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Del Edwards's Stories

Blind Passion by Del Edwards

Blind Passion

Copyright 1999 Del Edwards (a nom de plume)

Patricia was sitting at the dining room table munching the last of her cold cereal. She was gazing straight ahead out the front window in a semi-trance when some movement out in the cul-de-sac snapped her back to the present moment. It was the man next door returning from his morning run. His name was Hughes... Dan maybe. Nice looking fellow in his mid forties she guessed.

Obviously in good physical shape, lives alone, about an equal but infrequent number of male and female visitors. He came and went on an irregular basis. She had no idea what he did for a living but knew he took care of the roses planted along the front of the house. She had seen him out there just the other day pruning away the suckers and low growth so the life energy would go up into the higher new growth and buds.

She always got the urge to plant and prune in the spring too. Even though she was living in a rental, she planned to spend part of the morning sprucing up the front yard. Hughes seemed like a nice man. She was fairly sure he would be willing to let her borrow those pruning shears for an hour or so. Somehow she got sidetracked with other chores in the house and it was almost an hour before she approached his front door. It was standing wide open. There was no screen door. She saw the button for the doorbell but decided she would just step inside the threshold and call out.

Just as she stepped across the threshold she heard a sound that pulled at her somewhere in her abdomen, well below her navel.

There it was again. It was coming from somewhere inside the house. She took a couple of steps into the living room. There it was again. It sounded like a cry of pain.

"Hello?" she said not too loudly. She moved to the middle of the living room. There it was again. The moan had come down the hall from the other end of the house. She took a few steps and waited. It was louder now and the intensity of it tugged at her. She moved further down the hall. There it was again, louder and more imperative than before. It was coming from the last door on the right. The voice sounded again, not a word but an intense animal cry. She could see bare feet on the bed but the configuration of the room left her only a view of a dresser standing along one wall across from the end of the bed. The intensity of the cries impelled her into the room.

What she saw froze her entire body. She could not move. She stood motionless, frozen in fascination. Finally she spoke," My god, I thought you were hurt or something!"

It was one of those balmy spring days that begged to come into the house. Hughes obliged, opening several windows and doors to get cross ventilation. His jog had been ordinary. He poured a second cup of coffee, put it in the microwave, set it to warm the coffee and went to the bedroom. He stripped off the sweaty workout clothes and tossed them into the laundry basket along with the sweat socks he had been wearing. He slipped into a light robe, got his coffee from the kitchen and settled at the dining room table with the morning newspaper.

Thirty minutes later he was preparing for a pleasure session. He arranged two pillows against the headboard of the bed and stacked two others to the left of where he would be lying. From a dresser drawer he took a hardbound book, leafed through it until he found the double page spread of a beautiful blond woman in a satin bustier, matching stockings and high heels. He propped it against the pillows on the left side of the bed. From the nightstand he took a plastic bottle of massage oil and went to the kitchen where he flipped open the pour spout and microwaved it for forty four seconds. It was pleasingly warm in his hand as he returned to the bedroom. He sat the massage oil on the nightstand, opened the drawer and took out a black sleep mask. Easing onto the bed he placed the sleep mask on top of the pillows that were propping up the book. It was within easy reach even when he relaxed against the pillows that were piled against the headboard.

After opening the robe he picked up the oil bottle and transferred it to his left hand. First he squeezed several drops of oil onto the fingers of his right hand. Then he directed several drops onto the head of his penis, which he was holding in his right hand. Caressing the head felt good and it began to grow. His gaze was on the photos of the beautiful woman in the champagne colored satin and lace bustier. The first grunt issued from his throat as he increased the speed of the stroke. Then there were more sounds as the size of his penis increased. His fingers worked on just the head and he could feel himself stiffening even more. He added a couple of drops of oil to the head and moaned as it began to swell to full definition. The eye was opening now and the head was shiny and taught. He slowed the stroking and then stopped while he used his left hand to put the sleep mask in place over his eyes. When he restarted the stroking of the burgeoning head, the moans of pleasure came from him stronger than before.

Occasionally there would be a scream of ecstasy and he would stop the stroking. After perhaps forty or fifty seconds he would resume the tantalizing strokes to the slightly shrunken head until it was swollen and ready to spasm, spit and then shrink. Each cycle was accompanied by his moaning until there was a scream of pleasure and the caressing stopped. He had become quite good at estimating the amount of time that passed while he was blindfolded and riding the pleasure rollacoaster just below orgasm.

His fantasy mind worked even better when he took a specific image of a beautiful woman under the sleep mask with him. When he was about ten minutes into his twenty-minute allotment of high pleasure he thought he heard a woman's voice saying "hello?" Oh yeah, the windows are open, must have come from outside he decided. He went back to making love to the beautiful blond who was still wearing her bustier and stockings but had quite willingly removed her panties so that she could engage him. She knelt astride him, excitement in her eyes, making her own sounds of pleasure as she moved. It seemed very real when she said,"Oh god, I thought you were hurt or something."

"Nooooo,not hurt," he groaned at her.

"I want to run and I want to stay and have that," a woman's voice said. But it wasn't the woman under the sleep mask with him who spoke. This is new, he thought. Have I taken myself so far into pleasure that I am hallucinating, he wondered. He decided to play along for awhile and see where it led.

"If you are going to stay, take your clothes off," he said as he resumed stroking the head of his penis.

"Okay but promise me you'll leave the blindfold on," he heard her say.

"Ahhhhh! Unhhhh! Then describe how you're undressing... Ohhh!" he said to her.

Patricia knelt and removed her shoes and socks. He was moaning and caressing just the very swollen head of his penis.

"Ooooooh, are you still here? Ahhhhha!" he said.

"Yes, I just took off my shoes and socks," she replied.

"Moooore, take off mooore," he told her.

"Now my blouse," she said to him.

He stopped stroking and took his hand completely away from the rigid member standing straight up into the air. "That was close," he said evenly. "Almost came."

"My bra is off. I'm naked to the waist," she announced.

"Finish," he growled at her as he squeezed his rigid penis.

"Wearing just my panties now," she told him breathlessly.

He began a slow titillation of the head. "Taaake 'em offffa!" he said to her.

"They're off," she said moving the palms of her hands against the outside of her hips trying to dry her palms.

"Come here. Let me touch yooooou," he moaned.

"Keep the mask on, okay?" she said as she moved the few steps to the edge of the bed.

"You want to be a mystery to me, huh?" he said.

"Yes," she replied.

"Forever?" he asked as his hand left his rigid penis and he reached out to where he felt she was. Her skin was warm and soft. He moved his hand up and to the right and found her pubic thatch.

"Yes, forever, you must keep the mask on until I have left," she directed as she closed her hand around his erect shaft.

"Want that?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded.

"It's yours."

"Thank you," she whispered as she moved onto the bed to straddle his hips and settle onto his aching penis. "Oh, god!" she moaned.

"Yes, we are," he groaned to her.

She began slowly with short movements. Then she lengthened the movements and watched him chase her as she pulled her warm, wet sheath away from him. When his back was arched fully trying to stay in her, she crashed down on him, burying his hot hardness deep into her. "Ohhh!" was the way she described it to no one in particular

Again she escalated her hips slowly. He slammed himself up into her like a largemouth bass strikes at a topwater bait just as the sun breaks over the horizon. "God, do that again!" she begged. Then she relaxed her legs and let the full weight of her body force his hips back onto the bed. She began another slow withdrawl. He waited until the last possible moment and then struck at her with every bit of force in his body. "Gawd, oh my gawd!," she screamed. She became a statue of flesh and bone, entirely still as the waves of ecstasy swept through her body. She was unable to speak or breathe. Her vision flickered dim and she could barely see the blindfolded man she was astride and who was inside her. Somehow she knew it was her own voice she heard, "Uuuh! Uuuuh! Eeeew!"

Several minutes later she returned to reality and realized she had not felt him stream his juice into her or cry out to announce his release. "You didn't get off," she began.

"No, and that means you must come back," he interrupted. "What is your name?" he asked.

"Patricia," she answered.

He put his hands on her hips and then ran them slowly down the tops of her thighs. He could feel himself softening inside her. He moved his hands up her thighs, up her body until he found her nipples. "Promise me you will come back, Patricia." She felt a pleasurable sting in both nipples as he rolled them between his thumbs and forefingers.

"Yes, yes... how?" she wondered aloud.

"Hummm," he mused. "Today at noon I will put one of my business cards in the crack of my front door and leave to do several errands," he said. "I expect to hear from you within a week. My door will be open or at least unlocked. "When you call, I will begin. Come through the door in fifteen minutes or less."

"Okay," she responded uncertainly.

Later that day, around noon, Patricia collected a business card stuck in the crack of the door at the house next door. She also decided she would use the kitchen shears in the wooden block with the knives to do the trimming rather than risk her voice being recognized by the man Hughes that she intended to visit many more times.


Hughes kept his word to her to remain blindfolded and their once-a-week liaisons continued for several years. However during the fourth month he was consumed with curiosity. He rationalized that since she was allowed to see him he should be allowed to see her too, if only indirectly. He rented a microcamera from a spy shop and connected it to his computer in the next room via a long cable that nearly doubled the cost of the rental. Within a few months he had a nice little collection of still frames and short action sequences captured during the height of their passion. She was a slim, muscular, small-breasted young woman with short-cropped hair and small features that blended well to make a pretty face. He used the still frames and short action sequences with sound for his own pleasure between the times she visited and even for many years after she married and moved away.

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