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A Night at the Beach by Jeep Wrangler

A Night at the Beach

I made arrangements to pick her up at 5:15 pm; we wanted to be on the beach by 5:25 to watch the sun set at 5:30. We love to drive my Jeep down on the beach and watch the sun set into the ocean as we snuggle into each other's arms. We've been doing this for about 2 years now, and we never get tired of it, but that may also have to do with what happens after the sunsets...

As usual I can't wait to be with her, so I show up at 5:05 pm, and as usual, she is dressed in a tight see through blouse, and low tight fitting jeans, which leaves her extremely sexy mid section bare. And of course, she is ready and waiting for me because she is just as excited as I am. Although we lead totally separate lives, we just can't get enough of each other, and are always ready for our next encounter.

As she gets into the Jeep, I tell her I've got something a little different planned for our cuddling activities tonight. She shows me her little shy sexy smile, and asks what I have in mind. I tell her she is just going to have to wait, but I promise it will be a night to remember. Again I get the shy sexy smile that attracted me to her in the first place.

We arrive at the beach and drive all the way to the creek, right before the dunes. This area is totally empty of all other beach goers, so we park and get out. I lay out our extra large blanket and get what appears to be a gym bag out of the back of the Jeep. She asks me what's in the bag, and I tell her it's my "special" bag, and that she may find out soon enough. I flash her a smile and continue to get things situated.

We settle down on the blanket as I hand her a glass of wine. I make a toast to the most beautiful and erotic woman I have ever known. We both sip our wine and then finish it with a soft and sensual kiss.

She lays back into my arms just as the sun starts to dip into the water, and asks me what it is that I have planned for tonight. I lightly kiss her on the cheek and tell her to just watch the sun, she will find out soon enough. Her only response was to snuggle even closer into me.

After watching one of the most spectacular sunsets we've seen together, we finish off the bottle of wine. Her inhibitions have all but been erased, and she is ready to find out what I have planned. I gently kiss her lips as I lay her down onto the blanket. She starts to put her arms around me, but I stop her by placing them by her sides. I tell her that I am going to please her like never before, but she will not be allowed to touch me until I say so. She says that's not fair, and that she probably won't be able to keep her hands to herself. Then, I added that she's not allowed to touch herself either...

Again I gently kissed her on the lips and told her to trust me, and she would have a very memorable night. Then I took a scarf out of my "special" bag and tied it around her head covering her eyes. I leaned down to her and asked her if she trusted me? Without saying a word, she nodded her head very slowly and I could hear that her breathing was already getting shallow.

I started at the top of her head and started giving her feather light kisses moving a little further down with each one. As I made it to her soft sexy lips, and began to gently suck on her bottom lip. She loves that almost as much as I love doing it, and it gets her wet in an instant.

She tried to kiss me back, but I just moved away from her mouth and continued with my feather kisses.

As I kissed my way down her beautiful neck, I began to unbutton her blouse and open it up exposing her bare breasts. As I got closer, her nipples began to harden right before my eyes. I kissed all around hear firm breast and flicked my tongue across her nipples drawing a slight gasp from her lips.

I continued down her body until I reached her jeans. I simply unfastened them and began pulling them and her panties down at the same time. For every inch I uncovered, I covered it with my kisses. From time to time she would attempt to run her fingers through my hair, but I would move away and remind her that she is not allowed to touch me.

Pulling her jeans and panties off her sexy hips, I can already smell her sweet juices as she lifts herself off the blanket to make it easier for me. I kiss all around her pubic area without getting too close to that hot little pussy. I can already see the juices seeping out just begging to be licked up. She begins to move her hips in an attempt to get me to lick her pussy for her. I simply move on down her legs, which draws a little whimper from her.

I finally get her jeans and panties totally off her and begin kissing my way back up the insides of her legs. The closer I get to her crotch, the wetter she becomes and the wider her legs spread for me. There is no doubt this girl is dying to be fucked fast and hard, but for now, she'll have to wait.

As I get closer, I can see her pussy already opening for me and her sweet juices and seeping out and running down to the crack of her tasty little ass. I kiss all around her pussy and from time to time I flick my tongue across the lips. This always draws a gasp from her and more movement.

I reach down and spread her pussy wide open and start flicking my tongue all over it, still avoiding her clit. I place my hands under her cute little ass and slightly lift her and spread her open even further giving me my first view of her tight little ass hole, which is covered, with her sweet juices. I begin to lick the entire length of her slit to include her ass hole, which caught her by surprise. I would alternate between her ass and her pussy with my licking and sucking.

Then I started to concentrate on her neglected clit, which was hard as a rock at this point. I knew it wouldn't long before she would cum, so I reached into the "special bag" and pulled out a new toy. I slid it up and down her slit, which made her moan even more. Her pussy just opened up and started sucking the toy right inside. I kept up my attention on her clit and began to slide the toy in and out of her pussy as she really started moving her hips and moaning even louder.

At this point, I reached in the bag again and pulled another toy out and started rubbing all around her pussy and ass while I kept up my other actions. I don't even if she realized I had a second toy until I started to concentrate on her tight little ass hole with it. I know she isn't into anal sex, but she was definitely getting into this. Keeping my actions on her clit and the other toy going none stop, I began to push this new toy into her as hole, which caused her to moan even louder.

When I finally had the toy embedded in her ass, I began to fuck her ass and her pussy at the same time with long steady strokes and increased the pressure on her clit. The more I sucked, the faster I fucked her, and she was going absolutely crazy. Her ass was coming about eight inches off the blanket on every in stroke, and would slam back down on the out strokes. I had those toys going in and out so fast I thought I would lose control myself, until finally her breathing stopped and she held her ass in the air with what could only be described as an earth shattering orgasm.

She held herself like that with the toys buried deep inside her, and her clit sucked deep into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and held on. After what seemed like hours, she had a few spasms and began to release her hold on my head, and let herself back down onto the blanket. I slowly removed the toys from her exhausted body and put them back into the bag without her seeing them.

I crawled up to her and took her in my arms and held her tight while I kissed her deeply and told her how much I love her. I wrapped the other blanket around us as she lay there and trembled in my arms.

When she could finally speak, she said that was the most intense orgasm of her life, and she can't wait to return the favor...

That will have to wait until next time!!!

This story was written for a very special lady in my life. She is extremely sexy and I can't wait to make love to her. She is affectionately know as Number 34, but in reality, she is NUMBER 1... I love you Baby... I hope you enjoyed "Our Night At The Beach."

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