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Chelle by BuzMePleze


Ok, so the first story might have turned you on. Actually it drove you wild. You have never fucked so good as when you are thinking about the 3 of us! And going to the mall to check her out...did you like what you saw? You saw her in a conservative dress...wait till you see her in a tight miniskirt and skin tight tank top that really shows off her tits. I cannot wait. So anyhow, I have had so many fantasies about you two. You wanna hear another? Ok, you talked me into it. Here goes:

It was a Tuesday night and Chelle had to work late, as usual. She was finally able to drag out of the store around 11.00. The ride home gave her time to think, as it usually did, and she was beginning to get aroused thinking about "Sex Night" with her husband. She was on I-95 and nearing her exit when she could stand it no more. She slid her skirt up past her hips and slowly and deliberately started rubbing herself through the thin material of her silk panties. First one finger, then another until she pulled the material back and was sliding her fingers inside her tight wet pussy with a vigor only matched by her husband's tongue. Only a second more and she would be over the edge...but damn, there is the driveway.. Oh well, at least her husband would be inside waiting for her. And to finish what she had started! She opened the back door.

Funny, the light was not on as it usually was. She stepped in the door and started for the bathroom. The door was locked, but it was just habit, because she did not have to go, just wanted to cut through to the bedroom and take her clothes off. She walked through the kitchen and found her husband sitting on the couch in his underwear...the usual. Almost immediately her skirt hit the floor, followed by her top. Now standing in her underwear, she made her way seductively toward her husband. He was ready for her...his cock was as hard as she had ever seen it. And all she wanted to do was to feel suck it and to have it inside her, and NOW! She reached out and grabbed for it, but he was playing hard to get and moved at the last second. Again, she tried and failed to get her prize. On the third try, she made sure that she would succeed. He did not even try to put up a fight. She slid the tip of his stalk into her mouth and began to lick the head. Teasing and tantalizing she slid more and more in her until all that was left was the pubic hair.

She had him completely engulfed and he loved it. Up and down she began to slowly rub him. He was in heaven. Faster and faster until he thought that he could take it no more and would shoot his seed deep inside her throat. Then she stopped. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips and forced her tongue inside his mouth. Their tongues mingled for what seemed like hours, but was actually just a few seconds.

While she tickled his tongue, she positioned herself over his thick hard shaft. Without any effort, she slid her dripping pussy onto his fully erect cock and buried it to the hilt. He could not help letting out a moan, as she started pumping her body up and down on his. She was not exactly quiet about it either. After a few minutes, she got up and motioned towards the bedroom. He followed, slowly and seductively. She laid down on the bed and spread her thighs for him. He walked up to the bed and took his place between her legs. With absolute precision he planted his root inside her once again. This time, it was her that moaned.

She was enjoying being fucked by her husband, as usual. Several minutes into the ritual, there was a splash from the bathroom. At first, she was not phased by the sound, but it was only a few seconds before her mind caught up with her ears and she quickly glanced toward the open bathroom door. There she saw the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. Dripping wet and totally naked was a true vision of beauty. She had hair the color of sunrise. And her skin was golden bronze. Her breasts were bountiful and firm. Her nipples stood fully erect. Allowing her eyes to wander, Chelle noticed that this woman had long legs and a neatly trimmed bush, to highlight her waiting pussy. She could see her wetness from across the room. At first, she was stunned. Here was a beautiful woman, completely naked and obviously about to join the couple. But her emotions gave way to her hormones and before she realized, she was reaching out and motioning for this woman to come to her.

Their hands met and fingers intertwined. The woman reached over with her other hand and cupped Chelle's breast. She exhaled with excitement. She had dreamed about this moment for some time and could not believe it was actually happening. After a few minutes of caressing her breast, the woman slid her hand down to her waiting pussy. while her husband continued his relentless pounding of her love mound, the woman slowly traced circles around her climaxing pussy. Each revolution brought her fingers closer and closer to the target. Soon, the woman had two fingers inside Chelle's outer lips and was massaging her clit. It was more than she could take and quickly peaked in orgasm. This intensified the woman's pace and wave after wave of pleasure poured over Chelle. She came time and time again. This pleasure caused her husband to release his load deep inside his wife's hole. No sooner had he pulled out, the woman stuck her tongue inside and began siphoning the juices from her well fucked orifice. From the second the woman's tongue touched her flesh, it was sheer ecstacy. She had never experienced so many orgasms in such a short time. Within a few minutes of watching these two women pleasuring each other, it was time again for a dick. This time, he was after the newfound territory.

He positioned himself behind the woman as she buried her face in his wife's love mound. He slowly eased his cock to its target and with one thrust, was inside and all the way. He pumped back and forth. Slowly and steadily. She enjoyed it, but her mouth was too busy to let out a cry of pleasure. He fucked her harder and harder as she ate Chelle's pussy with a fury. Both were screaming and cumming uncontrollably. It was incredible. The woman was screaming to be fucked harder, all the while the wife was begging the woman to eat finger her and to lick her until she orgasmed again and again. Minutes passed and with the two women eating each other and his cock buried inside this new pussy, he could not hold out any longer and began to spew his load deep inside the woman's quivering pussy. She let out a final gasp and collapsed on Chelle's stomach. There she quietly waited for sleep to overcome her. The three nestled into a ball and there they slept, naked, together, satisfied until morning. "Surprised?" was all he could muster before he drifted off to sleep between the two beauties. Sweet dreams were most definitely guaranteed!

So what did you think of the story? Did it make you wet? I bet it did. The only test will be if you come in the bedroom and fuck me. I hope you do. I need to taste you. Hurry!

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