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Beach Padre II - a Threat to Paradise by Bruno K

Beach Padre II - a Threat to Paradise

The worst has happened

Before I reached the beach that fateful morning I sensed that something was wrong. My flock were clustered at the upper, rock bound end gazing intently at a white mass of naked flesh swarming at the lower, sandy end. Cunt!.. I knew it; I could smell it!.. A bull dyke and her mob were on the beach and their cunts and white meat had alarmed the nude gays. Their morning cocks had deflated: some had hidden their equipment in jocks.

Useless pricks

I was worried by the gays' passive reaction. If the bull and her pack were allowed to use the beach unchallenged then it was an end to our paradise.

The Padre is mocked

Action had to be taken. I put on my collar and jock and went to the area now occupied by tits and cunts. Fat butts and jelly tits were being oiled. I saw that they had copied my guys by shaving their pubes to expose their disgusting genitals. When they saw me some called out ... "here comes the prick padre..." and "... for fuck's sake look at that silly basket between his legs." They laughed and jeered: they opened their legs wide and thrust their cunts at me. I was disgusted by the cunt display and the flab of their thighs and butts.

The bull taunts the Padre

The bull was bucking and moaning in orgasm between spread white thighs. Her muscular body and tight buns were thrusting at the body under her. One of the cunts cried ..."look out Jilly, here comes The Man". Jilly rolled over and lay, gasping, thighs quivering and wide open, her cunt lips swollen and glistening with her juices. Her head was shaven and her body was heavily muscular with flat tits. A young cunt wearing a white suspender belt clung to the bull's torso. I couldn't help noting with distaste the three suspenders on each of the young cunt's thighs holding blue stockings in place under an open, wet gash. "OK buster, what's the matter... Hey! don't tell me that you're a priest ... look here girls ... he's a priest "...more laughter and more cunt flashing. It was a sickening sight. I became really angry at the laughter directed at my maleness. "Fuck you" I said "this is a male gay beach not for you cunts with your sad asses". "Fuck me?" chortled the bull "I've got teeth in my cunt for pricks like yours... one chomp and you're singing high Cs"... howls of laughter from her pals. "Is he going to throw us off, girls, is he"?..... more laughter. "Look at those pathetic pricks over there" she cried "are you going to sic them on us?"... jeers and loud laughter from the cluster of cunts. I could see why she was so confident. The rolls of fat and the hairless cunts had unmanned the studs and kids when the female nudes had first hit the beach. They were still dazed. I could understand their panic. I detest the smell of cunt and the sight of pink dangling flaps in the morning! I turned and went back to my flock followed by whistles and hoots.

Looking skyward for aid

I gathered the studs and kids around me and drew strength from the display of taut muscular bods, tight butts, hard thighs and low slung ball sacs. ... the essence of male power. We held cocks in a wide circle while I offered a prayer. I asked the Creator to help us rid our beach of these intruding moist cunts and soft asses. I asked that the salt water might inflame the cunts and tits and wrinkle the fat of asses and thighs so as to force them to move. Secretly, and from what little I knew about cunt, I had little hope of such a happy outcome.

A sad day

It was an unhappy day on our narrow section of beach. The boys and studs were oiled and nude but few could work up the usual cock hardness. Whatever fucking took place was hurried and without joy. There was little fondling or horse play.

I cancelled a wedding and two first-fucks. We were always conscious of that giggling crowd.... already increasing in numbers ...splashing about in the near distance. Good grief! Those disgusting, flapping tits and those quivering asses!

The padre checks out the enemy

I saw how the bull dyke controlled her gang, grabbing whatever ass she fancied and throwing it down to suck at the open gash between white thighs. They had erected a ball net and were obviously settling in for a long stay. Most of her pack were nude; some were in garter belts, others in girdles. Those in girdles seemed to have special privileges as regards access to the bull's tits and gash. Good grief! I also noted how the ball game teams sorted themselves out into gartered and girdled. The girdled cunts always seemed to win judging by the ass slapping which went on.

Very rude behaviour

The counts had a long and elaborate lunch and then lay like beached seals in each others arms. We had seen that their ideas of beach etiquette were not as ours. Through binoculars we could see that they pissed standing up and where they pleased: that they squatted and shat at the tide line and then washed their assholes. There was a lot of piss drinking going on... not something to be seen on our beach and quite shocking to some of the younger gay men.

Good ole Orlando

Orlando came down to the beach with my lunch and sucked me off. I asked him about cunt and if he had any ideas how to clear the beach of that white filth. To my surprise Orlando was not disgusted by the flabby mass: in fact, I noticed that he had developed a stiff cock while looking at the soft, milky rabble swarming in confident nudity on our land. Was he proving to be bi-sexual... an uncommitted gay? I took him by the cock and balls, opened my thighs and pulled him into me. I was wrong... he fucked me with the same enthusiasm as always and sucked the spunk from my open asshole.

A restless night

What to do? My flock was waiting for a plan of action. None of the male gays had the moral courage to wrestle with the soft body of a dyke. The very thought of those rubbery tits and thighs made me feel faint. Something more subtle was needed to clear the beach from this defilement. I slept badly that night.

Bright day brings forth the adder

Next morning dawned hot.. a promise of a glorious day. I went to the beach nervously, my cock limp. Just as I feared - the sandy section was swarming with cunt and tit. We gay males were now confined to a bleak area of rock and weed and while cock numbers remained high I could see that the gloom of yesterday still hung over the tanned nudes. At least the scared cock-hiding of yesterday was over and some splendid erections were wobbling at navel level. I decided, for the sake of morale, to hold the postponed first-fucks immediately and the wedding after lunch.

A shocking interruption

We had gathered around the first happy couple and had reached that part of the ceremony where I, priest in silk jock, had positioned the stud's cock head at the kid's relaxed and greased ring. I had enjoyed the warm-up session with the oiled kid and he and his stud were in fine cock form. I was just about to drive the stud's ass and cock home to the hilt when I was pushed aside by a driving group of wild dykes in
girdles armed with baseball bats. I suddenly realised that the girdled cunts were a SWAT team.! The group was spearheaded by the bull dyke, nude and dangerous. They butted the guests in ass and belly and knocked the mounting stud to the ground. We watched in amazement while the cunts lifted the kid up. The bull dyke probed the kid's ring and cupped his ball sac..."you shits", she snarled,..."he's just a boy and you sorry pricks can't wait to get at his ass. You fairies can forget it. He's coming with us for a taste of cunt and real ass. We'll change his preferences.".

Cock man disappointment

The mature stud was inflamed with lust and rage: his cock was like a steel bar. Just when he was about to mount a tight butt... to be frustrated by cunts! He had to be held back from making a fool of himself in the face of the tits, cunts and bats ranged against us.

Shooting stars

We stood and watched with deflating cocks as the young nude was marched by the girdled hit squad towards the waiting group of cheering cunts. His brown body vanished in a frenzy of white flesh. From the heap of flab we heard his cries... then a shout from the cunt swarm and a white jet rose up and fell across the backs of the mob. They had wanked the kid off. A groan arose from the stunned gay crowd. We had lost one of our own to those terrible cunts!

A happy thought

I asked Orlondo to attend with suck and fuck to the disappointed stud and his engorged cock. I cancelled the fuck ceremonies. Here was a crisis! My status as beach master was at stake. Was there an answer in my classical education? I suddenly thought of Troy and the wooden Horse that held a package that won a city. An answer from the Creator! I gave my usual evening blessing to the butts and cocks and asked them to reassemble the following morning oiled and greased as usual. I had decided to sleep on my idea and to contain my spunk overnight. Orlando was to satisfy himself with the jilted stud who was still in full cock stand and ball sac bulge.

Pride recovered

Morning. I awoke with a clear head. Orlando was asleep in the arms of the stud. Streaks of dried spunk on belly and thigh. I gently hefted both shafts and gave my first blessing of the day to the distended, leaking assholes. The stud had been well drained! I walked, nude, head high and with a strapped, clean shaven cock towards the beach.... the scene of defeat or triumph to come!

The Padre shows his courage and his equipment

I went straight to the sand area. Without collar, bib and jock the cunts saw a mature male, nude, and in full cock and ball power. Apart from some muttering I was allowed to walk to Jilly's special place without comment. Jilly was lying with a black whore, young and girdled, beside her. I could see from the state of their gaping cunts that they had had an early morning fuck or whatever they did to achieve orgasm. "What's up, Doc?" Jilly grinned, "...not your cock I see". The whore in the girdle giggled and cupped the bull dyke's swollen genitals. "I'm not here to cause trouble" I said. "I admit I was out of order on our first meeting. I just want to reach an agreement about sharing the beach. Of course, you must stay. Help me, please.. all us gays must pull together."
"Well... good for you Doc!" cried Jilly, "...that's what we want to hear, isn't it ladies?" The response of the cunts was subdued.... "so long as we don't have to pull any cocks together of course" laughed Jilly.."eh, girls?". Now the tension dissolved in laughter. The cunts gathered around. I saw how my cock and ball sac were under scrutiny. The younger cunts were curious while the older dykes snorted and turned away. I had made first contact.

Oh cunning and strong-stomached padre!

I drank tea with the bull while pretending to ignore the morning toilet activity going all around us. The pissing and shitting was like an epidemic... one shat... all shat. One pissed... all pissed. The cunts in menses did not wear towels but allowed the blood to trickle down their thighs; they just mopped it off from time to time or walked about with bloody cunts and legs. The bull stripped the girdle off her black fuck and hand in hand they went to the water's edge to shit and piss. The smell of cunt all around me was overpowering! I gritted my teeth and pretended that the behaviour of these whores was perfectly normal and that I was enjoying their informality.

A sorry sight

In the bull's absence I looked around for the young kid who had been kidnapped and force-wanked yesterday. I saw him, bare assed, wearing an apron and standing at the barbecue unit. He was helping some mature cunts in corsets who played with his ass and cock as they attended the sizzling steaks. The jutting cock tenting his apron proved his willing conversion to the world of fishy cunt and sloppy ass. I turned away from the sorry sight.

The return of the hero

When the bull and her fuck returned, I said that I would speak to my friends and come again to set out a system of beach sharing for agreement. The dyke actually had the bad manners to squeeze my cock as we shook hands. I left, my stomach heaving and walked towards the waiting male nudes. be continued.

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