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Captain Squall's Stories

An Erotic Balinese Adventure by Captain Squall

An Erotic Balinese Adventure

An Erotic Balinese Adventure

Part 1

Richard was enjoying his new career. As someone who had been recently retrenched he was able to do some part-time teaching at his local technical college. He had majored in Asian languages at his university some years ago and had kept up his language proficiency over the years. Now in his early forties he liked being able to travel through Java, Sumatra and other parts of Indonesia speaking the language of the locals.

So he took on his new class of evening students of the Indonesian language with his customary enthusiasm, noting there were one or two recent school leavers among the group. Two in particular caught his eye - there was Choy Lim, a dark and attractive 18-year old, whose parents were Chinese but she had been born in Australia and had little command of her parent's native language. Choy had a friend Jenny, who was also keen to learn enough Indonesian to travel through the archipelago. Choy was honey-skinned, almond eyed and was tall and quite slim. Jenny was of similar build, although she had small, but shapely breasts.

Richard struck up a friendly relationship with the two girls as he found that he had stayed for some weeks in Choy's parents' village in China the year before, and they had exchanged stories about the place. Choy was keen to visit it herself and when Richard told them he was escorting a group of students on a "language holiday" they were keen to join him. Both Choy and Jenny liked the easy way Richard got on with them, and they thought he was fun to be with. And on one evening of classes everyone had met at a nearby Indonesian restaurant and had a ball. Richard noticed that both Choy and Jenny had chosen to sit next to him and he took the opportunity to discretely flirt with them. He was young at heart, looked physically fit and his hair greying at the temples made him looked distinguished - and the two girls told him so.

In fact both girls were "virgins". They had recently rented a adult video with a story about how several teenage virgins had seduced their lecturer who had taken them away on a university camp. The girls were both fascinated by this and they had decided to try to live out the story - if the opportunity arose.

The girls had "stayed over" at each other's homes and had even shared beds. On more than one occasion they had masturbated in each other's company and in recent weeks they had even made love to each other, although a little clumsily. They didn't consider themselves as lesbians - just two very close friends sharing a new experience. Jenny had also plucked up the courage to enter an "adult good shop" with a view to purchase a strap-on dildo, which both girls had subsequently found enormously satisfying. After the initial discomfort of the foreign body penetrating their private parts they soon learned to pleasure each other, taking great pains to hide the strap-on dildo from their parents. After a while they didn't even need to use any lubricating gel, as their enthusiasm was enough for them to generate their own juices.

Several week's later they found themselves in a small village outside of Kuta Beach on the island of Bali. Richard's language group had got a good deal on travel and accommodation and they were in small "losmen" or guest house, where the rooms were clean and the facilities adequate. Although the rooms were not air conditioned they had ceiling fans and large windows to allow any breezes through. Quite deliberately Choy and Jenny managed to get the room adjacent to Richard's bungalow and they looked forward to being able to implement their plans.

On this particular warm evening the whole group had travelled to Tanah Lot to see the sun set over the sea, with the backdrop of the Hindu temple on the cliffs providing quite a scene. They had stopped off in Kuta for dinner, and they all decided to make their own way home that evening as it was free from any organised activities.

Richard, Choy and Jenny were sitting finishing their meal when Richard noticed that Jenny was reading from a novel. When he asked what it was she passed it to him, with a grin. It was "Emmanuelle", the story of one's girl's awakening to her sexuality. Richard read the pages that Jenny had open when she passed the book to him. He felt himself getting slightly aroused when he read about young Emmanuelle and a girlfriend being "tutored" in the arts of love-making - by a mature gentlemen, about Richard's age. he looked up to see both Jenny and Choy looking at him, bright eyed and a little embarrassed.

"I don't suppose you had anything in mind, girls?" asked Richard, not believing in the words he was saying.

"Actually Richard," replied Choy looking directly into Richard's blue eyes, "We thought that you might like to join us later tonight .... if you know what we mean...." her voice trailed off.

Well, Richard knew exactly what they meant and it was a little before midnight when he heard the knock on his door of his bungalow. Feeling semi-erect he managed to open the door without actually running across the room. He opened it to find Choy and Jenny standing there, dressed in their Balinese sarongs, carrying some personal items with them.

He invited them in and they sat awkwardly, sipping on some rice wine. As the effect of the wine warmed and relaxed them, Richard suggested he take a quick shower and for the girls to make themselves comfortable. He disappeared into the bathroom and had a quick wash, Balinese-style, tipping cool, refreshing water over his body with a plastic container. After towelling himself dry he wrapped his own sarong around his body, his erection now very prominent, pushing out the front of his clothes.

He walked into the bedroom, now dimly lit and he felt the cooling effect of the slowly rotating ceiling fan on his broad shoulders. He could see both girls were reclining on his large bed, both were stark naked and were kissing and caressing each other. Jenny's hands were between Choy's long legs, while Choy was kissing one of Jenny's breasts, and sucking softly on an erect, large pink nipple. Richard noticed that Jenny had very large nipples, almost three inches in diameter - just how he liked them.

This sight made Richard drop his sarong, his now rock-hard cock visibly springing up as it was released from the constraints of his clothing. The girls saw him approach the bed and they moved over to give him room.

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything" Richard laughed softly.

"No, Richard - we were just getting warmed up for the main event" replied Jenny with a warm smile.

Richard took in the glorious sight in front to him. He noticed that Choy had very wispy pubic hair and small breasts, but her labia were wide, pink and moist. The sight of Jenny's breasts made Richard's cock twitch, and he savoured her large, blond bushy pubic hair. They both looked good enough to eat - which is what he had in mind.

As Richard climbed on the bed he notice Jenny reach down and extract something from her bag. It was a double ended dildo, about 18 inches in length, flesh-coloured, firm and very realistic.

"Don't let me stop you girls" whispered Richard, and he saw that Jenny moved so that the girls were laying on their backs, facing opposite ends of the bed. They obviously knew what to do and Richard felt his cock get even harder as Jenny licked one end of the dildo before slowly and gently inserting it into Choy's pussy, so that only half of it was now visible. Choy was gently biting her lower lip as she rotated her hips and lifted herself to take in the dildo. Jenny the moved her cunt towards Choy, taking in her end of the dildo. Soon the entire love-toy was hidden from view, each girls sharing in its stimulation and gentle probing. The girls were not unaware of Richard's presence, and they looked at his now fully extended cock, measuring close to nine inches by their own estimation - and they were right. They saw Richard's cock majestically rearing in anticipation, his balls sagging pendulously in their sac. The sight of Richard's cock and the sensation of the dildo inside them now started to stimulate the girls and they started to heave and rotate their hips, moaning softly in their pleasure.

As if it was choreographed, the girls were both rapidly approaching their climaxes, as they thrust their hips forward and upwards, wanting to maximise the contact and penetration of the dildo. They were moaning and gasping quite loudly as they heaved and bucked, their cunt lips occasionally touching as they pushed towards each other. The occasional "kissing" of their cunts had made them ultra-sensitive and they felt their clitorises throbbing and pulsing. With several large thrusts the girls both cried out as the dildo filled their wet passages, their climaxes bringing them to a new peak of intense sexual pleasure. Richard could hear the slurping of the dildo in the girls' love canals, as their excess juices started to flow down their clammy thighs.

Richard could feel some pre-coital fluid seeping from the eye of his now quivering manhood as he approached the bed, where the two girls lay, their bodies heaving and glowing with the sweat of their passions. After a few moments Jenny sensitively and carefully extracted the wet and glistening dildo from their cunts, and she leaned over on all fours and kissed Choy full on the lips. Choy's tongue darted into Jenny's mouth and they savoured each other's juices.

Richard positioned himself behind Jenny on the bed and with one hand he guided his penis towards Jenny's wet and slippery passage. jenny looked behind her and smiled sensually as she waited for this foreign tool to enter her. Beneath her Choy used her elbows to move up the bed, so her cunt was now under Jenny's face and with her hands she moved Jenny down onto her pudenda. Jenny took the hint and crouched down, and started to kiss Choy's flat stomach and pubic region, nuzzling into her wispy hair, the musky smell of her juices acting like the aphrodisiac it was. By crouching down Jenny's cunt was now pouting to the rear and she felt the warm, firm knob of Richard's cock gently part her labia. She was grateful for the loosening up the dildo had done as she was apprehensive about taking in a cock as large as Richard's for her first real session of lovemaking.

She sensed the different texture of his cock to the dildo as Richard slowly and inexorably slid his length into her passage. He paused occasionally, letting her get used to his maleness, but also he flexed his penile muscles now and then which Jenny felt immediately, her passage growing to accommodate his warm and throbbing tool.

Beneath Jenny Richard could see Choy smiling and moaning softly, as she felt Jenny's tongue and lips on her vagina. Her eyes were closed as she floated away on a sea of sexual pleasure, as she was still on an elevated climactic "plateau" from her lovemaking with Jenny. Choy was lifting and rotating her hips to meet Jenny's probing tongue and mouth, now slick with Choy's sweet musky juices.

Richard looked down and saw his penis was now half inserted into Jenny and he moved it in and out slightly, before making a slow and deliberate push deep into her. The effect was not expected as Jenny clamped his cock with her own cunt muscles and she uttered a stifled cry from between Choy's thighs. But it was not a cry of pain, but more one of pleasure as she started to move her hips back and forward to enjoy Richard's cock against her passage. She felt a new fullness of cock - not an artificial one but a real man's cock -firm, long, thick and warm. She liked this and decided to make the most of it.

For his part Richard was thrusting in and out as though Jenny was an experienced lover, such was her accommodation and willingness. He started to feel a surge deep inside him, earlier than he had wanted but such was the arousal of the sight of Choy's passion beneath Jenny and with Jenny's own enthusiasm for her lovemaking with Richard, that he decided to "go with the flow" and not try to hold himself back.

He said in a low voice "Oh Jenny, oh Jenny - I'm coming, I'm coming...." and he felt the surge through his loins and his shaft as a warm burst of cum shot deep into Jenny's willing cunt. Such was the sensitivity of Jenny's vagina that she was sure she actually felt the burst of semen shoot deep inside her. Richard slowed his thrusting as he shot another, then another burst of warm, white cum into Jenny's passage. He felt he was shooting his seed into her for almost fifteen seconds, and the evidence soon became apparent. The excess flow of his sperm started to seep from the walls of Jenny's cunt and down her sticky thighs.

This had a stimulating effect on Jenny who was now rapidly approaching her own climax and with a plunge of her tongue and full mouth onto Choy's cunt she muffled a scream of pleasure. he cunt was actually pulsing and quivering as the climax coursed through her body.

Choy's eyes were now open wide in amazement as she saw the couple above her, oblivious to anything or anyone else in their paroxysms of desire and lust. Choy squealed and with her hands on Jenny's cheeks she pulled Jenny's face down onto her cunt, rubbing her face over her wet mound and cunt lips, as she thrust her vulva upwards. She moved her hands behind Jenny's head, still pulling her into herself, her hips shaking and thrusting as she climaxed time and time again.

The bed was now almost awash with the juices of all three lovemakers, as the bodies slowed their heaving. With a noisy slurp Richard slowly eased his still hard cock out of Jenny as he lay down between the two girls. The three of them just lay there, regaining their breath, their bodies still flushed with the efforts of their passion.

It was Choy who made the first move. She now wanted to experience the cock she had seen bring so much pleasure to her best friend Jenny. She moved up and squatted over Richard's legs, before taking his semi-flaccid cock in her mouth. With a skill Richard thought admirable for a virgin she gently sucked on his knob and shaft. In less than a minute Richard was at his full extension and thickness, and without delay Choy positioned her hips over his waist, crouching on her hands and knees, as she guided his maleness towards her cunt.

Such was her wetness that she sank immediately onto his full length as it disappeared deep inside her. She gasped out loud, throwing her head back and grasping her own breasts, gently squeezing her nipples. She was now lifting and falling onto the full extent of his vertical cock, her buttocks smacking onto his wet, sperm streaked thighs.

Beside them on the bed Jenny was rubbing her vulva with her hands, darting her fingers into her open wetness, as she witnessed the pleasure that Choy was now obtaining from the cock so recently inside herself.

Richard looked up and saw the almond eyed beauty rocking and swaying over him, her slender body taking in with apparent ease his rejuvenated and now plunging manhood, He looked down towards their join and he saw her cunt lips form an "O" around his shaft as she rose upwards, before her engorged pussy lips turned inwards as she sank repeatedly down onto his hips. He held her buttocks in his hands as he arched his back as he sank his cock vertically into the glorious wetness of Choy's eager cunt.

She started to shudder and shake as though she was shivering with cold but in reality she was peaking repeatedly, her orgasms coming rapidly and repeatedly. Her lovely mouth was open but no sound emerged, her now eyes wide and staring down at this thing bringing her such intense sexual pleasure and then it came - a long, low, guttural almost animal moan, as she ground her hips into Richard's. With a cry of his own Richard found some reserves of his seed which almost instantly surged up and spurted out of his shaft, shooting vertically into Choy's shuddering loins. It was as though they were one - the two sexually linked bodies now embracing as Choy leaned forward, her breasts resting on Richard's hairy chest, her knees still astride him. They lay still for a while, enjoying the utterly relaxed feeling of the release of tension from their bodies. Choy was softly kissing and nuzzling his neck and she thought she heard him whisper into her ear "I love you sweetheart..." She whispered "me too" into his ear, seeing him smile in response.

Next to them Jenny was coming down from her own climactic highs, and she was laying flat on her back, her legs apart, with her breasts slowly heaving as she rested after such intense activity. She too had a lot of affection for Richard and thought she would tell him so. Her hands rested on her glistening pubic hair - still warm and damp from her own and Richard's juices.

But before she could say anything to Richard, he said to them both, "I've got an idea. My house is too big for just me - how do you both feel about sharing with me?". Both girls looked at him, then at each other - and nodded with a smile. And before the night was over, Richard's future looked brighter and more encouraging than ever before, as the girls took him up on his unselfish offer....

Part 2

Theresa's suspicions about her husband Ray's indiscretions were confirmed the day she returned early from a shopping trip. She and Ray had checked in to the Santrian Beach resort in Sanur Beach a week or so earlier, and the middle-aged couple had made friends with a younger Indonesian couple, Ari and Clare. Ary had left after a few days, returning to Jakarta on urgent business, leaving his attractive wife Theresa to finish the holiday alone.

As a keen shopper Theresa had left the resort each morning after breakfast, heading to various parts of the island to do some shopping, as she was an importer of carvings and craft works. She usually returned some four hours later at lunchtime, rejoining her husband at the pool.

She had noticed - and Theresa was expert at these things - that if and when she and Ray made love in the afternoons he was not as enthusiastic as he usually was, and that the volume of his ejaculate was far, far less than it normally was. Now either he was indulging in some 'hand relief', or his sperm was being deposited somewhere else, she correctly guessed.

So after telling Ray she would be out all day, she had returned mid-morning to the resort. She knew he was being "quite friendly" to the young Indonesian lady and thought she might be the object of his affections. She also knew that Ray would avoid inviting any female back to their bungalow so she quietly approached the remotely located bungalow of Clare. Removing her shoes she stepped onto the porch and there was no escaping the fact that there was some hanky-panky going on inside. She recognised Ray's groans and she also detected the lustful cries of the lovely Clare. Ever so carefully she moved to the window, and through the tiniest of gaps in the curtains she saw it all. There was her husband, naked and sporting a huge erection, slipping in to Clare from the rear, in good old fashioned doggie-style copulation. Clare's breasts were swaying with their actions, her teeth bared animal like, as Ray thrust and thrust into the golden body in front of him, as she crouched on all fours.

Theresa's heart was pounding as she watched the couple, seemingly lost in their sexual pursuits. Between her legs Theresa suddenly felt damp, as her own juices stated to flow, stimulated by the vision in front of her.

She then heard Clare cry out, as her whole body shook, an intense orgasm flowing through her, as Ray rammed and rammed into her pussy. With a sudden loud groan, Ray pushed hard into Clare, flooding her cunt with his warm seed.

Outside the window Theresa swallowed, her mouth dry and uncomfortable. Her heart pounding she moved away from the bungalow as quietly as she had come, returning to her own unit some distance away.

Her mind was racing as she thought of what she could, and what she should do. Should she confront them and create a huge row? She knew that Ray had one or two extramarital affairs in the past five years or so - and so had she, so she couldn't be seen to be 'holier than thou'.

After rapidly thinking through the possibilities, she knew what she wanted to do. She recalled the expression "Don't get mad, get even" and as she headed for the resort entrance she fished in her handbag for a specific business card.

As she climbed into the taxi, she read the address to the driver, who nodded and headed for the city of Den Pasar, the largest commercial and shopping precinct in Bali. She smiled to herself as she remembered the very pleasant and handsome young gentleman named Wayan she had met at a large wholesale craft market. He was the market's "international sales manager" and on several occasions she and Wayan had enjoyed morning tea and she reluctantly declined his invitations to lunch and dinner. He was obviously attracted to Theresa and she had obviously taken a liking to him.

She called Wayan on her mobile phone and they spoke briefly. Was he free to meet her? Yes, she was happy to meet him at his home, located on the outskirts of the city. Her heart skipped a beat as he gave her his home address, which she passed to the driver.

Within a few minutes the car turned into a beautifully landscaped residence, with stone carvings alongside the driveway, the lush garden alive with glorious flowers, and dotted with several lily ponds.

As the car pulled up to the entrance a pretty young woman walked forwards, smiled warmly at Theresa and opened the car door. "Welcome Miss Theresa - I'm Sarinah, Mr Wayan's housemaid. Please follow me..."

Upon entering the house, Theresa knew Wayan's business must have been very profitable, as it was decorated elegantly and expensively. It had an "open style", with views of the tropical gardens visible from almost every vantage point. The floor had cool ceramic tiles, with low-seated couches, and large embroidered cushions to lean or sit on. It looked like something out of an interior decorator's magazine and Theresa loved it immediately.

"Can I get you a drink, Miss Theresa?" asked Sarinah. "Mr Wayan will be home shortly".

"That would be nice, Sarinah" replied Theresa, settling in to a luxurious couch. "I'll leave it up to you to choose something".

Sarinah smiled warmly and as she walked away, Theresa stared at her lithe body, especially at her shapely behind and slim legs. Pretty lady, thought Theresa. Just the kind I'd like to...

She heard another car pull up outside and in walked Wayan, looking as cool as ever. Clare's heart skipped a beat as he leant over and kissed her on the cheek, the scent of his sandalwood aftershave or cologne reaching her nostrils. With impeccable timing Sarinah entered the room with two, cool tropical cocktails, placing them on the low, carved table, before leaving the room.

The two of them sat and exchanged pleasantries, sipping the drinks that Sarinah brought them. Wayan explained that he was free for the rest of the day - and Theresa said so was she.

"Maybe we could have a swim before lunch - you will join me for lunch won't you please, Theresa?" said Wayan, flashing his best smile.

"Of course! Let's go now!" she eagerly replied. Sarinah was called and she showed Theresa to the guest bedroom, which turned out to be larger than most hotel rooms Theresa had ever seen, even in Asia, and it also faced the swimming pool and gardens.

Sarinah showed Theresa a selection of brief swimming costumes and before Theresa could say anything, Sarinah was removing her own clothes. Looking up she smiled and said, "Wayan likes me to serve him and his guests drinks and snacks in the pool so I need to get wet sometimes, too! Do you mind if I get changed here too?"

Her heart pounding Theresa said, "Why no! Of course not!" And as she also stripped she noticed Sarinah glancing at her body, especially her breasts, which were much larger and fuller than Sarinah's. Theresa noticed that while Sarinah's breasts were small, they were shapely with large areola, and elongated nipples. Could Sarinah be aroused by stripping next to this attractive visitor?

Theresa smiled back and the two women almost deliberately slowed their actions, not wanting to hurry the process, as each it seemed were keen on checking out the other. While Theresa noticed Sarinah's sparse pubic hair, it was Sarinah who couldn't help noticing Clare's very bushy pubic growth, which adorned her lower abdomen, across her pudenda and also between her legs and around her labia. Theresa looked up and saw Sarinah still staring at her body, and biting her lower lip, before she gathered her thoughts and finished dressing.

They both walked out and joined Wayan who was already in the pool, and before long they were gliding through the cool water, the surface of which was dotted with blossoms from the overhanging frangipani tree. Sarinah hovered discretely in the background, approaching Theresa and Wayan only to offer drinks or some tasty tit-bits, like ikan bilis, the small, thin, deepfried fish that are eaten whole.

It soon became obvious that Wayan had more than swimming on his mind and he started to flirt with Theresa, who initially made a half-hearted effort to laugh at his play. But before long they were splashing and chasing each other like young lovers, much to the interest of young Sarinah who had plans of her own.....

Wayan managed to 'catch' Theresa and pressing against her put his hands behind her head and kissed her. Theresa responded in kind, and the two embraced like reunited lovers. Theresa could now feel his hardness against her stomach and suddenly felt light-headed. She was also feeling incredibly horny, the image of her husband screwing the lovely Clare flashed through her mind, and she decided to take the initiative.

"Not here, in my room..." she whispered hoarsely in Wayan's ear and releasing herself from Wayan's embrace climbed out of the pool and entered the guest bedroom. Wayan moved over to Sarinah and whispered something to her before he too left the pool, his hardness now quite visible.

Moving to the large bathroom, Theresa quickly removed her swimming costume, towelled herself dry and liberally applied some talcolm powder to her body, before moving back to the bedroom, where she slipped naked under the cool sheets. Looking up she saw an overhead fan lazily turning in the midday heat.

And then Wayan was there by her side, sitting on the edge of the bed, waering an exotic batik sarong. He leaned down and kissed Theresa, who pulled him to her.

She whispered "Please...come to me now..." and she felt him pull back the sheet, revealing her loveliness and total nakedness to his gaze. Moving beside her, Wayan's sensitive hands caressed her back, buttocks and thighs, and he felt Theresa shudder in his embrace.

Theresa reached down and felt his hardness and she knew she wanted it now. She held his hips as if to lift him over her - and he got the message. Moving to his hands and knees, he knelt over her so that his cock was over her face and reaching up she guided his tool to her mouth. Wayan gasped audibly as he felt her warm wet mouth close around his knob, before she moved her lips down his shaft to the base of his manhood.

He was supporting himself by holding on to the carved bedhead, with Theresa's head between his knees on the pillow, where she was skillfully giving him head.

And then Theresa felt the third person climb on to the bed. In a flash she guessed it was Sarinah - and she was right. Sarinah settled between Theresa's legs, and started to kiss her calves, and then her thighs. Theresa then willingly spread her legs apart and she felt Sarinah nuzzling her bushy mound of pubic hair.

"Beautiful, just beautiful..." whispered Sarinah, as she knelt between Theresa's soft thighs - and then she took Theresa's entire vulva in her mouth and sucked hungrily. Even with a mouthful of cock Theresa audibly moaned, lifting her hips off the bed to meet Sarinah's mouth, which was now tasting the salty sweetness of this lovely lady's cunt.

Before long Sarinah's chin and mouth was literally awash with Theresa's flowing juices and she the started to dart her tongue into the velvety folds, occasionally flicking the small, but incredibly erect clitoris, which now emerged from its sheath like a tiny pink finger. Sarinah decided to focus on this and taking Theresa's clitoris in her mouth she sucked it as if it were a small nipple.

Theresa was now moaning even louder, as she moved her mouth up and down on Wayan's honey coloured shaft, fondling his soft testicles in their hairy sac. His body was hard and muscled, due to his daily exercise routine, regular windsurfing off Sanur beach and tennis.

Sarinah had now shifted her body so she was squatting over one of Theresa's knees, which now was rubbing her pussy, and she started to rub her groin over it forwards and backwards. Soon it was Sarinah who was groaning, still slurping hungrily on Theresa's pussy.

Theresa, sexually aroused like never before, even more agressively gave Wayan her expert attention, his cock filling her mouth and throat. And then she came - her whole body stiffening and taut, as she peaked noisily, her hips pushing up and down into Sarinah's sodden face. The orgasm shook her and flooded her body in a series of hot, pleasurable flushes.

Sarinah was also shaking uncontrollably, as she rubbed and pushed her cunt down hard on Theresa's knee, now running wet with both their juices. She was using this on which to masturbate and it was obviously working very well. With a loud cry Sarinah orgasmed, still sucking vigorously on the lovely Theresa's hairy cunt.

Wayan was not unmoved by the two ladies' paroxysm's of desire and reluctantly he pulled away from Theresa's mouth and moved down the bed. Sarinah obligingly moved away as he settled between Theresa's thighs, and she guided him to her damp, hot and molten love bowl. He slipped in like a knife into hot butter, and he started his slow and sensitive in-out motion, Theresa's ankles resting on his brown shoulders.

Gently he pulled Theresa down the bed a little, enabling Sarinah to climb up and sit on the pillow and face Wayan, her pussy now just above Theresa's head. Wayan leant forwards and took Sarinah's pussy in his mouth, making her squeal with delight.

The three of them were now totally engrossed in their lovemaking. Theresa was gurgling deep in her throat as Wayan skilfully ploughed her wet furrow, his thrusting hard buttocks making Theresa's body shake and also making her breasts wobble lasciviously. Sarinah's eyes were closed and she was humming "mmmm....' in pleasure as she felt Wayan's tongue flicking over her labia and clitoris.

"Oh yes, oh yes......" whispered Wayan and with several long hard thrusts he shot his load deep into this willing married woman, whose body was heaving and bucking under him. Theresa felt the hot seed being injected deep inside her, flooding her womb, uterus and vagina with white, hot foam. And she orgasmed again and again, while Sarinah cried out very loudly, as Wayan bit gently and sucked on her clitoris.

In a few moments their actions subsided, their breaths panting with their exertions - the overhead fan cooling their sweaty bodies, and they collapsed onto the bed. Wayan lay there on his back, nestled between the middle aged but lovely Theresa, her breasts lolling sensuously against his chest, with Sarinah on his other side, one of her legs thrown over his body.

Theresa felt a hot tear escape from an eye and reaching up she wiped it away.

""No regrets, my love?" whispered Wayan, kissing her cheek.

"No, none at all ... I'm just feeling so happy....." she whispered in reply, turning her face and smiling at him. She lifted herself onto an elbow and smiled over at Sarinah. "And you - you are the icing on my cake, you lovely lady, you..." and leaning over Wayan the two ladies kissed.


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