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Back Home by G-boy

Back Home

My move back to my hometown started at least three months before I finally packed a few belongings and drove the one hundred and eighty seven miles.

I'd lost a big case. It was poor handling on my part, and some inherent dishonesty on the client's part that enabled the plaintiffs to call in a material witness that ended any chance we would have of winning. I can blame the client for this, but the truth is, I should have done my homework a little more thoroughly. My boss, Mr. Duhurst, was enraged; the usual fees from a settlement would have set us up pretty. Instead, we had to bill the client for my legal time and paperwork. The client informed us that we could whistle for it; we would never see a penny of his money. We won a judgment against him, but it doesn't look good in prospective clients' eyes when you sue your own clients for payment. My work was slipping, and I knew it. I no longer had that killer instinct that a good lawyer needs, especially in the corporate world.

At home, things weren't much better. The bills were massive as we'd bought a house in an exclusive part of town, and my wife, Dianne, had to shoulder the brunt of the bills, as I was only bringing in the draw of my salary. When you lose a major case, the firm is somewhat reluctant to steer new cases your way. She began to resent being the big breadwinner in our family, and I began to resent it as well. Our infant daughter, Katherine, was beginning to walk, and what that means is all the nice bric-a-brac we had scattered about the house was fair game to an inquisitive toddler. She broke a few expensive things before we got smart and moved them out of her reach. But the tension was mounting, and our sex life suffered as a result. We didn't have the money to throw lavish parties any longer, nor did we have the money to go out and dine, or entertain friends. Thus, our sex was limited to one another.

Don't get me wrong; that's not a bad thing. My wife is a gorgeous little Asian American, four feet ten inches tall, with waist length black hair, pretty little girl face with almond eyes, and a small breasted slim figure that I love to stroke and taste. She keeps her body free of any hair, so the skin is soft and smooth. But, we both craved the touch of another body, male or female, something new.

Finally, after a few months of bickering and resenting one another, I finally broached the idea of a move. To which she flatly stated that she was not prepared to leave the firm, the city, or our house. But, she was prepared to leave me.

So, I finished out the two pending cases, approached my boss, Mr. Duhurst, and told him I was leaving. He made the appropriate noises about 'sorry to see you go, you've been a real asset to this firm' and so forth, but we both knew that I had not been a real asset for at least three months. Dianne and I had an almost pleasant separation; we made love passionately every night until the morning came that I packed my suitcases, loaded them into our small sports car, and roared off. I cried a few tears as I told her good-bye; we'd been married for close to eight years. I cried as I told Katherine good-bye, also. She shared our tears, and howled as I slammed the car door shut.

The first thing I did when I reached my hometown, was look for a small apartment. The agent of the property management office looked so familiar, but I didn't recognize her last name. Her bright green eyes, pale blond hair, and triangular face on top of a shapely body struck a chord in my memory bank. She seemed as though she recognized me, also, and I asked her what her maiden name had been.

"Tudor, Samantha Tudor. But everyone calls me Sam," she informed me.

I broke into an ear to ear grin.

"Samantha, how have you been?" I asked. "Gary Lawrence! We dated in high school!"

She'd married almost immediately after graduating from high school, and she and her husband had two daughters; Terri, aged fifteen, and Bobbi, aged thirteen.

"I like girls names that sound like boys names," she informed me. "I mean, it gave me an edge, I think, being called Sam, didn't pin me down to those silly stereotypes about girls and boys, so.."

Her husband was a stockbroker for a branch office of a national firm, and did quite well in the field. But, she didn't want to be a 'housewife' for the rest of her life, so she worked for her brother in the property management office.

The apartment I'd rented, on a six month lease, was a real find. It was a two bedroom flat, with a large living room, complete with fireplace, two bathrooms, and a good sized kitchen and dining room combined. The best part was that the rear bedroom looked out onto the swimming pool, and the main bathroom had a whirlpool bath. I'd cashed in my 401k plan from Duhurst' law firm, and I used some of the money to buy some inexpensive pieces of furniture. Within a week, the place looked almost like home.

At the end of the week, I took my resume around to some of the law firms, and secured a position at the offices of Reese, Trahan, and Dunbar. They seemed to be impressed by my resume, and they seemed anxious to have a lawyer from the 'Big City' on their roster.

With an apartment, and a job, I was beginning to feel the loneliness. Nightly phone calls to Dianne didn't help, so, after a while of that, I slowed my calls to every other night, then three times a week, then twice a week. We both knew it was over, all that was left was the paperwork.

Sam, and her husband, David, an older man in his early fifties, invited me over for dinner one night, and I accepted. David and I shook hands stiffly. He was a handsome man, giving in only slightly to the battle of the bulge, but he had a strong face and a full head of brown hair. I sensed he wasn't happy to meet an ex-boyfriend of his wife's, and their two daughters also shook my hand stiffly. Terri, the fifteen year old, was a porcelain blond, about five feet, two inches tall, slender,, almost frail looking. Bobbi, on the other hand, was a dark beauty. She looked as though she spent a great deal of time outdoors, and, unlike her sister, did not bother to smile politely to me. With a "Hi," and "Bye," she was off to a more interesting activity than entertaining some old friend of her mother's.

The home was stunning, and brought back images of the house I'd just left behind. David made me a weak gin and tonic, and we chatted until Sam mercifully called us for dinner. Terri sat prim and proper, while Bobbi shoveled the food in her mouth. We finished dinner, and had coffee on the back porch, swatting at mosquitoes, and admiring the pool and gardens. David made a few nasty remarks about my having been married to a "Chink" and lucky to be rid of that "Slant-eyed" woman. I ignored him, and attributed his comments to the whiskeys he was guzzling one after another.

Terri shook my hand good night, Bobbi just waved in parting. David merely grunted his good night, and Sam walked me to my car.

"I really have to apologize for David's behavior," she started. "He's just so insanely jealous of every one I even knew from high school, and when I told him you and I dated, well! He just blew a gasket!"

"Tell him he's got nothing to worry about," I snarled. "I've been fucking 'gook' pussy for so long, I can only fuck at a slant."

She took a moment to register that, then burst into laughter.

"God, Gary, that's the one thing I remember about you. You always made me laugh," she said, as she hugged me good night.

I lay awake for hours, remembering our fumbling about in my dad's large family sedan. Neither one of us knew what we were doing, and we generally wound up more frustrated than not. The farthest we'd ever gotten was me slipping a finger into her tight, wet pussy, and her rubbing my cock through my tight jeans. But, her breasts were large and firm at that time, and age had only made them larger, if not a little softer. They'd felt nice when she'd hugged me good night. I masturbated for the first time in weeks, thinking about those breasts. I shot a large amount into my hand, and licked the semen from my fingers as I drifted off to bed.

Katherine was scheduled to spend the next week at Daddy's new house, so I drove back to my old house and packed some of her favorite toys and drove home with a chattering toddler strapped securely in her car seat. Dianne had been cordial but distant at the door.

Sam called me up and invited me and my daughter to her home for dinner. We arrived, and I got to see Bobbi's true nature come out when I carried my baby into the living room. Bobbi ran up and wanted to hold the 'little angel.' The two girls took to each other right off, and the adults, with Terri in tow, went out on the porch for a few before dinner drinks. Bobbi and Katherine stayed in the living room and tussled on the floor while we drank and talked. David had only nice things to say about my daughter, which was a good thing. After seven hours of driving, three and a half there and three and a half back, I was in no mood for anything from him.

After dinner, and more conversation over coffee, I decided it was time to go. I gathered Katherine's things up, and Bobbi told me if I ever needed a baby sitter, she'd be glad to do it, free of charge. I told her I was a lawyer; I could certainly afford to pay her, say, ten cents an hour. Even David laughed at my cheapness.

But it got me to thinking. It had been long enough without some social contacts, so I decided to look up another old girlfriend, Amanda, and see if she was up to a little trip down memory lane.

Amanda, five foot ten inches of red head beauty, with large breasts, flat stomach, and flared hips, was definitely up to a trip down memory lane, and this Friday would be perfect for her. So, I called Bobbi, and arranged for her to come to my apartment after school on Friday. Her parents gave full consent, and she was excited when she hung up the telephone.

The date with Amanda was not the most fun I'd ever had. The restaurant she swore served the best Mexican food in the world was packed and noisy, too noisy for conversation. I've had much better Mexican food, and even the margaritas seemed a little flat to me. The park that we used to go to was now a biker hand out, so that wasn't safe, and the night club she picked to go dancing played nothing but high energy music, and most of the kids there kept looking at us two 'old fucks' trying to keep up with them. We finished off the dismal evening with coffee and doughnuts at a sidewalk cafe, and I was grateful to finally bring her home.

Both Bobbi and Katherine were asleep on the couch when I let myself in the apartment. I quietly picked Katherine up and put her in her bed. I then covered Bobbi with a throw rug, and called Sam.

"Hey, Bobbi's out like a light, so, rather than wake her up, why don't I just bring her home tomorrow morning?" I offered.

I heard David say something in the background, and then Sam said it was fine, they had no plans for tomorrow.

I stripped and climbed into bed. As I turned off the bedside lamp, I noticed that the drawer to my dresser was slightly opened. I got up, and saw that my collection of porno tapes were slightly out of order. Angrily, I threw my boxer shorts on, and marched into the living room. I hit the 'eject' button on my VCR, and, sure enough, out popped a tape that Dianne and I had made of herself, myself, and Tim, enjoying one another. I debated on whether or not to wake up the little sneak, but decided against it. I should have been more careful with my tapes, that's all.

It was a good tape, that's for sure. Tim was a young man with a nine and a half inch erection, thick shaft and heavy balls. The tape opened with Dianne on her knees, sucking my eight inch hard on, then taking Tim's meat into her mouth as well. We both face fucked her, then I pulled out, and parted Tim's ass cheeks. He groaned loudly as I slid my meat into his tight ass, and fucked him while his balls slapped against Dianne's chin. I then pulled out of his tight hole, and Dianne pulled her mouth off of him. She got up on all fours, and I put my slick cock against her tightly puckered anus. Tim put his slippery prick at my ass, then in unison, he and I pushed forward. We fucked one another for a few moments, then we pulled our cocks out of the tight asses, and shot our combined loads on Dianne's face and open mouth.

We cleaned our pricks in the bathroom, while the camera stayed focused on Dianne. She was sliding a large dildo in and out of her tight, hairless pussy. Tim and I came back into the camera's view, and I sucked on his massive cock, while Dianne sucked on mine. He shot his load into my mouth as I emptied mine into Dianne's mouth. Then, Tim lay on his back, Dianne kneeled on top of him, and took his dick deep into her pussy. Her ass hole then took my meat, and we fucked until we'd all had a third orgasm. Only three people had ever seen this tape: Dianne, Tim, and myself. And, now there was a fourth person, a nosy little thirteen year old girl.

When I woke up the next morning, I gently woke up Bobbi. During the night, she'd tossed and turned, and the sight that greeted me that morning was her school skirt hiked up to almost her breasts, and her small white panties, barely concealing her young pubic mound. Some errant hairs escaped from the legs of the panties, and her waist was tiny. There was no sign of baby fat on this thirteen year old body, her legs were long, slim, and tanned.

She awoke with a start, and immediately looked guilty.

I fixed her breakfast, while she got Katherine up and dressed. I fed Katherine while Bobbi ate. I jokingly told her I wasn't going to pay her for sleeping on the job, then I got very serious.

"I also do not think that looking through my personal things is part of your job," I said.

She almost choked on her bacon.

"I didn't," she started to protest.

"My dresser drawer was half opened, I found a tape in the VCR, and God only knows what else you found in my bedroom," I tiredly said.

She didn't say anything; just looked at the table. I finished feeding Katherine, then cleaned her up. I looked at Bobbi again. She was pushing her food around on her plate.

"So, what else did you find?" I asked.

"Um, just some tapes, and a, uh, rubber thing, and some jelly," she admitted.

I nodded my head yes. She'd found my tapes, vibrator, lubricant. There wasn't much else for her to find in the apartment. She looked at me.

"Are you gay?" Bobbi suddenly asked.

"No. I just swing both ways," I answered.

I didn't see any point to lying to her; she had seen the evidence. I like to fuck men and women, and like to suck cocks, and have a big one fuck me while I fuck a woman's tight pussy or ass. I have no desire to limit myself to one or the other, so I would say that I am neither gay nor straight.

"Does it hurt? I mean, you know, doing it up the butt?" she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Depends on if you do it right or not," I answered. "I mean, haven't you ever taken a really BIG dump?"

She nodded her head yes.

"Did it hurt?" I asked, with a smile.

She shook her head no.

"It feels just like that?" she asked.

"No, I'd say it feels a little better than that," I answered, with a chuckle. "So, how many of the tapes did you watch?"

"Only the two on top," she answered.

The second one was of me and Dianne and Keisha, my former secretary, a striking African American, with large jutting breasts and rounded buttocks. Keisha is wearing a ten inch strap on dildo, and is alternating between my ass and Dianne's ass, while I'm pumping my cock into Dianne's tight twat. As I come, I pull out of her cunt, and shoot onto her belly. Keisha and I lick the come off, then Dianne cleans up the dildo, straps it on, and alternates between my ass and Keisha's, as I plunge my cock into Keisha's thickly haired pussy. My semen almost glows against Keisha's dark skin, and Dianne and I lick the come from Keisha's heaving belly and large melons. I think to myself, 'it's a good thing she didn't view the eight one in the stack, which is me and five of my buddies, having a good 'men only' gang bang. Then, she'd really be questioning me about my being gay or not. She brightened up slightly.

"Terri has one of them rubber things, in her dresser," she informed me.

I was surprised. Terri seemed so prim and proper, too frail to have a vibrator, much less know what one is.

"God, you really are a little snoop, aren't you?" I laughed.

Right before we walked out of the door, Amanda called, to remind me that I'd promised to take her to a play that night. I drove Bobbi home and made arrangements for her to be back at my apartment for seven that night. The play was for eight, and I wanted to give myself enough time to pick up Amanda and find the play house, but not enough time to have to engage in anything more than that. Sometimes a stroll down memory lane can be a bit tedious.

The play was some kind of experimental, avante gard yelling match. After listening to ten minutes of two nude people scream at each other about the government's lack of empathy about the AIDS epidemic, and watching a grossly overweight woman bounce around moaning about people judging people by their appearance, rather than their worth, I'd had enough. The play, thankfully, ended with ten naked people agreeing that, although this world is a mess, it is not too late to change our attitudes and outlooks toward humanity. I told Amanda that the only person I had a bad attitude toward at that moment was the playwright. She seemed to be offended by this, and, after coffee and doughnuts at the cafe, I gladly drove her home, and quickly declined her offer of a 'night cap' at her home.

I arrived home to find Katherine sound asleep in her bed, and Bobbi wide awake in mine.

"What are you doing?" I snapped at her.

In answer, she hit the 'play' button on the remote control, and the tape of myself, Dianne, and Tim burst to life. I quickly hit the 'stop' button, and ejected the tape. I roughly shoved the tape into its drawer and glared at this impertinent thirteen year old girl.

"Hey, enough is enough," I barked. "You have no right to go through my things, and I damned sure don't want you in my bed!"

I saw a tear appear in the corner of her eye, but I did not regret my outburst. She slithered out of the bed, and I almost gasped when I saw that she only had her shirt on. She sobbed quietly as she picked up her white cotton panties and jean shorts and slipped them on.

"What were you doing, half naked in my bed?" I gruffly asked.

"Nothing," she answered.

Katherine woke up when I picked her up, and, after changing her diaper, I strapped her into her car seat and drove Bobbi home. For two nights of baby sitting, I paid her thirty dollars. She remained quiet for the entire drive home, and mumbled her thanks when I paid her. She kissed Katherine on the forehead, and ran to her front door. I made sure that she got into her house okay, before returning home. Katherine and I played for about thirty minutes, and then I put her back to bed. I stripped off my suit and tie, and climbed into my own bed. That's when I found my vibrator under the damp sheets.

I could tell what she'd been doing with it, as a little bit of her shit stuck to the very tip of the vibrator. I didn't know whether to be mad or be turned on by a thirteen year old trying anal masturbation. I cleaned it off and put it away, and fell asleep with images of my cock slamming into Bobbi's boyish ass and sparsely covered pussy. I groaned when the telephone woke me out of my erotic dream. It was Dianne.

"Hi, Gary, how's it going?" she cheerfully asked.

"All right, I guess," I answered. "Katherine's still sleeping, though. I was going to wait until after lunch before I drove all the way back. That way, she'd have her afternoon nap, and when she woke up, she'd be at Mommy's. Okay?"

"Well, see, that's what I'm calling about," Dianne said. "I've got to fly up to Seattle tomorrow night, and I was wondering if you'd keep Katherine for another week or two, just 'til I get back, okay?"

I readily agreed. The day care center I had arranged for Katherine while I worked was a very good one, and reasonably priced. Plus, I loved my little girl, and wanted as much time with her as possible.

The week flew by, and there was only the answering machine whenever I called Dianne. I'd made tentative plans with Tina, a young lady I'd met at the book store down the street from my office, and I called Bobbi to see about baby sitting for me. She sullenly agreed, and was very quiet when she showed up at my door. She cheered up slightly when she saw Katherine, and they sat on the living room floor to play. As a precautionary measure, I'd locked my bedroom door, and I left.

Tina, a small strawberry blonde given to slight pudginess, with great big brown eyes, and I went on a night time river boat cruise. The buffet was great, the view of the city at night was beautiful, and Tina kissed sweetly and tenderly. At her apartment, we sat on her sagging couch, and kissed and groped each other for a few moments, and shared some cheap rum and cola before we reached the point of no return. Inwardly, I was a little relieved when she called a break to our passion, saying she didn't feel like she knew me well enough to sleep with me just yet. After a few more kisses, I left the apartment, and reached my sports car just as two tough looking youths were approaching it. They glared at me as I opened the door and drove off. I vowed to only see Tina in the daylight, if her apartment was our designated arrival point.

When I arrived home, Katherine was already in bed, as it was late (after midnight) but Bobbi was not in the living room, or in Katherine's bedroom, where I'd set up a small cot for her. Knowing it would be late before I returned, I'd gotten Sam's permission for Bobbi to spend the night. I saw the light on in my bedroom, and frowned to myself.

"That little bitch jimmied the lock," I muttered, and marched to my bedroom.

I flung open the door, and was greeted by the sight of a nude thirteen year old, on her knees, shoulders pinned to the bed, thrusting my vibrator in and out of her clutching rectum. Her other hand was mauling her tiny pussy, which oozed with her excitement. She grunted loudly and collapsed on the bed. The vibrator slid slowly from her ass hole, and lay on the sheets, buzzing merrily as it almost touched her pussy.

"Having fun?" I flatly asked.

She jumped at the sound of my voice, and looked at me guiltily. She made a minimal effort to cover herself, and I gazed in appreciation at the small mounds of flesh that formed her developing breasts. The tennis ball roundness was capped with tiny dark points, which flared out slightly as the nipples began to lose their excitement. Her chest was thin; she was still very much a child, and her stomach was flat. Her pubic hair was beginning to thicken slightly, but it did not cover the wet slit and puffy lips of her vagina.

Suddenly, I was very tired.

"Go on to bed, Bobbi," I said, as I picked up the vibrator.

She quietly slipped her tee shirt on, and scurried out of my bedroom. I stripped off my own clothing and crawled into my bed. I could smell her scent, and I realized I was clutching the vibrator in my hand. I licked up and down the shaft of it, and relished the tangy taste of her adolescent ass. Then, I formed a deviant idea. Since it was obvious that she would not be deterred from invading my room, or from using my toys, I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. I would set up a video camera in the closet the next time I would have her over to baby sit.

Calls to Dianne continued to go unanswered, and a few calls to her office netted no results, either. I began to suspect that something was wrong, and made a few calls to old friends of ours in the 'Big City'. No one had seen or heard from her in a while, and Tim, who was a police officer, said that he'd observed no activity around the house. He said that if I didn't hear from her by the end of the month, two weeks hence, then he would check with her office, and if that produced nothing, we could open a missing person file on her.

I drove Bobbi home after making my phone calls, and paid her fifteen dollars for her work. Katherine and I went to the small petting zoo, but she was afraid of all of the animals, even the lamb, so we returned to the apartment, and went for a dip in the pool.

Two boys in their early twenties, with well formed bodies, and very skimpy bathing suits, admired Katherine, and we chatted for a while. Toby was twenty four, with dark hair and a bright smile. Jake was twenty two, very well built, with light brown hair and a very charming shy nature. Their cocks bulged in the bikini briefs they cavorted in, and their buttocks were muscular and tight looking. My own briefs bulged at the thought of licking and sucking them and plunging my hard on into their tight asses. I lowered Katherine into the water, and hoped a dip would cool my throbbing need. I held her on my chest and backstroked my way around the pool a few times, until I tired of this, and we sat on the steps at the small end of the pool. Toby swam up and did some baby talk with Katherine, then invited me to their apartment for a few beers. I had to decline, as I had a small child with me, but I told him that they were welcome to come to apartment 105 for a few beers, if they so desired. Katherine was getting cranky from need of a nap, so we left the pool, and I changed her and put her down for a nap. Toby and Jake showed up a few moments later. I answered the door and let them in. I'd grabbed tape number eight, just in case they looked receptive to the idea of a quick fuck, and the way Jake or Toby kept touching me, and each other as we sat and talked and sipped our beers, gave me every indication that they might indeed be receptive.

"I like your apartment," Jake said, as he looked around the living room.

"Yeah, ours doesn't have a fireplace in it," Toby agreed.

"How about a whirlpool?" I asked.

"No! Does yours?" Toby asked.

I motioned them into the main bathroom, and they both admired the tub with its twelve nozzles.

"God, that must feel great," Jake sighed.

I smiled and agreed that it did.

"Well, you probably pay a lot more for this than we do," Toby said.

I told them the price, and they whistled. I was paying seventy five dollars more than they were, but I, and they, thought that it was worth it. They quietly looked around the rest of the apartment, and Jake laughed at my mussed up bed.

"Toby doesn't make the bed either," he said. "If I want a made bed to sleep in, I have to make it myself."

"Well, normally, I do make it, but it's Saturday, so I said 'fuck it' and left it like that," I admitted.

He'd let me in on the secret. He and Toby shared a bed. Would they share more than that? I decided to make us some gin and tonics, and casually inquired if they would like to watch a home made movie. We flopped down on the couch, and I turned on the tape. They sat in silence while the black screen slowly came to life.

The scene opened with me, Tim, Eric, Greg, Rodney, and Mike naked, standing, smiling at the camera. Then Tim sank to his knees and took my cock in his mouth while Eric took Greg's and Rodney took Mike's into their mouths. After a few moments of this, we switched places, with me, Greg and Mike on our knees. Then the real fun began. Eric was the first to present his ass to Greg's slick cock, then Rodney entered Greg's tight ass, Mike slipped into Rodney, while I forced my way into Mike, and Tim filled me. It looked incredible on tape, but the truth of the matter was that it was hard as hell to get any movement going. After a few minutes of some very clumsy thrusting, we broke out of this arrangement, and paired off. I grabbed a hold on Greg's meat, which, while only about six inches long, was as big around as a soda can. I almost screamed in pain as he slid it into my ass, but after a moment, the pain subsided, and my cock throbbed with the need to come. His thrusts became urgent, and I exploded when I felt his heavy balls empty into my throbbing bowels. I caught my semen in my hand, and fed the juice to Eric, his face inches from mine, as Rodney shoved his long member into his squirming ass. Greg moved from the camera's view, and then the camera moved in close for a shot of Tim's meat sliding down Mike's throat. Tim pulled his large cock out, and shot a load of come onto Mike's face. Mike was not to be outdone by that, so he bent Tim over, and fucked him roughly in his tight hole.

The next scene was shot a few moments later, when we'd all had a chance to recover. Eric is flat on his back, with my dick and Mike's dick, driving into his ass. Greg and Tim are both face fucking the groaning, squealing nineteen year old, while Rodney is sucking on Eric's spurting tool.

"Fuck!" I heard Jake moan. "I'd have trouble getting your big meat in me, much less two of them!"

"Yeah, well, Eric's a pussy boy," I said. "He's a real dick slut, anything, anytime, anywhere."

"Jake's a real dick slut, too," Toby laughed.

They mock punched one another for a few minutes, then kissed fondly. Jake's hand went into Toby's shorts, and I watched the bulge in Toby's shorts as Jake's hand stroked up and down. The head of his dick peeked out of the shorts, and I went over to them and knelt in front of him. I reached out with my tongue, and licked the head. Jake slid Toby's shorts down, and I engulfed Toby's entire nine inches in my throat. I moaned in pleasure as I felt Jake's hands unbuttoning my shorts, and felt his tongue spear into my willing ass hole. Within moments, I was ecstatic as one long cock fucked my mouth, and another fucked my ass. Two spurts of semen flooded into me, and I stood up for someone to suck my cock. Jake took my length into his mouth, while Toby licked and nuzzled my scrotum. After only a minute of Jake's sweet mouth, I shot a good sized load into his mouth. The young man swallowed it all, then we drank another gin and tonic. Jake suggested to Toby that he'd like to try taking on two cocks at once, and I readily agreed. His tight little ass had driven me nuts as I watched it flex and sway at the pool, and I wanted some of that meat. Toby lay on his back, and Jake sat down easily on his lover's long pole. I then knelt behind them, and, with some considerable effort, got the head of my dick in, but could go no further. So, I pulled out and let the two young men fuck, then I plunged my cock into that sperm slick chute. Just as I'd hoped, Jake's ass, even though freshly fucked, was sweet and tight. After I'd shot into his ass, I sucked him off while he sucked Toby dry.

Katherine woke up from her nap, so we said our good byes, and I fixed my daughter some dinner. The telephone rang just as we were cleaning up.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi, Mr. Gary, it's Bobbi," the little voice at the other end said.

I was still somewhat miffed at this little intruder, so my response was a somewhat less then friendly hello. Silence ensued.

"Um," she broke the silence. "Do you need a baby sitter for tonight?"

"No, I don't believe so," I responded. "I think we'll just stay in tonight, and watch some TV together."

"Oh," the disappointed response came. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, Bobbi, I'm sure. Why? Is there some more of my stuff you want to play with?" I tiredly asked.

Rather than the embarrassment I'd hoped to evoke, the little tart actually laughed.

"Oh, I don't know. What else you got?" she asked.

Even I had to laugh at her impertinence. I decided that I could use another video for my growing collection of home made movies, and told her that I changed my mind, I would need a baby sitter in about an hour, for about three hours tonight. That would give her time to give Katherine a bath, and play with her for an hour, then a whole hour to do whatever she wished to do. And I was sure of what she wished to do. I set up the camera, and left the closet door slightly ajar. I set the timer for nine thirty p.m. and played with Katherine until I heard the door bell ring. Bobbi stood in the doorway, and hugged me tightly when I closed the door.

"Thank you for letting me come over," she whispered. "Mom and Dad are having one of their 'discussions' and Terri's on the rag or something, because she's just like being a total bitch and stuff, you know?"

"Discussions, huh? Is that the family word for a fight?" I asked.

"Yeah. Dad thinks Mom's running around with some guy in the office, because they have lunch together all the time, and she swears she's not," Bobbi said, and looked at the floor.

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that," I sincerely said, as I poured each of us a cola.

"You don't really have to go out tonight, do you?" she asked.

I could tell that she wanted to talk, so I sat down on the couch, and let Katherine crawl and stumble on the floor. The carpet was plush enough to cushion the toddler's falls, so I wasn't too worried about her. Bobbi sat down on the couch, very close to me, and sipped her cola. Katherine waddled over to her, and the girl picked her up. At that moment, it was hard to imagine this little girl with a vibrator sticking out of her ass while her hand rubbed frantically at her cunt. Her next move, however, brought that image, and many others, immediately into mind.

"Yeah. I left the house so fast, I didn't even put on underwear, see?" she said, as she lifted the hem of her short skirt, to reveal her bare pussy.

The lips glistened with moisture, and she smiled wickedly at me.

"Um, yeah, I see that," I mumbled.

She dropped the hem of her skirt, and played 'Patty cake' with Katherine. I shifted in my seat, to adjust my now growing erection. She put Katherine down after a few minutes, and looked at the television set.

"So, got any good movies?" she asked, and smiled that wicked little smile again.

"Bobbi, you know you're not supposed to be watching those movies," I snapped. "And, I'm damned sure not going to sit here and watch them with you."

She looked at the floor again, the smile fading from her lips. She looked away from me.

"You know why I like looking at those movies?" she asked in a low voice.

"Because, at your age, you're curious about sex," I began to say.

"Because you're in them," she said, and blushed a deep red.

"What?" I asked.

She threw herself in my arms, and began to kiss me in a childish manner. I extricated myself from her grasp, and firmly held her at arm's length.

"Bobbi! I'm twenty years older than you!" I tried to explain. "And you're just a kid!"

"That doesn't matter! Dad's twenty three years older than Mom, and she was just a kid when they met!" she yelled.

I stood up and tried to find some leverage with this love sick child. Obviously, she was starved for some semblance of love from an adult, but I really didn't think that I was the one she should be talking to about this. She reached out for me, and I held her hands away from me. We struggled for a moment, then the little girl went limp.

"Fine, whatever," she mumbled.

"Hey, Bobbi, I'm really flattered and everything, but, there are laws against this kind of stuff," I said, then tried to make a joke out of it. "I mean, how would it look, me being a lawyer and everything?"

"Fine, whatever. I don't care," was all she said.

I sat back down and patted her hand. I looked at her eyes, and saw tears.

"You're crying," I said.

"No, I'm not!" she snapped, and wiped at her face.

I pulled her into a fatherly embrace, but she changed that, by gyrating her hips so that her bare bottom rubbed against my cock. I gently kissed her tears away, which was the wrong thing to do. She tilted her head up, and shoved her tongue into my mouth. Before I knew it, I was returning the kiss. My hand cupped her breast, and she moaned in pleasure. I felt the nipples harden, and pulled them gently through the thin material of her blouse.

She broke the kiss and said, "Suck on them, please!"

I bent to the task, and nipped them gently through the material of her blouse. Each button fought and snagged as I struggled to undo them, but finally she sat on my couch in only her short skirt. My shirt followed her blouse to the floor, and her tongue lashed at my stiff nipples. Katherine giggled, which brought Bobbi and me out of our reverie. We remained shirtless while we both played with my daughter, then bathed her and readied her for bed. We kissed often while we did this, then, when we were sure that Katherine was snuggled in her bed, we went into my bedroom.

The skirt fell to the floor, and my shorts followed suit. The girl held my erection in her hands almost gingerly, then lowered her head to it and licked it. I moaned as I felt her hot wetness envelop the head, and enjoyed her tender, cautious licks. I then picked her up and laid her on her back, legs spread.

She gasped as my tongue plowed into her tight, wet snatch, and I licked as much of her sweet juice as I could get to. Her tiny clit beckoned for my attention, and she groaned in delight as I sucked and licked it. She shuddered and squealed through a quick orgasm, and panted as I suckled on her almost flat breasts.

"Fuck me, Mr. Gary," she panted, when her breath returned to almost normal. I looked up into her deep eyes.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

Oral sex with a minor was risky enough, but to engage in actual copulation was serious business. She nodded her head yes.

"Yeah, fuck me," she pleaded.

"I mean, we don't want you to get pregnant or anything like that," I continued. "And, plus that, the first time always hurts a little."

"Mom put me and Terri on the pill as soon as we started our periods," she said. "And, I already popped my cherry with your rubber dick, the first night I was here."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, I saw Terri fucking herself, and her and her best friend, Cindy, fucking each other with Terri's dick, so, I knew what I was doing."

"Really?" was all I could say.

"Yeah, and it didn't hurt at all!" Bobbi exclaimed, with some pride.

I lay on my back, and let Bobbi straddle my hips. My cock was at its hardest, and her cunt was wet from her juice and my spittle. She lowered herself onto me, and it slid in a few inches. My cock was gripped in a fleshy vice, and she grunted in some pain as my cock head pressed against the walls of her cervix. She looked down between her legs, and saw that she had another three or four inches to go. With a groan of some agony, she let out a deep breath, and my dick disappeared into her thirteen year old twat. We remained motionless for a few moments, until I felt her walls loosen slightly, then I began to slowly pump in and out of her, a few inches at a time. It took almost ten minutes, but she at last was bouncing up and down on my rod, and grunting in orgasm.

When sweat was pouring from her forehead, I pulled out of her tight box, and laid her down on the bed. She rolled over onto her stomach and spread her ass cheeks.

"Do it up my butt," she wheezed.

"You sure?" I asked.

"Just fuck me up the butt," she ordered.

I rolled her onto her back, and wrapped her tanned legs around my waist. I pressed the head of my slippery cock against her puckered anus, and slowly worked it in. Tears of pain sprang to her eyes, but when I suggested we stop, she shook her head no.

Her ass was actually easier to enter that her vagina had been, and within a minute, I was thrusting in and out of her tight little ass, while fingering her pussy and clit. With a final lunge, I emptied my swollen balls into her bowels, and we both collapsed, drenched in sweat.

She assured me that she'd be okay walking home, and she left my apartment. When she was home, she called me to let me know that she was okay, and thanks for the fifteen dollars for 'baby sitting' tonight. I loaded the tape into the VCR, and watched a thirty three year old man fuck a nubile thirteen year old girl to three groaning orgasms.

Dianne finally returned from what was actually a vacation in California, not a business trip to Seattle. Bobbi was very disappointed that Katherine was going home, but I assured her that she'd be back for other visits, and I would certainly need a baby sitter. It took Tina only two more dates before she felt that she knew me well enough to sleep with me. She was a little surprised when I asked her to hold some of my semen in her mouth and share it with me when she gave me a delicious blow job, but she found out she really got into feeding me back my own come. She balks at the idea of taking my cock up her ass, though. And Jake and Toby still come over after a swim, for some gin and tonics, and a little fuck and suck fun. My job is going well enough; I'm now looking for a house to buy, and live in my hometown permanently. Bobbi says, it better have a swimming pool; she wants to do a little skinny dipping with her favorite 'old fuck' after a little sweet sweating.

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