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It began with a Hustler Magazine by Jazz

It began with a Hustler Magazine

It was the summer of 1980, and things started out so innocently. There were four of us guys, all within a couple years of each other. We all started getting hair in strange places. Things started getting bigger on us, and we started to get feelings we had never experienced before. Sean was 13, I was 14, and the other two were 12. We were all feeling the same things though. I think it was the closeness that caused us to mature sexually at the same time.

Sean's parents had an in ground pool, and during that summer it served as the local water hole. We did some things that were queer, meaning odd, to say the least. Like skinny-dipping during broad day light, getting out and quick diving back in before the others could get a good look, and swimming like dolphins whose fins come out of the water, only it was our assess and cocks that were out of the water. Now, the other two boys were more into sports than Sean and I, so we became closer than the others.

One day, the four of us found a porn magazine. Hustler I think it was. What a find it was. It got stored at our house, a rather large house that allowed for me to have my own computer room. Neither mom nor dad ever went in, and even if they did they would not be able to find our magazine in its hiding spot. The four of us would get together and look at it from time to time.

On this special day, Sean and I were playing a computer game. After a while, Sean got bored and got out the magazine. So, naturally my attention to the video game became distracted, and I quit playing. We took a seat on the floor next to one another and scanned each page very carefully. It didn't take very long before I had a hard on. Sean, was always the first out of his suit at the pool, so it didn't take him long to remove his shorts and underwear. I quickly followed. I then noticed Sean's hard cock.

Now, even at age 13, Sean had a huge cock. At that point I had probably a 4" and Sean's was easily 6.5" and thick. We continued looking at the pages and quickly had our hands on our own cocks. It wasn't long after that we began stroking each other, I think it was just that we wanted to know how another one felt. We just kind of play stroked for 5 minutes or so, nothing really hard or meant to get the other off, more just to explore.

Sean then turned the page on the magazine, and I saw a woman giving a blowjob. I thought to myself, that looks fun. So down on Sean I went. Now remember, we had never done this before, so I had to guess as to what to do. I remembered what my cousin Kenny told me about how a woman's pussy felt, how it was wet and felt good when you put your cock in and out of it. So I figured I should move my mouth up and down and that would be the same.

Sean didn't fight it. Why should he? At that age we didn't know it wasn't what boys did to each other. It felt strangely exciting to have Sean's cock in my mouth. I remember feeling his vein on the middle of my lips. The stretching of my lips as I ran my mouth from his shaft up and over the ridge of his head. I remember gagging a little as I tried to take it all in.

Sean continued looking, and upon turning the page, he showed me a picture of two women doing something like that to each other at the same time, 69. With that, Sean put the book down and moved into that same position beside me. No sooner than he had done so, Sean took me in his mouth. Now, it felt good when he was stroking me, but it was nothing in comparison to his mouth sliding up and down my hard dick. We continued this for a few minutes, and before I knew it, I felt myself getting ready to cum. I knew what the feeling was from jerking off, only it was never this powerful. Before the words of warning even got out of my mouth, I filled Sean's mouth with cum. Sean, just as surprised as I was with what just happened, just kept sucking until I was through pumping hot cum in his mouth. He then spit most of it back out, but did swallow some.

I had experienced such a rush, cumming in that manner, that I wanted to reciprocate and waited with anticipation for my mouth to be filled. I continued for 5 to 10 minutes, but Sean never came, and my mouth was tired. Sean then jacked himself off, and came on his belly.

We then went back to Sean's house and into the pool we went. Of course being you, it didn't take long for our sex drives to kick in again. This time Sean initiated the contact. We were both in the pool and he dove below water and pulled off my trunks. He then came up for air, smiled and dove back under. It wasn't long before I felt Sean's mouth gliding along the length of my shaft. He would suck as long as he could, and then would come up for air and go down and start again. After a few minutes of this, we were startled by his little sister jumping in the pool. Of course, this put an end to our fun in the pool. I pulled up my suit and we continued to swim for a while. Probably 10 or 15 minutes passed, when Sean swam up to me. He then smiled at me, with a goofy grin, as he reached down and started stroking me. I was a little embarrassed and excited at the same time, thinking she might catch us. I expressed my concerns of being caught and Sean said we should go inside then.

Sean and I exited the pool, dried off, and went into his room. We had barely gotten in his room, and closed the door before Sean had dropped my drawers. He told me to lie on the bed, and I did. Sean then kneeled on the floor and began working my tool with his mouth. He licked my shaft from head to balls and then took my nuts in his mouth. After rolling my balls in his mouth for a minute or so, he stopped sucking my balls and almost as if he were starved for it, attacked my cock with his mouth. Sean would take it all in, pause for a moment to get a breath, and would move slowly back to the head of my dick. His strokes were slow and deliberate, it was almost as if he knew by instinct how to do it. I watched as Sean's head bobbed up and down between my legs for what seemed an eternity. He stopped for just a moment to release the hard on from the confinement of his swim suit. At the moment he got it out and I could see his hard on, my balls began to tighten. Sean once again worked my dick like a pro. I told him to stop and let me have his cock to suck on. He complied, moving into the 69 position. Once in this position, he began again. I then took him in my mouth and tried to mirror his actions. It only went on like this for a minute before I could feel myself getting ready to cum. This time I got the warning out. Sean continued sucking until he felt my dick begin to jerk. He then got his mouth off and let my juice fly, all over his face and upper body.

Soon after I came, Sean began fucking my mouth. It was only after I gagged that he got the picture that I couldn't take him all the way in. He shortened his stroke, and continued fucking me in this way for a couple of minutes. I then reached over and grabbed his ass with both hands to guide him. This must have turned him on, having my hands on his ass, because it wasn't long after that I heard him warn me that he was cumming. His cock began to jerk, and I felt hot cum hitting the back of my mouth. I didn't greet his juice the same way he did mine. I removed my mouth and he continued cumming, all over my face, and in my eye. We lay there for a while, enjoying the feeling, and exploring each others body.

We continued to play like this for several years, even knowing it wasn't socially acceptable. But we didn't care. Our thinking was that as long as nobody caught us no one would know. Sean and I experimented with different positions, role playing, etc. Occasionally we would dry fuck each other while sucking and licking the others chest. As time passed my dick grew to 6" and not too thick, Sean's got to be 8" and thick. Eventually, Sean let me go anal on him. It hurt like hell for the two of us, we didn't know about using lubes. We used a little Vaseline, but that wasn't really enough for smooth fucking. That first time, I only lasted about 30 seconds before filling his ass with cum. As time passed, we learned to use baby oil and things got better. My stamina increased to the point where I would get a blow job for 5 or 10 minutes and then would fuck his ass for 5 minutes or so before cumming. I tried in pain, and in vain, to let Sean fuck me. That is to get him to fuck me, Sean didn't seem really interested in doing it to me. On several occasions, I would put a rubber on him, with some lube and would try to squat down on him, like a woman on top position. The one time Sean did get in, his 8" of hardness filled my ass, and it burned like hell. Sean only got to really fuck me once, and he only lasted about 3 minutes, before pulling out and shooting hot cum on my back.

Our encounters eventually became separated for longer and longer periods of time, due to his having girlfriends or being away in the service. The final encounter came when I was about 24. He was home on leave, and came over to visit. After my parents went upstairs to bed, Sean and I went into the computer room, closed the door, and played some games. Our last encounter before that had been over year and a half earlier, and I didn't know if Sean was interested in playing in that way anymore. It didn't take me long to see that he was. He leaned back in his chair, put his right leg up on the desk, exposing to me his 8" of hard meat. I reached into his shorts and grabbed him. No sooner than I had asked if he wanted to, did the lights go off, as did our clothes. We wasted no time. To the floor we went, right to the 69 position. Our mouths immediately found each other cocks. Sean arched his back, and reached down and grabbed the back of my head. He guided my head at the pace he wanted, and then he mirrored this rhythm. I then began to explore his strong legs with my hands, Sean did the same to me. We were both really turned on. Sean returned his hands to the back of my head, and slowed my pace. He then told me to tighten my mouth around his cock. Sean then did something he had never done before, he came before I did, and did not warn me. He filled my mouth with his hot juice, and kept guiding my head up and down his shaft while he continued to pump hot cum. Just then, he stopped sucking me and asked me to swallow, promising to do the same. I complied, just as Sean returned to sucking me. I swallowed his sticky hot juice, it had a taste I cannot describe, but it wasn't horrible.

Sean continued sucking for a few minutes, and sensing I wasn't quite ready to explode stuck a finger in his mouth and then inserted it in my ass. He pumped my ass with his finger while pumping my cock with his mouth. This felt like nothing I had ever experienced before, and before long I was ready to cum. When I came, Sean did just as he had promised, he continued sucking until I was done pumping. I don't know how he did it, because I pumped a ton. When I did stop, Sean looked at me, and swallowed.

That was some 7 years ago, and I have fantasized about him several times since. Sean has since married, and moved away. I asked him one time if we could do it again, when he came to town next, and he said no. He didn't want to do it again. When I asked him if he had ever told his wife, he said no, he couldn't, she wouldn't understand. My wife, on the other hand has been told, and she found that to be no surprise. She was sure that each boy had done that at least once in their life. Maybe she's right. Maybe every boy at one time or another has sucked a cock. Why not, it's fun, and male/male sex is just as beautiful as watching two women.

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