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Camp Counselor by Drywater

Camp Counselor

When I signed up at the local youth center to be a volunteer counselor for summer camp, I had no idea what was in store for me. But, I had just broken up with my girlfriend, and I had enough money from my student loans and grants to live on until fall semester. So, I figured what the hell ... I'd get some sun, three square meals a day, a good reference on my resume, and maybe have some fun.

The camp was divided into six large cabins, three for girls, three for boys. Each cabin had four rooms, with a bathroom and shower connecting each pair of rooms. The kids were all in the 11-15 age group, so the hormones were raging in that place!

On the third day, the water supply to the girls' cabins went out. As a result, the girls were going to have to use the showers in the boys' cabins. Our sister cabin arranged to come in for their showers after the boys had already left for the morning. Everything would've been fine had all the girls stuck to the schedule.

On the second day, my boys and I were shooting hoops. I had left my whistle back in the cabin, so I went to fetch it. When I walked into the room, I heard the shower running in the bathroom. The door was slightly ajar, so I peeked in. On the floor was a set of discarded girl's clothing, and a folded set of clean clothes. Figuring someone was just running late in the girls' cabin, I set about to find my whistle.

As I was looking around, the bathroom door opened all the way, and out walked a vision. She was wearing nothing but a towel on her head and a pair of white panties. She didn't see me at first, so I looked her over.

She had long auburn hair and green eyes. Her exposed breasts were small and pointy, just beginning to develop. She had plump tan nipples, which were erect from the being in the air conditioned room. Her hips were slightly rounded, still a little plump, and through her white panties I could see her full lips and the deep groove between them.

I was so entranced with this little darling that when she turned around and gasped in surprise, she made me jump, too. Her arms immediately came up to her breasts, covering them. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, staring at each other.

Finally I regained my composure and, trying to be cool, said, "You don't need to be embarrassed . I've seen it all before. In fact, I have a sister your age." I'd never seen my sis naked, but she hardly knew that!

"Y-you do?" she asked, still shaken.

"Sure. There's nothing to be worried about."

"Okay, I guess," she said, slowly lowering her arms. I tried not to look at her gorgeous young body; I didn't want her to get scared!

"I just came back for my whistle. Sorry. I'll get out of here now so you can finish."

"No, wait. Can I ask you a question? It's about ... you know ... boys," she said, a little less timidly.

"Of course. Ask away," I said, glad to be stretching out this free peep show.

"There's a boy in your cabin who I think likes me, and I like him. I think he wants to kiss me. I've never kissed a boy, and I'm kinda scared. What if I do it wrong?"

I grinned at her and said, "There's nothing to it. When it happens, it will come naturally. Don't worry too much about it."

"I guess I shouldn't. I just wish I had someone to practice on first."

I took the cue. "I'd be willing to teach you. You know, just as friends. Since no one else is around, we could do it now. If you want."

She took the bait. "Well, OK. Since no one is around, I guess it won't hurt."

I sat on the edge of the bed. She nervously walked over to me and stood in front of me, unsure of what to do next.

"You can sit on my lap, if you want," I said, hoping that was exactly what she wanted.

She straddled my knee, still wearing only her panties. She had removed the towel from her head. As she sat on me, I could feel the warmth of her tender cunt on my bare leg. I hoped my arousal would go unnoticed, but my dick was threatening to tear out of my shorts at that point!

She put her arms around my neck, and I gently pulled her angelic face to mine. I placed my lips on hers, and began kissing her tenderly. She responded with a quiet moan. Encouraged, I took it one step further.

I gently brushed my thumbs over her tender, plump nipples. She let out a slightly louder moan, and began slowly squirming her hips and cunt on my leg. I could feel her small cunt getting damp through her panties. This little cutie was getting herself off on my leg!

I started gently massaging her small breasts, stroking her nipples and pinching them tenderly. She was breathing heavier now, and her little crotch was rubbing harder and harder on my knee. She was quickly closing in on an orgasm. I kissed her neck and shoulders, smelling the clean scent of her smooth skin and damp hair. Finally I couldn't bear it any longer.

I lifted her off of my leg and laid her on the bunk. I slowly peeled off her damp panties, revealing her plump, hairless cunt. Her pink inner lips were glistening with moisture. This girl was ready and willing!

She opened her legs for me, and I immediately buried my face between them. I ran my tongue up her slick groove, enjoying the clean, fresh scent and slightly salty taste of her virgin cunt. I ran my tongue in circles around her little clit. She lifted her hips off the bed, moaning and gasping as I tongued her little twat. I brought her to an orgasm which racked her body with spasms. Her plump thighs were jerking and flexing, her ass cheeks were clenching and unclenching, and her cunt was flowing with juices.

I quickly removed my shorts, freeing my rock hard cock. She looked at it wide-eyed, and spread her legs wider. I inserted my finger into her tight little hole. She was so wet, my finger slid in with amazing ease - but her vagina was still like a vise! I gently broke her cherry, sliding my finger in to the hilt in her wet, hot tunnel.

Then I placed the head of my prick at her entrance and slowly, firmly eased my way in. Every time she looked like she was in pain, I would stop long enough to allow her walls to stretch around me. It took several minutes of this before I was all the way in. Once I was confident that her small cunt was ready, I began slowly thrusting in and out of her.

I've had sex with my share of women, but nothing, NOTHING compared to the feeling of having my cock in this tight, virgin girl. My cock felt like it was trapped in a hot, wet clamp. Every thrust into her little cunt was a new level of pleasure for me. Each time my prick thrust in, her little clit would be pulled from its fleshy hood, rubbing directly on my cock, causing her the cry out in pleasure.

I began thrusting harder and faster, quickly approaching orgasm. I could tell she was coming, too, because her cries became louder and her hands were gripping the sheets as if her life depended on it.

I soon unleashed a torrent of come into her tight little cunt. Her hips were bucking and thrashing, and I could tell she was at the edge as well. My come filled her up, with some of it spilling back out of her little hole.

Soon our orgasms subsided, and we lay on the bunk holding each other until we caught our breath.

When we finally got up and dressed, we agreed to meet again before camp was over so I could give her a few more lessons on boys!


A fictional story written by Drywater. Send comments to


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