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Cherry Moon by

Cherry Moon

Shadows grow shadows as the vibrant night becomes alive with the sounds of chirping crickets, as they sing their mating songs. Creatures of the dark eternal night whisper wistful secrets to the midnight air. Lavender blue clouds skip across the glittering jewel-like stars. Summer of carnal sin has returned with its steamy hot humid days and cool tropical breezy nights. The rising full moon hints of unrestrained passion waiting to explode in an effervescent flaming kaleidoscope. I know deep in my soul that it will detonate in shades of flowing bright crimson red, if my heart sinking suspicions are correct. Lust and animal heat are an addictive deadly combination on the sinister pathway to dark selfish carnal knowledge where true committed monogamous love has no place. A loving simple woman of a controlled delicate passionate nature can become lost inside crystal blue debauchery, all illusions of heavenly grandeur shattered completely.

A frenzied whirlwind path of strewn clothes tells the lewd tale of impatient lust. Empty crushed beer cans litter a dirty brown stained carpet. Cigarette smoke clouds the room like the ominous fog from a hungry swamp. Cheap perfume and expensive after-shave mingle together in a play of opposites attract. Mirrors dominate the walls and ceiling, reflecting the unruly cheapness of what they see in a non-condemning pattern of harsh reality.

Large hands wrapped in long bleached hair, ass cheeks tightening with each savage thrust of his raging cock into her velvet gloved mouth, as eyes roll back in his head, he forgets the yester years, sweet sixteen candy coated kisses that hinted of growing pure love. No memories remain of the innocent virgin he took in the back seat of his Chevy or of the precious woman who bore his fruit. He has no thoughts of all the years of comfort she has provided through sweat, blood and tears. He thinks only of the now that his cock is centered around.

On her knees before him, kneeling on the grimy dirty carpet, her wicked eyes are locked to his, as she shrewdly watches his expression of carnality. She rubs his sweat-covered balls with their wet matted hair, as she sucks vigorously on his dark pink cock. He thrusts into her skillful mouth deep throating her, making her gag as she is forced to swallow his torrid cock, but you can tell that she loves this the most; the wanton whore being so sorely used and debased. Wrapping her mouth over his cock head, she flicks her tongue over the tip as he rubs his puckered asshole with her finger briefly, before shoving it in. He involuntarily tightens around her finger that is massaging his prostate. This sets him into a whirlwind of orgasm. When his salty cum shoots onto her face, he thinks only of the moment of release, knowing that it won't sate his hunger, his greed. Relishing in his rain shower of thick white jism, she brazenly smiles and rubs cum from her hands over her heavy breasts and ruddy nipples.

Strong hands lift her off her knees to toss her nefariously on the wrecked bed with its sheets torn asunder by their lust play. With his ravenous mouth sucking her button-sized clit, he slides three fat fingers into her marshy cunt to imitate fucking effects, as his spent twitching cock takes an ephemeral break. Now it's her feral turn to rowdily fuck his face with her red tipped hands grabbing the small amount of graying hair on his head. She grinds and moans, urging his tongue to go faster and his fingers to fuck harder, as she squeezes her ample sagging breasts, tugging on her large russet nipples. She lifts one to her mouth to lick across the large erect nipple. Watching her wicked nipple show, he licks harder and faster.

Screams of climax coat the air, as she gushes her creamy cunt juices on his gluttonous face. He wastes no time plunging his chubby cock now rigid, inside her shrewd cunt. Holding her yielding legs up by the ankles, he savagely pounds her swampy pussy with no thoughts of tenderness or devotion, just brute aspiration. Rubbing her receptive clit with ruby tipped fingers, her agreeable cunt explodes once again. His shiny round face contorts as his exotic dancing hips slow for a fleeting moment, to let the feral urge to cum pass or maybe just to enjoy the feeling of a convulsing cunt around his sniveling dick. Sliding out of her, he roughly rolls her over unto her hands and knees, making her push her ample ass in the air. Feverishly he rubs his dripping cock head over her ass cheeks and down her gleaming wet cunt, leaving a slimy trail of pre cum. With his pussy-juiced cock, he pushes into her ass. She starts a mad pumping thrust against him. The animals are in control now.

Bucking and fucking, slapping her ass and pulling her hair, he knows only this moment of lust. I watch them through the curtains. On the outside, peeping within, I am a witness of aberrant lust. Isn't love enough to keep the beast alive? A moment of irrepressible blinding lust can demolish and ravage years of pure committed love from the very core of one's spirit. When his cock pulls out of her ass, and cum shoots into the air and onto her back, one hand tightens over a circle of love and the other caresses the trigger to deliverance from hell. I glance up at the waxing moon, as it confirms that passion has erupted. I burst into the room, taking careful aim at him amid his protests of sorrow and mock love. I tighten my grip on the cold steel trigger and watch as vivid crimson cum decorates the grimy walls, sullied bed and sprays the harlot, to paint her the scarlet whore that she is. He slops over dead, no blood lust passion left. Did it go to the lakes of brimstone to burn incessantly in adultery hell's vile abyss?

I open my hand to reveal what was once a symbol of committed pure love, his wedding ring. I ask, with numbness known to the betrayed, "Did you know?" With cold calculating control, and bull's-eye aim, I jadedly watch as she protests her innocence with her deceitful mouth, while her heartless eyes tell of her guilt. Because a pussy scorned knows no regrets, I silence the sinning cunning whore, sending her to join him in Hades where their lust will burn their souls forever. This time I am painted red with the guilt of their sin I gave my all, my love, my heart to him, sacrificing my desires and needs to make him feel whole. Never asking for anything, I just gave. All he had to do was take. The lust and desire was below the surfacing, waiting for him to scratch it, to notice once again the woman that was always there, waiting for him to take. . Glancing up into the mirror over the bed, I see what I now am, a broken-spirited woman of betrayed love, now lost for all eternity with a heart so shattered that now life is meaningless and crimson with my soul's extinguishing flame. Placing the gun under my trembling chin, as I grasp tightly the red tainted wedding ring, I squeeze the trigger as I stare outside the room of deception, at the haunting neon sign of the Cherry Moon Motel.

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