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Any Given Friday by

Any Given Friday

Sometimes it's really amazing how much you can learn about yourself between the time you wake up and the time you go to bed. For instance, Fridays are normally very ordinary days for me: I get up, shower, go to work, do some kind of dinner with my boyfriend Mark, and sleep. Literally. Last Friday, though, was different. Oh, it started ordinarily enough, but only went downhill from there...

I live in New York City, which is, of course, the land of murders and rapes and robberies and all things horrible. I love New York in spite of its crime and filth, except when it accosts me directly. But I hold true that Friday afternoon in the city is the best time to be alive, and last Friday was no exception. It's August, but the sky was that summertime gray all day that means there will be a storm later in the afternoon; and sure enough. I love walking through midtown in the rain, and I was so enraptured with the childlike movieness of the moment that I didn't realize the asshole on the roller blades was yelling "hey, hey, watch it!" at me until it was sooooo too late.

I don't know why he couldn't maneuver around me, but suddenly I hit the ground with an unpleasant crunching sound, and the contents of my bag went flying everywhere as a very heavy guy fell on top of me from a prodigious height. It took me a minute to catch my breath, and while I was doing so, some idiot made off with my wallet and apartment keys. Great. I lay prostrate on the ground for a moment, my mouth filling up with dirty rain and the pavement destroying my white pantsuit.

"Hey! Hey! Lady, are you okay? She just jumped right out in front of me..."

The words were fading in and out, but I could focus very clearly on the guy who had run into me. He'd managed to stand up with no problem, thank goodness for him, and was gesticulating wildly to the crowd trying to prove his innocence. I wouldn't have believed he was innocent even if I hadn't been the victim of his poor navigational abilities. He was bad. Not bad like messy and tired, but bad like bad boy. He probably painted his indigo jeans on in the morning, and his fitted black turtleneck only echoed the point for the upper half of his (upsettingly muscular) body. His hair was dark and thick, and I guessed his eyes were too, but I couldn't see them because his Italian sunglasses were in the way.

Someone finally noticed my open eyes, and offered me a hand up. I stood up shakily and futility tried to dislodge some of the grime from my pants, while I debated how exactly to nail this bastard to the wall.

Before I could do so he glided over and tilted up my chin with his hand. "Hey, I'm sorry. I tried to yell at you, but you couldn't hear me or something. Are you okay?"

He began patting me down and I must admit I rather enjoyed it before I realized that a strange man was touching me rather intimately on the streets of New York. Hello, have I learned NOTHING in my years here?

I jumped back and was gratified by his somewhat disappointed expression.

"What the hell do you think you were doing?!" I shrieked.

"Hey, lady, look. I was yelling at you to get out of the way from, like, six blocks away."

"Yeah? You're really so bad on those things that you need six blocks warning to move around someone?"

"Christ! What's your problem? I'm just trying to make sure you're okay!"

"What's my problem? Well, aside from the fact that you just body slammed me to the ground and I probably have nine broken bones, nothing!"

"You know what? Forget it." And he skated off. The crowd dissipated, I picked up my discarded purse, duly noted my missing wallet and keys, and trudged home.

Mark was a darling about the whole thing. He was confused when I buzzed the apartment and told him I didn't have my keys, but once he saw me soaking and ruined he jumped into action. He made sure I was okay, and once assured he listened to me rant about the abundance of schmuks in this city, particularly the guy who ran me down and the asshole with my wallet, and then he drew me a bath, called to cancel my credit cards, and ordered take out. I just love him.

After my bath (it was really just some bumps and bruises) I put on a bathrobe and we curled up on the couch and talked until the food came.

We were sitting comfortably on the floor slurping noodles out of cardboard containers when the buzzer rang, and Mark jumped for it.


"Um, hi, does Maia Thompson live there?"

"Yeah. Who's this?"

"My name's Brian. Just, uh, just tell her it's the guy who knocked her down today."

"What?" I jumped up and flung open the window so I could shout down to the street. He was there, wearing shoes this time, and looking a little anxious.

"Hey!" He looked up and saw me. "What the hell do you want? Come by to tell me your name so I can report you?"

"Calm down! Look, I found your wallet, and I thought you might want it back."

"What? You found my what? Mark, this guy stole my wallet!"

"I did NOT steal your wallet! It was in the gutter a couple of blocks away from where I hit you today, and I picked it up. Do you want it or not?" I exchanged glances with Mark, who shrugged his shoulders.

"Maybe it's actually your wallet."

"Show it to me," I called out the window. He held up a red leather wallet that certainly looked like mine... and he did know my name and address. I buzzed him in.

A minute or so later he knocked on our door and I opened it, but blocked the entrance to the apartment. "Well?"

"Here." He held out the wallet ungraciously, which was indeed mine and miraculously only missing some cash and my American Express.

"Um, well..." I looked away, unwilling to look at him. He'd actually come to my house to return my wallet after I'd been horribly rude to him. He remained imposing in the doorway.

"You're welcome." I smiled involuntarily and glanced up. His eyes were not dark, as I'd guessed, but jade green. And very beautiful.

"Maia," Mark came up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, "is everything okay?"

"Yes." I smiled sheepishly. "This is the guy, I'm sorry..." I held out my hand towards Mr. Green Eyes helplessly.

"Brian. Brian Upton." He offered his hand to Mark, who shook it warily.

"Brian is the one who hit me today, but he's found my wallet and brought it back fairly intact. I guess I must have been very rude to him."

"That's okay. I'm the one who ran you down."

We smiled shyly at each other before Mark cleared his throat and said, "Well, Brian, we were just having dinner..."

"Oh. Oh! I should go. I just, well, you know." He looked embarrassed and started back down the hallway towards the stairs.

"No, wait." I was shocked to hear my own voice. "We have plenty of food, and I feel kind of bad about being so rude... Would you like to come in?" Brian looked from me to Mark and back again, and shifted from one foot to the other looking at the floor.

"Nah, thanks, though..."

"No, please," Mark spoke up, "I didn't know there were actually people in New York who tried to atone for mistakes. Please," he smiled and held the door open further, "come in."

"Well, okay. If you're sure." Mark and I nodded, and Brian stepped into our living room.

"Let me get you a real plate." I went to the kitchen to get place settings for everyone, and tried to ignore the fact that this fantastically attractive man was sitting in my apartment. As I came back into the living room, the guys were laughing and hitting each other on the back in that maddening way that men have and saying "no shit, I can't believe it!" and "honestly, man, for real" and caveman things like that.

"What's going on?" I inquired.

"Turns out Brian works at Horner & Levis too," Mark said.

"You're a lawyer?"

"God, no," Brian laughed, "I'm an accountant."

"Jesus, I think that may be worse," I replied.

"Hey," Mark warned teasingly, "this man figures out my paycheck."

"I can't believe it. You dress like John Travolta in 'Grease!'"

"Believe it, missy," he smiled blindingly.

And suddenly, everything was all right. The three of us laughed and fed each other noodles and drank wine for hours, as if we'd known each other forever. Brian told us about his years in the Marines, and Mark did a drunken tap dance that he'd learned as a kid. We played cards and told jokes and sang rounds of "Dwarves are Short" that were somehow hysterically funny. Really, what's better than nights in the summer with friends?

It got late far too quickly, and we all hit a tired jag. I was sitting on the couch next to Brian, and Mark was on the floor leaning against my legs. I leaned my head back and hummed a drunken song to myself, twirling my fingers in Mark's hair. I felt a warm hand on my thigh, and for whatever reason, be it wine or apathy, I didn't check to see which of them it was. We just sat there, impassive, warm, and pleasantly drunk until I lost count of the seconds that passed.

Then the hand found its way under my short silk robe and crept slowly up my thigh. I was frozen, but it was only when I felt skin graze my pussy lips that I jumped a bit. I felt Mark turn around in front of me, and I knew that it wasn't his hand.

I opened my eyes to see both men's gazes transfixed on my thigh. I looked at Brian's hand, and we all stared at it move slowly higher and higher up my leg as if it had a life of its own. I had no idea what to do. I was too hot and tired, and starting to get aroused, to move, but I didn't want Mark to get upset. I decided the easiest, though not necessarily the smartest way out would just be to wait, and see what they did. Mark continued to watch Brian's hand up my robe as though he'd never seen two people touch before, and Brian obviously didn't see any reason to stop.

He began to stroke my inner thigh cautiously, as though he was afraid I might turn on him and bite. When I didn't, he got a little bolder and moved up to my cunt lips, which he rolled lightly between his fingers. If you had walked into the room at that moment you would never have guessed what was going on, we were all so still. The only movement was the occasional rise and fall of the fabric of my robe as Brian shifted his hand. Mark never moved, never blinked. It was as if he'd been frozen, but could store everything he witnessed away for later. Only when Brian started to finger my clit did Mark and I begin to stir.

I, of course, bucked involuntarily against his hand, and a little moan escaped. Mark moved at the sound of my voice, and kind of climbed up over me, trapping Brian's hand in my robe. Mark kissed me hard, and I could taste the wine still saturating his tongue. Brian was still rubbing me, and Mark was stroking the back of my neck, which he knew I loved. I had no idea where this was going, but I saw no reason to stop. Mark and I continued to kiss, and Brian maneuvered his hand down farther, and then stuck a finger into me without warning. I moaned into Mark's mouth, and I could feel him go instantly hard against my stomach. I reached for Brian's other hand, watching Mark for his reaction, and placed it on my breast. Brian immediately began to knead the soft flesh and roll the nipple between his fingers. I felt as if I didn't have enough hands to keep everyone occupied.

I pushed Brian's hand away from my cunt and squeezed out from under Mark. I stood up and looked down at them both, panting and outrageously hard. I brushed my hair off my face and untied the sash of my robe, letting it fall straight to the floor. Both of their mouths dropped open, and I simply turned and walked into the bedroom.

It didn't take them long to follow me, and they found me in the dark, waiting for them on the bed. They looked at each other questioningly, and then moved toward me.

"Stop," I ordered. They pulled up short and glanced at each other again. "Take off your clothes." Neither of them moved. "Come on boys." Still nothing. I ran a hand up my thigh and fingered myself gently. "Do you want me to be the only naked person in this room?"

Brian started to take his shirt off hesitantly, but only got that far. Mark still hadn't moved. I began to finger-fuck my self harder, shoving in two, then three fingers. I rubbed my breasts with my other hand and moaned, bucking wildly on the bed. I felt an orgasm starting, and abruptly stopped masturbating. I looked at them, and they were both inert in the middle of the room, though I could see their erections through their pants even in the dark. I stood up.

"Now who wants to finish that?"

They share the prize for fastest stripping ever.

I stepped up to Brian and ran my hand down his arm, feeling his muscles flex under my touch. I stood on tiptoe and began to kiss him gently. Mark was the only person I'd kissed for years, and I had forgotten that other people taste different. Brian kissed me back tentatively, then abruptly put his tongue in my mouth and lifted me up. I wrapped my bare legs around him and let myself fall into the feeling of kissing someone new and different.

Mark came around behind me and began to kiss my back and shoulders. He licked the crease of my lower back and I twitched hard against Brian, who laughed and started kissing my neck. I could feel the fluid from my cunt dripping and running down Brian's stomach, and I began to moan uncontrollably.

Brian smiled wickedly over my shoulder and said: "Mark, I think this girl needs to be fucked, don't you?" That nearly drove me over the edge.

Brian carried me over to the bed and laid me on the edge of it so my legs were hanging off. He knelt between my legs and began to stroke himself against my thighs. The feeling of the soft skin of his cock against my smooth leg was unbelievable. He moved in towards my pussy, but Mark stopped him by wrapping his hand around the other man's penis. I was shocked.

Mark simply wrapped his fingers gently around Brian's member, not squeezing too hard, and said, "Not yet."

He climbed on top of me on the bed and put his face in my crotch. He flicked his tongue over my clit lightly, teasing me to distraction. He lowered his hips to my face and I eagerly put his dick in my mouth. I sucked the top half of it hard, and ran my fingernails over his balls, which he loves.

I was trying to concentrate on sucking him, but I felt fingers part my cunt lips gently and even while Mark was flicking my clit, Brian licked my pussy and fingered my asshole. I had never felt such extreme sensations, and I had to stop sucking Mark in order to concentrate fully on what was happening at my crotch. Mark varied his licking in opposition to Brian's: when Brian had his entire tongue up my cunt, Mark would just barely touch my clit, rolling it around with the tip of his tongue. And when Brian was licking the inside of my lips, Mark would suck my entire bud into his mouth and pull on it hard.

I could feel myself starting to cum, and I wanted to wait. "Stop!" They were so startled that they both pulled back, and I used the opportunity to sit up. "Come here."

They sat next to me on the bed, and I leaned over and kissed one, and then the other. It was amazing to me how different they felt and tasted, and I couldn't help switching back and forth for a few minutes, just to get used to the differences. Finally I lay back on the bed and gestured for Brian to kneel over my face. I wanted to see what the other parts of him tasted like.

His cock was longer than Mark's, though not as wide. I ran my tongue around the ridge, and rubbed his balls with my fingers. Then in one movement I cupped his balls and took his entire member down my throat. He gasped and fell forward, supporting himself on the pillows above my head. I sucked his entire dick for a minute more, then pulled back and began to lick the sides from the base all the way to the tip. He shook a little bit, and moaned. I reached out with my other hand, and found Mark's menisci began to run my hand slowly up and down the shaft, and he reached over and flicked my nipples. I couldn't believe these two men were in my bed, and for the time being anyway, completely in my possession.

Mark abruptly pulled his cock out of my grip and moved around between my legs. He lifted each of my legs up so my heels were touching my butt and Brian could sit back against my thighs. I still had Brian's dick far down my throat, and I loved the contented noises he made as I swirled my tongue around the shaft. Even as I was sucking him, I felt the tip of Mark's cock at my cunt, and he slowly, excruciatingly pressed it in. I wanted all of him inside me, but he only gave me a centimeter at a time, making me writhe in anticipation. Once the ridge of his cock was inside me, he was still for a moment, giving me a chance to attend fully to Brian. I pulled Brian's dick out of my mouth and licked his balls fiercely, and Mark suddenly slammed the rest of his cock inside me, bottoming out at my cervix. I nearly screamed with the pleasure and pain, and dug my nails into Brian's muscular thighs.

Mark was kneeling between my legs, and he kept thrusting harder and harder. I began to moan and touch myself. Brian turned around so he was facing Mark and pushed my hand off my clothe leaned over and licked my clit with his tongue, and toyed with my pussy lips with his hand. Mark was getting really turned on, which I could tell by his ragged breath and uneven tempo, and I knew what he wanted.

So I reached up to Brian and said: "You fuck me now."

Mark slowed to a stop and pulled out of my dripping cunt.

He moved out from between my legs, and Brian wrapped his arms around me and rolled me on top of him. He stroked my arms and whispered, "Are you sure?" I nodded, and he guided his dick into my wet pussy.

It was much smoother than Mark's, and he shoved it all into me on his first thrust, then paused while I caught my breath and began to kiss me. He thrust slowly and smoothly while our tongues swirled around each other. Mark began to run his hand up and down my back, pausing on my ass cheeks. I climbed to my knees to display my ass to Mark, and Brian continued to plunge into me. Mark spread my cheeks and ran his cock over my asshole, letting the juice from my cunt lubricate it. He slowly pushed one finger into my hole, letting me get used to the feeling. Then he added another, and another. He pulled his three fingers in an out of me, making sure I was wet enough to accommodate him. Then he put his cock between my cheeks, kissed my back, and slowly pressed his cock into my asshole.

Brian stopped thrusting as I gasped and clenched my pussy around him, wanting Mark to get it all the way in. He pushed in inch after inch, always pausing to make sure I was okay. After the initial pain of being stretched almost to the breaking point, the feeling of both cocks in me was incredible. I held rigidly still, even after Mark had his entire dick all the way up my answer were all quiet for a moment, breathing and just feeling each other. Then I exhaled and said, "This is unbelievable. Fuck me."

They needed no further instruction. Mark moved slowly and evenly, careful not to hurt me, but Brian began his fucking in earnest, groaning each time he bottomed out. I loved every second of it. All of my sensations were heightened, and I could feel their two cocks pressing against each other as they passed. I had never felt so full, so satisfied, and I could tell they loved it too. Brian was getting close to his climax, grunting and bucking harder with each thrust. He rammed me hard, and I met each wild thrust until he moaned and came, spurting into me. I felt the hot cum run down my insides as Mark continued to fuck my ass, and Brian laid there immobile, letting it all wash over him.

Mark reached around and fingered my clit, which was exactly enough to drive me wild. He was moving in and out of me from behind, Brian's cock was still in my pussy, and my clit began to twitch as my body came together at that one tiny point. I felt all my blood rushing to my cunt, and I came hard, shoving back against Mark, wanting more and more of him. My fluid washed down over their two dicks, and I collapsed onto Brian as Mark finished his final thrusts before cumming deep inside my ass.

We all lay quietly for a few minutes, regaining our strength. I still had both cocks in me, and I just wanted to fall asleep feeling so full and sated.

Finally Brian began to stir beneath me and I shifted to let him out. He pulled out of me and I felt cold and empty air flood into me where a warm cock had just been. Then Mark kissed my shoulder and slowly took his dick from my ass. I was too exhausted to move, and just lay there feeling the pulsing inside me, and watching the men lazily stretch their muscles. So beautiful...

And so I learned that between breakfast and dinner on any given Friday, anything can happen.

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