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Carla by Bill Johnson


This is a true story, embellished as it may be because of time, the language and the events did occur.

I was in the army stationed at Ft. Hood. My wife of 18 months and I lived in a trailer park. My wife was about eight months pregnant at the time and it had been over a month since I had engaged in sex. I was in a constant state of arousal.

I had been interested in the lady next door from the moment we first met. It wasn't that she was overly good looking, although she had a terrific body, I know because bikinis were just then in vogue and she wore them any time she could. It was her demeanor that attracted me. She was a pure slut!

Carla was a very aggressive woman, course and vulgar. She cursed like her husband, and all First Sergeants cursed a blue streak. She was the first woman I ever heard say the word "fuck." It excited me to hear her speak that way. She acted as though she was an absolute fucking machine, always mentioning her and her husbands love life, always making little innuendos about sex. She once ask me a riddle. Did I know the difference between a woman and a watermelon? I couldn't answer, even had I known the answer. She waited a few seconds and with a leer said, "you have to cut a watermelon before you eat it."

I looked at her and she smiled broadly, my hand visibly trembled Carla's eyes narrowed to a look of feigned disappointment on her face and with pouting lips she said "The only trouble is George doesn't know the difference." I could really feel my cock growing, by leaps and bounds!

Carla reached out and with her fingers caressed my lips. I couldn't help myself, I opened my lips and allowed her caress the tip of my tongue. She gave me that slutty, know-it-all smile I blushed slightly and my cock was suddenly at full mast. "But you do, don't you?" Carla flirted.

"I'll bet that little tongue of yours knows exactly what to do." Unfortunately my wife approached about that time and Carla and I reverted to being just friends.

The other women in the park really hated Carla because she constantly flirted with all the guys.

My wife despised her and after the first couple of weeks wouldn't even say hello to her. I guess the feeling was mutual because although Carla was friendly with me she ignored my wife.

Carla was always sexually teasing me, especially since she had found out that I was no longer "gettin' any" from my wife. She was never careful with her dress when we all sat around in a group outside. Many a time I caught myself trying to get a little bit better look up between those sleek thighs. On several occasions she saw me peeking. I was mortified but she only grinned lewdly and shifted so that I could see more of her. Almost any occasion where we were alone, or out of hearing with other people, Carla would bring up sex. She was always telling me that she didn't get enough sex and more than that she said that the kind of sex she got was not what she needed.

I must have been very naive back in those days or maybe I was trying to communicate some thing to her. "What's that Carla?" Once again Carla placed the tip of her finger against my lips. "These" she whispered. "And this." She spread my lips and rubbed the tip of my tongue with her finger. "I've been wondering just how it would feel"

"Really" I said with a stutter.

"Yes, really."

Carla looked at me provocatively, her finger entered my mouth and flicked across my tongue "I have fantasized about it in fact."

I was definitely getting hot. Carla glanced down at my crotch. I looked down at my crotch!

"Mmm," she murmured. "I think I've hit a nerve"

"Wha-- what do you mean?" I stammered.

"Well, from the looks of that -- " and she glanced down at my bulging crotch, "I think we may have a common interest."

"What, what? I don't know what you mean," I said breathlessly.

"Com' on baby, I see the way you act when I give you a peek at my pussy. I know that look." God! She had said 'pussy', that really turned me on!

"What look?" I replied, knowing where this was heading.

"That hungry look," she whispered and licked her lips. "The look I've seen just before I get my pussy sucked." Oh.. my.. God! She had actually said it! I knew from the start what she was talking about but to hear her say it, say it to me made me tremble violently.

I've had fantasies about eating pussy ever since I was old enough to jerk-off but I thought that women would think me weird if they knew. Here was a woman that didn't think it was weird, in fact it was obvious that she loved it.

I was just about to take a chance, say some thing she couldn't misinterpret, some thing that would get me either in trouble or in her pussy. Unfortunately once again I saw my suspicious wife approaching so I turned away, afraid my wife would see the bulge in my pants. I heard Carla chuckle as I walked away.

I took a new interest in Carla after that incident. I began to try and be around her. I began trying to make little innuendos like her, some thing, any thing to try and communicate that I was receptive to sucking her pussy. I still was not absolutely sure that she wasn't just fucking with me because I had seen her do it to other men. I had heard rumors about her but I had never seen her with another man. Maybe, just maybe she was serious. A week later I found out!

After two months of jerkin off I was ready to try anything. I worried about her husband finding out but her husband was suddenly transferred to Korea. I knew he would be gone for thirteen months and I wondered how she would amuse herself. I didn't wonder long. The first night her husband was gone. She had a visitor.

I some times stayed up late at night after my wife had gone to bed. On several occasions I saw her, as I sat by my window watching T.V., entertain men, always different men. It was uncommon for her to spend an evening alone.

About a week after her husband left, I saw Carla fuck a man in her living room. She didn't even bother turning off the lights. I could almost swear that she knew I was watching. But the thing that really got my heart to racing was the end of Carla's little rendezvous with the man.

I was sitting up close to the window, only the light from the T.V. to illuminate me. Carla was on her back and the guys was between her legs. He was pumping his cock into her like there was no tomorrow. I could see she was moaning and talking to him. I just couldn't hear her. Suddenly the man stiffened and shuddered. He made several more slow thrusts and then collapsed on top of her.

Carla lay there for a moment and then I could see that she was pushing at him. Her face was contorted into a mask of lust. Her hands on his shoulders, pushing him down, down her body. I could see she was raving at him. She was loud because I could hear some words and broken sentences.

I heard the word wimp, suck, pussy, cum, and cuntlapper. I stood so that I could see better. Carla placed her hands on the man's forehead and shoved his face down between her thighs. Her hips arched up from the bed, her body supported by her shoulders and heels. She held him there, her fingers entangled in his hair, her hips undulated up and down, his face rocked with her thrusts, she was fucking him. She was fucking his mouth. God how I wished it were me.

I knew immediately what was happening. The man was sucking his cum from Carla's pussy and Carla was loving it. She was going wild, humping and thrusting that dark mass of hair against the man's face and mouth. Her fingers pulling at his hair, her knees spread wide, legs over his shoulder, feet digging into his back like a cowboy spurring a wild bull. All the time she had the man sucking her head was turned to the window, a wild and lascivious look on her face. I had turned off all the lights and I knew she couldn't see me I knew that she knew I was watching. She was putting on a show for me.

It took a long time but when Carla finally released the man she lay back and looked at him with a look of pure disappointment. I could see that she was giving him hell and it was clear to both him and me that she wasn't pleased with his performance. He dropped his head and after a few minutes rose to his feet and disappeared into the hallway.

Carla just lay there, still naked, still horny because she was fingering herself. After a few minutes the man returned, fully clothed. Carla scolded him again as she continued to masturbate. The man finally turned and left thru the side door. He looked beat, not physically but mentally. Carla had really done a job on him.

That made me horny, no pussy for over a month and here I was watching my hot to trot neighbor get her pussy sucked.

She really got off to that, but the best part was that she was a kinky bitch! That guy had done exactly the thing I had fantasized about for so long.

Carla seemed amused by my attention but she never responded the way I had hoped she would. I really though that as soon as her husband left she would be all over me but she just flirted. I knew there must be some thing that I could do to arouse her curiosity about my intentions. Then one evening, of the few she didn't have a man there, I let my passion and better judgment take hold of me. My wife was visiting her mother so I was alone in the house.

I got a little drunk and that night I took off all my clothes. When she came into her living room I stood in the light and exposed myself to her. She noticed me immediately! She moved closer to the window and stared across at me. I just stood there, my cock standing proud and erect. I began to feel uneasy because I was beginning to think she was mad and might call the cops. But after a minute or so she smiled a wicked sort of little smile and she began moving her clenched fist up and down in front of her crotch.

At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She wanted me to jerk-off. Trembling, I reached down and slid my fingers around my cock. I hesitated for a moment, she smiled lewdly, nodded her head up and down and continued to stroke her make-believe cock. I began to masturbate, seriously! I moved closer to the window and stood so that she could see me more clearly. I masturbated for her and it felt good. She smiled, wickedly, I was turning her on!

After just a few moments I felt my cum boiling to the top and I arched my hips outwards, pointing my cock at her. The thick cum spurted onto the window and streamed down the glass.

When I had finished, I turned and walked to the hallway. I watched from the shadows and observed that she stood there for a long time. Was she waiting for me to continue? I wanted too but I was still a little too scared.

The next night I was waiting in the same place in hope of repeating the act. I didn't have to wait long, and the moment Carla walked into the room I turned on my lamp and stood in the middle of the room. I was hard as a rock and as she watched as I began to stroke my cock. She watched awhile and then she went to the door and stepped outside. A few moments later she knocked on my door and my apprehension increased significantly. I stood there, unconsciously stroking, wondering what I should do. I opened the door! Still wary I stood so that my body was hidden behind it. "Why are you hiding behind the door?" she asked, trying to peek around the door. I was so nervous I couldn't say anything.

After a few seconds she slowly pulled the door open until she could see my naked body. I just stood there in the doorway, naked, my hands now at my sides, allowing her to examine my erect cock. She looked into my eyes and with a smile reached out and took my cock in her hand.

"Can I come in?" she said, pushing me backwards and then closed the door behind her.

"I take it your wife isn't home," she said with a wink and a squeeze of my cock.

Her fingers tightened around my cock and she smiled as I began moving my hips back and forth.

"Nice," she said, her teeth gleaming in an open smile. "Hot... hard."

After a few seconds of masturbation she looked around the room and without another word she lead me, by my cock, to the couch. She sat on the edge of the couch and, using my cock as a handle, positioned me in front of her and then, bending downwards on my cock, forced me to my knees.

"I liked watching you last night," she said, releasing her hold on my cock. "Your cock was so hard and you were stroking it so fast."

I just kneeled there, excited beyond belief.

"You were so nasty, like a little slut, jerking your cock, trying to turn me on," she said with a coarseness I hadn't heard before. "It did too. Show me now," she said, looking down at my cock.

"Stroke that cock and show me hot you are." Excitedly I began to move my hand back and forth over my cock. Squeezing and stroking, willing it to become even harder than it was. I could feel the wetness from the tip on my hand, my hand spreading that wetness along my cock.

Carla's eyes were half closed and she nodded approvingly as I thrust my hips in time with the motion of my hand.

As she watched me perform, she began to slowly pull her bathrobe up over her legs until it was bunched around her waist. "You like that don't you, me watching." she said as she pushed her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. "It excites you to have a woman watch you play with your cock."

I smiled, she seemed to know exactly what I was thinking and the thought that she knew was even more exciting.

She smiled in response to my smile. "You're a nasty little pervert, you know it," she said with a sneer.

I nodded.

"A nasty little pervert that needs some thing special, some thing your prissy little wife wouldn't think of doing."

"Yes, yes," I moaned, feeling my cum boiling in my balls.

She looked straight into my eyes and licked her lips. "You need a cunt in your mouth" I felt a shudder go thru me.

"Yes!!!" I cried softly.

"Say it," she mewled.

"I want a cunt in my mouth."

"No! You need a cunt in your mouth," she demanded.

"I need a cunt in my mouth," I responded obediently.

She smiled at my eagerness, slowly licking her lips as she watched me tremble with passion.

"Take them," she whispered as she lifted her panties with her slender toes.

Never missing a beat with my right hand I reached out with my left hand and clutched her panties.

"Smell them," she ordered.

Increasing the tempo of my right hand I brought the panties to my face and breathed the musky aroma of her pussy. I licked at the silky fabric and sucked the wet crotch into my mouth.

Carla looked down at me, her lips opened in a lascivious smile, her teeth gleaming white in the dim light. "You need my cunt in your mouth, don't you" Oh God it was exciting to hear her say that.

"Yes, yes. I want it... need... your cunt in my mouth," I hissed thru clenched teeth.

My head was throbbing. My blood pressure must have been 200\150.

"That's good Bill. It's good that you need my cunt in your mouth, because there are things that I need too. Things you will be willing to do if you truly need my cunt in your mouth. Things I'll want you to do for me."

"What," I said excitedly.

She studied me for several long moments. " I think I'll start out by letting you suck your cum from my pussy. That should show me if you're serious"

"Oh gadded, yes," I groaned. "It would"

"You've thought about it then."

"Yes, that's all I've thought about for the last week."

"I knew it," Carla chuckled. "You were watching the other night weren't you." It only took a second for me to nod my head.

"You saw what he ... what I made him do"

"Yes, yes," I replied breathlessly.

'That's why you've been so impulsive the last couple of nights, isn't it." I nodded my head up and down excitedly.

"You want the same thing."

"Yesss... "

"Do you know why I didn't turn your ass into the cops last night?"

I wasn't sure, but I hoped I knew. "No," I lied.

"I was very sure from our little conversations that foremost in that little mind of yours was sucking my pussy." She looked me in the eyes. They smoldered. "But I wanted more than that, I wanted you hot, so hot you would be willing to do any thing I asked?"

She looked at me, smiled and continued. "I've had some experience with men like you, when my husband is away. But I've never had one so willing to be manipulated. I thought to my self how convenient it would be to have a nasty little pervert at my beck and call" she said contemptuously. "And since you're right next door it would be easy, so very easy, to indulge in my little nasties," I gasped, my hand moving faster and faster on my cock.

"What do you think of that"

"Yes, yes" I moaned. "I think I'd like that" Carla laughed wickedly My face was flushed, my heart was beating so loud and rapidly that I could hardly hear her words.

"And it all boils down to one thing then, are you a serious a cuntlapper, one I can use to amuse myself!" I nodded my head up and down. "Yes, I want that, yo amuse you. I want ... need, to suck your pussy?" and then made a licking motion with my extended tongue.

"Even when your wife is here."

"Yes, I can always get away."

"Mmmmm ... I like that attitude, just thinking about you sucking my pussy while your wife lies in her bed fifty feet away really turns me on."

"Anything," I whispered. "Anything you want, just tell me."

"Any thing? Good ... good," she said with a wicked grin. "One thing that really turns me on his to see how badly a man wants my pussy. Begging is not enough."

"Please ... just tell me."

"Have you ever heard the words suck slave?"

"Yes" I groaned as I began to stroke faster. This was going right where I had hoped it would.

"How?" she asked.

"From fuck books," I said and I thrilled as I said fuck to a woman for the first time "Do you know what is expected from a suck slave?"

"Yes" I whispered.

"Tell me," she grinned.

"To suck. To suck any time, any where, on demand."

"Yes my little slut. But not just pussy."

I shivered at her undertone. She saw it and smiled that evil smile of hers. "That's right love, I mean exactly what you think I mean. I sleep with lots of men, all for different reasons. Some have big cocks. Some like to eat pussy."

She looked at me, her eyes lowered, she licked her lips.

I trembled violently. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I kneeled there with my mouth open, slowly stroking my cock, listening intently as this woman told me of my future. "Please, tell me"

"You will do what few of them will do and none of them like, you'll suck a cock!" She continued to watch me as I kneeled there at her feet. A leering smile spread across her lips, she was taking full pleasure in her subjugation of me.

"Won't you?"

"Yesss... " I gasped.

"Well then ... my new suck slave, since we are agreed on our relationship I think we're wasting time. I think it's time you showed your new mistress just how good a suck slave you are?" she said, her fingers taking hold in my hair.

"Suck my pussy, you nasty little cunt-lapper," she said as she looked down into my eyes. "Suck my pussy and jack off."

With her fingers entangled in my hair she guided my mouth along her thighs to her succulent vagina. Her hips lifted as she forced my mouth against the kinky black hairs. As I thrust my tongue past the wet lips I heard her utter a low moan.

"Yes ... yes ... yes," she whispered as I began licking the wetness from her swollen clit. "Lick me ... lick me with your tongue slave, and think about all wonderful things I'm going to make you do."

I ran my tongue up and down the distended lips and then took, in turn, each lip into my mouth and slowly sucked. I could hear her breath coming faster and I rubbed my face back and forth, opening the swollen lips until I could wedge my face between them.

"Ohhh Yesss ... inside me, put your face inside me." Her fingers tightened in my hair and she began to press my face up and down, smearing her wetness over my face.

"Mm ... good, good," she moaned loudly. "Now my clit, suck my clit."

I moved my mouth to the protruding morsel and after taking it between my lips I began to suck it like a hungry infant sucks its mother's teat.

"Ohhhh goddd... " she moaned, "That's it, that's it. Right there. Suck my clit, suck it and take my sweet milk" My face was deep inside her pussy and my nose was rubbing her clit. Several times her pussy engulfed my whole face including my eyes and eyebrows.

"Are you ready?" she moaned loudly. "Are you ready to cum?"

"Yes," I moaned.

She pushed me away from her pussy and as I kneeled she pulled me forward with her ankles hooked into my ass.

"Cum on my pussy," she moaned. "Cum on my pussy now."

I couldn't hold any longer and placed the head of my cock between the open lips. My cum spurted forward and I rubbed the head in and out, up and down, smearing my cum all over her clasping pussy.

"Now suck!" she commanded. "Suck my pussy and swallow all that nasty cum." Her fingers clutched at my ears and she pulled my face into her wet flesh. I felt nothing. I saw nothing. I just sucked!

Later, as I kneeled between her legs and slowly lapped at her wet pussy she reached down and softly caressed my cheek "Look at me slave" I looked up into her eyes.

"It's time for you to prove yourself."

"Anything," I replied.

"I knew this was going to happen, so sure I invited someone over. He's been waiting in my trailer, waiting for me to return with you. I want you to suck my pussy while he fucks me." I looked up into her eyes adoringly and thrust my tongue inside her, lapping deeply.

"Yes ... um mm ... yes, I knew that would turn you on. I knew you were the one" I buried my face between the swollen lips and sucked!

"And after he cums inside me," she said still watching me. " I want you to suck my pussy till I cum" I began sucking harder.

"I want to do it now, I want him to fuck me now," she said anxiously as she pushed me away and stood up.

"Lets go to my trailer," she said taking my cock in her hand.

TO BE CONTINUED If you liked this story send comments or suggestions to If you have Ideas for stories and would like to see them here, send me an outline.

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