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A Bride Possessed by Daddy

A Bride Possessed

A story of a woman's secret lust, and her adventures in depravity

Rick would be a fine husband by any standard... gentle, supportive, devoted. I loved him, surely, but he did know the darkest side of me. Even as I sat in the ante room of the court house waiting for the Justice of the Peace to marry us, I found myself thinking of sex, not just with Rick, but with others. Although Rick believed I was proper and conservative, he did not know that for the last three years I had been on a sexual marathon with men, strangers, by an unknown count. I knew, and he did not, that no one man would ever satisfy me. Ever since I was about 13, I realized I had an unusual, consuming sexual appetite. Even as a young girl, I was constantly horny. I learned to masturbate at an early age, and tried to control my lust by exhausting my little clit with vibrators, my fingers, riding my bicycle, even going to school with a small dildo in my pussy. At sixteen, however, several of my dad's friends took me further into a forbidden world of uncontrolled lust than even I had ever dreamed.

It began as a campout with my dad and three of his buddies. I was a cute, budding young woman, and at sixteen filled a 34c cup nicely. My ass was rounded, but firm, and always attracted stares of men I passed in stores or on the street. I liked the attention, and I fantasized about being fucked to exhaustion by the men I teased. When my dad asked if I wanted to camp by the lake for the weekend, and if I minded being the only female with the guys, I secretly welcomed the opportunity to flaunt and flirt.

Dad and I arrived last at the campsite; his three buddies had arrived earlier and had already pitched their tents. I was dressed for the warm July weekend in thin clothes, and not much of them. I wore a loose tank top and track shorts, with the thinnest bra and panties I owned. I knew if one looked closely, the shadow of my dark pubic hair was just barely noticeable under my thin, loose shorts. My brown nipples hardened and looked like little jellybeans under my top, as I noticed the subtle looks from dad's friends. They were careful not to draw his attention, but I knew I had captured theirs.

Dad mentioned that he wanted to fish a while, and asked if I would set up our two tents. As he left, I immediately began teasing the three guys who stayed behind at the campsite. I bent away from them, knowing the loose, short hem of my shorts was pulled above the bottom edge of my skimpy panties. I bent toward them, knowing the loose tank top fell away from my breasts, revealing a glimpse of my dark nipples straining against my sheer bra. The men were less subtle in their staring, with my dad gone. In fact, they gathered around me as I worked, mentioning the heat, mumbling how pretty I looked, and even occasionally rubbing their crotch. The more turned on they became, the more turned on was I. By the time dad returned, the crotch of my panties and shorts were damp with my pussy's lubricating juices, and all three men had to turn away from his path to hide the bulges in their pants. I knew that they wanted desperately to fuck me after all the flashing and teasing I had displayed.

In the heat of the late afternoon, I announced I wanted to swim in the nearby stream. My dad said he felt like napping, and the other three men said they would just relax by the camp and have a few beers. In my tent, I stripped off my clothes and immediately began fingering my clit. I knew I would come in only seconds, but when I did, I was no less horny. Thank god I brought my little vibrator for later, I thought, else this would be an unbearably long weekend, indeed. I emerged from the tent in my bikini. I had removed the liner from the top and the bottom of the suit, knowing my nipples and the crack of my pussy would be visible, especially when the fabric was wet. The crotch of the suit was narrow, and a few dark strands of my pussy hair showed to either side. My dad had already dozed in his hammock; but the other three men were wide-awake, I knew, for I could feel their eyes burning through my suit.

As I swam, I relaxed a bit. The cool water seemed to calm my throbbing, aching body. Still, leaning back against the shore with the lower part of me in the water, my hand found it's way under by suit to gently caress my cunt. One finger slipped inside me, and the back of my thumb massaged my clitoris. Quickly, I found myself approaching another orgasm, and just then, I heard a rustling in the brush behind me. It must be one of the men, I thought to myself, but so near to coming I could not bring myself to stop my teasing of my pussy. Let him look, I resolved, hell, let them all look! I can't help the way I am, and I can't deny myself this pleasure. Lust had become my master; I could not control it.

That evening, each of us retired to our tents to sleep. Dad was a little drunk, and pretty much passed out as he lay down on his sleeping bag. I was hot, so I stripped to just my bra and panties. As I lay in the darkness, my hand found my vibrator, carefully packed among my things. As the tip of the plastic head found my clitoris, I nearly yelped. I came almost immediately, and set out to do it again and again. Just then, my tent flap opened and one of the men, the largest of the three, moved swiftly inside, his hand clamping over my mouth.

"Now, look Mary," he hissed, "You've been teasing us all day, and now, we're going to have a little party." As his other hand swept the length of my white thighs, he said, "Your dad is asleep, and you are NOT going to wake him, RIGHT?" Amazingly, I wasn't afraid, and I nodded my consent. As his hand came off my mouth his own mouth covered mine in a deep tongue kiss. I almost swooned with pleasure at the thought of this stranger tasting me, touching my pussy and breasts. If he had the intention of raping me, he quickly realized I was a most willing victim.

He pulled my bra up above my breasts, but did not unclasp it. He pulled my panties off my legs and pushed my thighs open wide. His tongue and rough whiskers traced up and down my body, sucking my half-inch nipples and sucking the outer, swollen lips of my pussy. My body was shaking with lust when he pulled down his shorts to reveal his cock. I had seen pictures of men's penises, before, in porno films at a girlfriend's sleepover. But, this cock was magnificent. It was at least seven inches long, hooded with a thick foreskin, and the head must have been the size of a small pear.

There was no further ceremony, as the man pulled back his foreskin and positioned his cock-head just inside my slit. "You really want this," he whispered, "It's obvious you do, so here it comes!" That said, he humped his hips forward and his cock slid into my cunt. I was so turned on that my pussy was nearly oozing lubricant that, when added to his made a slurping, sloshing sound as he humped up and down on top of me. I came once, twice and three times in only the first few minutes. My body stiffened each time, and I struggled not to cry out in pleasure. Much too soon, the sweating man on top of me lunged hard against my crotch, keeping his cock deep within me. He began to tremble and twitch, and I knew he was spurting and squirting his cum deep within my cunt. This was all so new to me, yet it seemed so familiar having fantasized for years about my first fuck. "Just lie still," said the man as he rolled aside and opened the tent flap. A shadowy figure crept into the tent with us, and I knew that I was to enjoy not just my first fuck, but my first gang bang!

The second man wasted no time in his pursuits. He rolled me to my side and positioned himself behind me, like two spoons in a drawer. He didn't bother undressing, but pulled his cock from his fly to thrust it beneath my hips, slipping and sliding it across the lips of my pussy. The other man, lying to my other side, began sucking my nipples and fondling my cunt. His hand would bump the other man's cock in a sort of competition to see who could make me cum. As my first lover practically choked me with his thick tongue, I felt the second man's cock wedge into my cum-filled pussy. With two men sucking and fucking me, I thought I would pass out with pleasure. Perhaps, I did, for I don't remember the two men leaving and the third entering the tent.

"My turn," whispered the third man. But, instead of lying next to me or on top of me, he pulled my head to his crotch. My face bumped his sticky cock in the moonlit tent, and I knew what he wanted. There was a musky smell about him, but I was anxious to try still another "first". Instinctively, my lips opened and I lowered my wet mouth down over his erect dick. I thought I was supposed to suck his cock, but the man hissed instructions. "Just keep your lips tight around it," he said. "I'm going to fuck your mouth like a wet pussy." And fuck my mouth he did, with my head bobbing up and down, and the head of his cock slopping against the back of my throat. "Oh, god, it's been too long," the third man said, and he shoved my head down hard wedging his cockhead into my throat. As he stiffened, I knew he must have been coming. I couldn't tell at first, but as he calmed and relaxed his grip on the back of my head, I could taste the salty, slickness of his gray cum.

"Now, you liked it, and you know it," he whispered at the flap of the tent. "If you ever breathe a word about this, we'll tell your dad it was all your idea," he threatened. If he only knew, he was more right than he thought. I had reached a new height... or depth of lust that I knew I would never regret. For the first time, I was sexually satisfied, at least for now. "Well, think about this," I whispered back, "I won't tell your wives OR my dad, if you promise to take me camping again and next time with even a few more friends!" The man was stunned for a moment, and then he smiled a knowing smile and vanished into the darkness.

The next morning, as we prepared to return home, my dad must have noticed the odd silence from the three men and myself. As we drove back to the city, dad asked if I had enjoyed the campout. "Oh, yes!" I said. "I can't wait until the next time!" As it was, I didn't have to wait long. One or all of dad's three friends would pick me up after school, or meet me at the mall or a movie theater. They would fuck me or have me suck their cocks in their cars, parks, or darkened theaters. Many times over the next few years, they and others, one at a time or in groups, satiated my teenaged lust in all ways imagined. Even as I became engaged, they would meet me secretly to fuck my pussy and mouth and fill me with their cum. What excited me most was the fact that I had done it all without my dad's or Rick's knowledge. I had "cheated", in a way, and it was the danger of "cheating" that I realized was driving my own lust. My own insatiable need for sex, plus the heady excitement of doing something forbidden without being caught destroyed almost all my self-control. As I knew as I waited to be married, my need for forbidden lust had shaped my life, and would, even after I was married. I had long since stopped worrying that something might be the matter with me. My body needed sex, forbidden, secret sex, and I would not try to change. But, I had to keep it a secret from Rick. He must never know the forbidden adventures I hoped to have as his new wife after all, that is what made it so exciting!

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