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Big Enough, Old Enough by UK Snowy

Big Enough, Old Enough

She stood next to her mum at the bar. I knew she was 16, Kim was her name. Slim Kim, slender willowy long legs and pert high tits held tight in a distinct bra that showed through her close fitting white top. Kate her divorced mum, was chunky with prominent love handles and cellulitic thighs but had big tits and was very pretty with long black hair and a tendency to get pissed easily.

Kim waited patiently as Kate ordered the drinks for them as I stood behind waiting my turn. I am a toucher, a person who throws his arms round men or women in purely friendly gestures, whether round their shoulders, backs or waists. I am known for this and for patting women's bottoms too and no one takes offence. I tap knees, hands, elbows when seated next to anyone in conversation. I always spoof people, wind them up, kid them on and surprise them or shock them with sudden approaches. The urge took me to make Kim jump.

I slid my hands under Kim's top and grasped her slim waist, feeling the warm smooth flesh as she shrieked and whirled round, her eyes blazing which then turned into laughing eyes as did Kate's on the realisation it was me. The main point was I knew my hands were very cold, hence the shriek. Kim told me off pleasantly as my eyes feasted on her young features, her long light brown hair and those high pointy tits thrusting up at me.

I had earlier ogled her bare legs in the loose high cut shorts she had exercised in. She had constantly tugged at the edge of the shorts as if she felt they were revealing too much of her neat butt. They were loose and very short and I particularly focussed on her crotch when she sat or perched on something to rest. I never got sight of her panties and merely dreamed of getting a view of them one day.

I mingled with the crowd as I usually did having much chat and things to mention to various of the gang. I was at the bar later getting a small round in which included my second pint. A lot of folk had left. I felt a presence beside me. I looked round and Kim was hovering.

'Can I get you a drink Kim?' I asked pleasantly. 'And your mum?'

'OK a coke,' she replied brightly. 'I was thirsty and was just going to get one, mum has a full beer anyway.'

I ordered for her and in the meantime took the other drinks to the tables. I turned to see Kim watching me intently as I returned to the bar.

'Your hands were very cold,' she said quietly.

'Yeah that's why I did that,' I responded, paying for the round.

'But they were gentle too,' she lisped. 'Some boys hurt when they grab.'

'Comes with age and experience,' I told her. 'So do boys grab you round the waist often then?'

'They grab anywhere given the chance. I'm off boys,' she pouted sipping her coke.

I drank some beer and studied her. Kim's mind seemed to be troubled. She stared at me over her glass, her eyes smouldering, dark brown under thick lashes.

'Can I ask you something Rich?' she murmured, glancing furtively around.

'Of course love,' I answered using one of my well known non PC terms of endearment.

'It's private sort of.' she whispered glancing around all the time.

'Well no one's interested in us. Look - they're all deep in conversation. Ask away,' I said calmly and quietly.

Kim glanced around for confirmation and took a deep breath.

'You know my dad lives in London, so he's not around?'

I nodded and sipped my ale.

'Like there's no men around I can relate to, like I can't ask him anything 'cos when I do see him it's all days out and excitement trying to fill the time, especially with Marie with us. Anyway he can't talk to me properly,' she confided, having also mentioned her younger sister.

I nodded again and indicated with my eyes she should continue. I knew the basis of her problem already, but what was the question she was going to throw at me. I interrupted before she spoke.

'You talk to your! about personal stuff,' I stated.

'Yeah of course, but this is different,' she lisped after taking a big swig of her coke. 'I mean it's not periods or anything.'

That surprised me for a start. Just to mention the P word from a 16 year old to a 41 year old bloke seemed to be no problem to the kid. I raised my brows and nodded to Kim as if to listen to her.

'This boy wants to have sex with me and I'm quite keen,' she whispered.

I gasped and answered.

'I thought you were off boys.'

'Well boys in general. This one is 18 and gorgeous but I've only done it once! with someone else... but this one - I've heard that he's er...Well he is know,' she said quietly, her eyes flitting down to my crotch and back to my face several times.


She shook her head glancing round the bar.


'No. He's apparently very er!......well - like big,' she murmured, her head almost on my shoulder.

I breathed in her flowery scent, grasping the problem and wondering what next, but I knew really.

'You say you've done it before Kim?' I ventured.

'Once yeah,' she shuddered. 'Nothing really - too quick and it hurt a bit. He wore a johnny anyway so that's all right. Didn't put me off.'

'And you fancy this bloke so you want to try it again? Why not? It's not a big deal and you're old enough.' As I said this phrase, I thought of the "big enough therefore old enough" term often used by blokes when voyeuring young women. Kim was certainly big enough. Nearly as tall as me and developing nicely.

'Yeah but will it hurt?' she whined almost impatiently.

I gulped and it was me that glanced round nervously this time. Kim's mouth hung slightly open. It was full lipped. She had a charming sort of tiny over bite with larger top teeth, maybe a bit like that Renee something US film star in Bridget Jones Diary. No one was interested in the odd matched pair huddled at the bar, even the staff was elsewhere. I thought of the fact that I was considered quite large in the penile tissue stakes by various shag partners and tried to imagine how I would stuff my cock into this slender and suddenly fragile looking girl without hurting her. I consciously tensed my dick and it lurched pleasantly against my tracksuit. I decided to answer her the best I could.

'Well it all depends on er!... well - how wet you are, you know?'

Kim nodded earnestly, but I was obviously meant to continue.

'I mean size can be accommodated easily down there,' I was whispering now. 'Babies and all that, nothing to do with age...well your age group.'

She nodded, her breath coming quickly as she leaned ever closer. Then Kate called to her, after having answered her irritating mobile phone. Kate was having to leave to collect her other daughter.

'Oh mum,' whined Kim, as I cursed under my breath and took a large swig of ale. 'It's early yet and there's no school tomorrow. Can't I stay on? I'm only drinking coke.'

Several of the gang took the piss out of Kate for trying to spoil Kim's fun and a couple of folk offered to run her home later. I offered the same and Kate declared that she could stay, gathered her gear and left, knowing the girl was with friends and quite safe. The place settled again and Kim leaned towards me in anticipation, with a cheeky smile playing over her pretty features.

'You were on about my age that was no problem and! wet thing,' she said, pulling a face of slight distaste.

I nodded and gulped and adjusted my stance as my now rock hard cock was lodged awkwardly across my boxers in the seconds I had to ogle her closeup as her attention was distracted. God! I would have loved to upend her over the bar stool her tight butt was perched on, rip her jeans and knickers down and ram it hard up her little tight cunt, just to show her that it wouldn't hurt and be very pleasurable.

'Yeah! Well you know about the wet thing. Getting wet down there helps you see. Probably didn't that first time I expect?' I queried, not expecting an answer. Wrong.

'Too right,' she responded eagerly. 'But I know what you mean. Played a bit,' she giggled and blushed.

As two people glanced at us from across the room, I thought about her pink painted finger tips flicking over her inflamed clitty, inducing those pools of succulent lubrication that so helps big cocks like mine to plunder the even pinker pleasure within. Kim continued with her next utterance.

'To tell you the truth, I'm wet now. Must be talking about it that does it,' she giggled sweetly again.

I lost all common sense at this point.

'To tell you the truth,' I stupidly blurted, somehow losing the air of confidante and advisor and reducing to the level of a totally infatuated fully sex charged rampant male. 'So am I, if you know what I mean?'

Kim's eyes widened, a puzzled look crept over her face until that turned into a grin and she glanced down at my crotch. I was lost, wanting to shag this nymphet, flexing my cock which bulged against my trackies, deteriorating into the true male of the species that has it's brains in it's one eyed trouser snake to show her my expertise as if I was in the disco club trying to pick up any piece of hole. Kim did a double take at the shape of my knob end tenting the material and grinned up at me from her lowered glance.

'Shit! she spluttered a little too loudly, attracting a couple of looks from beyond the bar surrounds. 'You're hard.'

'Well you're a damn attractive young girl and old enough to get a man hard,' I explained, blatantly tensing my prick again and watching her eyes catch the activity. I was seriously hunting now and fuck the consequences and hopefully the delectable Kim. 'Of course it's hard with someone like you around and talking like this.'

'How old are you Rich?' she asked.

'41 and you're 16, big difference,' I prompted hating my negativity. Stupid bastard I cursed myself.

'Yesss,' she drawled, frowning and flicking her hair back as young girls do when they try to be thoughtful yet provocative.

'Doesn't bother me personally,' I added, attempting to regain lost ground.

'Nor me - but would you though?' she whispered, her eyes searing mine in their juvenile intensity and clarity, seeing straight through the mask of adulthood.

'Would I what?' I asked, knowing what, one hand's fingers crossed behind my back. The one hand visible shakily lifted my glass and I sipped trying to remain calm.

'' she murmured, her mouth very close to my ears as she slowly pronounced the words.

'What man wouldn't Kim. I'd kill to have sex with you and you know it,' I told her bluntly.

She gazed almost triumphantly round the bar. She twisted on the stool and placed her elbows on the polished mahogany. Her tits jutted out and up but I couldn't see signs of nipple arousal. Her white top snuck up from the waistband of her jeans and exposed some fleshy midriff near to where I'd originally started this encounter from. There was a dozen or so drinkers scattered around. About half were part of the gang that she was as familiar with as I was. She pointed to the people we didn't know.

'Don't know them and they're too nice too kill,' she chuckled, waving airily at the gang as she said the last words. 'No killing tonight.'

'What else would I have to do then Kim?' I challenged, knowing I was a hairs breadth from success.

'Go and chat to the gang for a while, I'll do the same and then you offer to take me home. That's all,' Kim added breezily. 'Can't dash off from here, looking all excited can we?'

The little vixen had cleverly worked out a strategy which was all too simple. Within seconds we joined Rory, Gemma, John, Alice, Alex and Jo and withstood their gentle banter about close conversations huddled over a pint at the bar. That died away quickly and we shared a vivid chat on all subjects until 10pm rolled round and Kim declared she had better go. I offered immediately and was accepted to no comments or reaction from the others. We had all dropped off or picked up others over the years. Kim and I strolled slowly as unconcerned as possible out to my motor home. That was the icing on the cake. I had collected it from the workshop on the way from the soccer match that afternoon. Gary my mechanic pal repairing the steering fault especially for me on a Saturday to allow me to travel west the next day. Kim phoned Kate on her mobile saying she was with me, just leaving but I had to go via an address to drop off some documents. No worries came from Kate. Kim grinned toothily.

Two minutes later I parked it in a service station on the motorway, where campers and motorhomes stayed over regularly. I walked Kim through into the back pulling the curtains closed. She sat on the big wide side seat, slightly tense, her fingers knotted, her knees tight together, feet pointing inwards and biting her lip. I sat next to her and put my arms round her shoulders, letting her gradually sink into the embrace. I put my hand on her belly and under her top and she shivered although muttering that my hand wasn't quite as cold. Moving it up to her bra, I smoothed over the twin bulges feeling the hard material encasing her boobs. Skillfully I unclasped the bra with one hand and cupped my hand under the soft firmness of teenage breasts as she shuddered and sighed as I twiddled her nipples, finding tiny hard buds rising to my caresses.

Persuading her to remove her top and the remnants of the underwear wasn't difficult and in the orange tinted light cast through the curtains by the sodium parking illuminations it was my turn to murmur approval as I admired the upstanding buds before I bent to suckle on them. Kim lay back wallowing in the careful and thoughtful buildup, which I was sure she would not have experienced the first time. My cock was almost painful in it's restricted area, but I delayed the masterstroke of exposure.

Undoing her jeans took some time but they were too tight to infiltrate my hand inside I'd found. I finally wriggled them off, her knickers straying untidily halfway down her hips. Plain white sensible but cute, they stayed put with neither Kim or I attempting to pull them up. I placed my hand on her hot belly and stroked round and round gradually moving it lower until I felt her stiffen inside as I felt the little bush of soft downy hair. The knicker elastic rasped the back of my hand as I dipped lower and gently cupped her pubic pouch, leaving my hand still, enjoying the gentle tickle of her thatch as I nuzzled into her pale long neck. She was wet - my hand getting a soaking back and front from the love juice she had already deposited on the gusset and it's coating over the hot slit under my fingers.

Suddenly Kim pushed my upper torso away and spoke.

'What about you Rich. You taking your clothes off and showing me then?' she asked.

'Of course Kim love. You do it if you like eh?' I murmured delving my finger into her snatch in an effort to keep her on the boil. I probed amongst the soft folds of her young twat. She fiddled with my tee shirt and pulled it up over my head. She jolted every few seconds as my finger jabbed her clitoris and then left it alone. As I delved in deeply, her cunt opened to allow my finger to penetrate full length and I sensed the incredibly tight almost virgin crevasse within.

She undid my belt and I had to leave go of her mott to let her pull my jeans off. Her voice fluttered as she saw the menacing block of cock muscle striving to be released from my boxers. I ripped down my shorts and stood up as Kim mewed at my dick waving around lewdly in front of her. I stooped and pulled off her panties and for a moment we were quiet and inanimate taking stock of our respective targets.

'Rich, it's huge,' she gushed, reaching for my knob and grasping it firmly.

I wallowed in the admiration, knowing my prowess would also impress her.

'Thanks Kim and it won't hurt you. Just look at your pussy,' I told her.

She sat back letting go of my dick which snapped sharply up against my belly. Splaying her legs and pulling her teeny puss open she saw that it glistened with her natural sex discharge.

'Show me what you do. You said you played,' I urged, loving the soft silky look of her puss pouch.

A low guttural gurgle escaped her lips as she placed her hand just above the top fold of her slender labia and started to rotate the tips of her fingers. So used to older more lived in snatches with their inherent bulkiness, a bit of stretch and sag, extra folds, thick curly funolips and hairy bushes, I reveled in the pure simple curves of the 16 year old version for the first time in my life. I noticed that she didn't actually touch her clitty, but the flow soon started and her head lolled back as an element of ecstasy rippled through her young body. I hefted my cock and rolled the foreskin back, seeing a bubble of my juice seep out.

Without any further foreplay, fuck it I couldn't wait any longer to plunder this little treasure, I grasped her legs and turned her so she lay along the seat. I knelt between those lissome limbs holding them high and wide as Kim gazed up at me, alternately at my face and my cock as I lowered it onto her crotch. I got so low I couldn't hold her legs but the clever little bitch had got the message and crooked them back. She was open, vulnerable and ready.

'Don't hurt me Rich, you promised,' she whimpered. 'It looks too big.'

I didn't answer apart from shaking my head and gesturing comfort with my eyes as I let my knob end brush over the tufty hairs and down over her seeping slit. It lodged between her labia and I thrust, but only gently - inserting my helmet. Intently I kept watch on Kim's face, looking for signs of discomfort, but nothing showed. Then her eyes opened wide, her legs flopped down each side of me and she levered upwards. My prick waggled around deprived of its hot haven.

'Shit! Have you got a johnny?' she gasped, her tits wobbling ever so slightly.

'Calm down. If I needed one I would have worn it Kim. I fire blanks. Had the cut five years ago after Diane fucked off and decided to enjoy myself at no risk. Trust me,' I told her, thrusting her body back firmly, hooking her legs back up with no more reactions.

I aimed my cock again, her eyes again intent on my crotch which budged forward until my knob was enveloped inside her pink portals. Moments after a pause, I lowered and pushed and Kim's mouth shot open but no noise escaped as I sank four of my nine thick inches. Instantly I withdrew and then in again this time gaining further penetration. Initially - not once did she cry out or express noise. It was all eyes and mouth and grimaces. Then occasional little gasps and sighs started to break through as I finally managed to drop the whole nine inches fully into her sweet orifice.

After another pause to let her adjust, which she did by relaxing and tensing her inner muscles and gripping my length, the scene changed to a relentless powerful shagging as my dick pummeled her crotch and my balls bounced round her butt hole. Determined to give her the feeling of being totally shagged and reduced to a receptacle for man's meat, making her desire cock at every twist and turn of her life, I rammed home my years of fucking women of all shapes, ages and sizes, but never one so young as Kim. How could I have missed out? I thought as I felt my jism bubbling. This was fantastic, hard hot sex in an almost pure cunt. A cunt never before plundered to this depth and with such thoughtfulness. I of course trusted Kim that I was only her second fuck partner, indeed it was the second fuck she had experienced.

I raised my torso over her, grinding the hairy root of my dick on her clitty pod, immediately sensing her heightened activity which indicated pleasure.. This ploy always works as far as I'm concerned. It combines the raw urging of my cumming with the frenzied action of prolonged agitation of the female sexual nerve centre. Kim started to wail but softly. I felt her finger nails screw into my shoulders as her body bucked up at mine as I pounded into the vinegar strokes, knowing my blanks were into the barrel and ready to explode into the target. With a shout I let it go, feeling Kim's heels drumming on my butt and rear thighs.

It took many strokes of that almost painful sensation when you feel you're going to piss, as if your knob end will split and your ballocks shrink into their sac, as one with the sturdy shaft above, before I finished flooding Kim's teenage snatch. I sank immediately on to her, two bodies locked sweatily, panting and satiated. We lay still for quite a while, my face buried in her shampoo scented hair until it started to itch my nose and I had to raise my head. Her eyes pierced me solemnly and I wondered what next.

'That was so cool Rich -thanks,' she chuckled levering her head up and kissing me lightly.

I didn't return the kiss, we weren't in love. I merely pecked at her cheeks and forehead until I saw tears well in her eyes.

'Hey! Kim. What's the matter love?' I asked.

'Nothing. It was just so cool, so good and it didn't hurt. I was really really worried that you might be kidding me along just to have sex with me. You know,' she whimpered as I kissed her tears and licked them away.

'Aha! I see, well that's OK then,' I added sympathetically. Apparently my kidology reputation had preceded me again. It did get me into odd situations now and then. 'Right now I'm going to help you clean up, just lie there and think of England,' I joked sliding onto my knees on the floor. As soon as my dick had slithered out of her pussy, Kim placed her hand over her labia and seemed to search as if for cuts or abrasions. I could see that all she found were slightly puffier lips and a trickle of my jism.

Her eyes widened as my tongue neared the sticky honey pot under her fingers.. I pressed them away and she gasped and thrust her hand down over her gash as if protecting it.

'No Rich. What are you doing?' she asked.

'Clean up time love. Can't have you going home with wet knickers can we. Kate will recognise what that sticky stuff on your fingers is doing all over your underwear even after it's dried. Believe me Kim,' I advised, dipping my head again trying to unhinge her hands folded one over the other clutching her cunt. I succeeded and dipped my face into her crotch.

'But a tissue or something... Ooohhhhh!' she gasped as she felt my tongue lap over the dribbling softness of her pussy.

Her protests ceased. Kim's head lolled back, her back arched, her legs near went into splits, her haven open and welcoming now it realised there was no danger as I lavished tender tongue action on her precious vagina. Again I had hit on something new. The graunching of our crotches prior to my cumming had alerted her nerves to the joys of male stimulation outside her hole, now the sensations of straight cunnilingus were searing through her and she was reacting how I wanted her to react. Kim's breath quickened. I knew she had been on various plateaus of the ascendancy to orgasm during our fuck, now I was sure she would reach the summit. It didn't take long as I sucked her clitoris, probed her minge and swallowed our glorious cocktail.

Her hands shot upwards, one grabbed the back of the seat, the other flapped than fell to her side as her stomach heaved upwards, her strong lithe back solid in a perfect curve, rigidly holding her crotch in one position as she spluttered and then wailed until the waves died down and she totally collapsed, her whole body softening limp and floppy. Satisfied that I had persuaded her snatch to release the bulk of my load, I paused and reached for some tissues in a side cabinet. Kim lay as if sleeping, her chest rising and falling, making those twin pleasure domes almost flatten then form as I dabbed her cunt gently with a wadge of tissues. I took her right hand and made her hold the tissues tight on her hole as I got to my feet. I swiped my face and dick with tissue too as she opened her eyes and smiled up at me.

'The sex was cool Rich but that was really cool. I mean cool. I can't describe it, but thanks,' she gurgled, her voice thick with emotion.

'My pleasure as much as yours love and it didn't hurt me. You're lovely and tight for a big cock like mine,' I said cheekily, shaking my butt slightly and letting my dick wave obscenely over her face.

I would dearly have loved to squat and shove the whole fucking length of flaccid dampness into her cute mouth, but I knew time was running on and I didn't want to upset a good thing and worry Kate. Kim giggled up at me and tried to grab my prick but I wafted away and started sorting the heap of clothes..

'We'd better go Kim. Mum and all that,' I advised, unraveling my boxers and slipping them on. I found her panties and handed them to her. The kid, reluctantly - I am pleased to record, sat up slowly with a sulky pout as more of my clothes went on. She obviously wanted more but I decided prudence the best approach for the first time. What was I saying? Would there be a second, third time?

I got her home and took her to the door. Kate looked invitingly sexy in a tee shirt that showed every nuance of her bouncing unfettered boobs and nutty nipples. The shirt was over long and all I could see were her chubby legs below it's hem and wondered what she wore underneath. As she turned away as I left them her and Kim to shut the door after my refusal of coffee, I noticed her VPL carving across the mass of her big butt and wondered what shagging the mum would be like after the daughter.

What do you think? Try mum before Kim comes on strong again, as I know she will.

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