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Beach Blanket Bingo by

Beach Blanket Bingo

When my husband told me that this year we were going to vacation with his co-worker, Bob and his wife, Jenny, I wasn't too thrilled. I didn't know them that well, and knowing my husband; he would be fishing the whole week-leaving me to my own defenses. I wanted to go to a more commercial beach but they chose a quiet quaint spot with a nice beach house with an ocean front view. I took along plenty of books and writing supplies. I thought that maybe I would catch up on my delinquent letters to friends and families.

Once on vacation I was right about my husband. He and Bob had booked charter-fishing boats for every morning of the vacation that left Jenny and I alone to find our own entertainment. She was a very lovely lady with long red hair and hazel eyes that I could never put a finger on which shade of blue or green most frequently seen. She was statuesque and very sexy. We shopped some, wander the beach or read. Bored after the second day, I wanted the men to spend the day with us. My sexual appetite needed nutrition. My husband was not one of sexual prowess. I lost the battle the next morning, as the men left for the boat at 7 am.

Horny and angry, I lay in bed, sending out wicked thoughts of how I hoped that they didn't catch a single fish and that the beer tasted bad. I did what I had to do which was pleasure myself. I stripped down to nothing. With the morning sun peeping in my window, I started to tease my breasts, pulling on the nipples. Their hardness still didn't make up for the hardness that I craved from a cock. I felt a throbbing within my pussy, a heat that increased its tempo as I massaged my breasts. My hands traveled down to my hot center. Wetness was as thick as morning dew on my pouting lips. I teased my clit, rubbing it in a circular motion. My body felt good. I thought of my husband and how much he was missing, but to be honest our sex life had decreased over the last year. I was almost ready to come when Jenny opened the door, saying, "Hey sleepy head, get up. Let's go catch some rays."

I grabbed the tossed back sheet to cover up with, but she had seen enough to know that I wasn't sleeping. She didn't leave as I expected. I couldn't look at her, due to the excruciating embarrassment that I felt. I felt the bed sag, as she sat on it. I looked at her in surprise as she tossed off her t-shirt and pushed her panties off. Naked she was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. She stretched out beside me, asking, "And isn't it sad that we have to pleasure ourselves to get satisfied?" I nodded in agreement not sure what she was going to do next.

She pulled the bed sheet from my body. Her eyes flickered over it hungrily. She lightly traced around my navel. "I knew that you had a beautiful body. I fantasized about you last night when Bob and I had sex." She kissed me then, a rose petal soft kiss. With it, she unleashed a desire that I did not know that I possessed: the desire to have carnal knowledge with a woman. We began a series of barely there kisses that escalated into hot deep on fire kisses with our tongues battling each other. Kissing her was like kissing myself; I seemed to know instinctively how to do it. She moaned as I sucked on her tongue. I felt her hands massaging my breasts. I was in agony with desire for her to taste my nipples. She kissed around my lips, over my chin, down my neck, across my chest until finally her tongue flickered across my nipples. It felt so good. My hands moved to my clit, doing little circles around. My thighs were soaked with wetness. A moment later, I felt her hand over mine. She licked and sucked my nipples, pulling them with her teeth. I moaned out when she started to kiss my stomach and hips. I knew what was next. Her tongued ran over our fingers, tasting the juices there. She made a yummy sound in her throat. Jen moved my fingers away, saying, "Honey, let me help."

The first lick across my clit sent me straight into an orgasm. I shuddered, as she pressed down on my pussy with her mouth catching the flow of wetness. She increased her tongue action, flicking it across my wet core and into it. She licked and sucked me, until I came again. Then she slid two fingers inside me, while she licked my clit. I came again. She didn't stop until I had come three more times. While I was coming, she had started to grind her pussy against my leg. I was saturated with her dew.

I encouraged her to lie down, saying, "My turn now, Darling." I ravished her like the Breakfast of Champions that she is. I kissed her for a long time while on top of her, our nipples rubbing against each other. I moved down her neck and went first to the right one-lick and then to the left one-lick. She quivered as I did this. I took a long strand of my long brown hair and wrapped it tightly around her right nipple. It hardened into such tautness that I was afraid it would break off if I tugged on the strand of hair wrapped around it. I pushed my knee between her legs, rubbing it against her mound of soft downy hair. She lifted up against my leg with her legs. She needed my mouth there.

I skipped the kissing down her stomach part, going straight for her pussy lips. The hair on it was soft and curly but not too thick. I could see her pink rose-colored lips smiling at me, urging me to move in closer. I did. I took the tip of my tongue and traced just the lips, pausing for a moment to consider the reaction that I got. She quivered. I started at the back of her pussy with my tongue sliding in just a little deeper and pushed her lips together over my tongue while I slowly wiggled it around her hot honey hole. I never thought that a woman could taste so good. I pushed her legs up towards her chest, so that her pussy would be spread opened for my mouth. I wormed my tongue around her button like clit. It didn't take long for her first orgasm to occur. She grabbed my head, pushing my face against her wet slit, "Eat me, girl," she whimpered. I did. I liked and ate her, sucked her juices up. I made her come all over my face.

Then I started to finger fuck her. She came some more, screaming as she did. I tried to get to her g-spot with my fingers, but the position that I had her in didn't let me. I made her roll over onto her stomach, propping her hips up with pillows so that her pussy was exposed from behind. On my knees, I braced myself with my arms on her hips. Holding her lips apart, I tongue fucked her from behind. She bucked under my probing tongue, urging me on, "That's it tongue me...come on fuck my cunt," she screamed. Her wish was my command. I shoved two fingers inside her pussy, curling them slightly as I rubbed against the area where her clit should be. My tongue would her puckered asshole flower and flickered at the tightly clenched opening, as my fingers in her love hole massaged the front wall. She went ballistic with orgasms... squirting juices all over my fingers. I made her come over and over, her hot pussy flaming around my massaging fingers. I shoved my tongue in her ass, during the last orgasm and finger fucked her hard and fast. She bucked under me like an untamed red mustang, wild and primitive, lost in carnal pleasure. I loved the power of my touch and the resulting reaction of her body.

Finally, we collapsed in a heap of wet feminine wiles. She gathered me close, and licked her shiny rain off my face. We slept until early afternoon, then woke up and had some more hot fun. When the men came back from fishing, they acted guilty for neglecting us. I laughing said, "We are used to it, guys. Don't worry about it. Jen and I are keeping entertained." I turned to Jen, winking, "Aren't we?"

She smiled, "Yes, we have found lots of fun activities."

We both knew that we had more undiscovered territory to cover during the rest of our vacation together. I had a feeling that when we get home that our new found friendship would blossom into a wonderful secret garden of feminine pleasure.

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