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Blind Date by Lois Lane

Blind Date

When I left the plane I was nervous like hell. I had come all the way from Munich to Chicago to meet this guy I had never seen before. My heart was beating fast as I left the arrival area. A lot of people were standing behind the barriers to welcome their relatives, friends or business-partners arriving at the airport.

I knew his looks from the pics we had been exchanging through ICQ and he was supposed to hold a red rose in his hands. For a second I thought about what I would do if he was late or - worse - would not come at all. But then I saw this stunning young man standing there with a red rose in his hand looking around obviously searching for someone. He was even more attractive in reality than on the pics. What if he did not like my appearance? I felt this numbing pain in my stomach. Suddenly he turned his head looking in my direction. Our eyes met. His smile took my breath away. Just a few seconds later I was in his arms and we were embracing each other. He pulled away a little not letting me escape his strong arms and looked at me. "Welcome to Chicago, Lois!" he whispered in a very soft tone handing me the rose. I smiled at him. He knew I would like it when he was using my nick.

A little bit later we were sitting in his car leaving the airport. After that 10-hour-flight I should have been tired but I could not take my eyes off him watching him drive the car. He would glance at me from time to time smiling. We were leaving the airport area heading for his house close to the campus - about an hour by car as he had told me.

He was the perfect gentlemen. Looked after my luggage, opened the door for me and then he showed me around - kitchen, living room, bathroom, my bedroom. "There are fresh towels in the bathroom if you want to refresh yourself - you must be tired. So.... I will not keep you awake. We can talk tomorrow." "NO!" I said a little too loud as I thought afterward. "I'm not tired at all and I need to get used to the time shift anyway." I added quickly, controlling my voice again. He looked at me - a little startled I guess. And after a short pause leaning forward a bit, grasping my hand he whispered "I am so glad you are not!" He looked me deep in the eyes coming even closer to my face. I started to feel butterflies in my stomach. "Let's just sit down and 'chat' a bit then." He said with a shy smile drawing back again. "Sit down please. Would you like a drink?" He signified me to sit down on the sofa while he headed for the refrigerator. "Just a soda, please." He came back with two glasses and put them on the table in front of me. Then he sat down beside me.

"How was your flight then?" I told him about the trip, the turbulence right after the take-off in Munich, the nice old couple sitting beside me during the flight and the movie I saw on the plane (Shakespeare in Love). We were talking as if we had known each other forever. His presence just seemed to be so very familiar to me. While talking to him I realized how tense the muscles in my neck were. I moved my head a bit and rubbed my neck with one hand. Alain noticed and understood immediately. "Would you like a nice massage after your long trip?" He asked with a little twinkle in his eyes. "Well..." I was not sure what to do now. "Sitting all day long in that plane made me feel a little tense. Itīs not too bad though. I'm o.k." But Alain had gotten up already. "No contradiction you will feel much better afterwards."

He left for the bathroom returning with a towel and a little bottle in his hands only a few seconds later. I got up and Alain spread the towel on the couch. "O.k.," he said. "Lay down please." He made an inviting gesture. I did what he told me. "It would be better if you took off your shirt - if you don't mind." He said a little shy again. "Oh! Sure." Without getting up again I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped it on the floor. Now it was me who felt a little insecure. Alain knelt down on the couch sitting down on my bottom and unhooked my bra. Then he took the little bottle and spread some oil on my back. Softly, his fingertips barely grazing my skin he massaged the oil all over my back. Gradually his grip got a little stronger. I closed my eyes and exhaled. It just felt so good to feel his warm hands caressing my back.

After a while he started to move his hands closer and closer to my breasts as he massaged me and I could not help but getting excited. This handsome guy I had never seen before sitting on my butt massaging my back with his tender hands and me being so insufficiently dressed. It was just more than I could take. A silent moan escaped my mouth. I did not have to wait long for the reaction. Alain bent down and started to kiss the back of my neck. A shudder ran down my spine and I felt the goose bumps build on my skin. Eventually he would kiss the side of my neck searching for my lips. I turned my head to make it easier for his lips to find mine. I slowly rolled over on my back and we kissed passionately. Our tongues intertwined. I embraced him with my arms and held around him tight. I could feel his breath go heavy. He took the bottle with the oil again with the intention of massaging my front. He spilled a lot of it on my chest. My breath went hard and I could feel my heart beat real fast by then.

"Will you let me massage all that oil into you? There is so much." Alain took his shirt off and lay down on me and let the oil rub all over both of our chests. So slippery! It felt so erotic to have everything sliding - as if our bodies were sexual organs. I pressed my breasts against his chest and rubbed my hard nipples against him. Alain reached down and unbuttoned my pants while he was looking at me - his eyes asking for my permission to go on. I gave him an encouraging look and he pulled my pants down discovering that I did not wear panties. "Seems like you caught me." I said with a blink. Alain carefully spread my legs and placed himself between them looking at my newly shaved pussy. "This only turns me on more." He leaned down and took a deep breath of my scent. He did not move at all for a minute then suddenly went down and started to lick my clitoris. I softly ran my fingers through his hair while he did. I could feel the heat rise in my entire body and I was just yearning to feel his hard cock inside me.

But Alain was not finished with exploring my pubic area yet. I could feel his tongue move around my clitoris and then he tongue-fucked me while he held my hips with his hands. I could feel the climax rise already when he suddenly stopped and looked up at me. "You are so exciting. I knew I would just die to have you from the moment I saw you at the airport." His words made me shiver. "Ditto." I knew he would understand this answer since Ghost was one of my favorite movies and I had told him. He crawled up on me and we embraced in a long passionate kiss. Alain quickly got up to get rid of his Jeans then returned into my arms. Our bodies still all oily and slippery I could feel his hard prick press against my naked wet pussy and moved my hips to rub my clit against it. I wanted him so much it hurt.

I could feel his hands move all over my body and so did mine on him. Alain stopped rubbing my pussy with his cock and slowly - inch forwards - let it slide inside me. Waves of pleasure were running through my body and I felt this terribly pleasant weakness. "It feels so right. Like I'm back to a place I had forgotten about so long ago." Alain whispered in my ear and started to kiss the side of my neck his cock deep inside me now. He did not move at all but I could feel his big hard prick pounding inside me. Slowly - very slowly he started pumping back and forth now. "I want this to last." He said. Moaning feeling absolutely overwhelmed I was incapable of any reasonable answer. I just loved to feel his weight on me, his chest pressing against mine. Eventually he would start moving faster but once we reached the edge of orgasm we both lay still holding it back just kissing and murmuring to each other - not moving. It felt so good like we were whole...still...silent...the world didn't exist except for the moment. "I can't stand it any longer." I said begging but Alain just kissed me and drew back crawling down to my pussy. "Lie on your stomach honey." I knew what he was going to do now. Alain knew every single fantasy I ever had and also he knew what preferences I had. We had been chatting about this. "Do you want me to do this?" he asked. "You know I do." Was my short answer.

He bent down to run his tongue on my pussy lips and inside. Then he licked up my anus, around first then right in the middle. He would stretch my cheeks apart and stick his tongue inside me as far as it would go. I just loved it. He got more lubrication from my pussy with his finger and started to insert it into my ass...making it used to something inside it. I got up on my knees to kneel right before him with my head down. "Slow please!" Was all I could say.

"Are you ready for me to put my cock inside your ass?" I did not even answer his rhetorical question. Alain took some more oil to get everything sliding. He tried with one, then two fingers first then he would bend forward and slowly insert his cock inside my tight ass. "It feels so good!" Without answer I reached down with my hand to touch his oily balls and rub them while he moved inside me. We were both in a heightened state of sexual energy...about to burst any moment. So Alain slowed down a bit. I let go of him and started to touch myself. "Does that feel good huh?" Alain had noticed what I did. I felt caught and gave him a shy smile. "Can you feel my cock through your pussy?" he asked.


I rubbed my clit and then inserted two fingers. " Oohhh god..... How long can this last? I have to stop and start again and again...will you cum like that?" Oh yes I will I thought. He was pumping inside my anus and feeling my breasts as they shook. "Tell me where you want me to cum... Shall I fill your ass with sperm or should I cum all over your back or chest? Or do you want to do something else?" he wanted to know.

"I want you to go on and move inside my ass.... and I want you to fuck me real hard now," I commanded. Without another word he grabbed my waist and started pumping in and out harder and harder, pushing his cock inside me as far as it would go.... and out again... faster and harder...harder, harder using his weight on top of me. I started to feel dizzy. "Ohhh! I can feel your dick. You drive me crazy!" My senses were going mad already. I felt the pressure mount and mount inside me. He was pumping so hard and suddenly I could feel his huge jet of sperm fill me up. Then I lost it. I grabbed one of the couch cushions and buried my teeth in it to stifle my cry. Alain collapsed on top of me his cock still inside me. "Can I publish this?" I asked with a broad smile on my face remembering Alain's words after our first cyber session.

by Lois (ICQ # 22730182)

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