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Behind the Scenes of Tom Jones by Omni

Behind the Scenes of Tom Jones

"Behind the scenes of Tom Jones" by Omni It was the first dress rehearsal of the high-school production of Tom Jones, a comedy about the medieval ages. John was a senior in the production and had taken on the 300-line part of Tom Jones - the main character. Jessica, the junior costume manager had spent the past half an hour sorting the colorful clothing onto racks and boxes and was exhausted. The last thing she wanted was to see a crowd of overdramatic teenagers disorganize her work and then ask her why it was messy.

She sat back and watched as the people burst through the doors loudly conversing and tear their costumes off the racks and out of the boxes from which they laid neatly. She sighed deeply at the fact she was doing all this work for nothing, not even receiving a simple thank you. Everyone grabbed something to wear and disappeared into the changing rooms, except John who couldn't find his costume. "Excuse me... Jessica, right?" John was always polite, and really wanted to get in costume before the director, Ms. Carson, yelled at him.

She looked up and smiled, someone finally noticing her. "Hi, yeah, that's me," she mumbled, realizing how stupid she sounded.

John laughed softly and asked, "Have you seen my first scene costume... the blue one?"

"Oh, yea I found a hole in it and stitched it up in the bathroom behind the stage" Her eyes kept scanning his well-toned football player body.

He quickly nodded and walked off towards the bathroom to search for the suit, Jessica's eyes however, were scanning his tight ass. She was extremely turned on and unknowingly, she grabbed her crotch as she felt herself moistening. Dirty thoughts ran through her mind, mostly because she had a 3 year old crush on John, but also because she hadn't fingered herself in a month.

John was looking through the bathroom, isolated from every person, not a sound could be heard. It was dark and he was having trouble finding..."Aha!" his hands falling upon his costume in the dark. "Damnit, where are the lights?" He groped the wall but could find nothing. "Hell" he thought...."I have to get in costume quick or Ms. Carson will eat my ass off." He searched a while more in the dark, grinning at the thought of Ms. Carson literally eating his ass out. She was a 25 year-old graduate of a theater arts college. This was her second year at St. Bonaventure Highschool and she wanted to run a good show. However it was difficult for the boys of the play to concentrate when her nice perky breasts were always begging to be freed from her tight white shirts. She was a blond with shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and had the most perfectly developed and matured body any of the boys had ever seen. Just thinking about her wet little tongue up his ass made him as hard as a pole. "Shit" he told himself, finally giving up on finding the switch. He decided to change in the dark, his throbbing erection wanting out of his pants anyway. Quickly he pulled off his t-shirt, shoes, pants, and boxers and stood naked, trying to find the zipper for his elaborate costume.

Jessica, still imagining John's tight ass in her mind, realized that she forgot to plug in the lamp in the back bathroom. "Damn these ancient schools," she cursed, the entire area behind the stage lacking proper electrical facilities. She headed off towards the back to help John find his way around. Crouching down quietly, she found the cord of the powerful lamp and plugged it in.

Her eyes opening wide, gazing at John's solid, half-naked body.

John looked up suddenly, surprised as hell, as the costume slipped from his grasp. He was now giving Jessica a clear view of his naked body and thick erection, making her hornier than ever. They both stood a few seconds in shock and then John grabbed his costume and covered himself again. She shook her head out of the sexual trance she was in and spoke out, "Oh! I'm sorry... I didn't mean to... I mean I didn't know". Out of all her fantasies she had never expected events to turn out this way, and she really wasn't sorry that she had walked in on him.

John, being polite as always, grinned. "Oh... no problem, I just couldn't find the light." His cock throbbing behind the flashy costume, he loved the thrill of women admiring his naked body -- especially unexpected ones.

She grinned and told him "You know in the dark, you could poke someone's eye out with that thing," laughing softly, trying to remember every detail about his hard dick.

Blushing instantly John replied, "Then I suppose it's a good thing that you turned on that light", laughing uneasily, not knowing whether that was a compliment or an insult to his manhood.

"I thought it was..." Jessica took a slow step towards him.

"...was? what?" He adjusted the costume in front of him, trying to remember what she said.

She grinned, "...a good idea to turn on the light." Something was overpowering her 'proper' judgement... probably her hormones and the longing for this moment for 3 years. Slowly, she walked close enough that the costume was no longer an effective obstruction of her view. Grinning wickedly she peered over the costume barrier. John's circumcised dick was a good length, exceptionally thick, and extremely hard from her attention.

A thousand thoughts went through John's mind at that moment as he stood there, still holding the useless barrier -- he had no idea of what to do. Jessica's hand moved out slowly and grasped the shaft of his member, John's breath escaping quickly. "Don't worry... I'm just looking at it. I'm extremely curious." She bit her lip, feeling her moisture building on her cunt lips as his cock bulged in her hand.

"Oh," he said in a weak breath... slowly easing into relaxation. "You're too beautiful not to have fucked a guy before," his hand helping her grip his manhood.

She caught her breath suddenly and kneeled down slowly. There was nothing more that she wanted at this moment than to taste a cock for the first time, from her first real crush.

He tightened his defined stomach, knowing she was going down on him very soon. Backing up against a wall, John held her head gently with his hands. Jessica's delicate fingers held his needy cock, and slowly she leaned over and kissed the head.

"Ughhhh," John moaned slightly, going through torment. He just wanted her to suck him off quickly.

She slowly wrapped her lips around the head and licked about the swollen edges. His cock tasted unlike anything she had before, and she wanted more. John moaned loudly as Jessica bobbed her head back and forth slowly, sucking powerfully on his thick dick. "Oooooh god Jessica..." He shuddered in pleasure as Jessica licked the clear pre-cum from the head of his cock.

Her passions took off with her first taste of cum, her only purpose for living at this moment was to get the rest John's cum. Her right hand gently fondled his balls as they tightening in her palm, her left hand began unbuttoning her blouse. Minutes of intense sucking passed, both were incredibly turned on, and both were now completely naked. "Yessssss suck harder... make me cum!" He peeked through his closed eyes and saw her nice little breasts and moist fuzzy cunt. His hands helped bob her passionately sucking head. She could barely keep his giant cock in her mouth, yet she still kept the intense wet blow job. "GOD YESS!" John's head swelled in her mouth and spurted out a thick gob on warm cum into her throat, a second spurt landing on the back of her tongue. Jessica swallowed every drop of his warm seed as if it were the most delicious thing on earth. She savored his sticky seed and felt his cock going soft in her mouth. Pulling her head away slowly, they both grinned at each other.

John whispered, breathing deeply, "Oh you are too good at that. And I'm going to get you back reaaaaal good." Jessica grinned and unplugged the light. Total darkness shrouded the room and she walked to the prop section a few feet away from the bathroom. John groped about, and found a gymnastic mat with Jessica laying on it. He kissed sensually down her body, hearing soft moans as his hands fondled her large firm breasts. Wanting to pay her back, he kissed down her stomach and in between her legs. She gave a sudden gasp and moved her hips into his face. John licked up along the slit of her clean-shaven pussy lips and heard another soft whimper. He kissed her cunt deeply, tasting her bittersweet fluid in his mouth, loving every drop of it. He tilted his head and lapped his tongue up inside her, the fumes of her warm pussy thrilling him.

"Oh Yes!!" she cried out in a way he had never heard before, "Lick me!"

He slowly moved his attention to her little swollen clit -- licking the little bud of sensitive skin. She shivered into him and moaned extremely loud! Suddenly the bight lamp illuminated the room and they both froze in fear! A gasp came from the light source and John turned slowly to see... Jessica standing naked beside the light? It was her, with an intense look of shock! Then who was...?

John quickly turned to see that he had been eating out Ms. Carson's pussy! "Holy Shit!" He thought... he didn't know what to think! The two teenagers were completely taken by surprise but Ms. Carson had a mischievous smile on her face. She sat there on the blue mat, her legs spread open exposing her bare pussy to the both of them. Her nipples were erect and she whispered calmly... "Turn off the light, Jessica."

To be continued...

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