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Bad Tiffany by Ben

Bad Tiffany

Tiffany had finished dinner quickly, then did her homework fast. She wanted to get to bed fast today. She normally went to bed at around ten o'clock, though her bed time was supposed to be eight. It was eight o'clock now, when she got to bed. She turned the lights off and went under the covers.

Ever since her friend from school had told her about masturbation, she had done it nearly everyday. She normally did it before she slept, but today she couldn't wait. A cute guy in school who had never paid her any mind before had said "Hi" to her. For the whole day she ran the incident through her mind and she decided that he must like her. That stirred up feelings in her that made it so she couldn't wait.

She started by picturing him in her head. Then she lightly caressed her small growing tits through her t-shirt. She caressed the inside of her thighs, through her pajama bottoms. She started breathing more heavily.

She slipped her hand under her shirt and tickled her stomach. She smiled. She moved her hand up to her two perky little breasts. She ran her hand over them then pinched her left nipple lightly. The nipple hardened a bit and she played with it until it softened up again.

Then she ran her hand back down to her stomach. She felt the light, soft blonde pubic hair just coming out from her pants.

She worked her hand under her cotton panties and played with the slightly thicker, yet barely noticeable hair between her legs.

She hooked her thumbs around the edges of her panties and pajama bottoms and pulled them down to just above her knees.

She rubbed the inside of her thighs. She felt the dew forming in her woman hole. She took a finger on each hand and just barely grazed the folds where her legs met her mound on either side. This always made her shiver with pleasure.

She took her right hand and, completely covering her mound, she ran her hand from her anus to her clit. A drop of her juice dripped from her slit down to her anus. She rubbed the drip over her butt hole, but didn't insert anything.

With her left hand she spread her labial lips, and with her right she traced the outline of her vaginal opening and grazed her clit.

She delicately inserted her index finger of her right hand into her slit. She brought her left hand up behind her head.

She ran her finger up and down her slit, touching her clit with each stroke.

Then she put it into her hole. She moved it in and out, in and out.

She had broken her hymen in ballet class when she was nine, so even though she was a virgin, she could still put her hand deep inside her. That she did. First one finger, then two, then three as her vagina opened up for her. Soon her whole hand was moving in and out of her dripping pussy.

Then a knock on the door. "What is it?" she asked, stopping her thrusting. Whoever it was probably wouldn't come in.

The door opened and her mother came in. Tiffany quickly took her hand out of her crotch and put it on the covers.

As quickly as she did it, her mother saw her. She had come up to ask why she went to bed so fast. She thought she might be sick. But, now she saw that she was doing something her mother thought she shouldn't.

"What are you doing?" her mother asked sternly.

"Nothing," said Tiffany quietly.

Her mother grabbed her hand and brought it to her nose. "Oh, my God," she said disgustedly, "your hand smells like a garbage can!"

Tiffany looked ashamed.

"Where have you been putting your hands?" her mother scolded her. She grabbed the sheets and threw them off her.

Tiffany lay there with her pants around her knees. She tried to hide herself with her hands. She was almost crying.

"Oh, you're a dirty, filthy little nympho, aren't you? You are not supposed to do that!" Tiffany's mother was very upset. "You get over here, now!" She sat down on the bed and bent Tiffany over her lap, her bare bottom sticking out.

"No, Mom, please, I'm sorry," Tiffany cried, "I'll never do it again!"

"You're damn right, you won't do it again!" She began spanking her.

Tiffany's beautiful bottom got redder and redder as her mom's hand it it repeatedly. Her mom was very angry and in her rage she was hitting her pussy too, by mistake. Tiffany was already aroused from masturbating and as her mom hit her, though it hurt and Tiffany was scared, she was still being stimulated by her mom's hand.

Tiffany orgasmed and gushed her love juice all over her linoleum floor and her mom's hand. "AARRGGGHHHHH!" Tiffany grunted as she came.

Tiffany's mom had an expression on her face that was past angry. She was completely, totally insane with rage. She was so mad she didn't even know what to do, so she stood up.

"You filthy bitch!" she screamed. She slapped Tiffany in the face and she fell down on her bed. "Clean that up!" she yelled, pointing at the puddle on the floor, then she stormed out of the room.

After a half an hour of crying on her bed, Tiffany pulled up her pants and got a mop to clean the pussy juice off the floor.

As she was cleaning, her father came in. The smell of pussy juice filled the room. He sat on the bed.

"Tiff." he said softly, "your mother told me what happened. And, whatever she said, it's ok to masturbate. You're a teenager, you have feelings and urges, it's perfectly natural. And it's a lot safer than sleeping around. Now, you mother and I don't share the same views on that subject, but I'll try to talk to her, calm her down. I hope she didn't say anything to hurt you.

Tiffany said nothing, but cried on her dad's shoulder. Her dad hugged her and consoled her. "It's alright, there's nothing wrong with you."

AUTHOR'S NOTE: That story ended on a sad note, didn't it? It didn't start out that way, how'd that happen? Though it may be exaggerated a bit, it is a sad fact that many people think masturbation is a worse sin than murder. I believe that masturbation (and sex) is a natural thing. Just like you have to sleep, or got to the restroom, or eat, likewise you also have to have sex. It's necessary to relieve stress and sexual tension. People that aren't getting any, for any reason, go ahead and jack off, it's probably better in many ways.

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