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As Luck Would Have It by Captain Squall

As Luck Would Have It

My name is Jenny Baker and I have a confession to make. Well, it's not so much as a confession as a tale to tell. It happened last summer when I went to Sydney for a conference. I went alone, having divorced my husband the previous year, after twenty years of marriage. It wasn't an acrimonious parting - we just sort of fell out of love and our interests were developing in different directions. I have a feeling that Bob, my ex-husband, also secretly resented my success as a business woman.

Whatever, we separated, eventually divorced, then sold our house and shared the proceeds, which gave me enough to buy a cozy apartment in my favourite city of Fremantle. Our only child, Sarah, was living in a university college, having won a prestigious scholarship, which covered his fees, accommodation plus a small living allowance. She supplemented the scholarship by earning some spare cash tutoring overseas students in English, as well as making pizzas at a local fast food outlet.

So there I was, Jenny at the ripe age of 47, heading off to a week of relative leisure in Sydney, not that conferences are always easy. But before I flew out I decided to telephone my friends Eric and Jane in Sydney (who I confess are very affluent), who owned and lived in a large waterfront condominium in Hunters Hill. They had two 19 year old twin sons, John and Peter - the same age as my daughter.

So it was with a light heart I arrived in Sydney, being met at the airport by Eric's driver, with his large Mercedes. As we slipped through the evening traffic heading for his home in Mosman I smiled to myself and thought, "I could get used to this", as I settled into the beige leather upholstery of this huge vehicle.

However, upon arrival at their home in Mosman, I was met by John and Peter, who explained that their parents had to fly to Brisbane that afternoon on company business, but would be back the next day.

John showed me the guest suite and I unpacked, showered and went down for dinner an hour or so later. I found both Peter and John very good company, more mature than their years, and very good hosts. So before long we were chatting and relaxing like old friends, but I didn't want to remind them that I was at their parent's wedding, more than twenty years earlier.

Eventually we all moved to the lounge, letting the maid clear away the remnants of the meal, and we sat around the fireplace, chatting over coffee and cognac.

Almost casually, Peter switched on the TV and video, before he blushed in embarrassment. For what came up on the screen was obviously a very blue videotape, triple X-rated, showing a lady in a double penetration situation, with two young guys eagerly shafting their willing partner. It appeared someone had forgotten to remove the tape to a safe place - perhaps they had been watching it that afternoon.

I smiled and tried not to show any real concern, much to the boy's surprise and amusement. "Hey - that's OK! Just because I'm an older woman doesn't mean I can't enjoy these tapes, you know!"

"She certainly appears to be very involved - if you know what I mean..." said John in a croaky voice. "Look, I'm really sorry about this Jenny - this is embarrassing..."

"Believe me, its quite all right," I assured them as I stared at the action on the very large screen, starting to feel more than a little horny myself. I noticed the boys were also showing signs of arousal, their trousers bulging in all the right places.

"Oh well, its only acting," said Peter, with a sigh. "They really do go over the top with these videos. I'm sure half the groans and sighs are dubbed".

"Mmmm ... maybe you're right," I found myself saying. "But that doesn't mean they're not enjoying themselves..." I was now very aware of an increasing wetness between my thighs as I took in the situation. Here I was, a horny mature age woman, in the company of two strapping young men, now obviously with hard-ons, in a house all to ourselves for the night.

But, no, I thought - I'd better not misbehave, after all, what if their parents found out? So with considerable reluctance I bade them goodnight and headed for my room, leaving them to watch the rest of their videos.

* * * *

I don't know what the time was but I do remember that when I awoke, the room was bathed in moonlight. I had flung back the drapes after turning out the light so I could enjoy the magnificent view of the harbour from my large bed. All I knew was that their were people in the room and, judging from the outlines, it was the two youths.

As it was a warm night I had gone to bed naked, and I was lying on top of the sheets, vulnerable and open to the world. But in the moonlight I could see that Peter and John were also naked. And judging from their profiles, they were in a highly aroused state.

"Boys," I whispered, "Do you think this is a good idea?" Don't ask me why I was whispering when we were in a large house, far from the neighbours or passing harbour traffic. In my head I knew it probably wasn't a "good idea" but in my heart I thought, what the hell? I had gone to bed feeling horny and having just woken up I was horny again. I patted the bed and both boys climbed on, and we started caressing and fondling each other.

"Boy, you have a lovely body, Jenny," croaked John in a husky voice as his hands fondled my breasts, the nipples of which were getting very hard. As I reached out with two hands I found their twin cocks, both deliciously hard and thick, if not very long. Peter freed himself and his head moved between my thighs which I opened to welcome him. I fell onto my back and raised my thighs to my breasts, spreading my legs like a woman about to give birth.

John had fastened himself onto my breasts which he was sucking like a feeding infant, the sensations making my womb and uterus contract, and my juices flow. Just then Peter's youthful but expert tongue parted my engorged labia and flicked my love bud, itself also swollen and erect. I cried out involuntarily as my suppressed sexual desires came to the surface. I had reached the point of no return, like a man who is seconds from ejaculation, when his body takes over and sends him the most pleasurable message it can to his nervous system, and nothing can stop that sperm from finishing its journey.

John adjusted his body so he was now sitting against the pillow and I moved onto my hands and knees, as Peter moved away from my cunt, and kneeled behind my round, soft buttocks. I felt Peter's hands on my hips as he inched his way forward, until I felt his knob part my cunt lips. With a moan I pushed backwards, taking his thick cock deep inside me and I heard him moan in his pleasure.

I rested on my forearms, and took John's hard cock in my mouth, giving him the expert head job he had not yet experienced. He threw his head back and his breath hissed from his teeth, as I moved my mouth up and down his hard shaft, my tongue working on the knob and the soft, sensitive underside of the glans.

Behind me Peter was slowly but skilfully moving his cock in and out of my now dripping cunt, the slurping noise audible to all three of us, and this only made us feeling hornier. The sensations of sex are considerably enhanced, we discovered, by the lascivious sounds of wet, slippery copulation. And this was, for all three of us, just that - a sensory adventure with no deep emotional commitment, and it was being done willingly and without guilt or remorse.

Inside of my I could feel the urgency of Peter's thrusting and his cock seemed to swell, as his thrusting got faster. I'm glad to say that my body responded right on cue, and I felt my own orgasm approaching fast.

But then I felt John's cock in my mouth shake and shudder and I heard him whisper, "Oh, oh, oh, I'm coming, I'm coming..." and then it came, large wads of warm sperm repeatedly shot into my mouth and I swallowed hungrily. It seemed to flow for almost ten seconds and I slowed my sucking, knowing the sensitivity of his cock was now at an all time high. As I slowed I felt Peter grunt behind me, and then his cum shot deep into my gripping cunt muscles, his balls swinging against my buttocks with every eager thrust.

I heard my own groans getting louder and then I peaked myself, my cunt contracting, gripping and milking the thick, young virile cock still shafting my wet, velvety passage. I could now feel the excess sperm start to leak from my labia and run down my thighs.

John was caressing my lolling breasts tenderly, while behind me Peter was running his strong hands over the mounds of my buttocks, one of my favourite erogenous zones. I was still flushed on my high sexual plateau, and my orgasm was long and drawn out, maybe continuing for 30 seconds or more. All this time, my cunt was still contracting, and gripping Peter's cock like he possibly did when he masturbated. This action made sure his large volume of seed was totally spent and was either resting in my pussy or was spread down my thighs or on the bed.

As our actions slowed we fell onto the bed and lay there, panting softly in the evening light. We heard the sound of a ferry hooter in the distance, and the fragrance of jasmine wafted in from the garden.

I turned to the boys in turn, kissed them and said "Thank you, my young lovers...". They smiled, while still fondling my breasts and caressing my satiated body, and snuggled into me. There we were - male, female and another male - laying in a large bed, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

Needless to say it was a long night, when we tried virtually all sexual combinations possible, including a double penetration when I took one in my ass, with the other in my pussy. We spent the entire, delicious night making pure, carnal love and by dawn we were exhausted.

Around the sun arose the boys kissed me and with a long warm-skinned hug, both departed for their bathrooms, leaving me to enjoy a "sleep in". As it was, their parents telephoned to say they would be delayed and would be back the next day, and they apologised for their "lack of hospitality and hoped it wasn't inconvenient". I reassured them that their boys were looking after me very well - and that they need not hurry home. They sounded happy about that and said they might even enjoy a few more days out of town, while I settled in and enjoyed my conference. And got more of their sons' hospitality....

* * * *

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