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Lauren Takahashi's Stories

Becoming Your Slut by Lauren Takahashi

Becoming Your Slut

Not for minors!!

I really don't know what made me become the person that I am. It could have been due to my parents, possibly my friends, or maybe I was just born for it. Nevertheless, at the tender age of 14, I knew I was going to be the sluttiest fucking whore that I could imagine.

It all started when my parents decided to move to Los Angeles. My family is originally from a small town in the southern parts of Iowa. My dad's company was expanding so they moved him to the West Coast. I was a very naive and an innocent girl, not knowing much about the true turnings of the world. But, I have to say I was extremely cute for my age. I was around the height of 5'4" and I weighed a slender 105 pounds. My curly blonde hair leading past my shoulders always seemed to have cute boys and older men staring my way. Unfortunately, I was devastated at the thought of moving to a place that I only heard and seen in movies.

We lived in an area of Los Angeles that wasn't exactly your Beverly Hills. It was located in the downtown area, where prostitution and drug use was practically seen at every corner. My father vowed we would move as soon as he could afford it, but for me, it was too late. I didn't adjust well from our move, especially at the new school I attended. Hoods and gangs seemed like what everyone studied, and a girl like me from Iowa, well, I couldn't handle it. Everyone seemed to take notice of me when I first began the semester, especially these boys who called themselves "The locals". They were of Hispanic decent and all of them were always looking for trouble. During my history class, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. As I was sitting in the toilet, I heard the bathroom door open with footsteps stuttering about. I flushed the toilet, pulled up my panties, and opened the door to my stall. To my greatest fear, I saw five of these dirty Hispanic gang members staring at me.

"Ah look what we have here, a pretty little blonde freshmen," said the one of them. "Look at the new girl, she looks so hot". I couldn't believe what I was seeing or hearing. I wanted to run and scream but I lay frozen, unprepared of what was going to happen to me.

"Please, I need to get back to class" I cried to them. "Oh, fuck no bitch, did you know women like to be fucked, and we are going to show you how to become a women," they said to me. In a total panic I raced to the door but the five of them grabbed my arms and threw me to the ground. "Come on Mark," one of them said, "Lets fuck this bitch and get out of here before we get caught." Lying on my stomach with my nose pressed against the cold tiled floor I felt I hand reach up my skirt and rip down my panties.

"Oh god, no, please stop" I cried out.

"Dammit bitch, shut the fuck up or my friend will really hurt you" he said. They lifted up my skirt exposing my bare ass and teen cunny. They began to unzip their pants to pull out their dirty cocks. "This is going to be so fun, I can't wait to pop her cherry" he boasted. One of the boys got on top of me and placed his cock near the opening of my pussy. Without a second of hesitation, he shoved his prick up my pussy so hard and so fast I didn't have time to scream. He fucked my pussy as if I was his personal slut. He didn't care how I felt, none of them did.

"Ah, no, please, uhhhhh" I yelled out. He pounded my pussy like no other, driving his hard cock in and out. Each thrust sent a wave of force throughout my body. I heard him grunting hard as he fucked me faster and faster.

"Oh dam, I'm fucking going to fucking cum," he yelled. His seed landed in my womb, every spurt of his creamy cum flooded my pussy. He continued to pump me until his cock finally became limp. I thought the horror and the humiliation was over. When I tried to get up, they shoved me back down to the floor as the next gang member fucked my brains out. All five of them had their way with me. They wanted me. They got me. They fucked my pussy raw.

I didn't tell anyone of what happened to me. I felt so ashamed and dirty. My state of mind began to crumble. My grades fell drastically until the point where I was expelled from school. My parents tried everything to help, but I didn't respond. I began to hang out on the streets outside of my house where all sorts of illegal acts were committed. As I was walking the streets, complete strangers came up to me asking for sex. I had no clue to what was happening at first, until I met this man who asked to pay me for a good time. He was quite old, probably in his fifties. He was fat and bald, and a "nerdy" looking guy for my standards. His name was Jeff, and he wanted to drive me to a motel room. On our way there, he talked a lot about what he wanted.

"So you say you're only fourteen, oh god, that's a dream come true, it will be like fucking my own daughter," he said with a grin. "You are such a beautiful girl, I really love your eyes". His words actually made me feel better. For some reason I felt comfortable with him. "Why don't you suck my dick little girl while I drive," he suddenly asked me. Jeff unzipped his pants and showed his cock to me. It was very ugly looking with a lot of hair and veins popping out on the side. I wasn't very experienced at what he was asking, but I decided to take a shot. I took his cock in my hand and I slowly pulled my mouth around his shaft.

"Oh baby, that's it little girl, just like that, use your tongue and take me" he said. "Dammit, I can't believe a girl of your age is such a slut." I took his cock deeper in my mouth each time I moved further. His fingers began to comb through my blonde hair and then he held his hand on the back of my head.

"Take me deeper, eat my fucking dick up," he groaned. "Fucking take me deeper you little slut".

He pushed my head violently on his cock and he forced me to take his whole shaft. I gagged each time he pushed my head down. He seemed to enjoy it, and I was glad I was pleasing him. I began to go along with his intentions and I drove my face faster and faster onto his bulging cock.

"Fucking ass, this is so dam awesome, oh dam, oh dam, I'm going to cum, I can't hold it any longer, oh shit, dammit, fuck" he yelled out. "Eat it you fucking bitch, eat it all, ahhhh shit yeah" he screamed at the top of his lungs. Unprepared of what was happening I felt spurts and spurts of his creamy white cum shoot in my mouth. I felt as if I was going to choke so I let most of it run out of my mouth onto his shaft. I released myself up from his crotch as we finally reached our destination.

"Holy shit that was good, you're such a good little girl, I'm going have fun with you" he said. He showed me to his room constantly glancing at my firm teen ass. I wasn't really wearing anything sexy. Just my jeans and my blue baby T-shirt. I think he got off because I was so young. The room was very small, just a bed and a TV at the end of the room. He told me to relax and to walk over to the bed. Just as I was about to sit down he pushed me to the bed causing me to land on my back.

"I've waiting a long time to fuck a girl like you, so young and so tender, I'm gong to have my way with you tonight and you are going to love every minute of it," he told me. "I'm going to give you the greatest and hardest fuck of your life." This guy was kind a weird I thought to myself. What did I get myself into this time? Lying on my back, he unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off just leaving me with my T-shirt and my white cotton panties. He spread my legs open and I could see his eyes homing onto my pussy.

"I want to see how fourteen year olds taste, I heard they taste so sweet" he said. "Tell me you want me, tell me you want me to eat your pussy." I followed along with his desires.

"I want you so bad Jeff, I want you to eat my pussy," I told him. Jeff slid my panties off and immediately dived into my pussy. This was the first time anyone had ever given me an oral job. I could feel his moist hot tongue lick my clit and my pussy hole. It was absolutely driving me crazy. I felt myself running wild getting hotter and hotter each minute he was down there.

"Oh yeah, Jeff, this feels so good," I screamed. "I want you Jeff, I want you so bad". I spread my legs further apart as Jeff frantically used his tongue to play with my clit. He brought his hand to my pussy, and inserted his right index finger inside me.

"How do you like that, my sweet young whore," he said. "Your pussy is so wet and tight, I can barely fit my finger inside." Jeff began to finger fuck my tender cunt as he licked my pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt. The sensations of his touch brought me to true ecstasy. I began to burn up; sweat began to form little beads all over my body. I was about to cum for the first time of my life.

I screamed out,"Oh Jeff, oh Jeff, don't stop, don't ever stop, I'm cumming!" I yelled out in pleasure as my fourteen-year-old pussy juices flooded Jeff's waiting mouth. Instead of turning his head away, he pressed his face in my pussy to drink all my cum.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, my sweet teen fuck, but now it's my turn," he said very evilly. "Get on all fours and show me that tight ass of yours" he commanded. I turned around and moved so my hands and knees where on the bed with my ass riding high in the air.

"Do you like it?" I said.

"Are you kidding me, you are the best piece of ass I have ever seen" Jeff laughed. Jeff began to take off his pants and he pulled off his boxers. I turned my head around and I noticed his tremendously huge cock to go along with his fat stomach.

"Your going to see what fucking is all about," he said. "Now fucking spread those tiny legs of yours so I can see that teen cunt." I did exactly what he wanted giving him a smile to let him know I was having a good time too. He moved behind me and placed his fat cock in front of my dripping wet pussy.

"Oh my, I really love your pussy," he said. "I love your teen cunt with hardly any pubic hairs on it." He positioned the tip of his cock in the outer part of my pussy. I could tell he was getting really excited to fuck me. "Alright, hunny, prepare to get fucked" he said.

With one powerful thrust he drove his stick deep in my pussy without ever slowing down. He began fucking me like a wild dog right from the start. He grabbed the side of my waist and used all his weight to fuck my pussy hard and deep.

I said to him, "Oh, Jeff, slow down, it kind a hurts me when you go so fast." I don't think he even heard what I said because he began to fuck me at a furious pace. My whole body shivered each time he took me deep with his monster.

"You fucking teen slut, you are such a slut, you deserve all of me, all of my big fat cock deep in your cunt" he yelled out load. "You are so fucking stupid, you are such a stupid slut." Jeff was talking real dirty to me non-stop. He called me every name in the book that describes a teen whore as he fucked my pussy. His pace quickened even more. He was using every last ounce of his energy to put his dick in my teen cunt as hard as he could. His grunts and moans became louder along with the slapping of my ass against his waist. I could tell he was going to cum real soon.

"I think I'm going to cum, you dumb fucking whore, look what you are making me do" he screamed. "Ahhhhhhh fuck, this is it, fucking take it you teen whore." Before Jeff was about to cum he pushed his dick as far as he could into my pussy and shot his entire load into me. His white spunk began to leak out of my pussy when he finally took his cock out. Jeff fell down to the floor in total exhaustion. I laid flat on my stomach with cum dripping out of my pussy. I didn't know how to feel or act; the only thing I thought of was getting the money.

"That was the best piece of pussy I've ever had baby, you should be proud" he told me. He began to say how many women he had fucked and that I was his best fuck he felt in a while. I actually started to laugh because all I did was stay in one position. He finally got dressed and pulled out his wallet to pay me.

He said, "I bet you charge a lot huh, is 400 dollars enough for you?" 400 dollars, oh my god, I had no idea how much money I would make. I grabbed the money not even asking for more. We went our separate ways as he drove off back to his family. Then I realized, where I was, and wondered how the hell was I going to get home? It was going to be dark soon and I need somewhere to stay so I went to the motel lobby to see if I could get a room. I ran into the manager at the front desk. He was in his late fifties, but he looked a lot older then his age. He kind a reminded me of my grandfather, especially with the plaid shirts he wore. I went up to him and asked if I could rent a room for the night. He chuckled at my statement and said, "I'm sorry little missy, but you have to be over 18 to rent a room and you don't look anywhere near that number." Frustrated, I began to walk away until this idea popped into my head. I walked over to the desk and approached him from behind the counter.

"Excuse me, missy, but you are not allowed here" he said. With out saying a word, I bent down to him, unzipped his pants and pulled out his wrinkled little cock. This old man didn't know what was happening to him, he was so shocked. I placed his cock deep in my wet mouth and began to give him a deep blowjob. He didn't pull me away, but I could tell he was really enjoying it because of his huge smile planted on his face. I milked his cock like no tomorrow and I knew he wouldn't last soon.

"Uhhhhh, Uhhh, little girl, what are you doing to me, uhhhhhh," he yelled. About a minute later he came straight in my mouth with his white goo dripping down my throat. I swallowed all of it, even squeezing the rest out of his dirty cock. I got up from the ground wiping the cum from my chin and said, "Well can I have my FREE room now sir."

"You bet your ass you can," he said. "You know what, some of my friends are coming over to my place tonight to play poker and watch TV, and I would like you to come over." "If you do, you can stay here for a week, free of charge" he said excitingly. I thought about it for a second, thinking of about my family, but I realized, who the fuck cares. "Hell yes, I will come over," I told him. "Good, come to room 504, at 8:00 sharp, we will be waiting for you," the old man said.

I still had a few hours before I was to meet the old man, so I decided to go to the mall across the street to buy some new clothes with the money I just earned. I went into the women's store called Bebe. They had some really sexy outfits that I thought would be appropriate for tonight's party. I saw this really beautiful black mini skirt and I tried it on. It barely covered my crotch and it showed off my slender teenage legs very nicely. I also bought this white tank top that was small enough to show my belly button. I was going to show these men how sexy a fourteen-year old girl could be.

I arrived at room 504 at 8:00 sharp. I knocked at the door noticing laughter in the background. The old man immediately open the door and said, "Glad you made it sweetie, and by the way, my name is Dave." He took me into the room and I saw four other men sitting around a table with cards in their hands. I was totally shocked to see what type of men that were here. Dave introduced me to all his friends. There was Bobby; he looked at least 70 years old. Adam looked the same age as Dave. Another man's name was John. He was really fat and old. I never saw a man that fat in person before. And lastly there was Gary, who was the youngest of all; he was actually Dave's son.

"Holy shit Dave, what the fuck did you find" said Bobby. "She looks like she was just born," laughed Gary.

I didn't know what to say from all their comments. I was feeling a bit nervous and tense as Dave showed me off to his friends.

"This is the girl that sucked me off earlier today, and she is only fucking fourteen," Dave said. Adam chuckled, "So she is a fucking teen whore, just great, we could all get fucking busted Dave." "Don't worry, she won't tell a soul, won't you little princess," Dave said to me. I nodded my head as I watched them play a hand of poker.

"God dam, look at her body and what she has on, what a fucking little slut we have here," Adam yelled out. I was standing next to Adam as he put his hand on my ass and gently squeezed it. "Why don't you sit on Uncle Adam's lap while I kick these guys asses in cards," Adam demanded. I did what he said and I sat on his lap with my arm around his shoulder. He put his hand on my thigh and slowly moved it under my skirt surprisingly to discover I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Holy shit, she's not wearing any fucking panties on boys," Adam excitingly said. "This girl is some grade A teenager slut." As the game was going on and cards were being dealt to each person, Adam was putting his fingers up my wet cunt like it was his personal remote control pushing all the right buttons. I started to moan a little and the guys at the table were getting very aroused.

"God this girl is a great piece of pussy, Dave," Adam said. "I'm putting my fingers in her pussy and around her asshole and she's loving every minute of it." The fat blob named John who was the quiet one, was sitting next to Adam. I noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off me.

"What are you looking at John," said Adam. "Go ahead, touch her, its all right, might be the only girl you will ever get to have." John's arm slowly reached over and he slid down the right strap of my tank top exposing my right tit. He began laughing and giggling as he fondled my breast and pinched my nipple. I felt so disgusted his dirty fat hands were touching me, but I couldn't help how good it felt.

"Ah, look at John go, playing with his first tit" everyone said. Then after a minute Adam said, "Oh god I can't take this anymore, I have to fuck this young bitch." "Guys, play with out me for a couple hands, I'm going to fuck this fourteen year old beauty right in front of you." He told me to take his pants off for him and I did. His dick was already hard and at attention. Adam told me to raise my skirt and to jump on top of him so my back was facing him and my front was facing the other guys playing cards. Holding his cock, I placed my pussy right on top of it. I slammed my teenage ass right on his waist as his stiff cock entered my tight gripping pussy. He used his hands to hold the end of my waist as he controlled my thrusts and bounces on his cock. My hands held the table where his cards were, as I fucked his cock silly while the others watched while trying to play cards. I knew all their eyes were on me and I really wanted to give them a show.

"Oh, fuck yes, fuck me harder," I screamed. I think I shocked the others with my dirty and foul language coming from someone as young as I was. I straddled and pounced on his cock faster and deeper screaming my head off in pleasure. The men around me began sweating and becoming vastly aroused by the site of this sexy teenager. Adam was in pure heaven fucking the daylights out of me. He didn't say much but I could tell from his grunts that he was enjoying it. Adam began to rock my hips back and fourth so his cock knocked up every part inside of my wet pussy. He was going to cum fast and hard any second.

"I'm going to cum in this little girls pussy, oh shit, I'm cumming," Adam yelled to his friends. Adam shot his seed in my pussy as his white spat slowly leaked out from our continued motion. "Get the fuck off me and lick the rest of my cum from my dick" he demanded. I got off his cock with cum running down my legs and I inserted his cum covered half-limp dick in my mouth. I did what he wanted and cleaned his cock off.

"Holy shit, Dave, you found a treasure here," Bobby said. "Did you see the way she clean up Adam, wow!" "Why don't we let fat John fuck this little whore now, John your turn to fuck her," Dave said. John was really hesitant on what to do. He was very shy and seemed really embarrassed.

"Come on John, this may be your only fuck your whole life, have fun" everyone said to him. The other guys laid me on the poker table in front of John exposing my freshly fucked pussy. John moved toward me touching my breast again then moving down to my pussy. He spread my pussy with his fingers examining it as if he had never seen one before.

"John, you fucking dumb ass, she ain't no fucking painting to look at, fuck the shit out of her now," yelled Dave. John unbuttoned his pants and slide off his underwear. I could barely see his cock behind all that fat. The others started to make fun of his weight and how chubby his cock looked. John spread my legs a bit more and he pulled his cock to my pussy. He had trouble finding the opening but eventually he found the right spot. I felt this huge piece of meet touching my pussy. I tilted my head up and saw the incredible size of his fat cock and I immediately thought I'd be in the ride of my life. John began to ease his cock into my pussy. His cock was so fucking huge it hurt me a bit. After a couple minutes of forceful movements, his 8 inches of meat was fully inside me.

"Well John, fuck the little bitch and cum in her pussy," Dave stammered. "We don't have all day now." John began fucking me with his monster and I thought I was going to rip in two. He started to get a rhythm as he pounded me harder and harder. His fat stomach slammed into my legs that were spread wide to accommodate his enormous size. Each time he thrust his cock deep into my pussy he shook the whole table. Cards and chips from the game began to fall to the floor. As he fucked my pussy he pinched and twisted my nipples to make the others laugh.

"Ah, oh, oh god, oh god, fuck me," I began to yell out to them. I was the slut of the night and I was the center of attention. I noticed Bobby, the very, very old man take off his pants. His cock was so old and wrinkly, and he decided it would be fun to place it on my face as fat John fucked me in half. Bobby's dick wouldn't get hard but he placed it in my mouth for some good stimulation. I had a fat cock buried deep in my pussy by this ugly fat bastard and I had a cock in my mouth from a guy as old as "Jesus," oh what a life. I noticed Dave and his son Gary start undressing out of their drawers. Both of them came up to me with their white cocks exposed in the air. I began to stroke them using one hand for each of their cocks. The room was getting so hot and stuffy from all the sweaty guys in the room. Fat John was still fucking my pussy slow and steadily while I had two cocks in my hands and one in my mouth.

"Dad, you are the man, look at how this slut is satisfying all of us, what a dirty little young whore she is" Gary said. "I think I'm going to cum soon" fat john announced to everyone. He began to speed the pace of his fucking, banging my little teen cunt with all his might. The table was shaking so much I thought it was going to break. Unlike the others, before he came, he pulled out his cock and started to jerk it off.

He screamed,"Ahhh, ohhh." I couldn't believe how much of his white cream came streaming out of his chubby cock. White cum fell onto my stomach and all over my tits. I must of saw at least 10 spurts of cum before it finally ended. I was covered in his cum, I felt so disgusted at that moment. John reached over with his hand and began smearing his cum all over my breasts and nipples, giggling like always.

"Holy Jesus to God big John, must have been 40 years of built up cum in you" Dave laughed. "Son, its your turn now to fuck her good."

"Actually dad, I'm going to do more than fuck her, I've always wanted to try this with Debbie (his wife) but she's too fucking scared to do this, I'm going to fucking anal rape this bitch," Gary smiled.

"Oh son, you are a kinky dude, I've never seen this before" Dave said. Everyone told Gary to go for it. Anal, I thought to myself, "Oh no." Gary told me to turn around and get on all fours. I moved to the position he wanted with my ass exposed for everyone there to see. Gary put his hands on my ass cheeks and used it to spread my asshole for better viewing.

"Would you look at that, its not often you can see fourteen year old ass right in front of your eyes" Gary said. He slowly inserted his thumb in my ass and began to pump it back and forth moving side to side feeling the inside walls of my anus. "This teen dream is ready for a good ass fucking," he said. Gary held his enlarging penis in front of my bare anus. He inserted the tip in first and then he slowly pushed a little harder and harder. I felt like I was being ripped apart again only much worse compared to fat John's cock.

"Ohh, it hurts, it hurts, I can't take it," I screamed to Gary. Everyone laughed at what I said especially Gary. I think what I said made him push even harder.

"I'm fucking in her guys check it out, I'm going to rip her ass apart," Gary proudly announced. From that moment on I never felt anymore pain greater then what was happening to me. Gary shoved his cock meat into my ass with no abandon fucking it fast and hard. He didn't care if I liked it or not. He was concerned how it felt to him. My asshole was like a vise around his cock tightening at every thrust. Gary was grunting hard as he slammed and banged me up in the ass. His cock was long and thick which made a great site for his audience.

"Fuck that ass good my son, show her who's boss," Dave laughed. "Yeah, fuck that little whore, give her what she deserves," Bobby said. "Look at her face guys, she is enjoying every minute of it," Adam said.

Of course I didn't enjoy any of it, and I wanted their whole adventure to end soon. Gary was on my ass like it was his life's purpose. He was determined to get the most out of my fourteen-year-old ass as he hammered me hard. His hips bounced off my butt at each thrust shaking my head up and down. He then grabbed the end of my shoulders to get more leverage so he could fuck me even deeper then he had.

"Ahhh, ohhh, noo," I screamed out. I was crying out in pain, but they took it as if I enjoyed the whole scenario. Gary fucked me hard and long in the ass for nearly 20 minutes before he announced that he was about to come. Then he said something that totally shocked me!

"Turn her around guys, I want to put my cock that was freshly fucked in her ass, into her teen mouth," shouted Gary. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Dave and Adam grabbed me from my legs and arms and forced me to turn around. I tried to put up a struggle but I was no match for them.

"Be a good little teen slut," Gary said to me. "Now suck it!" I turned my head away because it not only smelled but it looked so dirty from my ass. "God dammit bitch suck me off now," yelled Gary. Dave then grabbed my head and forced my mouth open just enough to stick a cock in it. "You fucking bitch, do what a good little girl does and she will not get her punishment" shouted Dave.

Gary stuck his smelly cock in my mouth and I took it. It smelled so bad and tasted disgusting I thought I was going to throw up. But I sucked his cock like a good little girl. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed my head to take his whole shaft in his mouth. I was sucking his shit covered cock with his balls slapping against my chin. Back and fourth my mouth engulfed his stinky cock. I did what he wanted and what everyone else wanted me to do.

It didn't talk much long for him to cum. "Everyone watch out, I'm going to fucking cum in her mouth, ahhh, ohh, fuck." Gary said. He came all right, laying his cum deep down my throat. I gagged with all the cum filling my throat but I took it all. Gary fell back to his seat in total fatigue. The others were amazed of what just happened. I was still on the table on all fours laying my face in a bunch of cards and chips. Cum was dripping out of my pussy, it was all over my tits and spilling out on my lips. Was this my calling? Is this what was to become of me? I was a whore, only at fourteen years of age. I had my whole life a head of me and I knew exactly what I was, a teen whore that was brought on this earth to "Please cock!" Then I heard Dave saying, "Lets bring her to Vegas." Well that's another story.

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