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Babysitting Jen by

Babysitting Jen

First off, I just want to say, this isn't a true story. It's a true fantasy, but the things that happen in this story are purely fictional, and have never happened.

Although I am not related by blood to Jen, she is still like a cousin to me. My best friend is her cousin, and because my best friend and I are like brother and sister, we consider each other's families, to be our own as well. This is a fantasy I had about her cousin Jen, whom I have a crush on, and who as a crush on me as well.

The house was quiet. The baby was finally asleep and twelve year old Jen sat next to her 18 year old babysitter, Derek on the couch. She leaned on him as they watched TV. Jen was a beautiful young girl. A cheerleader, with all the aura of one, she had straight brown hair, down to her shoulders, and big brown eyes, that melted Derek's heart every time he looked into them. She had a thin and slim build, with tan skin, and a beautiful complexion. Her chest was pretty much flat with the exception of the small buds that had recently begun growing.

As for Derek, he was a sweet guy really. He had light skin, brown hair, green eyes, and an average build. He stood at 5'8", while Jen was at 5'4". He cared about Jen deeply, and the relationship between them wasn't anything perverted. He was truly in love with her, and she with him. Of course he wasn't interested in having sex with her, specially since she was so young and small.

But Jen was very excited when he came near. She would cuddle with him, and the two had kissed, passionately, many times before. Tonight she wanted to go to a little bit of a higher level. She turned and faced him. "I love you Derek," she said with a smile and kissed him softly on the lips.

The feel of her lips on his, was like pure heaven to him. He could go on his entire life, with just kissing her and holding her close to him. "I love you too sweety," he said with a smile.

"I'm gonna go get changed. Come with me," she demanded as she took his hand and led him up the stairs to her room. He agreed, knowing that her mother and father wouldn't be home for quite some time. He followed her up the stairs. "Sit down on the bed," she commanded. He did as he was told.

"You know, I wish you were my age, or I was yours Jen. I want to be with you so much," he said watching her standing in front of him.

"I know. I'm sick of keeping everything a secret," she groaned.

"I know honey, but we have to. I don't like it either. I'd love to be able to tell all my friends, that I'm with the girl I want to grow up and marry. But, because of the whole stupid age thing, we can't, because number one, your parents would hate me forever. Two, your cousin, my best friend, would hate me. And three, I could get arrested. We just have to keep this up until we're both legal. I know, it's along time, but we'll just have to deal with it," Derek explained.

"Well, do you want to undress me?" Jen asked with a sweet smile.

"Jen, are you sure? I mean..." Derek started.

"I wouldn't ask if I wasn't sure. Come on, we won't do anything much, just kiss and touch," she begged.

He couldn't argue with that. He reached out and took her hand, pulling her closer to him, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. His hands ran up and down her side. She smiled down at him, with loving eyes.. He curled up the bottom of her shirt into his hands, and started to lift it up. Her hands slid down and over his. He looked up at her, wondering if she had changed her mind, when she helped him pull up the shirt, over her head and completely off. He sat there looking at her in her pants and training bra. He reached up and put his hand on her neck, pulling her down carefully and kissing her lips passionately, her little tongue pushing past his lips and touching his own tongue. Their lips brushed against each other a few times, not kissing, just grazing their lips past one another. His hands rubbed down her neck and chest to her back where he unlatched the bra.

Slipping it slowly off he looked at her hard, tiny nipples.

She reached down and unzipped and unbuttoned her pants and let them slide to the floor, standing there in only her small, light pink panties. He stood up and touched her shoulders, running his hands softly down her arms. "Here sweetheart, lay back on the bed," he told her as he smiled down at her.

She did as she was told and laid back on the bed. Her breathing was starting to get shallow, not out of arousal, but of nervousness. Jen had never done anything with a guy before, except for kissing. And she had never done anything more than that with Derek as well. He kneeled over her, kissing her lips, and as the kiss broke, he gave her lips a playful little lick. She smiled. "You're sure about fooling around like this Jen?" he asked again fearing that it wasn't right for her to be doing this type of stuff at her age.

"Uh huh," she nodded. Kids now a days are starting to do this type of stuff anyway. Derek figured, he'd rather her do this type of thing with him, someone who cared about her and loved her, than some little 13 or 14 year old punk whose just using her.

He kissed down her neck and got to her breasts. He ran his fingers over them, letting the tiny nipples slide between his fingers. She leaned her head back, the shallow breathing now out of arousal. He leaned down and took one between his lips, and circled it with his tongue. Softly sucking it while rubbing the other nipple with his fingers. She let out a little moan.

He continued down, kissing her stomach. He licked her belly button, causing her to squirm a little. He then got to the waist and stopped. He pulled back and reached to her sides, sliding the panties down off of her slender legs. He then took a nice long look at her sweet pre-teen pussy. She was just starting to grow pubic hair on her small little mound. The lips of her pussy, themselves, had barely any hair at all, and a thin glaze of her wetness, let him know that she was getting turned on. He leaned up and kissed her again, letting his fingers trace her pussy's folds. She moaned into his mouth, and kissed him harder as she pushed her pelvis up, rubbing her pussy against his hands.

He went back down and took her legs up in the air. He kissed the inside of each of them, kissing all the way down, and then looking into her eyes, he pressed his lips against her clit. He licked it softly, flicking his tongue back and forth against her little clit. She started squirming and moaning quickly. He moved his tongue lower, pushing it into her sweet pussy. He pushed it in as far as it could go. Her juices trickled down his cheeks as he sucked and licked her into ecstasy. He went back to sucking on her clit which by now was swollen and he pushed his finger into her pussy.. Pushing it in and out as she moaned, biting her lower lip. He stood up and she looked down at him, rubbing her pussy and sliding a finger into it. He licked his lips as she brought herself to her first orgasm. Her pussy twitched and convulsed and she looked up at him, and noticed the bulge in his crotch. She sat up and held him, kissing each other tenderly.

"Next time, I'll have to return the favor," she said with a wink as she put on her pajamas.

But of course, that's another story.... If you liked this story, tell me what you think. Write to me at:

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