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Belinda Comes Back to Town by G-boy

Belinda Comes Back to Town

They all knew Belinda Carter from DeGarde Elementary School. She was the short, fat girl with the thick glasses and frizzy hair. In the third grade, she'd had an "accident" and pooped herself in front of the whole class. Amid the laughter, the poor girl ran from the room in tears. For the next four years, she endured countless taunts. As her classmates bodies began to mature and bloom, so did hers. The plumpness continued to swell and flesh out into large buttocks, round hips and flabby globes. Capped with blotchy pimples, and the ever-present glasses, Belinda was even more unpopular. Then, her family moved.

Senior year at Asbury High School was just getting under way. Cindy Potter glared at her older brother's back as Adam Potter sat down in front of her. He'd been held back in his seventh year, which put the seventeen year old in the same class as his sixteen year old sister. In Cindy's mind, her brother was such an ass hole. He was handsome, with thick brown hair and bright blue eyes, and a ready smile. His participation in sports made his physique muscular, with broad shoulders. No matter how physically attractive he may be, his personality was that of a cave man. Self centered to the maximum; he had real trouble in forming a relationship with anyone other than other cave men jocks. Girls threw themselves at his feet, only to quickly run from his loutish and brutish behavior. Cindy brushed her thick blonde hair out of her eyes, and looked around to see if she recognized any friends from last year.

Even though Asbury was a public school, you had to test highly to attend the school. The only reason a "less than Academic Achiever" likes Adam was there was because of his prowess on the football field, and his wealthy mother. Cindy was there, because she'd always been in the top two percent of any class she was in. For years, the only one that scored higher than her had been Belinda Carter.

The class room's murmuring and chattering died down slightly as a petite figure with long flowing hair entered the room and looked around. The girls checked out the short girl with the big breasts and beautiful dark eyes, and hated her. The boys checked out the big breasts and ample buttocks, and a few evens looked at her face, and wanted her. Cindy wanted to trip the new girl as she walked down the aisle toward the empty seat behind her. The girl sat down and leaned forward.

"Hello, Cindy. How you been?" the soft voice said.

Cindy turned in her seat and looked at the new girl. Her soft voice and shy smile sparked some recognition, but Cindy couldn't associate the girl with a name.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" she finally had to ask.

"Yeah. Seventh grade. At DeGarde. You invited me to your birthday party," the small girl smiled slightly wider.

Cindy still couldn't place the pretty girl. She vaguely remembered her twelfth birthday, May 23rd, but that was so long ago! She'd invited her entire class; having an ass hole for a brother, she knew how much it hurt to be left out of anything, to be ridiculed. She still maintained the same loving, generous attitude toward all but her brother and his friends. She was constantly being voted "Most Popular" of her classes. Last year, at the Junior-Senior prom, she'd been voted Queen. As a huge joke, the football team had voted Adam as King. They'd had to dance their "Royal Promenade" together. Even though she was his sister, Adam had made a big show of groping her ass as they waltzed together. She also made a big show of putting her knee into his groin. The chaperones kept him from striking her, but he'd made damn sure she regretted it when they got home. Her breast, where he'd slammed his meaty fist, sported a purple bruise for a couple of weeks afterward.

She skimmed her memory banks for a name to go with this pretty little figure, but finally had to shrug in defeat. She smiled sadly at the sweet round face.

"I'm sorry, I really don't."

"Belinda Carter," the girl breathed. "Maybe if I put on my big old glasses," she giggled.

Cindy's jaw dropped. There was no way that this beautiful creature was the same; short, fat, pimple faced girl she'd almost not invited! Afterward, she was glad she had, even though Adam and his friends tried to ruin the whole affair. Even some of her friends had threatened to boycott if Belinda showed up. The shy girl had glued herself to Cindy, and was beaming in gratitude throughout the whole barbecue. She'd even stayed after everyone else had left, and helped Cindy and Miss Potter clean up. Mrs. Carter had also been very appreciative of Cindy's efforts to include her very unpopular and unlovely girl, and thanked both Cindy and Cindy's mother for inviting the fat pimply kid. A bouquet of flowers arrived two days later, with a simple note of thanks. But, at the school years end, the Carters moved to another construction site, where Mr. Carter was Project Manager.

"Belinda?" Cindy gasped in astonishment.

The girl nodded. Across the desktop, Cindy impulsively hugged the small girl. They held the embrace for a few moments, then broke apart. They smiled broadly at each other, and would have talked, but Mr. Kindle walked in, and began to call out the attendance roll.

Cindy was delighted to see that Belinda was in four of her seven classes, and that Adam was only in first period History and fifth period Physical Education. The girls both had first lunch hour, because they were seniors, and sat together. Adam sat down next to Belinda, and Cindy glared at him.

"Get the fuck away, Neanderthal," she hissed at him. "Go sit with the Circle Jerks, like you always do."

"Hey, shit face, I just want to meet the new girl, introduce myself, you know?" he huffed at her.

"You already know the new girl, cave boy," she snarled.

"I'm glad to see you two still get along so well," Belinda laughed.

She extended her small hand to Adam. "I'm Belinda Carter," she said.

"Yeah? I knew this Belinda Carter, once. Ugliest fucking cow in the seventh grade," Adam laughed.

Belinda's smiled faded. Cindy looked at her oafish brother in undisguised hatred.

"I hope you don't still think I'm ugly, or a cow," Belinda whispered.

The dumb grin slid from Adam's face as he looked at the single tear that trickled from Belinda's large eye.

"Oh! Hey! Look, I'm sorry," Adam sputtered.

"God! Why don't you just go fuck off, shit brains?" Cindy yelled.

"Miss Potter! That will be enough," Coach Shedley called out.

"Yes, sir," Cindy whispered.

Adam moved off. Belinda dabbed at her eyes with her napkin. Cindy glared at the Detention slip that Coach Shedley slapped on the table.

"I guess, no matter what I do, I'll still always be that ugly fat kid with the coke bottle glasses," Belinda gasped.

"What? Belinda, you're kidding me! You're gorgeous!" Cindy exclaimed.

"Cindy, you were always so sweet, you were my only friend at DeGarde," Belinda said. "But, I still know that I'm a God damned freak."

With that, the girl got up from the table and ran out of the cafeteria.

Cindy felt terrible. Belinda thought that she had been her friend, but the truth was that she'd only invited the girl to her party all those years ago out of pity. She'd made no real attempt to be the girl's friend. She looked at the empty seat, and saw the purse dangling from its back. She picked up the purse, and slowly tried to find the stricken girl. She found her in the girl's bathroom, huddled in the last stall. She knocked on the locked door.

"Belinda? You left your purse," she quietly said.

"Thanks. Just slide it under," the girl sniffed.

"No. I want to see if you're alright," Cindy insisted.

"Go away, leave me alone," Belinda sobbed.

"No, Belinda! Open this door," Cindy demanded.

The door slowly opened. Cindy wormed into the small cubicle and knelt in front of the sobbing girl. She looked into the large, dark eyes. She took a small bottle from her own purse and held it out to the girl.

"Eye drops," she explained. "Your eyes are all red."

"Who cares?" Belinda snapped. "No-one's ever going to look at my eyes anyway. They look at me, all they see is the fat blob."

"Belinda, that is not true! Look at you, you're beautiful now!" Cindy said.

"Oh, stop it, Cindy, all right? I know it's not true, so just quit lying to me," Belinda snarled.

"I'm not! I'd kill to look as pretty as you," Cindy protested.

Cindy was five feet, five inches tall, with a heart shaped face ringed by thick blonde hair. Her large blue eyes, pert nose and pouty lips were the subject of more than one wet dream or hand held fantasy. Her figure was that of a slender hourglass. Thirty six C cup breasts, slight waist, and sweetly swelling hips and round buttocks also fit nicely into a few fantasies. But, she knew she was no physical match for the girl that stood at least a half a foot shorter than herself. Belinda's round face, with its crown of long dark hair, so stylishly combed over to one side, with her large dark pools, snub nose and small mouth was beautiful enough. But, her large breasts, Cindy guessed, at least a thirty eight D cup, tiny waist, again, Cindy had to guess, at most, twenty inches around, and her full hips, accented by the snug jeans the girl wore, with her buttocks separated, each a perfect globe of its own right, well, Cindy knew who would capture the most male admirers. Her own outfit, pink silk blouse and cream colored knee length skirt, chosen to emphasize her slender figure and long legs, looked drab next to Belinda's simple white button down shirt and snug jeans and white tennis shoes.

Finally, Belinda resigned herself to the fact that Cindy wasn't leaving until she did, so she collected herself and the two girls left the rest room together. They didn't meet up again until seventh period Literature class. During Fifth period Physical Education, Adam tried to pry any information he could from his sister about the new Belinda Carter, but Cindy wasn't giving any information to the jerk. As far as she was concerned, the Detention she'd gotten was his fault anyway.

The week passed by slowly, as the first week of school always does. Finally, Friday rolled around, and Cindy found herself with nothing much to do for the weekend. Her brother, of course, had plans to go drinking beer and playing stupid pranks with his buddies, and her mother was going to spend the weekend at her latest boyfriend's cabin in the woods of Baylor Hills. Most of her friends had dates, so she decided to see if Belinda would like to come over and spend the night or at least part of the night with her. When she called the number that Information had given her, Mrs. Carter immediately recognized the girl's name.

"Cindy Potter! You're that sweet girl that Belinda's always talking about!" the woman gushed.

Cindy really felt terrible now. The first part of the week, she'd tried to get close to Belinda, but the small girl seemed to have a wall up, so, by Wednesday afternoon, she'd given up and concentrated on her other friends, most of which would not give the threateningly pretty Belinda the time of day. Thursday and Friday, Belinda had sat by herself at lunchtime.

"I mean, we still remember your twelfth birthday party! How is your mother doing, dear?" the woman went on.

Cindy was almost in tears by now; the shame and regret welling up in her. The poor girl, no matter how pretty she looked now, still saw herself as that fat, unpopular kid of years ago. She really should have redoubled her efforts to be the girl's friend. As it was, had she been able to hang out with Danni, or Janelle, she wouldn't be calling for Belinda at all.

"She's fine, they made her vice president of the bank," she said. "Is Belinda there, please?"

"Hello?" The light, breathy voice on the telephone was curious.

"Belinda? This is Cindy. Want to come over, or go do something, you know, or something together?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, Cindy! That's really sweet of you, but, you don't have to do that," Belinda protested. "No, you go be with your friends, I'll be all right, but thanks anyway."

"Belinda, shut up," Cindy snapped, the tears rolling down her face. "God! I'm not that sweet! I don't have nothing better to do, and I don't want to sit around all by myself the whole damned weekend!"

There was a long pause, and then the breathy voice came on again.

"Really? You're not just trying to be nice to me, or."

"Belinda, no. I really want you to come over. Spend the night if you can," Cindy said, exasperated.

Why couldn't this girl just accept an attempt at friendship without thinking it was pity tinged?

"Okay," the small voice finally said. "You still live on Jacob's Place?"

"Yeah. Same house and everything. Oh, bring a swim suit, we have a swimming pool, and a hot tub now," Cindy breathed a sigh of relief.

Thirty minutes later, a Jeep pulled up in the driveway, and Belinda climbed out. She shyly smiled at Cindy when the door opened. She still wore her outfit from school, a slightly long skirt and simple blouse. Her long hair was tied back in a ponytail. She carried a small overnight bag with her. Cindy, on the other hand, had slipped out of her tight jeans and denim shirt as soon as she could, and slipped into baggy running shorts and crop top. The nylon shorts felt delicious against her skin, and the crop top, with its tight fit, allowed her to go braless for a few hours. They ran up to Cindy's room, where Belinda oohed and aahed over Cindy's bedroom furniture. She especially loved Cindy's waterbed, with its limited motion mattress.

"I'll bet that is so comfortable," she sighed.

"You'll find out tonight," Cindy said.

"We're sleeping, um, together?" Belinda asked, surprised.

"Well, yeah! Where'd you think I was going to put you? In the closet?" Cindy laughed.

"I, uh, don't know. I've never, you know, slept over at anyone's house," Belinda whispered. "I mean, other than my cousin's, or."

Fresh tears came to Cindy's eyes. Over the five years since they'd seen each other, Belinda had obviously gone on a severe diet, gotten make-up tips and hairdressing tips, but she hadn't been able to fill that hole inside, where she used to put the extra chocolate bars, and the taunts and insults. Impulsively, she hugged the small girl.

"So, what you want to do?" she asked, when she pulled away.

"I don't know. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know," Cindy said.

"I mean, what do you normally do, when you have your friends come over?" Belinda asked.

"Belinda, you are my friend," Cindy stated.

"So, what do we do?" Belinda asked, blinking back a few tears.

"Let's go swimming," Cindy suggested.

"Okay!" Belinda agreed.

Cindy dropped her shorts to the floor and walked to her dresser, pulling her top off. She pulled out her standard one-piece suit, and turned around to catch Belinda's eyes on her naked flesh. Belinda blushed bright red, and quickly pulled a large bathing suit out of her bag. Cindy stared at the suit.

"Belinda, is that what you're going to wear?" she asked.

"Well, yeah," Belinda defiantly said. "What's wrong with it?"

"Kind of big, isn't it?" Cindy said, as she stepped into her own suit.

Belinda shrugged and slipped out of her skirt. Cindy got a hanger from her closet and hung the garment up. The blouse followed, and Belinda turned her back to Cindy to shrug out of her pink bra and panties. Cindy couldn't help but admire the girl's amazing buttocks, the fleshy globes that swiveled and swayed under the narrow waist as Belinda stepped into the bathing suit bottom. She stopped and looked down in puzzlement.

"It doesn't fit," she muttered.

"I know, it's too big," Cindy reaffirmed.

"I wonder what happened to it," Belinda said.

"Silly! That's what I've been telling you all week! You're not that fat kid anymore," Cindy yelled.

Belinda turned and looked in Cindy's full-length mirror. Her large breasts were capped with very large, dark aureoles and slightly swelling nipples. Her navel was but a dent in her narrow belly. She held her bathing suit bottom up with one hand while she looked at her reflection. She squinted at her reflection, then walked closer to it. She looked long and hard at herself, then looked at Cindy.

"I'm really not fat anymore, am I?" she asked.

Cindy tore her eyes from the large breasts. In her scrutiny of herself, Belinda's nipples had hardened from the cold air conditioning, until those wonderful circles were wrinkled tight, and the nipples themselves stood out at least an inch and a half. She smiled at the girl and shook her head no.

"See? I've been telling you, you're beautiful," she laughed.

"Yeah, but I'm nowhere near as beautiful as you are," Belinda whispered.

"Only twice as!" Cindy protested.

"Well, what I'm I going to do? I can't wear this thing," Belinda complained.

"Oh, just borrow one of mine," Cindy said. "Of course, it might not fit you up top, but."

She handed Belinda a spare one piece, and the girl wiggled into it. Again, Cindy looked at the girl's body. Her pubic hair was thick and dark, but neatly trimmed along the outer edges, in a bikini vee. The suit mashed her breasts down, but, as it was one of Cindy's old suits, it was small enough in length and breadth to fit the smaller girl. Laughing and giggling, they ran downstairs and out the back door to the in ground pool.

A wooden fence surrounded the back yard, so they had relative privacy, and they splashed and swam around until they were exhausted. They lay down on towels and sheathed.

"Can I ask you something?" Belinda hesitated.

"Sure. What?" Cindy said.

"You, um, why don't you have any hair, you know, down there?" Belinda stammered.

"What? Oh! That! Well, I'd shaved it off a couple of weeks ago, as a dare, you know, we were playing 'Truth or Dare' and Danni dared me to shave it, and I did, and, I have to admit, I really liked it, so, I just kept it shaved. I mean, it feels nice, and I think it looks sexy as hell, even though no one really ever got to see it, except for that one night, but, still."

"Truth or Dare? What's that?" Belinda asked.

Again, Cindy was made aware of how isolated this beautiful girl was. She'd never slept over at a friend's house, she'd never had a party of girls where she sat up all night, gossiping and telling dirty stories, and playing silly games.

"Well, it's when you get together with a bunch of girls, or, sometimes girls and guys, and, say, it's my turn, and I say to you, 'Belinda, truth or dare,' and then you have to decide whether you want to answer a question or take a dare," Cindy explained.

"And, how do you win the game?" Belinda asked.

"Well, it's not about winning or losing, it's just about seeing how far someone will go," Cindy said. "Well, I guess it is about winning or losing, because when Danni dared me to shave myself and I did, she lost because then it was my turn and I dared her to stick a carrot up her pussy, and then eat it, and she wouldn't."

"This sounds like a fun game," Belinda breathed. "I'd love to play it sometime."

Cindy shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, it's a lot more fun when there's a lot of people. I mean, with just us, it'll be, 'Belinda, truth or dare,' and then, 'Cindy, truth or dare,' back and forth," Cindy said.

"Oh," was Belinda's disappointed reply.

Cindy looked at the silent girl. She was facing away slightly, blushing. She realized that Belinda had simply wanted to play a 'girl' game, just like the other girls that she'd never been allowed to be a part of. Her eyes traveled over the girl's luscious body and knew why other girls hadn't allowed her to play. First, it was because she had repulsed them, and now it was because she inspired extreme jealousy in them. The pale pink bathing suit, with its French cut thigh opening and scoop neck really accented Belinda's beautiful figure. Her own baby blue suit, similar in cut, although it looked good on her, paled in comparison to Belinda. She skimmed her list of friends, trying to think of who might be sitting around, without a Friday night date, but came up blank. She looked up and saw Belinda looking into her eyes. She blushed because she'd been caught looking at another girl's body. She made a decision.

"Well, I don't know how much fun it would be, just you and me, but, you want to play?" she asked.

"Yeah!" Belinda readily agreed.

"Well, then, come on, let's go to my room, I don't want Prick Face catching us if we're doing something weird," Cindy said.

They scampered into the bedroom, after having grabbed a couple of colas from the kitchen. Cindy locked the door and they both flopped onto the large bed. They crossed their legs and looked intently at each other.

"You go first," Belinda said in her small voice. "I mean, you've played this before."

"Okay, Belinda, truth or."

"Dare!" Belinda yelled and giggled.

Cindy was surprised. She'd expected the game to start off slow. At parties, it always started off with a few questions, until finally someone would get brave and take a dare. But, Belinda jumped in, head first. She thought for a moment, trying to come up with a dare.

"Fine, I dare you to take off your swim suit," she finally challenged.

"Okay!" Belinda happily accepted, and struggled out of her bathing suit.

She sat back down and looked at Cindy, who was having a hard time not looking at the small girl's beautiful body.

"Cindy, truth."

"Dare!" Cindy laughed.

The girls laughed together, then Belinda demanded the same from Cindy. They sat naked and faced each other.


"Dare!" Belinda screamed and they erupted into gales of laughter.

Now, Cindy, despite her laughter, was stumped. She didn't know what to dare the girl to do. She racked her brains, then came up with a mild dare, to have Belinda play with her own breasts for one full minute. She had to tell the flushed girl twice that the minute was up.


"Dare!" they laughed again.

"What was it that you wanted Danni to do?" Belinda asked. "Oh, yeah! Put a carrot up in you, you know, down there, and then eat it!" she demanded.

Cindy was stunned, yet again. But, just five minutes into the game, she certainly didn't want to lose already.

"All right, but, let me put on my bathing suit, in case Adam gets home, okay?" she finally agreed.

She ran down to the kitchen, grabbed a carrot and began to run back upstairs, when she thought better of it. She grabbed three more out of the bag and put the other three by the bedroom door, then entered and shrugged out of her bathing suit again. She sat on the bed and held the carrot in her hand. Suddenly she felt very shy with Belinda watching her so intently. Cautiously, she brought the carrot to her lips. She was surprised at how easily the carrot slipped into her tight hole and she looked down as all six inches slid in. She saw that her outer lips were wet and swollen, and realized with a lurch that she was very aroused. She worked the carrot in and out a few times, then brought it to her mouth. Belinda looked on in rapt fascination as Cindy bit off a chunk of it and chewed. The smell and taste of herself was overwhelming and she had to fight down a moan. Of course, she'd tasted her own juices before, but, somehow, it was intoxicating right now.

"What's it taste like?" Belinda whispered her large eyes wide.

In answer, Cindy held out the carrot. Belinda hesitated a moment, then smiled.

"You have to 'Truth or Dare' me," she giggled.


"Truth!" Belinda chortled.

"Oh, Belinda! That's not fair," Cindy laughed, and finished the carrot.

"Come on, ask me a question," Belinda urged.

"Okay, how far have you ever gone with a boy?" Cindy asked.

"Nowhere," Belinda sadly admitted.

"Oh, Belinda, I'm sorry, I didn't think!" Cindy said.

"That's okay, Cindy, truth or dare," Belinda said.

"Truth, there, that'll show you," Cindy laughed.

"How far have you ever gone," Belinda began.

"I once let Bill suck on my tits," Cindy said.

"With a girl," Belinda finished.

The silence was heavy in the air. Cindy looked at her. Belinda blushed and looked away.

"Well, Danni and I kissed, you know, with our tongues, once, at a 'Truth or Dare,' and I once had to lick Janelle's nipples, but that's about it. How about you?" Cindy admitted.

"No! You didn't ask me truth or dare," Belinda yelled.

"Okay, fine, Belinda," Cindy said.

"Dare!" Belinda giggled.

"God! Belinda, you sure you never played this before? You sure are good at it!" Cindy exclaimed.

Belinda shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Cindy looked at the beautiful girl and thought for a moment. She was very aroused, remembering that last game of 'Truth or Dare,' the one where she'd shaved herself. The game had ended when Danni dared Penny Darrand to lick her pussy, and Penny had stormed out of Janelle's house. They contented themselves with watching Janelle's older brother's pornographic tapes, and quietly masturbating themselves underneath their individual blankets. She wanted to go to the bathroom right now and rub herself to orgasm, both from the memory of that night, and from looking at Belinda now. She couldn't do that as long as she and Belinda were playing this game. And she wanted to win. Her competitive spirit urged her on.

"Fine, I'm going to stick another carrot up in me, and I want YOU to eat it this time," Cindy crowed.

She went to her door and opened it. She grabbed the three carrots and brought them into the room. Belinda giggled when she saw that Cindy had been prepared. Cindy made a big production of working the vegetable into her drooling pussy, and working it in and out a few times. This time, however, she couldn't stifle the moan that escaped her lips. She held the carrot inside of her for a moment, then slowly pulled it out of herself, and held it out to Belinda. The orange skin was glistening with her juices. Belinda got up on her hands and knees and crawled on the bed toward the offered treat. She slowly opened her mouth wide and slipped her lips around the end of it. Cindy moaned again as she felt Belinda suck the carrot into her mouth. Belinda sucked nearly four inches into her mouth, then bit down and chewed. Cindy watched the girl intently. Her pendulous breasts swayed and jiggled as she chewed. With a smile, she swallowed, then took the remaining two inches out of Cindy's hand with her mouth. Cindy shivered as Belinda's tongue caressed her fingertips. With a satisfied smile, she sat back down and looked at Cindy.

"My turn," she breathed. "Cindy, truth.."

"Dare," Cindy moaned.

"Um, okay, I want you to take another carrot, and use it, you know, to get off," Belinda blushed.

Cindy quickly grabbed another carrot and jammed it deeply into herself. It only took a few thrusts and she shook and squealed in orgasm. She sat back and spread her legs wide as the orgasm rippled through her. When she calmed down, she let the carrot slowly slide out of herself and lay back on the bed.


"Dare," the girl whispered.

"Your turn," Cindy panted.

With that, Belinda grabbed the last carrot and lay back. Cindy watched as the vegetable slipped in and out of the dark thicket that covered the other girl's swollen deep pink outer lips. Within moments, the girl's breasts were heaving in orgasm. Like Cindy, she let the carrot slip out of its own accord, then sat back up and blushed.

"Oh, oh, okay, Cin, Cindy, um, truth.."


"What'd it feel like, you know, to shave yourself, down there?" Belinda asked.

"That's not a Dare, that's a Truth," Cindy protested.

"Fine, I dare you to shave me," Belinda panted.

Cindy looked at the girl in shock. Belinda looked away as her deep blush covered her entire face, neck and chest. Finally, she looked at Cindy and held the gaze. Cindy nodded her head and motioned Belinda into the small bathroom that adjoined her bedroom. She grabbed her nail scissors, and had the small girl sit on the toilet, legs spread wide. Belinda watched and groaned as more and more of her thick bush fell away. Slowly, her pubic mound came into view, and her slick puffy lips were exposed. Finally, Cindy deemed that enough hair had been shorn away, and got the lather out. Belinda moaned and panted as Cindy spread the menthol lather about, then shivered as Cindy carefully dragged her razor down. A few stubborn hairs required more aggressive action, but to Cindy's credit, even as excited as she was, she did not cut Belinda's skin. Finally, she got a wash cloth, warmed it in the tub's tap, and gently removed the last traces of lather. Playfully, she rubbed the cloth over Belinda's exposed and throbbing clitoris. Belinda shrieked in orgasm. She looked at herself in Cindy's full-length mirror as Cindy sat on the bed and admired

Her handiwork. Finally Cindy spoke hoarsely.

"Okay, it's my turn. Belinda, truth or.."

"Dare," Belinda said, still admiring herself in the mirror.

Cindy knew what she wanted to dare Belinda to do, but she also knew she didn't have the guts to do it. She thought for a moment, then shrugged. She wouldn't ask for what she really wanted, but this was almost as good.

"Take this carrot, and use it on me, until I come," she dared.

Belinda hopped between Cindy's outspread legs and knelt, carrot at the ready. In her overwrought state, it only took a few thrusts and she squealed in pleasure. Belinda kept up the maddening thrusts until Cindy finally pushed her away.

"My turn, Cindy, truth.."

"Dare," Cindy panted.

"What's it like, to, um, kiss a.. I want a kiss, you know, with tongue," Belinda pleaded.

They looked at each other for a moment. Belinda's blush was back, and her nipples were so turgid that Cindy could actually see them throbbing. Her own nipples ached and her pussy drooled and burned with need. Cindy had never considered herself a lesbian or anything like that. Of course, there were the 'Truth or Dare' games that she'd played, but, if there had been a guy present, she'd have preferred to do some Dares with him, rather than Danni, who was a pretty little blonde, or Janelle, a very pretty African American female. But, at this moment, she was extremely attracted to this small girl, with her innocent enthusiasm, and her hunger. She nodded her head, and Belinda got on her hands and knees to crawl to Cindy.

"Hey, no more 'Truth or Dare,' okay?" Cindy said. "You want to do something, or know something, you just ask, okay?"

"Okay," Belinda breathed, and her soft, small mouth was on Cindy's full lips.

They kissed for a few moments. After a few clumsy fumbles with each other's tongues, they got into the rhythm. Belinda's breath was hot and sweet, and Cindy's head was whirling by the time they broke the kiss. Belinda looked deeply into Cindy's eyes, and smiled.

"I've wanted to do that, ever since that party," she whispered. "I think, I think I love you."

"Oh, God, Belinda!" Cindy moaned. "Quit that!"

"It's the truth," Belinda whispered again, and looked away.

They sat in silence for a few moments. Cindy's desire had waned slightly; Belinda had spoiled the mood by bringing up that silly party and confessing love for the twelve-year-old that had only invited her out of pity. Cindy looked at Belinda's face. Tears slowly trickled down. Her heart lurched, and she enveloped the girl in a hug.

"Right now, I think I love you, too," she whispered into the girl's ear.

Belinda shook her head no, and pulled away.

"No, that was stupid of me. I should have just kept my mouth shut," she whimpered.

"Why? It's the truth, isn't it?" Cindy whispered into the small ear, and held the girl tighter.

Their breasts rubbed together. Cindy could feel the other girl's nipples grow, and felt her own swelling and tightening as well. Slowly, she lowered her head and gently kissed the small mouth. After a few persistent moments, Belinda's mouth opened and their tongues touched. The kiss held more tenderness in it then their previous kiss had. Cindy ran her hands up and down the small back and finally cupped and squeezed those magnificent buttocks. Belinda moaned into Cindy's mouth and began to caress Cindy's flesh as well. When they finally broke the kiss, Belinda's tiny tongue slithered down to Cindy's throat, then to her collarbone. Cindy leaned back into her overstuffed pillows and Belinda slid her small body between her spread legs. Cindy thought she would scream in another orgasm when Belinda's tongue swabbed across one of her nipples. After agonizing moments played on each breast, Belinda shifted her weight further down to Cindy's belly. Her tiny hands began to dance up Cindy's thighs. When her fingers grazed the swollen lips, Cindy shrieked out in orgasm. Belinda's tongue danced down and Cindy shivered.

"Wait!" she gasped. "I want to do you, too!"

"No," Belinda moaned. "Let me do it all."

But Cindy gripped the girl underneath her arms and hoisted her back up. Belinda shook her head in protest as Cindy's tongue laved over her swollen nipples. She tried to push Cindy away, but the larger girl held firm and finally rolled the smaller girl over onto her back. Again, she pulled a large nipple into her mouth, and Belinda shook in orgasm when Cindy lightly bit down on the pulsing flesh. She played her tongue and teeth on the sensitive flesh, then slowly wormed her way down to the delightful little belly button. Belinda giggled and groaned as Cindy jabbed her tongue in and out. But, when she slithered further down, Belinda clamped her legs tightly shut. The two girls giggled and wrestled on the bed, each trying to get between the other's legs with their mouths and hands.

"Oh, God, Cindy, I love you!" Belinda gasped.

"Lindy, I love you, too," Cindy wheezed.

"Lindy? I like that! Cindy, and Lindy!" Belinda exclaimed.

They kissed each other, trying to suck the other's tongues into their own mouths. Their hands were frantically rubbing each other's throbbing pussies. Belinda finally pulled away.

"Let me lick you!" she gasped.

"No! Me, first!" Cindy growled.

"We can do it, at the same time," Belinda suggested.

They kissed their way into a sixty-nine position, Belinda on her left side, Cindy on her right. Cindy hesitated only momentarily. She'd never done this before, had never really wanted to. She'd, of course, heard the jokes and gossip in the girl's locker room at school, about this girl or that one, that liked to do this, but she'd never considered herself to be one of those. Belinda's smooth pussy smelled musky sweet, and she wanted to taste it, please her friend. Belinda, for her part, did not hesitate to delve her small tongue into Cindy's drooling cunt. She savored the sharp tang and delved in for more. Her groans of passion and love came on before she even felt Cindy's tongue gingerly swipe her own swollen labia. When Cindy found her clitoris, she shuddered in yet another orgasm, and dug her tongue deep into Cindy. When another orgasm racked through her, she shifted forward slightly, and swabbed her tongue over Cindy's puckered anus. Cindy jerked and screamed. Belinda kept her tongue imbedded in the spicy opening until Cindy's muscles relaxed. She then slid a small finger into the hole and wiggled it around. Cindy thrashed in delight and wonder as a powerful orgasm ripped through her entire body. She brought her own tongue into the cleft between Belinda's beautiful globes, and found the girl's anus. The musky, sweaty taste was, rather than repulsive, powerfully erotic. Belinda squealed and wormed a second finger into Cindy's throbbing rectum. Cindy picked up a carrot and gently pushed it against Belinda's clutching opening. Belinda screamed again and rolled onto her back, legs splayed open.

"Yes! Fuck my ass!" she screamed.

Cindy did just that, thrusting the lucky vegetable in and out, while Belinda tried frantically to work a third finger into Cindy, but finally gave up trying to hold onto the other girl's body at all while orgasm after orgasm ripped through her. Finally she pushed Cindy away, and let the carrot slowly slide out of her satiated bowels. Cindy kissed her breasts until Belinda regained her breath.

"Your turn," Belinda ordered.

In response, Cindy got on all fours. Belinda picked up the last carrot and slid it in and out of Cindy's upthrust pussy.

"Wrong hole," Cindy grunted.

"Got to get it wet first," Belinda murmured, then licked up and down Cindy's ass crack.

Her long hair fell across Cindy's buttocks and thighs, and Cindy shivered in delightful agony. She shuddered and grunted as Belinda slowly worked the carrot into her resisting anus. She'd worked a finger into her rectum once, while masturbating, after watching one of Janelle's brother's tapes, but had received no pleasure from it. This, however, was completely different. The sensitive flesh felt totally inflamed. With gentle in and out thrusts, and teasing round and round twirls, Belinda brought her to an orgasm that felt as if it were ripping through her entire anal cavity. As soon as she caught her breath, Belinda began to saw the carrot in and out, roughly. The next orgasm knocked her flat onto her stomach, and it was a few moments before she could roll over onto her back. Belinda smiled at her and brought the soiled vegetable to her mouth. Cindy watched as Belinda, without hesitation, ate the treat.

"I love carrots," she giggled.

"Me, too," Cindy giggled. "Give me the one that was in your butt."

Belinda found the stained carrot and held it to Cindy's lips. Cindy ate it from Belinda's hand, while Belinda's other hand gently traced little circles on her torso. The taste of the carrot was not pleasant, but it was also not unpleasant. She felt a shiver of delight that they were doing something so, so nasty! She reached for her can of cola. Empty. She reached for Belinda's can, but Belinda snatched it away, and took a big sip. She brought her tightly closed lips to Cindy's. Cindy felt the now warm liquid trickle out of Belinda's mouth, and she gulped as much as she could. They shared the cola until the can was empty.

The girls lay, naked, in each other's arms, dozing lightly. The slam of the front door woke them up. Quickly, they shrugged into their nightshirts. Cindy looked at the bedside clock. It flashed 11:41. Adam must be home from his drinking and destruction bout. Cautiously, she opened her door and peeked out. Adam was staggering up the stairs, supporting Paul Robertson, a friend of his. Paul had obviously had too much to drink, as he was stumbling and lolling his head.

"Just a few more steps," Adam crooned, and they disappeared into Adam's bedroom.

Paul was one of the few friends that Adam had that did not completely repulse Cindy. He was tall, muscular, and blonde. He was also intelligent, and not as self-centered as the rest of Adam's friends. He seemed to care about how his actions affected others. Cindy motioned to Belinda to be quiet, and follow her. They scampered down the hall, to Miss Potter's study, a small room connected to Adam's bedroom by a shared bathroom. They walked rapidly through the darkened room and eased the bathroom door open. Belinda almost squealed. The light was on, and Adam had Paul's pants down to his knees, supporting him while Paul emptied his bladder messily. Very little of his endless stream actually hit the toilet bowl. The girls watched silently as Adam held and stroked the almost unconscious boy's swelling and spurting prick. Finally, Paul finished, and Adam sat him down on the edge of the tub. Cindy and Belinda had to stifle a shriek of delight and disbelief as Adam lowered his head and took the swaying boy's half-erect member deeply into his mouth. His head bobbed up and down on the swelling meat while his hands worked at getting Paul's pants completely off. Cindy quietly backed up, Belinda right behind her. As quietly as she could, she got her mother's new digital video camera, and turned it on. Belinda stifled a giggle of delight as Cindy pointed the long lens toward the half-open bathroom door and taped her brother sucking another boy's cock. The camera caught the entire action; even the small dribble of Paul's semen that slid out of Adam's busily gulping mouth.

They held their breaths as Adam helped the unconscious boy to his feet and led him into the darkened bedroom. Adam hit the light switch and the bathroom was enveloped in darkness. Cindy and Belinda cautiously waited, then slowly padded into the bathroom. The door to the bedroom was wide open, and Adam's night light glowed. They watched as Adam stripped Paul's shirt off, then removed his own clothing. Cindy videotaped Adam sucking Paul to another erection, then lowering himself on the prostrate boy's cock. They almost gasped as Adam easily took Paul's entire nine inches deep into his bowels. Within moments, he was grunting like a pig and bouncing on Paul's erection. Cindy captured Adam's bliss as his eight inches of turgid manhood spurted thick white semen. He caught as much as he could into the palm of his hand and licked his hand and dripping fingers clean. Then he got off of Paul and sucked Paul's cock to a second orgasm. Cindy and Belinda retreated as a naked Adam padded toward the bathroom. The girls ran back into Cindy's bedroom and locked the door.

"My God, I don't believe it! My brother's a faggot!" Cindy hissed.

Belinda looked at her funnily.

"Well, what are we? I mean, we just finished.."

"That's different," Cindy insisted. "I mean, I didn't have to get you drunk to do you, did I?"

"No, but, just in case, I brought some vodka," Belinda admitted.

"Lindy! You did not!" Cindy laughed.

As proof, Belinda procured the bottle from her bag. Cindy looked at her and laughed. They ran down to the kitchen and grabbed two more colas. Adam padded down, now in running shorts.

"Hey, cow," he sneered at Belinda.

That was one thing about Adam. He might not be very bright, but he intuitively knew how to hurt people. He sensed their inner fears and doubts, and plagued them. Belinda crumpled inside from his taunt.

"Oh, fuck you, Adam," Cindy screamed at him.

"Any time you're ready," he grinned, and grabbed his crotch.

"Shit, in your dreams, cave boy," Cindy sneered.

The girls quickly scampered out of the kitchen, but not before Adam grabbed a painful handful of Cindy's buttock.

"It'd be in your dreams, fat ass," he sneered.

Safely in her room, with the door locked, Cindy downloaded the digital images of her brother sucking Paul's cock, then fucking himself on it, onto a blank tape. The girls turned off the lights and drank their cola and vodka drinks and watched and rewound and watched the homosexual activities. After the third go around, they noticed that Paul's hands had been encircling Adam's hips.

"He was awake for that?" Belinda gasped.

"God, the way Adam's bouncing, it'd be hard not to be awake," Cindy agreed.

They drank two more vodka and colas, and then curled up to sleep.

The next morning, Cindy woke up with Belinda's soft breath blowing over her ear. She looked over, and the small girl was sound asleep, her arm around Cindy's waist. She was beautiful in her sleep, and Cindy gently kissed the smooth forehead. The breath caught, and Belinda's large eyes fluttered open. She smiled sleepily at her lover.

"Good morning. What time is it?" she whispered.

"I don't know. The clock's behind you," Cindy whispered back.

Belinda turned her head slightly.

"Nine thirty one. What time do you have to get up?" she murmured.

"No special time, but I have to pee," she said.

"Me too," Belinda murmured, and snuggled closer to Cindy.

"You want to go first?" Cindy asked.

Belinda shook her head no, so Cindy kissed her again, and wiggled out of the bed. She sat down on the toilet and relieved herself. She looked up and saw Belinda watching her as she peed. That pretty blush started on Belinda's face, neck and chest. Her embarrassment didn't stop her from dipping a finger in between her legs, though. Cindy finished; wiped herself dry and let Belinda use the toilet. She grabbed a handful of the tissue paper, and gently dabbed Belinda's smooth pussy.

They showered together, delighting in the soapy touches, until the water began to trickle out colder and colder. They dressed in ripped jeans and tee shirts and skipped downstairs.

At the kitchen table, they found a much hung over Paul and a nervous Adam. Paul attempted to engage Belinda in small talk, but was feeling too poorly to do it very well. After a quick breakfast, Cindy called Danni, and was delighted when the small blonde agreed to come on over. She was even more delighted when she heard Adam and Paul decide to go to Paul's house for the rest of the day. Paul told Adam he had some really great fuck flicks they could watch. They left, and ten minutes later, Danni came in. It must have been ripped jeans and tee shirt day for all Asbury girls, because that's what she wore for the three block walk to Cindy's house. The small blonde stared in dislike at Belinda.

"Lindy, this is Danni, one of my best friends, and Danni, you already know Lindy," Cindy introduced the two girls.

Belinda shyly shook hands with the pretty blonde. Danni was about three inches taller than Belinda was, but with a skinny, sexless body, she looked smaller. Because her light colored hair was cut very short, from the back, many mistook her to be a boy. Her face removed that doubt. Big blue eyes and sensual lips were that of a pretty girl. Cindy and Belinda fixed themselves another vodka and cola each, and Danni fixed herself one as well, and the three girls tramped up to Cindy's room.

"You have got to see this videotape we got," Cindy crowed to an unusually quiet Danni.

Danni sat in open-mouthed shock as the tape played out for her eyes. Belinda and Cindy sat on the bed and giggled and shouted out comments during the eleven and a half-minute tape. When it was over, Danni turned and looked at Cindy.

"I don't believe it!" She exclaimed. "I mean, he's always grabbing me, pinching me, and I've seen him grabbing other girls, too!"

"I guess it's just to cover up the fact that he's a closet faggot," Cindy mused.

"I guess!" Danni agreed.

She finished her drink, and trotted into the bathroom.

"She's got a bladder the size of a peanut," Cindy laughed.

"I do not!" Danni protested.

The girls laughed. Belinda and Cindy shared a quick kiss before Danni returned.

"Are we going to play, you know, 'Truth or Dare' with her?" Belinda whispered to Cindy. "God, Lindy! I don't think so!" Cindy exclaimed.

"Oh," Belinda looked disappointed.

"You want to, you ask her," Cindy said.

"Ask me what?" Danni demanded upon her return from the bathroom.

"She's your friend, you ask her," Belinda pleaded.

The hot air and jerky ride had not improved Paul's hang over one bit. Throwing up out of the truck's window had helped somewhat, and a full glass of orange juice and five aspirin, along with a cold wash cloth helped. Adam and he sprawled out on his bed. "Well? Where's these fucking tapes?" Adam finally demanded.

"Where they always are, butt face," Paul said.

Adam opened the desk drawer and pulled out a new looking tape. The title, just a number, didn't tell him anything about the tape, so he pushed it into the tape player. The screen flashed blue, then black, and the credits, "Fuck and Suck Bath Time" flashed on the screen. Adam sat on the edge of the bed and watched in disbelief as the action started right away. A muscular stud was slowly soaping up his massive erection, then another muscular man walked in to the bathroom.

"Hey, there room in there for me?" he asked.

"Sure," the other man said, and slid over.

Adam's prick swelled in his pants as the two men kissed and fondled each other's soapy bodies. He jerked as he felt Paul's arms come around him and tweak his nipples through his tee shirt.

"How fucking drunk do you think I am, with you sucking my dick, butt face?" Paul whispered into his ear.

The two boys kissed passionately, and Adam came in his shorts. Paul stripped him, and sucked his resurgent cock to another orgasm. Adam lay on his back and let Paul take him like a girl. As they caught their breath, they watched the hot gay action on the television. Adam finally got to fuck another boy's tight, squirming ass as Paul bent over his desk. Adam couldn't believe it, but his dick was swelling up for more action as Paul thrust in and out of him as he bent over Paul's desk.

"Ask me what?" Danni demanded.

"She wants to know if you want to play 'Truth or Dare,'" Cindy flatly stated.

Danni looked at the pretty object of her hatred, and saw the deep blush on the girl's face and neck. She looked at Cindy, and saw a fainter blush beginning on her friend's face. The vodka must be doing its trick, she thought, as the idea appealed to her. Both girls were looking away from her, so she sat down on the foot of the bed and faced them.

"Okay," she said. "Who's first?"

The two girls slightly jumped at her acquiescence. They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"You first," Belinda said to Cindy.

"No, you first," Cindy insisted. "You're the one who wanted to play."

"Well, someone go first!" Danni yelled.

"Okay, Danni, truth or dare?" Belinda whispered.

"Truth," Danni said.

"How far have you ever gone with another girl?" Belinda whispered.

"I, um, I once stuck my finger, um, in Bonita's pussy," she blushed and admitted. "Okay, my turn! Cindy, truth.."

"Dare," Cindy said.

"Oh! Um, oh, okay. I dare you, to, um, you stick your finger in Lindy's pussy," she giggled.

She watched in rapt attention as Belinda shrugged out of her tight jeans and panties, and Cindy easily slid a finger in and out of the smooth pussy before her very eyes. When she called time, Belinda simply left her pants and panties in a heap on the floor.

"Okay, Danni, truth or dare," Cindy said.

"Dare," Danni bravely said.

"I dare you to suck Lindy's tits, for a whole minute," Cindy declared.

Belinda shrugged off her tee shirt and bra, and Danni stared at the huge globes of flesh. The nipples were beginning to tighten and swell. Cautiously, she scooted forward on her knees and gingerly took first one nipple in her mouth. She sucked for what she assumed to be a half a minute, then switched to the other one. She heard Belinda moan in pleasure right before Cindy called time, and she sat back and looked at the pair before her. She wanted to dare Cindy, but decided to dare Belinda instead.

"Lindy, truth.."

"Dare," Belinda crowed.

"I dare you to suck my tits, for a full minute," she snapped.

Belinda waited as Danni shrugged out of her tee shirt. Her small breasts were bare underneath, and Belinda gently took one flaccid nipple into her mouth, and slowly licked and sucked until Danni's nipple was throbbing. Danni groaned in surprise and pleasure as she felt Cindy's mouth descend on the other one.

"But, I didn't tell you truth or, oh!" she moaned.

She allowed herself to be eased backward on the bed until she lay flat on her back, two gentle, persistent mouths nuzzling her sensitive flesh. She didn't know which hand was unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, nor did she care. The jeans were pushed down and Cindy's hand was tracing circles around her full bush. Suddenly, a familiar feeling gripped her.

"Oh, shit, I got to pee!" she cried, and scrambled out of the bed.

When she returned, Cindy had stripped off her clothes and was cradling Belinda's head to her breast. She hesitated a moment, then struggled out of her jeans and panties and clambered onto the bed. Belinda turned and smiled at her.

"Truth or dare," she laughed.

"What?" Danni said.

"Truth or.."

"Dare!" Danni said.

"I dare you to lay down and close your eyes," Belinda said, with a wicked little grin.

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