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A Walk in the Park by Harknirf

A Walk in the Park

Tuesday, June 29, 1999

Authors disclaimer: do not read this if you're offended by adult sexual situations, or if your not legally an adult. Contains forced(?) hetero, oral and light S/M B/d, rape.

Any comments are welcome, an answer is not guaranteed

We had been dating several years when Carleen brought up her fantasies. Many of which I was going to help her realize.

She had thought of being raped. The idea of not being responsible for herself in a sex situation appealed to her. It was about a month later, on a warm June night. We were driving home from work (We were both bartenders at the same bar.) I suggested we get some late night food. As we sat in the Denny's while we were enjoying a four a.m. breakfast. I mentioned her rape fantasy. Carleen shifted nervously in her seat as I told her I wanted to take her to a county park about ten miles out of town and fulfill her fantasy.

Five a.m. found us parking in the lot of the park. No other cars were there. We were surrounded by rolling grassy hills that were interrupted by stands of trees, dotted with wooden picnic tables and secluded from civilization.

Carleen told me, on the drive out to the park, that the word "no" should mean nothing to me for this. If she really wanted me to stop she'd say brick. This sounded like a good idea to me.

We kissed and held each other for about five minutes then Carleen simply said, "I'm going for a walk."

It was like a director calling actors to their places. From the moment she left the car I took on a character, Dale the rapist.

I have to admit I was a little scared, I never thought about raping. Carleen and I led a normal life, we lived together, we enjoyed working together and we always were open with each other. Now I had to be a character that would just put that aside and rape her.

The first glimmer of dawn was filling the park with a soft light as I watched Carleen walk down the cinder path that ringed the park. Amazingly quickly and effortlessly I formed a plan. I let her walk about two minutes then I headed off down the path going the other way. The path itself was basically a large circle about one and a half miles long. I figured I'd meet her walking towards me in about fifteen minutes. Plenty of time for her to think about all the possibilities.

After walking for ten minutes I saw her coming towards me on the path. She looked radiant in the predawn light; her blond hair drifted about her shoulders, a white button down blouse and black slacks hugged her shapely form. I openly stared at her breasts as we passed one another. She offered no sign of recognition just the cold aloofness given to any other leering stranger she would pass while walking.

Ten paces after I passed her I turned around. My heel grinding in the cinders alerted her and she nervously cast a glance over her shoulder. I walked behind her for a short distance watching her ass and making lewd come-ons to her. "Nice ass sugar," I said. (Okay it was pretty lame)

Her pace picked up to a fast walk. "What's your hurry baby?" I matched her pace. "How about ten bucks for a blow." (I couldn't believe this was the best dialogue I could come up with.)

Without further hesitation I ran up behind her and caught her about the waist with my right arm and clamped my left hand over her mouth cutting off her quick cry for help. It was perfect. A stand of trees was off to the right and a picnic table stood in there midst.

I carried Carleen to the table and set her on her feet at the head of it pinning her hips to the wooden tabletop with my thighs. She was struggling but not as hard as I knew she could have.

"I'm gonna take my hand off your mouth..." I began speaking in her ear in a low voice, "Yell all you want slut, no one is going to hear you out here." I ground my pelvis into her soft ass as I said this. Carleen stopped struggling and a shiver ran through her.

With one quick motion I grabbed her blouse with both hands and tore it off, buttons flew into the nearby trees and bushes. I jerked the blouse down her arms and used it to tie her wrists together behind her back. "Oh yeah," I continued "I'm gonna like using this tasty body."

My fingertips slowly traced up her rib cage until I hand both hands full of her bra-encased breasts. "Nice tits...but the bra has to go." I whispered. The elastic of her bra wasn't as easy to tear as her shirt but it did break with a satisfying sound. I caught her already stiff nipples between my thumb and forefinger of each hand.

"Please Don't," Carleen's first words came out in a ragged whisper. They only fueled my lust.

"Shut up!" I barked and pinched her tits as hard as I could.

Carleen squealed at the sudden pain to her nipples and tone in my voice. I reached down and unbuttoned her pants. While pulling down her zipper I said "You're gonna get fucked hard little slut." Then I pushed her forward so her upper body was on the tabletop. Her feet rose slightly off the ground. I crouched down behind her and yanked down her slacks. They fell over her shoes and crumpled free of her body in the grass.

Looking at her panty covered pussy I could see a huge wet spot and her heady aroma filled my nostrils. "Oh you want my cock bad don't you little slut?" I said sternly "No, no...don't," Carleen said with a delicious pleading tone.

I took a firm hold of her bound wrists with my right hand and tore off her panties with my left. She gasped at the suddenness of the motion.

I dropped the panties beside her pants and started opening my own pants. My cock sprang out and I first noticed how purple and hot it was. It looked bigger than I had ever seen it, for a moment I was afraid of how much this was turning me on.

I kicked Carleen's legs wide apart and before she could close them I stepped in between her thighs.

"Oh God..."she began, "don't...please no, no, no," I took hold of my hot cock and teased it up and down her very wet pussy.

"Oh but I'm going to. Your just too fucking wet not to fuck real hard." I countered. Then I slammed my dick into her hard pressing all the way into her. I could feel the head of my cock poke into the inner lips of her cervix.

She let out a short cry. I could feel her trembling with excitement. I reached up with my left hand and took a fistful of blond hair pulling her head up. Holding onto her wrists and hair I began forcefully sliding her up and down my cock, slamming it home with my thighs with every stroke.

Carleen began wailing low at first but steadily growing louder to a staccato scream in sync with my merciless thrusts. My own grunting accompanied her as I fucked her, just outright fucked her like an animal. My mind clouded over in pure lust at the sensation of power I was commanding, and the feeling of her sweet cunt gripping my cock. I was aware that she stopped crying out after about ten minutes of my brutal fucking, now she was just trembling and incoherently moaning.

I could smell her. I could smell her sweat, her pussy, and the remains of her perfume. I could hear the squishy noise of my dick sliding into her, the slap of her ass on my stomach. The feel of her silky hair in my left hand and her bound wrists in my right. Mostly my mind was filled with the sensation of my cockhead popping in and out of her cervix.

I pulled my hard cock out of her and jerked her upright by her hair. Her legs, too weak from orgasms, gave out from under her and she sank to the ground kneeling with her asscheeks on her heels.

I shoved the table out of the way and stepped in front of her. Then I grabbed a fistful of hair on either side of her face and between her panting, I sank my pussy come covered dick into her mouth. I felt the head hit the back of her mouth. Half my cock in, more than she ever took on her own. A muffled cry came from her as her eyes snapped open. I pulled out and took half a step back pulling her head with me. This straightened her throat. I looked into her eyes, they were swimming with lust and fear. She just sat their mouth agape, breathing hard, not saying brick.

"Swallow cunt." I ordered then holding her head tight I pushed my whole cock down her throat. I could feel her swallowing, her tongue pressing against the base of my cock, the constrictions of her throat muscles rippling down half my shaft and cockhead felt so good. It felt like my whole body tightened as I began coming, the first couple of hot blasts shot right down her throat. Then I pulled out and a seemingly endless supply of come began landing on Carleen's upturned face. I looked down at her with an evil grin as my orgasm subsided.

My own knees turned to jelly and I staggered back a step and sank to the grass. Looking Carleen in the eyes I said, "Next time I'll really use you for what I want."

I meant it, I really got off on "raping" my willing girlfriend. Then we both broke character.

I looked her up and down, her face was covered with white sticky come that ran down in little streams to her breasts. Her nipples were huge and rubbed raw from the wooden table, her chest and tummy were red with friction burns a straight blue/black bruise was forming across the front of her hips, cut there by the edge of the table.

I took her in my arms and held her, untying her wrists. She encircled my head with her arms and pulled my lips to hers and kissed me passionately.

We used her torn panties to clean each other up with. She slipped her shirt gingerly back on and tied it about herself to keep it closed. I helped her put her pants back on and we left her wasted bra there.

Slowly we walked back to the car in the light of the sunrise, leaning on each other.

Driving home, after she awoke from a short nap, Carleen said "Next time I get to be the rapist." It wasn't a suggestion more a statement of fact. How I long to see what she has in store.


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