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Baby Slut by Craver

Baby Slut

Chapter 1.

"Are you nervous?" Daddy Tom asked.

"A little," I said, feeling the familiar tingling sensations flooding my pussy again. We were going to a party Daddy Tom had arranged for me, and I knew what was going to happen. I was going to get fucked... a lot... by a lot of men. I was going to be the only girl at the party, and Daddy Tom had arranged it special, just for me. I've fantasized about being the only girl at a gang bang for a long time, and now it was finally going to happen.

"It will be okay," Daddy Tom said, smiling at me as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. It had taken me forever to convince my real daddy to let me do it. He knows I love to be a bad girl sometimes, and after he and I had been fucking each other for a few months, I finally told him about Daddy Tom and Jill and Ted. We started writing to them, and then we exchanged photos with them. Daddy Tom sent us pictures of his cock while he was jacking off, and we sent them pictures of my read daddy fucking me and coming on my face and stuff. Then we started having phone sex with Daddy Tom and after my read daddy got to know Daddy Tom better, my read daddy started to trust Daddy Tom a lot. We even had a few threesomes with Daddy Tom, and my read daddy filmed them so we could watch them afterward while we were fucking. Then one day I told my read daddy how I'd always wanted to get fucked by a group of guys. At first my read daddy didn't like the idea very much, but when I told him the men would all be good friends of Daddy Tom's, not anybody we knew, and that Daddy Tom would be there to help protect me if anything went wrong, and after promising to tell my read daddy all about it, he finally agreed to let me go with Daddy Tom to the gangbang. He even gave me our camcorder to take with me so Daddy Tom could record the gangbang for read daddy and me to watch afterward.

So... here we were, pulling into the parking lot of this big hotel near the Sante Fe airport. My read daddy had even let me fly down to Sante Fe where Daddy Tom lives for the gangbang. Daddy Tom's wife was out of town on business again, so Daddy Tom had a few days all by himself to do anything he wanted, and he told us more than anything in the world, he wanted to arrange this gangbang for me. So here we were.

Daddy Tom got out of the car and walked around and opened the door for me to get out. He's real nice that way, just like my read daddy. They both treat me like a little princess which I really love, unlike the younger guys I used to date who took me for granted. All they ever were interested in was getting me to suck their cocks, or fuck them, but my read daddy and Daddy Tom love me and treat me like I'm something really special, which they both keep telling me I am. I love that.

When I got out of the car I spread my legs a little to let Daddy Tom see I was wearing the red bikini panties he'd bought for me. They're real sexy see through panties, with lace trim and a black elastic ribbon all around the edges. I loved the hungry look in Daddy Tom's eyes when I saw him staring at the dark wet spot in the center of my crotch. He knew I was hot, because I always stain my panties with my pussy juices when I get hot. Both my read daddy and Daddy Tom tell me that's one of the things they love most about me, is how WET my cunt gets when I get turned on. I guess guys like wet cunts because they smell so sexy, too. At least that's what Daddy Tom and my read daddy tell me, and when I get hot and wet my little pussy sure does smell. There's no question about whether I'm hot or not, because my fragrance is really pretty strong sometimes. I get embarrassed about it sometimes, but read daddy and Daddy Tom tell me I'm just being silly... they say my pussy smells wonderful, so I guess maybe it does. They sure do like eating it enough, so I guess the way it smells must not be so bad after all.

In addition to the red panties, I was also wearing a short, very thin white little tennis skirt, and a thin white top, one of those tops that almost looks like a man's undershirt only it isn't. It's thin enough so you can see my naked titties under it, though, and my skirt is so short when I bend over even just a little bit you can see my panties under it. I felt like a slut, and that was good, because Daddy Tom loves me when I feel and act like his slut for him. Today I sure was going to be doing that, for sure!

As we walked across the parking lot to the hotel's entrance I started sweating. It's a lot hotter in Sante Fe than where I live in Pennsylvania, and by the time we got into the hotel lobby I was drenched in sweat. I could feel trickles of sweat running down my body from my armpits, tickling me a little, and I could feel the wetness in my cunt squishing around in my panties. As soon as we walked inside the lobby, the cold air conditioning made me chilly, and my nipples started getting as hard as a rock. When we walked across the lobby to the elevators to go up to the room Daddy Tom had already reserved for us, I noticed two of the bellboys checking me out. I smiled at them, and they both smiled back real sexy. I wondered if Daddy Tom would let me fuck them, too. They were cute, like that waiter who brought us our room service meal the time my read daddy took me to the mountains for our "honeymoon" vacation.

Riding up in the elevator I turned to Daddy Tom and hugged him, pressing my tits into his chest, feeling his already hardening cock. He kissed me and squeezed my tits, and we were still doing that when the door opened at our floor. Before we stopped kissing a man who was getting on the elevator to go down to the lobby saw us, and his mouth dropped open when he was how young I was compared to Daddy Tom.

"It's okay," Daddy Tom grinned at the man. "She loves sex, don't you, baby slut."

"Hmmm, yeah, I really do," I grinned at the guy, giving him one of my sexiest looks as I quickly reached down under my skirt and slid two fingers into my wet pussy. Then I brought my slick fingers up to my nose and inhaled, sniffing my cunt scent. "Especially when I'm hot like this," I moaned, pretending to stretch, letting my hand move slowly toward the guy's nose. He sniffed my fingers and a hungry look made his eyes seem to glaze over, and I laughed as we got off the elevator and started walking to our room, Daddy Tom's hand on my ass, feeling my ass cheeks as the guy watched us walking away.

"He's probably about ready to come in his pants now, you little slut, you," Daddy Tom teased, the look on his face showing me how proud he was of me.

"I'd rather have him come on my face," I sighed, faking a real sexy moan.

"Slut," Daddy Tom teased.

"Dirty old man," I teased back.

We went inside the room, and Daddy Tom walked over and turned up the air conditioning. It was a pretty nice room. We were in a Holiday Inn, and Daddy Tom said he'd be back in a minute, then took the empty ice bucket and walked down the hall to get some ice. I noticed a couple of bottles of champagne on the dresser which Daddy Tom had put there before he picked me up from the airport. Suddenly my pussy flooded with juices again when I thought about what was going to happen to me that afternoon. I wondered how many men were going to be there, and what they'd look like, although in a way I didn't even care. All I really cared about was their cocks. Daddy Tom has told me many times that a true slut will suck and fuck anybody, and that the only thing a true slut should care about is if a man has a cock that can produce cum, and I think he's right about that. In a way I knew it would make me feel even more slutty if some of the men were fat and old and not very good looking, like some of the men in the dirty movie Daddy Tom sent my read daddy and me. It's a video called "Twelve Man Circle Jerk," and in it there are around six or seven scenes where really good looking sluts get naked and lay on a bed and suck off and then let these twelve guys jack off all over the sluts' faces and tits and pussies. It's funny, but when I watched that video I got turned on the most when one of the sluts sucked off and opened her mouth for a cum bath from this really gross, fat guy. It made me feel like if she'd do that she must REALLY be a true slut, you know? So I knew I'd do whatever any of the men wanted, no matter what they looked like.

Daddy Tom came back into the room with the ice, and he put the two bottles of champagne in this neat wine bucket he had with him that held both the bottles of champagne, and then poured the ice over the bottles.

"That should cool them down by the time the guys get here," he said. "Until then, Steph, would you like something else to drink?" Daddy Tom grinned. "I have a nice hot load of cum for you if you're interested," he said, unzipping his pants.

"Sure, Daddy Tom," I said. Then, knowing how kinky he is, I said, "Can I suck you off while I go to the bathroom? I really have to pee."

Daddy Tom grinned at me and held my hand while we walked into the bathroom. I pulled down my panties and sat down on the toilet seat, staring at Daddy Tom's cock. He was stroking it slowly, making it real hard, and I noticed some pre-cum goo leaking out the end of it. I love to eat that stuff. It's usually a lot sweeter than cum, and when Daddy Tom moved in front of me, offering me his cock, I took it inside my mouth, loving the way his pre-cum tasted.

"Hmmm, Daddy Tom, I love to suck your cock," I moaned.

"And I love having you doing it," he moaned back. He stared at me while I sucked him without saying anything. Then I took his dick out of my mouth and rubbed it all over my face, smearing some of the pre-cum goo on my cheeks and lips like he loves me to do.

"Come for me, Daddy Tom," I said in this real low, husky voice. "Come all over my face." I kept sucking him and jerking him off and fondling his balls and teasing him until I knew he was ready to come.

"Now, Steph," he moaned, and I knew what he meant. I took his cock out of my mouth and held it real close to my face, jacking it off as I started peeing. The loudness of my hissing pee splashing into the water in the toilet bowl caused Daddy Tom's eyes to flutter closed. Then he moaned real loud, and suddenly a huge burst of cum shot out of his cock onto my face.

"Hmmm, yeahhhh," I groaned, jerking on the spurting cock, wiping it all over my face, smiling up at him while he fought to try to open his eyes and watch me. He was grinning at me with this stupid looking smile on his face, and as he stared at me I flexed my pussy muscles and spurted another burst of pee into the toilet water. Daddy Tom's eyes glazed over again and he shot another spurt of cum onto my waiting, outstretched tongue. God he's a dirty old man, but I love it. I still don't know why he gets so hot over peeing stuff, but he does, so I do a little kinky things like that for him every now and then because he loves it so much.

Afterward I flushed the toilet and he wiped my face off with a warm washcloth. Then he got down on his knees and pulled me to the edge of the toilet seat and he ate me, licking and sucking my wet pussy like it was some kind of rare lollipop or something. God it felt good. I could hear him making these little gurgling sounds as he tried to stick his tongue way up inside my pussy, trying to lick and suck and eat as much of my cunt juices as he could right out of my pussy, and I must admit it felt really wonderful. Daddy Tom eats cunt better than anyone in the world other than my read daddy. My read daddy eats my pussy real good, too. I'm a lucky little slut to have TWO hot, nasty daddies, aren't I!

I got off the toilet and pulled my panties back on just as we heard a knock at the door and some laughter coming from the hall. Daddy Tom got up off his knees and didn't bother cleaning off his face before he went to the door, which I thought was kind of sexy.

I finished freshening up while Daddy let his friends into the room. When I looked at myself in the mirror I could see my nipples real good through the thin top, and I tweaked them a little to make them even harder. Then I thought of something I could do to make me look even sexier. Grinning to myself, I ran a little water into the bathroom glass, then stuck my tits up as high in the air as I could. I was real excited when I realized what I was going to do, and when I started pouring some of the water directly onto my nipples I felt a gush of wetness flooding my cunt again. I put the glass down and looked at my tits again, and now they were totally visible.

"You slut," I grinned at myself. Then I took a deep breath, admiring my full breasts, now totally transparent, and my nice hard belly, and I turned around and walked out into the room, fully ready and prepared for my first gangbang.

Chapter 2.

"Guys, this is my baby slut. Steph, meet some of my friends," Daddy Tom said proudly.

As I looked around the room at the group of men, I started counting. 1... 2... 3.... Just as Daddy Tom had promised me, there were an even dozen counting him. And just as he had told me they would be, some were real handsome, and fairly young... in their thirties maybe... and the rest were not as good looking and a lot older. Some of them even had gray hair, but all of them were looking at me like I was the sexiest woman they'd ever seen, which maybe I was, and that made me feel excited.

"Let's have a little champagne," Daddy Tom said, opening the bottles, pouring me a glass first, then some for the other men. We had a bunch of little plastic glasses, and when everybody had a glass, Daddy Tom said, "Here's to you, baby slut. Here's to the hottest afternoon of sex and sin and perversion you've ever had in your young slutty life."

"I'll drink to that," I said, smiling at the men. They were all staring at my wet titties, and I felt my pussy getting all wet again. God I was excited, and I couldn't wait to get started.

We all took a drink, and then Daddy Tom looked at me and said, "Ready to get fucked, baby slut?"

"Yeah," I said, so hot now I could feel my pussy juice dripping, no actually RUNNING down my thighs. My panties were soaked, and when Daddy Tom walked over next to me and kissed me, I could still smell the odor of my hot cunt on his lips and cheeks.

"You still smell like my cunt, Daddy," I said, grinning.

"And I always will as long as we're around each other, Steph," he grinned. Then he turned to the men and said, "I ate her cunt after she sucked me off before you guys got here. It's delicious, by the way. I highly recommend you each have a taste before you leave today."

"I think maybe we should eat her BEFORE we fuck her, don't you," one of the guys laughed.

"Not necessarily," another man, one of the older men, said. "I kind of like sucking on a full cunt."

"Shit, Hal, you'd suck a cunt WHILE it was getting filled," another guy laughed, and so did the others.

"Sex is sex, man. Makes no fucking difference to me, just so long as I can get me some PUSSY!" the gray-haired man laughed.

"Well I'm going to eat her first, you horny perverts!" one of the younger, good looking guys said. Then, turning to me, he said, "If that's okay with you, babe."

"Sure," I grinned.

"Then let's get it on, honey," the guy said. He put his glass down and walked over to me. When he was standing right in front of me he reached out and squeezed my tits, staring right at me while he did it to see if I'd try to stop him or something. I didn't, but it was all I could do to keep standing. I was so fucking hot my knees were buckling and I thought I might faint from the excitement I was feeling. It was starting... WE were starting.... I was going to get fucked, over and over again, all day long probably, and sprayed with tons of nasty, hot cum, and I was so hot it felt like my skin was on fire, like I was breaking out in hives or something.

The guy started pulling my top off then, and I raised my arms above my head to help him get it off easier. Then I was standing there in front of these men I didn't even know, naked from the waist up. My nipples were like little rocks they were so hard, and when the guy pulled my skirt down over my hips and off, he knelt in front of me for a minute looking at my soaked red panties. Touching my crotch, he said, "You're a little wet there, sweetie. What'd you do, pee in your panties?"

"I don't know... I might have," I said, real sexy like. "I don't think so, though. I think all that juice is just from being so fucking turned on."

"Then you're going to love this," the guy said, leading me back to the bed, lowering me down onto it, on my back. He put my legs up over his shoulders and started sucking my cunt right through the wet panties, moaning while he ate me. All around me then the guys were getting undressed, playing with themselves while they watched the guy eating my cunt. My eyes glazed over several times as I stared at all their different cocks. Some were short and fat... some long and thin, kind of like Daddy Tom's... and some were long AND fat! Some were circumcised, and most of them weren't. One thing almost all of them were, though, is HARD. I've never seen so many hard cocks in my life, and a thrill coursed through my body when I realized it was me... little Steph, the Baby Slut, who was causing all these adult cocks to get hard. I thought about how proud my read daddy would be of me if he could see me now, and then I remembered the camcorder. When I looked around for Daddy Tom I saw that he was already filming me, so I smiled real sexy at the camera and said, "God it feels good to have this guy sucking my pussy, Daddy. But I want more. Somebody feed me a cock, or come on me. I need more cock... more cock... please!"

A bunch of men came over and stared feeling my tits then, and a couple of them aimed their cocks right at my face and jacked off like crazy. In seconds cum was raining down on me from all over, and the guy who had been eating me lifted up my ass and pulled off my panties, tossing them to one of the men who was watching us. He held them up to his nose, then moved over next to me and started shooting cum all over my tits, his eyes crazy with lust as he kept inhaling real deeply, sniffing my cunt juices in my panties. Then he handed them to the next guy who started sniffing them while he aimed his dick at my face, and in seconds he was coating me with a barrage of cum shots, too.

The guy who'd been sucking me moved up between my legs then, and rubbed my pussy all around, smearing my wetness all over my naked, shaved pussy lips. Then he move closer and slid his cock all the way into my wet cunt with one long stroke.

"OHHHHH GODDDDD! YESSSSSSSS!" I cried out, feeling his long cock poking the back of my pussy. It felt wonderful, and in seconds he was shooting off inside me, filling me with buckets of hot cum. He stayed in my for a few more seconds while another guy came all over my face and in my hair, then the guy who had fucked me pulled out and another man took his place. His cock was a lot thicker than the first guy, and I grinned at how I could tell the difference in the way the two cocks felt inside my cunt. Jesus this was hot... so fucking hot... to just lay here and let these men use me as their sex toy... their slut... their baby slut!

When the man who was fucking me came in me he groaned and his eyes rolled up inside his head making him look like he didn't have any eyeballs or something. It was weird! He sure liked it, though, because afterward he leaned down and kissed me, not even bothered by all the cum on my lips and chin and cheeks. Then he pulled out of me and another man fucked me. God I was hot... each time a new cock slid into my cum-filled pussy I could feel the cum from the last guy squish out from my cunt and down into the crack of my ass. I was a gooey mess, and still they kept fucking me and coming in me and fucking me and coming in me, and on me, all over me, but mostly on my face. Every now and then I'd have to wipe it out of my eyes, but I couldn't wipe it off my face because there was too much of it. I kept looking at Daddy Tom while he was filming me, and his cock was rock hard, standing out from his naked body like a flagpole or something, and he wasn't even touching it, so I knew he was loving what I was doing with his friends.

After just about all of the men had fucked me, the guy who said he'd eat me even if I had cum in my cunt grinned at me and then crawled between my legs. He stared at my full spermy cunt and actually shuddered... his body jerking a little while he looked at the river of cum oozing out of my cunt. And then he leaned into me and started eating me. God that was gross, but it felt good, too, damn good, so I raised my legs up in the air real high and draped them over his shoulders just like Daddy Tom likes me to do with him, and let the guy suck me and eat me while I just lay there coming and coming and coming, over and over again.

After the guy finished eating me he jacked off and came all over my pussy. I thought he was going to eat me again then, but he didn't. I wished he would have, because believe it or not, I was still hot. Have you ever gotten so hot you couldn't stop coming? Well that's the way I was that day. I had gone beyond that stage where I was satisfied. I guess I had entered some kind of crazy sex zone where I couldn't make myself stop coming. It was so good I just had to keep getting more and more cock and more and more cum all over me. I was masturbating now and I didn't even realize it until one of the men said, "Jesus she's a hot slut. After all that fucking she still has to play with herself."

When I realized I was masturbating I didn't even care. I got so fucking hot rubbing my clit my orgasms just seemed to keep coming continually now, and God it felt good... so fucking good. I could feel cum dripping over my cheeks and down onto my neck, and I could smell it, and smell the sweat from our bodies, and my pussy, and the men's balls and armpits and the whole entire scene was just so fucking nasty I never wanted it to end. Every now and then one of the men would walk over next to me and come on my face again, or fuck me, and the entire time Daddy Tom just kept filming away, his cock bobbing up and down in front of him. Cum was drooling out the end of it, and every once in a while I would see his cock jump, and a spurt of cum would shoot out the end of it, but it stayed hard. I guess we both just kept coming all during the entire gangbang. I know I sure as hell did!

Finally Daddy Tom told the men it was time to wrap things up. A couple of the guys who were jacking off came over and dumped their loads on my tits, but then they all got dressed and left.

After Daddy Tom told the last guy goodbye he shut the door, then came back into the room and just looked at me. I was a fucking mess, I know. Cum was everywhere on my body, and I was sweaty and stinky and so full of cum I couldn't move without it gushing out of my pussy all over the bed.

"Did I do good, Daddy Tom?" I asked him, wiping cum off my lips, sucking my fingers, teasing Daddy Tom again. Unbelievably, I was still a little hot.

"You were perfect, Steph," he said. Then he walked over to the bed and crawled between my legs. As I knew he would, he ate me, for a long time, licking and sucking my cum filled cunt until I had two huge orgasms. Then he licked up over my clit, over my stomach, his tongue never leaving my body as it ran through the puddles of cum until he got to my tits. He sucked them, too, pushing the cum off my nipples with his tongue. Then he licked higher, through more of the cum, up my neck, over my chin, and into my mouth. When we French kissed I could taste the gobs of cum on his tongue and lips, and when he entered me his cock was rock hard and as long as any of the cocks that had fucked me that day.

"Oh GOD, Daddy Tom, FUCK MEEEEE!" I screamed, and he did, for a long time. I had three orgasms while he fucked me, and when he was ready to come I begged him to feed it to me because I know that's what he loves to do best. My read daddy likes to come in my cunt and in my mouth, but Daddy Tom loves to come ON me better, so when he climbed up and straddled my tits, jacking his cock off, I held my face up right in front of it.

"Do it, Daddy. Come all over your baby slut's face," I purred. He did. The first gush of cum hit my face so hard it almost hurt, like a hard raindrop or piece of hail or something. Daddy Tom's eyes were glazed over and he kept moaning while he jerked off, splashing his cum all over my lips and nose and cheeks and chin and neck until finally he finished coming. I took his cock in my mouth then and sucked it, savoring the taste of his cum while he grinned down at me. The look of love in his eyes was so intense I started to cry it made me feel so good... so special. He leaned down and kissed my tears away and told me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me and how glad he was that my read daddy had allowed me to come to the gangbang today so I could be Daddy Tom's total slut. I said I was glad, too, and I was.

On the plane ride on the way home I thought about all the stuff I'd done with the men, and I couldn't help myself. I had to reach down under my skirt where I could touch my pussy. The man next to me looked over at me, smiled, and said, "You're very beautiful, young lady. And VERY sexy."

I grinned back at him and said, "And also very hot right now. I think I have to go to the bathroom." So then I got up and slid across his lap to get out, purposely rubbing against his cock with my ass. When I was standing in the aisle next to him I leaned down and whispered in his ear.

"If you come back to the bathroom with me you can fuck me." Then I giggled at how red his face got, and slowly moved down the aisle to the back of the plane, aware of how everyone was staring at my practically naked tits under my thin tank top. When I turned around to see if the man was following me, I was pleased to see he was. What happened next, you can probably guess. Let's just say I was a VERY naughty little baby slut... again!

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