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Changed Woman by Terry

Changed Woman

My wife, Maggie, and I have always had a positive relationship. I love my wife dearly as we've been together for almost eleven years now. She lets me do my thing and I hers without all that jealousy crap that goes on in other marriages.

We have a great sex life and she still turns me on very much even though she may have gained a little weight over the years (but I think almost any guy would take a 140 pound, 37 year old mother of 2.) We've been pretty much open about all things including our sexual feelings. It has always kind of been a turn-on to discuss wild fantasies even though they may never be lived out in reality.

But like all people, some things didn't get said as they may have been perceived to be too taboo or would hurt the other person's feelings. One of those things my wife didn't share was recently discovered in an unusual way

About a month ago my wife went to a bachelorette party for a co-worker. She got home late and I was still up. She was kind of tipsy and was telling me about the bar-hopping.

Their journey also included the adult bookstore in the not-so-great part of town. She was babbling on about the huge dildos and stuff they had there for adult entertainment such as countless videos.. But the information revealed pretty much ended there and, of course, I didn't think anything of it. I was just glad she had a good time.

Within the past several weeks, my wife had been making frequent excuses to leave the house for this and that. She would be gone for a couple of hours at a time.

After about the tenth time this happened I began to get curious; not really suspicious, but curious. She came up with some crazy reasons to leave. Nine times out of ten this wouldn't bother me at all, but she just started doing this extremely frequently.

I really didn't suspect that my wife was having an affair. I'd heard about the usual happenings with affairs, which usually means the sex life come to a complete halt and there is a total lapse in communication. None of that was true in our case and actually our sex life had never been better. I didn't know whether to ask her what the hell was going on or leave it alone totally or follow her. Not being the jealous type and always wanting to respect what little privacy a married couple gets, I initially wanted to let it go. But my gut instincts got the best of me and I decided to follow her the next time she "had to leave for a bit."

On the most recent Saturday evening, after our two boys left to go stay overnight at a friend's house, Maggie announced that she was going to go to the tanning beds. I asked her when she was going to be home and she told me in an hour or two.

Under normal circumstances this would not have fazed me as Maggie goes to the tanning booths once or twice a week. However, I'm no fool and I know you don't lie in a tanning bed for two hours.

I kissed her good-bye and she took off out the door. Nothing appeared to be suspicious about her behavior at all, but I still climbed into my truck a bit after she pulled out of the driveway. I was nervous about doing this to her as I knew it was an invasion of her privacy. Yet, I followed about a block's length back.

It only took a couple minutes to figure out she wasn't headed to the place where she tans. She got on the interstate and drove to the far part of the city. I kept my distance and allowed her to lead. A million thoughts were running through my head about what she was doing and why she lied to me.

She eventually pulled into an old business district. She parked and quickly walked past several buildings and went right into the adult bookstore! All I could think was "What the fuck?" as my confusion was never greater. I just sat there and waited for about ten minutes trying to decide what to do.

At least I knew where she was going, but the big question was why she was going there. I decided that I wasn't going to get the truth if I confronted her about it and on the other hand if I didn't ask her I would always wonder what she was doing. I got out of my truck and headed toward the bookstore.

Inside the store were quite a few people milling around. Most of them were looking at videos and a few were looking at sex toys. The place was quite a bit bigger than its outside appearance. I went up and down the aisles and could not find Maggie anywhere.

I waited by the women's bathroom in case she was in there, but I started to get strange looks from the workers so I gave up on that before I got kicked out. She just wasn't in the store.

There was only one place I hadn't looked and that was in the video booths at the back. There was no way she was in there though. Hell, I wasn't even brave enough to go back there as I heard about the perverts that go back there just waiting for someone, guy or girl, to have sex with.

The more I waited, the more the possibility of Maggie being back there became a reality. My heart was pounding as I became more and more paranoid and my imagination conjured thoughts that I really didn't need to be thinking at that point. I found myself walking toward the movie room hoping I wouldn't see what I though I might see.

I paid my five bucks to get into the video room. I felt like a pervert just going back there. It was just a maze of booths with sounds of fucking coming from the movies being played. I walked around a bit to try and find Maggie, or try and not find her as it were.

I didn't see her, but I was hit on by a couple of guys loitering in there. It freaked me out a bit and I got into a booth as quickly as I could just to get away from them. I sat there wondering what the hell I was doing there at all. I dropped a few tokens in the machine and watched a little bit of a porno. It was kind of a turn-on watching a variety of porno flicks like this, but my mind was still on finding Maggie.

There appeared to be more noise or commotion and movement coming from the booth next to me. These booths really weren't that big and I could hear someone bumping up against the walls now and then. I finally found the volume control in the dark booth and turned it down to hear what was going on next to me.

There appeared to be a normal porn movie playing, just like in the rest of the booths. But I could also hear moaning, gasping, grunting and groaning that was inconsistent with the video. It stopped for a few seconds and then began again a bit more loudly than before and I could also hear the distinctive rhythmic sound of skin slapping on skin.

There had to be two people fucking next to me. Somewhere deep in my subconscious I hoped it was two gay guys going at it, but in reality I thought otherwise.

After a few minutes I heard a guy grunting like he was coming and suddenly the noise stopped. Then I heard a female voice giggle and say, "Oh, my God! That was awesome!"

It was Maggie's voice. I didn't listen to hear any kind of reply as I damn well knew it was good for this asshole who had just fucked my wife. I was shocked, pissed, hurt, and sick to my stomach all at the same time.

This feeling didn't have a chance to stay with me long as I heard the door to her booth open and then was relocked again. Then I heard a man's voice in the booth say something. It was a different male voice than before. Maggie was having sex with more than one guy! Maggie made a short introduction with the new guy in her booth and told him to "put this on," which I prayed she meant a condom. And then the fucking noises began all over again.

I had to do something at this point. I got up and left my booth. I pushed my way past two guys looking into the window on the door to Maggie's booth. I looked in the window to double check that it was Maggie's booth and I froze.

She was standing, bent forward with her face just a few inches away from the video monitor. She was totally naked from the waist down and a man, who wasn't particularly attractive, was behind her fucking her doggie style.

I couldn't make out all the details because there was just flickering light emanating from the video screen, but I could see her nice, well-tanned, curvy body being subtly bounce forward with every thrust from the man behind her. I could see the guy's condom-clad (thank God), six or seven inch cock easily enter and withdraw from by wife's exposed wet lips.

Upon every backstroke I could see how wet she was as the latex condom was completely glistening with her juices. But what made the biggest impression on me was Maggie's reaction to this all. She was completely wrapped up in lust and was thoroughly enjoying the sensations of fucking total strangers. Her mouth was open and her breathing was coming in desperate gasps, her eyes were closed tightly, and her head was bobbing all over the place as if she couldn't control her movements.

Every once in a while she would reach down with her right hand and dig into her well-trimmed bush and make circular motions on her clit. She would build this up, but always stop just short of orgasm. I could tell she completely loved what she was doing and there was no way I was going to stop it. I have never fantasized about watching my wife fuck another guy, but it admittedly turned me on. And most of all, I was happy for her.

I could tell the guy was beginning to come just from his reactions. He used my wife for his sexual gratification and unloaded his seed into her pussy... He pulled out of her and the end of the condom was sagging; full of his come.

Maggie kept on working her clit in spurts. The guy pulled up his pants and turned Maggie a bit to face him and he tried to kiss her. She pulled back and shook her head and told him to send in the next guy. Ironically, this made me feel even more secure with the situation. She didn't love someone else and she wasn't being used by them; she was using them for her sexual pleasure. The guy left and Maggie resumed her doggie style position in the booth as she waited for the next guy to fuck her.

The guy watching in the window next to me asked me, "Are you going next?"

I told him, "Naw, go ahead." And with that he entered the booth to fuck my wife. I decided to leave and let Maggie have her way with all these guys.

I drove home with a hard-on and a totally new perspective about my wife and her sexual needs and desires.

Maggie got home about a half hour after I did. She walked in like nothing happened. She kissed me long and deep and said she was going to make us a couple of drinks.

As she was walking away, I asked her, "Did you enjoy the booths tonight?"

She froze in shock and slowly turned to me and asked, "What?"

I said, "Did you enjoy the tanning booth tonight?"

Relief came over her and she replied, "Oh, yes, it was great. Thanks for letting me go for a while."

"Anytime, sweetheart."

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