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Celina by Siren99


When I was 20, I was touring with a country band. We traveled in an old bus that had been modified to have private bedrooms, including drawers and a closet for hanging clothes. We were never really well-known, but we got around a lot and had some good times.

One summer afternoon, we were doing an outdoor gig in the park, in some town in the middle of New Mexico. The crowd was huge, and they seemed to love us. About half of the people there were of Mexican or other Hispanic descent, and there were a lot of kids. After the show, as we were finishing packing up to leave, the keyboard player turned to me and said, "All these little 14-year-old Mexican girls running around with no bras -- it's enough to give a guy a hard-on!"

I laughed, because I'd noticed the same thing... in fact, I had been glad I'd had my bass guitar to hide behind, a few times. All the young girls had been barefoot and were wearing skimpy tops that showed off their golden-brown skin. Shaking my head to clear it, I headed for the bus, where most of us were going to grab some sleep on the way to the next stop (several hours away), while the drummer took his turn driving. I went directly for my own room as the engine revved and we pulled out, looking forward to some rest.

As I opened the door, I was startled to find someone already in there! Lying on my bunk was a young Mexican girl. I froze in the doorway for a moment, but she held up a finger to her lips, suggesting I keep quiet. Coming in and instinctively locking the door behind me, I asked who she was, and why she was there. Sitting up on the edge of the bed, she quietly told me her name was Celina, and that she just wanted to come along with us for awhile. She explained that her mother and her father were both alcoholics and were never home unless they were fighting, and she just had to get away from them.

"Won't they miss you if you leave?" I asked, as I sat down next to her.

"Only if they're not drunk, which is hardly ever," she said with some bitterness. "Sometimes, when my papa comes home, he looks at me like one of the girls at the cantina, like he wants to put his hands all over me. I don't want to be there when he decides to do it."

As I listened to her, I began to be mesmerized by the musical accent of her words. I also took a good look at her... she had to be no more than 13 or 14, but she was already achingly attractive. She had on worn blue- jeans and a simple, short leather vest that laced up the front, giving a glimpse of some young cleavage. Her arms, most of her middle, and her bare feet were visible, showing me her beautiful dusky-golden skin. Her sleek black hair fell long about her shoulders, and her puppy-dog eyes were dark pools. All in all, she looked pretty sexy. This little girl was going to break someone's heart someday.

I sat back against the wall, and Celina surprised me by coming over to join me, sitting directly in front of my crotch and leaning back against my chest. She asked some questions about me, and what it was like to travel all the time, but mostly I just let her talk about herself, which she seemed to need. I began to gently stroke her shoulder, and I realized I had a full hard-on, right against Celina's back! Either she hadn't noticed, or she didn't care... either way, I had to fight to follow what she said, as I got more and more hypnotized by the sound of her soft voice and the feel of her young body against me.

As she finished telling me about the night her drunken father came home in one of his foul moods and started hitting her, she shivered, and I put my other hand on her remaining shoulder, gently squeezing them both to reassure her she was safe, here with me. Then, on impulse, I put my arms around her and hugged her from behind. She put her hands over mine and melted into me, and I kissed her on top of the head. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes, but finally I asked her, "Isn't there anyone in your life who cares about you, who you are, what you want?"

"I don't think so," she said, and a tear began to run down her cheek.

The sight of that tear was more than I could stand... On impulse, I put a finger under Celina's chin, tipped her head back a little, leaned around, and began to kiss her on the lips. She immediately pulled her arms up and put them around my neck, pulling me to her. I wondered what I was getting myself into, but I wanted her to know that someone cared.

I had expected a short kiss and then simply holding her for awhile to comfort her, but Celina clung tight to me, not wanting to stop. Her lips were getting hot, and after a brief mental battle with myself, I gave up fighting and simply basked in the moment, with this young beauty who had appeared in my room. She seemed perfectly at ease with what we were doing -- not practiced, but comfortable, as if it was coming to her naturally. I felt my desire for her growing with each passing second. Finally, I had to ask her... breaking away breathlessly, I said, "How old are you, anyway?"

"Does it matter?" she said, trying to engage me again.

"It should," I pressed.

"It doesn't to me. This just feels right," she replied, "but it's okay, I'm almost 13."

ALMOST 13? This 12-year old girl was so hot, I couldn't believe it! But as we went back to kissing, I decided I didn't care. She was here, she was beautiful, and I was going to show her what it felt like to be loved!

Celina was half-turned to meet me, but my arms were still around in front of her. I moved one hand up under her loose vest, finding one of her young, soft breasts. She certainly didn't seem to mind, and as I began to fondle it, her kisses only got hotter. After a few minutes I reached the other way, found the waist-button of her jeans, undid it and then pulled the zipper down. Sliding my right hand into her now-loosened pants, I found that she was not only bra-less, she was wearing no underwear at all. Suddenly, my hand was into a moistening, swelling set of lips, surrounded by a few short, flaxen hairs. Celina opened up her legs slightly to help, and I easily slipped a finger into her slit, then up into her body. Her breathing was getting faster, but she showed no sign of wanting me to back off, so I went to work pleasuring her. This was incredible! I couldn't believe my fortune in finding this little nymph, out of the blue. Other than her lack of much pubic hair, she seemed fully developed down there, hot and wet and ready for whatever I had in mind!

Almost gasping, her hips pushing against my hand, Celina shifted a bit and began to fumble with my belt and pants. I had to help her, but once they were undone, she took me in her hands as if she worshipped me, stroking slowly up and down my aching shaft. Knowing I couldn't take much more, I reluctantly pulled my finger out of her, took a hold of her jeans and slid them out from underneath her, then down toward her ankles. Celina helped by pulling one leg out of the bunched-up pants, then kicking them off the other foot. Her silky young legs were as beautiful as I had expected! Quickly repositioning us both so that we were lying side-by-side, I pulled her to me, lifting one of her golden knees over my hip. Getting my now- throbbing dick between her legs and against her hot, moist young sex, I began frantically working into her, with short pushes at first. She was tight, but so wet that it wasn't long until I was sliding all the way into her hot, young body. I couldn't believe she was able to take all of me, but there I was, completely enfolded in this incredible young girl! Celina wrapped her arms and one leg around me and pushed against me hard, then started a tentative rhythm, which I quickly joined. This 12-year-old girl was so hot, and her movements so fluid! We pumped together for just a few minutes, then I exploded and she clamped down on me at the same time, both our bodies wracked with pleasure.

Celina and I spent the entire bus trip in bed together, exploring each other in as many ways as we could think of. When we reached our next stop, I took her out and introduced her as my "friend" who had wanted to hitch a ride with us for a few days. They were a little skeptical, but they said they couldn't see anything wrong with it. The keyboard player, however, smiled at me and mouthed the words, "You lucky sonofabitch..."

Celina stayed with us for several weeks, until she decided that traveling all the time wasn't for her, and she bid me a fond farewell as she went in search of a new life. But those few weeks will live in my mind forever...

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