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Black stud, Diamond Stud by UK Snowy

Black stud, Diamond Stud

This is a sequel to my most recent story entitled, Black Sausage Pie. It follows soon after the encounter and adventures in that story, between the 24 year old, attractive 38E bra size, software sales executive and Syd the poor, black, thirteen year old, paper delivery boy. It does get a bit more involved and devious.

I was sure I heard voices, certainly Syd's voice as I eagerly awaited his delivery round. I didn't want to look out of the door for him, his arrival always sparked the flame of excitement and daring that had grown so quickly and naughtily over the last fourteen days. The night was very dark and threatening snow and with no work to do between Christmas and New year I had spent the day preparing for Syd's visit apart from some vegetating, as with the rest of the week.

In the socialising I had done, the gang I go around with had been the usual hilarious mixture of high spending jinks and drunken revellery, but the times I'd spent with Syd had been more looked forward to than the parties. The real downer, after my eager anticipation in getting to the Swiss Alps, was my ski holiday over the New year and after all the millennium hype and excitement and extra costs attached to it, I was now so hot for him on this cold January 4th night. Six nights Sydless was too much, so I do admit to a couple of casual screws in St Moritz. Bigger yes, older yes, one was fiftyfour, rampant, rich and marriageable and I put him on the back burner to see how he would woo me. In the meantime, I was enjoying the most illicit, illegal and taboo affair, never imagining I could have ever got into this dangerous but delightful situation.

The paper was pushed slowly through the door flap and I went into the greeting ritual. I thrust my nearly naked cunt against the roll of newspaper as Syd wiggled it about from outside. I heard him mutter something and was sure I heard another remark, but I had the folds on my clitty now and he was manipulating the Evening News as if it were a cock extension. I didn't care about distractions, my joy, my pupil, my Black Sausage had arrived and was making his presence felt in a way we had developed after only six meetings. I sprung a surprise on him. not being able to keep my hands off him any longer. I pulled the door wide, grabbed his collar, but not before his startled expression turned into a quick glance up the path and then the width of his smile shone over my porch. He stumbled in and I clashed the door shut and jammed him against it.

"BBb...but Lis...Lisa," he stammered as I tore at his clothes. He was like a toy in my hands. I dwarfed and overpowered him easily with my tall frame and strong busty build. He was only a slight, light five feet tall and I was five nine, 128 lbs.

"No buts Syd. I can't hang around. I want your cock. Christ! What have you got on tonight?" I raged, tearing at his puffer jacket, his fingerless gloves, his Tommy sweater.

"It's all your stuff," he whined, referring to the Christmas presents I'd lavished on him.

"I really need to speak to you Lisa..." he moaned as I finally got to his jeans and tee shirt. "Anyway its fucking freezing out there...and I need to tell you something," he persisted. Like the insecure girl I am, my heart suddenly went leaden and I stepped back. He suddenly looked afraid, he'd seen flashes of my temper when he'd told me the day he couldn't visit due to other commitments. One day, the 30th when all the Lawrington family visited their mother's grave and I lost my temper. It was fifty miles away and they went by bus, they were so poor and I was moaning and shrieking at him, because he couldn't shaft me.

"So you're packing me in then, that it?" I challenged. "The big heaveho, just after Christmas and all that gear..." He stepped forward and with great tenderness for one of such youth, he took my hand and shook his head slowly and deliberately, warming me with his sincere gaze. I felt stupid, blushed and turned away. A grown, successful career girl, going up in this increasingly IT world, was fearful of being dumped by a thirteen year old black ghetto boy. The stranger before Christmas, was now my lover and he spoke.

"I've got a confession, just a little one, that's all Lisa," Syd told me, following me into the lounge. There I was, swathed in the negligee he had described and I had somehow found in a remote undies shop at the wrong end of town. It was his present to me at my expense. It was sheer, pale blue with gaudy lace trimmings. Under I had the stockings, the suspenders, the thong and the bra all matching and I looked pretty damn good apart from the tatty gear which was not my choice. I like understated underwear. I gestured he should explain, with a dismissive wave of my hand.

"Well I lied when I first met you," he started. I couldn't contain myself again.

"You're going to tell me you're only ten and I'm deeper in the shit?" I countered. Syd shook his head.

"No no, you remember you asked me if I'd seen a cunt and I said no." I nodded then gabbled.

"Oh that's it, I'm not your first, you've seen hundreds of cunts and fucked them all and it's all a big con..." He shook his head in exasperation and waited for me to pause.

"Will you fucking listen you gorgeous honky chick?" he asked. I nodded, almost tearful and perched on the end of the sofa.

I looked at him as he stood in the middle of my designer apartment, his crude compliment striking a minor chord within. The jeans and tee shirt were his old ones, the trainers were mine - you know what I mean. His long fingered hands grasped each other, they formed a sort of basket shape in front of him as the kid in him stood before the adult teacher, but knowing he had the presence at this moment. I had seduced him when he delivered my daily paper, three nights before December 25th. We enjoyed two hours together the next night, only because I had a business function to go to at that evening. On Christmas Eve and Day I had to be with my family and guiltily broke away by lunch on Boxing Day to get home and give the lavish gifts to Syd and screw his balls off. He had told his widowed dad, two brothers and four sisters that he was out and that's all that mattered. The family had fallen apart, he was blossoming through as the only one who took his education seriously and was aiming to be a chef. I'd actually driven to the estate where he lived and cruised past, wishing I hadn't dared to enter such a forbidding district and dreading a violent holdup. It was frightful. Run down, scruffy, dirty tower blocks dominated the skyline and old cars were strewn, wheel less, windowless about the muddy verges.

"Sorry Syd. Carry on," I told him, clutching the negligee round me defensively. He came to my side.

"I have seen three other cunts - that's all and I never touched or did anything with them." I gazed up at him, my eyes indicating he should continue.

"One was Shelle's, my sister Michelle's," he explained quietly. He had told me all about the family including Michelle his fourteen year sister. Apparently she was quite a rebel and ruled the other girls who were older.

"Two years ago, her and me and my mates were fucking about, like the mums and Dad's thing, you know - you show me yours and I'll show you mine. That's all. She and Gloria and Bibby her mates, showed us their cunts and Col, Courtenay and Ben and me showed them our dicks. Simple as that. We had to give them a smoke each to guarantee their silence..."

"They smoked, you smoked? Shit! She'd be twelve and she smoked," I gasped.

"We all smoked Lisa. It's the street man," Syd chuckled and continued. "I packed in. Anyway, I saw her...Oh yes the others too. I saw their cunts and that was that. Its never happened again see?" he gestured openly with his hands.

"So you saw three cunts Syd and you never did anything?" I asked.

"Fuck! Lisa -You could tell I'd never done anything when I met you before Christmas. I can't fake virginity for fucks sake," he spluttered, somewhat angrily.

"Hey! So you're virgin no longer Syd," I smiled forgivingly and reached for him. He glanced at the door and then spoke.

"She's outside... Shelle's outside. She made me bring her, she made me. Can you talk to her please?"

I glanced at the door, suddenly thinking about the weather and then ran to it and opened to the snow, the first of the winter in Southern England. Syd ran past me and I shivered as he went down the path. He dived into the shrubs and emerged with Michelle the snowgirl. I bustled them both indoors and faced up to them in the lounge. Michelle stared coldly in every sense of the word at me, my lingerie somewhat out of context suddenly. I stared back at this seemingly pathetic, trembling, shiveringly cold figure, dripping melting snow onto my carpet. It almost mirrored when Syd and I met, except she was frozen to the marrow in her light cheap coat, bare legs and scuffed flat shoes. Her hair was a mass of ice crystals and flakes.

Taking charge, I made her get out of the clothing and dry it, just like Syd had done. Her tiny mini skirt was dry and apart from the thin nylon cardigan which showed seepage through the shoulders of the coat, her tee shirt was dry too. As I wrapped a discarded sheepskin coat round her, she was much bulkier and taller than her brother, I noticed how little her titties were. She was not going to be a big girl. Mine had started to blossom at ten, She sat near the gas log fire as Syd explained his predicament.

"She got it out of me Lisa...these clothes and things. She knew my story of tips from the paper round didn't work."

I gasped and screeched, "You've told her about us?" Syd's eyes pleaded with me and I sensed something deeper.

"She says she'll tell dad and the police if you don't give her stuff as well."

"Yeah! See how you like that story in the papers," said a suddenly verbal Michelle.

I gulped. "Bbu..."

"What you got for me then bitch?" she challenged nastily. She came across terribly hard and I perched opposite her, baffled at this sudden intrusion into what was going to be one hell of a fuckful evening. It was stupid, this kid, this fucking inferior bolshy black girl was threatening me and I was worried. I glanced at her and saw her eyes feasting on my bulging breasts, teetering in by the last goosebump to the inside of my cheap bra. There had been a lot of activity since hoisting it round my boobs and it was not the most substantial of garments. I took a bold step.

"What is it you want Michelle?" I queried sweetly, crossing my arms. My tits rose magnificently, with huge cleavage carving across my upper chest nearly into my neck. She stared back.

"You want this, the bra, you keep staring at it," I challenged, letting my knockers drop. Syd spluttered as I smoothed my hand over the exposed tit flesh. "Not much use to you is it? Its a 38E cup, what you got there 30A?" Michelle frowned and glanced down at her chest. Her chubby knees slid apart and I got a glimpse of knicker crotch, inches up the skirt.

"I'll be big as you one day," she snarled.

"OK take it," I sniggered and unhooked the cheap bra.

"Lisa, you can't..." squeaked Syd, protesting as I threw his supposed present at her. She caught it deftly and stared back., sneering at Syd who went dumb again. Her eyes slid from my quivering bosoms, now hotted up to fever pitch in the excitement of the moment, to my crotch and I gambled really big stakes.

"Oh! I get it. Underwear, that what you want. Well here take this too," I said vehemently. The negligee came off and I stood proud, nipples dark brown and gathered like walnuts in my higher state, tits wobbling, thong up my crack and suspender belt taut and silk stockings gleaming in the flickering light from the fire. I kicked the filmy garment across the carpet at Michelle. Syd licked his lips as I glanced encouragingly at him, but he grimaced fearfully.

"If you want my thong, you'll have to wash it of course, but you're probably used to wearing dirty knickers." Girl to girl, this was getting dirty in its own way and Michelle glared back.

"There's nothing dirty about me," she glowered back.

"Oh no and why does an older sister blackmail her brother and his friends for smokes in exchange for a peep at her pussy?" The silence was even more deafening as her lips curled and her gaze slowly settled on Syd. My lover boy cowered away.

"You fucking told him that Sydney?" Michelle said quietly.

"So that'll come out in the papers too eh?" I carried on.

"You know nothing honky," she spat.

But I was primed. "I know that Syd thinks my pussy is the prettiest he's ever seen and I know he's only seen yours and your daggy friends. And he doesn't have to pay me to see it. I pay him and its worth it. Got some nice new gear eh Syd?" I countered, again trying to get her riled. Syd stayed dumb but It wasn't difficult to wind her up. The low breeding, the street culture, the sheer desperation of the family's plight suddenly burst from Michelle.

"My pussy is the best foxy pussy on the street you honky bitch, but you'd have to pay me to see it, big money," she snarled, standing up, thick pink lips glossed with saliva. She was a fiesty kid, but an idea trickled through me. It would satisfy her and Syd probably and me for curiosity purposes only. I got my handbag and she licked her lips until I put the proposition to her.

"Let's let Syd decide eh," I smiled sweetly, waving a twenty note at her. I put it on the coffee table and Michelle's eyes glowed with longing until I stepped in front of it and thrust my hands inside my thong and eased it down about an inch.

"Lisaaaaah..." groaned Syd. I smiled and nodded gently to him and I saw him adjust his cock through his jeans. Was he getting as excited as I was at the possibilities ahead? I hoped so, because I was ready to fuck the porcelain pastry roll, I kept as a paper weight on the table next to me.

"You can have that bread if you show me and Syd this foxy pussy you're so proud of," I said calmly.

"You can see mine for nothing, well you have nothing to pay with, have you?" I added haughtily. My taunts cut her, but the prospect of twenty pounds weighed on Michelle's mind. She calmly lifted her skirt and thrust down her plain fraying, greying panties down and thrust her rotund black belly forward. Syd squeaked as she stood there, arms akimbo, legs apart, undies at her dimpled chubby knees. I was surprised at the suddenness of her action and then took in the minimal bunch of black curly hair covering the top notch of her slit.

"See!" she exclaimed. "That's one hell of a pussy."

"Hmm! I can see you've got one, can you Syd?" I mocked dismissively. He was stooping and peering at his sister's crotch with not a little interest and I decided to enter the ring.

"Yes - I s'pose that's a pussy alright, but how does it compare to mine?" I asked, whilst dragging my thong off, flicking it away and putting one foot up on a stool. Sausage Boy drooled, but kept glancing back at Michelle's. Hmm! I guessed it was a novelty to see your sister's cunt. I played the trump card. I reached down and pulled my labia open as Michelle watched. The diamond stud glittered in the fire light and she gasped. She looked suitably stunned then spoke.

"Is that a?..It it's a st...Shes pissi....fuck look Syd, your girl's pissing herself in embarrassment," she sneered. For just at that moment, as she caught sight of my labia stud, my juices seeped from my overheated twat and ran down my thigh and collected in a wet trail along the top of my silk stockings.

"Piss?" shrieked Syd suddenly.

"Course it's not piss Shelle. Lisas hot and wants me, you stupid bitch." I welcomed his sudden support and smiled languidly at the black girl daring to test my sexuality with her street bravado.

"So let's have a good luck at your cunt Lisa. Let her see it too and then maybe she'll shut the fuck up," he continued. I stepped to the sofa and sat and then stretched back, lazily spreading my long legs and then puling my pussy wide open.

"C'mon Shelle take a look. That's a real diamond. You haven't got one of those," Syd mocked proudly, getting down on his knees and stroking my thighs and cooing, almost as if his big sister wasn't there. I wished she wasn't. I needed Black Sausage in my pie so badly. I glanced at Michelle, who bit her lip, studied her brother's extraordinary behaviour and then she decided. She wound her panties way down and off and approached us with a swagger. She really was a great lummock of a girl, ungraceful and slovenly and even more so in the tasteless way she left her pussy pelmet of a skirt round her hips. Her thick thighs flexed but I had to admit to a slight flicker of interest within me as I saw the black teenager's naked crotch. Yes she was fourteen only, yes poor and not pretty, but I'd never ever been in a lesbian relationship , not that this was, but to be near naked next to another female and showing off our fannies was strangely exciting. Shelle nudged her brother with her knee and he allowed her to slide onto the sofa, albeit at the far end away from bodily contact with me.

"Take a close look at this, you stupid cunt," she snarled at him. She spread her legs wide and exposed her minge and I too leaned over to check it out. She had a really big mound, fatty tissue probably, but it made her slit look long and accessible. Her pubes didn't cover her slit and I saw the fine lines of her juvenile labia, disappearing down into her crack. "Well open it up then," breathed Syd, disturbingly keen to see what she had to offer. She glanced sharply at him, hating every minute I reckon, compared to me who was loving the challenge and knowing the winner.

"You gonna pay me?" she spat at me. I hoisted my boobs out of the way and leaned further. This was proving interesting.

"Oh for fucks sake Michelle. Yes take the measly note and get on with it. Come on, 'cos I can't wait for Syd to decide and then fuck the arse off me," I spat back with equal venom. She grinned slyly and reached into her crotch. She spread her cunt lips wide and it was my turn to gasp. It was really lovely. The coal black skin contrasting against pink and red membranes was truly stunning. Her urethra was very prominent, the piss hole nestling nicely in the plump upper folds within her sex portals. Only a few sparse curly hairs fronded round the bulges of her pubic pouch, held back by her stubby nail bitten fingers. Syd cooed again and I kicked him reproachfully and he grimaced in revolt.

"Hey! Come on Lisa. Its OK yeah?"

"But she's dry for fucks sake Syd," I argued, hurt at his incestual interest.

"Yeah, but you get wet, Don't you?" he looked hopefully at Michelle. She nodded and grinned.

"Especially wet when I'm fucking," she snickered and continued. "Really really wet Sydney," she said slowly and quietly.

"You shouldn't be fucking Michelle, not at fourteen," I said seriously.

"And neither should he at thirteen, especially a honky white woman old enough to be his mother," she shrieked.

"Come on Syd. Who's got the best cunt then?" she demanded cockily as he twiddled at his jeans, probably sorting out his cock and balls which would be bursting by now.

"It's difficult sis. Can I feel?"

I objected. "Syd, stop pissing about..."

Michelle interrupted me and raised her butt, wiggling her bulky ass, still holding her cunt open, as I was. I let mine fold shut as she spoke.

"Course you can young brother. Feel me up, go on, get your foxy fingers on it and find out why us blacks can beat white trash any time." I squealed indignantly and jumped at Syd, tearing at his jeans and shirt. He was naked within seconds and his cock stood magnificently erect. I tried to grab it to pull him towards me.

"Come on Syd darling, stuff it in to me and forget her." But Syd already had his fingers in her cunt and growled sternly as my fingers scratched his black sausage. I mewed pathetically and studied the scene s she spoke.

"Wanna fuck me little bro?" she asked, an evil glint in her eye aimed at me.

"But you can't, it's your brother....!" I started. Syd was nodding and grinning stupidly as she countered.

"He can fuck me if he wants, its a family decision," she chuckled.

"Cool!" simpered Syd already getting up onto the sofa where she'd blatantly laid back. His dick waggled stiffly below him as my boy lover prepared to enter his own sister's twat and I could only watch, stunned, silenced and fascinated. She held his cock almost lovingly caressing it until he budged his glowing wet knob into her. She was still dry, there had been no foreplay, yet she urged him on.

"Stick it up hard Syd. That's the way I like it," she cooed. I shifted my position and Michelle glanced triumphantly at my gobsmacked face as Syd thrust. Her head lurched, her eyes winced and her big lips fell open with the sudden sharp pain I know comes from a dry pussy and then with the next smack between their incestual bodies came the familiar squelch of a lubricating snatch.

"Syyyydddd," I whimpered. He grinned at me, his pugnacious face beaming pleasure as he worked into a steady rythym. I found myself pinching my nipples and hefting my tits, needing some sort of contribution to this sexy scene. Michelle was gasping at the sheer exuberance of his fuck motion and I thrilled knowing he was well taught. Her mouth hung open, her eyes closed, her tee shirt caught tight round her chest, her skirt still rolled round her waist. I took control again. I'd show her what a good pussy was like. I tore her tee shirt off, revealing small lumps of tits, quivering with the action, no bra and no nipples to speak of, apart from a dark circle of areolae. She had no buds, no teats and I slung my heavy bazongers with their huge swollen and aching teats over her and swung them, scraping over her measly black paps.

Her surprise turned to eagerness to lick and I lowered with a smirk and let her suckle like the sex mother I was. God, it was so good to at last get some sex action, regardless of how ugly the evening had started. Syd grinned happily, his face sweating, as he saw my reconciliatory manner. I felt Michelle's hands filter under my crotch and I shifted to kneel and let her search for the pleasure of holding my soppingly superior cunt. It was awkward, so to make life simpler I straddled her face and lowered onto her. Her tongue eagerly roamed and lapped at my secretions, which I knew would fill her foul mouth. Her hands wrapped over my silk clad thighs, pulling me down, so I lowered even further deciding to queen her, let her suffer and seek breath as well as my sweet juices.

Syd lowered his face into my tits and I held them up like two massive cushions for him to bury in to as he rocked towards his cumming. I rocked on his sister's face, hearing her mumble and splutter and I grabbed her little boobies and squeezed them, trying to make the buds pop out. She wriggled and I hoped it was with pain. My delicate pale white skin contrasted bizarrely with the two Lawrington kids and as we worked towards a mutual climax, the whole illegal situation of under age sex screamed across my mind and I ignored it, revelling in the illicit nature of incest and how utterly delightful this evening was turning out to be. Michelle was either one hell of a mean cunt sucker at fourteen or it was just that I was forcing her to learn fast, but which ever it was it was superb. My boy's signs were showing that he was ready to cum.

"Sister fucker," I taunted him. Michelle mumbled and chewed on my clitty as I ground my mott down on her. I made a point of rubbing my sweaty arsehole over her face too, emphasising my dominance.

"Dirty slut sister fucker," I snarled at Syd, smacking his face with my inflamed and sore tits.

"Lisaaaah," he wailed, not liking my words but he was lost. His face curled, he spluttered. His cute arse was ramming at Michelle's crotch in a blur as he spent his youthful jism up her hole. He shouted as his body spasmed and I saw the familiar wracking shivers searing through him, knowing she had lots of strong creamy sperm swimming up her vagina. The repercussions hit me and I pondered on her baby and forgot it. Not my problem and equally I was on the verge of cumming. I eased my butt up and heard Michelle cry and gasp for air then stutter words as I nipped her tits relentlessly.

"Syd - my clit, frig it hard...," she whined. He was wasted, leaning against the back of the sofa, soaked with sweat, panting and useless. I pushed him off and laid down on the ghetto girl's chunky body. My tits squashed grotesqueley either side as I dipped my head into the mire of her crotch. Now she was wet, my sofa was suffering, but I didn't care as I licked, sucked and drank at the fountain of her uncouth youth. Michelle started a long drawn out wail as I tongued her clitty, just a little red button, nothing spectacular to look at - was I an expert suddenly? but it certainly brought her to a massive cumming.

God! She stank. Her outpourings were strong and tainted with Syd's cum, but her arse odours seeped up at me, but I ignored them. I rubbed my cunt at her as Michelle levered hers at me and the two least likely sisters came together. Syd's eyes glazed open as we screeched and moaned and finally the waves of ecstacy subsided and we fell in an untidy heap. The evening progressed as you would expect it to, but with obviously more respect between Michelle and I. For me it was an incredible experience to try the lesbian feelings that emerged and be screwed solidly by Syd, have Michelle's hands exploring my crotch while the boy rested after again fucking her. She sucked him of, he sucked me, we all mutually sucked and finally broke and they left together as happy family members, with me already in deep yearning for the next time. The grasping young bitch still took the twenty note and my underwear and as I relaxed in a welcome foam bath, I realised my precious diamond stud had gone too.


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