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An Office Love by Jay Barbera

An Office Love

Copyright 1998 by Honey Pot Publications ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Copying of this material, in part or in whole, in any format, without the permission of Honey Pot Publications is strictly prohibited.


Although sexual exploitation is common, and unfair, in many offices, it didn't happen that way with these people. It cannot be considered exploitation when two adults who work together are attracted to each other and decide to do something about it. And, if one of them happens to be married and the other doesn't mind, where is the harm, as long as they are sexually compatible.

In this story, a young, Black woman takes a summer job for a writer to get some experience before returning to college as an English major. She has difficulty, however, keeping her mind on her work and off her blond-haired, blue-eyed employer. Using her physical assets and good looks to provoke him, she soon gets the man she wants.

Bob is reluctant, at first, to enter into a sexual relationship with a younger woman, but his hormones win out. The kissing and fondling she is offering seem harmless enough, but their mutual desire for each other quickly mounts. It doesn't take long for them to start taking their breaks on the sofa in his office. Nor, does it take his wife long to find out what has been going on.

This is a true story. The characters are real people; only their names have been changed. If you enjoy reading about hot sex, combined with passionate love, you will enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed hearing it. I'll say no more.

Jay Barbera


CHAPTER 1 "Ohhhh, my neck is killing me. I need a break." When Bob rolled the chair back from the computer and shrugged his shoulders to relieve the tension in them on that Friday afternoon, Tanya laid the manuscript, she had been proof-reading, on her desk. The youthful female looked at him with gleaming eyes, but he didn't notice. Tanya and Bob had been working together for three weeks and expected to continue doing so until September, when she would return to college. Standing five-foot, seven-inches tall, she has a twenty-inch waist, thirty-four inch hips and needed no bra to support a pair of thirty-six "C" breasts. This very attractive Black woman is a virgin, but won't be too much longer if she gets her way with Bob. During that week, she masturbated every night while fantasizing herself having sex with him. Bob is six-feet tall, has blond, wavy hair, blue eyes and keeps in excellent shape with morning workouts in the basement gymnasium behind his office. He had been noticing Tanya's growing interest in him but made an effort to disregard the way her hand teasingly rested on his arm whenever she explained something to him or the way her fingers lingered between his as she handed him something. And, that voice, so sexy, so soft, without a trace of Black dialect. Tanya stood behind Bob and began massaging his shoulders while digging into them with her fingers. "Do you like this?" she asked while feeling an excitement growing within herself from the contact with that muscular body. Bob leaned his head back and fought off the urge to say what he was thinking. After a few seconds, however, he gave in to the impulse. "Mmm, hmm. And, those things feel good against my head, too." He paused for a reaction but her pace never wavered. "What things?" she asked coyly. Bob chuckled. "You got some pair of knockers for a kid." Letting the remark about her being a kid pass for now, Tanya offered, "Why don't you turn around; you might enjoy them more." Then, she giggled, surprised at her boldness. Whether he or she spun the chair around, they couldn't be sure; but, within seconds, Tanya was straddling his knees while kneading the sides of his neck. Bob, within inches of her cleavage, inhaled the warm, clean scent of her flesh. He knew she wanted to do something with him and decided to test the water. Bob leaned forward slightly until his lips were into the opening of her blouse and between those soft, brown breasts. When he began kissing their tantalizing flesh, Tanya slid her hands around him and lowered her face onto the top of his head. She pulled Bob closer, wanting to be with him more now than any time during the past weeks.

A pair of warm, moist lips brushed across the tops of her full mounds while murmuring, "Like I said, you've got some knockers for a kid." Exploring hands slid over her waist and hips while thoughts of what it would be like to fuck a body like this raged through Bob's mind. Tanya hugged him more tightly while looking forward to the moment when their lips would meet to announce a mutual desire. But, her words contradicted her mood. "I'm not a kid, okay?" she said, sounding slightly hurt. Bob looked into serious eyes and said, "I'm sorry," while sounding sincere. "But, you are a kid to me." They shouldn't be doing this, despite her obvious level of maturity. Feeling the need to escape an uncomfortable situation, Bob thought of getting back to work; instead, he cupped those full mounds through the soft material of her blouse and added, "Even though you sure have a womanly body." Tanya sighed in an air of mock frustration and defiantly offered, "Want more of them?" There was a look in those penetrating, brown eyes that was daring him; and, she had inhaled deeply, giving her breasts an even fuller appearance. But, this was moving more quickly than expected. Bob was still holding her breasts. There was a drumming sound in her ears. Tanya was seducing a man, and she had never even had sex before. "I mean it," the girl whispered while intensely studying his eyes for a reaction. Bob couldn't tear his gaze from the provocative look in those unblinking orbs. Her entire body seemed to be radiating as much as the sensuous gleam in them. "Do you think we should take the chance?" he asked while hiding behind a moment of sanity. His wife would kill him if she ever found out. But, how would she.

Tanya's hands began kneading his chest and arms while a pleading tone invaded her voice. "Every girl has to lose her virginity eventually, and I can't stop thinking about you when I go home." Embarrassment suddenly consuming her for having been so candid, she rested her forehead against a muscular shoulder and whispered, "Will you show me what it's like to go part of the way?"

Bob knew he would have to be crazy to agree... and crazy to disagree. His hands, however, were not as confused as his mind. They once again wandered into the deep taper of her waist, over her hips and soon began caressing a pair of firm buttocks. Impulsively, one hand slid upward, grabbed a bunch of raven- colored hair and was soon gently tilting her head back. His lips closed on hers; hers parted to meet the contour of his; her arms encircled him possessively. A full minute later, Bob broke the passionate bond and offered, "It's up to you," in a deep, sensuous voice that was announcing his willingness.

Tanya, not wanting to back out now, answered by opening her blouse; but, before her arms could curl around him again, Bob's lips closed on a nipple. With an audible gasp, she clutched at his hair; his warm, moist tongue began circling the tingling bud. Instantly, both nipples jutted out and she felt the lips of her vagina twitching as sex juices began oozing. "Let's go to the sofa," Tanya suggested with a shaky voice, her heart pounding loudly and her body yearning to be made love to by this handsome man who was almost twice her age. They stood and kissed again while Bob slid the blouse off her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the carpeted floor. As they lie on the sofa, embracing, their lips met. This kiss was so tender, so passionate, so revealing of a mutual desire that they both had to try to relax their rapid breathing rates. Tanya had to clamp her thighs together because of the sensational feeling in her lower stomach. She lifted off his shirt and gasped at the thick mat of hair that covered bulging muscles, not knowing where to grab first, fantasizing her tender nipples rubbing against that chest. As Bob lie along side of her again, he lovingly sucked those heaving breasts while delighting to their fullness and the clean scent of the body lotion she had used that morning. Caught up in an erotic whirl, Tanya pressed her slowly grinding pelvis against his stomach while unable to suppress the purring sounds that were escaping her throat. Sensing that she needed an orgasm as soon as possible, Bob opened the snap and zipper of her jeans; Tanya lifted her hips while he slid them off. While combing his fingers through her hair and making lust-filled love to a breast, he slid one hand over the contour of her waist and hips, then down along a tender, youthful thigh. Every inch of that responsive body was covered with the softest, most flawless, flesh he had ever felt. He explored the shapely limbs from their ankles to her tender ass and then began kneading a breast again while sucking the other. When Tanya reached down and opened his jeans, he helped by lowering and kicking them aside. Now the two soon-to-be lovers were completely naked and gently exploring each other's desirous body. Her full lips, commanding his; her probing tongue, beckoning his; a virgin vagina, yearning to be penetrated.

Bob slid a single finger between the wet lips of her slit and stroked it up and down slowly, encouraged by her forceful pumping hips. Remembering Tanya was still a virgin and not wanting to enter her, he softly massaged a swollen clitoris between two creamy fingers. This brought an instant sigh from Tanya as their tongues mingled lovingly in her mouth. Her hands, never stopping their hungry caressing, moved down his stomach until they encountered a hard, throbbing penis. Wrapping her fingers around its base and working them up to the bulging head, she released a long, deep- throated groan. "Mmmmmm. For a White guy, you certainly have a big one."

"Ah haaaa," he murmured while teasingly running his tongue along the inside of her delightfully sensuous upper lip. "How many have you seen?"

Tanya smiled broadly, which caused his tongue to pop out of her mouth. "Only in movies on cable TV," she giggled with a hint of embarrassment. When they continued kissing, Bob slid between her parting thighs and rolled her nipples with the fingers of both hands. "That feels so nice," Tanya whispered, her eyes closed to savor the delightful sensations. "Everything about you is nice. You're absolutely beautiful." He kissed a path down the side of her neck and across a shoulder while moaning in frustrated agony. Soon, both nipples were in his mouth and a rigid shaft was rubbing against a sopping slit.

"Ohhhh, that feels so good, Bob," she sighed while grinding her hips frustratedly. Tanya wanted to feel that hard cock inside of her and had to resist the urge to reach down and grab it, stuff it into her vagina and arch her hips upward to satisfy the need to know what it was like. The contact with that warm, craving flesh was getting to Bob, too. On the verge of cumming, he quickly raised his body slightly and moved downward to begin kissing a soft, tender, trembling stomach. But, he needed a break, if only for a few seconds, or his nuts were going to erupt. Tanya was in a near trance as both arms hung lifeless by her sides. If only doing this was so hypnotic, what was the rest going to be like. It seemed that everywhere Bob's fingers or lips or tongue touched, her flesh felt exceptionally warm. She needed an orgasm more now than ever. Certainly, he would finger her pussy and make her cum.

Smiling and feeling a little calmer, Bob used two fingers to brush some curly strands of pubic hair off her vaginal lips. He looked at the abundant juice that had been oozing from between them and asked, "Have you ever been eaten?" He felt a twitch in one of her thighs and gently caressed the tender limb. "Noooo?" Tanya responded thoughtfully, her eyes wide with curiosity now. She had only heard about that, but wondered if he was going to...

Her thoughts were interrupted by his next words. "Well, just relax. Lifting her knees upward and outward with both hands, he began kissing and sucking mouthfuls of the soft flesh on her inner thighs. His mouth slowly worked upward while she moaned in ecstasy and stared at the ceiling. Tanya gasped when a tongue slid up the length of her slippery vulva. As the pressure of his loving strokes increased, she felt the soft, inner lips being tenderly lapped. Reflexively, she grabbed bunches of his hair, wanting that wonderful tongue deeper, deeper. "Ohhhh, my God," a shaky voice sighed. He was really doing it! But, would she live long enough to have an orgasm this way, or would the heart that was pounding so violently in her chest just burst. Bob couldn't believe the silky-smooth texture of her thighs and ass. He penetrated the tight vaginal slit and met the resistance of an in-tact hymen. Then, he lapped upward and around a quivering clitoris before taking the bud between his lips and sucking gently, groaning triumphantly when something like an electrical shock seemed to jolt her faintly wiggling body. "You are delicious," he mumbled while circling her clit and hungrily kneading the cheeks of that nicely-rounded ass. Soon, Tanya began panting loudly through slightly parted lips. She was whimpering, gasping for breath; her entire body was trembling. Although no stranger to self-induced orgasms, the girl knew this was going to be one she would never forget. Every cell in her body seemed to explode at the same instant. Her hips reflexively arched upward to offer her sex to him completely. "Ahhhh!" Tanya tried to shout, but the sound only came out as a squeak. Rapidly pumping hips announced a need for more, more, more. Sealing his mouth over her entire cunt and sucking loudly, Bob went wild with lust. The thick orgasmic fluid of a youthful pussy seemed to gush into his mouth. He rolled his face in the creamy flood and lapped her quivering love-bud more furiously than he had ever done to anyone. With hands clutching at heaving tits, trembling thighs and buttocks, Bob wanted to continue eating Tanya for hours. Tanya's brain was on fire. She had known that many White men liked to do that but never dreamed it would happen to her. For a few brief moments she wondered if this beautiful thing between them was going to end. Would the loss of him break her heart? Would he be the best lover she would ever know and then never see him again after the summer's end? If so, Tanya made up her mind to leave an endless impression on him. She was going to do everything possible to please Bob. Tanya panted loudly with deep-throated moans while that wonderful tongue continued hungrily lapping the fluid that was still oozing from her vulva in abundance. She noticed the sweat covering her stomach, her heaving breasts, her upper lip. So heated was her body that she thought her temperature must be over 200 degrees. And, the warmth of his rapidly darting tongue and passionately sucking lips were spinning her brain into an erotic high.

In what seemed like a very short time, a second climax approached and heightened, causing Tanya to think she was going to lose her mind. "Bob!" The girl began panting. "I'm going to cum again!" This was just too good to be true. Her hips and stomach shook violently; her legs, uncontrollably. The orgasm was coming from her knees, her thighs, her anus, her breasts. Every joint seemed to be on fire. She wanted to scream but no sound came out. Tanya wanted to grab his hair and pull that rapidly darting tongue deeply into her vagina but had no strength to do so. As if the wild sensations weren't maddening enough, Bob rammed his tongue deeply into her slippery vagina, where no tongue, no finger, no anything had ever been before. Gasping loudly, Tanya mustered the strength to throw her knees into the air and spread them widely to allow him to send her into a world of bliss that had previously seemed unreachable, that she had never before known through masturbating. So heavy was the continuous flood of thick fluid that it ran over her anus while Bob feverishly lapped around her convulsing clit and rammed his tongue deeply between her tight lips, sending wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure through the loudly moaning girl's body. It took about a half minute of heavy breathing for her to return to earth. This was too much. Enough! Although his continuous lapping was driving her to another plateau, Tanya pressed against his shoulders until he was kneeling upright. With a sudden burst of energy, she sat up, gratefully hugged him and frantically devoured his cum-smeared lips with hers. While Bob sat back on the heels of his feet, they tongue- kissed passionately. The still panting girl began sliding both fists up and down the length of his cock, wishing she had the nerve to plunge it into her pussy. Seeming to know what she was thinking, he whispered, "Relax. We'll take one step at a time."

Tanya chuckled, knowing he had read her mind. "Well, I want to please you now." Should she suck his cock. She had never considered doing that before. But, he was very clean. Bob straightened his legs and made her sit on them. Folding those warm mounds around his shaft, he said, "I just want to stroke it between these nice boobs for a while." He moaned at the firmness of the globes as their abundant flesh engulfed his cock and his balls rubbed against the top of her stomach. "We're going to do lots of things, sweetheart," he promised. "And, from now on, I'm going to eat that delicious pussy every day."

"You won't get any argument from me," Tanya giggled before clasping both hands against his face and kissing him lustfully. But, she still wanted to feel that cock inside of her. Feeling his balls on the verge of exploding, Bob had to stop what they were doing. Lying back, he put both hands on her shoulders to get her full attention. "Rub the head of my cock against your pussy; but, when I tell you to stop, do it immediately and hold it away from you while using your hands." He hoped she understood the seriousness of that warning. "Okay? I don't want you to get pregnant."

"I understand, Bob," she agreed. "I trust you." Raising herself upward slightly on bent knees, Tanya used one hand to bend the rigid shaft downward. It was so warm, so hard, so wonderful. Resisting the urge to plunge it into herself was going to be difficult, but Bob apparently didn't want to do that yet. She parted her creamy vaginal lips with the bulging glans and began rubbing the underside of his cock against a tingling love-bud. It was so exciting that she had to resist the urge to burst out in a fit of hysterical laughter.

Satisfied she was in control of her impulses, Bob began kneading her breasts. He loved the way those purplish aureoles and tanish buds were responsive to his every touch. Never before having seen nipples pop out so quickly, he looked forward to sucking them every day from then on. "Are you going to cum?" Tanya asked when noticing his breathing rate increase. "I'm getting close," he sighed while rolling her erect nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

"Just let me know and I'll stop," she assured him while stuffing the head of his cock into the entrance to her vaginal canal. Tanya moaned and began sliding the swollen glans in and out as far as it would go without breaking her cherry. "Oooooh, this feels so nice. I can't wait until you put it all the way in."

"We will, baby. We will," he said between shallow gasps. "Now, grab my balls with one hand and start jerking me off faster. I'm gonna cum." Tanya quickly slid off the throbbing cock, she wanted in her so badly, and began pumping it. Almost instantly, the shaft convulsed and a jet of semen spurted from its bright-red head. Wide-eyed with excitement, she squeezed his balls, knowing not to do it too hard. Her hand worked like a piston while the milky fluid splashed onto her arms, his chest and stomach. Bob was moaning loudly, and Tanya was in ecstasy, knowing how much this was pleasing him.

Noticing the last traces of orgasmic sensation gone, Bob lifted the smiling girl by the hips and brought her forward. The instant Tanya's still-juicy cunt mashed against his face, he began lapping her with a furious lust. From that day on they would be lovers, and no one or nothing would come between them.



On the following Monday, Tanya's smiling face was aglow. All during that weekend she had thought of little else than what they had done. "Hi!" she said cheerfully while walking to him.

Bob stopped typing and spun his chair around to face her. Instantly, his hands slid into the deep taper of her waist; and she, just as quickly, straddled his thighs to sit on them. "How are you feeling today?" he asked with a look of concern in his eyes. A part of Bob still felt that what they had done was wrong, but Tanya didn't seem to be exhibiting any guilt. "I feel great," she whispered hoarsely as an adoring look invaded her penetrating, brown orbs. "You? Any problems?"

Bob glanced down at the tender thighs that were exposed below the hem of a modest mini-skirt, at the full mounds that bulged from behind her blouse and then into her eyes before speaking with a groaning intonation in his voice. "If I had any reservations, I certainly don't now." He gripped her waist firmly as if not wanting the gorgeous creature to run away. "Good," Tanya chuckled. "Because, I have a surprise for you." She paused for a moment to let the words sink in before adding, "And, if you're good, I may have two surprises for you." Without waiting for him to ask the inevitable question, she curled both arms around his neck and offered her lips.

For the next minute, they kissed as if having been lovers for years. Bob enjoyed the way her full lips parted just enough to add an air of total sensuality; Tanya wanted this man more than she had ever wanted anything in her life. Instantly, her breasts mashed against his chest and their hearts began racing. She was purring like a contented kitten; he began moaning when his hands cupped her firm buttocks and pulled a warm crotch against a slowly stiffening cock. "I think we'd better get some work done," Tanya finally sighed. That, however, was the last thing she wanted to do. She wanted to tear his clothes off and do it all, but that would come later.

Sliding his hands into the bottom of her blouse and over a flat stomach until they cupped a pair of youthful breasts, Bob said, "I've been working for two hours. I'm ready for a break now." He smiled at the way her hard nipples pressed against his palms. "Let's go to the sofa so you can tell me about these surprises." They kissed again while Tanya slowly ground her crotch against a half-hard cock.

After getting Bob to sit on the sofa and "just watch" until she was ready for him, Tanya began to perform the act she had practiced all weekend in front of a mirror. Standing about three feet away from him, she stretched both arms out and back, causing those youthful breasts to strain the fabric of her blouse. Bob wasn't sure if the buttons, or his eyes, were going to pop out. Then, the totally feminine creature sighed sensuously and murmured, "I've been so hot all weekend from thinking about you."

Noticing he had a full erection by now, Bob continued watching quietly while she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Tanya didn't take it off right away, appreciating the way he was staring at the deep valley between her tits, their nipples skillfully kept covered. Continuing in the role of a temptress, she took a deep breath, which caused her firm mounds to lift even higher, and leaned back slightly while cupping both hands over them. Kneading fingers worked at the tantalizing, brown flesh as her eyes remained closed, a totally relaxed face projecting the air of an innocent child. Bob was enjoying the show and knew they were going to have some hot love-making session before long. He groaned when she removed the blouse and began rolling a pair of already erect nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. "These tits are yours, Bob," she said softly with an honesty in her eyes that could not be refuted.

"My body is all yours, too," the girl added while lowering the zipper on her mini-skirt. The garment dropped to the floor. She kicked it aside and stood before him, only wearing a pair of pink, bikini panties. "Are you ready to suck my tits now?" she asked with a broad smile while cupping a hand under each globe, knowing he wouldn't refuse. "I've been ready since you came through that door today," he chuckled. Bob watched with curiosity while she walked to the end of the sofa and withdrew something from her pocketbook.

Tanya returned to where he was sitting while shaking a cylindrically-shaped can. Moments later, her tits were completely covered with pink, strawberry-flavored whipped cream. "Suck away, baby," she offered, sounding like a woman who'd had many years of sexual experience. Caressing hands roamed all over the buttocks that were still covered by a pair of silk panties, the backs of her thighs and the taper of her waist, while Bob slowly licked the creamy treat from her firm breasts. Tanya resisted the urge to try to shove an entire tit into his mouth and satisfied herself with the warming sensations of his tongue against her flesh. She needed an orgasm badly, but the game had only begun. "Mmmmm," Bob moaned while sucking mouthfuls of the creamy substance. "Ohhhh," Tanya sighed when his lips closed around a nipple and sucked it lovingly. "That feels so good, Bob," she whispered. "I want you so much." With neither of them having to rush, it took Bob about three minutes to lick every last trace of whipped cream from those tits he was wanting more and more of. Seeing the contrast of the pale- pink cream against her brown flesh had been an erotic experience in itself, and he had begun suspecting that she wanted to do the same thing with her pussy. "I am soooo hot," Tanya sighed while stepping back about two feet. She traced the outline of her vaginal lips and added, "Just look how wet my panties are." She started rubbing the juice- stained crotch. "If I take them off will you eat me, Bob?"

"I have a better idea," Bob offered with a broad smile. "Leave them on for a while." While she looked at him questioningly, he got onto his knees and grabbed a hip with each hand. Tanya sighed when he began kissing the wet crotch of her panties. Then, Bob started sucking her cunt through the silky material, his lips making a hissing sound as they captured the thick fluid. "Mmmmm, Bob," she softly moaned, hoping this thing they had going would never end. It was then that Bob noticed something he probably wasn't supposed to have noticed yet. Suppressing a chuckle, he began sliding his tongue between the outline of her flared vaginal lips. He found the bump of her engorged clitoris with his upper lip and started shaking his head rapidly while using both hands to pull her closer for added pressure.

Moments later, Tanya's entire body was trembling. Grabbing at bunches of his hair, she sighed, "Yes, yes, yes." Orgasmic waves of bliss ran through her every vein. Her breaths were coming in jerks; her breasts, heaving; and, she was arching her hips forward, offering herself completely to this wonderful man.

Both standing, they kissed passionately for about three minutes as tongue danced with tongue. "Are you ready for one of my surprises?" Tanya asked when they came up for a breath. Pretending not to know what it was, Bob merely nodded and returned to the sofa. "I did it just for you," she said shyly while kicking her panties aside and running the tips of her fingers over a clean- shaven cunt. Bob noisily ran his tongue over a sensuous upper lip and asked, "Do we still have some whipped cream left?"

As the smiling girl slouched forward on the sofa, her hips hanging off its front edge, Bob covered her entire pussy and anus with a billow of whipped cream. Then, to her surprise, he slid the nozzle into her vagina and squirted some in there too. "Now," he announced, "as if your pussy weren't delicious enough, it's going to be even more so." During the first minute, there was a sexual frustration she had never thought possible. Bob was just licking the whipped cream with the tip of his tongue and her cunt was aching for attention. Eventually, he got to the smooth, brown flesh and chills were running through her. An electrical shock jolted Tanya when he lapped and swirled around her anus. He penetrated the puckered opening and she sighed in an air of total submission. Bob, his face smeared with whipped cream, began hungrily devouring the sides of her cunt, its flesh still carrying the scent of strawberries. He sealed his lips over the lower end of its vulva, slid his tongue inward and withdrew it quickly while sucking hard and moaning when a mouthful of whipped cream, mixed with her vaginal fluid, ran down his throat. Again and again, Bob repeated the process until no more could be drawn out. Then, he concentrated on her clitoris, sucking, lapping, circling it, until her tender thighs clamped around his neck and a flood of thick, oily fluid ran into his mouth from a seemingly never-ending, bursting dam. After kissing him gratefully for about two minutes, it took Tanya less than a minute to completely undress her lover. He was no sooner lying on the sofa than both hands were wrapped around that stiff cock she wanted so much, and she was on her knees between his. "I love you, Bob," the girl whispered while looking deeply into his eyes. "I hope you believe me."

"I do," he said softly with nothing less than complete sincerity in his voice. Pulling Tanya to him, he buried his face in the hair on the top of her head and murmured, "I don't want to ever lose you." Then, she pushed herself away and stared down at the bulging head of his cock. Tanya had never before thought she would be doing this to a man, but her mind was now controlled by pure lust. A pair of sensuous lips parted slightly to kiss the top of his glans several times before closing under its rim. She groaned passionately while running her tongue over its spongy surface and instinctively plunged downward to take two more inches into her mouth. The rest came naturally as her full lips gently sucked and glided up and down over four-inches of his inch and a-half in diameter shaft. "That feels nice, baby," Bob sighed with love in his voice. "Use your hand, too." With plenty left for her hand to maneuver, the willing student masturbated him, wishing she could swallow his entire cock. "Ohhhh, yeah, up and down like that," a groaning voice encouraged. Feeling saliva dripping from the sides of her mouth, Tanya tried sucking harder, but found herself biting him. It took a few seconds to learn how to draw her teeth back while still applying enough pressure. Then, wanting more and more, she lunged forward and felt the glans hit the back of her throat. Gagging momentarily, the girl realized her limit and withdrew slightly. It took about another minute for the throbbing cock to begin spasming. Although having been looking forward to this moment, Tanya hadn't expected the force behind that first ejaculation and shuddered with delight when something hot splashed against the roof of her mouth. A surge of excitement jolting her entire existence, the wide-eyed girl quickly swallowed and prepared for the next spurt, this one even more powerful. There was a long groan; the sucking action intensified; her head began bobbing more quickly. "Ohhhh, yessss," Bob hissed through clinched teeth while grabbing her ears and throwing his head back in an air of submission.

Tanya wanted to savor the taste of his semen, swallow every drop, yet feared it would choke her. Ribbons of white, pasty fluid dripped from the sides of lustfully sucking, brown lips and ran over still pumping fingers. Having counted ten ejaculations and noticed the lighter impact against her rapidly rolling tongue, she sucked harder to draw the final drops from the slit in his throbbing glans. Thirsting for more, wanting him to cum again, Tanya violently devoured his cream-coated shaft while the slippery substance allowed it to slide deeper and deeper into her throat. She released a long, passionate humming sound the instant her trembling lips met his pubic hair. Tanya's feverish lust was keeping the orgasmic sensation alive in Bob's balls, and she didn't seem to want to stop sucking his cock. He managed to twist around and pull her on top of himself. "I have to eat you, baby," a frustrated voice groaned while two hands parted the cheeks of her smooth ass.

"Mmmmm," Tanya moaned when a tongue began lapping her inner vaginal lips with a lust-filled fury. She felt his cock getting smaller in her mouth, but wanted more of that pasty cream that Bob had already given her so much of. Breathing rapidly through her nose, she continued sucking and gently squeezing his scrotum. "Mmmmm," the sex-hungry girl repeated in an air of total sexual frustration. There was something exceptionally erotic about making love to Tanya that Bob couldn't explain, not that he intended to waste too much time thinking about it. He loved the texture of her smooth, dark flesh and how those full lips had contrasted with the lighter color of his cock. The girl was beautiful, sensuous; and, because of her lack of sexual experience, she would probably be willing to try anything. When she started fucking, that kid's hips were going to pump like a piston. It was during the next day that Bob wanted to try something with her. He had just eaten Tanya to four orgasms before she asked to suck his cock. "Sure!" Bob agreed before giving her creamy clitoris one last kiss. "But, first, I want to try something."

"How do you think of these ideas?" she giggled while he sat astride her chest and wrapped those firm tits around his rigid cock. "Mmmmm, it feels nice," she moaned when he began tit- fucking her. Bob loved the way her brown globes completely engulfed his shaft, leaving only the bright-pink head exposed. "I love to do this," he sighed while slowly rocking back and forth. Her flesh was so warm and smooth that there was no part of this beautiful creature he wouldn't lick. Wanting to taste his cock, Tanya lifted her head when he was pushing forward and ran her tongue around its bulging head. "Yum," she said through broadly smiling lips. "I want more." For the next minute, they continued the act, each time, her lips sliding lovingly over the glans. "Wanna suck my cock, girlie?" Bob finally asked while releasing her tits and crawling forward. He watched those slender fingers guide him into her mouth and moaned when four inches disappeared. "I love those lips," he sighed while combing his fingers through the long, black hair that hung over the fronts of both shoulders. In no particular hurry, Tanya continued making love to the warm tube of masculine meat. She rolled her head in semi-circles, slid her lips up and down about half its length, swirled her tongue around the spongy knob. This was definitely what love had to be all about, and she would never lose Bob, never. Losing Tanya was something Bob didn't even want to think about. She was already a fantastic lover. And, that wonderful mouth was already driving him to the point of no return. Pulling his cock from between her gently sucking lips, he moved back about a foot and said, "Just stay there, baby. I wanna cum on your tits." Tanya watched with widened, gleaming eyes as her lover began masturbating himself. She saw a jet of semen squirt from his glans and splash against the inner side of her left breast. Another hit the right nipple and streaked downward to join the first in the valley between a pair of slowly-heaving, brown mounds. "Ooooow," Tanya moaned while enjoying the feeling of that warm, pasty fluid on her flesh. Bob's third and fourth ejaculations landed on her neck and formed a tiny pool at the base of her collarbone.

"Ohhhh, God! That looks so fantastic!" Bob exclaimed while looking in awe at the contrasting milky substance against her brown flesh. By now, he was pumping faster, splashing semen all over her tits, and Tanya was rubbing the mounds together to coat them even more with his love-juice. Before long, he would be cumming on that pretty face and probably be so excited that he would give Tanya the biggest load he had ever dropped in his life. The last drops having been milked from his balls, Bob grabbed a semen-coated breast with each hand and began lustfully licking them. He had never tasted his own stuff before, but this delicious creature had him so hot there was nothing he wouldn't do with her. And, the moans of pleasure that were coming from Tanya suggested she was just as turned on by this act as he.

It was three weeks later that Tanya had to do what she had been wanting to do since the first time they had made love. Bob had eaten her to four orgasms, and she was now straddling his hips while rubbing the head of a rigid cock along the length of her inner vaginal lips. With a devilish twinkle in those sensuous, brown eyes, she pushed the bulging glans into her slit and took a deep breath. Bob, who had been rolling her nipples between his fingers hadn't been expecting her to plunge down like that. Tanya had often rubbed his cock against her pussy to make him cum; but, this time, about half its length was in her. He had felt the hymen being ripped by the pressure of his glans. He heard her cry, "Ah!" and looked up to see the back of a hand being held against parted lips to stifle a scream. "I'm sorry," the girl whispered through shivering lips while looking into his eyes pleadingly. "I want you to fuck me, Bob." She was on the verge of crying.

Bob held out his arms, waited for her to fall into them and embraced the trembling girl. "It's okay, honey," he whispered comfortingly. "Just relax a minute and the pain will go away." He had been ready to cum, but the shock of what Tanya had just done quickly caused the tingling sensation to leave his balls. Their bodies remained motionless while they clung to each other and he kissed her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her lips. Sensing that she was relaxing, Bob withdrew about three inches of his cock and slowly eased it inward again. Tanya didn't tighten her muscles. "Relax," he repeated while slowly pumping his hips. "We don't have to get the whole thing in all at once." It was he, however, who had to try to relax now. Her pussy was so tight; her ass, so firm; her warm flesh molded to his so perfectly. Tanya couldn't have begun to describe the sensation of having a cock inside of her for the first time. The cream-coated rod seemed to be dominating her entire existence. She found herself meeting his pelvic thrusts with her own, pushing a little harder at the right moments. There was still a burning sensation around the entrance to her vagina, but she wanted him deeper, deeper. She wanted him all the way in. Tanya wanted him to fuck her for hours. "I love you, Bob," the girl mumbled while rolling her face against the front of one of his shoulders.

It wasn't long before Tanya got her wish. Realizing what she had been doing, Bob chuckled, grabbed the cheeks of her ass and gave her the full length. "Just jump up when I'm ready to cum," he warned. Smiling, Tanya lifted her head and placed a brief, but affectionate, kiss on his lips before saying, "I'm expecting my period. I think it'll be okay to take a chance this once." She kissed him again with a pleading look in her eyes while speaking hoarsely. "I want to feel you shooting inside of me."

Although their movements had been slow and gentle, Tanya seemed to go wild when her orgasm approached. "Fuck me, Bob. Fuck me," she commanded between gasps for breath. Tanya began riding his cock at a frantic pace, and he began matching her maddening strokes. Her stomach and tits were slapping against his stomach and chest. His fingertips were digging into the flesh of her ass as he pounded an aching shaft into her faster and faster. Every cell in Bob's body wanted to please her, especially this first time.

Tanya let out a loud cry of ecstasy as the torrid orgasmic waves washed over her. Bob's rapidly pounding cock was making a loud squishing sound while her cuntal walls clutched at the throbbing shaft. Her stomach, thigh and vaginal muscles were contracting rhythmically as the fire within her intensified.

Bob could no longer hold off. He had intended to pull out at the last second just to be on the safe side, but Tanya hadn't yet reached the height of her orgasm. He felt his balls explode and began panting while trying to fuck her even faster. This was the wildest sex he had ever had in his life. It was as if they were trying to kill each other with a furious fucking pace. "Fuck, baby! Fuck!" he cried out as the second and third ejaculations spurted into that hot, churning, pounding, creamy pussy. About a week later, Tanya had another surprise for her lover. She had obtained a prescription for birth control pills. Now, they could fuck whenever they wanted to without worrying about her getting pregnant. Also surprisingly, they managed to get more work done than either could have expected. The mood in their little office was always happy with hardly a few minutes passing that they didn't stop for a kiss break. How could anything be more perfect.



It was just 2:00 AM the next morning when Carolyn began twisting and turning in her sleep. Suddenly, she awoke with a racing heart. Accustomed to sleeping with only a pair of panties, she slid a palm over a flat stomach until it cupped a breast. Its nipple was as hard as a rock. Then, she noticed the wetness between her vaginal lips and realized she'd had a wet dream. Carolyn had been dreaming about Phil and Jerry, two of her employees. She had made Phil sit on the edge of her desk and was sucking his cock when Jerry entered the office. Turning and seeing the shocked look on his face, she said, "Don't leave. I need something to fill my pussy, too."

Not wanting to disobey the boss, Jerry immediately knelt between the woman's parting knees, lifted her skirt and slid an already stiff dick between a pair of warm thighs--the panties Carolyn usually wore weren't in this dream. "It would be my pleasure," the man moaned. Carolyn guided a mushroom-shaped head into her vagina and soon had Phil's entire eight-inch length in her mouth. To her, this was the best way to take an afternoon break. Moments later, Phil was grabbing bunches of her long, blonde hair and moaning loudly. And, moments after that, her lips were frantically sucking up and down the length of that rigid rod while twenty jets of hot semen splashed against the roof of her mouth and were hungrily swallowed away, the excitement from which also drove her over the edge; while Jerry's prick pounded into her pussy like a piston. Not wanting the act to end, Carolyn continued sucking the shrinking cock until it began stiffening again between her lips. When he was ready for the second round, she pushed Jerry away and made Phil lie back. She knelt on the desk and lost no time stuffing his cock into her hungry pussy. Turning to face the other man, Carolyn said, "Get that thing in my ass and fuck me good." While recalling the pleasant dream, Carolyn put a hand between her thighs and began sliding two fingers over the creamy lips of her pussy, causing the wet spot to spread and saturate a pair of bikini panties even more. It was then that she noticed Bob moaning in his sleep. That must be what woke her. He must be having a nightmare. But, no, he didn't sound frightened. He was groaning very sensuously. "Bob?" she said softly while shaking his shoulder. She suddenly wondered if he would dare to dream about having sex with another woman.

"Mmmm," Bob moaned before smacking his lips twice.

A dawning light coming into her eyes, Carolyn asked, "Are you dreaming about having sex with that redhead down the corner?"

He always seemed to stare at her when the bitch came out of the house with those skimpy shorts. "No," Bob responded in a semi-conscious state. "I was fucking Tanya." Tanya! That's the kid who works for him. How can he dare to think about another woman when she just awoke, horny. Carolyn thought about the girl for a few moments. She is very pretty, and she does have a terrific shape. Maybe, he would like to fuck her. Maybe, he is fucking her!

Looking down, Carolyn noticed the outline of a very stiff cock under the sheet. There would be time to get to the bottom of this Tanya business later. For now, there was another problem that had to be taken care of and there was no sense in wasting a perfectly good hardon. Smiling devilishly, Carolyn removed the sheet with one hand and was out of her panties in seconds. Soon, his briefs were off and she was squatting over a rigid cock. While it was sliding into a very slippery pussy, Bob awoke fully and said, "Huh?"

"It's only your wife," Carolyn said sarcastically. "Fuck me, you bastard." She hadn't forgotten about Tanya, and was definitely going to find out what was going on with that little slut.

Bob blinked his eyes open and saw the smirking face of his wife just as she was shaking her head to re-position two skeins of blond hair over the fronts of both shoulders. Smiling himself, he began kneading her full globes. "Mmmmm, your cunt feels good," he murmured, appreciating the way she could take his entire eight inches inside of her. While pinching his nipples a little harder than usual, Carolyn began gliding up and down on the stiff cock and asked, "Like you have another to compare it with?" She watched the expression in his eyes and knew for sure that something was going on. "Just fuck me, baby," Carolyn said. "I was dreaming about you fucking me, and I got soooo hot."

Bob's hands slid into the taper of a slender waist, over a pair of curvaceous hips and tender thighs and back again to her hips. Holding them firmly to guide Carolyn up and down, he began pumping a rigid prick into a hot clamping vaginal canal. Usually, he would fuck his wife slowly to last longer, but he had dropped two loads during the previous afternoon and wanted to get off quickly so as not to arouse any suspicion that something was different. Bob loved the way those full tits flapped against her stomach when she bounced like this and realized there might not be any need to deliberately hold off. "Ohhhh, fuck me, baby. I'm cumming," Carolyn moaned. Suddenly, she didn't give a shit about Tanya, or if he fucked the whole neighborhood for that matter. Bob had a wonderful prick, and he certainly knew how to use it. "Ohhhh, yessss," she hissed through clinched teeth. The contracting cuntal walls that were bathing Bob's cock with its thick, warm cream were quickly taking him past that point of no return. The moment Carolyn fell onto his chest, he clutched at the soft flesh of her ass and parted his lips to accept the tongue that plunged into his mouth. Their moans sounded like those of frustrated lust as sucking lips harmonized with the squishing sound of a rapidly pounding prick into a very wet pussy.

When the eruptions had calmed, they lie motionless for about five minutes until Bob's wilted rod popped out of her, drawing with it a stream of mingled juices to trickle over his balls. They turned onto their sides, still embracing, still kissing. In that position, they fell asleep. It was shortly after Noon when Bob pulled his cock from between Tanya's slowly sucking lips with a plopping sound. Rolling the sexy creature onto her back, he snuggled into the cradle formed by a pair of up-lifted thighs. "Want to get fucked, little girl?" sensuous lips mumbled while nibbling a path down one side of a slender neck.

Tanya answered with an accepting moan and clutched his hips to feel even more pressure from that wonderful thing that was rubbing against her hungry vaginal lips. Bob lifted himself and positioned his glans against her wet opening as she raised her knees to spread herself for him. With both hands holding the cheeks of a firm ass, he rammed the entire eight inches inward and stopped to give the initial, pleasurable sensation in his balls a chance to subside. Almost instantly, two lovers were embracing lustfully while nothing else in the world existed. Their tongues danced lovingly in Tanya's mouth. Soon, Bob's slow rhythm was being copied by hips that thrust upward to meet his every, quickening thrust; soft, tender thighs encircled his; fingers clutched at his back, while frantically kissing lips never separated. Within three minutes, Tanya was experiencing an explosive orgasm. "Come in my mouth," a grateful girl whispered as her heart rate slowed slightly, her kisses not missing any part of his face.

After crawling forward and sitting on her chest, Bob lowered the head of his dick in an offering gesture while slowly stroking its cream-coated flesh. "Come and get it, baby. This thing is all yours." Tanya happily engulfed half its length, closed her eyes and began sucking like an expert. "Ohhhh, yes," he sighed. "You are fantastic." During the next five minutes, Bob slowly fucked that wonderful mouth while reaching one hand back to play with her pussy. The sight of Tanya's long, black hair, which was fanned outward on the sofa's cushion, that pretty, angelic face and those flared brown lips that were sucking the pink flesh of his cock had his mind in a whirl. Knowing it wasn't going to be possible to hold off much longer, he twisted around until they were lying on their sides and facing each other. He held the shapely, brown legs apart with both hands while lapping a very juicy clit and appreciating her high level of sexual responsiveness. "Mmmmm," the girl moaned while reflexively bending and straightening a knee, which caused the smooth flesh of her thigh to rub across the side of his face.

This time, Tanya's orgasm drove Bob off, too. It was the way her entire body trembled and convulsed that seemed to get to him. A chorus of loud moans shattered the silence in that room while two lovers clutched feverishly at each other. He continued eating her delicious cunt with an insatiable lust while a seemingly sex- starved woman hungrily drained the last remnants of his warm semen, sucking even after he wilted in her mouth. And, Tanya experienced yet another heavy orgasm before they surrendered into each other's arms while caressing and kissing lustfully. "Wow," Tanya sighed while trying to calm her racing heart. "That was fantastic!" She weakly curled both arms around Bob's neck and kissed him gratefully before adding, "I didn't know guys could do it that long without cumming." They had just fucked at a rapid pace for about an hour. Bob playfully kissed the tip of her nose and said, "Well, maybe, young guys can't, but I have a bit more experience." He didn't want to tell her that he had been able to hold off so long because he and Carolyn had fucked early that morning and again at 6:00 AM before she got ready to leave for work. He sealed his lips over a still erect nipple and gave it a gentle suck. "Mmmmm. I love your tits."

"And, I love everything about you!" she giddily explained before placing both hands against the sides of his face and kissing his lips a half dozen times. Then, Tanya thought of something. "Didn't you say you had to mail a manuscript today?" Not really wanting to leave her, Bob sighed and said, "Guess so." He sat back and exhaled heavily. I should only be about twenty minutes." Still too exhausted to move, Tanya giggled, "Am I supposed to have the energy to work for the rest of the day?" Bob leaned over, kissed her stomach and looked up. "No, you are supposed to stay just as you are. When I come back, I'm going to eat your delicious pussy again." He gave her vaginal lips a parting kiss that promised more to come. "Then, we are going to do something new." Over her protests, Bob refused to disclose his surprise, dressed and left the office. Lying naked on the sofa, Tanya was starting to doze off, unaware that Carolyn had seen everything she and Bob had done from the hallway. The woman had ducked into a back room when her husband had begun getting dressed to go to the Post Office. But, now, she was back with strangely mixed feelings about what had gone on. Carolyn had watched that foxy, brown body responding like an experienced lover. She had seen how much Bob had enjoyed making love to her. And, that little slut had really enjoyed sucking his cock. Maybe, it was time to see just how sexual she was. Tanya was shocked from a state of mental fog when a hand grabbed a bunch of hair and yanked her to a sitting position. "Well, don't you look comfortable!" a woman's voice snapped.

"Huh? Um, oh! Mrs.... Um, I mean... Oh!" she stammered, not sure if this was a dream. "So! You've been fucking around with my husband!" She was still holding onto a bunch of hair and used it to throw the girl to the floor with a thud. "I'll teach you, you little slut," a scowling voice yelled. "Please, Mrs.... Um, please. I'm sorry. I... I'm sorry. Really I am."

"You're not sorry," Carolyn snarled. "You enjoyed it. Didn't you? Admit you enjoyed it!"

"Um, no, I..." Her words were cut short by a slap to the face. "Admit you enjoyed it," Carolyn persisted. Her fists were balled now, ready to start punching. "Um, um, yes, it was nice," a timid voice admitted. There was nothing else to say. Tears were streaking Tanya's cheeks; her lips were shivering. The girl's entire body, in fact, was trembling. "Do you like sex?"

"Yes, yes. Please don't hit me again." There was genuine fear in Tanya's eyes while holding up placating hands. She had no idea what this woman could legally do to her. Would it be the end of her dream to be an English teacher?

"Well, let's see how much you like it," Carolyn said with a coy intonation in her voice. Tanya watched in an air of confusion as the tall, blonde woman opened her robe to reveal a pair of large breasts, a flat stomach and flesh the color of ripe peaches. She still had no idea what the woman wanted. "Um..." Allowing the robe to drop to the floor, Carolyn straddled the legs that stretched out in front of her and grabbed the girl's hair again. "You're going to suck my cunt the way my husband sucked your cunt."

"But, I never..."

"You're going to," Carolyn insisted. With that, she pressed a patch of neatly trimmed pubic hair against the girl's face. "Stick that tongue out and start licking."

Her heart racing faster than it ever had, Tanya did as told. Had she been dressed, she would have tried to run away; but, maybe, just maybe, the woman would let her leave if she did it this once. She would miss Bob, but there was no way she could ever come back here again. His wife might kill her. Tingling sensations started to invade Tanya's lower stomach. She noticed how clean the woman's pussy was, and it didn't taste bad at all. She had tasted her own juice on Bob's cock, and that hadn't repulsed her. Mrs. Kelly was very pretty, and she had a terrific figure. And, she was no longer pulling her hair, just gently combing her fingers through it. Tanya noticed how responsive the woman's slippery clit was to every lapping stroke and how nice it was to lick her smooth inner lips. Moaning reflexively, she grabbed Carolyn's curvaceous hips and slid her tongue into the vaginal canal. She moaned again, this time in conscious delight.

"That's it, honey," Carolyn sighed while on the verge of panting. "You're doing just fine." She thrust her hips forward encouragingly. "I'm not really mad at you. Eat me, baby. You're so pretty. You can fuck my husband whenever you want. It's just that I got so hot, watching the two of you, that I needed a cum badly."

"Mmmmm, this is nice," Tanya mumbled. She was now taking long, lapping strokes and sucking even more of the creamy fluid into her mouth. Her hands slid upward and began kneading the older woman's soft tits, which caused her own cunt to tingle even more. "Wait," Carolyn sighed before gasping for a breath. She walked backward, sat on the sofa and spread her legs widely. "Come on, baby," a pair of smiling lips said while outstretched hands beckoned her youthful lover. "Oh, yesssss," she groaned when the girl began eating her pussy even more enthusiastically. As if she were the woman's male lover, Tanya's hands roamed all over the totally feminine body. She continued caressing hips, tits, legs, while her tongue furiously lapped the creamy cunt. A pair of soft thighs slid over her shoulders; both lovers were breathing heavily and moaning. Carolyn was cumming, cumming, cumming. For a long few moments, after it was over, Tanya looked at the woman's slowly heaving breasts, slightly parted lips and closed eyes. The tenderness of those thighs, that still hung over her shoulders, continued to excite her; but the girl wondered if Mrs. Kelly had meant what she had said about allowing her to continue having sex with Bob. Or, was she going to change her mind now and start beating her again. Her questions were answered when Carolyn's eyes blinked open, revealing two sparkling, blue orbs.

Seconds later, Carolyn was kneeling in front of the girl. She clasped her hands against the sides of Tanya's face and whispered, "You are very pretty." Then, she kissed her full lips gratefully. "Did you mind doing that?" Tanya, thinking the other woman was prettier than she will ever be, shook her head slowly before responding with a smile. "It was kind of nice," she said, surprised at how nice it really had been. With a giggle, she added, "I wouldn't mind doing it again."


CHAPTER 4 Bob hadn't expected the lines at the Post Office to be so long. Seeing no Tanya on the sofa and no neatly folded clothing on the table next to it, he suspected she had gone home early. With a disappointed shrug, he switched his computer on. Tanya had not gone home, however. Still naked, she and Carolyn were lying on the bed while the older woman remained propped on one elbow, studying the shapely body of the pretty, Black girl. "Your tits are so firm," she said while passing a palm over one of them and smiling at how quickly its dark nipple jutted out to announce her state of sexual arousal. With a slight blush, Tanya responded, "And, yours are so soft." She giggled, but there was a dreamy look in her eyes. "I wanted to just keep squeezing them downstairs." She wondered what it was like to suck a woman's breasts. "Penny for your thoughts," Carolyn teased while rolling a bud between her fingers. She was getting horny again and hoped Bob would take his time coming back. Tanya shrugged shyly and laced her fingers together nervously. "I was just thinking how it would be to suck your tits. She looked into Carolyn's gleaming eyes and smiled. Only minutes earlier she had been forced to eat another woman, and that had been nice.

"Well," Carolyn said sensuously while grabbing one of her own breasts and kneading it in an offering gesture, "they're here."

Nothing more had to be said. Rolling onto one side, Tanya parted her full lips and sealed them around a dark-pink aureole. Instantly, her tongue began circling a rapidly stiffening bud and purring moans of lust came from her throat. She switched to the other while a kneading hand explored every inch of the first breast. At the same time, her thigh boldly slid between the older woman's and pressed against a very wet pussy. Carolyn was getting turned on by the way those dark lips were lovingly sucking her quivering nipples. Remembering something she had once read, she rolled onto her back, parted her legs and whispered, "Get on top of me, baby." Seconds later, the girl was between her up-lifted knees, her tits were being alternatingly sucked and a churning pussy was grinding against a churning pussy. Neither woman having done that before, it took them a while to develop the right rhythm. Soon, however, Carolyn was clutching at the girl's ass, and a squishing sound was being created by juicy clit rubbing against juicy clit. "Oh, suck them, honey," Carolyn sighed. "This feels wonderful." She wrapped her calves around the slender limbs and began pumping her hips with a growing urgency. Tanya, too, was getting even more excited by now. Her rhythm, however, was interrupted by spasms in her hips. The warm fluid from both cunts was helping to create a suction between their kissing vaginal lips. She continued switching from one tit to the other, licking, kissing, sucking their every surface. "Ohhhh, bite my nipples, baby," Carolyn moaned. "Yes, yes. Don't be afraid. Bite them harder. I'm getting close." She dug the tips of her fingers into the girl's ass, wanting to pull them even closer together. The friction between their rubbing vaginal lips was driving her crazy with lust. "Suck baby! Bite them. Harder! Harder! I'm gonna cum!" Tanya felt the woman's entire body trembling and felt the warm fluid gushing over her own pussy. Soon, she was cumming, too, moaning loudly, sucking and biting a pair of nipples the size of her pinkie tips with a sadistic lust. Both women were groaning in bliss-filled agony as waves of orgasmic splendor washed over them.

"Come up here," Carolyn whispered with a trembling voice when two racing hearts began to calm. She parted her lips to meet the contour of the girl's sensuous mouth. Still embracing, they kissed passionately while tongue danced with tongue, breasts mashed together and sweat-covered flesh molded to sweat-covered flesh. Any taboos either of them had ever had about having sex with another woman were completely gone. A few minutes later, they were once again lying in the position they had started out in. Carolyn passed a palm over the smooth flesh of the girl's cunt and said, "I never thought of shaving. It feels nice." Then, she looked into Tanya's eyes and asked, "What made you do it?" Tanya blushed and bit her lower lip thoughtfully. "Um," she began reluctantly. But, then, she saw the look of acceptance in the other woman's eyes and continued. "So Bob could enjoy eating me." Carolyn chuckled, remembering that this girl was her husband's lover. "And, does he enjoy it that way?" she asked, curious about something.

Feeling a bit more comfortable, Tanya admitted, "He seems to." Then, she added, "And, it feels good to have your entire pussy licked." Shaking off a chill, she found herself wishing Bob were there to eat her now.

Carolyn gently spread the cream-smeared vulva with two fingers and looked at the velvety smooth flesh inside. There was something strange about this. She had never touched another woman before; yet, here she was, playing with someone else's cunt. "What's it like to lick a pussy?" she asked with an intense look in her eyes while sliding the hand upward and idly caressing a youthful breast.

Tanya's eyes were thoughtful. "I never did it before today." After a few moments, she added, "It's kind of nice." There was a pause. "I mean, like I was getting real excited." There was another brief pause. "I was getting so hot when you started cumming that I thought I was going to cum, too." While circling the purplish aureole with the tip of one finger and watching its dark-pink bud slowly pop out, Carolyn made up her mind. She looked into Tanya's gleaming eyes and knew the girl knew what she was thinking. Both women smiled, but the older one felt the need to warm-up first. Tanya gently combed her fingers through a skein of long, blonde hair while enjoying the lips that were sucking her nipple. "That feels nice, Mrs. Kelly," she murmured. With a heart that was beginning to beat faster, she wondered how nice it would feel to have such a beautiful woman eating her. "Mmmmm," the girl moaned when Carolyn switched to the other tit and began rolling her tongue around it bud. Although she had begun the act casually, Carolyn soon realized the lust that men experience while making love to a woman's breasts. They were firm, yet soft, their flesh so warm, tantilizing. Soon, she was making loud, sucking sounds, kissing and sucking every inch of the full, brown globes. "You're right. This really is nice!" the woman murmured excitedly. She licked the valley between them and rubbed the mounds against the sides of her face. With the sexual pressure building, Tanya raised both knees and began grinding her cunt against the other's stomach. "You're making me so hot," she sighed through trembling lips. "Ohhhh, you do that so nicely."

"Well, I'm gonna do more than just suck your tits," Carolyn decided. She hadn't been sure before but was now. While noisily sucking mouthfuls of flesh and moving downward over a flat, trembling stomach, she grabbed both buttocks frustratedly.

An encouraging purr came from the depths of Tanya's throat as her hips began spasming. "That feels so good," she whispered, hoping the woman wouldn't change her mind. While curtains of long, blonde hair draped to the sides of firm, brown thighs, a moaning mouth began kissing their tops, a pelvic mound, the flesh of a very juicy cunt. It was with lusting urgency that Carolyn's tongue parted the creamy vulva and lapped upward, noticing the body beneath her jolt in pleasure-filled awareness. Within seconds, she was penetrating a vaginal canal, bathing every inch of the delicious pussy and rapidly circling a quivering clitoris. This was just too unbelievable. Tanya watched in awe as that exceptionally pretty blonde's pale-pink tongue devoured the brown flesh of her cunt. "Oh, yessss," she groaned through clinched teeth. Knowing they were equals now, she grabbed bunches of Carolyn's hair and arched her churning hips upward. "Eat me, Mrs. Kelly. That feels soooo gooood." Feeling he had done enough work for one day, Bob decided to take a shower. Carolyn was due home shortly, and he wouldn't want the scent of another woman's pussy on his cock. He walked into the bedroom to get a towel from the linen closet and stopped short with gaping eyes and widely parted lips. This was impossible.

"I'm going to cum, Mrs. Kelly," Tanya was murmuring. "Oh, eat me. Eat me. Eat me," she was sighing between panting breaths. Her hips were trembling, and her hands were clasped over the hands that were wildly kneading her breasts. "Now!" a squeaky voice cried out. Carolyn had never gone so wild with lust in her life. The thick vaginal fluid that was covering her lips, cheeks and chin was something she was going to want more and more of. Her tongue continued frantically lapping the girl's gushing cunt. As difficult as it was to believe, she, too, was approaching an orgasm, brought on by the excitement of what they were doing.

Moments later, as they lie embracing, panting and kissing, two temporarily satisfied cunts did a dance of love to the music of their mingling juices. Both women stopped, however, at the sound of Bob clearing his throat. They looked toward the doorway and saw the seemingly frozen, bewildered expression on his face and had to smile in unison.

"I don't believe this," he managed to say. There were so many thoughts running through his mind that he couldn't put any of them into words.

"Just shut up and get your clothes off," his wife commanded. "I know you've been fucking Tanya, and we've been having a good time, too." Looking at the younger woman, she said, "Right?"

Tanya's full lips curled into a broad smile. She took a deep breath and exhaled while saying, "Yup," as if there were absolutely no doubt about that. Bob had often fantasized himself watching two women making love; but, for some reason, he felt the need to play his excitement down. "Well, they have a name for broads like you," he countered. "Oh, yeah?" Tanya countered. "If we're so queer why is that bulge in your pants?" Both women laughed loudly as Bob bowed his head in a surrendering gesture.

"Get 'em off, buster," Carolyn repeated while arching backward and sitting on her heels. "You want two women? Let's just see how much cunt-sucking you can handle."

During the next hour, all three sat on the king-sized bed in a circle. Bob and Carolyn felt the need to do some explaining to each other; and Tanya, glad nobody was mad at anybody, accepted an invitation to stay for dinner. For a few minutes, she had felt kind of strange, being the third wheel, but the occasional caressing and fondling had soothed that feeling over. These people liked sex as much as she was starting to see how impossible it would be to live without it, and they were going to be fun to be with. It was when Carolyn excused herself to go to the bathroom that Bob turned his full attention to Tanya. "Well, things certainly seem to be working out nicely for us," he sighed in an obvious air of relief. He playfully circled one of her nipples with a single finger. His erection having died during their prolonged discussion, he grabbed the flaccid penis and asked, "Want to get this thing hard for me? It seems like I haven't fucked you in ages." Smiling broadly, Tanya said, "It would be my pleasure." A chill of excitement ran through her while she crawled toward Bob, who was already rolling onto his back.

By the time Carolyn returned to the bedroom, Tanya was kneeling between her husband's up-lifted knees, sucking a half- hard cock and caressing his balls. Feeling comfortable with their relationship, she sat and watched while planning an agenda. Never before had Carolyn considered doing anything with another female, but she had today and it was very nice. Pussy was certainly something she could develop a taste for. Carolyn continued watching with a smile on her face as the pretty, Black girl crawled forward and guided the rigid cock into her cunt. Soon, the two lovers were slowly fucking; and the sight of that brown ass, bobbing up and down, was exciting her. She had to admit, the kid had some shape and reached a hand out to pat one of the firm buttocks while saying, "For a girl who was a virgin not so long ago, you sure seem to like cock. Ever have one in your ass?" Some of the uncomfortable feelings, of not only having sex with a man whose wife knew about it, but with her watching them, having returned, Tanya didn't answer immediately; but Bob did. "Not yet," he chuckled before looking into Tanya's eyes and adding, "That's the surprise I had for you when I got back from the Post Office."

"In my ass?" she hesitantly asked. Her hips, however, had not changed their slow, pumping rhythm. Turning to face Carolyn, she asked, "Does it hurt?" Carolyn smiled at the innocent look in the girl's eyes and answered truthfully. "It hurts at first, until you get stretched out, but it really does feel nice after a while." Noticing some remaining concern, she offered, "I can get you started with my fingers. If you don't want to try the rest today, we can do it another time. How's that?"

"Mmmmm," Bob groaned, enjoying the way her tight cunt was hugging his aching cock. "I'd love to fuck this ass of yours." He was kneading the firm buns with both hands and fantasizing how nice it would be. Getting too hot to continue talking, Tanya nodded to the other woman and said, "Let's try the fingers." She momentarily recalled how nice it had felt when Bob had licked the whipped cream from her anus and wondered how nice it would feel to have a finger in there, too. Then, urged by Bob, she raised her body slightly, crawled forward a few inches and moaned when his lips encircled a nipple. "Mmmmm," she moaned again. With a racing heart from the thought of fucking a virgin ass, Bob had to get his mind off the tight pussy, that was gliding up and down the length of his cock, or risk the chance of cumming too quickly. Seeing his wife at the foot of the bed, scooping a heavy glob from a jar of Vaseline, he spread Tanya's buttocks and returned to lusting over her youthful tits. She moaned when something slid into her. "Feel nice, baby?" he mumbled while holding an erect bud between nibbling lips. "Oooow, yeah," Tanya sighed while the single finger glided in and out of her anal canal to coat it with the gel. Carolyn reached into the virgin asshole as far as she could, twisted her finger and withdrew all but its tip. Then, she whispered, "Relax, babe. I won't do anything suddenly," and squeezed two fingers in to their limit. She rotated her wrist a series of half turns and noticed the girl's breathing rate increase. "You really like this," the older woman chuckled. "You'll probably like getting fucked in the ass as much as I do." By the time Tanya was reaching for an orgasm, her anal canal was packed with the gel; three fingers were gliding in and out, and a wonderful cock was pleasing her pussy. Bob was sucking her tits harder, fucking her faster and she was rocking back and forth to fully enjoy the stimulation in both holes.

At one point, she thrust her hips back too far and tore a nipple from between Bob's teeth. The electrical shock that ran directly to her clitoris was one she had never felt before. It suddenly became obvious why Carolyn had liked to have her tits bitten. The climax was explosive, seeming to last a full minute, before she fell, lifeless, into Bob's arms.

Bob was surprised he hadn't yet cum with all that excitement; but, with all the sex he had been having lately, he shouldn't have been. He eased Tanya off his cock and asked for a break for about a minute to catch his second wind. While Carolyn had no objection, Tanya giggled, "Then, I think I'd like to feel that thing in my ass."

"Ah, so you do like it," Carolyn teased before looking at her husband and saying, "Do her standing up like you fuck my ass in the shower." She didn't say why she wanted to see it done that way. After heavily lubricating the shaft and head of his cock with Vaseline, Bob stood behind the smiling girl and told her to part her feet slightly. "I'll take it easy, baby," he promised. "If it hurts too much, we can stop for a while." Carolyn helped by standing in front of them and reaching around to spread the firm, brown buttocks with her fingertips. "Like my pussy pressing against yours like this?" she asked while looking into a pair of sparkling eyes. "Yes, I do," Tanya giggled nervously. "This is all too good to be real." She slid her hands up a flat stomach and began kneading a pair of soft tits.

"Well, it is real," Carolyn assured her. "From now on, the three of us are going to do a lot of things together. She kissed those full, brown lips while squeezing an erect nipple and reaching for the girl's creamy pussy.

Tanya felt a slight pain from Bob's initial entry, but too many other nice things were happening. His hands were gripping her hips; something was sliding deeper into her anal canal. It wasn't as painful as she had expected. Perhaps, Carolyn's fingers had done a good job of relaxing her sphincter muscle. In and out, half his cock stroked while that beautiful blonde pleased her cunt with three fingers and sucked a nipple with a pair of pale-pink lips. "It's all the way in, babe," Bob groaned. "How does it feel?" At this slow pace, he might be able to hold off a little longer than usual while fucking an ass.

"Oh, Bob, it feels wonderful," she sighed while curling an arm around Carolyn's neck and kissing the top of her head. "Everything feels so wonderful." Having fantasized something earlier, Carolyn dropped to her knees and lost no time sliding her tongue up the length of the girl's inner vaginal lips. Tanya moaned, as did she; and her newly acquired taste for pussy was once again being satisfied. Bob began taking long, slow strokes while a pair of firm breasts filled his hands. He watched his pink cock disappearing between her brown buttocks and hoped those horny nuts would hold off long enough for one more act. If Carolyn hadn't already thought of it, he was thinking of it now. Watching that beautiful woman hungrily eating her again, was too exciting to bear. And, what Bob was doing to her ass felt fantastic. But, that tongue... That wonderful tongue was plunging into her slit, licking every inch of her cunt; and Carolyn's lips were sucking her clit. It was just too much and she felt that now familiar churning in her stomach, that fire in her pelvic area, the onset of an orgasmic eruption. "Cum, baby, cum," Carolyn excitedly mumbled through bubbling lips while attacking the thick, oily fluid with a savage lust. Like Bob had often done to her, she began rubbing her face against the gushing pussy while increasing the pace of her tongue to a feverish tempo. All she could think of was how much she wanted to keep eating Tanya for hours and hours.

Tanya was totally out of control by now. She was thrusting her hips forward to force Carolyn's tongue deeper and deeper into her, back to impale herself even more on that cock that was completely stuffing her anal canal. Her cunt, her ass, her tits were on fire while waves of orgasmic lava pulsed through her every vein. "Eat me! Fuck me! Eat me! Fuck my ass!" she cried out in bliss-filled agony. Feeling Tanya's body go limp in his arms when the powerful orgasm subsided, Bob said, "Sit on the bed, Carolyn." As his wife did so, having had the same thought, he lowered the panting girl to her knees. "Go ahead, baby," he whispered. "Suck that pussy while I fuck your ass." Fearing a climax was seconds away, Bob had to stop pumping his hips for the half minute it took the women to get into position.

Carolyn laid back on the mattress and parted her knees widely as Tanya slid her palms over a pair of firm thighs. Within seconds, she was hungrily lapping a creamy cunt like a veteran. The cock that had stopped pleasing her ass was moving again, and two of Bob's fingers were massaging her clitoris. "I love this," a mumbling voice announced while Carolyn's fingers lazily combed the girl's hair.

Carolyn was in another world. Long, blonde hair fanned outward on the mattress while closed eyes suggested a state of total relaxation. Slightly parted lips panted softly and two full mounds heaved to the tempo of a slow breathing rate that would soon increase. She had loved eating that pussy, and a new lover was now lapping her cunt. If only there were a way to insure the longevity of this relationship. Bob, too, was in a heaven of his own. His wife was beautiful; Tanya was beautiful. Only in his fantasies had he dared to think about watching two women making love. Now, he was watching it in real life. His mistress was eating his wife, and that tight ass was churning so nicely.

He began pumping his hips faster, fingering her pussy faster, knowing he was almost there. Tanya released a prolonged moan and started trembling. She was cumming, contracting her anal ring around his rapidly pounding prick. Carolyn was panting, grinding her hips, holding Tanya's ears, rubbing a gushing pussy against a wildly sucking mouth. Jet after jet of semen pulsed into the clutching asshole as a harmonious outcry filled the room. His only thought while calming was that there had to be a way to keep this relationship from ever ending.

Their "way" came about a month later. Tanya informed them that the aunt, with whom she lived, wanted to move to North Carolina. It was Carolyn who suggested that she could live with them and that they would pay for her college education. Neither Tanya nor Bob had any objections.


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