Sandy picked up Cheryl's hair and piled it up on her head, holding it in place with one hand and using the other to re-arrange some parts. "There, see how that framing works better. It emphasizes your eyes, which are a delicious shade of green. Also your smile, which is perfect."

"Wow," Cheryl was stunned at the transformation.

"And that's just the start," Sandy continued, "We'll get your hair redone, teach you a little about make-up, and the guys will be beating a path to door."

Cheryl flushed. But she actually began to believe that it was possible. "Wait a minute," she said, "where did these clothes come from?"

"They're mine," Sandy said, "from when I was nearer your age."

"But.. but..." Cheryl sputtered, "you're beautiful."

"Exactly," Sandy said, "and thank you. But so are you."

Cheryl was completely taken aback, but Sandy was certain she'd made her point. In a flurry of activity, they went through all the dresses lying on the bed. Sandy pinned Cheryl's hair up, and showed her a little bit about the application of make-up. A bit later, they heard the front door open, and Joe's voice called out, "Hey, where de white wimmin at?"

"In the bedroom," Sandy called out, as she positioned Cheryl in front of the bedroom door.

"Hot dog!" they could hear his voice coming down the hall. Seconds later, he came into the bedroom. He stopped cold, the admiration and disbelief showing clearly on his handsome face. "Excuse me," he said, "I was looking for my wife and her friend Cheryl, have you seen them anywhere?"

"You asshole," Sandy laughed.

"My lady, you look stunning," Joe said as he gave Cheryl a low courtly bow.

Cheryl dropped a small curtsey and giggled, "Why, thank you, m'lord."

"You fill that out a lot better than Sandy ever did."

Sandy punched him on the shoulder, and laughed. "It's true," she said, "Cheryl does have a lot more in the way of natural assets than I did."

Cheryl's natural shyness was what began to assert itself now, and she felt uncomfortable. "Um, I should probably get going now," she murmured.

"Okay, Joe, blow," Sandy ordered.

Joe was about to protest, but caught the look Sandy shot him and said, "Okay."

When he had gone, Sandy said, "We'll spend some time this weekend shortening some of these."

"I wish I could wear them to school," Cheryl sighed.

"Well, I didn't save any school type stuff of mine," Sandy said, "But we could make a trip to the mall and get you some new things. We'll have your hair redone then, too."

"I don't have the money to shop for a new wardrobe," Cheryl protested.

"I've been meaning to speak to you about that," Sandy said. "Joe and I have been talking, and if it's okay with your mom, we'd like you to start working for us at the shop. Joe's regular job is taking a lot of his time, and I could use the help. Besides, it's almost like you're a fixture in the shop already."

"Oh, I'd love that," Cheryl said.

"Great! In the meantime, I'll foot the bill for your hair and clothes, consider it an advance on your pay. You pay me back as you can."

"Oh, wow, cool!" Cheryl gushed, "This is great. But why are you doing all this stuff for me?"

"Well, like I said, I used to be in the same boat as you. But someone came along and liked me for what I was, not for what I looked like. They helped me to like myself, and once I did, I wanted to make myself look better for them as well as me. I'd just like to pass that favor on to someone else, and you are an extremely qualified candidate."

"Wow, whatever happened to your friend?"

"I married him, dummy."

Chapter 3

Cheryl's mother, who never really showed an interest in what she did anyway, had no problem allowing Cheryl to work. And so Bellow's gained a new employee.

After the girls' weekend at the mall, it took no time at all for Cheryl to notice a difference in her treatment at school. Her lessons in presentation paid off in the stares of the guys as all of a sudden they noticed that Cheryl Connor was turning into a babe. A few girls also started to treat her differently as well, probably from the realization that it was no longer socially taboo to be seen with her, as long as the guys were paying attention. At first, Cheryl was tickled by the new attitude. But the same people now drawing nearer her were the ones who had ignored her before, and now that she got to know them, Cheryl found they were as shallow in reality as their actions seemed to indicate.

So Cheryl started a new "in" crowd of her own. She reverted to her old associates, the Less Beautiful People, who had much more to offer in the way of personality. The "LBPs", as they called themselves, began to socialize more together, formed tighter friendships and had more fun than the other cliques seemed to, and actually in a weird reverse sort of way began to gain the respect they previously were denied.

But through all this, Cheryl's closest friend remained Sandy. In fact, she still considered Sandy and Joe to be her only friends. In the shop, they had a great time, and Cheryl learned a lot about running a small business. She also enjoyed the rise in self-esteem that always comes when you do a good day's work well.

This emotional blossoming was closely monitored and nurtured by Sandy, whose only repayment was the joy of watching her proteges success. Cheryl of course never realized how much she was changing.

A watershed event in her life came that February. It emphasized the progress she'd made, but also turned into a disaster. It was the school Valentine's Dance.

One evening in early February, Cheryl flew into the shop, ran up to Sandy and gave her a huge hug. "I've got a date," she whispered.

Sandy hugged her back strongly, and said "Honey that's wonderful." But actually felt a moment's trepidation. She wondered if Cheryl was truly ready for this, but decided not to say anything.

With her arms still around Sandy's waist, Cheryl filled her in on the details. It was time for the annual Valentine's Dance and Jeff Stevens had been kind of hanging around lately. He was a gymnast, not the same as a basketball or football player, but he was still a kind of jock. Anyway, he was cute and had a nice butt, so Cheryl said yes.

Though she kept a happy smile and hugged Cheryl again, Sandy winced inwardly. Here she was, falling for just the type of guy she had previously disdained. He definitely wasn't an LBP, but perhaps Sandy was being a bit unfair.

So she ignored that little voice inside her and closed shop early, in honor of the occasion. They went out to the mall and selected a stunning ensemble, complete with shoes and new earrings, calculated to knock 'em dead at the Valentine's Ball.

When the fateful day arrived, Sandy was as nervous as Cheryl. She had given Cheryl the afternoon off to prepare. The shop seemed empty without her young companion.

At 7:30, a knock came at the door. She opened it to find Cheryl and Jeff, who was also dressed to the nines. Although she had already seen Cheryl in the outfit, she was taken aback at her beauty. She seemed to glow with pride at being on the arm of such a handsome young man (and Sandy had to admit, he was handsome.) "Come on in," she said, "this is a surprise. Joe, look who's here."

"Well, well. Come on in," he said, rising from his chair. "I'm Joe Bellows. You must be Jeff."

"Yeah, hi" Jeff said, shaking hands with Sandy and Joe. "Cher insisted we come on over to see you guys. She said it was more important than meeting her mom."

Sandy winced; Cheryl hated being called "Cher". But her young friend seemed not to notice or care.

"Well, I'll probably get arrested or something, but how about a little toast for the occasion," Joe offered, picking up the bottle of wine he and Sandy had opened for dinner.

Sandy could have killed him, especially when Jeff eagerly said "Sure!"

Joe poured four moderately small portions of wine, passed them around and raised his glass "To Cheryl and Jeff and a wonderful evening."

"Cheers," Sandy replied, and the two teens echoed her.

As she suspected, Jeff tossed his off in one gulp. He was about to extend his glass and ask for more, when he caught Sandy frowning at him and hastily put the glass down instead. "Uh, we should get going, Cher. We don't want to be late."

"Okay Jeff," she said.

As they hugged at the door, Sandy whispered to Cheryl "Be careful, honey."

"I will," she replied, although Sandy could swear Cheryl had no idea what she actually meant.

After the two teens had left, Joe pronounced with emphatic gravity "What an asshole."

"Yeah, I'm worried," Sandy agreed, "And you, offering them alcohol!"

"I didn't know he was a drinker. You'd think Cheryl would pick 'em a little better than that."

"I guess I'll have to expand her lessons to include asshole detection."

"Well, we could be wrong, he could turn out to be just right for her."

"I don't know, Joe. I don't think so. I think she's overwhelmed by his attention and will end up being her old submissive self."

"Time will tell, I guess."

"It always does," Sandy agreed.

Time in this case amounted to 6 hours, or about 1:30 the next morning. That's when Sandy and Joe were awakened by another knock on their door. Joe stumbled out of the bedroom tying his robe shut. A second later, Sandy heard him cry "Cheryl! What the hell happened?"

Sandy ran out in her nightgown, and her worst fears were confirmed. Cheryl stood just inside the front door, dripping wet. Her stockings were run, her dress was crushed, the bodice torn, her corsage crumpled. Her wet hair hung in tangles about her face. Tears mixed with raindrops on her glistening cheeks.

Sandy gathered her into her arms, "Cheryl, baby, what happened?"

"Huh-huh-hee luh-left m-me in the-the-the RAIN!" she cried into her shoulder.

Sandy held her shoulders and tried to look into Cheryl's averted face. "Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? Cheryl! Look at me! Did he hurt you?"

"Nuh-nuh-nuh" was all she could manage, shaking her head.

Sandy led her over to the couch. Joe appeared, fully dressed, with a blanket to place over her shoulders. Then he grabbed his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Sandy demanded.

"I'm gonna find that little fuck," Joe growled. "First I'm gonna castrate him, then I'm gonna kill him."

"Joe, don't be an ass. First of all you don't know where the hell he is. Second of all, beating the crap out of a minor hardly constitutes accepted behavior in this city. Now make yourself useful and go make some tea."

Joe, his testosterone and adrenaline roaring through his ears, took a few deep breaths, re-hung his jacket, and headed for the kitchen.

Sandy turned back to Cheryl and hugged her close. "We should get you out of these wet clothes, okay?"

Cheryl just nodded and allowed herself to be led to the bedroom. Sandy grabbed a flannel nightgown out of the dresser. Pointing Cheryl toward the bathroom, she instructed her "Go take a hot shower and change into this. I'm going to call your mom so she doesn't worry."

"NO!" Cheryl yelled, "Don't tell her wh-what huh-happened. I don't want her to know!"

"Okay, it's okay. baby. I won't tell her that. Now go get your shower."

"Just what am I going to tell her?" she wondered to herself as she slipped into a dressing gown.

The phone rang 8 times before a sleepy voice answered "Hullo?"

"Hello, Mrs. Connor, this is Sandy Bellows, Cheryl's boss."

"Yeah, what's up?" Cheryl's mom sounded extremely sleepy.

"Nothing's wrong," Sandy reassured her, "Cheryl and her date just got caught in the rain near here. Rather than send her home soaking wet, I thought it might be a good idea if I lent her some pajamas and she slept here." Well, it was a rotten lie, but the best she could come up with on short notice.

"Yeah, okay, thash awright. I doan mind a-tall. Bye."

"Cheryl's mom is drunk off her ass, then. That explains alot," thought Sandy.

She went in the kitchen and explained the situation to Joe. "I think once she's out of the bathroom you should make yourself scarce. I'll talk to her out here and probably bed down with her," she concluded.

"No problem," he said, "You want I should put a little something in her tea to help calm her down?"

"No, given her mom's condition, I don't think we should encourage alcohol in the event of crisis. It might become a crutch."

"Yeah, you're right. Well, here's our gal now. If you two don't mind, I'll go back to bed whilst you talk girl-talk."

Sandy got some bedding out of the linen closet and made a nest for her and Cheryl on the floor of the living room. Then they cuddled close and Sandy said, "Okay, kiddo, do you want to talk about it?"

In broken sentences, slowly at first, then in a rush, Cheryl told the story of the evening. The dance started great, many people came around to talk to Cheryl and "HIM" (she never once used the name "Jeff" during her narrative). After a few dances, they had a slow dance, and he began to get very friendly. Cheryl welcomed the attention, since he didn't do anything overt. In fact, she began to get turned on by the "accidental" arms against her breasts or crotches brushed on her thigh.

At about 9:30, she saw one of his friends give him the high sign. He coaxed her outside, where a group in the parking lot was drinking. He gave her a glass of champagne, which she thought was romantic. He was drinking hard stuff, however. She declined a second glass, and they went back in.

Coupled with the wine, the champagne had given her a really good buzz. He seemed to sense this and got a little bolder, grabbing her ass while slow dancing and grinding his rod into her crotch. She was a little panicked, but he always backed off before she lost it. And it did feel good.

About 45 minutes later, they left with the same group that had been drinking and went out to dinner. All the way in the car, he alternated between slugging his beer and kissing her deeply. She really liked kissing, although she didn't like his tongue snaking down her throat.

Dinner just got worse as the teens sneaked shots from flasks off booze and his hands kept climbing up her thighs. She was relieved when it was time to leave.

But instead of going home, the group parked underneath the highway in a not too nice neighborhood and continued drinking. Finally she told him flat out that she wanted to leave. He mistook that as a signal for something else, because they just drove a couple of blocks before he pulled over and started to grope her tits.

She pushed him back, but he got his hand in her dress front and ripped it. She screamed then and started to struggle. He immediately got the message, but instead of backing off, he simply reached over, opened her door, and pushed her out on the pavement, calling her a tease, a retard and a dork before roaring off. By this time, it had started to rain.

Alone, at night, in an unfamiliar neighborhood, she started back toward where the other kids were drinking, but as she approached, she saw him back with them. So she climbed the embankment to the expressway, crossed the deserted highway above the teens, climbed down the other side and found herself about a mile form the shop. So she walked over in the downpour.

Sandy was speechless with outrage. Beating the crap out of a teenager was illegal, but so was teen drinking and date rape. She explained date rape to Cheryl and asked if she wanted to file charges. Cheryl immediately said "No" and Sandy respected the feelings behind it.

Eventually, Cheryl fell asleep on Sandy's shoulder. It broke Sandy's heart to have such a great kid go through such turmoil. She really loved Cheryl and wanted to make her feel good, about herself most of all. She was also worried that tonight would put her off men and sex for good. She was determined to make Cheryl's life happy, and her last thoughts as she drifted off to sleep dwelt on how.

Chapter 4

About 4:00 A.M. Sandy woke up to find Cheryl cuddled close against her under the covers. The younger woman was moaning softly, which was what had wakened her friend. Slipping and arm under her shoulders, Sandy pulled her closer for a hug, thinking she was having a bad dream. But as their bodies came in closer contact, she realized that Cheryl's hand was in the crotch of her nightie, rubbing. Sandy looked at her closely, but realized she was still asleep. She was having an erotic dream, and was humping her hand. Sandy realized she was a part of Cheryl's dream by being a warm body close to her. But in spite of it all, Sandy began to find herself turned on as well. It had been years since she had shared anything sexual with another woman, but had always enjoyed it. In fact, before Joe, all her sexual experiences had been with other girls in the same boat as she.

She used her free hand to rub her own nipples through the thin nightie. The flannel nightgown she had leant Cheryl was too small for the buxom redhead, and the top buttons were not closed. Most of one breast was pushing out into the night air. Gently, Sandy pulled on the open corner of the collar until one pink nipple was exposed. It was erect and hard, and Sandy ached to take it into her mouth. But she merely hugged Cheryl close. As she did, she was able to move her crotch a little closer to Cheryl's hand, with the effect that her hand motions were stimulating both women. She held on tight and resolved to go no further.

Suddenly, she realized Cheryl was waking up, so she slipped her hips back a bit and said gently "Cheryl, Cheryl honey. Are you okay?"

"Oh, Sandy, I love you," the sleepy teen breathed. "I sorry. I was having a very nice dream."

"So I noticed," Sandy whispered back. "It's okay, I have them too. Was it about a man or a woman."

"I don't know. A man I think, but not... HIM. I think it was Joe. I'm sorry."

"Honey, don't be sorry. Joe's a great guy. Not all guys are like 'him'. Joe's also a sexy guy. He really gets my juices flowing."

"But it was funny, you were there, too. Either you turned into Joe or you also were Joe, I'm confused."

"It's okay, I understand. Did you come?"

"No, not yet."

"Go ahead and finish. I'll finish with you. Is that okay?"

"I'd love to, Sandy. I'm not sure though. Is it okay for us to...?"

"Only if you want it. Anything between two people is okay if they both want it. But if you get uncomfortable or scared, just say 'Stop' and I will. I love you and would do nothing to hurt you, do you understand?"

"I know," she whispered, "What do I do?"

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to pull up my nightie and rub myself."

"Sounds good," and with a slight rustle of covers, both nightgowns were up over the women's hips.

Sandy still had one arm around behind Cheryl's neck, and watched her young friend's face as each woman slipped her fingers along her own pussy. It nearly made her cum on the spot to see that look of joy, wonder and lust slip across Cheryl's face. For a few minutes, neither woman spoke, only their heavy breathing broke the silence.

Cheryl began to breathe faster and heavier as her orgasm approached first. Sandy took her hand from her own pussy and put it around Cheryl as well, hugging her close. Cheryl closed her eyes and panted heavily. Unable to control her impulses, Sandy leaned down and slipped her lips around her friends exposed nipple. "Oh, YES" Cheryl groaned, then thrashed silently through her orgasm.

As she quieted, and opened her eyes, she saw her friend Sandy eying her lovingly. Cheryl leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Sandy kissed her back, gently, mindful of her rough treatment earlier that evening.

But that episode seemed to be forgotten as Cheryl got deeper into the kiss. Her hands circled around Sandy's back, and the two women hugged closer and closer still. Sandy felt those magnificent breasts of her young friend crushing and merging with her own, and got even more turned on. Breaking the kiss, she gasped "Oh Cheryl, I've got to cum."

"Oh, go ahead. I want to see. Sandy, can I see your breasts?"

"Of course, darling." Sandy sat up and stripped off her gown. Cheryl did the same, but got a little caught in the tight flannel nightie. Sandy reached over to help her, and as she pulled the material over Cheryl's body, brushed against the sides of those beautiful breasts. Both women gasped at the electricity of that touch, and when the clothes were disposed of, Sandy returned her hands to Cheryl's chest to massage those young full globes.

With very little hesitation, Cheryl followed suit, and Sandy gasped deeply as those young, inexperienced hands fired her libido. Entranced and intrigued, Cheryl bent over and slipped her tongue over first one, then the other, of Sandy's nipples. With Cheryl gripping her shoulders, Sandy's head rolled back, her tawny gold hair brushing her back, as the young teen orally worshipped her breasts. She let her hands both slip down into her own crotch, and began gently but purposefully frigging herself.

Cheryl noticed her lover was getting more and more turned on, and it made her glad. She truly loved this woman, old enough to be her mother, young enough to be her sister, just right for being her friend. She wanted to bring wonderful feelings to her, and she was excited at the prospect of sharing sex with someone beside herself. Purposefully, she let her right hand trial down Sandy's body to the golden tangle of hair at her crotch. Gently moving between Sandy's own hands, Cheryl's touch was delicate but sure. Knowing what felt good to her, she slipped one finger between the soft slick folds of her lover's pussy, while brushing her thumb over her clit. Sandy shivered deliciously at the first touch, then realized that she was not going to be able to hold back at all. With a strangled cry, she whipped her head forward, burying her face in Cheryl's neck and moaning through her orgasm, clutching the teen close in her embrace.

Gently, Cheryl massaged her through the long, strong but low-intensity orgasm, stopping and pulling back at just the right moment. The two women held each other by the shoulders, locking gazes. Then they kissed. "I love you, Sandy," Cheryl breathed.

"And I love you, baby," then she took Cheryl's hand, still slick with her own cum, and slowly, deliberately licked her fingers.

Cheryl shivered deliciously as the older woman licked her digits clean. It seemed that even her fingers were an erogenous zone tonight, and the idea of Sandy tasting her own cum was doubly exciting. She took Sandy's other hand and, with eyes still locked, sucked on her fingers. The taste was exquisite, sharp and tangy, addictive.

"Teach me more," Cheryl breathed. "I want to learn it all, I want to love you all over."

"Are you sure, darling?"

"Oh, yes."

"Alright, then. But still, if you get at all uncomfortable, tell me to stop and I will, instantly."

"Sandy, darling, if I was going to get uncomfortable, it would have been 10 minutes ago."

They both laughed softly. "Alright darling, lie back. Here, away from the couch. No, don't use the pillow."

Sandy lowered her gently down, then took the pillow and tossed it away. She began by kissing her face, her forehead, each eye, her cheeks, her nose, before lowering into a deep soul kiss. Cheryl responded hungrily, sucking on the tongue which was more sensual, less intrusive, than HIS tongue had been.

Sandy could have got lost in that kiss alone, but she broke it gently, and nibbled on her ears and neck. As she leaned across the girl to get at her left ear, she felt her own pendulous breasts rubbing across Cheryl's. As two nipples came in contact, each woman shivered. Sandy wanted to linger there and keep rubbing tits, but her own pleasure was secondary. She wanted to give Cheryl all the pleasure possible.

She continued to kiss and lick her way down Cheryl's body: her shoulder, the hollow of her throat, then her breasts. Sandy took one in each hand, and kissed and licked them avidly all over. She tongued down into the cleft between them, painting the spray of freckles there with her saliva. She paid particular attention to Cheryl's turgid nipples. Shifting her weight slightly, she sat down and draped her upper body across Cheryl's tummy, with her knees curled up against her body and a breast in each hand. She continued making love to the girl's tits, sucking avidly on the left one while flicking her thumb over the right nipple.

Then her tongue began its odessy again, trailing saliva down Cheryl's ribs and across her belly. She licked right to left across the top of her pelvis, just above where the pubic hair started. Then she diverted from a straight course to cross the left hip and tickle the top of the left thigh. The she dipped her chin and dragged her tongue back up the inside of that thigh. When she felt those curls against her cheek, she pivoted her head slowly, and her tongue dragged up the thigh and across Cheryl's pussy lips. She felt the teen stiffen against her. Sandy then went back across those lips with her tongue, bump-bump, like a car crossing railroad tracks. Again Cheryl stiffened. Sandy went back and forth several times, whipping her tongue across the lips, before finally stopping, curling her tongue into a little probe, and plunging it between those lips. Cheryl bucked and moaned.

Sandy now began an up and down lashing with her tongue. She was stretched out alongside Cheryl, draped partially over her tummy, with her knees near her head: nearly the classic 69 position. If Cheryl caught on, that was great, but if not, that was fine too. As she dipped her tongue deeper and deeper between those sweet pussy lips, she also got closer to that little nub of her clit. Cheryl responded with each swipe. Soon she was lifting her hips to get closer to that tongue, humping up towards Sandy's eager mouth.

Cheryl turned partway to face Sandy, giving some much-needed relief to the older woman's neck. Then, to Sandy's immeasurable thrill, she felt the teen tug gently at her legs, urging her to kneel on either side of her head. She did so, careful not to rest her weight on the girl at all. She didn't want her to feel trapped or panicked.

Still concentrating on her ministrations, she felt the tentative touch of Cheryl's fingers. The girl was using both hands to play with her pussy lips. Sandy felt her pull them gently apart, and resisted the urge to plunge he pussy onto the teen's chin. "Oh Sandy, you're gorgeous," the youth sighed.

Sandy lifted her head, swallowed some of Cheryl's juice and replied, "You are, too, baby." Then she lowered her head back into her pussy, and felt the teen sigh deeply.

Cheryl slipped one, then two fingers into the older woman's pussy, scooping out the juice. Then she sucked it off her fingers. Delicious! With no hesitation whatsoever, she lifted her head and plunged her tongue between the folds of her lover's pussy.

Her technique was nowhere near as delicate, subtle or experienced as Sandy's, but she made up for in enthusiasm what she lacked in style. But her neck quickly got tired, so she pulled down on Sandy's ass.

Sandy gladly ground her pussy down on the teen's face. The vicious tongue lashing she was receiving brought on an urgent need to cum, and her own technique faltered. She shifted her weight back and ground herself against that tongue.

Cheryl loved the fact that she was so successful at eating pussy, and redoubled her efforts. She was soon rewarded as Sandy's groans signified an impending orgasm.

"Ohh, Ohhhh, OOOHHHH!" came the moans, and with a final groan, Sandy's juices gushed into Cheryl's mouth, where there were avidly savored and swallowed. As soon as her orgasm subsided, Sandy dove back into the pussy before her. She rolled her hips, and the pair switched positions, with young Cheryl now on top. Using her hands, Sandy urged the teen upright, until Cheryl was resting on her knees, grinding her pussy against her lovers tongue. Technique went out the window and Sandy licked and sucked voraciously, finally, her tongue concentrated on Cheryl's clit, and the younger woman squealed through her orgasm.

Cheryl slumped over, rolled off her lover, lay on her back with her knees raised and said "Wheew!"

Sandy flipped around and snuggled against her young friend. They kissed lightly. "We'd better get dressed," she said, "before Joe finds us like this."

"I can't believe we didn't wake him up," Cheryl said as she grabbed a nightie.

"He's an incredibly heavy sleeper. I once gave him a blowjob and he didn't wake up until he came."

"Wow, but don't get me started again. I don't think I can take anymore erotica. At least not tonight."

Snuggling back together, the two friends fell asleep.

Chapter 5

The next morning, Joe joined the two women for breakfast. Still half asleep, he didn't realize anything was up, but something did seem strange or out of place.

After cleaning up, Sandy leant Cheryl one of the old dresses and promised to have the other one repaired for her. "Don't bother," Cheryl said, "please just throw it out." Sandy understood, and gravely placed the ruined garment in the garbage.

Joe went to get the car to drive Cheryl home. When he honked downstairs, Sandy and Cheryl kissed deeply on the lips. "I expect to see you at work later, missy." Sandy said mock severely.

"With benefits like these, how can I resist," she giggled, then ran down to the car.

At her own apartment building, she kissed Joe on the cheek and said, "Thanks for everything." Then jumped out of the car.

Joe was still slightly perplexed when he got home, and when he saw his wife, he suddenly realized why.

She was busy putting the bedding from the night before in the washing machine when he came up behind her and nuzzled her neck. His hands raised up to her breasts, and she leaned back against him. He ran his fingers over her nipples, enjoying the feeling of the flannel in between, when it hit him.

Flannel! Last night Cheryl had been wearing the flannel!

"Hey, Luuuuu-cy! You got some 'splainin' to dooo."

"Take me to bed, stud. Fuck my brains out, and I'll tell you everything."

He picked up one of the sheets and examined a stain. Sniffing it, his suspicions were confirmed. "I know what happened, you little minx. You and Cheryl got it on. And you didn't even wake me?"

"We tried, but you were out like a light. Take me to bed."

"You little liar, I always wake up for pussy."

"Like hell! Take me to bed!"

Joe stuffed the sheets back in the washer, closed the lid and turned the dial. "Fuck bed!" he said, grabbing his wife around the waist and seating her on the washer.

He pushed the nightie up and sank his face between her thighs. There he smelled the strange combination of last night's cum, fresh pussy juice and Cheer! from the washing machine beneath her ass. As he began tonguing her, her stripped off his shirt, pants and underwear. He could hear the washer filling up with water, but that sound was cut off as his tongue hit Sandy's clit and her thighs clamped over his ears.

His dick was rock hard, mostly from the thought of his wife and her young little friend locked in a hot lezzie 69.

He felt the washing machine switch from the fill cycle to the wash cycle. The gentle agitation of the machine made his wife tighten her leglock on his head as she locked her ankles behind his neck.

After a few minutes more, he felt her have the mini-orgasm he always elicited when he tongued her pussy deep and ignored her clit. As she loosened her grip, he stood up and pushed her back. Her shoulders were on the matching dryer. Her legs from mid-calf dangled off the end of the washer. Joe climbed up between her thighs, resting on his knees, and slipped his cock in to the hilt.

"Unnnnhhh," the groaned in unison.

He began humping her in long slow strokes, but the agitation beneath then added a side to side motion that slowly began to drive them crazy.

"How was she?" he panted.

"Oh, she was sweet."

"Who started it?"

"She did."

"Did you jack her off?"


"Did she touch you?"


"Did you suck each other's tits?"


"Did you eat her sweet young pussy?"

"Oh, yes!"

Beneath the husband and wife, the wash cycle hummed to an end. Joe knew what came next. Slowly the machine ground into the spin cycle. He kept up his questions, punctuating each with a deep thrust.

"Did she eat you?"


"Did you 69?"


"Oh b-baby," he said, "I'm s-so t-turned on."

"M-m-me t-t-too."

The stutter was produced by the machine below them, as it began to vibrate wildly from the heavy load inside it. The effect produced on the couple on top of it was explosive!

"Oh-oh-oh b-b-ba-b-b-by, i w-w-want-t-t-a f-f-fuck-k-k y-y-you b-b-b-oth."

"oooOOOoooOOO m-m-me t-t-tooooo."

Suddenly the load inside the machine became unbalanced, and the appliance began hopping around beneath them! This became too much for either, and with wild howling yells, Joe shot spurt after spurt into his wife's clutching pussy. It was like fucking in an earthquake, and the feelings were intensified for each partner by the vision of the two of them involved in a wild three-way with Cheryl Connor!

As they came down from their orgasms, the clunking appliance became a nuisance, so Joe reached down and turned the dial to "Stop."

"Ohhhh, shit!" Sandy moaned. "That was incredible. Ohhh, my back."

"That's what you get for sleeping on the floor and screwing on the washer. Don't you ever use the bed for anything?"

"You asshole," she laughed, "get off me and let's grab a shower." As Sandy ran the shower, Joe rearranged the wash. Then he joined her. They scrubbed each other up, and played around a little, but each was too bushed to go at it again.

After the shower, they sat at the kitchen table in their bathrobes with a pot of coffee between them. The conversation turned serious.

Sandy explained everything that had transpired the night before, and Joe got extremely angry again at the asshole Jeff and his friends. "There are two ways to handle this," he said. "I can either call Joey DeBarca and have the little fucker beat up, or I can call Bill Sykes and have him busted."

"Well, as satisfying as those choices may be, putting yourself in DeBarca's debt would not be a sound business practice. You know how the Cosa Nostra is about collecting favors. And having him arrested is exactly what Cheryl doesn't want us to do."

"Well, we can have Bill and his partner drive by their little drinking den and bust the whole lot of them."

"Okay, that will work."

"Now what about your little love employee."

"Hey, don't make it sound so terrible. I really do love that kid and I'm not ashamed of what we did."

"Yeah, but will you do it some more? I know what a great lay you are and I have a feeling she'll want to continue. But taking last night as a whole, she may be put off men forever."

"Oh, I don't think so. Remember, the catalyst for our tryst was her dream about you. Actually, us."

"Yeah, I like that, 'catalyst for our tryst'. That should be in a poem or a song or something."

"Oh, shut up and pay attention. I'm not going to pursue this, but if she wants to continue I will. You don't mind do you?"

"You know I'm not the jealous kind, honey. But it's gonna be awful hard knowing there's two prime pussies here and not joining in."

"Well, I'll see if she's willing. But I will not force or coerce her. It would be really nice if you broke her in, though. I can't think of anyone better, more gentle or understanding than you, darling. That would show her what a real man should be."

"Well, just be careful I don't throw you over for her," he joked.

"Darling," Sandy said with a perfectly straight face, "at this point in time I think it's more likely that I will end up with Cheryl than you."

"Let's compromise then."


Chapter 6

That afternoon, Cheryl showed up for work as normal. The day progressed as normal, except for some gentle caresses and loving looks the two women would occasionally exchange. In that way, they let each other know that neither was uncomfortable with the previous night.

At close, they progressed upstairs as usual for their tea. They sat next to one another on the couch, and conversation immediately turned to sex.

"Sandy, I loved last night."

"I did, too, honey."

"And I want it to continue."

"Me, too."

"But I don't want to come between you and Joe," Cheryl said seriously.

In reply to that, Sandy thought "I'd love it if you were cumming between us," but what she said was, "That would never happen. Joe already knows about us."

"He does? Does he approve?"

"He sure doesn't disapprove. But Cheryl, I want you to know, there's more to successful sex than lesbianism."

"I know, I'm not gay, I don't think. But right now, at this time in my life, I think I'd prefer a woman's company."

"That's understandable."

"But I do look forward to losing my virginity with the right guy." "I'm sure that will happen soon."

"I hope so, but in the meantime, will you still continue to teach me love?"

"Of course, darling, but you've already found out the secret to successful lovemaking."

"I have?"

"Yes, it's caring about your partner and his or her pleasure. Last night, you never stinted when it came to giving me pleasure. That's the secret."

"But, I love you, and bringing you pleasure gives me pleasure. I get more turned on when you're turned on."

"You've got it, that's the secret. But don't be afraid to let yourself go, either, and have your own pleasure catered to occasionally."

"I will, believe me. Sandy, can I ask you something?"

"Of course, babe, you can ask me anything."

"Can I eat your pussy?"

"Well, well. Aren't we precocious. I'll never turn down an offer like that."

They each put down their tea cups and carefully moved the coffee table out of the way. Then Sandy shucked her panties, otherwise staying completely dressed. Cheryl knelt before her, and delicately but deliberately began eating Sandy's pussy. She tried today to use more technique, and she was successful. Before the afternoon was out, Sandy returned the favor.

The next few weeks progressed the same way, although they didn't make love every day. Notable events included Cheryl's introduction to vibrators and dildoes. In this way, Sandy broke her hymen and prepared her to enjoy sex with a man. Cheryl especially enjoyed using the double headed dildo and the strap-on dildo, though she usually preferred to have Sandy wear the strap-on. Through careful conversation, Sandy ascertained that Cheryl was extremely ready to be fucked by a man, and that Joe was the prime candidate. It was never overtly discussed however.

One more improvement that Sandy implemented was to have Cheryl start seeing a gynecologist and getting her on the Pill. On the physical side, Cheryl was losing weight and trimming her waist, but luckily maintaining her fantastic tits. Sandy never got envious, though, because for the moment those tits were her exclusive province.

It was clear that by her birthday in early May, Cheryl was going to be a complete knockout.

When Cheryl's 18th rolled around, the store was closed in her honor. Sandy asked her to stay away until regular closing time, however, so that she could prepare a special dinner. When she arrived, Cheryl was stunned to find a formal dinner laid out. Joe greeted her at the door in his tuxedo, and Sandy was also dressed in a gorgeous floor-length strapless gown. Its plunging neckline seemed to defy gravity, and the low-cut back almost displayed Sandy's ass.

Though dressed nicely, Cheryl was at a loss when confronted by these two gorgeous people. Gorgeous enough to be models. Despite all that had occurred, Cheryl felt a recurrence of her original first-day panic that she didn't belong in the same room as this beauty.

Sandy came up to her and took her hand. "Happy Birthday, Cheryl," she said, and kissed her gently on the mouth.

Joe stood beside them. He echoed, "Happy Birthday, Cheryl," and also kissed her, for the first time ever.

Cheryl was used to Sandy's kisses, but Joe's brief, loving kiss sent chills to her toes. It was heavier, seemed more satisfying somehow. She inhaled his natural scent mixed with just a hint of cologne. It was intoxicating. She knew now for certain what she wanted for her birthday.

Apparently, though, Sandy and Joe had gotten her standard gifts. They each picked up a couple of boxes and piled them into her arms, laughing as she disappeared behind the pile.

"Come into the bedroom, honey. I want you to open them there," Sandy said as she relieved Cheryl of some of the boxes and led the way.

Cheryl sat on the edge of the bed and opened each box. Sandy, leaning against the dresser and Joe, propped up in the doorway, exchanged twinkly glances as Cheryl oohed and aahed over each find. They were beautiful clothes, starting with frilly, almost-not-there panties, a garter belt, stockings, a push-up, open cup bra. There were beautiful imported Italian pumps, a matching handbag, earrings, a simple yet elegant gold necklace and the piece-de-resistance a formal, full-length gown equally gorgeous as Sandy's.

"Oh thank you," she gushed when all the packages were opened. "I love it all, it's so wonderful. It's too much."

"Nonsense," Sandy said, "You deserve it all. I don't know anyone who deserves it more. Now Joseph P. Bellows, disappear while milady Cheryl dresses for dinner."

"As you wish," he said formally, "Madame," he clicked his heels and bowed to Sandy, "Mademoiselle," click and bow to Cheryl, who giggled. "I shall await youse guys in da dinin' room." Both women laughed.

Cheryl fell into Sandy's arms and kissed her deeply. "Thank you, darling, this is wonderful."

"Like I said, you deserve it. Now let's get you dressed for dinner."

A few minutes later, Cheryl finished inserting the earrings while Sandy zipped her up, then fastened the chain around her neck. "Let me see you," she said, tugging Cheryl around, then stepping back.

"Oh, my" was all she could manage. Tears filled her eyes.

Wordlessly, she turned Cheryl around and directed her to the full length mirror. As that one day long before, Cheryl gaped at the stranger in the mirror.

Piled atop her head was the beautiful red hair, with several strands escaping to caress her cheek and throat. Relieved of its baby fat, the face of a beautiful woman returned her gaze, high cheekbones, perfect lips, and remarkable green eyes.

Her neck was long and lovely, the one bare shoulder smooth and creamy. Her full bosom was accentuated but not overdisplayed by the clingy black fabric, which gathered together at a slim waist, then cascaded off just-full- enough hips. Thrust slightly forward, one leg appeared through the slit in the gown, bared to mid-thigh. Those formerly dimpled knees and pudgy thighs were beautifully tapered. Cheryl stared at the surprised face again.

"I'm beautiful," she said, wonderingly.

"Oh, darling," Sandy choked in a tear-filled voice, "you always were."

Cheryl turned and hugged her tightly. She too began to weep.

"Hey, look at us," Sandy laughed, "we'll ruin our makeup."

The pair laughed and kissed away each other's tears. "Happy birthday, darling," Sandy whispered.

Joe did a double take when the pair appeared in the dining room, but said nothing. He seated the guest of honor, then his wife. He poured them all a glass of wine, then offered a toast. "To the guest of honor, one of the two most beautiful women in the world, our dear friend, Cheryl. Happy Birthday."

"Cheers," Sandy said, taking Cheryl's hand and squeezing it. They all drank, then Cheryl said shyly "Thank you."

Dinner was served by Joe. It was a light Italian meal, featuring veal medallions braised in an orange and wine sauce. Afterwards, they three friends shared Sambuca, with coffee beans. Joe cleared the table as the two women carried their drinks to the couch.

When the dining room was cleared and darkened, Joe joined the two. He turned on the stereo, and a CD of romantic string music filled the darkening room with sound. Bowing in turn to his wife and their guest, he held out his hand to Cheryl and said "May I have this dance?"

"Certainment, monsieur," she answered, taking his hand and standing.

She had never actually danced formally before, since that fateful Valentine's evening grope hardly constituted dancing. But Joe was light on his feet, and Cheryl followed his easy lead. She looked into his eyes, and he smiled. She felt herself being swept away.

As they danced into a slower song, their movements became less and less. Suddenly Cheryl felt a gentle touch on her back. Sandy's arm encircled her waist above Joe's, her other hand joining their clasped pair. "May I join you?" she breathed into Cheryl's ear.

"Mmmm," was all she could answer.

The three swayed there silently. Cheryl felt Sandy's breath on her cheek, and ear and neck. She felt Sandy kiss and nuzzle her neck, and she rolled her head back slightly, her eyes closed and her lips parted. Joe covered those lips with his own, and Cheryl drank in his kiss deeply. She could feel every point of contact individually between her friends. Each touch burned, whether it was near an erogenous zone or not.

They all stopped dancing. Sandy's hands linked around her waist, while Joe's held her hips. Each person continued to kiss her. Cheryl felt her knees getting week. "Oh please," she moaned, breaking the kiss. "Please take me to bed."

The three lovers walked to the bedroom, with Cheryl in the middle, kissing each alternately. There, Joe and Sandy stripped Cheryl's clothes away, every stitch, leaving her completely naked. Then, while Joe began to take off his tux, Cheryl lovingly stripped Sandy, and shared a deep kiss with her when she was naked, as well.

When Joe was nude, the three moved to the bed, Cheryl again in the middle. The husband and wife kissed their lover deeply, then each took a breast and nursed it, meanwhile rubbing their hands all over her body. Cheryl lay back, partly supported by pillows, and with an arm around each lover, luxuriated in the feeling.

Then Joe moved up and took Cheryl in his arms, while Sandy moved down and settled between her young lover's legs. Joe kissed her deeply, while plying her breast with one hand. Cheryl reached a hand out and grasped his hard cock. She was surprised, not by the size, which dildoes approximated well, but by the velvety softness which covered that steel hardness. She lost tactile senses in her hand, however, when Sandy lovingly began eating her out.

Sandy concentrated on staying away from Cheryl's clit. She didn't want to work the girl into a frenzy, not yet. Cheryl grunted softly into Joe's mouth as Sandy's tongue worked it's magic. She pulled away from the kiss and said "Joe, darling?"

"Yes, honey?"

"Let me suck your cock."

Wordlessly, Joe raised up on his knees and presented his prick to her ruby red lips. He sighed as she sucked him into her mouth, and twined his fingers in her hair. Hidden by pussy, Sandy's mouth broke into a grin of pride at her protege's boldness.

Through technique training with dildoes, Sandy had taught Cheryl how to suck a cock well. Filled with love, Cheryl applied all her newfound knowledge to Joe's cock, and to his great surprise, deep-throated him in three strokes. He moaned deeply.

Sandy raised her head, licking her lips, and said, "Cheryl honey, don't make him cum yet."

Cheryl pulled back, and Joe's cock slipped from her mouth with a slight "smack" accompanied by Joe's moan. Sandy got up and moved around behind Cheryl. She sat down propped by the pillows and held Cheryl gently in her arms. "I think it's time," she said.

Joe got down on his knees between Cheryl's outstretched legs and leaned forward. Sandy held one of Cheryl's hands and let her other trail down to fondle a breast. "We love you," she said, as Joe's cock slipped into Cheryl's pussy.

Cheryl gasped, filled now completely in a way a dildo never could. "I love you both," she gasped.

Gently, Joe began fucking her, but Cheryl was not in the mood for gentle now. She began thrusting her hips up to meet him. "Fuck me," she growled. Joe complied.

Joe leaned over and kissed her, then leaned up and kissed Sandy. Then he propped his arms on either side of Cheryl and began slamming into her. The husband and wife gazed down at the girl they were fucking, each entranced by the way her tits bounced and bobbed. Cheryl was moaning and growling with each thrust, and as Joe leaned farther forward, he began brushing her clit.

"Oh shit!" she yelled, "That's great. Oh fuck me. Oh Sandy! Let me eat you!"

Sandy and Joe exchanged looks, then Sandy shrugged and got up on her knees. She was actually glad of the opportunity to get more involved in this. Cheryl laid her head back, and Sandy settled down on her face. Immediately Cheryl's tongue zeroed in on her clit, and Sandy shivered into a surprise orgasm. As Cheryl continued her ministrations, Sandy dropped her hands to those tits and mauled them. Meanwhile, Joe leaned over and sucked on his wife's tits. But it wasn't long before Cheryl's wiggling hips brought him over the edge. With a grunt and a moan, he grabbed the girl's hips and slammed his cock home, sending spurt after spurt of hot jism into her virginal pussy. Cheryl groaned into Sandy's pussy as Joe's violent thrusts triggered her own orgasm.

Exhausted, Joe popped out of her pussy and lay at the end of the bed. Sandy immediately dropped down to 69 with her lover, sucking her husband's cum out of her freshly fucked pussy. Cheryl continued to writhe and cum under Sandy's hot mouth. Her gyrations brought Sandy off once again. Finally the two women collapsed next to one another, and they all took a breather.

"Happy birthday," Sandy said once again, kissing her young lover. "That was the best present ever," Cheryl sighed.

"Hey, it's the gift that keeps on giving," Joe cracked.

"I think you mean keeps on cumming," Sandy replied, and the three dissolved in laughter. When the laughter was done the moaning began.


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