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Breakfast by Kunning Linguist


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Another Saturday here already, and you know how much I enjoy the yard work. I wake, as usual now that my internal clock is set to that damn day job, early and just watch you sleeping. You know how much this excites me. One day you know we are going to get busted sleeping like this, but like we have tried to tell the girls, there is nothing wrong with nudity. I watch the rise and fall of your chest for a while. I whisper to you how beautiful you are to me, and you smile. Is that your dream, or do you hear me? You must hear me, you try very hard to snuggle closer to me. I slip out of bed, and quietly dress. I am still amazed at how soundly you sleep. I go into the kitchen; Annie is already in the living room, watching a movie or some cartoons. I start breakfast, the bacon in one pan, the potatoes in another; the eggs will be last. Breakfast is done, I feed the girls, and I take yours to you. As I open the door, you finally start to stir. You mumble something incoherent as you wake... It is always cute to see you start the day. I lock the door on my way in, and you ask me if I made something for you. You know I did, and look on your nightstand as you roll over. There it is, just like you knew it would be, your breakfast tray, adorned with one white rose, cut fresh just this morning, the dew till within the petals. The covers slip as you are reaching for it exposing your left breast. I, the quick opportunist that I am, quickly intercede, and lick the nipple. You push your breast at me, but I pull away ever so much. Stop it, I want it your movements tell me, I just smile. "Hurry up, it's going to get cold." I say as I turn to go. Persistent, you grab my arm. Knowing I could pull away, yet positive the stay would be better, I let you pull me back to the bed.

You, again, push your breast at me. I look quizzically at you. You are getting more insistent, I can tell you need it. Does it throb when I tease you? I slowly take the nipple in my mouth. You sigh. This is what you want to feel the heat of my mouth on you. You push into me, while I gently rub our other nipple between my fingers... My other hand traces big circles down your side as it dips deeper and deeper under the covers. I flick your nipple with my tongue, and suck and nip at it until you grab me by the head and push me closer. It is at this time that I pull away. You start pouting. You are so cute when you pout. Do you ever get your way like this? Okay, maybe this time. I move to the other nipple now, and start over here. I take you to the point again where you start to look for my hand with yours. You grab my hand and push it between your legs. I barely touch the edge of your lips, slowly tracing around the outside of your fiery sex. You try to move so that my hand touches harder, you squirm around trying hard to get me to stop teasing. You now how much it excites me to see you need it. To know I can make you want it. I know how easy it is to bring you to this state, and you know I will always bring you back down... eventually. I finally stop teasing, and plunge my fingers deep into the wetness of your pussy. You sigh, and moan, and start to writhe against my hand. I warn you to be nice, or I'll take it away, you tell me you can't help it. I run my fingers all over, concentrating on that spot, just inside against the front wall of your pussy that is so sensitive when you are aroused. You put your hand over mine, pushing hard into it, I know you are close, I ask what you want. You moan in answer, and push harder into me. I know you are almost there, and put my other hand just above the hairline, where the combination of the opposing forces of my pushing will drive you crazy. You start bucking, and I know you are there. The wave of pleasure rips through you, and you feel the sudden rush of your climax. Is it the last, will you be able to ride it out, is it just one of many. A lot depends on what I do. Do I replace my hands with the burning fire of my cock? Do you need to feel me pounding deep inside you? Please you say give me what I want.

I push you down, quickly taking position, ready to push the hardness of my cock deep inside you. Yet even here, with you still on the edge I hesitate, teasing you with my dick, slowly tracing lines around the outside of your lips, sometimes straight up and down the center, yet not quite deep enough to penetrate. You start to buck into me, trying desperately to get me inside you. "You want me?" I ask, and in answer, you grab my hips, and force yourself up onto my cock. One stroke and you've buried me all the way. You sigh; finally you feel the fullness you so desperately needed. I move, getting into the position you and I know is going to give you the ride you need, up on my knees, feet doubled under. I sit up, grab your hips, and withdraw. Almost, yet not quite all the way out, you feel the swollen ridge of my cock as it passes from the inner lips. I pause, you feel the emptiness of my withdrawal, and the pause is an eternity. Just before you are about to raise your hips again, I drive my cock deep. Slowly at first, I continue this. You feel the waves of your orgasm building again. Faster now, I start really getting into the rhythm, slow withdrawal, pause, hard, and fast plunge to the hilt. You feel the bones of my hips against the cheeks of your ass every time I pound deep into you. You see that I am building towards my climax, and start to rock your hips into me as I start to move faster. No pause now, just hard, fast pounding, deeper and deeper I try to bury my cock. I take one final thrust all the way into you. You know it's time, and rock harder. I grunt, and you feel the hot surge of my cum as it shoots deep into your pussy. This initial surge is enough to send you over again, and you join me in this ecstasy. I collapse onto you, kissing and nipping at your neck and ears. Slowly, we come down, I get soft, and the strong muscles of your pelvic floor push me out. You indicate by the noise you just made how much you don't like this to end, and I slowly take the kisses and nips I have been placing on you neck lower. Now on the collarbone, I use my strong tongue to lick the length of it. Lower still, to the tops of your breasts, across them both. You try to raise them to my mouth yet I dodge, and now across the underside. I linger here, getting ever so close to your sensitive nipples, yet still not quite there. I continue lower, still not having touched your nipples. You take matters into your own hands (literally) and I pause to watch. "Ummm," I mumble. You know how much I like to watch that. I continue to move down your body with my mouth, now to your belly button. I snake my tongue out, lightly flicking around it, this sensation is wonderful, you gently push down on my head, I over reach, and now I am at your toes. I take one in my mouth, slowly sucking. I pretend it is a little cock, and start sucking it in and out of my mouth. You comment again how I could have made some man very happy with my mouth. You know it is reserved for you. After sucking and licking all your toes, I move to the ankle, then to the instep, then to the top, planting kisses and licking it the whole way (the taste of the massage lotion still lingers on the skin) . Up the outside of your calf, around the knee, down the inside. At the ankle, I head back up the inside, past the knee again; I switch to the outside again, up your thighs, to the hip. Now the other leg. Same thing, driving you crazy. At the hip this time, I move closer to the center, my long strong tongue darting out, teasing across the top just above your clit. You arch you back, and thrust you hips, but I know your moves, and am able to stay just where I want to be. I reposition, and now am lying between your legs, your heels in my back, my face directly in line with your pussy. Oh how I love this part. I slowly start to lick up the right side. You moan. Now across the top, around, under and circle your clit. The lightest of touches, and down the left side. As my tongue gets almost to the rosebud of your ass, you feel me start back up. I tease and play until you start bucking wildly, trying desperately to get my tongue in you, and my mouth over your clit. Finally I oblige.

I place my mouth over the top of your pussy, completely covering your clit, my mouth is still somewhat open, and you feel the tip of my tongue tickling the bottom of the opening. I start to plunge my tongue in, and on the outstroke, I gently suck. You squirm. I plunge, and suck. Deeper this time. I plunge twice, and then suck. Three, four times, and then suck. You quickly get into the rhythm. You feel my thumb on the opening of your ass; the juices of our previous coupling have made it extremely slick. I start tracing lazy circles around it, still plunging, and sucking. The combined sensation is quickly driving you crazy. You feel the building of yet another orgasm. You tell me to stop. I pause. You tell me not to stop, I continue. You grab me by the back of the head with your right hand, and you pull on your nipples with you left, you buck and rock against me, and still I continue. Finally, after what seems a very long time, you can contain the rising storm no longer. You allow the release, and I cover you completely with my mouth, my tongue licking deeper still. The rush of juice is almost too much for me, yet somehow I manage to contain it to just a little leakage, something quickly used by the thumb still rubbing your ass. You buck and jump, yet I manage to stay with you. At the end, you collapse, utterly exhausted. I raise my head and smile. "Good morning madam, your breakfast is now cold."

"Who cares?" is your response, as you throw the pillow at me. I duck out, laughing towards the yard, you start to plot, knowing how hot and sweaty I usually get after a day out working in the Garden and Yard...

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