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Bachelor Party Present by Jazz

Bachelor Party Present

Every man looks forward to one glorious night of debauchery in his life. This night is known as The Bachelor Party. It is customary for future grooms to have a party thrown in his honor by his closest friends. This party is usually one of drunken debauchery. A night when all rules are in danger of being broken. Most brides-to-be know and expect this.

The week before my party, my friends kept hinting that I was in for something special. My wife to be just kept telling me to go have fun with the guys, but that I had to come home to her that night. The two of us agreed that it would be the last time we would have sex before the wedding night.

Finally, the night arrived. The guest and myself met at a local eatery for dinner and drinks. Soon after the dinner was ordered, I was presented with some gag gifts. Porn magazines, coffee mug with naked women on it, ball and chain, lust dust, and other assorted sexually related toys. We all had a good laugh over the gifts. The group ate dinner, drank, and played a few games before departing for another location.

We arrived at the local nudie bar, a frequent hang out of mine before I met my wife. Our group went in and found seats near the show bar. I don't think anyone in the group knew just how often I went there, because many were surprised at how many of the women came up and greeted me by name. We watched the girls take off their clothes, one by one, and hooted and cat called each woman. Many of the women were your typical run of the mill women, but to my surprise many of my favorites were working tonight. There was Rain, 5'10" 40D, short brown hair, green eyes, tight ass. Steph was 5'5", 36 C, blonde, true blonde, with blue eyes, and a body to kill for. Melody, 5'8", red hair, 36-37 BB, long legs, great ass. I had many a dance from these women before, but never like the one I was about to receive.

The disc jockey called my name around 10pm and asked me to take a seat on the stage. He bantered with me as to why I was getting married, and told me that he heard from my best man that my wife-to-be gave great head. I agreed, she does give a great blow job. He told me to sit back and enjoy. With that the music began and one by one each dancer came up and gave me a brief dance. Eventually, Rain, Steph, and Melody made their way to my location. They surrounded me and all three began dancing for me at once. As they finished, they all leaned in to kiss me. When they did Melody whispered in my ear that they had more in store for me in the V.I.P. room. She said she would come for me in a few minutes.

The dances ended with all of the guys in the club calling me an ass hole. This was the customary send off for bachelors in the club. A few minutes passed, and Melody made her way to our table. She winked at me, grabbed my hand, and lead me off to the V.I.P. room without saying a word. The rest of the guys in my group were puzzled to say the least.

Melody and I arrived in the V.I.P. room, and then she lead me through a door to an extra special room upstairs. She just kept hold of my hand, leading the way. We arrived in what can best be described as a love den. She told me that this is the Extra Special V.I.P. room. A room reserved for very special people. This would explain why there was no visible door downstairs. The room was dimly lighted. In this room there was a king size bed, covered with satin red sheets, a couch covered in red velvet, and a heart shaped bath tub. Basically it was a cheap hotel's honeymoon suite.

Once in this room, I heard a door close behind me and lock. Then I heard people coming up the stairs behind me. It was Rain and Steph. To my surprise, and delight, all three women were wearing the same outfit. White lace bra and panties with a white lace garter and white stockings. I commented on this and Melody told me that I had told them that this was my favorite outfit on a woman, and since this was special night, they thought they would wear something special.

Rain and Steph each took one of my hands and lead me to the bed. When we got there, they slowly removed every stitch I was wearing, and began caressing my body. I instantly showed my appreciation by raising my erect 6 inch penis to attention. Steph then turned me around and pushed me back onto the bed. She and Rain both laid on the bed, facing each other and my hard cock. Melody took a place near my head on the bed. The two of us began to kiss as Rain and Steph began to kiss one another with my cock between them. This was quite a sensation, feeling to hungry mouths working my shaft at once. Melody kept me from watching the two others by moving on top of my chest. She urged me to caress her body as she undid the straps on her garter. Melody undid the last strap and stood up on the bed. Now standing she began a seductive dance while removing her panties. She teased me with her red haired twat for what seemed an eternity. I begged to eat her pussy. Melody complied by sitting on my face with her pubes tickling my nose as my tongue tickled her clit.

Rain and Steph now began taking turns sucking the length of my cock. I grabbed at their asses, and they could see this. Soon the two women turned allowing my hands to grab at their firm bottoms. It wasn't long before my hands, particularly my fingers, found their way into the girls' panties and into their warm cunts. I was living every man's dream, being with multiple women at the same time.

Melody surely must have appreciated the work my tongue was doing on her twat, she covered my face in warm pussy slime. It became hard for me to concentrate on what I was doing to who and how. Melody sensed this and squeezed her legs together to get my undivided attention. I reached up from Rain and Steph's cunts and began caressing and squeezing Melody's breast. She definitely approved and showed her appreciation by cumming within a minute of having my full attentions. With Melody's cumming, my body began to ache wanting to cum also. The three women would have none of that though. They stopped what they were doing, laid next to me, and began caressing my body helping me to calm down.

Each woman took a turn riding my face while the others serviced my cock. Each time the women came, my body begged to cum also. I thought my cock was going to explode, but each and every time the women stopped and slowed me down. I serviced each woman's cunt, bringing them to orgasm at least 4 times, and I was never allowed to cum. Melody mounted my face for a fifth time. This time she told me to just sit there, I wasn't allowed to lick her. Melody now began to speak.

"Joel, you know how you told your girlfriend Ann about us?"

"Yes", I replied.

"Well, she knew you were coming out here tonight. She called me earlier this week, and asked us to give you one last special dance. Ann said we could do what ever we wanted to you, and with you, but we couldn't fuck you. Ann was very firm on this. She asked us to do whatever we wanted to, but we had to send you home hornier than you have ever been before."

"She did what? She said what?" I asked.

"You heard right. We were told we could suck you, jerk you, make you eat us, what ever. Just no fucking! I think you're ready to go home now aren't you?"

"Yes, I am! My balls are ready to explode!"

"Well then, we wish you well in your marriage. Good luck. But, before you go, make me cum again. You're the best at eating pussy I've ever encountered"

With that I began eating Melody's pussy one last time. Now knowing how the girls had fun with me, I began having fun with them. I would bring Melody up to the point where she was ready to cum, and would stop. Each time she would squeeze her legs against my head, begging me to keep going. No, not begging, ordering. I finally gave in and licked her swollen clit until her cunt gushed its juices onto my face. Melody collapsed in exhaustion.

The four of us cleaned up, and went back downstairs. But not before the three of them swore me to silence as to the existence of this room and what took place here. I assured them that I wouldn't tell a sole. After all, if I ever did, who would believe me? We now headed back down the stairs. When we go to the bottom, I noticed a video monitor showing the V.I.P. room. We check to see that nobody was in there, and exited the stairs. I went back to my table, and told the rest of my group that I was ready to go home. They asked where I was, and what I did. I told them I just was given a bunch of dances, and they seemed to believe that explanation. We then left.

I arrived home to find Ann in bed, naked, and waiting. She didn't say a word, but had this smirk on her face. Eventually, she asked if I had a good time. "Did you do anything special tonight?" she asked. "Did you lick any pussy, did you get your cock sucked?" I was surprised that she was admitting in a manner or speaking that she had arranged this. "Are you ready to cum now?" Ann asked. I replied by quickly disrobing and pointing my hard on at her. I got on the bed, got between her legs, and slowly inserted my cock in her waiting pussy. "You don't know how ready I am" I replied. I fucked Ann good that night, even though I only lasted 5 minutes before cumming. My body now collapsed in exhaustion next to Ann's. Ann rolled over, and whispered in my ear. "I love you. Always remember that. It is only because I love you that I gave you that as a present tonight. Maybe someday you'll take me out there to meet these women. Perhaps we can have some fun together." I pulled her tight to me. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

It has been several years since we were married, and we have been going out to that club on the anniversary of my bachelor party. Every year, Ann gets a little braver, sexually. This year, she ate Melody's pussy for the first time.

God I love that woman.


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