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Around the Corner from Hell by thisold1

Around the Corner from Hell

The swirling fog of the morning made me more miserable with my utterly boring existence. Just like everything in this backwoods part of Kentucky it seemed to close in around me. Fourteen and life didn't offer any hope of escape from this place, not even from this rotten, little diner that had been passed down to my mother from her father. Here was boredom served to me on a platter my family had created, a platter I wanted nothing to do with. 'Fuck,' I whispered to myself, 'I'd sell my soul to the Devil for some excitement.'

"Hey, Melissa," Ballard Barnes called out, "Wake up and give us more coffee, or do I have to take you out back and wake you up?"

Ballard Barnes and his brother Sam, two morons that God made the mistake to have given vocal cords to. Both were sure they would be the one to take my virginity from me. Both were very, very wrong on that idea.

As I turned from the coffee machine with the pot of coffee, the whole place lit up as lightning engulfed the fog shrouded world. Instantly there was a huge boom of thunder sounding more like a demonic scream than anything else. The hair on the back of my neck stood on end as the thunder echoed from the unseen hills around the tiny cafe.

I blinked twice as I stared out the window towards the road. Slowly, two headlights pulled closer, looking more like the sinister eyes of an approaching demon than anything else. My body shook for a second before the car turned to the right and vanished towards the parking spaces.

I had returned the coffee pot to the burner and had just sat back down on the ugly burnt orange stool when he walked in. Dressed in tight black jeans, a shirt as black as a moonless night, he cut the image of pure, unbridled excitement into my mind. His black hair was neatly combed, and he took a glance at me with the darkest black eyes ever created. In his eyes I knew that there was not only excitement, there was danger.

"Hey, look, it's Johnny Cash," Ballard roared loudly as the stranger passed the table the two brothers were sitting by.

I knew there was going to be trouble. The man stopped, a wicked grin tugging at the corner of his lips. He slowly turned to Ballard and moved to the table.

"Not Johnny. Not Cash. The name is Charon," he growled in a voice more like the thunder than I could imagine.

"Sharon? SHARON?" Ballard roared with laughter. "And my name is Sue... How do you do?"

"Ballard," the man said, his voice as sharp and crisp as a sharp knife, "you have so little time. Maybe you'd do better to use it more wisely."

"Who are you?" Ballard asked, confusion washing over his bearded face.

"Your worst nightmare," the man replied slowly, then turned and walked to a booth, his feet coming to the floor as if he intended to plant them through the dirty, greasy tiles with each step.

"Best not mess with them," I whispered as I set the glass of water and a menu down for the stranger. "They are real bad people."

"Bad?" he asked, picking up the menu. "They look bad, but they are just two morons who don't know when to stop."

"Come on, I don't want any trouble. Okay?"

"No trouble. Not for you. But they are caught up in a dance they don't know is coming to an end."

"Melissa, honey," Ballard said as he sauntered up, "don't waste your time on this guy. Come on, let's go out back and you show me those little titties."

His fingers touched my blouse an instant before my hand crashed along the side of his face. "You ever do that again, you bastard, I'll fucking kill ya."

"You little tramp!" Ballard screamed as his hand slashed out to repay my slap. There was no way I could avoid it, but it never got to me. The stranger, not even looking up, reached out and stopped Ballard's blow without any effort.

"Your mother never teach you any manners, Ballard? You don't go around hitting little girls. Ever!"

Both Ballard and I stood in pure amazement at what had just happened. Ballard was a big man, made muscular by a lifetime of working in the woods. No matter how shocked he was, this would not be tolerated by the two brothers who thought they owned half the girls in the community.

"I'll fucking kill you for that," Ballard growled, jerking his arm from the man's grasp.

"No you won't," the man smiled up at him. "But you will try. Now go sit down and keep your big, ugly mouth shut for a few minutes."

Unaccustomed to such treatment, the red-faced giant of a man backed off.

Moving swiftly to the service window to the kitchen, I nodded to Jimmy, the old man who swept the place to come closer. "Go get the sheriff, there is going to be big trouble here."

With his coat half on, Jimmy headed to the door, his limp slowing him down. "Jimmy," the stranger said, not looking up. "He's down there, behind his favorite billboard, but you will have to wake him up."

I flopped down on the stool. Something was going on here that was beyond my mind. Something evil was here; you could feel it and taste it. Trouble wasn't going to happen; trouble was already here.

The three men got up at the same instant as if on cue. I opened my mouth to scream for them to sit down but nothing came out. Unable to speak or move I watched the brothers advance on the stranger, anger and hate painted on their faces as the stranger, the one called Charon, stood with a knowing grin on his face.

Charon took his time with the two. Speed was his thing as he bashed a fist into Sam's face, twirled and caught Ballard between the legs with his knee. Even in pain Ballard lashed out with a wild punch that went wide as the man stepped back.

I knew he was hurt the instant the fist slammed into his muscular chest. Ballard backed up like a staggering drunk, caught himself on the edge of the table and looked at the man in disbelief. "You fucker," he said as a trickle of blood drooled from the right side of his mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed in a heap, his eyes staring blindly at the ceiling.

Sam started to crawl to help his brother, but the stranger used the bottom of his shoe to slam the injured man's head against the floor. Sam lay still beside his dead brother.

I had never seen a man killed before. It had happened so quickly that I was unable to grasp any of what had happened. Sitting in total shock I found myself unable to move as the man named Charon moved towards me, a coldness coming over me as he came closer.

With his eyes boring into mine, he pulled my blouse out and I felt his hand push something beneath my bra. "Never ask for what you do not understand," he said with a smile. "You might get it."

With the lights flashing brightly, Sheriff Johnson and Jimmy roared into the drive as the stranger was pulling out. It was over and it had actually seemed like some demonic dance that had been played out before me. A dance that had left one of the brothers dead and the other with a severe head injury that would leave him paralyzed the rest of his life. A dance had been played out by a man who had no compassion for the two. Slowly I remembered where I had heard about the one called "Charon the Ferryman."

I sat in total shock as the paramedics and police did their job. Sheriff Johnson insisted on calling my parents, who were away helping to get my grandfather's estate in order after his death a few weeks earlier. As always, my father was able to work his way out of helping me when I needed help the most. By early afternoon Sheriff Johnson had dropped me off at my home, not at all happy that I had refused to stay with him and his wife until my parents came home. Frankly, I just wanted to get away and lock the doors and cry.

After three beers, stolen from the refrigerator, I heard a knock on the door. Figuring it was someone checking up on me I opened the door and stood staring into the eyes of the stranger.

"Enough excitement?" he said, stepping forward as I backed into the house, unable to utter a sound.

He closed the door behind him and turned to me, his eyes going from the top of my head to me feet then back up, stopping for a moment at my breasts.

"What do you want?" I forced the words out.

"You got your excitement, Melissa, now it's time to pay up."

"No," I moaned. "Please, not this."

He smiled cruelly at me. "I will give you two ways: You can be mine until I am done with you, and let you live, or you can die. I think you'd be better off doing it my way than dying at your young age."

"No, please," I moaned, now unable to even move. "I don't want to die."

"Then be mine."

"Never," I hissed.

His hand came to rest on my chest as his eyes looked deeper into me. I felt a shock go through my body, touching every part of me. My heart started hurting as it now pounded unsteadily. Dizzy and becoming weak I slowly went to my knees, his hand still on my chest.

"You have a pretty body, Melissa," he whispered, the words echoing painfully in my mind. "Too bad it has to be this way."

Lowering me to my back I could feel my life being drained from me. I could see in his cold, black eyes that he was willing to allow this to go either way. I gasped out for air, feeling my body starting to shut down. Deep inside I knew he was going to make it a long process, a process I was no longer able to endure.

My mouth opened as I tried to form the words. "You now willing to be mine?" he asked as his hand moved slightly, bringing a horrid burning pain to my heart.

I tried to answer but nothing but strange, gurgling sounds came out of my mouth. Fear took over as I felt a numbness coming over me. I was too close to death to utter the words that would keep me alive.

"It's close now, Melissa," he taunted. "You can't speak and your life is just about gone. Just think it and it'll stop. Do you really want to die?"

My mind screamed out that I didn't want to die. His eyes held onto mine now, as cold descended on me. I couldn't look away, couldn't blink, as darkness seemed to come over me as if life had been little more than a light controlled by a dimmer switch. "Liar!" My mind screamed with all its power, as darkness became total and the numbness, even the numbness, was gone.

My eyes opened up instantly. Far overhead was what appeared to be the top of a cave or something. Ugly gray stone seemed to be washed by a glowing, flickering light that seemed to be coming from within the rock rather than from the outside. It wasn't warm or cold here, just a feeling I couldn't put my finger on. I slowly turned my head to the left. Each part of the cavern seemed so familiar yet I had never been inside this cave.

"Ah, welcome to my home, Melissa," I heard the stranger's voice, now even more taunting.

I sat up, looking around as I rubbed my sore arms. My whole body hurt, hurt like I had been raised from the dead. OH, my God!

"Yes, my pet, you are not dead," Charon chuckled loudly. "And I? I might be many things, but I am not a liar."

"Where is this?" I questioned, forcing myself to my feet in front of the wicked thing.

Charon got to his feet, a smile on his face as he stepped towards me, stopped, then swept his left arm out as if showing me the way around this cave, his home. "Here is between heartbeats. Here the dark of night and the light of day are brought by the blinks of an eye. Here is thought and knowledge you may never know again. It is here that we may sit as I tell you the second by second story of this universe between heartbeats."

I looked around the cave, his words still stuck in my mind, then a strange thought came to me an instant before his knowing chuckle brought my eyes back to him.

"Yes, Melissa, here is you. This is the reality you have made in your mind as you woke before me. Here you dare be nothing but you for here all is of you."

"But I feel so alive," I ventured in confusion.

"Alive?" he bellowed. "You poor humans, you never cease to amaze me with your ability to only rationalize the all from the perspective of alive or not alive. You insult your very creation by claiming that life is day and death is night. Now, take off your clothes so I might see what is mine."

"No," I moaned, "I am afraid. I want to go home. Please."

"Fear? Of what, your thoughts? And where might it be more home than here, in your mind. You are safe to be all that you have feared before, and now, sweet child, you fear being you more than all the other fears you have used to hide you behind."

I looked down at the rocky floor. He was right. For some reason I knew he was right. A tiny burst of light lit up in my mind, I was free, really free. "And if I make you take my clothes off. If I refuse to do what you ask, will you do this deed you ask?"

He walked back to his throne, spun around and looked at me as he sat down... "Here your clothes-those garments that hides your body from me- they are not made of cloth, they are your fears you so easily hide behind. It would be easy for me to strip away garments of cloth, but most unwise for me to strip your fears away. I cannot help you by doing it myself."

"Help me? You call this help? You make me a prisoner, nothing more than a little toy for you, now you want me to take my clothes off so you can see me naked. NO!"

"See you naked?" He laughed. "I have seen you staring back from the mirror as you touched your breasts, wondering what it would feel like if a man, or boy, was the one touching. I have watched you in the dark of night as you touched your deepest desire. I was there when, so many times, you set your mind on fire with burning passions. See you naked? I wish you to only accept your freedom so you might learn but one simple message, but like many before you, you are too pompous to allow that."

"It scares me," I whispered softly, a tear running down my cheek. "I am afraid."

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with but one step," he whispered back in a tone softer than I had ever heard from a human, "and the journey to freedom starts with that first garment of fear being removed."

My fingers played at the top button of my blouse. Sure felt like a button and cloth to me as it fell open. Yet, as I undid the button a strange feeling rushed through my body as if my whole body, my whole being had just giggled. I looked up at Charon in shocked surprise at the feeling, but all he did was look back to me with a smile now becoming almost warm.

With each button I felt different. Felt somehow lighter and more wanting to laugh and giggle. It was a wild feeling to stand there in front of a man, taking my clothes off as my mind whispered out to me to let go. Seven buttons now undone and I giggled out loud. Seven buttons had been like the days of the week, each one needing to be released before the dawn could come, and as each button was undone, something dawned in me as if I was awakening.

"You are a lovely one," Charon said to me as I dropped the blouse to the floor, looking down at my bra-clad breasts as I giggled loudly, knowing that, with its removal, I would be a different person.

"I am not too much to talk about," I sighed, knowing I didn't have all that great a body.

"I can show you beauty that you never thought existed, but how can beauty be seen unless beauty is accepted? Stop thinking like a human and be the human in your thoughts, Melissa."

"Are you going to laugh at me?" I asked, my hands moving behind me, willing to remove the next fear whether he laughed or not.

"Sweet, Melissa," he chuckled loudly. "Others think of me as someone who never laughs, and, to them, I did not. Yet, here you are, fearing me, worried that I will laugh. Is this laughter you fear so much your greatest fear?"

"No," I said, the bra dropping to the floor. "I do not know what it is I fear, but it is still there."

"Then continue," he replied softly, his eyes feasting on my breasts.

I had to fight the need to rip my jeans and panties off, allowing myself the exquisite feeling of being freed inside myself. As I stripped, I kept looking to Charon, noticing his eyes were now looking at me in lust. Yes, here was freedom and here was power. Here was the balance inside me I had fought for so long. He had helped me do this as I found the touch of stripping away my fears sweeter than fine honey, and now I was filling him with lust. I giggled as I held my arms out to my side so he could feast his eyes on my entire body, knowing full well that we were feeding on each other's needs.

"What are you looking at?" I taunted playfully.

"A fine wine. A sweet thought. I look at the sound of the wind in the treetops and one who is more beautiful than a moonlit night."

"But I still feel naked," I giggled.

"You are naked. Believe me, you are ever so naked." He laughed lightly.

Yes, I was naked, but I knew it was all naked thoughts coming together taking a new step towards a new me.

"What is in your mind?" His words came to me softly.

"I am free. I don't feel ugly; I don't feel ashamed for you to look at me. But I feel different."

He got up and walked to me, his eyes exploring my body. He silently walked around me, stopping before me as his eyes moved up to mine. "You wish to see the beauty I told you of?"

"Yes," I replied as my eyes looked around the cavern.

He reached behind me with his left hand, pulling back the most beautiful rose I had ever seen. It was perfect in all ways, its dark redness seemingly to have been cast from the inside out.

"If you were to start a journey into beauty, child, where better to start than with the rose? But, even the rose has a lesson to teach about its beauty." He held the rose to my lips. "Kiss it child and learn."

"Ouch!" I whimpered as my lips touched a thorn and not a beautiful petal. My tongue darted out over the tiny drop of blood.

"Beauty also has a price. You kiss it with your eyes closed and you find a thorn because you can only see the rose flower behind your closed eyes." He put the flower to his lips and looked at it for a long moment before kissing it with his eyes open. "Beauty is to be seen with open eyes for, when you close your eyes to the beauty you will find that beauty demands a painful price."

"Why are you doing this to me?" I whispered out my question as he handed me the rose.

"You took the chance of what I might do to you. Most would fear death less than the chance to be alive. You did what very few have done."

"And am I done?"

A bewildered look swept over his face. "And who is that in your thoughts that you try to hide from me?"

"She is my friend. My best friend."

He nodded his head then motioned behind me. "You mean Victoria?"

Victoria was there, dressed in a flowing white gown, her head bent down as her arms were pulled far above her head. She, like I, was his prisoner. God, she looked so beautiful like this, her breasts heaving against the gown. "Why is she here?" I demanded, not wanting her, of all people, hurt because of me.

"You brought her here, Melissa, not I. It is you who keeps her sleeping in her bonds. It is you who keeps her hidden from you because you fear your own feelings."

I walked over to Victoria. She looked beautiful like this. I turned to him and smiled. "Freedom?" He only nodded his head and motioned to Victoria.

My hands touched her young body through the silky material. God, she felt so sweet to touch, not like the sin I had once thought. I wanted to touch her bareness, wanted to stroke her as I had in my most hidden dreams, but the material stood between the two of us. There could be but one way to solve this riddle of my mind.

My fingers ripped at the material as if it was my truest enemy. Shred by shred I exposed her breasts to me. I stood back and moaned at the sight of the bound girl, now naked to her waist. I wanted it all as my fingers again started ripping my fears away from her body until she was sleeping naked before me.

Slowly my lips drew closer to hers, my left hand cupping her warm breast as our lips touched and my eyes looked into her slumbering eye lids but an instant before she woke up, returning my kiss the instant she saw me.

"Am I making her do this?" I asked turning to Charon.

"She enjoys it not by your making it so. What she will do here is what she will do there. The only difference now is you allow yourself to be free enough to accept the way she has felt for a long time. Now, set her free."

My lips were upon her. I couldn't get enough of her with either my kisses or my touch. I wanted every part of her at once and couldn't get enough to satisfy my need. My lips explored hers as she moaned back to me, her eyes looking happier than I had ever seen her. I laughed loudly, now finding that I had become free enough to offer and accept love without guidelines, boundaries or feelings of guilt. I was learning that love was love no matter where I found it with another human, only that it needed to express itself as far more than a sin. I laughed back at her laughing eyes; I realized I was in love with her, another woman.

Her eyes opened wide as my hand came to rest between her legs. A deep moan of need escaped her lips as my fingers played where I had never allowed myself to accept the need to. She put her head back and cooed loudly as my lips kissed at her hardened nipples and my fingers entered deeper into her wetness. In an instant her arms were around me as we gently lay down on the floor, our eyes feasting on the passion-filled eyes of the other.

Our lips met as I rubbed my nipples over hers and my pubic mound ground into hers. FREEDOM! I was doing what I had thought were only the dreams cast off by a growing mind. Here I was freely accepting a part of me that I had encased in a prison deep in my mind. Here, as our bodies explored each other, I felt the first stinging pang of a love that demanded nothing to be demanded of it but its own existence.

I stopped my attention to Victoria. Something was odd. A music seemed to be coming from the walls of the cave. I looked over to Charon, finding him intently watching the two of us.

"Yes, sweet Melissa, it is music. Music that is only yours. You are hearing the sounds of your own song now set free. Very few have ever heard such a song."

"I love you," I whispered, turning back to Victoria. "You are a part of me I need."

From our kiss my lips roamed down to her breasts where I made mad, passionate love to her warm, yielding skin. My tongue lavished out to her needs as I explored my very own needs without a thought of what was right or wrong, only of what was her and I.

From her breasts I kissed on downward until I was posed at the very opening of her womanhood. I refused to accept this as evil, only as a part of what I needed to fulfill a corner of my very being. Kiss by kiss I built the house of me from her squirming wetness. Kiss by kiss I made the musical freedom of me become as a thundering, now seemingly cast from every part of this cave of my making.

My lips kissed her wetness. Her hands touched the top of my head as she moaned softly. Kissing at her wet slit I found a growing need inside of me, as, with each kiss and moan, I wanted more of her body. With a gentleness I never thought was in me, I pushed her legs back until her feet were flat on the rocky surface, her knees up and her thighs spread.

When my tongue touched her clit, her body jerked once and began to shiver... God, what a feeling. My fingers had touched my own clit more than a few times, but this was different, this had a hotness all its own. Her clit had a taste demanding me to taste even more. Tongue on clit, I could hear both of us moaning loudly. I slid my hands under her ass, lifting her up further into my hungry face. Her moans were as sweet on my ears as her wetness was on my tongue. Slowly she started grinding her hips to the beat of my exploring tongue.

With a shriek of wildness, Victoria caught her breath as her juices started to flow. Her body trembled as her hands slapped at the stone floor, the sound echoing through the cave as if a rifle shot. She was now totally mine; no reason to stop here.

I didn't give her a chance to come down. My lips sucked her swollen clit in, holding it as my tongue lashed out at it. My finger found her wetness, bathing in it as I moved to her anal opening, and, as she lifted her hips higher, sunk it into her as my lips and tongue continued working at her clit. I could feel Charon watching intently as I went about exploring my best find in this, the ultimate mind fuck of all time.

Victoria came time after time, begging for more until she was overcome by exactly what she had begged for. Before long, she was simply going from one climax to the next without any rest. She screamed. She howled. She begged me to never stop what I was doing but everything changed as her last climax exploded into a full blown orgasm, one that I thought would break my neck before she stopped thrusting wildly into my face.

I opened my eyes. Victoria was gone. Lust surged through me that knew no control. I wanted more. I wanted my body fulfilled, not waiting here for the feelings to evaporate while I stared at the wall of this cave. I felt something go around my neck and looked to see that Charon had put a collar on me, and was holding the long, gold chain in his hand as he looked intently at me...

"I want her back," I moaned as he pulled me to my feet. "I want more."

"In time you will have all these dreams and more."

"Stop it," I protested, trying vainly to hold back from him leading me. "I am not your fucking slave. I am nobody's slave!"

Charon turned around, his eyes now wildly angry. "Wrong! Slaves are we all. One way or another, each is a slave of their own needs; you are no different than any other except, you have a chance to know more than most others."

He forced me to sit on a huge, flat top rock. "Lay down, Melissa," he said softly as I shook my head in defiance.

He held his left palm up to me and I felt my body slowly being paid the cold surface. Once I was laying before him, he took and chained my arms far above my head then, with a wicked look in his eyes, he chained my ankles, pulling them to the opposite corners of the boulder, my legs opening to reveal my wet pussy to him.

Between my legs, Charon bent forward and kissed long at my left nipple, the fires in me surging to this new feeling. "Please, don't," I begged. "I don't want this."

"Look in your mind. If you didn't want this, this would not be happening. What you want you hide behind fear. Now your fears are chained and you will find your needs."

"No!" I screamed, feeling his body move forward as his cock slowly started to slide into me. "Oh, God, please, not like this."

His eyes touched mine and held them. I was afraid to look anywhere else, afraid to even blink as the pain of his entry made me bite my lip. My breasts heaved violently as my heartbeats thundered in my ears. I was tied and unable to resist his entry. All I wanted to do was close my eyes, but fear now made that impossible.

With a shriek, I felt my hymen bust and Charon slid deep into my virgin depths. His eyes were as black as coal and taunted me that there was something I was missing. Then it dawned on me: I was free to fuck here. Here there were no social standards being put on me by people who couldn't uphold their standards themselves. Here was pain, but here was also the pain of finding one's needs fulfilled, the pain of life in its truest form.

His lips were on my nipples, bringing my mind into the act being created. I felt as if I was being torn in two, but there was now a building need for the pain Thoughts flashed through my mind as I stared up at the cave's roof so far ahead, my body moving with his slow thrusting. His lips were hot on my flesh, even hotter in my mind. He was giving me this pain and I was starting to crave it as my hips seemed to react with a mind of their own, reaching out to his thrusts for just one more stinging pain of his entry.

Strange, tied like this, or maybe because it was my first time, I could feel his whole member running every inch of me when he entered or withdrew. I could feel my flesh craving for his return now; craving nothing more then what the mind still tried to control.

The mind! What a wondrous watchdog for society to train to control the needs and wants of the body. My body was accepting his rape of me, but my mind was saying it was ever so wrong to enjoy this. Charon now had me caught between my body's needs and my mind's control programs that insisted I was wicked and evil to even enjoy this. Yet, my body was taking control of my mind, erasing program after program of foolishness. With each erasure, my mind became a bit more at ease with what was going on.

"Oh, God, no!" I shrieked as my hips came up to him as far as the bonds would allow. I was washed from head to toe in my climax. Control programs exploded in my mind as pure passionate need flooded in from my body. I was fucking! I was fucking and loving how I felt. Freedom of my wants now held sway over my being as he kept up his demonic entry into my body.

His hands roamed over my tits, exploring my feelings as he went. I moaned to his harsh touch of my nipples, moaned out not pain but pleasure as he tortured them between his fingers. A thousand feelings, inputting to become one need. No longer a feeling of his fingers and his entry apart. Now they both fed the one need of the mind, the need to have more.

My second climax was overpowering. I felt my body thrashing about. My hands fought the chains that held me back. I wanted utter freedom to find the center of my needs, a center I wished to find and never go back to whatever world I had come from.

The next thing I knew, Charon's hands were holding onto my waist as his entry took on a new feeling, a feeling more exciting when I reached up and touched his lips, now unchained from my simplest fears. My legs wrapped around this demon of my mind, now willing to show him what a real demon was about.

His thrusts slammed into me, his hands held me in place. My legs tightened around him, my heels trying to push him even deeper as our eyes became glued on the eyes of each other's. Then, in an instant of bliss, I discovered why his eyes were so haunting, they were my eyes.

I felt my body convulse as passions exploded. I looked down to see his entry into me. He was huge as, with every in stroke, my pussy lips folded in and followed his cock until they could go no further. I was gasping and screaming. Now only wanting it to not stop, and, but a few minutes before, I was wailing my sobs for him not to do this.

With one violent thrust he was deep into me. His eyes were different now. They looked like they were countless miles away yet, as he looked into me, it was as if he was looking inside me. Then I felt his explosion inside of me. Felt his hot juices kissing at my deepest part of my womanhood. It was hot, a flood of molten need, expressing nothing more than its own need to be expressed. My arms went around his neck, pulling myself up as he became unable to move. His juices still spilling in me until, in a brilliant flash, my own needs were upon me.

He held me for my first orgasm. He held me close to him, stroking my hair as I screamed against his shoulder all that I had never dreamed I could say. My mind exploded in multi-colored explosions of blinding light as my body defied itself and hammered at him in short violent strokes until everything I was seemed to be far off, replaced now by this utter need.

"I don't want to go back," I whispered up to Charon as he laid me back to the boulder's surface, bending with me to gently kiss my nipples. "I wantta stay here with you."

"And you always will be," he smiled down knowingly. "All you need do is let go of all they have taught you not to do, and just do all that you now know you have to do to be you."

"No. I won't go back," I started to cry. "Why do you make me go back to life after showing me this? What is life going to be like after this?"

"Life is like a meal table, is it not?" He smiled down to me, brushing a tear from my right cheek. "There are many main courses and countless deserts. Humans seem to like the deserts more than the main courses. They eat hungrily of the many deserts, but only of one or two main courses. Quickly they become full and sit back happily, not understanding why they quickly are hungry again. You humans stuff thoughts into your minds like you stuff those fast food hamburgers into your bodies, finding that they might be filling but they lack in flavor. Too many, travel through life, feasting on one food, and then the next, never taking the time to taste life at all. That is a sin in itself, the breathing that last breath only to realize that they sat out the one dance they could not afford to sit out, the dance of life..."

"I don't want to be alive. I want to be here with you, or me, or whatever this is."

"But you are here, Melissa. This is you. Call it a dream or whatever, you must wake up."

"And live with the memories of this dream?"

"And, what if I told you that you could not remember any of this?"

"Then I would know you have lied to me. You gave me two options: here or hell. You bring me here and show me these parts of me, then you tell me I will not remember. What could be a greater hell?"

The greatest hell is to know, in the last instant of your life, that you did not live at all. You are a passionate one, you are. You enjoyed the body of your friend; you enjoyed what our bodies found. You have it in you to love unlike most will. You know where to find passion and love... Many do not.

A funny sound was slowly replacing the music. It was distant and yet, I knew the sound all too familiarly. I took my eyes from him to look about the now changing cave. I came from everywhere, yet seemed to be centered in me. I turned back to my demon lover only to find he was gone. "NO!" I screamed at the top of my voice. "I don't want to go back."

My left hand slammed down on the alarm switch and a stinging pain stabbed at my hand. "Fuck!" I hissed, pulling my pain-ridden hand back. Something was wrong here. I had hit the same bottom countless times with never feeling a glimmer of pain.

My fingers groped for the reading light above me. Finally finding it I turned it on and looked at the alarm, a gasp of disbelief escaping from my lips as my eyes grew wide from the sight of a single rose laying over the alarm's "OFF" button. I flopped back on the bed, tears now streaming down my cheeks at what I had lost. He hadn't lied to me, I could remember every feeling I had encountered during my dream, or trip, or whatever it was.

For a few minutes I laid back with my eyes closed to keep the tears from flowing. I wanted to feel Charon's arms around me. I wanted to listen to him and, mostly, I wanted to feel him enter me that first time a million more times, not just in my memories.

The sound of the phone ringing brought me straight out of bed. I picked it up slowly, wondering who was as stupid as me to be up so early.

"Melissa," Victoria's voice said excitedly. "I am sorry to wake you up so early, but I had this crazy dream."

"Why do you call it a 'crazy dream'?" I taunted back, knowing just what her dream was. "You seemed to enjoy it from what I saw."

There was no sound from her for several moments. "Ah, what is going on? Me? Am I going crazy?"

"No," I giggled, remembering the feel and taste of her body. "Why don't you come over and we'll talk about it."

"Can't," she replied, sounding a bit disappointed. "My cousin is here and I have to make sure he has everything he needs."

"How old is he?" I questioned, thinking he had to be a little kid.

"He's nineteen. He is starting his second year of college and came to visit us. He's a bit weird."


"He is studying some real weird shit, ya know what I mean? He is into this mythology stuff..."

"What color of eyes?"

"That's the strangest part. When I look at his eyes it reminds me of you. Isn't that weird?"

"You need to bring him along."

"Ah, Melissa, dear. I have other ideas on my mind. You know what I mean?"

"Yes." I giggled. "I am sure he already knows. Just bring him along, I am sure he'll fit right in from the way I think."

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