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Bottle of Confessions II by V.V. Vidal

Bottle of Confessions II

Authors note: Please do not change story content or author of this story. Character(s) and subjects in this story are fictional. Any real life people or places pertaining to this story is purely coincidental. And please do not sell this story, and if you would like to put this story on another site please email me first. Email comments, questions, or suggestions to

Readers note: I strongly urge you to read BOTTLE OF CONFESSIONS before reading this story, although you could probably follow this w/o reading the other, but if you're one of those people that doesn't like to read part 2 w/o reading 1....then read part one....


I wandered the crowed streets of New York City like a little lost boy in the woods. The dancing lights seemed to blur into a big light bulb. People seemed to pass by me in slow motion with looks of concern, disgust, and pity, staring at the man that seemed to be out of place in this torn city.

Had they learned my secret that seemed to haunt me every day of my life? I wondered.

I ducked quickly into an alley to get away from those judgmental eyes. Even the bums and crackheads in the alley seemed to avoid me. I wrapped my ragged coat tightly around me and proceeded to the subway. I paid the lady behind the booth and she handed me my tokens. I placed them, shaking, into the turnstile. I hopped on the next train, not knowing exactly where I was going, but anywhere was better than here.

The train was nearly empty except for an old lady that sat at the rear of the train and two teenagers sitting across from her silently.

The flickering lights above me created a reflection of myself in the window. The face of a black man stared back at me. I could see the torn haggard look on my face as if I survived fifty five years of torture instead of forty one. Where my head used to be bald, my hair grew out along with a scraggly beard. My hazel eyes seemed to be denied of sleep and perhaps love. My 6'2" body had lost some weight, where I used to be 200, I probably weighed about 185 now. You wouldn't know it when you saw me, but I used to be a model, but then I quit to become an artist. I moved to a small town, and that is when I met her, Aleasha, my secret.

She was a beautiful teen of sixteen years. Even though our affair only lasted a few weeks, during those weeks, I had endured such a passion for her no man could ever cease to compare. Her wild, brown, golden tight curls flew all over her head, and those fiery, big brown eyes of hers danced and glittered. Her bronze, coppered skin, was smooth and in an ever glowing state. Her features suggested that she was probably mixed with black and white. We only made love together once, and only once, and fooled around with stuff like masturbating each other once. I did deeply love her, but I never found out much about her. Never seen her parents, or her friends. All I saw was Aleasha, the neighbor next door, that seemed to have problems with her unseen parents and friends. And just as quickly as we met, she left. Never to be seen again. All I have left are the pictures I drew of her animated self.

That was seven years ago. During those seven years I have been tortured with pain and lust, haunted I should say. Knowing what we did, could probably land me a straight ticket to the slammer forever and even though she probably hasn't told anyone, the agony of waiting is a slow torture. I have dreamt many times, police bursting through my doors and handcuffing me and throwing me in cell, never to be heard of again. So I have spent the past seven years half in search for my "Lolita" and the other half on the run.


Today is supposed to be the celebration of our nation's independence. Everyone seems happy and cheerful. Everyone is getting ready for their picnics and family get togethers. For some people, like me, this is another ordinary day. Nothing special. I just came back from the ocean where I threw my bottle of written confessions into the crashing waves. I don't know what or who I expect to obtain them, but I figured if I threw away the words, I could throw away the memories, but of course I still remembered. Seven years of pain and lost love.

Who would let me forget something I did. Regret isn't the word for what I did, it's unknown. Maybe if I knew where she was, things would be different. It was temptation, definitely temptation in its ugliest form.

After I moved away from that small town, I moved to California. Now I am going to move again. To where, I don't know, but if I don't leave I am afraid I will die of insanity. So I packed up and hopped in my truck and hit the road.

I watched the fireworks as I drove out the city. As they exploded into the air, the idea came to me as clear as day. I would search for her. Search for Aleasha. Search for my love. Yes, that is what I would do. I decided I would head back to the small town where we met.

I suddenly had this emotional burst of adrenaline, and fear. I drove in some sort of trance for hours, and hours, watching the sunrise, until I finally reached the little sign of the small town, where I would find out were she was. I can not tell you exactly where this town is, for who ever gets this will not learn everything of my secret. Population 15,000, I read as I drove past the sign. I kept driving past the house where Aleasha lived. What would I do? Knock on the door and ask for Aleasha?

She had moved away, but maybe she came back, I hoped. I calculated her age quickly. She would be twenty-three now. I slowly stepped out of my truck and approached the door of the small house. I knocked rapidly on the door.

No one answered. I knocked again. No one answered.

I was some what disappointed, but a part of me felt very relieved that no one answered the door.

I mean what would I say?

Hey Aleasha it's me, remember me? Well during the past seven years I have been madly in love with you and I was hoping me and you could relive old times.

I know it probably sounded corny, but my heart was dying to say those words.

I stepped away from the house trying to decide whether this was a good choice or not. But I knew I would never rest until I saw her, even if it is for one second.

I walked to a house across the street and knocked on the door. I had known the man who lived here when I was living in this town. A tall, bald man answered the door a few minutes later and peered at me.

"Malik is that you?" he said.

"Yes, it is me, Mr. Turner," I said softly.

"Well ain't this a ghost!" he yelled laughing, "Martha, you'll never guess who is at our front door. It's Malik!"

Mr. Turner ushered me in quickly and sat me down at his little coffee table in the living room. His wife appeared a minute later, with some cokes. He and his wife were exactly the stereotype of an old couple. They both seemed to look a like, and even though they fought, and griped at each other, they were deeply in love, as they were forty five years ago. They were the only white couple on the block that I had really had a chance to meet and like.

"So how has life treated you Malik," Mr. Turner said still not believing I was back.

"Fine Mr. Turner," I said drinking a little bit of their coke.

"What brings you back sweetie," Mrs. Turner said sitting down next to me.

"I don't know," I lied, "But I can't stay for long."

"Oh that is alright, but surely you will stay for lunch," she said.

"Martha if the man says he can't stay for long, that doesn't mean he can stay for lunch," Mr. Turner said.

"Oh fooey, he can stay for lunch, if he wants to," Mrs. Turner said.

I smiled at their bickering.

"Actually, I wanted to know something," I said, interrupting their small argument.

"What is that hon," Mr. Turner said.

"Before I moved away--"

"And I don't know why you moved away, you were such a good man. I still have that painting, you gave me," Mrs. Turner said smiling.

"Thank you, but I had to go. But I wanted to know about someone who lived in that house next door to me," I said.

"Who?" Mr. Turner said.

"There was a girl, living next door to me. Her name was Aleasha. Do you know of her," I said.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner looked at each other.

"Malik," Mr. Turner said, "I don't have any idea about what you're talking about, there hasn't been anyone living in that house for years. Not even when you were here."

His words hit me like a sledge hammer.

"No, I remember an Aleasha," Mrs. Turner said, "But she didn't live next door to you. She was a beautiful girl."

"Was?" I said slowly.

"Well she moved away, a little bit before you moved here. I believe she moved out to New York or back east some where. My memory is a little fuzzy. I don't know how you knew about her."

I looked their clock hanging on the wall.

"I have to go," I said getting up.

"Do you really?" Mrs. Turner said sadly.

"Yes, I do," I said hugging and kissing her good bye. If I stayed another moment in their house, I have might passed out.

I hugged Mr. Turner and proceeded to leave. Before I could get to the door, Mr. Turner pulled me aside.

"Don't listen to her, she is getting senile every day," he said in a low voice. I smiled. But the truth was I believed her.

I left their house and waved back.

I hopped back into my truck and started driving again, leaving my town behind.

I thought about what Mrs. Turner had said. But it didn't make sense to me. She said Aleasha hadn't lived next door to me.

Then that would explain how I used to knock on her door and no one would answer, or how she could be gone for days at a time with no explanation.

Another thing struck Mrs. Turner said that was odd, was that when she said Aleasha moved away before I moved there. Which couldn't have been true, because I saw Aleasha. We slept together. I felt her. Maybe Mr. Turner was right, maybe she is senile.


I have been driving for some time now, and I am in definite need of excitement. I'm in another city, I don't know where it is at exactly, but it is definitely bigger and busier than my old town.

The stars sparkled above me as I drove through the down town of this city and I guess you can say I am looking for some action.

I stop at a little jazz cafe. I was hungry and drained. I walked in the little joint it was a lot more crowded than I expected it to be. Some how I expected there to be some guy dressed in black snapping his fingers or some guy reading some inane poetry. But in fact there were a bunch of regular people in there listening to the jazz music and talking. A lot more hip, than I expected it. I was surprised to see all types of people in this place. A little bit more black people than white people, but everyone was just listening to the music and talking. I sat down at a little table in the corner of the place away from everyone. Suddenly the lights dimmed and everyone got real quiet.

A spot light appeared on a little stage and a girl appeared wearing a long shimmering white dress. A piano played in the background as her honey voice filled the air. She is beautiful, I thought.

Her black hair fell just above her shoulders and her ebony skin sparkled and glittered, I guess to match the effect of her dress. She had the hugest almond shaped eyes I have ever seen. And her figure was amazing. She looked to be about sixteen or seventeen, but her voice let out words of wisdom and maturity. For a moment I forgot about everything.

The song finished and everyone clapped and cheered for this black beauty. I stood and clapped. She bowed and rushed back stage. Everyone talked rapidly, mostly about her, but most began to leave. I figured they came to see her, and after she finished her song, they all left. I didn't leave, I wanted to know more about this young thing.

An hour later, after most had left, she came out from backstage. She wasn't wearing her shimmering dress. She just wore some jeans and a tight fitting shirt. I glanced at her teen-adolescence breasts.

I could feel my cock raging at the thought of touching them.

She said something to a waiter and sat down at a table alone.

I got up and decided I would talk to her. I approached her table.

"Is this seat taken?" I asked.

"Only if you sit in it," she said coolly.

I sat down across from her.

She looked a like more of teen, than she did when she was on stage.

"This club always this crowded?" I asked.

"Only when I sing," she smiling.

"Not modest are you," I said.

"Nope, modesty gets you know where."

"Depends on how you see it."

"Oh really," she said raising her eye brows, "How do you see it?"

"I see it that teens aren't modest about anything," I said.

"Who said I was a teen?"

"Well then how old are you?" I asked.

"Don't you know never to ask a lady her age," she said smiling.

"You're no lady by standards," I said.

"Oh, I'm not? How do ya' figure."

"Ladies seem to be more modest."

She laughed.

"I'm seventeen."

"Hello seventeen," I said.

She laughed again.

"No, that's my age silly. My name is Shelina."

"That's a pretty name Shelina," I said.

"Well, you gonna tell me your name," she said.

"I'm Malik," I said reaching out to shake her hand. She shook my hand. Her hand felt soft. At that exact moment I shook her hand I noticed in the corner of my eye a white man staring at us.

"How old are ya' Malik?" Shelina said cocking her head sideways.

"Guess," I said.

She thought for a minute.

"Thirty-five," she said.

"Nope, older," I said.


"Nope, older than that."


"Older, but close. I am forty-one."

"Wow, you don't look it. I thought I was stretchin' it when I guessed thirty-five."

"I've got that young gene," I said.

"Well I guess," Shelina said laughing, "Now who is modest."

"I'm older, I can do that."

She laughed again.

The man that was staring at us gave me a real cold look. I could feel his green eyes piercing through me.

"Wanna go some where?" I asked.

"Like where," Shelina said.

"Where ever you want to go. That is if your boyfriend over there doesn't mind," I said nodding my head towards the white guy that was looking at us.

"Oh that's Jimmie, and he ain't my boyfriend. He's my manager."

"Oh," I said looking over towards him. He looked like he was thirty-three or thirty-four.

"Your parents don't mind you singing here and all," I said in a low voice.

"I don't have any parents, Jimmie takes care of me," Shelina said slowly.

"You live with him?"

"Yeah, listen I don't want to talk about Jimmie, let's go," Shelina said getting up. We left the cafe quickly. I guided her over to my truck. She immediately got in.

"Cool I didn't know you had a truck," she said.

"There's a lot of things you don't know about me," I said quietly.

"Well there are a lot of things you don't know about me either," she said.

"Well where to," I said.

"My place," she said.

I followed her directions to her house. I glanced at her as I drove. Her legs were slightly parted, although she had jeans on, they were tight and hugged on her hips. I licked my lips and pulled into the drive way of her place. "You and Jimmie share this place?" I asked stepping inside their house.

"Yeah, don't worry he won't be home for hours, he has to stay there at the club and count profits and stuff like that," she said turning on lights.

I followed her back into a room, which I guessed was hers.

I sat down on her bed.

She stepped closer to me and bent down and kissed me gently on the lips. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to me. Her tongue probed inside my mouth. I pushed her face closer and harder kissing her passionately. She took off her shirt quickly. Her bra covered those ample breasts that I reached out to touch. She unbuckled her bra quickly and let it drop to the floor to reveal those luscious, chocolate melons. My mouth moved like a magnet attracting iron, straight for her breasts. I licked feverishly on her dark nipples. She gently pressed my head against her chest as I worked my way on them, like a hungry baby. She kicked her sandals off. I unbuttoned her pants, and helped her pull them off. She wore white satin underwear. I kissed her stomach, then her navel, and I worked my way down to my real goal. I kissed the top of her panties and began planting kisses on top of her aching cunt while she was standing up. I pulled her down on the bed, so that she was on her back. I slowly removed her panties and spread her legs. I kissed the top of her knee, and worked my way down, kissing her thighs, and then her inner thighs, all the way down to her little wet pussy. She raised her hips a little when my tongue touched the tip of her enlarged button. I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clit. I sucked on her pearl and began rolling it around in my mouth. Her swivel hips would move and roll around as I sucked on her clit. I could hear her soft moans as I buried my face deep within her pussy. My tongue probed inside of her vagina, tongue fucking her. I could taste and smell the juices of sex as I licked and sucked all around her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my head and she bucked wildly and moaned loudly. I entered her with my tongue and began to tongue fuck her. She went wild and started bucking and moving herself on the bed. She grabbed my bald head and began rubbing her pussy with it. Then she exploded on my face, cum gushing on my lips as I happily lapped it up. I wanted to do more with her, because my nine inch cock was raging now.

I got up and quickly disrobed standing stark naked before her. She smiled at my hard dick.

I crawled on top of her and kissed her mouth. She kissed me back and pulled me closer on top of her and wrapped her legs around my waist. I entered her wet cunt slowly. I thought she might have been a virgin, but that was not so. She moaned a little bit when I entered her sweet little pussy. Her love canal engulfed my snake wrapping herself tightly around me. I slowly moved in her figure eights while pumping in and out of her. Her body quivered as my cock thrusted deeply into her wetness, mixing our juices together. I loved the warm feeling of a tight snatch, which I hadn't had in quite a while. I moved a little faster thrusting my cock in out of her pussy. I was definitely surprised she could take it all. A sign of a pro I thought. She wiggled and moved under me as I moved faster and faster up and down on her cunt. I knew I would come pretty soon, but I wanted to hold on to this moment. I kissed her neck and pumped faster and harder on her. She screamed and moaned all in the same breath. I couldn't take it any more. I felt that familiar sensation of growing orgasm. My balls tighten and I released my cum inside her pussy. I could feel her orgasm and juices ran down on her pussy. Her legs were still wrapped tight around me as she began to relax. I thrusted my dick inside her once or twice again, then relaxed on top of her. She kissed my neck.

I thought about staying the night with her until I heard a car drive up. I looked at her, and she was sleeping gently under me.

That must be Jimmie, I thought.

I got up and dressed quickly. I knew he would be in the house in a minute, so I decided I would not try sneaking out the back door. I walked right past him proudly, as if I wanted him to know I fucked that little cunt.

He looked a lot bigger than I thought at first. His blond hair was a bit ruffled, he really was good looking, and stood about as tall as I. His eyes pierced me with anger as I stepped out of his house. I smiled at him and walked on to my truck. He ran into the house.

I considered staying or waiting just in case he did something to her, but then I figured, well let them work it out. I had better things to do.

I drove off leaving my sex fiend behind.

CONFESSION #3: JULY 10, 1999

My dear Aleasha, forgive me because I have been truly unfaithful to you.

After my sexual experience with Shelina, I decided to keep driving to the East. I thought I might go to New York first. I hadn't really thought on how I was going to find my Aleasha, in New York City full of ten million plus people.

I drove for what seemed like hours, and hadn't had any sleep. It was the middle of the day, and I was unbelievably tired. I really wasn't sure where I was, but the road I was traveling on was desolate, and seemed like it went on for miles. And there wasn't a sign in sight.

Maybe I was lost. Anyhow I pulled over. I put the car in park, and proceeded to go to sleep. I hadn't fallen asleep after attempting to many times. I must be so tired I couldn't fall asleep. So I decided maybe taking a walk would help. I got out of my truck and walked to a wooded area of the road. I walked for quite some time, and didn't really see much but more trees and bushes. I walked further into the deep immense of trees, and then I came upon a shack. It looked run down and abandoned. I walked slowly towards the shack and peeked through the window. What surprised me even more, was what I saw or maybe who I saw in that shack.

I ducked down because I thought I had been seen. When no one came out of the shack after a few minutes, I decided that I was safe. I peeked into the window again. I saw two black girls in the shack taking off their clothes.

This would be interesting, I thought. I opened the window a little, slowly, careful not to make a sound.

"Mmm, Sherise," one of the girls said, as the other girl sucked feverishly on the other's breasts.

I began to get real hard just from looking at them.

I looked at the tall one, which was Sherise I assumed.

"Mmm, you got great tits, Chelsea," Sherise said as she sucked on Chelsea's dark nipples.

"Mmmm, Ohhhhh," Chelsea said as started to wrapped her legs around Sherise and began to rub herself against Sherise.

Chelsea arched her back. Sherise started to kiss her belly and moved down with kisses all the way to Chelsea's shorts. Sherise unbuttoned them and helped Chelsea get out of them. I unbuttoned my pants and began to stroke my hard cock.

"We will have to get rid of these," Sherise said pulling off the underwear.

Chelsea spread her legs wide inviting Sherise in.

Sherise took off her top revealing her large chocolate breasts and quickly took off her skirt.

Sherise knelt down over Chelsea's open legs and touched Chelsea's clit with her forefinger.

"Ohhhh," Chelsea gasped immediately bucking her hips. Sherise rubbed the clit in small circles watching Chelsea buck her hips in response to every movement.

"Ohhhh yess...." Chelsea said softly.

These girls were beautiful at what they were doing, I thought, as I kept stroking my cock harder and faster.

Sherise took Chelsea's pussy lips and opened them. She stuck her tongue into Chelsea's pussy lapping up all the girl juices that flowed out. She began flicking her tongue over Chelsea's clit vigorously.

"Ohhh ahhhhh...!!!" Chelsea screamed.

Sherise stuck her middle finger inside Chelsea's hole.

"Ohhh yessss fuck me!! Fuck me!!!!" Chelsea cried.

Sherise began quickly pumping her finger in and out of Chelsea's pussy. Chelsea began bucking harder.

I could see Chelsea's ass plopping up and down on the mattress each time, Sherise began to lick Chelsea's sweet brown pussy. She sucked on Chelsea's clit grinding it around in small circles again. Chelsea grabbed her breasts and wrapped her leg around Sherise's neck and started bucking on her head.

"Make me cum....ahhhhh...ohhh baby," Chelsea screamed.

Sherise then got up moved so her hips were between Chelsea's legs again. Sherise began to hump as Chelsea wrapped her legs around Sherise's waist. Sherise ground her pussy into Chelsea's. Sherise made circles with each hump into Chelsea's pussy.

I grunted and stroked my raging hard dick, I knew I probably would come any minute looking at these lesbian lovers.

"Ahhhhhh I'm cummin!!" Chelsea screamed. Chelsea squeezed her legs tight around Sherise's waist, letting her pussy juices flow.

"My turn," Sherise said.

Chelsea got up and laid Sherise on her back. Chelsea licked her lips and began to kiss Sherise's hard nipples. Chelsea softly kissed each one and moved slowly kissed her way down to Sherise's beautiful dark pussy.

"Mmmm," Chelsea moaned.

Chelsea opened Sherise's pussy lips and gave on long slow lick from her pussy hole to her clit. When she got to Sherise's clit. She slowly made soft circles with tongue on it. She sucked vigorously on Sherise's clit. Sherise gasped and locked Chelsea's head around her leg and began humping her head. Chelsea stuck two fingers in Sherise and pumped hard in and out.

"Ahhhhh yes bitch," Sherise screamed humping Chelsea's head faster.

Chelsea licked Sherise's clit and started to suck on it.

"Ahhhh," Sherise screamed.

Chelsea stuck her tongue inside Sherise. She began to fuck Sherise with her tongue. Sherise grabbed Chelsea's head and pushed it deep into her pussy.

She arched her back and let the juices of her girl cum gush into Chelsea's mouth. Chelsea lapped up all Sherise's cum happily. Chelsea crawled on top of Sherise and kissed her lips hungrily. Chelsea crawled so that she was in between Sherise's legs. Chelsea laid on her pinching Sherise's nipples. Sherise kissed Chelsea's forehead.

I pumped faster with my head, stroking my hands all the way down to my balls. I felt my balls tighten and I began to squirt my sperm everywhere. I leaned against the shack to catch my balance. I zipped up my pants, and left the shack area quickly. I tried to retrace my steps back to my truck, but the wooded area looked all the same.

I finally found my way back to the desolate road, but I couldn't find my truck. I looked all over the road, but to no avail, I could not find my truck. I walked for miles back and forth looking for it. I cursed loudly and slammed my fist on the dirt.

I finally came to the conclusion that, in this what I thought to be abandoned place, someone stole my car. I checked my pockets. I didn't have my keys. I must have left my keys in the car. I know I didn't lock it either.

"Fuck!!!!" I screamed into the air.

All my possessions, all my clothes were gone. I checked my back pocket and thankfully I had not left my wallet in the car.

I walked back to the shack where those girl's were at, and knocked on the door.

I heard a scream. I opened the door slightly and saw them on the mattress naked. They both pulled their clothes tightly to themselves to cover up. They both screamed again louder this time. I told them that I didn't mean them any harm, and that all I wanted was a way into a town so I could use a phone. They were reluctant at first, but then they had me wait outside until they got dressed. They came out a few minutes later, and told me if I tried anything, they would surely kill me. I walked in front of them while they told me where to go. I looked back at their teenage faces, every now and then to see what they were giggling about. I figured it was mostly about me.

We reached town after walking for thirty minutes. I said thanks to them and walked to the nearest pay phone I could find. I wanted to get out this town and not waste my time with the police and my stolen car. The last thing I needed was the police to get involved, because they would start asking questions, about me and my past and surely I would blurt out my Aleasha's name. I called a cab and headed for New York.

The city was different than most cities I had been to, but I expected it to be. The lights, the people all were different to me. I didn't know where to start, so I went to a library and got on the internet and looked up the name Aleasha. I ended up with more than 1500 names for Aleasha and not knowing her last name did not help.

I know Aleasha is here I can feel it. She is not that far. I tried my best to draw her from memory and draw pictures of what she might look like at twenty-three. I asked around this big city but the people were not friendly or eager to give any information. I finally decided this was hopeless and slowly began giving up. I was broke and the months slowly passed.

Now I am stuck in this city with no friendly faces still looking for Aleasha.

----Confessions of a tortured soul

The train stopped and I decided it would be better if I just got off. I walked quickly past the people and out on to the darkened streets again. The only thing I had with me were my confessions that I kept in a book.

I walked the littered streets quickly. Then I saw her. Her brown curls of hair flew wildly over her head. Her back was turned to me, as she was looking in the window of a shop. That was my Aleasha I knew it.

I walked slowly up behind her.

I could see the mist of my breath come out as I struggled to calm my nerves.

"Aleasha," I said softly as I touched her shoulder.

She spun around quickly with a look of horror on her face.

"Excuse me?" she said backing away from me.

"Aleasha it's me," I said moving slowly towards her.

"I'm not Aleasha. I don't know what you're talking about, get away from me," she said backing quickly away from me.

I looked at the girl's face for the first time. It wasn't Aleasha. This girl looked nothing like her except for the mass of curls. The girl looked at me with disgust and walked on.

Oh how much I wanted it to be her. I walked through the streets again. I looked at the faces of people who stared as I walked past. I am alone now, but I know I will never give up in searching for her. Aleasha.

I dropped the papers containing my confessions into the gutter. The papers flew away with the wind, to end up somewhere for someone to find.

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