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Ooz's Stories

Bill and Mike, and Carla by Ooz

Bill and Mike, and Carla

"I didn't know if you guys would show up or not," I said, smiling at Mike and his voluptuous wife.

"I wasn't sure she'd agree to come, either, but here she is." Mike introduced me to his wife, who I'll call Carla.

"I'm glad you did," I said, grinning at her. She was everything I had expected, and more. "I've enjoyed your photos, and I expect I'll enjoy the real thing even more. Jacking off is okay, but it doesn't provide the sexual highs one can get from the scent of an excited pussy... or the taste."

"You're a pig," Carla blushed. "Just like my husband," she continued, grinning as she stared at Mike.

"Guilty as charged, I agree," I said. "Shall we go inside. I got us a room in the back."

We parked our cars outside our room, and went inside. The furniture was cheap and tacky, and I loved it. Just the kind of bed we could stain with all kinds of cum and no one could complain.

"Drink?" I asked, after returning with the bucket of ice. Carla was still wearing her blouse and skirt, but had kicked off her shoes and was sitting on the bed. I filled three glasses with Scotch and handed theirs to Mike and Carla. "To hot sex," Mike toasted, and he and I clinked our glasses together. Reluctantly, Carla finally joined us, then stared at me over the edge of the glass as she sipped her drink.

"So how do you want to do this?" Mike asked, anxious to get started.

"If you'll allow me, Carla, I'd like to direct this scene, okay? You can think of yourself as an actress in an adult film if it will make you feel better," I said.

"I guess..." she replied nervously.

"Good. Okay, Mike, I'd like you to undress and sit in that chair in the corner. I want you to masturbate slowly while you watch us. Alright?"

"Sure! Sounds great," Mike said, quickly taking off his clothes. When he was naked he leaned over and kissed Carla, saying, "God I love this, baby. Thank you for making a fantasy of mine come true."

Carla didn't reply. Instead she turned toward me, waiting for my direction.

"I'm going to undress now, too, Carla. And then I'm going to undress you. Sit back on the bed, with a pillow behind your back against the headboard. Yeah... like that. Now... unbutton your skirt. Loosen it at the side so you can get your hand inside it. Right, like that. Now touch yourself while you watch me, Carla. Look how hot this is making Mike. His cock is getting hard already," I said.

Carla looked over at Mike. His eyes were glazed with lust as he stroked himself, and he grinned and winked encouragement at her while pointing his cock at his sexy wife.

"You guys are sick," Carla smirked.

"We know. Touch yourself, Carla. Touch your pussy. Make it wet for me so I can smell it when I eat you," I said, unsnapping my jeans, then unzipping them. My own cock was getting hard already, too, and I was anxious to show it to Carla. And Mike.

Carla watched me as I tugged off my polo shirt, then slid her hand inside her skirt as she watched me slowly stepping out of my jeans. I stood up and let her see the bulge of my cock and balls in my white cotton briefs, tossing my jeans on the dresser. Then I walked over next to Mike.

"Take them off for her, Mike. Take my underwear off. Show your wife my cock," I said. He did as I requested, and when I stepped out of my underwear, Mike fondled my cock in front of Carla.

"Fucking queers," she smirked, but I noticed the movements of her fingers under her skirt as she began masturbating.

"Queers? No. Bisexual, perhaps, but not queer, right, Mike?"

"Yes," he answered, his voice cracked, filled with excitement. His fingers felt good on my cock, and I let him play with me for a moment. When I was hard, I turned to him and grinned.

"I think that's enough. Carla's turn now," I said, withdrawing my cock from Mike's fingers. "But first, just a little added excitement for you before I eat and fuck your wife," I said, suddenly dropping to my knees. Before Mike could stop me I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it, feeling his balls as I did. I could taste his pre-cum lubricant, and it thrilled me. He groaned, and placed his hands on my head, pulling me into his body as I sucked his cock. And then I pulled away, grinning at him knowingly. He'd enjoyed what I'd done as much as I had, but now it was his wife's turn.

I around the bed, then sat down next to her, making sure Mike could see what I was doing. I kissed Carla, letting her taste the remnants of her husband's cock on my tongue. She moaned softly, and I cupped her breast in my hand, fondling it gently.

After we finished kissing, I pulled away a few inches, grinned at her, and reached behind her neck to unzip her blouse. I told her to raise her arms, and pulled the blouse up over her head, and off. She was trembling slightly as I reached behind her and unhooked her bra, a large "four-snapper." Carla has magnificent breasts, very large, and when they were freed from the confinement of her bra, they jiggled like mounds of jelly.

I leaned down and sucked one of her tits, biting on the nipple softly, tugging on it, as I felt it grow beneath my lips. She moaned again, and I could feel her fingers moving faster now on her cunt. We continued like that for a few moments, and then backed away and told her to sit up. She did as I asked, and I pulled her skirt off. Her panties were pink nylon, and when her skirt was off I told her to spread her legs for me. She did as I asked, and I licked her thighs before burying my face in her pussy.

"Oh God," she moaned, raising her arms above her head, giving me access to her breasts, which I played with while I sucked the juices from her crotch through her wet panties.

"Oh Jesus, Carla, that looks so fucking hot!" Mike groaned. I grinned to myself, wondering whether he would come soon or wait for me to fuck his wife.

Raise up again, babe," I said finally, and Carla did as I asked. I pulled her panties off, then sniffed them, offering them to Carla. She turned her head away, and I laughed. "Not into pussies, Carla?" I teased.

"HELL no!" she exclaimed.

"How about cock?" I asked, standing up on the bed, moving toward her face. "Touch it, Carla. Wrap your hand around it."

She looked at my dick for a moment, then over at Mike.

"Do it, baby. For me," Mike said.

She did. Her fingers were warm, tentative at first, then more active. I felt her jerking me off slowly, squeezing my cock as she slid her fingers back and forth, tugging on the loose skin of my cock as she masturbated me.

"Suck it, Carla. Make it as hard as possible so I can fuck you with it," I said.

Again, she looked up and me, then over to Mike. He nodded his head eagerly, wanting her to do it, wanting his wife to suck another man's cock for him while he watched, masturbating.

Finally, she did it. I felt her hot lips sliding over the crown of my cock, taking me inside her mouth. She resumed masturbating again, as she sucked me, and I moaned softly as her lips slid back and forth over my dick.

When I was totally hard, I pulled away. Surprisingly, she didn't want to release my cock, but I grinned at her and said, "Your turn, babe. It's fuck time. Let go."

She did, staring first at me, then at my cock, then back at me again. I moved down between her thighs again and licked her pussy a few minutes to make sure she was totally lubricated. She was. God was she wet!

"Ready?" I asked, holding my cock in my hand as I brought it closer to her cunt. She spread her legs, and slid down onto the bed, on her back. Her legs were wide apart now, and to emphasize her desire for me to fuck her, she reached down and spread her pussy lips apart for me.

"Say it," I said. "Tell me to fuck you."

"Fuck me!" She snarled almost angrily.

"First, let's make sure Mike agrees. Mike, come here," I said, turning toward him. He jumped up from the chair and came over to us.

"Slide my cock inside your wife's cunt," I said, removing my hand from my cock. Mike reached down and wrapped his fingers around my dick, then tugged it toward his wife's pussy. I went with him, and when I felt him positioning my dick at the entrance of his wife's cunt, I pushed forward, into her.

"Jesus!" Mike groaned, jacking off like crazy as Carla moaned loudly. "Yeah, man. FUCK HER!" Mike gasped, watching, jacking off next to us.

I sank down on top of Carla, on top of those fantastic tits, feeling them pressing into my chest as we fucked. Mike was still standing right next to us, and I turned toward him and opened my mouth. He moved to me immediately and let me take his dick in his mouth again as I fucked his wife. God his cock felt good... so smooth... so fucking hot. It make my cock jump inside Carla's cunt and she cried out softly, as she wrapped her legs around my waist, pumping into me, pulling my cock more deeply inside her cunt. My cock was longer than Mike's and I knew she would be able to feel the difference, just as a wife of a friend of ours had years ago. Cock size is a crap shoot, as everyone knows, and no matter how big a guy's cock is, there will always be someone with a bigger dick somewhere, and someone with a smaller one somewhere. Mine just happen to be a little longer than average, I guess, but to me it was no big deal. To Carla, at that moment, however, it was, I could tell.

"Oh God, yesssss, fuck me with that beautiful cock while you suck my faggy husband's dick!" she moaned. I felt Mike's cock twitch in my mouth when she said that, and knew he was enjoying this little scene as much as Carla and I.

I took my mouth off is cock and said, "Don't come in my mouth. Come on our faces when Carla tells me to come in her cunt."

"Oh fuck!" Mike said, so close to coming now he could hardly stop himself.

"Tell me to come in you, Carla. Tell me to fill you with my hot cum!" I said, ready to explode. Her pussy around my dick and Mike's cock in my mouth had me boiling. I was close now, and so was Carla.

"Oh God, yes. DO IT! COME IN MEEEEE!" she shouted, so loudly I knew anyone in the room next to us would be able to hear her.

"Oh FUCKKKKK!!! TAKE ITTTTT!" I cried out, feeling my cock suddenly swelling larger just before it burst inside her.

"NOW MIKE! COME ON US!" I gasped.

He did. Aiming his dick at my face, and Carla's, Mike's cock erupted sperm all over us, drenching us in it. Spurt after spurt of hot cum rained down on Carla and I, as Mike stood next to us, gasping for breath, his knees almost buckling as he fought to remain standing. Twice I felt him shoot a gob of cum on our faces at the exact moment I came inside his wife, and it was almost as though we were one person. Carla was clawing at my back as her orgasm slammed through her, causing her body to jerk and twitch so violently she almost bucked me off of her. We had all come gloriously, and I knew in spite of her reluctance, Carla had really gotten off on what we'd done.

Afterward, I slid off her and let Mike crawl onto the bed next to us. Carla was between us, lying in a sweaty heap, as Mike and I toyed with her soft body. I fondled her tits as Mike fingered her cunt, feeling my cum dripping out of her pussy.

"You really should go down on her and suck my cum out of her cunt, Mike," I said.

"I should, shouldn't I," he grinned.

"God you guys are sick," Carla smiled, making no attempt to stop Mike as he slid down the bed, then crawled between her thighs.

Carla stared into my eyes as her husband began eating her. I leaned over and licked a gob of Mike's cum from her face with my tongue, then fed it to her, Frenching her, the noises of Mike's slurping of my cum from her cunt turning me on as Carla and I kissed. She moaned again, and I could tell Mike was making her hot once more. I scooped a gob of cum from her face with my fingers and wiped it across her lips, then did it again. She made no attempt to stop me, and when I'd gathered all the cum I could find from her face, and mine, and brushed it over her lips, I kissed her again, pushing the cum into her mouth with my tongue as beneath us Mike licked and sucked and slurped my cum from her dripping pussy.

Carla came again, moaning and crying out as Mike ate her, and I knew by now he must be hard again, too, just as I was. This time I got on the bed on my back, my head toward the foot of the bed. I had Carla climb on top of me, in a sixty-nine position, and we began sucking each other as Mike's cock ever so slowly slid into Carla's asshole. I'd sucked and licked it first, then spit into it to make it nice and greasy for his dick, and when he pushed against her anus it opened up for his cock like a tight young pussy.

As Mike fucked his wife's ass I ate her cunt, occasionally licking higher, across Mike's balls, causing him to moan pleasureably as he fucked Carla. Each time he pushed into her ass I felt her lips clamp down harder on my dick, and each time he pulled out, she slid her lips toward the end of my cock. She began mouth-fucking me in time to his strokes, and when he said he was going to come again, I knew I would come at the same time. In Carla's mouth!

"Oh FUCK, I'm gonna COMEEEEE!" Mike roared, slamming into Carla's ass. I felt his balls constrict, just as mine did as well, and when he pushed against Carla's ass as hard as he could, spewing cum into her anal opening, I exploded inside her mouth as well. She never stopped sucking my cock, taking my sperm, and sucking for more. We were all gasping and crying out, creating the familiar sounds and moans people always create when they're coming. It was fantastic, and afterward, when Mike pulled out of her ass, he let his cock drop onto my face. I licked it, then sucked it into my mouth for a moment, tasting Carla's ass on it, and his spermy goo.

Mike backed away from us, then flopped down into the chair again. On impulse I reached up and ran my tongue through Carla's ass crack, probing her anus eagerly, tasting Mike's cum there, and her sweat. Carla cried our joyously, as I pulled her ass cheeks apart and sucked Mike's cum from her drooling asshole. God it was hot, so fucking hot, and I knew Mike had enjoyed it as much as I had, as had Carla.

Afterward we showered together, all three of us in the tub next to each other as we soaped each other's bodies. I introduced Carla to a little golden shower activity, suddenly peeing on her under the hot water. She giggled, and tried to pull away, calling me a filthy pervert, but then Mike did it to her as well, and we laughed together over her squirming predicament. I tried to get her to do it to me, too, but she refused. Oh well... maybe next time.

Afterward, we dressed and talked about what we'd done. Even Carla agreed it had been fun, and I made her promise we'd do it again. She finally agreed she would, and now neither Mike or I can hardly wait for it to happen again...

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