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Brown Cherry

Brown Cherry

It all started out innocently enough, with Susan and I talking about our favorite subject -- sex. Susan had just found herself a new boyfriend who was Greek, and she was telling me about their sex life. Susan, who, at the time, was a year older at 19, was telling me how good it was. With a Greek boyfriend, I raised the inevitable question. "Has he tried to fuck your ass yet?" The question was more of a joke really, and then Susan told me that he had, and that it was terrific! I looked at her a little bit shocked and asked her if she'd really done it.

"Sure." Susan said. "He made me come just before he did."

I couldn't help thinking of Susan on the bed with Andre's cock up her asshole, and how "nasty" it seemed to do that. None of my boyfriends even mentioned it, and I'd always thought of it as really kinky stuff. Not that I didn't think taking Susan to bed wasn't kinky, but it didn't seem as "nasty" as getting your ass filled with a thick cock.

We were in my room, at my parent's house, but both Mom and my Step-Dad were still at work. Susan was trying to describe how it felt to get fucked in the ass, and I was getting hot thinking about it. Actually, I was getting hot thinking about Susan being daring enough to let a guy do it at all.

"You still have your vibrator?" Susan asked after I shrugged off all of her ravings about it. Of course my vibrator was in a safe place, where no one would find it without trashing my room. Thinking that Susan wanted to fool around a little I got it from its secret hiding place. We had four hours before anyone would come home, so it was safe enough for us.

Susan began undressing, taking her bra off was one of my favorite things to do with her. Susan has nice 35C-cup breasts with full, rosy nipples that beg to be sucked. I only have 34B's but Susan likes them and says they're really sexy on my small frame. Oh, Susan and I are both natural blondes, but she tans great, and I only turn lobster red. We got ourselves naked and kissed, and Susan slid the vibrator into her pussy and turned it on. I climbed on top of her and pressed my mons against hers and felt the vibrations too. We kissed for a long time, using our hands to heighten our SINsual feelings for each other.

The vibrator was a big one, almost ten inches long, and Susan had only about an inch or two outside her pussy. I moved down and buzzed her clit with it while I licked up her sweet tasting cream. Susan likes it if I change off just before she cums, putting the vibrator inside her and sucking on her clit really hard. I did that and Susan bucked her pussy against my mouth and wrapped her legs tight around my head. I love it when she does that, since her strong legs pull my face tight against her pussy. And that way, I can feel every twinge of her pussy when she comes.

Susan relaxed and I cuddled up with her for a while, before she did me. I love to gently lick and suck her nipples afterwards too. I'd left the vibrator inside her, turned off, and now she pulled it out and watched me lick her cream off its shaft. She kissed me and told me to lie back and enjoy. Susan put the vibrator in me and then she started sucking my dark, sensitive nipples. She ran her breasts over my pussy, and kept working the vibrator in and out of me until I felt that I was on fire. Susan's tongue is expert in getting me off, and this day was no exception. Susan licked and sucked my clit and worked the vibrator just right. I could feel my own cream running down the crack of my ass I was so wet. Finally, I arched up and came, grabbing her hair and riding her wonderful tongue.

Much to my surprise, Susan didn't stop. She continued to lick and suck me, and I was so terribly sensitive too! Then, I couldn't believe it, I had two, back to back orgasms that left me wanting even more! I was totally and completely on fire.

"Roll over sweetcheeks." Susan said, using her pet name for me. I hastily obliged her and raised my ass up. Susan shoved the vibrator into me deep and hard. She used her hands to touch, pinch, caress, and stimulate every sexual nerve in my body. I'd have fucked a football team just then, that's how horny she had me! Susan's hands were slick with my cream, and she rubbed my asscheeks with her slippery fingers. It turned me on even more. With my face in the pillow, I felt Susan move behind me and take the vibrator out. I prepared for her tongue to invade my pussy next. That wasn't what she had planned.

Not at all! I felt her spread my ass and lick my asshole. That was so very erotic and I'd never had anyone do that, not even her! Susan put a finger in my pussy, and used another to rub my clit. Then, I felt the head of the vibrator against my ass, and knew what she was going to do. I began to protest, but before I could say anything, I felt my hole stretching around the tip of the vibrator. Susan had turned it off, and now used it like a dildo. Slowly she pressed it into my ass, the vibrator easing in, wet with my own juice. I was moaning and shaking and, according to Susan, she had it only about three inches inside me.

Susan worked it in and out slowly, all the time, keeping her finger moving on my clit. It was absolute heaven! I felt so wicked, nasty, and just plain wanton! More of it entered me, and I felt wickedly full. If this had been one of my boyfriend's inside me, I would have been able to feel every inch of his cock. As it was, Susan stopped about halfway, and let me lean back until about eight inches was in me. I felt like I was being fucked with a huge cock. And I loved it! Now Susan began pumping it in and out of my ass, still fingering my pussy. I couldn't talk, or think, or hardly breathe! All I could do was feel the wanton lust taking over my body.

Susan moved and lay under me, sucking on my clit while she kept pumping the vibrator in my ass. The combination set me off again, and I came, almost screaming into the pillow. Susan kept sucking me, and I could feel it building all over again. Then, either by accident or design, the vibrator got switched on. The buzzing of it in my asshole sent the same vibrations deep into my cunt, deeper than anything I've ever felt. I just about screamed, fortunately, into the pillow again. I know I was thrashing about, and Susan grabbed my ass and pulled me down against her mouth so she could suck me. When I came the last time, she turned off the vibrator and gently pulled it out. I could feel my asshole contracting and throbbing and my pussy twitched too. Laying on my bed, I could smell our very heavy sexual fragrances in the room, and on the sheets and blankets. I was really sweaty and limp, and my whole body still rocked from the pleasures I'd just received.

Susan and I held each other for a while, then we took the bedding out into the garage laundry room. We turned on the washer, and did two loads. As soon as the sheets were in the dryer, we headed for the shower. We'd stayed undressed -- why get our clothes sweaty too? -- and done lots of touching and kissing. We got into the shower and cleaned off, with a lot of playfulness too.

We'd just finished getting the bed made, and we were getting dressed in my room when we heard my Mom's voice in the hallway just down from my open bedroom door. Call it luck, but I'd spread out some other clothes of mine one the bed, ones that I'd washed earlier that morning. I was wearing only my panties, as was Susan, our bras and clothes still on the bed. She rounded the corner before we could think of anything to say.

"Caroline, I...Oh!!" Mom stopped, and I think I almost died. She looked over the scene quickly. "I didn't know you girls were trying on clothes." Mom said, smiling and a little embarrassed. "Carrie, I'd like to talk to you when you girls are finished."

We nodded dumbly, and Mom walked downstairs and into the kitchen. We looked at each other and tried not to start laughing from nervousness. It only took us about fifteen minutes to dress and put things away. I went downstairs to see what Mom wanted.

Luckily, I did most of the laundry at home, so she wouldn't notice the extra towels we used for our shower. She did notice Susan's hair was wet, as was mine, and asked me if we'd used the pool. I lied -- what would you have done? -- and she reminded me not to abuse the privilege of swimming with my friends swim when no one else was home.

Mom did deliver some bad news however. She told me that Mick and Richard, "Mick" and "Rick" as I called them, were coming for a three day stay. Mick and Rick are step-brothers, by my Step-Dad's first wife. Rick is 22, and Mick is 19. The last time they were here, every chance they had they tried to feel me up or grope me. I complained to my Step-Dad who then "took them to the woodpile" so to speak. After that, I had to be sure my door was locked and the blinds down before I undressed, as his kids were real peeping-Tom's.

"Now, this time, they're coming for a short visit," Mom continued, "and they're both adults, just as you are."

"Does that mean if they get grabby I can hack off an arm?" I asked.

"No, it does NOT!" Mom said sharply. "It means that Karl will throw them out of the house, and if he doesn't, I will!" Mom wasn't happy about the visit either. "As a matter of fact...where's Susan? Is she still upstairs?" I nodded. Susan had stayed behind to dry her hair and get herself a little more "presentable". Mom asked me to call her down or get her. I was curious, but she insisted.

Susan was curious too, and we both went downstairs nervously. Mom smiled and handed us each some coffee that she'd put on. Then she explained about the upcoming visit by the "gruesome twosome" as she put it. Susan knew them too, and she kept her face from showing her distaste for them.

"What worries me," Mom said, "is that Karl told me that they said they were 'looking forward to seeing you again'." Mom nodded in my direction, and I felt very uncomfortable. Mom told Susan that she thought their mother hadn't given them any discipline, and that they were a pair of trouble makers. Susan nodded and said she remembered their last visit.

"That's why I'm glad you're here Susan." Mom said. "If it's not imposing on you, I'd feel a lot better if Carrie could stay with you while they're here."

Susan and I looked at each other, then at Mom. "Well, um, sure. When are they coming up here?" Susan asked. I felt almost giddy. A long summer weekend with Susan, and no parental worries. Besides, I envied Susan's nice apartment.

"That's the rub." Mom said. "They're coming up this weekend. Not much notice I'm afraid." Not much was right. Three days to be exact.

"Oh, that's fine." Susan said. "I'm free this weekend, more or less, and Carrie can get a taste of apartment life too." Susan ran her foot up my leg under the table, and I knew what she was thinking.

"Oh, thank you Susan." Mom said. "That'll take a lot of worry off my mind."

"But what about you and Karl?" Susan asked.

"Oh, Karl can still handle those two alright." Mom said with a smile. I was pretty sure he could too. Karl's divorce was because his wife hated his job -- being a Marine. I didn't mind, because Karl always talked to me as an adult, and explained things. He bent over backwards to make sure I was getting fair treatment (he had a harsh step-father when he was young and he didn't want to be that way). I loved him almost as much as my late father. Karl could handle his rebellious kids alright. I remember when he found out about their "teasing" me (their words not mine). Karl told them, after a pretty raucous swatting, that if they tried it again, he'd ship them home immediately -- in baggies! I still laugh thinking about the looks on their faces. He was serious!

The next two days, Susan and I put together a suitcase and gathered up all of a girl's "necessities" to take to her place. Friday evening, we took it all over and went back to my house so I could pick up just one more thing. We just started opening the door when a car pulled into the drive with a pair of rowdy looking guys inside.

"Shit, damn, and double damn." Susan spat. We went in and told Mom and Karl that the boys had arrived, and worse, had seen us come into the house. I wanted to make a fast back-door exit.

"Stand fast." Karl said. "Let's see if they've learned anything."

Karl let them in, and they were polite enough. Up until they saw Susan and me. They both leered at us, and Mick kept undressing us with his eyes. I had the feeling that they were still the same assholes I remembered. Karl asked them how the trip went, and Rick talked about driving 80 mph most of the way. Mom went into the kitchen, and Karl excused himself for a moment and followed her.

"Well, you're still as pretty as I remember, eh Mick?" Rick said.

"Yep, pretty alright," Mick added.

"Thanks," I said coldly.

"I don't remember being introduced to your lovely friend, do you Mick?" Rick said, staring at Susan.

"Nope, I don't remember any introductions," Mick replied.

Susan batted her eyelashes, "Why, don't YOU remember me?"

Rick looked puzzled for a moment. "Susan?"

"The skinny one with the braces?" Mick said. "

"You've filled out, hasn't she Mick?" Rick said.

"Yup. Filled out alright Rick," Mick smiled.

"Why thank you," Susan said, just a little too politely.

"Yeah, we'll all have to, um, 'go out' while we're in town," Rick said.

"Go out and have some fun," Mick said.

"Gee." Susan began, "I don't think my boyfriend would like that, nor would Carrie's."

"Aww, now that's a pretty greedy attitude. Maybe we should straighten those dudes out. What say Mick?"

"Yeah, teach 'em the facts." Mick almost laughed.

Susan and I were getting kind of tired of Mick echoing his older brother all the time. It left us cold.

"And you never even gave us a hello kiss. Mighty rude for family."

"Mighty rude," Mick echoed.

Karl came back into the room, just in time. You could cut the tension with a knife. His imposing camouflage covered bulk hovered over the boys who were sprawled on the sofa.

"Didn't you girls have a date or something planned tonight?" He asked.

Susan and I nodded, taking from his lead.

"Well, it's getting pretty late, and I'm sure the boys don't want to keep you from your boyfriends," Karl said so smoothly.

Mom walked out with us to Susan's car. "Well, are they behaving or not?"

"Mom, those guys are real trouble," I said, and explained how our conversation went.

Mom looked grim. "Well, Karl heard most of it, and said he wouldn't trust them with a hot stove. Don't you girls worry. We'll kick them out of here in the morning." Either Susan or I must have looked dejected. "But you girls have fun for the weekend anyhow. Give me a call tomorrow morning and we'll play it by ear."

I felt happy again, and I was going to have three days of fun with Susan. We got into the car, and I kissed Mom goodbye.

"I hope," Mom said more to me than to Susan, "I hope both you girls think about protection. I'm sure neither of you are virgins anymore, and I don't mind, as long as you're smart about it." I smiled and winked at her, feeling truly "adult" in her eyes for the first time. "I don't even mind if you do wild things together, just be careful."

"Don't worry about a thing." Susan said. Mom stepped back and Susan drove us towards her apartment. "Do you think she knows?" She asked me, her eyes a wide.

"No. She might suspect, but I doubt it." I said. I thought for a few moments. "I think she's trying to let me know that SHE knows all about it, and she's not as dumb as I think."

Later that night, Andre called and I got a one-sided version of a romantic phone call. Susan hadn't told Andre about us. She did tell him that I was staying the weekend, and I guess he sounded disappointed. Susan got him to agree to come over on Saturday evening for dinner.

Saturday morning I woke up next to Susan, and kissed her neck. She mumbled and then hugged me. Then we took turns in the bathroom, and went back to bed. We got up and showered at noon, both of us feeling sexy, sweaty and very satisfied. Susan and I went out shopping, buying the ingredients for a good dinner. We spent the rest of the afternoon making lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and making passes at each other.

Andre arrived about five, with two bottles of red wine. Tall, dark and handsome were words that fit him well. About six foot, black hair, dark brown eyes, and a strong, noble face. He was well put together too.

We served dinner and sat down, talking about Greece and Italy, since he'd been there. Andre said the lasagna was very good (three helpings), and by the time dinner ended, we were all in a good, relaxed mood. I told Susan to take Andre to the living room while I cleaned up (it was the least I could do for interrupting her weekend). I took my time, and came out with a glass of wine and the second bottle, to find them cuddled up on the sofa, watching a "Cheers" rerun on TV. I refilled their glasses and sat down on the other end of the sofa. I noticed Andre's arm rested under Susan's breasts, and occasionally his fingers would caress their undersides.

During the change between shows, Andre asked Susan what we'd be doing the Sunday and Monday. She said shopping and goofing around. Andre looked at me, then at Susan.

"Um, Susan, where is she sleeping?" Andre asked quietly, but I heard it anyway.

Susan giggled a little and kissed him. "With me silly."

Andre looked a bewildered. I pretended to watch a commercial. Andre whispered something to Susan and she giggled again, and she was nodding when I looked over.

About an hour later, after Susan got her fix of Dallas, she suggested that we all go to bed -- together! I was caught a little off guard, but between the wine, Andre's good looks, and Susan's great tongue, I didn't object.

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