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Bound to Happen by Del Edwards

Bound to Happen

Copyright 2000 Del Edwards (a nom de plume)

It had become a regular thing for BeAnn to call and ask if she could stop by for coffee or in the summer something cold to drink. Often she was on her cell phone and had some time to kill between appointments. She was never very far away, calling only when she was within a few miles of his place. They had known each other for seven years and their relationship was a rich and mutually rewarding one. They related to each other as individuals talking about music, movies, vacations as well as their fears, frustrations and fantasies.

Early in the relationship they agreed that there was a reciprocal attraction between them. Over the years that had expanded to become a spiritual and emotional coupling that was unique in their lives. Both were secretly amazed and pleased that they could honestly discuss their fantasies about being sexual with the other though they had never even kissed.

And both believed the other sometimes teased a bit too richly in describing the length and breadth of their sexuality with their respective partners. Both tolerated it simply because challenging the other person would be bad manners and anyway, there was no way to disprove the other's contention.

One Tuesday morning while they were sitting in their usual spot at his dinning table, BeAnn brought up the subject of bondage. She commented she knew little but was fascinated when he had mentioned it a few times over the years. He knew there was a sea change in the conversation when she addressed him by name. "Greg, I'd like to see the stuff," she said as her breath rushed out of her. There was a tiny smile at the corners of her mouth.

"The cuffs and chains? Sure, you thinkin' about getting into it?" he asked with a smile.

"Maybe I don't even believe you have the stuff, much less use it," she responded.

"C'mon," he said in a mock growl.

She followed him to the bedroom. She had never been there before. He got down on his hands and knees and reached under the bed. The chrome-plated chain jingled when he flopped it and a black leather cuff onto the bed. When he glanced up at her she was straight-faced. He crawled to the head of the bed and produced another chain and cuff. This one was attached to the headboard corner post with a leather strap and a French snap.

"Eeeeew, talk about fantasy fodder," she intoned as he stood up.

"Fantasy for you, reality for me," he said.

"No, I meant now that I know you really have the stuff I can make some fantasies about us," she grinned.

"Oh," he said and then added, "Would you like to experience the reality, try it on?" he asked, unable to suppress his own grin. She looked hard into his eyes for several seconds. Then her mouth moved but no sound came out.

He stopped laughing when she said, "Ahhh, yes but with my clothes on... just so I can get the feel of it."

"Sure," he said with a shrug.

"Okay, who does what?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" he replied.

"I know you'll tie me down but how does it begin?" she asked.

"Oh," he said as he detached the black leather ankle cuff from the chain. "You put on the cuffs. That signifies your willingness to be in bondage." He handed her the four-inch wide cuff. An amused smile came across his face as she sat on the bed and installed the ankle cuff. While she was struggling to attach the cuff chained to the head of the bed to her right wrist, he went around to the other side of the bed and obtained the other two cuffs.

With all four cuffs in place she slapped her thigh with her left hand, the right one being tethered to the bedpost. The motion caused the chain between her right wrist and the head of the bed to tinkle. She glanced at it and then up at him, the corners of her mouth turned down with uneasiness. "Now what?" she asked.

"Center yourself on the bed and extend your left hand toward the other post," he said nodding at the far end of the headboard. She slowly moved onto the bed and extended her left arm toward the headboard corner post. She was still sitting up. When he arrived at the far corner post he found her looking up at him. "Lie back," he whispered to her. There was a nervous grin on her face as she eased back until her head rested on the bed. He used a double barrel snap to attach her left wrist cuff to the fourth link of chain from where it was secured to the headboard. Standing at the foot of the bed he clicked a double barrel snap onto each of the rings sewn to the ankle cuffs. "Scoot down toward me," he croaked and then cleared his throat. "More, as far as you can come," he said.

Her movement caused more of her nylon-encased legs to appear from under the hem of her skirt as she wiggled toward him. She was wearing a very nice outfit. The long vest that reached to her hips and her three-quarter-length skirt matched. Both were satin-lined in a shade of gray that matched the thready broadcloth. It appeared to have just a tinge of a tan cast compared to the fine satin that was so shiny it appeared lighter in color. He had already cataloged her thin white silk blouse with the lacy white bra under it. The woman knows how to dress, he thought to himself.

When he glanced at her face he saw she was blushing. It was most apparent at her throat where it wasn't hidden by makeup but he could see the redness in her ears too. He moved his eyes to her chest to check her breathing. After about ten seconds he saw her chest move.

"You're blushing and barely breathing. You okay?" he asked.

She swallowed hard looking at the ceiling and nodded rapidly several times.

"I was thinking about you spreading my legs and tying them like that," she confessed in a very small voice.

It was his turn to mark a turning point of the direction of their interaction by addressing her by name.

"Bea, I'm not going to spread your legs, you are. THEN I'll chain them in place," he told her.

"But I'm already your prisoner," she protested. "You could easily force me to!"

"That's what you don't understand about bondage. You must be a willing captive. Nothing in loving bondage is against the will of the down," he told her.

"I am the 'down'?" she asked the ceiling.

"Yes, you are," he said flatly, "Spread your legs."

He was sure she held her breath as her legs slowly opened until her feet were near the corners of the bed. Even though her skirt was cut quite full, the hem rose above her knees. He tied her out wide with the two double barrel snaps. He found himself amused by the sight of this soulmate bound spread eagle on his bed fully clothed and still wearing her shoes. He wondered if she would protest if he removed her shoes. Would that be crossing the line? Yeah, probably, he thought to himself and decided to pursue a different course.

After moving to the side of the bed he sat on the edge by her left hip. He touched her thigh just above her knee. The slick, taught stocking felt hard under his hand. "You have great legs," he breathed to her as he withdrew his hand.

"Go ahead and look if you want. Pull up my dress. I can't stop you," she offered.

"You're serious?" he asked.

"Yes, I trust you to just look," she replied.

Experimentally he again placed his fingers just above her knee and slid his hand toward her hip, pushing the hem of her dress to mid-thigh.

"More if you'd like," she said, her eyes drilling holes in the ceiling. "You want to don't you?" she asked. "Push it all the way up to my waist."

He used just his left hand to sensuously sweep the front of her skirt to her waist. His hand slowly slid off her stockinged thigh and encountered her warm, soft thigh on either side of a tight, hard garter belt strap. Soon after that his fingers again encountered taught cloth as it skipped across the string of her bikini panties and came to rest on her bare mound below the heaving band of white, lacy garter belt.

She was breathing hard when she observed, "Jeez, I feel so helpless and vulnerable."

Her white panty over the petals of her sex flower was translucent with wetness.

"I think I better let you loose so we can go back and finish our coffee," he breathed.

He released her from the chains and helped her free herself from the heavy black leather cuffs.

Back at the table over coffee she locked her eyes onto his and said, "We're at a new place, aren't we?"

He nodded solemnly.

"You could have ripped my panties off and taken me, huh?"

Her words were more of a suggestion than a question.

He nodded again.

"Did you want to?" she asked very quietly.

Again he nodded and asked, "Did you want me to?"

BeAnn closed her eyes and let out a long sigh. Her mouth quivered when she whispered, "Yes, I did."

Her eyes flew open and she quickly gathered her things, left her coffee unfinished and moved to his front door. She said nothing as she closed the door behind her and walked rapidly to her car parked in his driveway. When she heard his door open she whirled to face him. Encumbered by her purse, cell phone and sunglasses she showed him the palms of her hands in that universally understood gesture of 'stay away from me.'

He sagged a little inside as he obeyed her behest.

It was more than a week before she called. He often wondered during that time if he would ever hear from her again. He had gone over the incident in his mind a hundred times, re-experiencing his excitement and desire as well as the beauty of her firm, vulnerable body as she lay helpless before him. He examined his behavior looking for anything that might have repulsed or insulted her but could find nothing. When he considered the fear and guilt she might be feeling he knew he had found the answer.

There was a tremor in her voice when she said, "I want to do you."

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"Chain you down just as you did me. I want to know the other side. It was exciting and I was very afraid because I was helpless and completely at your mercy. I want to experience how you felt. I could sense it was intense for you too," she said.

"And I thought I was doing a pretty good job of hiding it," he laughed nervously.

"I WANT to!" she said emphatically.

"Okay, okay, take it easy," he grinned as he swung his knees from under the dining table and stood up. Her chest was tight as she followed him toward the bedroom. She stood watching while he installed the four cuffs on himself. Then he spread-eagled himself on the bed and asked, "What are you feeling?"

"Ooooh, excitement," she breathed.

"Anything else?" he asked.

"Nothing that I'll admit to," she replied through quivering lips. She secured his right side first and then went to the other side of the bed and finished chaining him down. Her breath was coming in uneven gasps by the time she finished. She stepped back to survey her handiwork. "Are you going to invite me to look the way I did you," she huffed.

"That would be fair," he agreed. There was a mischievous smile on her face as she settled onto the bed and unbuckled his belt. After struggling a bit with the waistband button of his trousers she managed to open it.

"This is sooo wicked," she breathed as she unzipped his fly and then tugged the waistband of his pants half way down his hips. She gazed at his concealed manhood. "I've wondered more than once. Now I know," she grinned as she plucked the string of his burgundy briefs. She was breathing heavily and he saw her tongue dart out and wet her lips. Then her mouth puckered into a tight little pout. Reaching out with both hands she grasp the strings of the low cut briefs. Pulling them down slowly but forcefully she looped the front panel behind his genitals.

"Ooooh, my, how nice. Can I have that," she purred as she pointed at his crotch.

"Hey, no fair, I was a gentleman with you," he protested.

BeAnn had regained her composure.

"Well, I'm not a lady today, just a wanton, horny bitch who has a man totally at her mercy," she growled as she began to unbutton her tan broadcloth blouse.

Once it was fully open she stood and removed it. Then she did a slow half turn and faced away from him as she unzipped the tailored Harris tweed skirt. A quick half turn like a model would do at the end of a runway brought her back to face him. She undid the single button and pushed the skirt down her hips until it fluttered to the floor. The milk chocolate elastic tops of her thigh high stockings were twice as dark as the stockings that encased her perfectly sculpted legs.

With measured evenness she put her hand at the nape of her neck and did another slow turn to show off the matching smooth toast-colored satin demi-bra and string bikini set she was wearing.

"Do you realize we have never kissed?" she asked. Before he could answer she leaned down and kissed him hard on the lips. "I like this being in control," she breathed. In one smooth motion she moved back a step and did a quarter turn and lightly stroked her sex through her panty.

"Take a good look 'cause it's gonna get dark real soon," she added. Then she scooped up her skirt and used it to cover his face.

"Jeez, I am excited. No wonder you're into this stuff," she huffed.

He heard the hiss of cloth on cloth that could only be her sliding her panties down her stockings.

"Have you...been like this with other women?" she asked.

"No, you're the only one," he chuckled.

He felt her come onto the bed between his legs and then his penis was enveloped with warmth. She kept him in her mouth teasing him with her tongue until he was hard.

"You wouldn't lie to me about that would you," she asked just after the pleasurable titillation stopped. "Tell me you love me and I will take you the rest of the way."

"I have since the first moment I saw you. Get on me," he moaned.

'Then I will do delicious things to you. Slowly suck you dry... make you cry. You want me to don't you?'

Again he felt the warmth of her mouth on his penis. He relaxed and drank in the pleasure she was giving him... tongue flutters, head bobs, sometimes just the head and then she would plunge down onto him until his hardness was buried deep in her throat. He groaned at the intensity of the ache and burning in his burgeoning cock. She became more insistent in her actions, pulling him toward the bursting point. A long series of swallowing strokes set him to moaning and then she switched to maddeningly fast strokes of just the head. The burning electricity was irresistible and he screamed from under the darkness of her skirt.

The moment his spasms ended she shifted her position and took all of him into her warm, wet cunt. Her hand went to her own swollen marble of pleasure and she howled in orgasm perhaps 30 seconds later. Pulling her skirt off his face she bent forward to touch her lips to his. Her last moans came in a rhythmic series as he rammed his still firm sword deep into her sheath. Then she collapsed on top of him.

They stayed that way for some time. Somehow he enjoyed be helpless under her exhausted, relaxed, content body. Finally she revived enough to raise her head and speak to him...

"I've wanted to kiss you with your cum on my tongue and your dick hard up in me for a long time."

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