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Car Wash: Part One by jactionj

Car Wash: Part One

This single mom moves into the apartment across from me. A very cute young woman somewhere around my age I suspect. I only saw her a few times before today, and she is a welcomed addition to my doorway. She is always with her little boy and girl. They look 7 and 5 maybe. Cute kids. She is always going somewhere, working I guess. Kids off to school or day-care possibly. So seeing her at the mailbox alone surprises me. Carefully going through her mail as she closes the door of her box. I reach my own just one below hers and excuse myself for intruding. She looks up and at first says nothing and then double takes and says hi. I return her cheerful hello as I too seem a little occupied by her lovely face. "You're the guy across from me aren't you?"

"Yes" I respond and hold out my hand. Firm handshake for a woman, not to mention her petite hands. I feel her body language as positive since her shake lingers a little longer than normal. I introduce myself; "My name is John, and yours?"

"Kym." Yet I assume Kim.

So we continue with the how are yous and the how do you like living here's and the how long have you lived in this area. She has a very genuine smile and a deep affection for life, but she hides most of her feelings and probably rightfully so. I too hide many facts but I am sure she senses my interest in her. Her subtle body language and frequent eye contact tells me she is not disinterested.

I ask her where her children are and she says they are with their grandma for the day. I say that must be nice to get a break. I say I know how tough it can be with little kids as I have two of mine own. We quickly surmise that both of us are single since we are devoid of rings. She asks about my kids and I hers.

Damn, she is beautiful with such a nice ass, pert tits, and gorgeous eyes. I don't think I can think only pure thoughts around this woman. She turns to walk towards the apartments and I hurriedly close my box and follow. Our conversation continues on as if normal. She certainly seems to like the company and I am not complaining.

All too quickly the apartment doors are in front of us and that awkward moment of good-byes is upon us. If I linger I look like a dork salivating on a pretty girl and she might think I'm a leech. So as I turn to go into my door she surprises me all to hell, and asks what I'm doing this afternoon. So instead of telling her nothing I say ... "Washing my car, and you?" She asks if she can wash hers too because she doesn't want to go out and pay for it not to mention her lack of owning a bucket. I say sure but recommend she change her nice clothes for something more durable.

We agree and part, only to rendezvous at the appropriate hour. We meet about three o'clock outside our doors. Oh my god! Apparently she has forgotten rule number one. Never wear a white shirt to wash cars. Though it isn't truly all white. Some white shirt with a festival adds on it on the back and a logo on the front. Due to its thick nature it may be all right but I'm hoping not. Lucky stars are beaming brightly on me today. Her cut-off jean shorts seem to be parked up her ass too. Inwardly I hope this cannot be a coincident. So maybe she is just trying to be a tease. Without a word she grabs the bucket handle out of my hand but leaves it awkwardly on my own for a moment. I smile and give her the bucket. Not overt action but definitely she is playing with me.

She tells me that her car is absolutely filthy and that she can't stand it any longer. To that I only say that I try to clean my car periodically so as to keep it in good condition. She smiles almost too big and says it been a long time for her.

After pulling her car up to mine, which testifies to her lack of cleanings, I set out to get the bucket ready. We get to work and time-share the hose. It's one of those without the head to it. As we begin, I seem to get a little more splashed than normal. I ask her if she needs me to help her so it goes quicker. She does. I start on the opposite window side of her perky little Jetta, while she starts on the top. As I lean over to get the side doors I notice her through the car. Being only 5'4" puts her at a disadvantage and she seems to be rubbing against the car to clean the roof. Her breasts are quite pert and very good at cleaning the window. I stand up and smile trying to be innocent and she is just looking at me with this grin. Then she just says what a long time it has been since she really scrubbed down her car. I ask her about her job and she says she is a paralegal. I tell her how I know nothing of the profession, but I think it sounds good. I then ask her a flurry of other light topic questions. I can usually tell when a woman likes me because she is interested in answering the questions and doesn't seem to mind my nervous talking.

God she turns me on. I just keep telling myself not to blow it. I cannot imagine where this might go but I say a silent prayer as to where it might.

Whether intentional or by accident, she commences to start rinsing the top off as I am still cleaning the opposite side. Damn that water is cold. I stand up to tell her to watch it and take a blast in the face. Her audible squeak and laughter only make me smile. I casually walk over and lean over to her ear and whisper how cold that was. She apologizes and I take the hose somewhat possessively and tell her what an amateur she is. To that her response is: "it may be a long time since I have done this, but I remember well enough." The sexual innuendoes are starting to get to me by now as I am convinced it is not coincidence anymore. She turns her back to get her sponge out of the bucket and treats me to a sight. For whatever reason, I lose it. After keeping the hose pent up under a kink I let it lose on her ass and body which is followed by high pitched screams and jumping around. I playfully continue on in a very sadistic way. I completely drench her but only before it becomes a contest for possession of the hose. In the ensuing minutes we have had more personal contact than my body can take and we both are dripping with water. After a breathless struggle of giggles and laughter we stop both holding the hose, completely wet. Now it just gushes water between us in a lazily manner. She has the most beautiful eyes. I know I am lingering there too long but she doesn't really turn away. An awkward silence is broken as I state the obvious condition of our clothes and she smirks. She turns and says that she hasn't been this wet in a long time. Now convinced of the banter I tell her that my hose just let loose and I couldn't help it. To which she devilishly feigns ignorance. And continues on soaping the car up.

Kym if there is such a thing for men, I think to myself now, man I am "wet." I suggest we continue washing cars because we don't want to let the soap dry. Adding in my own playful manner that once you start you shouldn't stop which she vocally admits whole-heartedly as gospel.

It is only then that I realize that she isn't wearing a bra. I had only speculated before and now I was treated to the lovely outline of her womanly orbs and now pert nipples. Not large nipples but definitely hard. Speaking of hard I try to think of something else lest I give away my thoughts.

The rest of the event is spent doing the cars and only occasionally do we speak. She seems to be moving fast so as to finish quickly. As we pack up the stuff, she thanks me for "hosing" her down and I reply that she just brought it out of me with a grin. As we start walking to our apartments I look at her often, but don't really speak and she returns them with a bright smile.

Again we are the entrance to the apartments and I say that I had fun and that we should do it again. I notice that she is just standing there and I for whatever reason I boldly ask her if she needs a towel to wipe off. Her hair is plastered against her and lightly dripping. A wet cat comes to mind but inwardly this is more than just a pussy. She then smiles and accepts and steps forward into my apartment as I open it. Whoa. Didn't expect that. It was almost as if I needed to make that first offer. She took off her sandals and commenced to walk around the place while I retrieved a towel.

When I came back she commented on how nice it was though devoid of a woman's presence. I tell her it has been a while since a woman had that sort of influence on me. She smiles and begins rubbing her hair down. I just stand there like a dummy transfixed a little. Her breasts almost sing to me. I secretly wonder how hard it will be to get those wet shorts off. Like I would get a chance!

I ask her is she wants to sit down and she declines due to her wet clothes. Damn! Not good. I say I understand and tell her that I need to change myself. I ask her is she doesn't mind and offer her a long neck beer. She giggles a little and accepts. Damn I didn't even mean that one. As I go to my room I tell her she can make herself at home.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next.

End chapter one......

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