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Best Breakfast Ever by Lancer

Best Breakfast Ever

She was sitting at the kitchen table wearing her robe and sipping tea from her cup. I laid my hands on her shoulders and kissed her on her left cheek. My hands started massaging her neck and shoulders softly and gentle making her feels relaxed. She leant her head backwards so she could look me in the eyes and tell me that she loves me. I gave her a kiss. She has long blond hair and blue eyes and a lovely face.

She stood up and looked me in the eyes. I looked her in the eyes and told her that I love her and kissed her on her neck so I could smell her lovely perfume. She always puts on her perfume after taking a shower and getting ready for work. While kissing her on the neck I opened her robe and let it slide from her shoulders to the floor and so exposing her gorgeous body. She has nice firm 36C breasts with lovely small nipples and a nice trimmed pussy with blond hair covering it making one wanna lick it.

We kissed passionately allowing our tongues to feel one another while my hands were exploring and touching all over. I laid my hand on her pussy feeling how wet she got and it just made me crazy. I moved the chair from behind her so I can help her on the table. Once she was sitting on the table I kissed her from the neck to the shoulders and once I reached her breasts I licked and sucked on her left breast. Her nipple was so hard I started licking, sucking and biting it softly making her hotter and hotter.

"Oh yeahh baby suck it ohhhhhhhh Yeeah mmmmmmmmmmmm..."

I put both my hands on her breasts and started massaging them and playing with her nipples. She leant back and rested on her elbows and I kept on licking and sucking her nipples for about 5 minutes. I started licking and kissing my way to her belly and licked her navel. Then I spread her legs and found her pussy all wet. I kissed and licked her thighs reaching closer to her pussy. Once I reached her pussy I gave it a kiss and started making circles around it with my tongue while she started moaning loudly.

I opened her lips with my fingers and started licking every drop coming out of her pussy.

Her clit was hard and I licked it and bit it softly making her screaming excitement. I held her clit between my teeth and started teasing and licking it with my tongue making her crazy.

She grabbed my head with both hands and pressed it against her pussy almost making me suffocate. I started tongue-fucking her and she kept moaning louder and louder.

While tongue fucking her pussy I put my right hand on her left breast and started teasing and squeezing her nipple making her closer to come.

While she was cumming she pressed my face against her pussy and started shaking and cumming all over my face.

She got off the table and helped me up so she could kiss me on my lips and face and taste her passion juice. "Baby I loved the way you made me cum."

This was the best breakfast I ever had baby."

We kissed and hugged each other for a while and then she went to take a shower again and get ready for work.

Once she was in the shower I couldn't resist and I have to admit I was still horny for her. I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door and saw how she was rubbing the soap all over her body and instantly I got my erection just watching her rub the soap all over her wonderful body. I came in and to my surprise she opened the showercurtain and told me that she was hoping I would come to the bathroom and fuck her once again.

I took off everything and stepped in the shower with her. Our lips met and we kissed for a few minutes caressing each part of our body. I rubbed her left breast wit my right hand squeezing her nipple making her moan and shake until she backed and kneeled in front of me and took my hard cock in her hand. She looked at me holding my cock and told me: "Ohh baby you are so hard I love to suck a hard cock." .She started sucking my cock with slow movement at first but then she started sucking faster and faster until I had to stop her because I did not want to cum yet.

I helped her up and leaned her against the wall where I lifted her up putting both legs on my shoulders and her wet pussy was in my face to lick. I started licking her pussy like a dog making her moan louder. Her clit was swollen I took it between my teeth and started licking it with my tongue making her moan louder. She held my head with both hands and pressed it against her pussy. Then I let her down and told her to bend over so I can fuck her in her pussy. She bent and there came her pussy waiting for me to fuck it .I guided my cock to her pussy and inserted my cock in her pussy thrusting it softly and once inside I started fucking her full speed as she liked to be fucked.

"Oooh yeahh baby fuck me harder and faster baby ooohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhh FUCK me'

While I was fucking her I held her by the hair and pulled it backwards so she could feel my cock deeper in her pussy. Then I held her breasts with hands and started squeezing her hard nipples.

She was moaning louder and louder and she begged me to fuck her ass too.

"Ohhhh baby fuck my ass baby ooohh yeaahhhhhh I want you to fuck me in the ass oooohhhh uuuuuh."

I took my cock and inserted it softly in her ass inch by inch until it was completely in her ass. Once inside I stood still as she was moving back and forth taking it as deep and as fast as she wants.

She continued for a few more minutes when I told her I was cumming she turned around and kneeled in front off me with her mouth open so she could take my hot cum.

"I'm cumming baby ohhhhhh yeah ohh yeah take it baby take it all ohhh yeahh." I came like never before shooting it all in her mouth and she opened her mouth and let it all flow over her chins to her breasts. She then took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last drop of cum..

We took our shower and she got dressed and headed to her work completely relaxed.

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