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Kim Choy's Aromatherapy Session by Captain Squall

Kim Choy's Aromatherapy Session

Working it out on Friday afternoon, Kim Choy, a new employee of a real estate company, estimated she was spending at least six hours in front of a computer screen every working day of the week. She thought, 'It's no wonder that my back aches and I feel tired every evening; this isn't right for a twenty-year old like me.' Kim was a slim, attractive girl, with close-cropped jet black hair. She was born in Australia of Chinese parents, who had emigrated from Singapore. She had also recently completed a modelling and deportment course and was due to also do some "glamour" and fashion photography work in the near future.

Scanning the local "new age/alternative lifestyles" newspaper, she noticed an advertisement for an aromatherapy treatment for tiredness and backache. She telephoned and made an appointment for later that day. She had read some good reports of aromatic massage and how it could be used to treat a wide range of contemporary ailments.

When she left work that evening she was looking forward to a pleasant finish to a very busy week. She drove up to the house where the therapy was being advertised. Upon entering she immediately noticed the pleasant fragrance in the air, the subdued lighting and the relaxing "new age" music in the background. The reception area was furnished tastefully, in relaxing, calming colours and she thought she felt better already.

She was welcomed by a pleasant, healthy-looking woman in her thirties, who introduced herself as Honey. Honey was wearing a white towelling dressing gown, and looked as though she had just had a shower. "Forgive me, Kim", she said, flashing Kim a warm smile, "I've just got out of the spa." They sat down for a while and discussed the options of therapies available. Honey explained the use of different base or "carrier" oils and the fragrances that could be added, for a variety of ailments. Honey suggested that an introductory one-hour aromatic massage session for $30 would enable Kim to experience the therapy for herself. Kim knew this was good value and she had no hesitancy in taking up the offer.

Honey ushered Kim into a small room, also dimly lit, and it had the same fragrance and music as the reception room. It also had a large massage table, and she could see a en suite bathroom off to one side. Honey invited Kim to undress to her underwear and relax on the cushioned massage table, which was covered by a white towel. It also had several white pillows, covered in towelling material. As Kim stepped out of her clothes and laid them on the clothes stand, Honey cast an appreciative eye over Kim's curves. "You keep in shape, Kim," she said. "Do you do aerobics or jog regularly?"

Kim laughed, as she unbuttoned her blouse. "No, I just eat well and walk or go bike riding occasionally." She was wearing a soft, loose-type of brassiere, that revealed a generous cleavage, enhanced by her 36" bust. Her hips were much narrower than she would have liked but the modelling agency was very happy with her figure, so she wasn't complaining too much. Honey's eyes noticed the dark swath of pubic hair under her bikini briefs and how her pink nipples were prominent under her bra.

As Kim climbed on the massage table and lay on her stomach, Honey slipped off her towelling gown and threw it on a chair. This time it was Kim who turned her head and cast an appreciative eye over Honey's athletic looking form. She was small breasted, a thin waist, but had tight buttocks. Her legs were long and tanned. Honey was also wearing underwear and this surprised Kim. Honey reached behind herself and unfixed her bra, throwing it on the chair. Her breasts were firm and also tanned, like the rest of her body. "Do you always give a massage dressed only in your knickers, Honey?" she laughed. As she looked at Honey she felt a pang in her lower body.

"Kim, I feel constricted by too much clothing, but if it bothers you, please tell me," replied Honey.

"Oh no, please continue - in fact I think I'd prefer it if my masseuse was undressed - just as I am," replied Kim. Honey also felt a spark deep inside her and she smiled warmly at her new client. While Honey wouldn't classify herself as a lesbian, she had had an earlier brief affair with a fellow female student, when they did the aromatherapy course. The affair had enabled her to appreciate what a woman likes in an intimate relationship, including the more stimulating and erotic aspects of lovemaking. Only a woman knows what a woman really likes, was the lesson she had learned.

Honey proceeded to place a towel over Kim's buttocks, and unfastened Kim's bra strap. Kim placed her forehead on her hands in front of her and started to feel very relaxed. She didn't object when Honey reached under the towel, and gently pulled down her panties, placing them on the chair next to the massage table. She then felt a towelling cushion being placed under her hips, before Honey's warm hands start to apply the massage oil, in long, gentle strokes, from her neck to the base of her spine. Honey's hands were soft on Kim's back muscles as she kneaded the flesh, then rotated her hands over the expanse of Kim's back.

Honey noticed Kim's full breasts flat on the towelling cushions, and looked forward to the frontal massage, when the splendour of those golden orbs would be revealed to her.

Always leaving one hand placed on her client's body Honey then moved to the base of the table, before starting the leg massage. Expertly she squeezed, rotated and kneaded the muscles of Kim's slim legs.

"Mmmmmm......that feels really nice," whispered Kim.

"You're a good client, Kim," said Honey, "and you seem to be becoming more relaxed by the minute. And that's why you're here aren't you?"

Kim started to wonder just why she was there, now naked on a massage table, with only a towel over her buttocks, with a seemingly very friendly masseuse, whom she had only met fifteen minutes ago. To hell with it, she thought, if it feels nice, do it....

By slightly separating Kim's legs, Honey was now rubbing Kim's thighs in a kneading motion and she lifted the towel up a fraction, revealing Kim's raised hips. Honey could see the back of Kim's cunt, with her black matt of pubic hair surrounding the lips, and Honey felt a surge of desire and lust sweep through her loins. She also blushed noticeably and felt her cheeks flush with excitement. She carefully continued to massage the insides of Kim's thighs, and Kim responded by humming softly and separating her legs a little, giving an open invitation to Honey to continue the treatment.

As if to reassure Honey, Kim turned her head and said in a throaty whisper, "This massage reminds me of a girlfriend of mine who was a physiotherapist, Honey - she and I would often relax each other's muscles after tennis or squash....and we found out how to satisfy each other," she said enigmatically.

Honey just smiled and replied "That's nice to hear - because I think you will appreciate the quality of the service I like to give my clients, Kim"

Kim had now given Honey something of a challenge to do whatever she felt necessary and Honey took up the invitation. As she continued to massage Kim's buttocks, she let her hand slide down and "accidentally" gently brush Kim's cunt. Kim responded by lifting her behind into the air, as if to increase the contact. Kim could feel herself getting wet and hot, as Honey's expert touch softly and deftly aroused the erogenous zones of her labia, her perineum and her anus, with her deft fingers and soft hands.

The sweet smell of the base almond oil, plus the aromatic sandalwood made Kim feel quite spoiled and decadent, lying there, naked under the towel, feeling Honey's hands working on her. Thoughts of the hassles and worries of work were miles away as she started to feel herself being aroused sexually. And while this had not been on her agenda, it seemed a most natural thing to do, given the environment in which she now found herself. The near naked woman close to her was also enjoying the sensations as much as she was, and Honey looked down at her own panties and saw there was a creeping wetness in the crutch. Honey's glance at her own wet patch was seen by Kim who looked at Honey's flushed countenance then stared down at Honey's wet panties and suddenly said, "Why Honey - I do believe you're enjoying this as much as me!" She then lay back on the massage table and smiled secretly at herself.

"Oh Honey that feels divine," said Kim softly, as Honey's hands continued to feel the area around her vulva, without actually touching it. Kim almost felt like reaching down and placing Honey's hands directly on her cunt, but restrained herself.

Honey then asked Kim to turn over, and she placed the towelling cushion under Kim's buttocks this time, slightly elevating Kim's pudenda, in a most erotica and stimulating way. It was almost as though Kim's pussy was pouting at Honey, challenging her.

But it was Kim with eyes closed who reached down and eventually pulled the towel away. She was now lying naked to the world, her bush pointing upward, her hips lifted in anticipation.

Honey by now was continuing with the full body massage, now working on Kim's breasts, very gently massaging the oil into her skin, rotating her hands and fingers around Kim's nipples, which had become quite erect. Her breasts were lying to the side of her body, the full weight of them making them look swollen and sensual. Honey's eye's hungrily took in the full view of Kim and her breathing was noticeably heavier.

Kim's eyes were still closed and she seemed to be humming or moaning as Honey's hands fluttered over her. The were now very softly massaging Kim's lower abdomen, gently massaging in the sweet smelling oil. Kim's full bush of pubic hair was now glistening with both the aromatic oil and her own juices, and she slowly separated her legs, giving Honey a better appreciation of the velvety folds beneath her.

Honey started shaking a little and she too started to whisper to herself under her breath, as she felt a sudden surge of passion in her loins for this glorious specimen of womanhood in front of her.

Before she could stop herself, she lowered her head and took Kim's vulva full in her mouth. Kim gasped and reached down and held Honey there, not wanting her to take it away. Honey's tongue started to flick in and out expertly, delving into the wet folds of Kim's now saturated pussy. Her tongue found the button of Kim's clitoris and ever so gently she took it in her lips and sucked on it. The effect on Kim was electric and she arched her back, lifting her bush into Honey's face, while still holding her head in place. Honey was now squirming and rotating her own hips, and she longed for some stimulation herself.

Skilfully she then climbed onto the massage table, facing Kim's feet, thus placing her own pudenda directly above Kim's mouth. Kim could not wait and placing her hands on Honey's hips brought her down into contact with her mouth. Honey's wet thighs were now closed around Kim's ears and she pushed gently downwards, so her cunt lips were now almost in contact with Kim's lips. Kim lifted her head slightly and placed her lips around Honey's labia, sucking gently, her tongue darting into the wet folds.

They were now both moaning, kissing and sucking, as their tongues were busy in each other's cunts. Any pretence of continuing the "formal" massage session were temporarily forgotten as they proceeded in the "sixty-nine position" of lovemaking.

Crouching over Kim's hips Honey's hands were separating Kim's wet thighs as she reached down and tongued and kissed her wetness. Kim's hips were bucking and lifting, wanting maximise the contact but maintaining control so they could climax together if possible.

In turn, Honey was pushing her cunt into contact with Kim's searching tongue and lips as the two bodies continued to heave and writhe.

Honey reached down with one hand and started to softly pinch the Kim's erect nipples. This added to Kim's stimulation and enjoyment as she knew that even other woman appreciated her shapely breasts and large pink nipples. Kim also started to fondle Honey's abdomen and breasts cupping them in her hands as Honey hovered over her. Kim then flicked her tongue around Honey's anus which sent a pleasure shock-wave through Honey's now glowing and sweet smelling skin.

They both knew that their climaxes were approaching very fast and they both concentrated on maximising their own pleasure. It was Honey who came first, moaning and crying between mouthfuls of Kim's pussy, as her muscles tensed and she froze for a split second before crying out loudly, "Ahhhhhhhh....oh god, I'm still coming......" Her hips again started to pitch and buck as she flicked from one plateau of orgasmic pleasure to another, and she felt a small gush of love juices leave her cunt, eagerly taken up by Kim's devouring mouth. Beneath her Kim then screamed so loud it almost scared Honey, as she too peaked in an explosion of lust and pleasure. Kim was thrusting her hips upwards in jerking motions to which Honey responded by mouthing all of Kim's wetness.

Their heaving bodies slowed and they collapsed onto the massage table, still lying alongside each other in the sixty-nine position. It was Honey who then sat up, turned around and lowered herself gently onto Kim's glistening body, the heady scent of almond and sandalwood oils still in the air. The contrast of Honey's tanned Australian body to exotic Kim's milky white skin and her oriental beauty was not lost to either woman.

With Kim's love juices still in her own mouth she kissed Kim full on the lips and their tongues started to explore each other. It was Kim who began to move slowly under Honey as she felt another surge of sexual desire flood her body. Honey's and Kim's legs were now entwined, the pussies rubbing hard against each other, having the effect of stimulating both women again. Their pushing intensified as they felt their cunt lips make contact, their pubic hair enmeshed and wet with their juices.

They both peaked simultaneously, their bodies shuddering with the intensity of their lovemaking, as they continued to kiss passionately, their arms snaked around each other's backs. As they regained their breath, it was Kim who spoke first. "I think I can see me making these sessions more often!" she laughed. "I haven't felt so good in months."

And so she did. Kim was to make regular visits to Honey's establishment in the month's ahead. They also both chose deliberately not meeting socially anywhere else, as they appreciated they each had another social life elsewhere, involving both male and female friends. They were not interested in tags, such as "bisexual", as they regarded each other as just friends - and occasional lovers. But whenever Kim had occasion to detect the mix of almond and sandalwood aromas, she smiled to herself, reflecting on her first introduction to aromatic massage - and Honey's expert tuition.....


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