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Caught by the Principal by Cin

Caught by the Principal

One of those long, lazy spring days, when time feels suspended. School was definitely routine now and I was ahead in most of my classes. My long break (25 minutes -- a bonus for college bound seniors) was next, just as soon as the bell rang, releasing us from Government class.

buzzzzzz... ahhhh! Freedom! At last! I head to my car, looking forward to reading another chapter in the romance book I was currently into. This one was pretty hot, borrowed from a friend whose mom was into erotica. My friend had snuck it out of the house and it had made the rounds through all of our friends. The school laws were strictly enforced and we all knew the consequences for smut on campus... expulsion... but that made it even more thrilling to do. We had had a few close calls passing it in the hallways, but hadn't been found out yet. Our Home Ec. teacher had almost caught one of the girls passing it and the principal, Mr. W. was always wandering around, silently turning corners and surprising us, almost catching us with it once. He was exceptionally good looking, young and virile, the topic of many sleep overs, so we never minded getting 'caught' by him in the halls. Most of us admitted to daydreaming about him and a few of the girls had even flashed him. Poor guy must have felt persecuted, surrounded by such young, fresh flesh all day long... and no way to take advantage of it...

He was no where to be seen today, though, as I quickly walked to my car, not wanting to waste a second of my free time. The parking lot was fairly empty, a few kids hanging around but most of them in the grass court area listening to music. I unlocked my car, tossed my textbooks in the back, and reached under the seat for the book. I was not a virgin, hadn't been for over a year, but this book was teaching me things I couldn't wait to try. My current boyfriend was out of town and it had been a few days since the last time we had been able to sneak away for some quick sex in his car. Just the thought of him doing the things described in this book was making me hot.

The air was warm as I started reading, so I eased my window down a bit without skipping a word. The twists and turns the book was taking were making me wetter and a moan escaped my throat. Glancing around to make sure no one was nearby, I put my hand under my skirt. mmmmm My satin panties were noticeably wet and I ran my finger inside the elastic leg band into even more wetness. Soon, my own personal aroma filled the car. Inserting my finger a few times, my hand soon became drenched. The need to cum eclipsed my normally strong common sense as I continued to plunge my finger in and out. Finally, I pulled my finger out and started rubbing my clit through the fabric, my eyes never leaving the page:

"The silk ropes tied around her wrists and ankles stopped her from being able to fight back... not that she wanted him to stop his sweet torture. His fingers pinched and twisted her nipples without mercy and she begged him to stop, while arching her back to meet him. He ran his fingers lower... lower... lower... until they came into contact with..."

My fingers rubbed fast and furiously and I could feel my climax building... Pausing only long enough to remove my panties and toss them to the floor, I resumed rubbing and flicking my clit as the story continued:

"'Oh my God! Please hurry... I need it soo badly' she moaned but her cries fell on deaf ears. Trailing his fingers along the inside of her thigh, he walked slowly over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She could hear him moving things around, then 'Ahhhhh' as he found what he was looking for. The drawer closed and he came towards her... a devilish glint in his eyes... From behind his back he pulled out a huge double dildo and began rubbing it across her face. Her eyes widened in fear and anticipation as he placed it between her lips and ordered her to start sucking on it. Reaching for the lubricant on the side of the bed, he began smoothing it over the head on the other end. He pulled it out of her mouth and..."

I threw my head back and closed my eyes as I imagined myself in the story, bound and unable to resist to his demands. The waves of my orgasm hit and I bit my bottom lip in order not to scream out. My heart was pounding in my chest and a low, animal-like moaning filled the car. Slowly recovering, my eyes fluttered open and I sighed heavily, my heart still beating rapidly. A flash of movement caught my attention and I turned to see Mr. W. leaning against the passenger door of the car next to mine, his arms crossed across his chest, his eyes boring into mine, a sly smile on his face.

"Are you quite through?" he asked, slowly pushing himself off of the car door and leaning into my window. "Aren't you supposed to be in class, young lady?" I was stunned, still in my sexual reverie and embarrassed to have been found like this.

"No, sir. I'm on my long break, sir. I didn't meant to, sir. Really. I don't know what came over me, sir." I answered in my tiniest, submissive voice, hoping he would take pity on me and forget the whole incident. Instead, he leaned farther into the car window, sniffing the pungent aroma I had created.

"You don't know what came over you? So, are you telling me that this is the first time you've masturbated?" His voice was deadly soft, his lips only inches from my ear. From all outside appearances, it looked like any normal scene: the principal conversing with a student, something Mr. W. with his outgoing personality, did all the time. No one was likely to suspect that he had, literally, caught me with my pants down. My heart was still fluttering as I turned to look at him, guilt all over my face. "Is it? Answer me, young lady. Don't tell me that this is the first time you've plaid with that lovely clit of yours? I'd be extremely surprised if it is. In fact, I'd be surprised if you could look me in the eye and tell me you are still a virgin."

He saw his suspicions confirmed by the look on my face. "Ah. That's what I thought. So, it would not be at all beyond my boundaries to tell you that you may have to work this little 'infraction' off? Would it?"

I shook my head 'no' in silent answer to his question. "Excellent. We are off to a good start. Now, I will ask you to do a few things for me and I will expect you to do them as soon as I ask. Understand? I do not like being disobeyed and whether or not you graduate rests on how well you can follow orders. That won't be a problem will it?" Again, I shook my head 'no', my eyes locked on his. "First, I want you to roll this window down all the way. Good girl. Now, slowly slide two fingers between your lips. Gather some of that sweet juice up. That's good... just like that. Ok, taste it for me." I couldn't believe I was doing this, but at the same time, I could feel that familiar ache between my legs. Mr. W. leaned back against the door of the car next to me again, assuming a completely relaxed posture, as I raised my fingers to my lips and licked the juice off of them... My eyes closed on their own, the taste igniting a new fire deep inside.

"I see you like that flavor. Good. Next, you are going to reach under your shirt and take your bra off, so that I can see your nipples." I guess I didn't move fast enough. I jumped at his stern command. "NOW, young lady. I do NOT like being disobeyed." I swallowed hard and did what he asked, getting even more turned on. Here I was, sitting in the parking lot of my high school, taking off my bra for my principal... and getting hotter by the minute! Suddenly, he raised his voice and shouted a greeting to guy from one of my classes. I felt the blood rush to my face when he turned and walked towards us, with barely enough time to stuff my bra under my seat.

"Hi, Mr. W.! Great game last week! Am I interrupting anything?"

"No, we were just talking about graduation. What did you think of that last play?" He was prolonging my misery purposely. "Did you get all the cream filling off of your finger?" he asked me. I knew he wanted me to lick my finger clean again, yet daring me to defy him. He was taking perverse pleasure in knowing my diploma rested on whether or not I obeyed him. Embarrassing to admit was my own perverse pleasure in allowing him. After all, it would be his word against mine if he tried to keep me from graduating, but I was meekly going along with it. No, if I was honest with myself, I was not 'meekly' going along with it, I was enjoying it.

They talked a few more minutes, Mr. W. not even glancing my way. The bell signaling the end of break rang and my classmate headed back towards the school. I started to reach for my underthings, but was stopped by Mr. W's voice... "We're not through yet. Leave them. I will now give you a choice. You can either stay here in your car for the remainder of our little 'session' or you can go on to your last class, after which I will expect you in my office before the all clear bell rings. If you choose to stay here, I will see to it that you are excused from class, obviously. If you choose to go to your next class, you will do so without benefit of your underthings. Which will it be?"

"I can't miss class. We're having a test today. A big test. I studied all last night for it!" A hint of panic crept into my voice at the thought of missing one of the biggest tests of the year. And if I worked it right, I could go home sick as soon as the test was over.

"Ok, then I'll expect to see you in my office before the all clear bell rings. Understand? We are not finished." I nodded and reached toward the seat next to me. "Now, you'd better get to class... no, leave your underthings. Better yet, give them to me." I slowly handed him my wet satin panties, wadded up into a ball. He shook them out, laid them on the hood of my car and carefully folded them with a handkerchief fold. Then he put them in the pocket of his jacket, turned back to me and put his hand out for my bra. I wadded it up into another ball, but he only repeated the process, folding it and putting it in an inner pocket.

"Time to go. Get out of the car." Leaning over, I replaced the book under the seat, rolled up the window and opened the door. As I turned to get out of the car, my skirt rode up higher, revealing my tan legs, glistening wet with my own juice, and a small patch of dark brown hair. A blush crept over my face and I pulled my skirt down quickly. Reaching behind me to retrieve my books, I heard him say, "Bend over to get your books. And don't bend your knees to do it. I want to see the view from behind." I had to twist slightly sideways to reach into the back seat and felt my skirt catch against the front seat. "What a beautiful view!" I grabbed my books as fast as I could, then turned around and closed the door. "Oh yes. One more thing before you go. I will be dropping in on your class, so make sure you're in your seat when I do. Not that you were thinking of going home sick, were you?"

I blushed again, this time from guilt instead of embarrassment. "Good. Drop your purse." Thinking I hadn't heard him clearly, I just stood there and looked at him. "I said, drop your purse." My purse was balanced on top of my books, so it wasn't difficult to let it slide forward to slip to the ground. "Now squat down and pick it up." I raised my startled eyes. There was no amusement in his gaze as he looked at me... I sank to my heels to pick up my purse, his next words freezing me once more. "With your free hand, run two fingers through your slit, then take them to your face and rub them over your lips. Good. You're a quick learner, aren't you? Ok, now, pick up your things and go to class. Do not make me come look for you. My office, before the all clear bell."

With that, he casually turned and strolled away, knowing that I had to pass him, and quickly, if I was to make it to my next class on time. He stopped to look at the announcement board and I could hear him whistling 'Pomp and Circumstance', which every senior knows is the graduation march.

I slid cautiously into my seat a few seconds after the bell rang, but well before tardy. The tests sheets were passed out; the questions, luckily, familiar. I breezed through the first half, concentrating more on the correct answer than on the fact that I was sitting there half naked. Sometime during the second half of the test, the door opened silently and Mr. W. walked in. This was a usual occurence, so the only one who tensed in class was me. He wandered through the desks, pausing here and there to look over shoulders. My heart beat wildly when he turned down the row towards me, but he instead of stopping at my desk, as I assumed he would, he walked past to stop at the person in front of me. I could feel my nipples harden at the anticipation, mixed with let down, when he nodded to the teacher, then casually left the room, softly closing the door behind him.

The second half of the test flew by in a blur. Before I knew it, time was called and test papers were handed in. Now, only the last few agonizing minutes were left. One by one the minutes ticked by. I could feel the moisture starting between my legs, my pulse beating thickly, steadily, and I had to resist the urge to reach down and ease some of the ache... My mind drifted, my gaze clouded, my hand lowered slowly from my desk to my lap...

buzzzzzzzz... I shook myself hard to snap out of my daydream, blushing at the thoughts that had been going through my head. Gathering my books to my chest, I stood and followed the rest of the class out the door, hoping that my skirt did not show any signs of wetness. I walked with a calm I did not feel down the hall to the Principal's office. Stepping inside, I told the secretary that Mr. W. was expecting me. She picked up the phone to let him know I was there, replaced it and told me that he would be ready for me in a few minutes. That meant I had to sit in the outer room and wait. I didn't dare put my books down, but sat with them clutched to my chest. My hard, dark nipples would be visible to everyone through the thin material of my blouse. I tried to take a few calming breaths, my mind not ready to accept that this was happening.

The phone on the desk rang once. The secretary picked it up, listened for a second then hung up, looking my way. "He's ready for you now. Come this way, dear." She led me across the room to his door. "Graduation worries, is it? Don't worry. Mr. W. is excellent when it comes to calming your nerves. Go on in." She opened the door and walked in ahead of me. "If you don't need me for anything else, I'll be on my way." With a casual smile, he dismissed her. I heard the door close behind me with a quiet clip.

"On time. Very good. Lock the door." I had to reach under his jacket hanging on the back of the door, with my panties still peeking out of the pocket, to find the lock. My hands shook as I turned the latch. "Now, come here." I walked on wobbly legs towards his desk, stopping a few feet away. "Closer." I took a few more steps, my skirt brushing the corner of the desk now. "Good." He turned back to his desk and shuffled through a stack of papers. Without looking at me, he said "Lift your skirt to the top of your bush." I hesitated. "Now!" My hands twitched against the hem of my skirt and I lifted it a few inches. "Higher."

I raised it higher, sure now that he could see the wetness starting to weep from between my lips. My nipples were rock hard against my blouse and my eyes traveled around the room, searching for something to focus on, the plant in the corner, the pictures on the wall, his coffee cup, anything but his face. He continued to read through the papers on his desk, calling out orders to me. "Keep your skirt raised and swipe two fingers through that slit. Next, push them deep into your body. Now, stand still."

He signed a page, filed it in his outmail box and reached for the next paper. "Take them out, wipe them across your lips, then lick them clean." By now, my hand was drenched and there was an audible sound of suction when I removed my fingers. I was cooperating quicker now, anticipating what his next command would be, getting wetter by the second. "Again, but this time, wipe them on your neck." I did what he said, feeling the warm, sticky juice slide across my throat. "Again, and this time, bring them to me. Hold them where I can smell them, but not touching me." I had to take a step closer in order to reach his face, still bent over the papers on his desk. He inhaled deeply, moaning his approval.

Alternating between licking, wiping and inhaling, this continued until the stack of papers slowly diminished, one by one. When the last one was signed and filed, he turned in his chair to face me. My skirt was still lifted to reveal my entire pubic region, two of my fingers buried as deep as they would go.

"Now, young lady, you are going to show me exactly what you were doing out in the school parking lot." He leaned back in his chair, lacing his fingers behind his head, stretching his legs out in front of him, between my own legs, forcing me to stand with them spread. He looked completely relaxed, not counting the huge bulge in his pants. Although I was following his every order, seeing his obvious erection filled me with a sensual power. I stood before him, my skirt tightly fisted in my left hand, while my right hand searched for, and found, my own erection. After the afternoon of sexual tension I had been through, I knew it wouldn't take long to reach orgasm.

"That's it. What a show. Not quite the same as the parking lot, but it will do. You are so wet. I can hear the juice sloshing around your fingers." My breathing was turning into panting, standing there on shaking legs, masturbating for my principal. I rubbed faster at my clit, feeling the climax only seconds away. "Look at me." My eyes flew open, met his and locked. "Stop." Pure lust prevented my fingers from stopping. A smack on my hand with a ruler brought me to a halt, though. "I said to stop. I expect my orders to be carried out. Now, I want you to stand here" he indicated a spot on the floor in the center of his desk "lean over the desk and raise your skirt over your hips." I moved into position, my clit throbbing in agony, raised my skirt and leaned forward on my elbows, waiting. I heard his chair move back, then felt his hands slide up my thighs, over my ass and back down between my cheeks. I lowered my head to my crossed arms on his desk, eyes closed, enduring and enjoying his very personal viewing of my sex. His fingers swept through my pussy... SMACK! My head snapped up, my knees buckled and a startled cry of surprise and pain escaped my throat. "Ouch!"

"Quiet!" His voice was soft and hard at the same time. "Or would you rather not graduate?" SMACK! "Explain that to your parents." SMACK! "Tell them that their princess of a daughter was caught masturbating in her car in the school parking lot..." SMACK! Tears filled my eyes from the spanking he was giving me, as well as from his words. Two drops fell and puddled on his desktop. I bit my lip to keep from crying out again and laid my head back onto my arms. SMACK! My body jerked, but I could feel an orgasm beginning. He must have sensed it because he stopped suddenly, sliding the ruler he had been using underneath my arms, into my view. I started to lift myself up, thinking that he was finished, but his hand on my back pushing me down said otherwise. I heard a clink of metal to glass behind me, then something cold touched the heat between my legs. Still standing spread eagle over his desk, I tried to imagine what it could be.

He slid the cold metal object along the insides of my thighs, slowly over my extended clit a few times, teasing it closer to orgasm, then up, dipping slightly into my hole, out, in a little deeper, then out and away from my body. His fingers brushed the hair back from my face and wrapped his hands in it. "Lift your head." I kept my eyes closed, but lifted my head as instructed. "Open your mouth." I opened. "Wider. Very nice." I could smell my own aroma on his fingers. Something rubbed across my lips and I opened my eyes to see what it was at the same time he pushed it into my mouth. The spoon from his coffee cup. Filled with my juice. He drew the spoon across my upper teeth and lip. With his hand in my hair holding my head bent back, I had no choice but to swallow. My body reacted by gushing more juice. Taking the spoon from my mouth, I heard it clink against glass again and assumed he had replaced it. His fingers trailed through my wetness and then I heard the sound of his zipper being lowered. I was so close to reaching orgasm that all I could think about was how it would feel to have him inside. "Raise up on your toes." He shifted behind me, his pants hitting the floor, one hand on my ass, the other reaching under me to lift me off of the floor.

Moving me around as if I were air, he aligned my body with his and, after a quick swipe to lubricate himself, in one quick thrust shoved his cock into me, burying himself to the hilt. He was much larger than my boyfriend and the feeling of being filled was overwhelming. There was no tenderness in him as he pounded into my pussy. His fingers reached under me, wrapping around my upper thighs, pulling my lips apart even wider. Harder and faster he plunged, over and over again. The skin on my stomach rubbed against the desk, squeaking with each thrust. My muscles contracted, the warm, tingling starburst of climax starting at the core of my body and spreading outward and upward. My eyes closed in concentration. A low moan grew deep in my throat and he removed one hand from under me, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head back again. "Do not even think of yelling out," he whispered in my ear. He let go of my hair and covered my mouth with his hand, to prevent me crying out. I sucked his fingers into my mouth, cleaning the juice from between them, then sucked harder, moaning around them. He responded by slamming into me harder, once, twice, and again, then went still. I could feel his warm cum filling me in several strong spasms. Pulling his fingers from my mouth, he smacked me again on the ass and pulled his semi stiff, but empty, cock out of me. Metal clinked against glass again and I felt what I assumed was the spoon again being drawn against my body. He scooped hard into my dripping pussy, gathering the cum he had just deposited along with mine.

"Open wide. Snack time." Past the edge of caring, I did what he asked, patiently waiting for him to place the spoon in my mouth. "Stick out your tongue." I opened my eyes to see him holding the spoon a few inches above me, tipping it so that the cum would drip slowly down. I watched as the creamy white mixture slid, then dripped and ran onto my tongue. It puddled in my mouth, thick, creamy and slightly tangy. I swallowed, savoring the flavor. My breathing was returning to normal and a slow headache was building from the intensity of my orgasm. I laid my head back on my arms, physically satisfied, if still mentally in turmoil. He removed his hand from under me and my feet touched the floor solidly again. Gathering up his pants, he walked to the door and reached into his jacket pocket for my panties. He turned back towards me, using my panties to wipe his cock clean, before laying them next to my head on the desk. "Looks like you will graduate after all. Just don't let me find you breaking another rule. I went easy on you this time. The next time, I won't be quite so gentle." I shivered wondering what 'next time' would be like, if this was his gentle side. I didn't miss the hidden invitation to misbehave so that he would have a reason to discipline me again. Standing up on watery legs, I struggled to put my panties back on. "Can I have my bra too, please?"

"Oh, yes. I didn't even touch those perky little tits of yours this time, but you can be sure that if I ever catch you again, they will not be spared. You can get it out of my jacket on your way out." He had straightened his clothing and was sitting back at his desk, looking bored. I picked up my books, grabbed my bra out of his pocket and unlocked the door. "And one last thing..." I stopped with my hand on the doorknob and turned to look at him. "Anytime you need 'advice', I'm here to help." A drop dead gorgeous smile was the last thing I saw as I left his office.

Stepping into the outer office, I saw a classmate sitting nervously, her books clutched to her chest, a blush on her face. "Are you waiting for Mr. W.?" I asked her. "Yes," she answered, barely a whisper. "I'm here... to... ummm... discuss graduation." Her voice trembled and I could see her shiver slightly.

Smiling inside and out, I told her, "I've been trying for weeks to get in to see him! It was definitely worth it. He just gave me great advice. Good luck!" She smiled nervously and walked towards his office door. Suppressing a giggle that, after two months of planning, I had finally pulled it off, I left the office, wondering how long I should wait before setting up my next 'accident'...

Accident? yeah... right ; )

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