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Bettina's COCK-Tail Party Adventure by Bett J as told to Joe the Cuckold

Bettina's COCK-Tail Party Adventure

Hello, my name is Bettina Jorgenson and my husband is Karl. I want to tell you about an incident that changed our married life forever. A while back I had read a story on a sex site about a woman who went Naked at cocktail party. It was hot and after reading it so was I. I had long fantasized about this exact same thing. I was so worked up about it I had to have Karl read it too. When he was done I asked him what do you think. He said he wished he had been at her party! I then told him I had wanted to do what she did only different. I'm not into leather and spikes. He was open-mouthed astounded! He couldn't believe his wife of 12 years would want to expose her naked body in a public setting like that. We talked about it for a long time and he said "you know if you were to do that it would almost be an open invitation for men to grope you and even try to fuck you." I said I knew that and that's what excited me so. He was dumbfounded then asked me "do you want other men to fuck you? I truthfully told him "I am not sure, but the idea does have some appeal to me but don't know if I have the courage to do it." I then inquired of him "what do you think of the idea... men seeing me naked and maybe even fucking me?" Karl is a deep thinker and he sat there for a few minutes... I became uncomfortable. Then he said "The idea of them seeing you Naked really excites me but I don't think I like the idea of other men fucking my wife." Then he said something that made me wonder. "Promise me you won't do anything too outlandish. At least not without talking to me first, Ok?" I promised.

Later in the year we were invited to a cocktail party some friends were having. Most everyone knew everyone, however, there were one or two new faces in the crowd. It had gotten dark and we were all having a fine time drinking and dancing and just socializing. A group of us wives had gotten together and were gossiping... just like the guys do only we admit we gossip. As gossip does the subject turned to spicy subjects and for some reason Playboy Centerfolds became the topic of conversation. Weird! Now this is a group of mid 20's to mid 40's all-American suburbia wives here and one older wife said "I don't know how any decent woman can take off her clothes and pose nude for a magazine knowing millions of men were going to see her." We discussed many reasons why... money... fame... a shot at Hollywood films, etc. This wife finally said "I think it would be the hardest thing to do would to be nude in front of other people." I put in my two cents worth saying "I'll bet it isn't that hard. You just have to make up your mind and then do it." She said "Well if its so easy why don't YOU just strip right here and go Naked for the rest of the evening?" She had been a pain in the neck all night and she had angered me with her challenge. I flashed hot and retorted "If I wanted, I could do it" She barked right back "Well do it then if you think you have the guts!" I spun on my heels and walked off having the urge to use the ladies room.

While I did my toilet, I thought I ought to show her. Her eyes sure would bug out, the old biddy. She was almost 45 and not that attractive, having let herself go to seed. I thought she probably never was attractive. As I flushed the john and was starting to pull my panties up, I stopped and pulled them off. I looked at myself in the mirror and said "Bettina girl, you're thinking dangerous thoughts!" I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off then took off my bra. My mind raced "What am I doing? Am I really going to go out there, Naked? What will Karl think? KARL!" I slipped out of my skirt and stood looking at myself in the mirror some more. I saw a wife with a husband who loved me dearly and two kids at home, who had a place in the community that was respected. I also saw a 33 year old red head with deep green eyes, who had a nicely proportioned body that was still shapely despite having birthed two babies. My breasts were not large but about the size of a smallish sized cantaloupe cut in half, firm but just a little sag to them, with small pink areolas and cute hard nipples. I was turned on! My nipples were hard and distended. I could feel a squishyness in my vagina and I knew I was going to do it! Completing my self appraisal, I saw a cute but not beautiful face, a figure that was no longer the classic hour glass but still sexy, and I thought, my best long legs which as Karl would say.."went from my ass down to the ground and back up again!" I was ready. I knew I was going to do it... I just hoped Karl would understand. I hoped I would understand!

I had kept my highheels on and since it was summer I had a nice tan on my legs so no stockings were worn that night. Besides my shoes, the only thing I had on was a little jewelery..a watch, pearl studs in my ears, a string of pearls around my neck and of course my wedding rings. The only other thing I wore was a forced smile. I was upon the wives before any of them saw me. "BETTINA JORGENSON!" Fran my best friend shouted, "What are you doing?" The other wives mouths were agape as I stood there amongst them in all of my naked glory. I looked at the biddy and said to her "See it's easy." I acted calmer than I felt. My stomach was flipping and so far none of the men had seen me. But that didn't last long. I heard a male voice say "Whoa Shit! Hey guys, look at that!" I was surrounded by men and women gawking and gaping at my nakedness. I was very uncomfortable. Karl wasn't among the men. I wondered where he was. I really wished he was there. I mean I REALLY WISHED HE WAS THERE. I needed his approval and support, but at the same time was afraid of what he might say or do. Then he came pushing through the throng and he did a double take when he saw it was me naked in the crowd.

"Bettina what The FUCK are you doing?" he asked of me. I told him of the conversation the wives had and said I was just showing them it wasn't that hard to be naked in a public setting. Two things I noticed right off as Karl looked at me... .one, he didn't try to cover me up. I remembered his comment about his being excited at the thought of men seeing me naked. Well they were definitely seeing me naked! The second was his cock was bulging in his pants! He looked at me hard and my eyes pleaded... begged him for his understanding and for him to support me in this... come hell or high water. I saw a light flicker in his eyes and then he said "Oh is that all?" With that he turned around and walked off toward the bar. I was mobbed by the men and was flooded with questions that I had no answers for. I heard several lewd comments but the ones I remember best were "Karl is the luckiest guy here to be able to fuck her every night" and "I sure would like to fuck Bettina."

Eventually, everything went back to normal or almost normal. I mean its not normal to have a nude woman walking around during a cocktail party. At least not the ones I had been to. I circulated among the people. I could feel the eyes on me as I did. I was feeling better, less embarrassed and thanked the Lord for not allowing me to blush. That would have blown the whole thing. Karl walked past me once and whispered "How's it going Bett?" I told him I was as nervous as a whore in church but I felt ok. He looked at me a sec and then said "Bettina, remember your promise to me." I nodded and thought, ok nothing too outrageous. To me that meant... well I wasn't sure exactly what it meant... no fucking for sure, but it gave me clear field to flirt in.

I walked up to the guy who made the comment about Karl fucking me and I asked him to dance. Now it was his turn to be nervous. He looked around and saw Karl off to one side talking with HIS wife. I drug him onto the dance floor and it was a fast song on the CD player and we danced while very one watched us. All of sudden I was having a ball. I was getting away with it. Here I was, Bettina Jorgenson, dancing naked at a cocktail party like it was the most normal thing in the world to do. I was amazed that I no longer was nervous. I was truly enjoying having all of those women and men looking at my naked body gyrating to the music. My partner was getting into it and I noticed his eyes were focused on my bouncing breasts. I also saw he had a hard on and his pants bulged noticeably. But then as I looked around almost all of the men had stiffies! I smiled a huge grin and laughed heartily. My partner was Ed Jones, who was usually a bore and a boor. His wife who was talking to Karl was as sweet as he was obnoxious. Diana was a petite brunette about 100 pounds soaking wet with a rock in her purse. As "cute as a bugs ear" as Karl had described her once and I had to agree. She was small of breast but again as Karl would say... "Had a killer ass."

The next tune was a slow song and I naturally moved into Ed's arms and rested my head on his shoulder. I felt him look in Karl's direction before putting his hands on me. Fraidy cat I thought! I wanted to tease him and I moved my hips into his groin and could feel the bulge in his pants... I leaned back looked him in the eye and asked demurely, "Is that because of me?" He whispered in my ear that I knew it was and that I was just a cockteaser. "Sure am," I said and I broke away from him and drug another embarrassed hubby onto the floor and danced with him until the song was over. The bulge in his pants was evident too. For the next hour I danced with whomever I could and had a few drinks. Ed Jones made it a point of dancing with me often. Someone had turned the lights down low and most of the dances were in very low light. I guess the darkness emboldened the males as they now were groping me and trying to put their hands on my pussy and most danced with me with their hands on my bare ass. From the looks some of the wives were giving the men, their husbands, I knew in many homes the fur would fly later!

I had to use the john again while I was in there Karl slipped in with me and asked me if I was having a good time. I told him I was and he laughed "You bet you are baby. I've been watching you tease those horny guys, rubbing your pussy against their stiff cocks, letting them hold your ass and I even saw you let that overbearing asshole Ed Jones, feel you up, groping your tits and rubbing his hand on your pussy!" Karl was all over me hugging and kissing me feeling me up and groping my ass, acting like an over anxious teenager more than the husband he was. He told me he was so turned on watching me dance naked before all of them and seeing the guys trying to cop a feel and play with my tits. I told him I knew he saw me... and I told him I did it especially because he WAS watching me. Besides, I saw you with Ed's wife, Diana. She sure has the eyes for you tonight. This caught him a little off guard realizing I was teasing HIM too. Then I really shook him by saying "I'll bet you didn't see what else Ed did?" I proceeded to tell him that as I came in here Ed was already in here by appointment and I had given him a blow job! Karl was red in the face and said "Bett, I told you nothing outrageous. I don't want you cheating on me. I mean it." I told him it wasn't really cheating just being naughty. He asked me what being naughty was, saying giving Ed a blow job was pretty naughty in his book already.

Karl said, "You know they all want to fuck you Bett. Every damn one of them." I said I knew and told him everyone had asked me to go someplace and either suck them off or fuck their cocks. I told him I was so turned on that I was constantly wet and hoped it didn't show to much. He told me he could smell the aroma my pussy was giving off and so could everyone else. Then he asked me the Million Dollar question. "Do you want them to fuck you Bett? Any of them or all of them?" He looked into my eyes as he asked it and I answered still gazing into his eyes. "Yes, Karl. I do. I want to get fucked tonight, right here at this party. Not by all of them but by at least a couple of them." He asked "by Ed Jones? That arrogant asshole?" I nodded yes and said also I want to fuck Fran's husband Art. Karl asked me if I'd really fuck my best friend's husband. Still looking him squarely in the eye I told him, I'd fuck Art on the dance floor right before Fran's eyes if Art would do me there. Karl was shocked. I could see him re-appraising his wife... me.

I looked at my husband and told him. "I have had this fantasy and now that its happening I don't want to stop before its really played out. I didn't intend for this to happen I didn't plan for it but now that it has... .I... I want to go all the way with it." I continued, "Honey I love you but tonight I want to be naughty. Very naughty. Just for once. Can you live with that?" Karl looked at me hard... very hard... and said, "I don't know if I want Ed fucking you Bett. I don't like him and if he did fuck you he would make it a point to let me know he did. I won't stand for his arrogance, lording his fucking you over me. Now, Art on the other hand is a nice guy. That I think I could live with. Can't you choose someone else? Someone other than Ed?" I told him for some inexplicable reason I wanted Ed and Ed first. Karl just looked at me hard again and I saw his eyes soften and say "Ok. Ed it is. I'll figure out a way to handle him when the time comes. But you gotta promise me one thing or the deal is off." I asked him what that was? He said when you fuck Ed, I want to be there, just in case. I don't trust the bastard and I want to be there... just in case!" I wondered why Karl would want to be there and see Ed fuck me, knowing he detested Ed so much, and that he had serious misgivings about me fucking ANYBODY. I really wondered why I wanted Ed to fuck me. He was a boor and like Karl said, an arrogant asshole. I knew I might have trouble with him later on if I did, but like Karl I would deal with that when I came to it. "Karl, I don't think I want you to watch me fuck Ed. I... I would be too embarrassed for you to see me doing that." Karl shrugged his shoulders and said, "Take it or leave it Bett. That's the only way I will go along with this. Agree to it or we go home right now. What's it going to be? Do we have a deal?" I really didn't want Karl to watch me getting fucked by Ed. Fucking is such a personal thing and besides it isn't a very dignified act. But I knew my husband too well not to go along with it and to live up to it too. There would be no tricking him. "Ok you're on its a deal."

I put out my hand to shake with Karl on our bargain and Karl suddenly grabbed me, spinning me around and forcing me to bend over. He kicked my legs apart and I heard his zipper come open, as he held me bent over in some kind of judo hold. I then felt Karl's rigid cock nudging my wet pussy. Karl said "Two more things Bett, Ed isn't going to be the first one to fuck you tonight. I am your husband and I have first dibs on your hot, I wanna cheat on my husband cunt. Everyone else gets sloppy seconds or thirds or whatever. Karl thrust hips forward driving his stiff cock into my pussy and making me squeal with delight at having a hard cock in me. Karl was hot and he fucked me fast standing dog style. All the while he powered into me Karl was talking to me asking me if I liked sucking Ed's cock. How big was it stuff like that. I told Karl Ed's cock wasn't nearly as long as his, was about the same thickness, but really tasted good and when he came in my mouth he had shot a big load of cum. Karl pumped me hard and fast and said he didn't care if his cum tasted good he was just glad his cock was longer than Ed's, as he didn't want Ed getting any of my pussy he hadn't gotten! What's this some kind of male ego trip or competition?

Karl was getting me hot with all of his talk and hearing him verbally give his consent for Ed to fuck me was too much. I came shaking with relief, something I don't normally do in this position, and sighed saying to Karl... "I don't know if Ed is good fuck or not, but he is going to have his work cut out for him to beat you honey." Karl pulled out and turned me around and forced me to my knees. He told me since I gave Ed a BJ, I could at least give him one too. I licked and sucked Karl's softened cock until I had gotten it hard again and cleaned his cum from it. I had intended to suck him off but he stopped me saying it was good enough. As I was leaving he said to me as he patted me on my bare ass "Bett, you keep Ed out of your tight little asshole. You hear me? I am going to be the one who pops that cherry. You can give Ed your mouth and your hot to fuck cunt. But your ass is mine you understand?" I nodded and said yes and walked out the door. Karl said to me as I started to walk down the hall "Oh Bett." I stopped and turned. Karl said "if suckin' ain't fuckin', then eatin' ain't cheatin'. Remember that!"

Returning to the party I wondered if everyone or anyone had noticed how long I had been gone. I found my drink on a coffee table and as I reached for it my hand slipped knocking it over. I bent over to pick up my glass, which had spilled on the floor. One of the men asked me if everything had "cum" ok? I wondered what he meant. Then I realized that when I had bent over it had shown my freshly fucked pussy lips and the act of bending had forced some of Karl's cum to ooze out. To top things off, Ed comes strutting down the hall from where I had just come from with a "I just pumped the neighbors wife" look on his face. I blushed with the realization that the looks I was getting from the men and the ladies was based on the false assumption that Ed was the one who had just fucked me. The evidence was there for all to see. I laughed inside. Ed was getting credit for something he had yet to do! I said to myself well if they think Ed just fucked me then lets get it done and I won't be too subtle about it.

The Dirty Deed

I moved over to a group of wives and started talking with them, or tried to. All I got from them were cold looks and a few even colder words. Fran came up and asked me if I was having a good time. The look on her face and the tone in her voice told me she was enjoying my exhibition of my body. "Bettina, I think you are the bravest woman I know. I could never do what you are doing tonight and I am jealous. Art is simply slobbering all over himself." She laughed and then said, "I swear if I said it was ok he would try to nail you right here on the coffee table." My mind raced... did she over hear my conversation in the bath with Karl? I searched her face for a clue but found none. "Oh I don't think he would do that Fran. He loves you too much to cheat so openly. But I think you are right in that he might try to do me in private." Fran gave me an inquiring look as if to say, "Would you really fuck my husband?" Fran led me away and we talked privately for a few minutes and then I saw Ed talking to a group of guys including Karl.

I decided now was as good a time as any and if I was going to get fucked, then let the fucking begin. I asked Ed to dance again. As we moved slowly to the music I whispered in Ed's ear that I loved the blow job I had given him and I wanted more. I talked kinda nasty to him and I felt his cock grow stiffer if that was even possible? He was really turned on with the thought of fucking me and I lied to him I didn't want Karl to know. As we danced and talked dirty to each other I ground my pussy blatantly into his crotch, then humped his thigh. I could hear talk from the non dancers of "what a hot piece she is" and "I'll bet Ed fucks her again... soon." My dancing had not only turned Ed on but me too. Of course his hands on my naked body sure helped a lot! Ed had made no effort to hide the fact he was feeling me up and fingering my now very wet, and as Karl had called it, I wanna cheat on my husband cunt. I whispered into Ed's ear "Lets go fuck." He looked around and saw Karl was busily engaged in an animated conversation with Art. He obviously thought Karl was too occupied to notice us slip off. So we did.

I wondered as we snuck, not so unobstrusively, down the hall to an unoccupied bedroom, if someone who did notice us leave would snitch us off to Karl? My exhibitionism had given others an increased libido, for it wasn't easy to find an unused room. Three of the four bedrooms were occupied by other like minded party goers. Fortunately they didn't pay any attention to our discreet invasion. Or did they? Ed closed the door and was then all over me like a cheap suit. His hands were everywhere and I was loving the illicit attention they were giving me. We kissed with released passion that had building up all evening. I wanted Ed. I really wanted him. I didn't like the feeling in my mind... the part that thought with reason and logic anyhow. But yet I loved it at the same time. It was so... so brazen being naked with him knowing he was within minutes of fucking me. Ed fingered my pussy and using his hand and the fingers in me, guided me to the bed and onto my back. "Bettina I am going to fuck you better than Karl ever thought possible" Ed confidently hissed. "He is such a simple jerk I am going to enjoy fucking his hot wife."

Ed pulled off his pants and shorts and let me see his hard member. I took hold of it and took it into my mouth for the second time that night. Ed loved looking down at me sucking his cock. The look on his face was pure arrogance. But I didn't care. I was going to get what I wanted and I was not concerned with his motives. I sucked and licked his cock, running my tongue along the underside of his shaft, scraping my teeth lightly on the sensitive glans, massaging his balls in their sack, kneading them like two marbles... yes marbles all right but ones that would soon pump my pussy full of their cum. Right then I knew I was going to let him cum in me. Why I don't know. The thrill of having another mans semen in my body? The idea that his seed could impregnate me? What time of my cycle was I in anyway? I'm only 33 and I am very fertile. It only took Karl one month to knock me up the last time. Would Ed be doing the same to me tonight?

Ed having cum in my mouth earlier was taking longer than before to cum again. He was hot but not ready. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and laid back on the edge of the bed and spread my thighs, presenting my swollen lipped pussy to him. Ed saw the traces of Karl's cum in my pussy and the look on his face was now pure lust filled anger. "You cocksucking slut... you've already been fucked!" Ed cried with dismay. "Who fucked you?"

I smiled at him and lied through my teeth. "I am not sure... I never saw his face. He took me by surprise when I went to the john." Well it wasn't all a lie. Karl did take me by surprise and it was in the john. "Why should you care who fucked me? You aren't my husband. You're not the one being cuckolded" I told him. His anger at not being first maddened him and he grabbed my legs and forced my knees back to my chest. "Well if I ain't the first to fuck you tonight, by God then I'll be the best," he intoned. This is it I thought... I'm gonna get fucked. "Karl where are you?"

Ed was not gentle. He penetrated his hard cock into my pussy, forcefully and in one long hard push. My pussy accepted him and his shaft buried itself in me 'til his pubic hair was meshed with mine. If Karl hadn't fucked me earlier it would have been more painful. He held me by the knees and began pounding me hard... without affection only lust and anger. I felt his cock gliding in and out of me rapidly his balls slapping against my ass. He hissed to me, "Take this you cheap slut. I'm going to fuck you good then I'm going to tell your hubby I fucked you. And I am going to tell him in front of everyone here." I cooed at him "I love it when you talk dirty to me Ed. Come on you big stud give me a good fucking. That's why I chose you. If anyone here can you should be able to do it." Ed was not much of a lover... no technique just hard fast pounding in me... and for along time. My legs were cramping and it hurt... but my pussy was getting well fucked and I was enjoying it... too bad I thought he isn't making me cum. Karl can when he tries. Ed isn't trying. But for some inexplicable reason, I was still really loving having Ed fuck me. It has to be the wrongness of it all... the fucking of a wife by another man, etc... and Karl isn't here to see it. Too bad his loss. He wanted to be here.

I closed my eyes and let Ed plow my wet cunt. I felt his phallus poking my pussy hard and I reached around and grabbed his ass as he pumped away. I opened my eyes and looked off to one side... in the dim light I could see two shadows by the doorway. A man was kneeling and a woman was standing in front of him. Even in the dimness, not being able to make out their faces I knew WHO they were and WHAT they were doing. Karl was licking Diana's shaven pussy. Then I remembered... "if suckin' ain't fuckin'" then "eatin' ain't cheatin'." Karl was getting even! The light was falling on my face and I knew he could see me. I smiled at Karl and hopefully he took it the way I intended. I was pleased Diana and him were getting some of their own action. I had hoped that would happen. I secretly had wanted to see Karl to fuck another woman, in addition to my going naked in public fantasy. WOW, two fantasies fulfilled tonight!

I closed my eyes and when I opened them again they were gone. I didn't think Ed even knew they were there. Obviously, Diana was getting even with Ed too. I figured She was going to have Karl fuck her, not being satisfied with just blowing my husband. Ed was still going at me fiercely... and I found myself wishing I had picked Art to be first... well... er second... thinking of Karl's quickie in the john. Finally, I could tell Ed was nearing his orgasm... he rammed his rod in me even harder and faster. I had to hand it to him... the guy had stamina even if he had no technique. But he would win no prizes from me for a less than stellar performance. I wondered if he was this way with Diana. I would have to ask her now that we had "shared" hubbies. I liked her and didn't like cheating on her... oh well. Ed had been talking dirty to me all along and was probably why he hadn't heard Karl and Diana's pussy licking exhibition. That man sure loved to verbally abuse women... he had called me everything but a white woman... slut whore cocksucker bitch. You name it he said it. I guess he did it to help himself get off... to feed his arrogance.

When Ed finally... finally made it he came shuddering into me and collapsed on me pressing my tits flat against my chest. I wrapped my legs around him and to make him feel good, I lied again to him that that was a great fuck... best I had tonight. I was thinking I wonder if Art will really fuck me? Was Fran just pulling my leg or...? Ed and I uncoupled and he put his pants on, stuffing his shorts in a pocket. MMMMmm odd that! Ed wandered out without even a thank you. Karl was right. He is an arrogant ASSHOLE! You've had the last of this pussy mister! I was really disappointed. I had hoped my first extramarital fucking would have been something really great... wonderful... as it was... I got fucked better at home! Not having any clothes to rearrange and not caring what my hair looked like, I followed Ed out the door by a two-minute delay. Who was I trying to kid? Ed's cum was dripping down my thigh and anyone who even looked at me was going to know I was freshly fucked.

A Dirtier Deed

As I circulated among the couples I was right. I heard whispers... look at her with cum running down her legs... what a whore... wonder who fucked her this time?... Wasn't Ed, he already laid her once. I laughed quietly to myself... .Ed got credit for fucking me when he didn't and didn't when he did! Poor fucker. After quite a while I finally saw Karl and Diana talking quietly... apart from everyone... the cuckolded husband and the aggrieved wife consoling each other... hehe... if everyone only knew. I looked around and didn't see Ed anywhere... wondered where he was? I joined the cheated on pair, Diana smiled at me prettily, saying, "I hope you didn't mind my 'borrowing' Karl for a few minutes... I wanted him to check something out for me." She was playing with me and I liked her and after fucking her hubby I was feeling a little guilty. Even with the thought she has probably fucked MY man. I said, "Oh it's ok... Karl and I have a bargain..." leaving it hang there without further explanation. I liked her and I couldn't leave it at that... "hey look I am sorry I let your Ed have me... I like you and I feel real bad about it."

"Diana smiled and laughed, "Lordy Bettina don't feel bad... Ed cheats on me all of the time. I just wish I knew of a way to get a little more even than I am. Are you mad I... I had Karl eat me? I mean I wanted to get even with Ed and YOU were... his target of the night." I looked at Karl and truthfully said... "No I am not. I think it was good for him to get a 'taste' of another woman. I really would like to see him fuck one for me... interested in making my fantasy a reality? Now Karl was giving me a really startled look and he asked me if I was proposing for him to do Diana? I smiled at them both and said "Yes, honey and I am dead serious." I strolled away and when I looked back, Art and Fran had joined them. They, all four, were in an animated conversation motioning about and looking at me. I wondered if they were all discussing my proposition? I didn't have long to wait to find out.

Diana and Karl wandered off into the back rooms, followed by Art a few minutes later... Fran walked over to me with what Karl would refer to as a "shit eating grin" on her face. "I heard about your offer to Diana and Karl, Bettina," Fran snickered. So they all had been discussing it. "And? I inquired." "Oh just wait a few, I think you'll find out soon enough," Fran smiled pleasantly. From her smile I assumed they were going to take me up on it. The idea of Karl fucking this petite brunette while I watched him got me immensely excited... I felt a stirring in my belly and I knew I was getting squishy again... although that was the least of my sensations. I WANTED Karl to fuck Diana. I wanted to see his cock easing in and out of her already licked by my husband pussy. I wanted to have him cum in her tightly little cunny. I said a little prayer and it was answered. But not EXACTLY in the way I had so fervently prayed just a few seconds before.

I was looking around and noticed I didn't see Ed anywhere... still... wonder where he is... probably in the john? As I looked down the hall I saw Karl Diana and Art coming towards me. And they all were bare ass naked! "What the hell is this... what are they going to do? I was amazed when I found out. Not only amazed but flabbergasted as well as embarrassed and even mortified. Karl took my hand and led me to the center of the room where the floor had been cleared... we were joined by Art and Diana. Karl began speaking, "Ladies and Gentlemen. Tonight you have witnessed my wife Bettina make a spectacle of herself, parading around here naked, teasing cocks and generally raising havoc and creating hostility between some husbands and wives. You all know she has been begging for a good fucking and now she's gonna get it!"

Karl picked me up and laid me on some handy cushions on the floor and spread my legs wide. Suddenly realizing he meant I was going to get fucked right there, right in front of everyone was more than I bargained for, more than I wanted. "Oh Karl, NO! Not here... not now... Not in front of everyone... please... please no... I'm begging you." My husband smiled and said, hear that folks... she's begging for it!" Closing my eyes because I didn't want to look at everyone, Karl slid two fingers into my pussy and pummeled it quickly, his thumb working on my clit as he did so. I felt hands on my shoulders and I opened my eyes briefly. Hanging over my head was Arts semi soft cock. "Oh yes, I forgot to mention it but Art and Diana are going to help me"... Karl said smiling broadly. I knew resistance was futile but a part of me didn't want to resist anyway. I wanted Karl to take me right here on the floor with everyone watching. And he did. And so did Art. Twice!

Karl got me loosened up just enough, wet just enough, although it didn't take much with two loads of cum in me tonight. Moving up close between my thighs he laid his cock, his very hard cock on my auburn bush... as he still finger fucked me. Karl was looking me in the eyes and I saw a mischievous, not malicious, twinkle in them and a big smile on his face as he mouthed, "I LOVE YOU BETT." He was getting off on this. He was having fun. And he wanted for me to have fun too! Now it was my turn to re-evaluate him. What had I gotten started? All of this realization took about 4-5 seconds, which is good because that was all of the time I had. Karl handled his cock and pressed it against my vulva and I felt him beginning to penetrate me. The two loads of cum still in me lubricating my vagina nicely, allowed for rapid insertion. Karl bottomed out in me and began a slow fucking... of me. I said loudly... "Fuck me Karl... give it to me good. I smiled broadly as his cock glided in my body and he used his lovely phallus to Fuck me, and his eyes to make love to me. Karl used all of his best fucking techniques and brought me close to climaxing twice.

Of course Art had a hand in it too... or should I say cock? Art placed his cock on my lips and I began sucking it slowly then faster.. Actually everyone had a hand in it... most if doing nothing but watching. I was getting off on having everyone see me sucking Arts cock while my husband fucked my cunt. Karl gave it to me quickly and was quick to come... as he did I could feel him bury his cock in my pussy the head of his cock tight against my cervix, his semen, cum, jism and sperm... spewing forth and searching for an egg to fertilize. While we were coupled together as he recovered on my chest, it found one, as I later would discover. Karl pulled out and was immediately replaced by Art. Art who had had me sucking his cock, who had massaged my tits gently and worked on my nipples with his fingers and thumbs. Art who was now not pounding my pussy but trying to make me feel him inside of me. I opened my eyes from time to time as Art gave me a slow sensual fucking. I saw Diana sucking Karl's twice fucked cock back to life and later felt her laying beside me as my husband penetrated her tight cunny and fucked her with a gentle rocking motion, putting pressure on her clit, driving her mad with delight. She and I now both knew Karl was a better lover than Ed! We smiled at each other and she thanked me. De nada as we southwesterners say. Of course I was now worrying that she would be trying to get my Karl to fuck her again and again. I didn't think I would like that!

Art and I fucked for quite a while thoroughly enjoying each other's body. Fran to my delight thought it was excellent. I guess she had the same fantasy as I, to see her hubby fucking another man's wife. Glad to oblige Fran! After Art had fucked me twice and Karl had drilled Diana's hot cunny while everyone was watching, we gathered up our things and went home. Where Karl gave me a third good fucking. It was hot sex with a lot of nasty talk and I was amazed at how much I talked about Karl fucking Diana while we lay side by side. I really got off on that!

The morning after the night before: Karl and I were discussing the previous night's activities. My husband asked me if I had enjoyed fucking other men. I demurely lowered my eyes, then looked him right in his baby blues and said well it wasn't EXACTLY what I had hoped for... I didn't intend to put on a public Fucking Exhibition for the voyeuristic pleasures of my best friend. But I did enjoy Art fucking me... but that Ed Jones is a loser. Worst fuck I ever had." Karl asked me if I had had all of my fantasies fulfilled. "Fuck No! I have a million of them... and I want you to help me realize them."

OH and what about Ed? I asked about him and said I didn't see him watching the show. "Speaking of Ed I hope we don't have any trouble with him over what I let him do," I hissed. Karl smiled broadly, "Ed won't be giving anyone any problems... not now." My curiosity was piqued. "And pray tell why not? What's to stop him?" My husband gloated, "Because right after he walked out... just after fucking you, I put a choke hold on him and drug him into the next room and Diana helped fix him so he will never talk about last night to anyone!" I wondered, "How did you two fix him?" Again my husband gloated, "We pulled down his pants and Diana took some photos of me fucking him in the ass. I reamed his shitter good and he knows if he ever says anything about last night the photos will be shown to all of his friends. I think we can safely say Mr. Arrogant Asshole Ed Jones won't be giving us any problems at all!"

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