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Bangkok Baby by Eros

Bangkok Baby

Part 1.

I flew into Bangkok on the 5pm flight out of Singapore, hoping that my stay would be a short one. The company I worked for had just invested a couple of hundred million in a new cement plant near Paknam and I was to ensure that the agreements reached in our long yet tenuous negotiations with the Thai government were being upheld. At least that was the plan. However, after a week "on the road" without even a sniff of oriental pussy, I was more interested in getting laid!

By the time I took a taxi to the hotel and checked in, it was 9pm local time and my cock was just about busting out of my pants. Everywhere you looked there were literally dozens of slim, creamy little Thai beauties parading their scantily-clad young bodies around like some kind of juvenile meat-market. Knowing the drill, I asked the hotel porter straight up if he could get me a girl for the night. His wink and silly grin told me I'd hit paydirt.

"You like young girl, boss?" he asked, leaning close. His breath smelled like a sewer.

"Sure, the younger the better," I said pushing him away from my face. "How much?"

"Just fiffy dollar to you, boss," he replied, still grinning like a fool.

"Fifty dollars??!!" I said incredulously. "Jesus, I only want her for the night, not all week. What is she, gold plated or something?"

The little man giggled stupidly and shook his head.

"No, boss. She real pretty, new girl, only been with man twice, honest."

It was a bit steep for one night even by Bangkok standards, but then again I was feeling as horny as a ten-peckered billygoat, and if even half of what he said was true I would be in for quite a treat. I took out two tens and a five and handed them to him, knowing that if I gave him the full amount straight up, I'd probably never see his ugly slant-eyed face again.

I unpacked, took a beer out of the refrigerator and slumped in the couch to relax. Exactly an hour later there was a knock at the door. I opened it and got the surprise of my life. Standing there was the most gorgeous little Eurasian girl I had ever seen. Only problem was, she couldn't have been older than about twelve.

"Er... can I help you?" I asked, a trifle uncertain of the situation.

"You want a girl for the night, mister?" she said, smiling prettily. Her English was perfect, with just a trace on an accent.

"Ahh, y...yeah, yeah, come in," I stammered. My mind was racing. This couldn't be for real, she was so young, so beautiful. I locked the door behind us and turned to look at her.

She was absolutely gorgeous, shapely for her age, with small peach sized tits, a narrow little waist and a firm rounded ass that jiggled delightfully under the red, silk of her dress as she moved across the room. The dress was short and very, very tight, and every time she took a step, I could see her pert little ass-cheeks bobbing provocatively just below the hemline. Mmm, mmmmmm! That's one hell of a sexy little package, I thought as I followed the girl's sensuous young body across the room. I was still not quite able to believe my luck. Sure, I had asked for a young girl, but I had expected a sixteen or seventeen-year-old, not a gorgeous, sexy little pre-teener like this.

My mouth was still hanging open as the girl sat down on the couch and crossed her legs, giving me a flash of white silk panties.

Part 2.

"What's your name, honey?" I asked, unable to take my eyes of her smooth, creamy brown thighs.

"Huang Suk Lee," she smiled, revealing a row of faultless white teeth. "but you can call me Suk Lee, okay?"

"Sure, Suk Lee, honey. Hi, my name's Toby. You want a drink of something first?" I said, opening the well stocked mini-bar fridge.

"Yeah, whiskey if you've got it, Toby," Suk Lee replied easily.

I almost dropped the bottle of soda I had grabbed and turned towards her.

"Whiskey? Aren't you a little young for that, honey?" I asked, realizing how stupid the remark sounded almost as soon as I'd said it.
She simply smiled and opened her slender legs suggestively, giving me an eyeful of silk-encased crotch.

"If I'm old enough to fuck, I'm old enough to drink whiskey, don't you think?" the little girl murmured sexily.

"You sure are, baby," I said staring straight at her prominent little cuntmound. "You sure as hell are!"

With eager, shaking hands I poured her a large scotch, and one for myself. My cock had already started to harden uncomfortably in my pants, swelling with lust at the prospect of actually fucking the gorgeous little kid. Suk Lee scooted up close as I sat down beside her and took the glass from my hand. She smelled delicious, a mixture of bathsoap and perfume and something else I couldn't quite define. She took a sip of her scotch and placed a tiny hand on my cock bulge.

"You wanna fuck me, now Toby?" she asked bluntly.

"Jesus, you get right to the point, don't you, sweetheart?" I laughed, feeling her little fingers curl around my cock through my pants.

"It saves time," she said, rubbing her hand up and down my rapidly hardening erection.

"Whoa, honey! We've got all night," I laughed, amused at her adolescent impatience to get right to the main event. "Why don't we get a little better acquainted first, okay?"

"Sure, that's okay by me," said Suk Lee, giving me a sexy little grin. "What do you want to do?"

I took one look at her full red lips and answered immediately.

"Why don't you pull out that hunk of meat you're squeezing and suck on it for a while, baby," I suggested with a lecherous smile.

Suk Lee giggled and without another word, calmly unzipped my fly and reached inside. My hard, bristling prick gave an involuntary jerk as her fist closed around it. Her hand was so small, or my cock was so swollen with blood, I don't know which, but her fingers didn't quite meet around the circumference of my rigid fuck-stick. She pulled it out of my pants and just looked at it with wide, incredulous little-girl eyes.

"Don't worry honey, it won't bite," I laughed, "Go ahead, suck it!"

"Ooooooooh, it won't all fit into my mouth, I'm sure!" complained Suk Lee, with a trace of youthful innocence in her tone.

"It doesn't matter, baby, just do the best you can, okay?"

The girl simply nodded and bent forwards, clutching my prick tightly in her little fist. She flicked out her tongue and licked the bloated tip, taking care to cover it entirely with her warm, wet saliva before opening her mouth wide and sealing her candy-red lips completely around the head of my cock. Then, she sucked it slowly into her mouth, stopping only when it hit the back of her throat. I looked down and saw that a good four inches of rock-hard prick still remained outside the little girl's mouth, but she started to suck anyway. Holding the base of my cock with both hands, Suk Lee bobbed her little head up and down, sucking slowly. Her lips were stretched tightly around the shaft and her cheeks were dimpled and caved in with the glorious suction. It felt like a tight, hot, virgin cunt was wrapped around my prick.

Part 3.

"Ohh, yes, little darlin', suck it!" I gasped, grabbing the back of her head. "Suck my big fuckin' prick like a lollipop, honey!"

It felt so damn good that I couldn't help myself humping upwards in an effort to get more of my cock into her hot little mouth, but she started to choke a bit so I eased off and let the kid take it into her mouth at her own pace. She recovered quickly and was soon taking more and more into her mouth each time as her throat adjusted to my huge girth. She pulled it in deep, as far as her little throat would allow, her tongue running up and down the underside like a feather, and it drove me wild. One hand was wrapped around the base of my cock, while the other played affectionately with my swollen balls.

"Ohhhhh, baby you really are something else!" I moaned, cupping her left breast lightly. At the same time, I slid my other hand up between Suk Lee's skinny legs, pushing her dress up with it. She moaned and opened her thighs at my touch. Her skin was firm yet incredibly smooth as only a little girl's can be. I moved higher, filling my palm with her tiny pubic mound. Even through her panties it felt hot, very hot, and damp too, and the more I stroked, the hotter and wetter it seemed to become.

Her small conical tits began to swell under my other hand. The large nipples hardened into rock-like firmness as I stroked her throbbing little honey-pot through the moist fabric of her panties, revelling in the perfection of her pubescent body, the incredible smoothness and softness of her tight young flesh.

"You were built for this, baby," I whispered, as the little girl sucked happily on my cock. "This is what you were made for, honey... to give men like me pleasure. Jesus, if I had you all to myself, I'd be fucking you every day, all day.... Shit, sweetheart, with hot young pussy like you around, I'd have a permanent hardon!"

I was floating on air. Her mouth felt like absolute heaven. I had never been sucked off by anybody except my wife before, and even then after a lot of persuading on my part. But little Suk Lee was doing it willingly, and it aroused me greatly. I could feel her taut young lips close tightly around the thickness of my cock while her cheeks and tongue caressed and sucked it. One of her delicate little hands held my prick, directing it into her mouth, the other gently fondled and rolled my balls in a deliciously arousing rhythm. She pushed the skin of my cock up and down as she sucked it in and out her mouth, hand-fucking the part she couldn't fit into her mouth, while at the same time squeezing my swollen scrotum.

"Oh Jesus, baby, that feels so fuckin' good!" I panted. "Yeah, suck that cock, kid! Suck it all out!"

Suk Lee began sucking as hard as she could, her little fist a blur as it whipped up and down the shaft of my cock. I couldn't help myself.

She was so good at it and I was so damn horny, I was squirting cum into her hot sucking little mouth within seconds.

"UHHHHHHHHH! FUCK!" I moaned, creaming the little kid's tonsils. "SWALLOW IT ALL, BABY! OOOOOOH, GOD WHAT A HOT LITTLE MOUTH!!"

The talented little kid had my balls dry in no time at all, but I was still extremely horny and I knew I would be hard again in no time knowing this gorgeous little honey was mine to fuck and suck all night!

"Mind if I take my dress off? It's a little hot in here, and I like to be comfortable when I'm working," grinned Suk Lee. God, she had a sexy smile!

"Yeah, go right ahead, I don't mind. Say, how old are you anyway, kid?"

"Almost thirteen," she said matter-of-factly. She gave me sexy look over her shoulder and my cock lurched in my pants.

"Jesus Christ!" I muttered. "I don't fucking believe it."

I watched as the sexy young child undressed in front of me, staring in wonder as more and more of her creamy, flawless skin was revealed. She wasn't wearing a bra... she didn't need to. Her firm, pubescent tits were about the size of large peaches, and nearly all nipple, a perfect mouthful. As her dress hit the floor, Suk Lee ran her tiny fingers over her tits and then down between her creamy thighs, rubbing the bulge of her little cuntmound slowly and sensuously through her panties, all the while staring me straight in the eyes.

"Do you like my body, Toby?" she asked.

Part 4.

"God, yes!" I moaned, my eyes wide with desire. "You're gorgeous, honey!" I stared at her half naked body, feeling the blood throb suddenly in my temples. The girl simply exuded sex, and her age only made her all the more tempting. I had never been so damned horny in my whole fucking life!!

Her legs were surprisingly long and slender, not like a young kid at all, and she had shape too... a tiny waist and flat stomach, curvaceous hips, a tight, sexy little ass, and a plump little cuntmound that bulged seductively against the tight crotch of her panties... just begging to be fucked. My cock was as hard as a fucking rock just looking at it.

"Jesus Christ, kid!" I muttered putting my drink down on the table. "I've changed my mind. Let's get this fuckin' show on the road right now, okay?"

I pulled her down next to me, letting my sweaty palms roam over her firm, creamy young flesh. Suk Lee opened my pants with deft little fingers and pulled my hard cock out. She let out a gasp as she realized how well-endowed I was, and I knew then, that the precocious little kid was going to get the fuck of her life. Her hot, feathery little hand moved up and down on my cock-shaft, and while she jacked it off she kept telling me how big it was and how much she liked it. Fairly typical stuff for a whore, I guess, no matter what the age, but from the way her little eyes lit up at the sight of my big cock, I knew somehow that she was probably telling the truth.

I put one hand around her shoulders and fondled her boobs with the other. The little conical mounds were soft yet incredibly firm to the touch, and her tiny, sensitive nipples soon became fully erect. She began moaning and pressing herself against me, so I shoved a hand between her legs and palmed her tiny cuntmound. The sexy young bitch sucked in her breath at the touch of my hand and pressed her hot little pussy against it, her excited young body responding erotically to the stimulation of my stroking fingers. I pressed my fingers into the hot slit of her cunny, delighted to find plenty of moisture there. Obviously her tender age didn't prevent the youngster from becoming sexually aroused at the touch of a man's fingers.

"God!.. You hot, sexy little fuck!" I gasped. "Your pussy is soaking wet, baby!"

Pushing the sexy little kid back onto the couch, I spread her slender thighs real wide and gazed down at the inviting swell of her tiny cunt. I stared between her open legs like a starving man stares at a succulent three course meal, breathing heavily. My was cock long and hard and swollen with lust, erect and painfully throbbing between my legs. I wanted to rip off her tight, wet little panties and fuck the living shit out of the horny kid. But before I did, I just had to taste her appealing little cuntal orifice. With a low moan, I bent down and buried my face between her slender thighs, my mouth wide open, sucking at the soaking wet crotch of her panties.

"Oooooh, I like that, Toby!" she gurgled, bucking her little ass up off the couch.

I felt her hands on the back of my head as she pushed her hot young snatch tightly against my face, grinding shamelessly back and forth. I lapped at her cunt through the crotch of her tight panties, tasting the sweet flavour of her pubescent pussy through the saturated fabric. My hands went to her hips, then slid under her butt, clutching the cheeks of her firm, rounded little ass tightly. Then, with a deep moan, I pulled the child's leaking pubes up against my face, turning my head occasionally to lick and kiss the insides of her luscious young thighs.

She was moaning loudly by this time, almost whimpering as I licked from her tiny dimpled knees to the edge of her tight silky panties, then sucked the wet crotch of them into my mouth.

Squealing with both pleasure and frustration, the little girl hooked a finger into the waistband of her panties and quickly pulled them off. Then, spreading her legs wide again, she wiggled her naked ass into the couch, looking up at me with bright, sparkling eyes. I stared down at the girl's wantonly exposed twat, and to my utter delight it was completely hairless, not a trace of pubic hair to be seen, smooth as a baby's bottom. Even with her legs wide open, the lips of her little twat were parted only slightly, the elasticity of youth holding her juvenile cuntlips tightly closed. My heart was pounding in my ears as I stared at her pink, pulsating slit. It was beautiful, as only a little girl's pussy can be. But despite her age, the child was very clearly aroused. Her juvenile cunt quivered and pulsed at my touch, hot and swollen and filled with juice.

Part 5.

"Lick it, Toby!" she said. "Ooooooh, suck my cunt for me... please!"

She was panting for breath and her voice was almost as deep as a grown woman's, all husky with desire.

"Uhhhhhh, yeah, baby, yeah," I moaned, staring at her tiny, drooling slit. "I'll suck your cunt alright. Jesus, I'll suck the piss out of it for you, kid."

I pulled her hairless little pussylips apart with my fingers and stared with hunger at the pink, gleaming inner-folds. The sweet, fresh aroma of her succulent pussy filled my nostrils, making my cock throb and swell to an incredible size. I lifted her hips and spread her thighs wide, dragging my tongue lazily up and down through her juicy, wet gash. It tasted fresh and immature, and she had perfumed her cunt. The smell of fresh spring blossoms mixed with the fragrance of hot, ripe pussy emanated from the diminutive little slot.

"Ohhhh Jesus, honey, your little cunt is delicious!" I muttered, panting hotly into her crotch.

She closed her eyes and pulled my lips back onto her overheated young pussy.

"Uhhhhhhh, don't stop! Don't stop! Suck me, please!" she whimpered, bucking her pussy up against my mouth. "Suck my cunt! Ohhhhhh, suck my cunt!"

She wasn't just acting it out for my benefit, the hot little kid was really asking for it... so I gripped her tiny ass in both hands to keep her still, and munched down on her pubescent pussy like a hungry dog.

I had always loved the taste of a ripe, mature pussy, but as I sucked the girl's tangy juices into my mouth, I realized that the taste of her hairless little vagina was completely different. It was the taste only a pubescent pussy could have. The musky flavour which female animals secrete to attract males had not yet begun to run in her system. Despite the fact that she was selling herself for sex, the girl's cunt somehow still tasted pure, chaste and innocent.

Hungrily, I began to lick at her tiny, squirming slit, sucking the clear, dewy droplets of cunt-juice into my mouth as if life itself depended on it. I listened with pleasure to the low, guttural sounds that Suk Lee made as I ate her sweet, sexy little snatch. The incoherent moans and grunts that issued from her tiny lips were more like those of a mature woman than a twelve-year-old girl, and just knowing that I was giving the hot little kid so much pleasure, excited me beyond belief.

Her lithe young hips were moving in tight circles now as she pressed her little cunt hard up against my sucking, seeking mouth. I licked and lapped at her tight vaginal slit like a madman, sucking her juicy, juvenile membranes deep into my ravenous mouth.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Oooooooooooh, yuhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, lifting her legs into the air.

She wrapped them around my head, pulling my mouth even more firmly against her crotch as I gobbled her slippery, seething little twat. I redoubled my efforts, trying to drive my tongue to the hilt inside Suk Lee's little cunt. Her ass began to buck wildly as she lifted her hips high off the surface of the couch, pressing her juice-secreting loins hard against my mouth and chin. Swooping lower, I ran my tongue lightly across her puckered little asshole, lingering just long enough to bring a moan of pleasure from her lips before moving back once more to penetrate her cunthole and sip the sweetness of her youthful secretions. She lay there letting me lick her quivering genitals for a long time, moaning loudly all the while, but soon the flavour of her pussy gradually changed.

The more I sucked, the more excited the little whore became. She was moving higher, reaching one plateau after another in her quest for womanly fulfillment. I didn't know where it would take her, and I wondered if she was capable of orgasm. After all Suk Lee was only twelve, and she obviously wasn't sexually mature. But the way she was responding, the pressure of her legs on the back of my head, and the sounds of passion that bubbled up from her lips made me forget that she was only a child. She tasted like a woman now, the heavy, spicy flavour of her cunt filled my mouth and tempted my palate. I took my hands from her little ass and searched for her newly developing breasts, and as my fingers closed over them, the realization of her immaturity was brought sharply home. It only excited me further and the juices rose rapidly in my prick as her nubile young nipples hardened between my fondling fingertips.

Part 6.

Again I had the urge to fuck her. I wanted to hold her skinny little legs wide open, part her slippery pussy-lips with the head of my stiff, aching prick and thrust every inch of my cock deep into the tight, wet heat of her virginal little twat. Her cunt-flesh would wrap around me like a rubber glove on a hand, and she was so small, I was sure the friction would be fantastic. The grip of her tight, juvenile young pussy would be like heaven on earth, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I fisted my cock and pumped it up and down, visualizing in my mind's eye what it would feel like to fuck so young and tight a cunt. Pulling rhythmically on my hard prick, I tried to simulate the snug warmth of Suk Lee's compact little pussy, matching the tempo of my hand with that of my tongue as I drove for her little twat's core.

I licked harder now, my tongue curling upward to probe delicately at the sensitive nubbin of her clit before dipping again into the well of the kid's immature little pussy. It felt strange to be sucking a hairless vagina and I thought immediately of my own pretty little daughter. She was only twelve, and I wondered if she'd ever had her juicy little pussy sucked yet. After this, I was sure gonna find out, and maybe teach her how much fun cunt-licking could be.... and a lot more, if she'd let me.

Suk Lee's hot little ass was bobbing all over the place now, jerking around so damned much I could hardly hold onto her. It was obvious that the particularly enjoyed having her little cunt sucked and if she loved a hard cock between her legs half as much as she liked my stabbing, swirling tongue, I knew I'd be in for one hell of a good fuck.

"Ohhhhhhh, Ehhhheeeeee! you sweet, sweet man!" squealed Suk Lee. "Suck my pussy! Stick your tongue in deeper, deeper! Uuummmmm yes, lick, lick, lick!"

Her hands flew up to massage her tiny tits as my active lips and tongue continued to ravage her tasty little cunt. Then, as my lips located her clit, Suk Lee squealed like a stuck pig and grabbed the back of my head again, digging her fingers into my scalp and pulling my face into her snatch with all her might.

It felt like she wanted me inside her, head and all. Not just my tongue, not just my lips, all of me. The child was insatiable, and as she writhed and squirmed her juicy young twat against my mouth in a frenzy of lust, I moaned with pleasure at the thought of fucking and sucking her hot, hairless little twelve-year-old cunt all night long!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss! Suck me there! Suck it hard! Aiiieeeeeee!"

I closed my lips around her tiny clit and sucked the hard, throbbing little love-bud deep into my mouth, rolling it round and round with my tongue. Suk Lee screamed and came instantly, filling my mouth with a torrent of fresh, piquant girly-cum. For a little kid she sure came a lot, but I gladly sucked it all up, swallowing her delicious cunt-spendings greedily.

She seemed to writhe and thrash around for ages, her lithe, graceful young body undulating wildly all over the surface of the couch. Her head twisted violently from side to side as her hips rotated drunkenly in an attempt to bring every corner of her little cunt into contact with my sucking, slurping mouth.


Her little body shuddered for a several seconds before going limp in my hands.

"Nice one, babe?" I asked, wiping the excess liquid from my juice-smeared face with the back of my hand.

"Oooooooh, yes!" she gasped, smiling down at me with a dazed look on her gorgeous young face.

I gave Suk Lee's sweet little slit one long, last lingering kiss and sat up, pumping the stalk of my prick as I looked down at her exquisite nakedness. The sight of such a nubile young nymph sprawled so wantonly before me, made my cock literally quiver with desire. Her tiny, conical tits stood straight up from her heaving chest, the rosy-red nipples erect and hard as little cherries. Her creamy young thighs were still spread wide apart, exposing her pink, hairless gash to my lustful gaze.

As I stared down at Suk Lee's glistening little fuckhole, I pumped briskly up and down on my prick, stroking the blood-engorged stalk to full, throbbing erection. Her rosy pussy-lips gaped open in post-orgasmic bliss, allowing the last leaky remnants of her pre-adolescent climax to dribble down into the crack between her tight, creamy little ass-cheeks. She looked up at my cock and gasped, her little brown eyes wide with excitement.

Part 7.

"Oooooooooh, it's so big!" she said in a tiny voice.

"Sure is!" I boasted. "and in a coupla seconds you're gonna get all ten inches of it stuffed right up that hot, tight little cunt of yours, where it belongs, honey!"

"Ohhhhhhh, yes!" she moaned, shamelessly opening the lips of her pussy with both hands. "You sucked me off real nice, Toby. Now, fuck me! Fuck me good!"

I scrambled between the horny child's legs and aimed the tip of my prick at her tightly-stretched little cunt. Suk Lee moaned and gripped the huge, bloated shaft with one hand, guiding my prick into her tiny, twelve-year-old twat with an eagerness that belied her young age. I looked down and watched her lubricate my cock-tip by rubbing it expertly up and down through her juicy pink cuntslit, amazed at the brazen eagerness and obvious joy she was displaying.

The big flared head looked huge compared to the size of Suk Lee's tiny puckered little fuckhole, but the horny child seemed not to be concerned at all, in fact, quite the contrary. She was rubbing the tip of my cock between the pink, hairless lips of her slippery little slit like a bitch in heat. I knew then exactly why she had let her uncle and brother fuck her, and why she seemed to enjoy selling her body to strangers. It wasn't the money, because she hadn't even mentioned the other twenty-five dollars I had promised her uncle... the gorgeous little nymph was hooked on sex!

"You like big cocks, don't you, sweetheart?" I grinned.

"Uhhhhhhh, yes, yes! I love them," she moaned, openly masturbating her erect little clit with the tip of my prick.

"Mmmmm, I thought as much," I said, pressing my hips forwards. "Christ, kid you were born to fuck!"

Suk Lee moaned as I eased the head of my cock into the barely parted lips of her hairless twat. Her young pussy was already wet and slippery, but I was so damn excited that my cock was dribbling into the mouth of her cunt, lubricating Suk Lee's hot, little pussy-slit even further with a copious emission of clear, oily pre-cum. My prick slid into her tight little slot a lot easier than I expected. We both looked down and watched as her pink, hairless cuntlips stretched and parted, and my long, thick man-cock sank slowly but surely into Suk Lee's tight, twelve-year-old twat. She moaned loudly at the sudden penetration, and I stopped momentarily, afraid that the sheer size of my prick stretching her tender little cunt was causing the youngster pain.

"Am I hurting you, honey?" I asked, pulling my cock out a bit until it was buried only a few inches in the tight, wet heat of the little girl's pussy-slit.

"N.. no!" Suk Lee squealed with delight. "You're not hurting me at all! Ooooh, please don't stop! Put it all the way in, Toby! I'm not too little, I can take it all! Uhhhhh, shove it into me, Toby, shove it in as deep as you can!... Ooooooooh, hurry pleeeease!"

"Yeah, that's what I like," I grinned watching her squirm, "beg for it, honey. Let me hear how much you want it!"

Suk Lee hunched her hips up at my cock, a look of pure frustration on her pretty little face. She wasn't faking any of it!

"Uuuuuuuhhhhh, put it in and fuck me!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, please put your big cock back in my cunt and fuck me, pleeeeeeease!"

Such a wanton request from the gorgeous, naked little twelve-year-old was all the incentive I needed.

"Don't worry, baby, I'm gonna fuck your brains out!" I grunted. "You're gonna love this! I'm gonna give it to you all the way, hon! I'm gonna stretch your hot little cunt wide and fuck you like you've never been fucked before!"

Throwing caution to the wind, I grabbed Suk Lee by the waist and hunched forward, burying my aching cock the rest of the way into her incredibly tight young pussy with a single, solid thrust of my hips.

She gasped loudly and lifted her ass, legs spread wide, her eyes unfocused, lips parted.

Part 8.

"UUUUUUuuuuuuunnnnghhhh!" she moaned, as my big prick sliced between her hairless pussy-lips and drove deep into her tight guts. I pushed hard, stopping only when the head of my cock hit the bottom of her little fuck-chute and mashed against her cervix. Suk Lee's breathing became increasingly laboured, and to my utter delight, she started wiggling her little ass up off the couch in a desperate attempt to skewer more of my fat prick inside her hot, squirming young pussy. She was absolutely fuckin' insatiable! I pulled back a few inches and then threw my hips down hard, ramming my cock fully into her eager upthrust little cunthole.

"Yeah, you like that!" I gasped. "You like my big fat prick way up there don't you baby?"

"Uhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, almost incoherently. I lunged forwards again and again, fucking the cock-hungry little twelve-year-old with swift, furious strokes.

Suk Lee's eyes were glazed with passion as she grunted and writhed beneath me. Her pubescent cunt was filled with ten long inches of hard, throbbing man-cock and the horny little kid was enjoying every fuckin' moment of it. I could feel her tight inner membranes adjusting quickly to the size of my prick, spreading and stretching as I fucked her solidly. In no time at all, Suk Lee's snug little snatch had dilated far enough to give my big cock enough room to move freely. Even so, my prick was still getting a really tight squeeze. Her little insides were clamped so tightly around me, it felt like a goddamn boa-constrictor had hold of my cock and was slowly strangling the fucking life out of it.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Goddddd!" I moaned. "I can't believe it!... Jesus, you're tight, baby!.... Oooooh yeah, so very, very tight!"

Suk Lee made little animal noises as I stabbed my prick into her cunt and swirled it about vigorously, pressing the bloated tip into every nook and cranny of her heavily oiled little crevice. Her shameless grunts and moans of pleasure combined with the wet slap of her thighs on mine, excited me immensely. So much so, that my cock began to swell and throb within her, growing ever bigger as I plunged deeper and deeper into the child's heaving belly.

"Fuck me, Toby!" she breathed hotly. "Ohhhh, it feels so good! Ummmm, I love fucking! Your cock feels so big and deep inside me.... I don't know if I can stand it!"

"You will, honey," I said, twisting her pink nipples. "You'll stand it and want more.... as much of my big, thick cock as you can get!"

"Uuuuhhh, I know!" she moaned. "I already want more!"

"Okay, baby! Hang on!"

I grabbed Suk Lee's tight ass and lifted it up off the couch, watching as my big prick sliced deeply into her soft, clinging cunt. The way her hairless, pink cuntlips clutched at my cock made me moan and shudder with delight, as did the way her ripe little pussy throbbed and oozed around the thickness of my invading shaft. She bucked upwards, sliding her young pussy-slit onto my cock as I lunged into her. Her beautiful young features were contorted into a mask of intense pubescent lust as she watched my prick slide into her pussy.

It was an expression which became her, making her look strangely mature, and all the more desirable. Her wide, brown eyes blazed as she watched my cock fucking her little cunt, her bright red cheeks burning with hot desire. Her sweet little ass churned and twisted, humping up to meet every downward thrust of my prick as the loud, wet sounds, and delicious smells of hot fucking filled the room.

"Unnhhhhhgggghh! Ungghh! Uhhh! Uhhhh! Fuck me! Ooooh, Fuck meeeee!"

Suk Lee raised her skinny legs high and wrapped them around my waist as she worked her hot little cunt in a frenzy. She bucked like a young filly getting a taste of cock for the first time, fucking hard, meeting my big pussy-buster thrust for thrust. I grabbed Suk Lee's tight asscheeks tightly with both hands and literally rammed her hairless little cunt onto my raging cock like a fuck-crazed bull.

"Ahhhhhhhh, baby, you're the best!" I groaned, feeling her bubbling insides grip my cock like a vice.

"Mmmmmmm, yes! Uuuhhh, fuck me hard!" she grunted, suddenly snapping her hips upward, engulfing my prick with a quick, darting movement that caused her hotly aroused little pussy to nip and grab even more at my throbbing, jabbing cock.

Part 9.

She grabbed at my body with her thighs, and locked her heels together behind the cheeks of my ass, which she was grasping with passion-strengthened fingers. Her little fingers dug deep into my flesh as she pulled me into her, still trying desperately to cram more cock into her creamy little cunt.

"You've got it all, baby... every fuckin' inch!" I grunted, feeling my pubic bone mash against her hairless little mound. "Now, let's really fuck!"

I grabbed a cushion and shoved it under Suk Lee's squirming ass. Then, keeping my cock buried inside her cunt, I gripped her ankles, lifted her skinny legs high and wide, and began fucking the little girl with long, deep, powerful strokes that soon had her squealing loudly. I looked down at my pussy-encased prick. It was a gorgeous sight. Suk Lee's juvenile genitals were gripping my turgid, pumping length like a vice. Her tiny, hairless cuntmound bulged with the sheer size of prick.

Each time I pulled my cock out of her, Suk Lee's little pink cuntlips stretched and clung wetly to the receding shaft, only to be suddenly compressed and forced in again by the penetrating thickness of my prick as I slammed it back into her receptive little twat. Despite the incredible tightness, her young fuck-slit was very wet and slippery, enabling my oversized organ to slide back and forth inside her well-lubricated little hole with no difficulty whatsoever.

With each thrust, hot pussy-juice bubbled out from around the base of my cock and dribbled down between Suk Lee's wide-spread thighs, coating her smooth young ass with a slick film of shiny moisture. I had never fucked anything so tight and wet and hot in my life. 'Jesus, this is what fucking was meant to feel like!', I thought as I jammed the child's willing cunt full of dick. Even with her legs in the air and her ass nailed to the couch by my pummelling cock, the horny little cunt was still squirming and jerking her skinny hips around like her life depended on it.

"Oh, yeahhhhh, you gorgeous little fuck!" I growled. "Shake those hips, honey! Come on, that's it! Yeahhhh, throw that hot little cunt up at me!"

At that stage, Suk Lee really didn't need to be told, but it excited me to treat her like the little whore she was. In my mind, she was my personal little slave girl, her tiny body existing only for my sexual pleasure.

I began to fuck the gorgeous little kid hard, filling her slippery snatch with every inch of cock I had to offer. She writhed and whimpered beneath me, squirming like a snake, her little eyes wide open... round and bright with lust as she watched my huge prick pump rhythmically in and out of her tender tingling twat. The sight obviously excited her because she couldn't take her eyes off our meshed genitals.

"Ooooooh, harder, Toby!" she pleaded. "Do it harder! It feels so goooooood!"

"It sure does, baby! It sure fuckin' doesssss!" I hissed, fucking into Suk Lee's tight, juicy little pussy like a sex-crazed animal.

I jammed my prick hard into her quivering mound, giving the child exactly what she wanted... more pressure on her vibrating little clit.

It seemed to send spasms of pleasure up her spine each time I thrust in deep, and every time she twisted up to meet me, trying to drive my cock even deeper into her tightly-stretched, twelve-year-old twat.

She was a natural. Her pussy snapped at my cock like a toothless mouth, giving the shaft a good squeeze with her tight little cunt muscles each time she lifted her pelvis. Jesus it felt good! A steady moaning sound issued from her softly parted lips and filled the room as I fucked her hard, pounding the horny child's hot little ass into the couch with a series of deep, powerful cock-thrusts. In addition to the slap of my belly against hers, my prick made loud squelching noises in her cunt as I slammed in and out of her frothy little fuck-hole with all the strength and vigour of a rutting bull. Suk Lee began to buck her tiny hips up at me in wanton abandon.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Fuck, baby!" I panted. "That's what I want, honey. Fuck me back! Unnnghh yes, sweetheart, fuck yourself on my cock, baby, fuck it!"

In no time at all, Suk Lee's hot little ass and the couch beneath it were saturated with her warm seeping juices. She began to twist her hips and shimmy her ass, keeping perfect time with my deep, pounding thrusts. By now, the feeling was so good I wanted to scream. I felt her little twat grip me like a fist, and when I pulled out of her, she followed with her hips, keeping the tip of my cock tightly gripped within the tender, sucking mouth of her little-girl cunt.

Part 10.

"Mmmmmmm! Oh, yes, just like that! Ooooooh yes, yessss! You're fucking me so gooooood!" moaned Suk Lee, as I stepped up the speed of my thrusts. In turn the wanton little child pumped her hips up at me like a machine, fucking me right back. I was thrilled and aroused beyond anything I had ever experienced before in my whole life. I wanted to stab my cock brutally into the child's small, soft lipped, leaking little pussy and fuck her till I dropped. However at the moment, my cock felt like it was going to explode inside her belly at any second. Her tiny little cunt was hot as an iron and super-tight, and the way she flung herself up at my cock, made my balls quiver and swell with impending release.

But I didn't care, because the way Suk Lee was reacting to my deep, grinding thrusts, I knew she wasn't too far away from creaming either.

Only a few more long, hard jabs and we'd both be there, fucking and cumming like rabbits! I hunched low over her squirming little body and pumped hard, feeling her hard little nipples skidding deliciously across my chest. Sure enough, within a few seconds her whole body stiffened, and I felt her cunt muscles contract around my cock as she came, shuddering in the throes of what was obviously a very powerful orgasm. Her eyes flew open and so did her pretty little mouth, inside which I could see her pink, glistening tongue coiled like a snake. She tried to scream out her pleasure, but I leaned down and covered her sensually parted lips with my own, tonguing her furiously as her jerking body took care of the fucking for both of us. I had never experienced anything remotely approaching the ardour and abandon of this sexy little kid's climax. It was wonderful.

"OWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOH!" she howled. "OWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!" And then, in a wild rhythm to match her body's wanton but regular jerks and twists.


Suk Lee's dark brown eyes were unfocused and glazed over with passion as she stared up at me. In that moment, she looked different... older... more beautiful, even though her pretty, childlike features were twisted into a mask of pure adolescent lust. Her mouth was open and little animal grunts of pleasure escaped her oval-shaped lips as I kept on fucking her, driving the very air from her lungs. As Suk Lee squirmed out her orgasm beneath me, I felt my own climax approaching rapidly. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hold back any longer.

Her hot, creamy little cunt was spasming around my cock so tightly, I couldn't bear the intense pleasure any longer.

With a lusty growl, I closed my eyes, grabbed the panting little girl by the shoulders and began to fuck her hard, pounding my cock so deep into her small pussy, that the tip was hitting the end of her vagina, banging and scraping repeatedly against her cervix. She moaned louder, either in pain or pleasure, I couldn't tell. Not that it mattered to me right at that moment, because come hell or high water, I was going to shoot a my wad into Suk Lee's tight, quivering little-girl cunt. Nothing on earth could stop the massive tide of jism that would burst forth from my swollen, aching balls at any moment. Another few thrusts and I was there, my body arching involuntarily, my hips thrusting forwards in mindless abandon, driving my spurting cock to the very depths of Suk Lee's seething little cunthole.


"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed, bellowing out my orgasm like a stud bull.

I shuddered and gasped, feeling my cock jerk inside Suk Lee's tight, quivering little cunt as thick wads of scalding jizz exploded from the end of my prick. My eyes were still tightly closed as I crushed Suk Lee's tender young body beneath me, hammering my boiling load of come deep up inside the child's belly with urgent jerky thrusts. Even though she'd already come once, Suk Lee fucked me back... thrust for thrust.

Her juice-slick little pussy felt so deliciously tight around my cock. It was silk-lined, slippery and greedy, the tight satiny walls squeezing and tugging at my prick like a hot, hungry mouth. In no time at all the insatiable little twelve-year-old was coming again, gurgling with delight as she creamed all over my pistoning prick for the second time in less than two minutes. I couldn't believe it... the young kid was insatiable!

I fucked little Suk Lee several more times that night until sadly she said she had to go. I watched her wriggle back into her dress and pull on her moist panties. She looked incredibly sexy. Suk Lee noticed me staring at her and smiled.

"Did you like fucking with me, Toby?" she asked with a sly little grin.

"Are you kidding, baby, you were fantastic!" I said. Then jokingly... "There can't be many more at home like you, sweetheart!"

She looked at me with a sexy twinkle in her eyes and smiled.

"No, there are two more. I have two sisters... one is a year older, the other is a year younger. Do you want me to bring them with me next time?"

My head almost fell off my shoulders nodding a most definite affirmative. Sex with Suk Lee had been great, but if her sisters were half as cute and willing as she was, fucking all three of them at the same time would be utterly FANTASTIC!!!... I couldn't wait!

The End.

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