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Boy Scout Camp Out by

Boy Scout Camp Out

I hope you will bear with me as I think back of day long gone. This is a story of a young boy who finally came to terms of his sexual preference. It took him a long time to really come to grips with the fact that he is gay. Not that he will ever admit that in public mind you. But in the anonymous world of the Internet he can be just about anything he wants to without anyone ever finding out.... He hopes! He lives in a small Nebraska town and people like him are not looked upon with much favor.

He always thought he was something odd. He never liked girls.... well he likes 'em so much he wanted to be one. Just what were his parents to do? They were always catching him with his mother's underwear on. And after catching him wearing Kotex in his underwear the started him on a long road to psychiatric "help." Since he was always a loaner and never had many friends, the doctor suggested that he join the Boy Scouts. This was about the age of 10-11. That way he could be with other boys and doing "boy things" he just might be "saved". Boy were they wrong!

Well the first few years were fun with all of the meetings and campouts and various community projects the troop was to help out with. He was even starting to come out of his shell.

He really liked going on camp outs. He got rather good at it also. They would spend several weekends every summer camping out at the local lake just outside of town. In case you haven't figured it out yet... I was that boy. My sexual experience started at the weekly troop meetings when I would dare the boys to show me their penises. I could always find a way to get them to drop their pants. Usually it was the pissing contest we would have out back of the church that we met in. I really just wanted to see their dicks. I would never try to touch them though. I knew I would get caught and that would be the end of my scouting.

As we all grew up we started knowing about girls and just what the penis was used for other than peeing. Then we started seeing who had the biggest erections. That really got me excited. I could never wait to get home to masturbate.

Finally we started to get into summer and school getting out so we could start going to the lake and camping and swimming. I was about 13 now. My best buddy was Jason. We were both making the change of puberty. With a constant hard-on.

On the campout that would change my life forever was towards the end of August. On the last trip of the month we had to have an older boy, by the name of Brian, who was 15, bunk with us in the tent. I wasn't too keen on the idea but the scoutmaster said we didn't have any choice in the matter. So we made the best of it. Every night we would play poker. On the second night Brian made the suggestion that we play for higher stakes. Strip poker! My jaw almost hit the floor....My dreams come true! Only the loser had to put the winner's penis in their mouths. Jason wasn't to impressed about the idea but reluctantly agreed. Now I can thank my grandmother for being a card shark. I knew a few tricks of winning with out being caught. Only problem I didn't use 'em to win. I used 'em to loose.

The game went along rather slowly. Jason had snuck a 6-pack of beer in from his house and I had snuck in a pack of smokes from my dad. So we played cards drank and smoked. Good 'ole boys stuff. Of course one beer could almost do in Jason and I. Brian had the other four. So we were all not feeling much pain. As the night progressed the inevitable happened. I lost to Brain. I was already naked he still had on his pants and underwear. So he hollered, "You know the price for loosing, open wide!"

We were all ready hard from the tension. He pulled off his pants and opened up the flap in his underwear. His penis was about 6 inches long and hard as a rock. I almost puked from all the excitement in the tent. But I finally got to taste my first prick! I was in love. He just stuck it in my mouth and then pulled it out. Damn! Calling me his little queer. Time for the next hand.

Jason won that one. He was only in his underwear. So he leaned back on the cot and pulled his underpants down to his ankles. He didn't have as big a penis as Brain but it was just as hard. I slowly took it into my mouth and savored the taste. This time I got my hand on it and started fondling his balls. I licked off the small dab of pre-cum that was on the top with my tongue making a little glistening arc from tip of his dick to my tongue and pulled back till it snapped. I started going down on him while fondling his balls. Brian seeing the look on Jason's face knew that this was something he wanted to get in on also. So he grabbed my head and twisted me around so I was facing him.

He still had on his underwear so I pulled them down to his ankles and he stepped out of them. I grabbed hold of the base of his dick and squeezed. I thought Brain was going to come right then. I started sucking on his dick and stroking the base at the same time. I kept going up and down on it till he started moaning. I grasped his balls with my other hand and it wasn't long before his legs started shaking and before I knew it he groaned and I was getting my first taste of someone else's cum. All this time Jason was still on the cot stroking his dick. He came all over the cot while I was still sucking all the cum out of Brian. After I got done with Brain I went over to Jason and licked off the cum that was still on his dick and hand. I could have died and gone to heaven after that. My life was complete. Little did I know!

We all went home the next day. Then came the Labor Day Campout. And I was prepared like a good little scout. I brought along a jar of Vaseline cause come hell or high water I was going to get fucked in the ass this weekend! I just had to convince someone to do the fucking. My prayers were answered when I saw both Jason and Brian show up in the parking lot to get ready to leave.

That very night we made the gestures of playing card again, but I knew what they really wanted. Damn it so did I. After I conveniently lost the game we got down to what every one wanted. Me sucking their dicks. I started on Brian; he lay there on the cot while I gave him a blowjob. I sure didn't take long to have him coming. After I sucked him of everything he had to offer that time I moved my attention to Jason who was already hard. I started sucking on him for a minute and then I suggested we try something different. I told him I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. Thank god he said yes!

I got the jar of Vaseline out of my backpack and got a gob on my finger and stuck it up inside my ass. Then I got another dab and started smearing it on to his penis. Stroking him all along. Not that their was much chance of him going soft on me. I got down on all fours between the cots and Jason kneeled down behind me. I asked him to go slow at first because I had never had anything other than my fingers in my hole before. Brian got off of the cot and knelt down beside me and grabbed both of my ass cheeks and spread them apart so as to give Jason a better shot at my asshole. As I felt him place the head of his dick on my puckering hole I moaned. Gods my dream was coming true, I am going to get fucked! As he started to go in I felt a little pain but nothing that unusual. Since I finger fuck myself every so often.

Brain said, "Go ahead and fuck this faggot," then Jason started to shove.

I stuck my head down to the floor and let him give me all he could... It was in! My god I am in love! Jason just knelt there for a minute. I assume he was enjoying this as much as I was. Then he started to move his hips... slowly at first. Then he started to pick up the tempo. He didn't fuck me for long, only a minute or so, and then he started to grab my hips and grunted with deep long strokes. He rammed home one last time and stopped. He was giving me his gift of cum. He started shaking all over making me come with out any help from anyone. While he shot his load in my ass I shot mine all over the sleeping bag we were kneeling on.

Brian was going to get on this as well. He knelt in front of me again and pulled my head up to his crotch. He was hard again and wanted me to help get rid of the problem. After I sucked on him for a minute he grabbed the jar of Vaseline and started greasing up his prick. He crawled around behind me and knelt behind my still quivering ass. The he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread 'em to give him an easier target. He placed his dick head on my asshole and shoved. A little faster than I cared for but he was in and already buried to the hilt. He started pumping with every fiber of his body. Faster and faster. After what I thought was a lifetime he started to slow down but increasing his powerful thrusts in my ass. After about the fifth power thrust he pulled out and came all over my back.

I collapsed on the floor of the tent from exhaustion. Jason was lying on the cot and Brian was just sitting on the floor behind me. After ten or so minutes without anyone saying anything, Jason suggested we all go skinny-dipping. After we came back from swimming we collapsed and slept the sleep of the dead till noon the next day.

Later that evening, after supper Brain and I were walking along a trail and he pulled me to the side of the trail behind the bushes. Where he immediately pulled down his pants and said, "Here faggot, here is desert for you."

I immediately dropped to my knees and started sucking. After he came, we headed back to the camp and went to bed. The next day Brian wasn't feeling too well. It seems that the bushes we went behind had a well established patch of poison ivy growing in it he was itching like crazy from the knees down so the scout master had to call his family to come and get him. Of all the luck! I lost my sex master.

After a few hours Brian's big brother came out to the lake to get him. I guess Brian and his brother, Mick, has been talking, about me. As Brian and Mick came to the tent to get Brian's things to go home. Mick looked at me and said to his brother, "Is this the fag you were telling me about?"

I could have turned a dozen shades of red. I had hoped our little games would be kept a secret.

Mick looked at me and said, "Hey faggot you want a real piece of meat to suck on?"

I just looked up and grinned. Mick unzipped his pants and pulled out the biggest dick I have ever seen till and since then. It had to be a good 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, and it was the first uncut penis I had seen. And it wasn't hard yet. I almost came right there. I just stared at it for a few minutes just to take in such a beautiful sight. Just as I reached out to touch it, it jumped as I touched it. I jumped back. I reached out to grab it again and I got a hold of it. It was still soft but growing every second. I just kept hold of it admiring the weight of it. I finally got the nerve to do something. As pulled back the foreskin and saw that is was still a normal penis. I placed a kiss right on the end of the head. It really started to swell then. And swell, and swell. I never thought it would quit. This thing was at least 10 inched long. And as big around as my wrist. I thought I would never get it into my mouth. I did. I couldn't get it very far into my mouth without choking but I sure gave it a good try. I sucked on his dick for all I was worth. And what seemed like forever Mick started to grasp my head and moving it back and forth ever quicker and quicker. I knew I was about to get my reward. And I wasn't wrong. Mick groaned and thrust his crotch into my face and I almost gagged. He kept coming and coming. I knew I was going to drown in all the cum. I just kept swallowing and swallowing. I got most of it but some dribbled down my cheeks that leaked out the sides of my cheeks. As Mick pulled out his cock I licked it clean especially around the foreskin. As Mick put his colossal dick back into his pants and zipped up he told me I wasn't that bad. And who know with a little practice I might even be great. He grabbed up Brain's stuff and headed out the tent flap. That was the last I ever saw of either Brian or his brother. Jason moved to another state at the beginning of school. I quit scouts later that year. All my old friends were gone so I wasn't enjoying myself. It is hard to break in a new sex master.

I tried to make new friends in school but got the shit beat out of me so I went into a really deep closet and have never came out. So if you ever find yourself in Western Nebraska and need a good cock washing. And you are into fat guys, look me up.

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