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Ann and the Cop - An Erotic Experience of a Young Housewife by P. Apple

Ann and the Cop - An Erotic Experience of a Young Housewife

Ann began her regular morning run through he park at 6AM as she did three times a week before Tom and the kids awoke and the start of the morning scramble for work and school. She prided herself on the shape she was in compared to other suburban housewives whom she knew. At thirty-two, she and Tom had been married eleven years with two lovely children, Timmy now ten, and Sally who would be seven next week. After Sally was born, Ann had joined a local health club to lose weight. It made her feel so good that she continued long after regaining her flat belly and energy.

Ann was an attractive 5 feet, 6 inches, with blue eyes and dark brown hair, worn shoulder length. Other than the health club, her only outside interest was the local PTA on which she had sometimes chaired a committee or organized an event. She was an occasional substitute teacher and had at one time considered going into the profession full-time, except that right now her family was her full-time occupation.

The morning was warm enough to dispense with the oversized sweatshirt she usually wore. This morning she wore light gray Danskin tights over her workout bra and a pair of black running shorts. She put her hair up in a ponytail with a lavender and blue scarf tied around it -- her favorite colors.

She had just reached the opposite end of park, running lightly, when she saw a scraggly looking man emerge from the nearby bushes moving to intercept her. As he came close Ann saw a weird look on his face as he reached out for her with a filthy bony hand. She gave a startled scream and increased her pace passing him as he tried to catch up.

"Wait! Wait! I don't mean any harm, honey. I don't want money. Its just that your so pretty and I just want to talk... just want a little love!" he shouted after her.

Ann, running well and with an adrenaline rush, soon left him behind. She was shaken and breathless when she reached the edge of the park and noticed a policeman across the street in a patrol car.

Sergeant "Nick" Nichols was a fifteen-year veteran of the force. He had joined the local police force just out of the academy and reached his present rank two years ago after overcoming some disciplinary problems. He felt that he should have done better by now, but politics had held him back. Although he got along well with his fellow officers, he was a loner off-duty and even his few almost close friends did not know how he spent his spare time.

Nick had been raised in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father he rarely saw and his mother, a co-dependent wife who blamed their hard times on society and stayed with her abusive husband out of misplaced martyrdom.

Somehow Nick turned out to be pretty smart in spite of his home life, but he hung out with low-life friends which reinforced his view of women as weak creatures to be taken advantage of and exploited whenever possible. Nick lost his virginity to a common street whore at thirteen. She had laughed at his little penis and he had come rather quickly. Consequently he had had nothing to do with women for the next three years and concentrated on building his body and to a lesser extent, his intellect.

By the time he was sixteen Nick had grown to six feet and had a well toned 180-pound body. His tanned skin and gray eyes complemented his rugged features and his beard came in heavy and black so that he had to shave twice a day to meet department regulations.

Somehow, Nick made it through two years of community college and managed to get accepted into the police academy of a larger city nearby. During an under cover assignment as a bouncer at a local brothel, he had the chance to learn all about the female anatomy from the hookers and had become quite accomplished sexually from watching hard-core pornography and practicing on the whores. He developed an appreciation for these hard working women as they were what they were, which was losers, whom he could feel superior around.

From the whores he began to realize that he had become quite attractive to women, but he covered up his hate and feelings of inadequacy by seducing them every chance he got. First he tried a few young virgins, but found that he was really turned on by nice, clean married women -- especially young mothers. The thrill of eventually bedding them -- willingly or with a little help -- was what he lived for. It was to this man that Ann unwittingly was about to turn to for help.

Nick saw the woman emerge from the park looking frantic and hysterical. He watched as she spotted his unit and ran towards it.

"Please, officer, you've got to help me," she cried breathlessly, "There was this... this man in the park. I think he wanted to rape me!"

"Easy now, miss... oh, I'm sorry, its missus, isn't it," he said as he spotted her ring. "You're OK now. Take a couple of moments and get your breath back," he said as he grasped her hand to comfort her.

Nick listened and made some notes as she described the man and the incident. In his mind he visualized Ann getting raped violently and felt a sexual urge himself that he quickly suppressed.

"OK, he was probably harmless. Some homeless guy sleeping in the bushes. I'll have an officer check it out. Meanwhile, I'll need your name, address and phone number for my report."

"Ann Burton, 1334 Wellington St., 234-7789. Its not listed because my husband travels a lot and has his own mobile phone," she told him.

"Get in and I'll drive you home. I'll call you later... or drop by and tell you what we find out," Nick said casually.

"I'd really appreciate the lift. I hate to be late getting the kids off to school," she said getting into the patrol car.

Ann's scent -- clean, young female with a hint of pineapple shampoo -- really turned him on. He felt a tightness in his groin and his cock began to stiffen. No, no... on duty... can't do this now, he thought.

"How many children do you have?" he asked, making small talk.

"A boy, Timmy, ten and Sally is seven," she replied, "and you?"

"Oh, I'm not married, never found the right woman, I guess," he replied. "Well, here we are," he said pulling to the curb. "Like I said, I'll drop by later and tell you how it turns out -- may have a few more questions. By the way, when does Mr. Burton get home?"

"Tom is traveling today. He won't be back until tomorrow evening," she said.

"I could wait if you'd rather."

"No, it's okay, I'll be home all afternoon," Ann said over her shoulder as she started up her front walkway.

"Fine, see you later," Nick said with a grin. This is going to be too easy, he thought. I know she saw my cock getting hard, but didn't seem to care.

Ann smiled to herself as she checked her kid's preparations for school and put up their lunches. Sergeant Nichols was a really nice looking guy... wonder why some gal hasn't snagged him. She fantasized for an instant how it would feel to be in his arms, looking into those gray eyes and feeling his full lips on hers.

'No, I shouldn't be thinking like that!' she scolded herself. Ann loved Tom and her family and their quiet life-style and would never do anything to harm them. She even felt naughty when she sometimes read those trashy romance novels in the afternoon, but could never see herself actually cheating on Tom. They had been married right out of college. She was proud to have come to him as a virgin and had never been unfaithful for the eleven years of their marriage. After the initial novelty of sex had worn off it had never seemed too important as she soon found herself pregnant and then caring for baby Timmy, and then Sally had come along.

Lately, however, she had begun to feel somehow... unfulfilled. Something was missing. Once while waiting in the supermarket line she had glanced at a "trashy" romance novel filled with lurid sexual metaphors. Eventually, she bought one, then others as she discovered that she enjoyed the titillation they produced in her and found herself living the story along with the heroine -- after which she frequently found a sticky moisture in the crotch of her panties. Occasionally she would notice a particularly attractive man and engage in harmless fantasy about being in his arms as he slowly seduced her, but even in her day dreams she would always catch herself in time to avoid a sexual encounter.

That morning, with the kids off to school and the rest of the morning to herself, Ann sat drinking a large glass of orange juice while she read some more of a romance novel, called Cynthia's Seduction. One passage was especially erotic where the heroine betrayed her husband, finally succumbing to her seducer. She was so titillated that she reread that passage several times. Then with a sigh, she put down her book and went upstairs to shower.

While her shower warmed up, Ann stripped off her running clothes and examined herself in her full-length mirror, noting with satisfaction that she had managed to keep her tummy flat and tight even after two kids. Her complexion was a healthy tan except for those areas untouched by the sun and, except for little smile-creases, no facial wrinkles betrayed her thirty-two years. She was a Demi Moore look-alike and Demi was her favorite actress. The resemblance was remarkable except that Ann's eyes were blue and her breasts were real. She could have been a model except she had opted for domestic life and had never regretted her choice.

Ann stepped into the soothing spray and began sensuously soaping herself with Dove. Her mind wandered back to her meeting with Sergeant Nichols and she began stroking and massaging her soapy breasts feeling her nipples becoming stiff and erect and a tautness in her clitoris. She took a safety razor and shaved her legs, moving up to shape and groom the pubic hair around her vulva and her Mons of Venus. Finally she sighed and rinsed off the frothy suds.

Sitting cross-legged at her make-up table, wet hair wrapped in a towel, she applied Noxzema to her legs and rubbed it into her vulva -- especially her clitoris, giggling at the erotic feeling it produced. She felt so sexy that she began dancing while rubbing herself with the towel as Demi had done in Striptease singing "You make me feel like a natural woman... womaaan".

Sergeant Nichols dropped by about 2PM to finish getting the details he needed and update Ann on the progress of his investigation. As she opened the door, she noticed he was not in uniform, but was wearing a pale blue silk shirt and gray slacks with black loafers. A lock of thick, Elvis-like black hair hung over his forehead. The top button of his shirt was undone exposing some dark chest hair and a small gold chain with a small gold cross.

"Hi, okay if I come in so we can talk?"

Ann invited him in and offered him coffee or orange juice. Nick chose juice. Ann was dressed in a clean, white blouse and tan gabardine wrap-around skirt hemmed just below her knees, but shaped nicely at the hips. White rolled-down socks and brown pumps accentuated the tan of her bare legs while the blue lavender bow around her dark brown ponytail brought out the blue of her eyes.

As she leaned over with the glass, Nick noticed a light floral scent -- very pleasing and could see that she had a pretty nice set of knockers constrained beneath her white bra. Ann caught his glimpse down her blouse and turned away quickly with a slight blush. Nick appreciated modesty in his women -- made their seduction so much more fun for him.

He initiated the conversation, "Well, let me start by telling you we think we found the perp, but we really can't charge him with anything since he didn't actually touch you. He's a homeless transient, no priors, seems harmless enough... although I can see how he would be attracted to such a lovely woman as yourself."

Ann turned her head away blushing again with a slight smile, "Thanks for the compliment, Sergeant, but I hope he won't hang around because the park is one of my favorite places to run."

"Nick... my friends call me Nick... and my officer counseled him about accosting our citizens and suggested he move on. I don't think he will stay around," he said, "by the way, may I call you Ann?"

"Please do," she agreed, "and thanks for the prompt response."

"That's what we do, Ann. Please call me if you have any more problems. You have a friend on the force."

Ann thought he would leave then, but he continued to sit smiling at her expectantly.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Sergeant... Nick, I promised to visit Sally's class this afternoon," she apologized.

"Gosh, I'm sorry. What school do they attend, perhaps I could drop you off?" he offered.

"Thanks, but I have to drive so I can run a couple of errands afterwards before Tom gets back--by the way, its Weyland Elementary, they both go there," Ann volunteered, wondering why she was telling him so much.

"OK, call if you need me," he said with a smile and a wink as he left.

Nick is pretty sexy... some bulge in those pants, Ann thought as she drove to the school. Very male... moves gracefully, almost like an animal. Lets see... a cat?, more like a sleek dog... or a wolf. Wonder what kind of lover he would be? She tried to imagine kissing him while he fondled her, what his penis might be like, then she immediately chastised herself before she fantasized further.

"No, I would never cheat on Tom, wreck our home!" she said half aloud. Later she noticed some dried fluid in the crotch of her panties.

The following day the phone calls began. Ann answered the first one. A deep, slow voice: "Hi, Babe, I enjoyed our meeting in the park last week. Too bad, you were too fast for me. We could have had some fun."

Ann slammed the phone down in panic... how did he get her number? Must have dropped some ID.

The phone rang again. The same voice: "Hey, don't be shy, I'm not a bad guy. Just need some lovin'. Even dirty, old men need love."

There was anger and fear in Ann's voice as she responded, "Who are you? Leave me alone! How did you get this number anyway? Its unlisted!"

"Oh, I have my ways," said the voice a second or two later, "by the way, I know where you live now, maybe I could drop by some afternoon before the kids get home and your husband gets back. We could talk a little... have some drinks... then maybe go upstairs and I could show you a few things... or maybe you could show me."

Ann's hands shook as she slammed the phone down again, then pulled the plug before it could ring again. Her heart was beating rapidly and an artery throbbed on her neck. She plugged in the phone again and placed a call to Nick at the police station before it could ring again.

"Sgt. Nichols is out on patrol, mam, I'll try to patch you through if its an emergency," the dispatcher said.

"Oh, please, yes, its urgent!"

Nick hung up the receiver of the pay phone and put his mini-recorder in his pocket. He had recorded his messages an instant before, then played them back at slow speed to disguise his voice.

He chuckled as he left the booth. "Man, I'd like to see her face right now... bet she peed her pants."

The radio in his car crackled then the dispatcher said, "Sergeant, I have a lady on the line -- sounds hysterical."

"Patch her through."

Ann's voice came on, "Sergeant Nichols... Nick, Oh I so glad you're there... I'm so scared! That man... he called... he has my number. He knows where I live!" she was crying hysterically.

"Ann, Ann, it'll be OK. I'm just a few minutes away. I could come over if you want," he said, soothingly.

"I want! Can you come right away?" she asked.

"On my way. Don't answer the phone or open the door until I get there."

Ann unlocked the door and opened it when she heard Nick knock and call to her. Without thinking she threw herself at him sobbing in relief. He held her briefly, gently stroking her back as she calmed down. The feel of her tits pressing against his chest and the clasp of her bra as he stroked her back turned him on. He started to get a hard on when she backed away looking embarrassed.

"I... I didn't mean... I mean, I hope you don't think that I...," she stammered.

"That you were coming on to me? Naw, it's OK. You were just scared -- but its going to be OK now," he soothed her.

He sat with her a while looking expectantly, enjoying her vulnerability and tried to let her know with body language that he was ready to go further -- all the way if possible.

Ann sensed something between them and began to get a little nervous. "Nick, thanks for your concern, but kids will be coming soon and Tom will get home this evening. I'll keep the doors locked. I think I'll be alright now," she said softly.

"OK, then I'll be going, but don't hesitate to call if you need me." He stood and sort of on impulse gave her a hug. She responded out of reflex and thought she felt him lightly kiss her hair... maybe not. Then he left.

Tom got home about 6PM and she already had dinner ready. In the kitchen -- out of earshot from the kids -- Tom listened intently as Ann related the incident in the park and the ensuing phone calls.

"I'd like to meet Sgt. Nichols personally and thank him," Tom said, "I wish we had more cops who took a personal interest in their work." He paused, then said with concern, "I think I ought to stay home, but I have a real hot deal about to break in Capitol City -- maybe I should call and reschedule it under the circumstances".

"No, Tom, you go ahead. I think we'll be fine. Sergeant Nichols says he will take a personal interest, and I'll call you if there's any more trouble," she responded.

With some misgiving, Tom left the following morning to drive to Capitol City. Nick called later that morning to tell her that they had received a report about a suspicious man hanging out around her kid's school and were checking it out, but so far they hadn't found anyone.

"Its probably nothing," Nick told her. "We get such reports a lot from teachers, mothers -- sometimes the kids themselves. Most of the time it turns out to be a false alarm or some harmless old man. If you want my opinion, I think the media reporting has done a lot to heighten people's fears over a few isolated incidents."

"Thanks, Nick, but you said most of the time. Have there been other incidents?" asked Ann.

"Last year we arrested a man for exposing himself to some kids on their way home from school, but he's getting therapy in the county hospital," he said.

"I remember hearing about that, now that you mention it," she replied.

Then another shock. The doorbell rang a little after 3PM. Ann opened it to find Nick and her kids.

"Mommy, Mommy," cried Sally, "a man tried to grab us! He ran away when this policeman came up."

Nick had been trying to think of some way to increase Ann's anxiety about her children so he could make her more dependent on him when he got a lucky break. An old, drunken panhandler had approached Tommy and Sally on their way home trying to put together a little more change for another drink. Nick had them staked out in his car and had seized the opportunity.

"Hello, Ann, I just happened to be near the school on another matter when I saw this old guy accosting two children. By the time I got turned around, he had run into an alley and I lost him. I didn't realize these kids were yours until I went back to question them. Then I gave them a ride home in my unit," he said.

"Yeah, Mom, we got to ride in a real police car!" Timmy was impressed.

"Oh my Lord!" Ann cried, kneeling to hug them both. Then, noting their curiosity, "Kids, this is Sgt. Nichols, our friend."

"Pleased to meet you, Sgt. Nichols," they both said at once.

"Wow, Mom, you know a real cop?" said Timmy, looking back and forth between them, obviously very impressed.

"Nick, thank you so much! I'm so glad you are around. You always seem to be there when we need you," Ann said appreciatively.

Sally tugged at Nick and when he bent down she gave him a big hug.

"Thanks, sweetheart," Nick said returning her hug.

Nick took Ann aside after the children had gone upstairs to their rooms.

"Look, this is probably nothing, but it's quite a coincidence. Do you suppose they could stay out of school for a few days until we can get to the bottom of this?" he asked.

Ann was concerned, "If you really think its necessary, they could stay with my mother across town."

"That would be fine -- just 'till we can be sure," he said grasping her shoulders, then hugging her when she offered no resistance.

Nick was pleased. This was going a lot better than he had expected. Mentally he calculated that with her husband out of town and the kids away, he should be able to bed this woman by the end of the week or sooner. One more phone call might just do it.

Tom thought about Ann and the unknown menace as he drove to Capitol City. Reaching his destination a little after noon, he checked into a motel and took a restless nap. He awoke a little after three and gave Ann a call.

"Is everything OK, Sweetheart?"

"We're doing just fine. I'm sending the kids to visit mother for a few days, though. Just in case. I'd feel better about it if they were out of the way until this thing is resolved." She paused. "Sgt. Nichols thought it might be a good idea," she added.

She didn't tell him about their recent experience, she didn't want him to worry and come home missing his big sale. Somehow, at an unconscious level, there might have been another reason also involving Nick, but she did not try to surface it.

"Okay, Hon, but call me later, Okay?"

"Okay," she said and hung up.

Tom was thirty-five, a nice average-looking man, an insurance salesman by profession, who due to his enthusiasm for his product, usually more than made his quotas each year enabling him to maintain his family in reasonably good style. Tom had always supported law and order and family values even before they became political buzz words. He was not especially athletic nor did he have any real hobbies, no real passions except he loved his wife and kids with all his heart and was, in short, pretty satisfied with his life.

Tom had had one other girl friend in college before he met Ann. They had almost -- but never quite -- had sex as he could not sustain erection due to mental reservations and never seemed able to get a condom on his limp penis.

It was love at first date with Ann and he found that he was able to have pleasant sex with Ann after their marriage. Since they had both been technically virgins, neither had had a chance to develop any techniques and were pretty much limited to the missionary position. But they were happy and had become competent parents, which was what counted in their lives.

Tom was torn between his duties to his family and the expectation of the largest deal of his career. Jacob C. "Jake" Cavanagh was a self-made multimillionaire developer, last survivor of a farming family that had owned several thousand acres in and around Capitol City -- some of which was now in its prosperous downtown area near the state offices.

Old Henry Cavanagh, Jake's grandfather had come west just after the War Between the States and settled the land, bringing in relatives and former slaves to form a thriving farming community. Old Henry was savvy enough to realize that he had to involve himself in the politics of the young state and curry favor with bankers and other influential people. Thus he managed to avoid the land grabbing railroad tycoons and his small community thrived with the coming of the roads.

Henry always wished he had had more education, and as his fortune grew, set up an educational trust that enabled his grandchildren as well as many sons, daughters and grandchildren -- black or white or Indian -- of others in the community to attend college. Many had become lawyers, doctors -- even a few, Washington politicians.

The Cavanagh family itself was not very prolific -- Henry having had only two sons, and Pete, the wild one, had died young in the late 1920s in a shoot-out with revenue agents leaving no offspring. However, the family remained the common thread and Jake had inherited title to the family fortune.

Unfortunately, when Jake eventually died, taxes would bring the end to that fortune, which is why Tom had been contacted to sell a ten million dollar insurance policy on Jake's life to pay the inheritance taxes. With his commission and residuals, Tom figured they would be set for life.

Tom tried his best to stay focused as he talked with the elderly Cavanagh, but his mind was troubled about Ann's safety and he was torn by guilt that he wasn't there with her. Old Jake could see that something was troubling Tom and in his folksy way managed to get Tom to talk about it.

"Son, I don't suppose you keep a weapon in yore house, do yuh?" he asked. "All this talk about law and order and gun control and shit has made a man feel guilty about even owning one. Damn big mistake, if you ask me. Every man has the right to defend his family and property -- hell, it's in the Constitution. Have you ever learned to shoot, Tom?"

"Well, Yes, Jake," Tom responded, "my dad taught me to shoot a.22 single-shot as a youngster and I got to shoot a.38 a couple of times during boot camp in the Navy."

"Good man, yore daddy, and I'm glad to hear that you served our country. This younger generation is missing a lot by not having to go into the service. I think they should all have to -- men and women. No bloody A-rab or chinee-man would dare think about starting anything with us then."

Jake reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a small automatic pistol.

"I'm gonna give you this here 9mm. It's sort of a sissy gun compared to my.44 Magnum, but I bought it for one of my grand daughters for when they had that rape scare at State College last year, but the candy-assed administration wouldn't let her carry it -- had to walk through a metal detector to enter classes. I bet the rapist didn't have any trouble. I'da been pleased as punch if she'd shot the son-of-a-bitch's balls off."

Tom thanked the old man partly to please him, but he was also thankful to be armed in case his wife's tormentor ever showed himself. He wasn't sure if he would use it considering the legal problems that might ensue, not to mention the possible damage to his business reputation, but it might give him an edge just in case.

Tom planned to remain in Capitol City one more night so Jake could sign the papers the next morning after the lawyers looked them over. (Jake would have done it with a handshake, if it were up to him.)

He called Ann about 6:30 PM to tell her he would be home the following day and about his success, "Honey, we're set for life after this!"

"That's wonderful, dear," she replied, sounding really worried and upset.

"Honey, what's wrong?" he asked.

She told him about the incident with the children. "I took them to mom's for a few days. Sgt. Nichols thought it would be a good idea."

Hm, Nichols again, he thought, somehow I don't feel right about that guy -- too friendly for a cop. Well, maybe I'm just being a little jealous, he is a good looking guy.

"He's really a good friend, Tom, in fact, he's..."

Just then, Nick got another break. The wind, which had kicked up to about 30 mph, broke a limb off a tree in the yard and severed the phone cable cutting Ann off in mid-word.

"Ann? Ann!" Tom clicked the phone button several times, hung up frustrated and on the edge of panic. Five minutes later he had called Jake's office and left word that he had a family emergency and had checked out of the motel. It was normally a four-hour drive home, but if he punched it up to 80 he could make it in three. Jake's gun was next to him on the seat.

Nick came over just after 6 PM and rang her doorbell. She peeked through the little lens in the door then opened it. He noted that she had concealed her body in a high-necked, lace trimmed blouse and ankle length, wrap-around skirt with a small blue floral pattern and black hi-top granny boots. She wore no makeup, her hair was rolled into a tight bun held by a large spring clip and she was wearing glasses. She was looking quite demure and proper as she greeted him formally: "Good evening, Sergeant".

Nick smiled inwardly at this last transparent attempt to dissuade him. Her pretext of innocence and propriety only turned him on more.

Ann noted that he was in civvies again and noted the same subtle male scent, which intrigued her before.

"Hi, Ann," he said too cheerily. "I was thinking that it might be a good idea if I hang around tonight in case the guy shows. Sounds like he's getting pretty bold and we just might get lucky and nab him," he said.

Ann had begun to have misgivings about all the friendly service. She realized that she was attracted to him and he had let her know that he was open to a relationship, but she told herself that she loved Tom and wasn't ready for an affair. Still she didn't fully trust her emotions. Fantasy about an affair was one thing, but here he was -- and here she was -- and she couldn't bring herself to betray Tom.

"Nick, you're a good friend, but I don't think it would be a good idea for you stay overnight in my home."

"Yeah, I know, the neighbors and all...," he said.

"Its not just the neighbors, I just... wouldn't feel right about it," she replied, leaving unsaid the thought that she might not be able to control herself, let alone him, if things went too far.

"OK, I understand. Tell you what, I'll stake your place out from my car across the street (he motioned to the Mustang at the curb) just in case."

"Nick, you really don't have to, I mean, I could call..."

"No, I must insist. The cops want this guy too, whoever he is. There have been other incidents that I haven't told you about. Of course, it may not be the same guy."

Ann had not heard about other incidents and her concern grew. "OK, I suppose it would make me feel safer if you were close by."

"If you need me, turn the front light on and off twice," he said.

"OK, I will if I need you, otherwise..." she agreed hesitantly. Another awkward moment, she thought as she closed the door.

Ann was in a state of high anxiety, caught between the need to keep Nick at bay without alienating him and her terror of the unknown menace. She was talking on the phone to Tom when the lights flickered and the phone went dead. She thought she heard glass break in the back of the house and a blind panic suddenly gripped her. Her need for safety suddenly overwhelmed her reluctance to deal with Nick as, with shaking hands she switched the light on and off twice. The thought flashed through her mind that she might not be able to avoid having sex with him, but at the moment she was too terrified to worry about it.

A few long seconds later Nick pounded on the door. "Ann, are you alright?"

Ann opened the door wild-eyed and pulled him inside then closed and locked it.

"Oh, Nick, I'm so afraid!" she sobbed.

Nick noted with inward satisfaction that she was shaking with fear. He looked down into her blue eyes, misty bright and wide with fear and expectation, like those of a frightened doe. A pale pink lipstick made her lips moist and full giving her a look of soft vulnerability.

"Ann, it'll be OK, I'm here with you and I'll protect you," he said soothingly. Then his arms enveloped her and he felt her trembling as he kissed her moist lips.

She pushed him away. "Oh, Nick, I didn't mean..., I don't want you to..."

Nick gently removed the clip from her hair allowing it to fall loosely down her back. He removed her glasses and placed them on the hall table.

"Annie, you are so beautiful," he murmured.

Her eyes held a look of inquiry -- an unspoken question -- and Nick knew instantly that this was the moment he had been anticipating. He knew for certain that he was about to bed this woman.

She hesitated briefly, then slipped her arms around his neck submitting her lips for another kiss. This time she offered no resistance, her need for his quiet strength making it easy to respond, closing her eyes and opening her lips to his probing tongue as their tongues mingled. It was a long, sensuous kiss as fantasy overcame reality and she reconciled herself to betraying her husband. The thought of finally having sex with another man sent thrills of excitement through her. She felt Nick's hands move down and begin fondling her firm bottom. Instinctively she pressed her pelvis against the hard knot in his pants and squirmed.

A moment later, she felt herself swept up in his strong arms. Her body tingled with anticipation as he carried her back to the family room couch where he sat down with her on his lap, their lips still locked in a passionate kiss.

Ann offered no resistance, but she could feel her heart pounding, her breathing becoming labored as she felt his fingers at her back unbuttoning her blouse. In another second she felt her bra pop open, expertly unclasped by one hand. Her breasts seemed to swell at the sudden release of constraint.

He held her on his lap and she felt his strong, warm hands inside her blouse fondling her bare breasts, gently kneading and squeezing them until they felt like ripe melons, his fingers softly stroking, pinching and rolling her taut nipples between thumbs and forefingers. It felt good -- really, really good! She relaxed sighing and let her head rest on his shoulder. If she had been a cat, she would have purred.

"Oh, Nick, please be gentle with me," she whispered.

"Your breasts are magnificent, Ann, so full and firm," he whispered.

"Thank you," she murmured.

He shifted her around slightly and as his left hand continued massaging her breasts, she felt his right hand move down between her knees and up under her skirt to begin slowly creeping along the insides of her bare thighs causing her to quiver with anticipation. She could feel his cock become stiff beneath her, sensing erotically that only a couple of layers of cloth separated it from her own moist vulva.

Ann realized that she had to make a decision quickly now or live with the consequences. She reached down and started to push his hand away, then changed her mind sighing and patting his hand gently as her arm slid back around his neck hugging him as their kiss intensified, acquiescing to the continued stealthy advance of his hand past the point of no return.

An electric thrill ran through Ann's body as she felt the crotch of her panties being pushed aside and two fingers slipping deeply into her wet pussy, whatever happened next was out of her control.

She laid her head back on his shoulder smiling and sighing contentedly, "oh, Nick, oh, that feels so wonderful," loving the feeling as he finger-fucked her for several minutes while she juiced up, slipping into a warm, fuzzy trance-like state of pleasure.

Nick removed his fingers from her wet pussy and held them to her lips. "Ever wonder how you taste, Ann?" he asked.

Ann had never even considered such a perverted thing as tasting herself, but now she took his fingers into her mouth, licking and sucking her own love juice from them, loving its fresh, sweet-salty taste.

"How does it taste?" he asked.

"It tastes good... fresh," she murmured.

Still finger-fucking, he gently slid her off his lap onto her back. She felt her panties being pulled down past her knees and ankles until they hung from one granny-booted foot and her skirt being pushed up past her waist.

When he applied gentle prying between her thighs she readily spread her legs for him, murmuring half aloud, "Oh, Tom, please forgive me."

An erotic thought suddenly struck her that she was having sex with this man on the family couch -- the same familiar couch where Tom frequently sat reading the evening paper -- that her kids had occupied only that morning watching cartoons before school.

Ann was astounded when she felt Nick's nose and face between her legs as he began licking and sucking the slippery flesh inside her juicy pussy. This had never happened to her before, but she soon succumbed to wonderful feeling his tongue produced as it probed her luscious blossom collecting its female nectar. In her daze she heard his zipper being pulled down and watched through half-closed eyes as his large, throbbing cock sprang forth waving slowly up and down. It was even larger than she had imagined -- certainly much larger than Tom's.

Sudden reality surged back and panic gripped her as she realized that neither of them wore protection. She cried out, struggling to push him off her, squirming out from under him and jumping up.

"Nick, No! I don't want to get pregnant. I never meant it to go this far! I just can't... I can't betray Tom... I just can't. Please, just... go now!" she said desperately, trying to pull up her panties.

Nick's cock throbbed and his balls ached as their progress was interrupted. "Annie, you can't just leave me like this. You know you want it too!" he pleaded.

Ann tugged frantically at her panties as she dashed up the stairs into her bedroom with Nick close behind. She tried unsuccessfully to slam the door and lock him out, but he was too strong and fast for her.

"Nick, I told you I don't want to do this anymore!" she gasped striving to shut him out. "Look, you got what you wanted, now just go. I'll take my chances with the rapist!" she shouted.

Nick forced his way in with a grin of triumph. She backed away from him looking alarmed and feeling helpless.

"Annie, you know you wanted it too, admit it!" he argued.

She looked away ashamed. "Yes... I admit I was attracted to you, and I've had fantasies about sex with another man... but its over. I love Tom and I don't want to destroy our family... I'm so ashamed," she sobbed.

Nick's demeanor changed as anger welled up. "OK, I tried to be nice, but now its time to get real!" he said, producing his mini-recorder.

Smiling, he turned it on watching her face for her reaction. Ann's blood curdled and she screamed in terror as she heard the familiar voice of her tormentor and instantly comprehended. Nick exulted in triumph and power over his demoralized victim as a python might examine its prey.

She recovered her voice," You! It was you all along! There was no rapist... but how did you...? I mean, the man in the park... my kids?" she was dumbfounded.

Nick grinned and shrugged. "Just a couple of lucky breaks." Then, earnestly, "Ann, I've wanted you from the moment I first saw you. You're so beautiful, so... clean, cultured... everything I've always wanted in a woman," he confessed. "Just let's just finish what we started and then I'll be out of your life forever," he promised.

Ann recovered her senses and her eyes blazed as a sudden rage welled up in her. "Alright you son-of-a-bitch, if you have to do it -- do it! Rape me, but you won't enjoy it, you evil man!" Ann seldom used profanity, but this occasion seemed to call for it.

Nick moved towards her smiling and lightly grasped her shoulders as his cool, gray eyes stared remorselessly into hers. "Annie, Annie, Relax. I don't rape women. I'm a cop remember? I like to help women... solve their problems, as it were. Of course, I'm always open to con sensual favors if you get my drift,...but it has to be of their own free will. Now you think about it. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to worry about anything more happening to you or your family? It could all be like it was. I could make that happen for you. Of course, as a cop there's a lot I could do to make it worse also. We're sort of like a club, we cover each other's asses. So it's your choice... all up to you."

Ann knew she was beaten and turned away from him, her lips quivering -- away from those mesmerizing eyes.

He saw her shoulders drop and heard her sob of despair causing him to smile triumphantly.

Ann slowly, hesitantly moved her right hand to her left and removed the gold band, the sacred symbol of her marriage -- her life -- from her third finger placing it on the table in front of her, the ring which Tom had lovingly slipped on her finger more than eleven years ago, which had never been removed -- until this moment. Nick knew that this was her final act of surrender.

"Wait here while I get ready," she murmured almost inaudibly.

Nick always relished this moment, when his prey finally realized that further resistance was futile and accepted the inevitable. It would only be a short time before she rationalized her situation and accepted his desires as her own. He had seen it before -- it always worked out.

In a state of unreality, Ann entered the large walk-in closet next to her bathroom -- her boudoir -- and sat at her dressing table. The face looking back at her from the mirror registered the despair and dejection she was feeling. With trembling hands, she removed her blouse, already unbuttoned, then her open bra. Her breasts were sensitive and seemed somehow fuller and she noticed that her nipples were still hard and erect. How could this be? Even though she hated him and what he was making her do, she became aware that she was experiencing a perverse sexual tension in her body, excitement which she hadn't felt for a long time -- not since her honeymoon. She sometimes experienced a hot flash of this feeling when reading a particularly passionate passage in one of her "trashy" romance novels --but the reality was ten times more intense -- this was actually happening to her. Guilt and betrayal made her try hard to repress the feeling, but it seemed to grow in spite of her efforts. Ann knew that it was unfinished between them and that she must offer herself to the darkness and danger this man represented whatever the cost.

She removed her skirt and slid her panties off, again noticing sticky moisture in their crotch as the feeling of titillation intensified. Completely naked, she looked at herself in the mirror. "God, can I really go through with this? Yes, I can -- I must."

Her breathing increased as her shaking hands selected a silk lilac-colored nightie and slipped it over her head. As an erotic afterthought, she took a pair of top-of-thigh white lace stockings with small lavender ribbons at the top from her vanity and slowly peeled them up her legs, feeling their sensuous texture and the warmth between her thighs. She had bought them one day on impulse, but never had occasion to wear them. If I'm going to be a whore, I may as well look the part, she thought.

Ann entered her bathroom and emptied her bladder and bowel before thoroughly scrubbing her intimate areas with a warm, fragrant cloth. She lubricated her cervical cap and inserted it far up into her vagina, grateful at least that she now had a good chance of avoiding an unwanted pregnancy -- which would be awfully hard to explain to Tom. Finally she dabbed a drop of an East Indian fragrance called Pachooli on the insides of her thighs and under each breast. Thus seduced by his power, she was now ready -- and shamefully willing -- to go to him. She recalled an old saying: "better the devil you know..." She went to her tormentor feeling degraded and exploited -- but somehow perversely excited.

Nick had already dimmed the bedroom lights to a soft, diffused pink and was reclined on the bed -- their bed, hers and Tom's -- naked, with a sheet covering his lower body. Tears formed in her eyes as she thought of Tom -- this desecration of their marriage bed. She hesitated at the threshold shivering, reeling, and leaning against the doorframe to steady herself against the spinning room.

"Annie, you look lovely -- truly beautiful. Please, come to me," whispered Nick.

Ann moved slowly and gracefully, her long stockinged legs producing the soft swishy sound of fabric on fabric as they peeked with each step through the waist high slit in the gown, until she stood beside the bed.

Nick looked up at her with a soft longing in his gray eyes, "Oh, I love the lace stockings -- wonderful touch. It really pleases me when a lady takes extra care."

She flinched slightly as his hand reached between her thighs and began to stroke gently the warm stockinged flesh.

"Its okay, okay, don't be afraid. I won't hurt you, sweetheart. I'm going to make you feel good, I promise," he murmured much as one would calm a frightened filly before mounting her. She felt his warm hand slowly progress upward as it stroked.

"Mm, mm," he murmured as he reached past the top of the stockings and savored the sensuous feel of the soft, tender skin just inches from the furry nest that was its goal.

A moment later a thrill ran through her as he touched her moist, sensitive labia, spreading them with his fingers to begin a gentle, intimate exploration of her vulva. He gently penetrated her vagina with two fingers and began massaging her clitoris with his thumb. She was startled when two more fingers found her anus penetrating it also. After a few minutes of thoroughly erotic stimulation, she was soaking wet with love juice and her rubbery legs would no longer support her. She tilted her head back, eyes closed, and with a long sigh collapsed across his lap, feeling his stiff cock beneath the sheet.

Nick pulled her gown up above her waist stroking the twin mounds of her exquisitely formed ass. He rolled her over onto her back and slid the straps of the gown from her shoulders to reveal two beautifully formed natural breasts, which he had fondled earlier, but had not yet seen. They were larger than he had guessed with stiff brown nipples nearly a half inch long rising like twin sentinels from sensuous, rosy aureoles the size of silver dollars. He lay upon her kissing her long and deeply, exploring her throat and her tongue with his as she felt his hot, hard cock between her thighs -- a preview of coming attractions.

She hesitated at first, then closed her eyes and tried to fantasize that it was her husband, wrapping her arms around him responding in kind, their tongues engaging each other like serpents. But this sure wasn't Tom!

Finally he broke the kiss leaving her gasping, eyes open in astonishment. He kissed her neck then moved down to kiss and suck her taut nipples, kneading and suckling her tits as her passion rose. He pushed the gown up and off over her head leaving her naked except for her white lace stockings.

Ann lay before him naked in all her glory watching him dreamily through half closed eyes as he relished her body -- full breasts, flat tummy in spite of two kids, and the natural bush of curly, brown hair above the moist, rosy, crenated inner lips protruding from her tumescent pussy.

"My God, you're beautiful," he murmured. Nick was exultant at the thought that he had seduced and was bedding this exquisite creature -- his latest and by far, greatest conquest --whom he was about to plunder in every way. He began kissing and fondling her tits then progressed downward -- tongue in the navel, fluttery little angel kisses on her belly, then spreading her legs to kiss the warm insides of her thighs, savoring the musky scent of arousal.

Ann felt a thrill run through her again as he kissed her other lips and began sucking and licking inside her vulva, once more savoring her raw, salty-sweet girl flavor. He pushed his tongue deep into the mysterious red tunnel of her vagina and she began involuntarily rolling her head and moaning, her hips writhing. She continued moaning, wrapping her shapely, tanned legs around his head, grasping his hair and pressing his nose into her slippery, sensitive flesh, nearly drowning him as she suddenly squirted, covering his face with her love juice.

When he ran the tip of his tongue rapidly back and forth over her clitoris like the fluttering of a butterfly seeking nectar in an exotic flower, her orgasm was explosive! Neither Tom nor she would ever have dreamed of having oral sex. It had always seemed so repugnant. Now as she experienced it for the first time it seemed quite natural and wonderful, something to be done again and again in the future.

Nick knelt in front of her tapping his hard cock against her clitoris -- each tap reverberating through her like an electric shock. "Are you ready to get fucked, Annie?" he asked with a smirk.

The moment of truth had arrived. "Oh yes! Yes! Fuck me, fuck me," she pleaded. She couldn't ever remember using that word with Tom -- in fact, they never even spoke of sex even when they had it, as though it was an embarrassment. Now it seemed to be the only word that fit and saying it aloud aroused her even more.

Nick hooked his elbows behind her knees elevating and spreading her legs, positioning her for easy entry. He rubbed the head of his cock in her wet pussy lubricating it then slowly began inserting it into her pink tunnel of love.

Ann moaned passionately as his, stiff, throbbing cock slowly penetrated into her vagina -- invading her most intimate place where only her husband's penis had ever been. Her eyes opened wide accompanied by a sudden gasp of surprise as he penetrated much deeper than Tom ever had -- to the very end of her vaginal tunnel, as Ann experienced the sensation of losing her virginity all over again.

Ann's emotions were so intense that she came almost immediately, with the sudden revelation that she'd been craving another man's cock inside her for a long time, perhaps accounting for the sexual tension she'd felt when Nick was around.

He began fucking her slowly at first, then increased the tempo until a blush spread across her chest and neck and perspiration glistened. She rolled her head from side to side moaning, "Yes! Oh yes!" as Nick expertly took her right up to the edge of orgasm and held her there.

Having had no prior experience with anyone but her husband, Ann had never been fucked -- really fucked -- in any meaningful way. She lay passively at first while Nick slipped his hands beneath her firm ass, squeezing and massaging it while he fucked her fast and hard for several minutes, driven by release of frustration and pent-up up desire. Soon further thoughts of her betrayal were blown away by an exquisite feeling of euphoria that radiated from her pussy to involve her entire being as she bucked and moaned and her hips writhed uncontrollably.

Ann was lost so deeply in her own lust that when he slowed down for a few seconds to catch his breath, she cried out, "Don't stop, don't stop, please!" pulling at his hips, trying to drive his cock deeper into her pussy. As he quickly resumed fucking her, she responded by wantonly grinding and thrusting her pelvis to match his thrusts all the while screaming passionately, "Oh yes, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! ohhh".

Ann came several more times from the excitement of experiencing at long last a strange man's cock churning in her belly. The room whirled as though she were on a carousel. Each time around she reached for the gold ring, but could not quite hold on. Then she grabbed it and held on for dear life as a massive orgasm hit her like an oncoming train. She exploded, wrapping her arms and long, athletic legs around Nick's body, screaming and clawing, her nails biting into his flesh, in unbridled ecstasy! Although she had read about such climaxes in her romance novels, she thought they had to be fiction since she had never experienced one this intense.

Nick took her back down slowly, stroking her body as though comforting some wild creature, with little nips and kisses over erotically stressed parts of her body. Damn him, she thought, he is sooo good.

Nick had been on the edge of coming himself, but with effort had held back to prolong his experience with her. "Turn over," he said softly.

Ann rolled over and he grasped her around the hips pulling her ass up. Her pussy was still splayed open and very wet appearing red and irritated. The tufted brown pubic hair covering her mons was matted with white fluid, which had also dripped down to puddle in her asshole. He lubricated a finger with the fluid and inserted it into her tight, little pucker massaging it while he rimmed her with his tongue.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Ann asked in surprise.

"Ever been fucked in the ass?" he asked softly.

"No!" she responded disgustedly.

"Never?" he asked again, massaging her asshole even more and dilating it.

"Oh my God, please don't. That is so disgusting," she pleaded as she looked around at him.

"OK, we don't need to do it this time -- maybe next time," he agreed magnanimously. He could wait.

Oh my God, Ann thought, he plans to have sex with me again! How can I make him leave me alone, she thought, realizing full well, now that she had allowed him to have his way with her once, she had become his love-slave and would do it again with him whenever he wanted her -- maybe even have to do it with some of his friends. Annie, the whore, she thought.

"You said you'd leave me...leave us alone if I had sex with you," she reminded him.

"Yes, but what can I say? I lied!" he said with a chuckle, "Besides, Annie, you're the best piece of ass I've ever had. You don't know your own potential. Tell you what, we'll just trade that ass fucking for a good cock sucking, what do you say?"

Then before she could answer, he plunged his cock into her pussy from behind. Ann had never been fucked doggie style, but it felt wonderful and she was soon coming and screaming for more as he grasped and pulled her long, brown hair like a horse's mane wantonly fucking her pussy from behind, playing with her pendulous tits while he humped her. Ann found that she liked this position a lot as she could breath more easily and penetration seemed even deeper. He continued pulling her hair, pulling her head back while fucking her energetically. She came three more times during that fucking and was still moaning when he pulled her around to face him and pulled her head down onto his wet cock.

"Now, suck my cock, sweetheart," he urged softly.

"I-I can't. Not this time, please. Don't make me do it," she pleaded, but soon found its bulbous head in her mouth. A wild, primitive feeling possessed her as she began sucking his cock furiously while running her hand up and down its shaft.

"Jesus, you're a natural born cock sucker, Annie," he exclaimed as he grasped her head and fucked her face and throat.

A moment later he started groaning and Ann tasted a man's hot, sticky, salty cum in her mouth for the first time ever. His cock moving through the cum in her mouth made a squishy sound like a washing machine as foam escaped from her mouth and dropped onto the bed sheet below. Ann loved its taste and texture, which reminded her of the first time she ate a raw oyster. She rolled it around with her tongue before spitting it back to run down into his pubic hair as she stared into his eyes enjoying his reaction. How could she and Tom have missed out on such a thrill all this time?

They lay side by side breathing heavily until Nick finally got up and swaggered into the bathroom leaving her to slowly recover her senses as their fluids dried on her warm body leaving pubic hairs stuck to her skin and a slimy taste in her mouth. There was a hollowness in her vagina, her belly strangely empty without the huge cock, which had so recently consumed her.

She heard the shower come on. Then she noticed his gun and holster on the nightstand. She had never handled a gun before, but as she arose and quickly donned a blouse and skirt, she thought maybe she could hold him at gunpoint while she locked the door and ran for help.

Nick came out of the bathroom still drying his hair with a towel and found himself staring down the barrel of his own service piece held nervously in Ann's hands, her eyes big as saucers. "Hold it right there, Buster!" she said firmly, trying to sound like the lady detective she had seen on TV.

A slow grin spread across Nick's face, "Annie, Annie, what do you take me for. Do you really think I'd leave you alone with a loaded gun?"

Desperately she pulled the trigger, Click, Click.

Grinning in triumph, he open his hand and showed her several bullets as he took the weapon from her limp grip. "Annie, you just tried to shoot me -- I mean after all we've meant to each other."

The grin was suddenly replaced by tight lips as his eyes turned cold. "Now I'll have to punish you!" Ann screamed in fear as he said that, grabbing her wrist, yanking her around and bending her over the back of an upholstered chair. He yanked her skirt up over her head exposing her bare ass.

"I said that I wasn't going to butt-fuck you before, but now I am!" he said grimly in an Eastwood-like tone as he unzipped his fly. His cock sprang out vibrating slowly up and down, already hard.

"Nooo," she protested. "Please, I didn't mean... you can't..."

He spit on her asshole once as he rammed his cock into her pussy, fucking her savagely until she quickly became wet again. Then he pulled it out, spit on it again and brutally forced it against her tight anus. Ann's body stiffened and her anus clenched tightly in a vain attempt to deny him entry, a vein pounding in her forehead, her whole body shuddering with the strain of her effort.

"Come on, bitch, give it up!" he whispered through clenched teeth, pulling back painfully on her hair, straining just as mightily to gain entry. "Relax... it won't hurt as much."

At last she could no longer resist his assault and was breached by the huge white-hot log of his stiffness. "Unnghh!" Ann screamed in frustration and anger. "You bastard! You son-of-a-bitch!" she grunted through clenched teeth. It hurt like hell! She nearly fainted; her eyes crossing myopically as he brutally invaded her tight, virgin asshole.

"I didn't do this to you before because you I thought you loved me, but you betrayed me, you bitch, and now you must pay," he whispered triumphantly.

Spent from her futile effort to resist, her anal sphincter loosened like a tired rubber band, no longer functional. Grasping her hair like a horse's mane, he pulled his cock completely out then plunged it up her ass again as deep as it would go causing Ann to let out another loud screech of pain and indignation. He pulled her head back by her hair watching her tortured expression in the mirror as he began fucking her ass with pile-driving thrusts slapping her ass cheeks until they were red and raw. He pleasured himself watching her asshole gape open as he withdrew his cock completely then rammed it back into her as it began to contract again. Gradually Ann's shrieking modulated into low, feral moans as, with each stroke his balls slapped against her sensitized pussy lips and the flesh of her ass quivered from the impacts of his loins against her butt-cheeks. Ann discovered that somehow, butt-fucking and domination seemed to affect her emotionally at a very deep, level -- somewhere between rage and ecstasy -- evoking a heretofore unknown, but extremely erotic pleasure. True, she felt violated by the unwanted invasion of this forbidden part of her body, but strangely it was very, very erotic and primal, even as a feeling of degradation and helplessness gripped her. She discovered that she loved it!

"Oooyess, yes!" she moaned over and over as electric shocks seemed to course through her body from painful hair roots to curled toes.

Tom pulled into the driveway. He got out of the car and put Cavanaugh's gun in his waistband. As he unlocked the front door, the house seemed empty at first. Then he heard what sounded like caterwauling and a scuffle upstairs. He took the gun in one hand, thumbed the safety off and silently mounted the stairs. The sound of the scuffle seemed to settle into rhythmic pattern accompanied by weird, animal-like sounds.

Just as Nick and Annie were both reaching towards some kind of climax, Tom suddenly appeared at the bedroom door. His jaw dropped open in astonishment. "Ann! Wha-what's going on?" Then, a flash of comprehension, "Sergeant Nichols. It's you! It's been you all along, hasn't it?"

"Hi, Tommy-boy, we didn't expect you back until tomorrow. You know your wife, Annie here, is a helluva lay. I'll bet you never got it on like we just did," Nick said mockingly.

In his mind Nick knew he would now have to kill them both and blame it on the rapist. He figured he could have intimidated Ann into remaining silent by threatening her family, but not Tom. What a waste!

Tom saw Nick's revolver on the dresser and mentally estimated if he could reach it before Nick.

Nick read his eyes. "Gonna try for it, Tommy-boy?" Nick taunted him, "go ahead, you can do it."

"No, Tom, don't try it! Its not loaded! He'll kill us both!" cried Ann.

Then Tom suddenly remembered that he was holding Jake's gun behind his back and raised it just as Nick was going for his backup piece in an ankle holster.

"Freeze!" Tom shouted.

Nick looked amused. "Tommy, you can't shoot me, you're not a killer -- especially a cop-killer."

"Shoot him, Tom, he has another gun in his shoe! He'll kill us!" Ann screamed.

Nick's string of luck ran out as the gun in Tom's hand seemed to go off by itself with a loud pop. Nick looked puzzled as a small 9mm hole appeared in the middle of his forehead. Ann felt his cock pull out of her ass for the last time as he slumped to the floor.

He wasn't bleeding much -- dead men don't. She pulled her skirt down trying to ignore her recent activity. Tom was staring down at the body and seemed not to notice. Ann grabbed him around his neck hugging and kissing him.

"Tom, I'm glad he's dead. He made me do... awful, horrible things," she sobbed.

"I know, Sweetheart, he was the rapist all along, wasn't he? Somehow I knew in the back of my mind that it might be him, but he was a cop. If you can't trust a cop, who can you trust?" he mused.

"Tom, we can wrap him in the rug, put him in the trunk of the car and dump him somewhere in a bad part of town. They'll think he got killed by a hoodlum." She looked at him anxiously for confirmation.

Tom thought it over for a couple of minutes while his heart slowed and the pounding in his head subsided. "No! No, by God. He was a dirty cop. But I can't believe they all are. Were not criminals, we've done nothing wrong, just defended ourselves. We'll report it."

"Oh, Tom, no," Ann pleaded, "Can't you see what it will do to our reputation? What about the children? What can we tell them? What if they don't believe it was rape -- that I did it willingly?"

"Did you?" he asked -- then immediately answered himself, "No. Of course not!"

"Look, Sweetheart, we have to do the right thing here. We can't live with this thing over our heads." Then he had an idea, "Look, okay, before I call the police I'll call Lila Porter, the TV reporter who has been following this rapist thing -- and Jim Welby, our company's lawyer. Then the cops won't dare try a cover-up."

The police arrived amidst the glare of lights and TV cameras. Tom, Ann and the lawyer stood flanked by reporters.

"OK, what's going on here? You reported a shooting?" asked a lieutenant.

"Upstairs," said the lawyer gesturing with his thumb.

One of the uniformed officers pushed past, gun drawn and made his way cautiously up the stairs.

"It's Nichols, L.T. He's dead," the cop called down.

"He raped me!" Ann cried, "and he said there were others. He's the serial rapist you've been looking for."

"Hm, that would explain a lot," said the lieutenant, thinking out loud.

"Is it true, Lieutenant?" asked Lila Porter. "Was Sgt. Nichols the serial rapist?"

"Can't comment on that just now. IAD will have to conduct an investigation," he replied. "Mr. Burton, you and your wife will have to come down to the station to make a statement and answer some questions," he said.

"Tom and Ann are not saying anything right now, Lieutenant. I represent Mr. Burton and his wife," said the lawyer. "It looks like Sgt. Nichols was dirty and they had to defend themselves. I'm going with them."

"L.T., we found his service piece empty on the dresser and he had another piece in his shoe. Serial numbers have been filed off," a cop reported.

"I'll be damned, a cold piece," muttered the lieutenant. "Bag 'em and have 'em both checked by ballistics," he ordered. "It looks like IAD was right after all," he muttered to himself.

After the evening news had aired and the paper's coverage the next day, several women came forward to report that Nichols had indeed terrorized them and raped them also, but they had been too intimidated by what Nichols told them was a conspiracy by the entire force. The DA refused to prosecute. Tom and Ann were exonerated and a public apology made to them and the other women by the mayor and the chief of police for the gross misconduct by one of their police officers. It was over.

Back in Capitol City, Jake Cavanaugh shouted, "Hot damn!" and slapped his knee as he watched it on his TV.

That night in bed Ann cried softly to herself -- partly in relief and partly out of shame for what she had been forced to do. "Oh, Tom, I'm so ashamed. Can you ever forgive me?" she whimpered.

Tom turned to her, holding her and kissing the tears away. "Sweetheart, its okay, it wasn't your fault. I love you," he whispered. But he lay awake for a long time staring into the darkness while Ann slept.

In the following weeks Ann tried to resume her normal life. She was able to run once again through the park mornings and no longer feared for her family's safety. The kids were back to their regular routines -- kids are quite resilient, she reminded herself. But something wasn't the same between herself and Tom. He seemed somehow... cold... distant.

Then the flashbacks started. She would catch glimpses of herself and Nick having wild, passionate sex, feel his huge cock moving inside her, recalling the salty taste of his cum in her mouth and its slimy aftertaste. Ann tried desperately to repress the feelings, but it was as though Annie the whore still possessed her. The genie was out of its bottle, Annie wanted to come out and play.

Ann/Annie visited a sex toyshop she had noticed on a side street during one of her runs, and purchased a large rubber dildo -- a replica of Nick's cock as she remembered it. That morning she took it into the shower with her. She applied some baby oil and soapy lather then pushed it into her pussy and fucked herself. It felt good, but didn't satisfy her like the real thing had. Then she placed its base against the wall with its head in her asshole and tried backing onto it. It felt really good in her ass -- closer, but still missing the quintessential thrill of the real thing. The unfulfilled craving was gnawing at her, driving her wild.

The following morning she wore her most revealing running gear and ran a couple of blocks beyond her normal route past a cafe known to be a cop hang-out. Her excitement rose as she got nearer. She felt an intense gnawing feeling in her groin and her breasts tingled.

A couple of off-duty cops were just going into the cafe when their attentions were drawn to the tall, shapely blue-eyed, pony-tailed woman running by in a light blue Danskin with lavender running shorts.

"Hey, Babe, what's your hurry?" one shouted after her.

She turned and flashed him a smile.

The other grabbed his arm and appeared to tell him something, "Hey, isn't that...?"

Annie wanted to stop and make their acquaintance, but Ann ran faster and soon turned the corner out of earshot. Panting, Ann knew it was only a matter of time before she would have to indulge Annie and submit herself to the darkness and danger of other strange men. She was desperate.

That afternoon Tom called to announce that he was driving to Capitol City again and would stay overnight. Annie was driving Ann crazy by this time and now overwhelmed her with a desire for raw, unbridled sex.

Ann called her mother with a trumped-up reason for leaving her kids with her overnight. She could hardly wait until they had left school and she had dropped them off. Then she began her preparations; a little extra make-up, her lace bikini panties, garter belt and black stockings, a black leather mini-skirt and stiletto heels. She put her cervical cap and some spermicidal gel in a small handbag and replaced her wedding ring with a gaudy fake diamond.

Annie, the whore, was determined to drag poor, straight Ann into the most depraved, degenerate, no-holes-barred sexual situation she could find. Her nipples became stiff and her cunt sloppy wet just thinking about the cock-sucking and butt-fucking poor Ann would have to endure this night. The cop bar would be as good a place as any to start, she thought.

Meanwhile, Tom was trying in his own logical way to deal with their situation as he perceived it. He had to admit that he was hurt that maybe she had enjoyed herself with that cop, and maybe even preferred Nichols to himself. He had noticed her silent daydreaming and lack of concentration at times as she seemed to become more and more distant. He was uneasy and tried not to think about the consequences to their marriage and family. Then he finally admitted to himself something which had been clawing at his mind. Half way to Capitol City he turned around and reached home just as Annie was about to leave.

Ann was surprised to say the least when he walked through the front door. "Tom! Wha-what are you doing home? I thought you were staying overnight in Capitol City!"

If he noticed her appearance he didn't seem to let on. "Ann, could we send the kids to your mother's this evening, we have to talk," he urged.

"Th-they're already there," Ann told him with a feeling of foreboding. Was this it? Did he want to break up? She had spent most of that day worrying and projecting various scenarios -- all bad.

Then a deliveryman arrived with her favorite Chinese food and a bottle of fine wine. When another appeared bearing a dozen red roses Tom broached his desire. "You know, honey, the thought of you in another man's arms, making love to him... well... it really sort of turns me on. I hate him for what he did to us, but do you suppose you could... well... sort of recreate what he did to you, show me... maybe teach me... what he did?"

Ann was astounded. Sweet, innocent Tom -- her Tom --actually wanted his wife to be a whore -- his whore! Then the thought of it aroused her own sexuality and a lascivious grin spread across her face.

"Tom, hold that thought while I get ready," she cried excitedly over her shoulder as she ran into the bathroom.

Tom felt his penis -- no, his cock -- getting stiff.

Ann stripped off her hooker outfit and put on the same lilac nightie and lace stockings she had worn for Nick. She wondered why she hadn't thrown them out or burned them, but her unconscious thoughts -- or Annie's -- had caused her to procrastinate. A faint scent of their sweaty lovemaking still clung to them adding to her excitement.

Annie appeared in the doorway and dimmed the lights. "You're going to get some real sex tonight, Buster, you're gonna get fucked like you've never been fucked before!" she promised with a sexy leer.

She said the "F" word -- twice! He thought, wow!

Tom was beside himself with excitement as he watched her walk to the bed with her lace stockings peeking through the slit in her gown. She looked sooo sexy!

"Ann, sweetheart, you don't have to do this if you don't..." he started to say.

She bent and kissed him -- a long, wet, tongue writhing, tonsil-swabbing kiss. "Call me Annie. Now give me your hand," she said deliciously sliding it between her warm, lacy thighs, "Now; move it up and feel my wet pussy."

She showed him how to massage her clit, cunt and asshole at the same time and with the same effect as passion overcame her once more and she collapsed on top of his cock. Tom was fascinated! He'd never even dreamed of his sweet wife as a whore! Wow! She had always seemed so straight. Annie pulled back the sheet and pleasantly amazed him again as she began milking and sucking his cock -- totally unreal! Annie stared up at his face contorted with lust as the cock in her mouth swelled into a stiff, rock-hard instrument of pleasure. Maybe it was her imagination, but Tom's cock seemed much larger and stiffer than she remembered it.

Quickly Annie straddled him like a cowgirl and he watched her pull her gown up past her breasts and off overhead. She guided his cock into her pussy and began bouncing up and down on it screaming in ecstasy, tits flopping wildly, fucking his cock until he almost came. She moved up over him until her wet pussy covered his nose and mouth almost drowning him.

"Lick me! Eat my pussy!" she ordered.

Tom needed no further invitation, he nearly devoured her pussy, nipping her clit and sticking his tongue up her cunt, driving her to a screaming, squirting climax. Raw pussy tasted delicious, he wanted more.

Then she rolled off him and onto her back, "Now, fuck me, big man."

Tom dove on her sweaty body driving his man-sword into her to the hilt as she groaned in ecstasy. Then he fucked her hard and deep as never before until sweat was dropping onto her from his chin and nose as she writhed and moaned under him. Sex with Ann had always been such a quiet, uninspiring experience as he tried to remain gentle and tender: Sex with Annie, however, was a wanton, uninhibited, screaming, sweating, squirting, body-grinding experience of raw, unrestrained animal passion! She held nothing back. Tom loved it.

Just before he came, she pushed him off and rolled over with her ass in the air looking back at him coyly over her shoulder.

"Shove your cock up my ass and butt-fuck me!"

"My God, Ann! You can't mean it, you mean you did... that... with him? I thought you'd be disgusted."

"Your right, Ann was abhorred and disgusted and would never have done it willingly. But I'm Annie, remember -- and yes, you saw us doing it when you came in and Annie was loving every second of it!"

"Yes, but I thought he... it was in, you know, your... pussy." There he said it, not vagina: "pussy, pussy, pussy!"

"Just shut up and stick your huge, stiff cock up my tight, little ass, you bastard!" she demanded.

With some trepidation, Tom pressed the head of his cock against Annie's tight, little pucker and -- open Sesame -- he was in! It was quite different from his expectations; tight, hot and moist -- very exciting. A primal sexual desire seized him as he began slowly fucking his wife up the ass. It felt really good -- very satisfying -- dominating, somehow.

"How do you like it, bitch?" He couldn't believe that he'd said that as he grabbed her hips and rammed into her savagely. Tom increased his tempo until he was fucking her ass with hard, deep flesh-quivering, pile-driving strokes with Annie moaning and squealing encouragement as his balls slapped her pussy.

"Pull on my hair!" she moaned through gritted teeth.

Tom grabbed her hair and tugged as he drove his cock deeply up her ass.

"Oh,yeah! That's it! That's it! Fuck it! Fuck that ass! Fuck it hard!" Annie howled.

She took the rubber cock from under the pillow. "My God, was he that big?" Tom asked in awe.

"Almost," she grunted and shoved it into her pussy, rapidly moving it in and out.

Double penetration -- another first! Wow! He'd only overheard about it in the locker room at his club. Sweat formed on his forehead and dripped from the tip of his nose onto her back.

Annie started screaming, "Don't cum in me! Don't cum yet!"

With great effort he pulled his cock out just on the edge of coming. Annie turned around and grabbed it hot from her asshole and began sucking and milking it furiously, staring up at him to enjoy his orgasm. His face grimaced and he began groaning, straining and squirting his hot cum into her mouth until he was drained so dry that it hurt in his groin.

Annie moved up to straddle him, shoving his cock inside her sopping, wet pussy once more, and a dreamy expression spread across her face. As she slowly leaned forward over him, her long, brown hair enveloped his face in a pungent, Pachooli-scented canopy. Her languid blue eyes seemed to melt into a pool of cool indigo totally engulfing him until she was the only thing in his world.

Then she kissed him -- a deep sticky, tonsil-swabbing kiss in which their tongues writhed like serpents as they shared his seed.


Tom was totally spent and slept soundly for the rest of the night. He awoke to a sunny morning and found Ann in her gingham house robe, damp hair wrapped in a towel, sitting demurely with a cup of coffee reading the morning paper and doing her nails as she did nearly every morning.

"Can I get you some breakfast, dear?" she asked cheerily.

"Annie?" he asked.

"No, Ann, your dutiful wife, mother of your children, remember?" She held up her left hand with the gold band back in its place. "Annie had to leave you for a little while, but she said to tell you she had a wonderful time last night and wants to do it again -- and again -- real soon," she said with a lewd wink.

A broad happy, lopsided grin spread across Tom's face as he fell head over heels in love with Ann/Annie all over again.

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