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Finnish's Stories

Asia's Answer to Communism by Finnish

Asia's Answer to Communism

The following story is a work of fiction. This is fantasy, NOT reality. If you have difficulty with this concept, please get some serious therapy. However, if you simply enjoy fiction for the sake of fiction, then please enjoy the following story. The truth is, words cannot explain my profound fascination with a journal I found that belonged to a white South African mercenary who spent most of his career in different 2nd and 3rd world nations around the world. I will attempt to put into writing what I have read, although I will not give exact names and dates.

The heat of the Burmese jungle was stifling. I loathed the waiting, and by glancing around at my mates who were strategically positioned in the foliage several hundred yards in each direction around me (except directly ahead), I noticed they were every bit as bored and uncomfortable as I. We made up a 15 man fighting force of seasoned, battle hardened men. I glanced at my watch, and with a sigh I quietly reflected upon how boring war could sometimes be. While staring at a small centipede that was crawling on a large moist leaf that sprouted about a foot away from my face, a burst of gunfire exploded the head and neck of my fellow soldier who was squatting a ways off to my left. With a look of disbelief I watched his headless body collapse to the jungle floor. In an instant, we were already engaged in full out and out combat; each of my mates and I pumped countless kilos of lead into the air in the general direction of an unseen enemy. This steady exchange of fire went on for about two minutes. During this time the enemy, in addition to their constant barrage of bullets directed at our person, lobbed a series of grenades at us, one of which killed one of my mates and an additional one blew shrapnel into the knee and thigh of another of my comrades. All at once, the gunfire from the other side became much less frequent, but we did not relent; while my mates kept up their volley of fire I took careful aim at a dark-skinned man whose head was left exposed for a moment too long from the shrubbery he was using as camouflage. I used this opportunity to end his miserable, pathetic life. The skirmish was winding down. We were given the command, and we began advancing through the jungle in a methodical manner, killing the wounded commie bastards where they lay; the few survivors fled into the jungle to regroup and try again.

We assessed the damage to our unit, and after radioing a chopper to airlift the poor bastard who would probably lose his leg, we spread out in the jungle searching for any additional enemy soldiers. Communists, he mused to himself as he kicked a commie bastard hard with his boot before bayoneting him, are the easiest to fact, he never felt guilty when he gunned them down like the animals they are. He even felt like he was doing the world a favor by ridding the globe of their kind. Soon, he felt a sudden sense of comfort. If his Father were alive, he would be smiling right now. "A chip off the ol' block," he would say, as he pat his son on the head and thrust a beer into his hand.

I hadn't been out of the jungle a week, and I was already bored as hell. The weather was hot and humid, and my energy level left something to be desired. I was standing on a street corner in a large Burmese community, and I didn't know how I was going to occupy my time until my mates and I were informed of our next assignment. The noise that came from the villagers hawking their wares, gossiping and arguing was something that I had never gotten used to, but when I was suddenly approached by a young Asian man I tuned everything out but him. He was a sissy, about 21 or 22, very soft spoken and slender; although I couldn't understand a word he was saying or care less what he was selling...unless it was his ass. I looked behind me at the row of buildings that sit 20 yards behind me; I saw two run down motels that didn't look very appetizing at all. I rubbed my cock and he smiled. I motioned for him to follow me to the motel, and soon we were inside I paid the old, wrinkled woman with a few strange looking coins; I was given a key with a room number on it. I gave it to my date and he led me upstairs (I smiled to myself because he seemed to know this place pretty well).

We found ourselves naked on a mattress in the corner of the small, dingy room. He took my hard cock in his hand and reaching into his discarded pants pocket with the other, he produced a stick of chapstick. He slathered my hard meat with the lube, and then he got on his hands and knees and shook his slender, brown buns at me. I positioned myself behind his fuck hole and entered him slowly; it was so tight and warm I almost swooned. I quickly recovered and began to thrust in and out in a steady rhythm that allowed me the optimal pleasure without cumming too fast. Within minutes, I picked up the pace and he aided my movements by slamming his tart brown buns backward onto my cock as I fucked his hot hole. Soon, my balls started to ache, and my lover reached around behind to cuddle my balls; this would coax the cum from my balls and allow for it a pleasurable transition into his ass. Soon, I couldn't take it anymore and shot my load into his guts. I collapsed in exhaustion beside him.

I awoke 20 minutes later with my whore washing my cock with a wet cloth and a small bowl of soapy water. Then, he quickly squatted over the bowl and washed his ass. When he was finished he sat beside my head and began to masturbate. I silently remarked to myself that he had a very long, thick cock. I couldn't resist the urge to suck him off. Laying on my stomach at the foot of his monument to manhood, I used my mouth like a pro, going up and down on his shaft with loud slurping sounds. He started to groan and then he bucked his ass up and down, shoving his shaft down my throat. He came with a force that made me choke on his juice. I was now completely and utterly exhausted, but satisfied. I would be back in the jungle soon, but for those few hours I truly felt at peace with the world. Buddha, I silently prayed, I will reach nirvana soon. Soon indeed.

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