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Catwalk by


I was working a good shift at a club as an entertainer. Stripper sounds kind of low-life. Entertainer is what I tell my mom. I wanted to work a few extra shifts, but the manager didn't want me to spread myself too thin. That's what he said, but I knew he didn't want me to get too popular. I heard from one of the other girls that I could probably pick up a shift at a place called the Catwalk.

I went to the Catwalk to audition, but either I got the hours wrong or they'd decided not to audition that day. The bar was open, but one of the three bouncers working told me the manager wasn't around for a couple of hours. I didn't want to have to come back in two hours, so I asked if I could wait and I did.

I was in the dressing room and I'd stripped down to a g-string just to see if everything looked good and it definitely did. I was moving in front of the mirror when I got the feeling I was being watched. I looked toward the door and one of the bouncers was leaning on the other side of the door watching me. I smiled and waved. He waved back. He wasn't the one I'd talked to earlier. He was cute. Tall, beefy like they always are with green eyes and blonde hair.

I waved him in and asked him if he'd like to watch my audition. He said sure and I ducked behind the lockers, got into my full costume and put on a little show for him. He was all smiles by the time I got back down to my g-string and I popped a tit into his mouth. He sucked it good too. I stood up and asked him how I did and he told me that I almost got him off. I checked out his jeans and saw that he wasn't lying.

I dropped down between his legs and unzipped his fly. He leaned back in the chair and let me go for it. His cock was about eight inches long. A nice piece of meat. I started by licking the head, then moved my tongue up and down the shaft. He was moaning out loud by the time I got around to licking his balls. I was holding his prick tight at the base when he told me was going to shoot. I closed my lips over his cockhead and caught every creamy drop of spunk.

I was just standing up, when I felt someone's hands around my waist. I was spun around to face the two other bouncers. They told me they'd been watching the whole show from start to finish and that they'd like a little something too. I told them I did one-on-one shows only. The one who'd grabbed me, pulled me close to him and shoved his hand between my legs.

"You don't have to suck us both off, we can just fuck you."

I tried to get away, but he was too strong. The bouncer I'd sucked off had left the room. I guess we hadn't really bonded with that blow job. The taller of the two lifted me up onto the dressing room counter and forced my legs apart. He jammed first one then two fingers into my cunt. He covered my mouth with his mouth and pushed his tongue between my lips.

I started to get wet on his fingers. My pussy never cares who's doing it. I love getting fucked. I let him finger fuck me, let him suck first one titty and then the other, biting the nipples hard. When I was good and wet, he unzipped his fly, pulled out his meat and shoved it home while his friend watched. He cupped his hands under my ass and pulled me onto his prick, doing a stand-up fucked. The only sound in the room was skin slapping skin.

I came and wanted him to cum too. I wanted to feel him shoot his cream up inside my pussy. That's when I felt the other bouncer moving up behind me. I felt the other bouncer's hands cup my ass, one of his fingers pushing up slowly into my asshole. I couldn't believe it! I was going to get double fucked! With his friend's dick embedded in my cunt, he fingered my asshole with first his thumb and then his index finger.

I rode the cock that was in my pussy. I couldn't wait to feel the other bouncer's cock slide up my asshole. I couldn't believe how much I wanted it! I heard the sound of his zipper and then felt his warm dick pressed against my butthole. His friend was fucking my pussy like a piston, so he was trying to get the rhythm. I was afraid he was going to slam his cock up my butt, but he did it slow. I took it inch by inch. It was amazing! Finally, it was in. I had a cock in my cunt and a cock up my ass.

I let them fuck me like he piece of meat I was. My body moving back and forth between their pricks. Each had a hand grabbing a tit. I thought they were going to tear me apart. I reached down and felt two sets of cum-filled balls slapping together between my legs. The one in my pussy told me I was a total slut and I knew I was because I was loving every inch of meat that I was drilling me.

The one in my pussy came first. He thrust up into my fuckhole, jamming his dickmeat into me. I milked his cock. I could feel the jets of sperm filling me. He grabbed both my tits and twisted the nipples. I fingered my clit until I came screaming out loud. The one in my asshole took awhile longer. His friend had pulled out, so I was draped over the dressing room table getting reamed in the ass.

I watched in the mirror as he took his time reaming me. He was sweating and smiling, holding my ass cheeks and watching his fuckpole slide up my shit chute. I'd never been buttfucked like this before. I wondered if he was ever going to cum! He started moving slower, shoving his prick up me at an angle, letting it fill my asshole. His balls banged against my cum soaked cunt lips. I started to move my ass against him, wanting his spunk to fill me up. I needed it now.

He started to moan louder and louder. I felt his grip on my butt tighten and he finally came, shooting a huge hot load straight up my ass. He crammed his whole prick up me, letting the spunk fill my ass in a flood. He kept fucking me while he was cumming. It felt fantastic! When he finally pulled out, I knew I'd been totally fucked and maybe I'd start turning tricks if I could regular customers like those three!

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