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A Brand New Year by Headfilter

A Brand New Year

Our New Year's Eve party was a great success... I think. Everybody had gotten drunk and completely destroyed my house, but those are the kinds of things you do at a party.

My wife and I had invited about 30 people over to help us ring in the new year. All of our friends had come. We drank and played games and danced all night long. It was great. My wife had been the life of the party, for more reasons than her sparkling conversation. Angela is 5 feet even with a bit of a stocky build, mainly due to her 38DD breasts. She has a light brown complexion and long black hair which gives her just a hint of a hispanic look, and at the ripe old age of 28, she is a sight to behold... All the men's eyes were fixed on her chest all night. She had gotten very drunk, and a bit lax in her hosting etiquette. She sat in most of the guys' laps and was oblivious to the cheap feels they were getting. Several of them had told me how "fuckin hot" my wife was. It bothered me to an extent, but it was also kind of a turn-on in a way. She clumsily staggered around as her enormous tits bounced around in front of about 20 pair of horny eyes.

Finally, the midnight hour had come and with it, the new year. Everybody was pretty sloshed by then and the crowd began to thin out directly afterwards. By 3 A.M., it was just me and Angela. She said she was tired and she would clean up the mess tomorrow. That was fine by me, I was pretty hammered myself and I told her I would be to bed after I had a cigarette.

I sat down on the couch and lit a cigarette. I know now that I fell asleep sitting up before I had my first drag. I was awoken by a disturbance, nothing real loud, but more like a sound that was out of place. I managed to open one eye, and I saw Dan. Dan works with my wife. Angela is the manager of a restaurant. Dan works there as a dishwasher. He is only about 19, but he is very tall and muscular, which makes him look about 25. I thought he had left, but there he was. He had knocked some plastic cups off of our table and was picking them up. He looked over at me, but I shut my eyes before he saw that I was awake. This obviously convinced him that I was still in the world of drunken dreams, because he then made his way down the hallway towards my bedroom. As you could imagine, this caught my interest.

I got up and snuck down the hallway towards my room where my wife was sleeping. The door was closed, but the light was on, so I cracked it open just enough so that I could see in. I couldn't believe what I saw. Angela had passed out in her clothes. Dan was on the bed with her and he had her blouse completely unbuttoned. My wife was still dead asleep. Her huge tits were concealed by her bra. Dan pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket and placed it under the thin fabric. With one quick motion he cut the restraint in the front and the bra snapped, giving in from the pressure Angela's enormous breasts had placed on it. Still asleep, her tits were exposed and her large nipple were erect. Dan took a breast in each of his hands and began to squeeze them lightly. He lowered his mouth and took one of her nipples in his mouth. I know from experience that her nipples alone are just about a mouthful. I was appalled that another man was finding this out, especially under these circumstances. He sucked each nipple and explored each breast entirely with his tongue. I was stunned. I had thoughts about barging in, grabbing him by his balls, and dragging him out to the street where I could tears off body parts until I felt redeemed. But that was also the moment I realized my cock was rock hard, and I had been stroking it through my pants the entire time I was watching this. "What the fuck is wrong with me?", I asked myself. I couldn't come up with and answer, and all I knew was I couldn't turn away from this, so I put my eye back in the crack of the door, pulled my hard cock out and continued to stroke.

Dan got off of the bed and began to undress. He had muscular arms and a broad, powerful chest. He took his pants and underwear off and I saw the biggest dick I had ever seen. It had to have been 10 inches long, and hard as a rock. He climbed back onto the bed and pulled Angela's black pumps off. He then moved up and unbuttoned her slacks. He grabbed the top of her slacks and panties, and pulled both off in a somewhat labored motion. My wife's hairless pussy was now exposed and he put his hand between her legs to spread them apart. He positioned himself on top of her and I could see his enormous cock slide in. At first he just got the head in, but with a couple of slow steady strokes, he slid his dick in, inch by inch. She never even moved. She just lay there in her alcohol induced slumber, without a clue that Dan's giant cock had just invaded her. Dan found his rhythm quite quickly and began to steadily fuck my wife with deep strokes. I could see his dick slide all the way in and then he would pull back a good 7 inches and slam it back in. He braced himself with one hand and he squeezed her tits with the other. He pumped her for what seemed like hours. I could see my wife's beautiful pussy being stretched around his throbbing dick, while she slept.

Dan's stroked began to slow and his back arched as he let out a loud moan. He grabbed my wife's tits with both hands as his body shuddered. He came deep in my wife's fertile womb. His body was tensed and then he relaxed. He pumped his cock into her with 3 more deep strokes to make sure his balls were good and drained, and he rolled over to the side of Angela on the bed. He laid there for several minutes as his hard cock softened. I was waiting to see if he would do it again, but he rolled of the bed and quickly began to put his clothes back on. I snuck back down the hallway to the couch and resumed my misshapen pose of sitting on the couch with my head cocked to one side and a burned out Marlboro in my hand. I closed my eyes and in less than a minute, I heard Dan quickly walk through the living room, let himself out and drive away.

I got up and walked back down the hallway to my bedroom. Angela was still laying on her back completely naked. Her legs were spread and cum was running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I couldn't just leave things this way. It would ruin her life if she knew she was raped in her sleep. And I'm pretty sure she would kill me if she knew I had just sat there and watched. There was only one way to cover this up. I quickly undressed and crawled on top of my wife. I slid my 6 inch cock into her cum-filled pussy. It was incredible. Her pussy was so hot and my cock just slipped in with Dan's lubrication. I could feel his cum running out of her and onto my balls. I shook Angela and she stirred a bit. I kissed her slipped my tongue in her mouth. She opened her eyes and said "Oh baby, fuck me" and I did. She wrapped her legs around me as a pounded her pussy for all I was worth. It didn't take me long to cum. I tightened up and shot my load in my wife to mix with Dan's. It was incredible. I rolled over beside her and fell asleep feeling mine and Dan's cum, as well as the sweet juice from Angela's pussy, drying on my cock.

The next afternoon, when I finally woke up, Angela had made me breakfast. She said "Hello sleepy head. You were incredible last night." We had sex again before I even got out of bed. A month later we found out she was pregnant. We had been unable to conceive and the doctor had said it had to do with a problem with my semen. He said it was a miracle that I had gotten her pregnant.

Well... miracles do happen.

Well boys and girls, I said it before and I'll say it again. I am a sick little puppy. I constantly fantasize about other men fucking my wife. It goes beyond fantasy, It's an all consuming obsession. I want to see my wife fucked, raped, and abused. I got a lot of e-mail from my last story Immoral Proposal so I hope everybody gets off on this story too. If you're sick like me, or if you have a cure for me, please e-mail me at

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