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Jon Eastman's Stories

An Old Friend In Vegas by Jon Eastman

An Old Friend In Vegas

My name is Jake. I'm a freshman at University of Texas, but the story I want to tell you took place a little over a year ago.

The summer before my senior year in high school I met a guy named Sid who would change my life.

Sid's main interest in life was making and distributing perfect replicas of California State driver's licenses. Sid was an artist who's work I admired greatly, so much so that the day I turned 17, my 3 best buddies were thoughtful enough to give me a present of one of Sid's latest works - a perfect fake I.D that said I was 21 years old. While they were at it, the boys made several more purchases as presents to themselves. That weekend was the fourth of July, and to celebrate our newly won independence, we packed up my friend Barry's old convertible and headed east towards Las Vegas, Nevada.

Barry, Seth, Peter, and I had started a landscaping business together that summer, and since we were all still living at home, with no real expenses we were all pretty flush for a bunch of Teenagers. Still Vegas on a holiday weekend is a pricey proposition so instead of getting two rooms like we had planned we had to make due with one.

As soon as we settled in the guys wanted to hit the strip clubs. I wanted to gamble immediately, so we parted ways with plans to meet back at the hotel bar for drinks around 10pm.

I headed straight for the roulette table, where I immediately caught an amazing win streak. I couldn't believe how easy it all was (I would later find out it was beginners luck, I never won that much money again in my life) as I won $3700 in my first hour.

After cashing out my first move was to head to the front desk and see about getting another room so I wouldn't have to share a bed with one of my buddies. I guess the pretty blonde front guest clerk saw a sucker coming because, before I knew it, she had coaxed me into taking a suite with a Jacuzzi that over looked the Vegas strip. It cost me 400 clams a night, but I figured if I played my cards right I might be able to get this little honey up there and in to the tub. I asked her what time her shift ended and she gave me a big, beautiful smile and told me that she was off at 4, but had to wait around until 5 when her boyfriend the bartender got off his shift. I took my room key and headed back to the table.

I had about an hour to kill before my friends showed up so I started wandering around looking for a friendly looking black jack table. I had just sat down at one and was about to give the dealer my money when I heard a feminine voice.

"Young man, does your mother know you're gambling?"

I turned to see it was Mrs. Gordon one of my next door neighbors from the town where I had grown up. She was giving me a huge smile. I was amazed to see her, as I hadn't seen her for two years since my family had moved to California. I turned to give her a big hug and as I did, I recalled what big tits she had always had.

Mrs. Gordon looked good that night. She was dressed in a pair of black dress slacks and a blue sequined top that showed off her ample cleavage. As we talked I struggled to keep my eyes on her face.

Mrs. Gordon's husband, Mr. Gordon, had been my football coach in high school and I had grown up playing and hanging out with the Gordon's three sons, who were all about my age. Mrs. Gordon had almost been like a mom to me, taking care of me when my parents worked late or had to leave on a trip. Coach Gordon had always been a real hard ass both as a coach and as a father, but Mrs. Gordon had always been able to temper his anger with kindness and good humor. She was a real southern belle, as sweet as the day was long, always smiling, and always helpful.

I had heard from her sons that when she was younger she had been a cheerleader at Texas Christian University, and a real knockout. That was about 30 years ago, now in her late 40s she was still very pretty, but her killer body had gained a few pounds. She wasn't fat, but she was definitely full figured. Her shoulder length perm was still black, but I could tell she was dying it now. Mrs. Gordon may not have been able to turn a lot of heads anymore, but I didn't care, she still had that smile that could light up a room. I adored her.

I asked her if the coach had made the trip with her and she told me that he had stayed behind getting ready for football season. She had come with her sister, and some of her sister's friends.

"We're just four wild women out on the town," she said laughing.

I told the black jack dealer to go on with out me and I asked Mrs. Gordon if she wanted to have a drink with me.

"Now I know I haven't seen you in a few years, but it hasn't been that long, aren't you a little young to be drinking?" She said with a look of concern on her pretty face.

"Let's keep that our little secret," I said giving her a wink.

She smiled at me and said that as long as I wasn't planning to drive my secret was safe with her. In fact with all the drinking and partying her friends were planning to do they had all made a pact that anything that happened this weekend was sworn to secrecy. I was now included in the deal. We laughed and shook hands on it.

We went to the bar and grabbed a table and ordered some drinks. In a few minutes her friends spotted us and came to sit with us. A few minutes later my friends showed up and we had a regular party. Before long we were having a grand old time. People who saw us must have wondered what this group of middle-aged women was doing partying with a bunch of young men, but it was Vegas and no one bothered us.

As the evening wore on everyone was getting pretty bombed. I spent the night at one end of the table talking to Mrs. Gordon. As she had more to drink she grew quite affectionate with me, holding my arm as she told a story, or clutching my hand possessively when some one else started to talk to me. The more I drank, the more I was beginning to get turned on by all her physical contact.

In the middle of a story about one of her son's, Mrs. Gordon nudged me and I looked up to see her sister making out with my friend Seth. The two of them were really going at it, their passion making them completely oblivious to the six pairs of eyes watching them.

"I guess her marriage is in a little bit of trouble," Mrs. Gordon confided in me.

Carried away by the spectacle Barry grabbed the woman he had been talking to (a woman who I later found out was married to a minister and had 5 kids) and the two of them started necking. I looked over at Mrs. Gordon and the two of us broke in to laughter.

Our laughter finally caused Mrs. Gordon's sister to look up to see what was so funny. She stood up and with great drunken gravity announced to one and all that she was going up to her room. She grabbed Seth's hand and the two of them left. The woman Barry was kissing got up and stated that she too was going up to the room as well. She grabbed Barry and they took off.

"There's a room I don't have a great desire to be in right now," Mrs. Gordon whispered in my ear. " Looks like I'm not getting any sleep tonight."

"You can sleep in my room, it only has one bed, but I can sleep on the couch," I said.

"You are so sweet. But, I can take the couch, " She said.

Mrs. Gordon said that she wanted to go to sleep, because it was so late, but she was still really wired. I told her about the Jacuzzi in my room and how that might help to relax her. Her eyes lit up.

"You have a Jacuzzi in your room? Oh my god you high roller!"

"Absolutely, they love me here. The minute they see me walk in the door they're falling all over themselves to please me," I said.

Mrs. Gordon laughed. She couldn't wait to see what a suite looked like in the hotel. I paid the bill, while Mrs. Gordon excused herself and went to the ladies room. While I was waiting for her I used a house phone to call room service and have them deliver a bottle champagne to the room.

When she came back, we started walking to the elevators when Mrs. Gordon stopped short.

"I can't go in to your tub. My bathing suit is trapped in my room," She said.

"Life guard's not on duty tonight, bathing suits are optional," I said.

"You bad boy," she said playfully punching my arm, " your old coach would shoot you if he found out his wife was swimming around naked in your hotel suite."

The thought of that really turned me on, but publicly I agreed that wasn't a very good idea. Then I remembered that the hotel probably had a shop open 24 hours, we could by a suit there. I told her I'd buy her one. Mrs. Gordon excitedly agreed.

We found the one shop that was still open. The bored sales clerk barely looked up from her magazine as she pointed to a rack in the back of the store.

"Looks like she loves her job." Mrs. Gordon whispered to me.

The only thing the store had for bathing suits was a rack of string bikinis. Mrs. Gordon laughed when she saw them and said that she didn't think I'd like to see her in one of those. I objected and said that I was sure that she'd look great. Mrs. Gordon stood there for a minute looking at the bikinis and then to my great surprise and excitement said, "Well I guess beggars can't be chooser's," and grabbed one off the rack.

By the time we got to the room I was getting really excited about seeing Mrs. Gordon in her suit. We filled the Jacuzzi and I opened the champagne, while she went in to the bathroom to change. I quickly put on my bathing suit and jumped in the tub so she wouldn't see the huge woody I was now sporting.

"Don't look or you'll turn in to a pillar of salt," Mrs. Gordon said. She came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, but as she approached the tub she pulled the towel off and put it on a nearby chair.

I nearly came in my shorts just seeing her. She was hanging out of her bikini all over the place. The skimpy top could barely contain her tits; they were straining to burst free. Her big ass spilled out around the string bottom that barely had enough material to cover her plump snatch. Her belly hung over the top of the little triangle.

"Wow, Mrs. Gordon you look gorgeous," I said with my mouth hanging open. I was very thankful that she couldn't see my 8-inch monster sticking straight out at this point.

"You better get your eyes checked," Mrs. Gordon said, " and you'd better start calling me Michelle, after all I'm practically naked with you in a hotel room."

"How's that suit feel?" I asked her, handing her a glass of champagne.

"A little on the snug side," She said. " I don't think suits like this are made for full figured, older gals like me."

"That's crazy, you look great," I told her. "Well thank you, you're very sweet," she said, "you look pretty good yourself. It looks like your chest was carved by a sculptor."

Now it was my turn to thank her. Michelle told me that her husband and sons were all very hairy, so she couldn't get over how hairless my chest was.

I poured her another glass of champagne and as her if she would like to touch my chest. She smiled and declined. We sat in silence for a few seconds and then she slid over to where I was sitting and put her hand on my chest.

"Wow, that's nice," She said, as gently ran her hands over my pecs. When she did this I put my hand around her shoulder and pulled her closer. She felt great with her breasts pressing up against me. She continued softly running her hands over my chest. My cock was getting ready to burst.

"I'm so glad I ran in to you here," She whispered to me. "I'm sorry I'm a little drunk, I hope you don't mind me being a little affectionate with you."

"Michelle, you were always my favorite growing up. I love being this close to you." I said.

She smiled up at me and gave me a quick peck on the lips, and then another one. I pulled her closer and gave her a real kiss on the mouth.

"We shouldn't do this," she said, "but I want to."

With that we kissed again and this time she opened her mouth. I pulled her over and we started kissing passionately. As we kissed I tugged on the strings of her bikini top, it loosened and Michelle stopped kissing me for a second to pull it off.

"You're not getting your money's worth out of this," Mrs. Gordon giggled as she handed me her top. I stared at her tits they were huge, heavy, and round.

"I think I am," I said as I took her top and tossed it over my shoulder - it landed nearby with a wet plop. I immediately started kissing and sucking on her enormous breasts. Michelle's nipples quickly became erect.

"Oh god that feels so good what you're doing." She moaned, " it's so wrong... I mean my husband... But I love it."

I was incredibly turned on at this point, and Mrs. Gordon was matching my passion. We were all over each other.

I lifted her up and out of the tub, and put her down on the floor. I pulled back from her, hooked my fingers under her waistband and in my excitement practically tore the bottom of her bikinis off of her. When the suit came off it exposed her beautiful, neatly trimmed, gray-haired, snatch. I had been right. Michelle did dye her hair. Mrs. Gordon let out a loud gasp and covered herself with her hands.

"Baby," she breathed passionately, " we can't have sex. I've never been unfaithful to my husband."

I gently moved her hands away, and started kissing her belly, as I began to lick and nibble my way down her thighs to her gray-haired muff. When I reached the outer lips of her pussy I ran my tongue up the already soaking slit. Michelle screamed in pleasure.

"OH MY GODDDD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME? THAT FEELS SOOOOO GOOOOOD!" As I worked my way up towards the clitoris I stuck my index and middle finger in to her box and pushed upwards. Mrs. Gordon ass started bouncing off the floor. I looked up through the valley her breasts created and saw her pretty face contorted in pleasure. I reached her clitoris and flicked it back and forth with my tongue. She went wild.


Michelle Gordon, the wife of my high school coach, the mother of boys I had grown up with, the woman who had baked me cookies when I was a little kid, was experiencing a mind shattering orgasm on the end of my tongue.

As she clutched the back of my head, Michelle's body continued to writhe all over the floor. Her orgasm seemed to go on for almost a minute; finally it began to subside as I continued to gently lap at her pussy. After a few seconds she stopped me and pulled me up to her face.

"Jake, baby, that was so incredible, I haven't cum like that for years." She said as she held me closely. " I can't believe the little boy from next door has grown up to be such a man."

"Well there's something else that's grown that I need to show you," I said, and with that I got up and lifted her on to the near by bed.

I pulled off my bathing suit and revealed my eight-inch hard on. Mrs. Gordon let out a loud gasp.

From years of showers in the gym I know I have a pretty impressive dick size, but what makes it seem even larger then it is, is that I have almost no hair on my balls - my dick kind of stands proudly alone.

"Oh my God, Jake honey, that's the biggest I ever seen. It's beautiful," Michelle said, gingerly touching it for the first time. " What would my family think of me for what I want to do to you... I don't know whether to suck you or fuck you first... I want to taste you."

Mrs. Gordon leaned forward and took me in her mouth. My dick must have thought it had died and gone to heaven. Her mouth was incredibly soft, warm, and wet. She expertly ran her tongue up the underside of my shaft, while she gently needed my bloated balls in her hand.

"Lie down baby," she whispered.

I lay down on my back and Michelle took me in her mouth again. This time she started running her tongue up and down my shaft, taking my balls in her mouth, and then moving downward and sticking her tongue in my ass hole. She moved back up, smiled at me and with one smooth motion took my entire shaft right down her throat.

"Oh my God, I'm going to Cum," I cried out as I felt Mrs. Gordon's nose touching my groin. In response Michelle reached up and ran her hand over my chest. I came bucking and heaving off the bed. I shot a monster load straight down her throat. Michelle hung in there and swallowed my whole charge. I felt like I must have pumped a pint of semen down her gullet, but she didn't miss a drop.

When she was finished licking me clean she crawled up and rested in my arms. I felt her gray-haired pussy rubbing up against my thigh and knew that it wouldn't take me long to get hard again.

"How old are you now?" She asked me. "17"

"Oh, my gosh," she said blushing prettily, "I have two sons that are older than you."

"I don't think age should matter that much," I said. " I've always been crazy about you." "The fact that I'm old and overweight doesn't bother you?"

"I think you're very sexy. When I saw you in that string bikini I knew I had to have you," I said reaching down and sliding my finger into Michelle's snatch.

Mrs. Gordon responded my slowly starting to hump my finger. By this time my hard on was back and I rolled her on to her back. Michelle took my pole in her hand and guided it in to her pussy, which was now dripping wet again. She was tighter then I thought she'd be, but with all the lubrication I slid inside of her easily.

"Oh yes, that feels so good," She breathed grabbing my ass. "Fill me with that fuck stick."

I really started pounding in to her, pulling her legs up so that her knees were almost touching her shoulder. The room was filled with the sounds of the two of us grunting and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. For an older woman Mrs. Gordon was very flexible, her legs were flailing around over my shoulders as I continued to pound in to her. My savage thrusts were met by little mewling sounds as her soft hips absorbed my stabbing cock.

"Yeah that's it baby, give it to me... Harder... Give me the whole thing. God, baby, you fill me up. My husband never made me feel like this in his life. Come on stud, anything you can dish out... huhnnh... uhhhh... I can take"

I grabbed her and rolled her over, so with out even slipping out of her she was on top of me.

"Wow! How did I get here," she said laughing.

Being on the bottom I now got an excellent view of Michelle's tits. I caught one wobbling breast and began to suck on it. She closed her eyes and threw her head back.

"I love your prick in side of me. I had know idea it could be this good. Yes baby.'

Michelle was really breathing heavy now, she was holding on to the headboard while she bounced up and down on me. I held on to her meaty hips as she continued to ride me. Her breathing was becoming erratic as her chest started to flush bright red.

"Oh yes, that's it. OHHH MY GOD! Oh, Jake I can't believe I'm riding your cock! You could make me your sex SLAVE! Oh... Oh... Ah... I'm going to... JAKE... I can't believe... This is... This is... I've never... I'm cumming... Yes! Yes! I'm cumming... Hunhh... Ahhh... Gaa... I'm cumming riding your beautiful cock! I LOVE YOU!"

Mrs. Gordon exploded in orgasm as she continued to ride me. Finally she stopped and became very still. As I held her hips firmly the only motion I could feel was her pussy spasming around my cock. Finally she collapsed on top of me, exhausted. I held her like that for a few minutes gently stroking her hair, and kissing her lightly on the temple.

"I love you, too," I whispered in her ear.

She laughed and looked up at me. She kissed me on the lips running her tongue along my bottom lip.

"It's crazy to say that to each other, we haven't seen each other for years. But, I do love you," she said. " I know you didn't come that time, I want you to. I want you inside of me filling me with your semen."

I rolled her over and entered her doggie style. I went wild doing her from behind, grabbing on to her swaying tits, fingering her clit. Michelle had another orgasm as she cried out for me to give it to her. Finally after a good fifteen-minute ride, I thrust one final time and unleashed a tidal wave of sperm in to her gray-haired pussy. Totally spent I collapsed on top of her.

Later on we took a shower and then got back in to the Jacuzzi. Between us we killed the bottle of champagne and then Mrs. Gordon got out of the tub and went to the bathroom. When she got back she had a bar of soap with her. We soaped her up and I tit fucked her. I stopped before I came though, flipped her over and lathered up her ass.

"Oh baby yeah push it in me. Let me feel you up my ass," she said waving her ample rump in front of me.

I pushed forward and hit my target. It took me a few strokes but I finally entered her tight butt. It was an amazing sight, her body gleaming with soap and water, as I pounded in to her willing ass. It didn't take me long to shoot another viscous load of semen up her ass.

After that we got out climbed in to bed and spent the next hour in 69 position, until we fell asleep.


The next morning after a long fuck session we went down to meet the others.

Standing in the buffet line, with the girl's back at the table, my friends and I shared our experiences of last night. We had all got lucky.

"Pretty long odds of us going 4 for 4 in Vegas, wouldn't you say?" said Barry. We all laughed.

The rest of the weekend Michelle and I didn't leave the room much. By the time we had to leave I must have screwed her at least a dozen times not including the half dozen times I fucked her ass.


The next summer the guys and I moved our summer operation down to Texas. We rented a house with a swimming pool and whenever possible the girls would come over. With my old coach's busy schedule, Michelle practically lived there with me. She's become the love of my life (so far) and my best friend.

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