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Angela's Ventures, Chapter 1 by

Angela's Ventures, Chapter 1

The nineteen-year-old male college student entered the small waiting room with the flyer in hand. He went up to the window where the pretty receptionist was sitting at her desk.

"May I help you?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied, "I see that you are offering two hundred dollars for male volunteers to test fragrances. Is the offer still good?"

"One moment sir," she replied.

The receptionist dialed a number and she spoke into the phone. "Mr. Wilson, there is another candidate for the test here. Are we still taking volunteers?"

"This will be the last one, Joanne," said Mr. Wilson. "Get him to sign the release form and send him to room 5."

Joanne did as she was instructed and the young college student was asked to wait in room 5.

Two female lab technicians entered the number 5 test room after a few moments. They instructed the young man to strip naked, put on a pair of very dark glasses and to sit in the recliner until they returned. He should keep the glasses on during the entire test.

After the technicians left the room, the young man stripped naked, sat in the recliner and after looking around the room, donned the dark glasses.

He could not see anything through the glasses. He was becoming a little nervous and his cock began to shrink. But, hey, he needed the money. He would comply. It just seemed rather strange to have to be naked to test fragrances.

The two technicians returned and told the young man that someone in the control room would expose him to different fragrances and that he should remark how he liked each fragrance.

Mr. Wilson, in the control room, began to release fragrances from openings in the recliner by pushing a prepared sequence of numbered buttons.

After a couple of minutes, a small red light appeared on the wall signaling to the technicians that the "Real" test was about to begin.

Mr. Wilson pressed the button that released the newly manufactured female pheromone. The student's reaction was immediate. His cock became instantly rigid as the scent filled his nostrils. His mind blanked out everything except the burning desire to mate.

His mind raced with sexual desire yet he was unable to move his body. He could not hear anything, nor see anything. He ached for sexual release, yet he could not move a muscle to do anything about it.

"Phase one complete," came Mr. Wilson's voice over the intercom. "Begin phase two."

The female lab technicians moved the required equipment into place and nodded to Mr. Wilson through the one-way mirror.

Mr. Wilson keyed the commands into the computer to begin the process. The computer took over from there.

The computer kept a running log of the student's vital signs. The computer's sensors measured the length and girth of the student's erection. The exact measurements of his cock head were recorded. Measurements of the size and weight his scrotum were taken and exactly how much sperm they contained, was calculated.

With this information, the computer's probe enveloped his cock. It formed an exact fit. His cock head was neatly in a soft form-fitting cup.

On command from Mr. Wilson, the computer's probe began stroking the volunteer's cock. More of the pheromone was released and the student began to ejaculate into the probe.

The computer measured the exact amount of sperm extracted from the student and compared that with it's calculated estimate. It was identical.

"That's a wrap," said Mr. Wilson, as he commanded the computer to begin the program to erase any memory that the student might have of the test session.

The probe released the student's cock and a buzzing sound from the earpieces of the dark glasses began the memory erasing process while the lab technicians cleaned up the test subject. Mr. Wilson shut down the computer program while pushing the send button on the microwave transmitter to send the recorded information, via satellite link, to CIA headquarters.

The young man awoke after about ten minutes unaware of what had just happened. He was given two hundred dollars in cash as he left.

At CIA headquarters, the order was given. "Tests are complete. Release the beta version."

Angela arrived on time at the "Chief of Detectives" office. Chief Murphy welcomed her to the detective bureau and once again, looked over the paperwork that had been sent to him.

"I don't get it," said the Chief. "My orders are to assign you to partner with Detective Conrad. That's the first time "upstairs" has ever told me who, to partner with whom."

"I think it is some new program at police headquarters," replied Angela. "Probably using a computer," she said with a grin.

The Chief laughed. "Damn computers. Your partner should be checking in within about a half hour. Have a seat in the detective squad room."

Detective Tim Conrad had his cock buried to the hilt in the pussy of his neighbor Connie. Connie and her husband lived in the apartment next to his.

Tim would stop by to see Connie about twice a week while her husband was at work. She wasn't beautiful, but not bad looking either. Her husband worked long hours and they only fucked on Sunday mornings.

Connie had wanted a little more out of life but settled for getting extramarital cock from Tim who was only glad to oblige.

As Tim stroked into Connie's body, his mind drifted. He began to think about work. His fucking had become mechanical with Connie. The sessions were becoming like married sex. Tim had never been married but, he imagined that this is how it would become.

Tim began concentrating once again on Connie's body. He reached under her ass with both hands and started long strokes into her pussy.

Connie responded by digging her heels into the back of Tim's knees as she bucked back at him. She gripped Tim's ass and pulled him into her wet pussy. Lifting her ass that way allowed her to get her clit into direct contact with his shaft.

"Come on, Big Boy, make me cum," whispered Connie into Tim's ear.

Tim increased his pace. He began to feel the cum rise from his balls as Connie began talking to him. His cock erupted into Connie as she began her own orgasm.

"Christ, I have to get to work Connie," Tim said. "I'll see you maybe tomorrow."

"Bye Sweetie," Connie chirped as Tim headed out the door.

Tim's mind wondered as he drove towards the office. He needed a little spicing up in his sex life. Sex with Connie was good, it just was not exciting any more.

Detective Tim Conrad entered the Chief of Detectives office. "What special assignment, Chief?"

"I don't know the details, Tim," said the Chief. "Your new partner was briefed at headquarters before arriving here. She will fill you in"

"She?" exclaimed the detective.

"Yes, her," came the chief's answer while he pointed to Angela sitting at the desk in the squad room. "Come in here Angela and meet your partner."

Detective Conrad gazed at Angela as she entered the room. 'Now, that would spice up my sex life,' he thought. His eyes traveled over the trim woman involuntarily from her raven black hair, down her face, to full red lush lips that looked like they were made for sucking a cock.

His eyes continued down her body past the pert breasts to the shapely legs and back up again. 'Looks like about twenty-five years old or so,' thought Tim.

Angela held out her hand in greeting and smiled at Tim. "Hi, I'm Angela Hart."

Tim took her hand and was mesmerized by her eyes. He blurted out a greeting. He had never before been at a loss for words.

Angela took control and said, "I have to make one call and then I'll brief you on the way to the assignment."

Tim and the chief watched Angela's ass as she made her way back to the desk.

Angela placed a call to a pre-determined number.

The computer voice on the other end of the phone said, "How may I direct your call?"

Angela spoke the code into the phone in a low voice so that no one else could hear. "Angela Hart... contact positive."

Immediately the computer replied with the data file, into the modem in Angela's ear.

Angela hung up the phone. She had received her new program and the beta test was about to begin. She was, after all, a robot.

Although Angela was a robot, it was impossible for anyone to detect that fact unless her program was altered to reveal it.

In the car, Tim radioed the dispatcher, "David 1192 on special assignment."

"10-4 David 1192," the radio crackled in reply.

Angela gave Tim an address saying that they would have to stop by her apartment to pick up the material she needed to brief him on the assignment. Tim drove toward the address while admiring her legs.

Angela released a tiny amount of the pheromone into the car as they neared her apartment. Tim began to feel the effects as his groin began to stir.

He didn't understand why his sex drive was churning so soon after having fucked Connie.

Tim parked the car in her designated space. Angela asked him to accompany her into her apartment so that she could brief him.

Tim, trying to hide his growing erection, followed her into the apartment with his eyes glued to her swaying ass.

As soon as he closed the door to the apartment behind them, Angela released a more potent blend of pheromone. Tim's body reacted immediately as predicted. His hard-on became rigid. He lost any control he may have had and he advanced toward her.

Tim locked into an embrace with Angela. He had no choice. The pheromone had totally taken over control of him. His mind set was on sexual release only.

Their mouths met and Angela breathed more of the pheromone into his nostrils. Tim responded by ripping at her clothes. He was in a sexual frenzy that could not be stopped now.

Angela was undressing Tim as he tore away her blouse. Her breasts swung free and Tim mouthed each breast.

When they were both naked, Angela pulled him to the floor on top of her. Tim's mind was reeling. He only understood that he must fuck this woman. He would do virtually anything to fuck her. The pheromones had overtaken him totally.

Angela spread her legs high and wide to give him full access to her pussy. It was part of her program. With her hand, she guided Tim's raging cock to her opening. She secreted the correct amount of lubrication inside her pussy. A small amount of the lubricant seeped from her pussy lips and she rubbed Tim's cock in it. Once the head of his cock was properly lubricated, Angela positioned him at the entrance.

Tim was out of his mind with lust. As soon as he felt his cock head at the entrance of Angela's pussy, he thrust forward. He was balls-deep after two strokes.

When Angela felt him all the way inserted into her cunt, she locked her legs around his waist to hold him tight.

Deep inside Angela's pussy, Tim's cock was being scanned for size. The cup was expanded to an exact fit for Tim's cock head. Angela reached down and grasped Tim's balls. She computed the exact amount of cum in his balls. She began monitoring his vital signs and recording them.

Tim was unaware of anything other than fucking Angela. He just knew that he was compelled to fuck her right now. He had no idea of any of his surroundings. He was lost in a total ecstasy as Angela continued to meter a steady amount of the pheromone into his body.

The cup in Angela's pussy moved forward and enveloped Tim's cock head. He felt the warm sensation as a tongue like aperture washed across it. The small velvet tongue massaged his cock head, driving him further into pure sexual pleasure.

Angela released his balls and placed a finger behind his ball sack and up against the under side of his shaft. This was one of the control points. She could control exactly how much cum could pass through his cock by the amount of pressure that she applied.

With everything that she needed in place, Angela released a large amount of pheromone. She locked her legs tightly around him so that he could not move and switched the internal tongue in her pussy to a rate of one swirl around his cock head for his every one heartbeat.

Tim's cum was traveling up his shaft to the point where Angela's pressing finger stopped it from going any further. Angela's sensors could feel the cum pressure building.

When the cum pressure reached a preset point, Angela set the internal tongue to lick at exactly the point on the underside of Tim's cock head where all of the nerves are centered.

Tim's mind was exploding. He needed relief. The sensations of the tongue on his cock were sending blinding waves of pleasure to his brain.

Tim's focus was centered on his cock. He could think of nothing else except cumming in this marvelous woman.

Angela determined that Tim must have had sex earlier in the day. He was slightly short of the amount of cum he would have if he had not had sex within the last two hours.

This meant that she could control his climax for a maximum of seven minutes, twenty-eight seconds. Well within the "safe zone."

With this calculation completed, Angela turned the internal tongue to the maximum safe level. The heightened sensations in Tim's cock drove him even further into ecstasy.

Angela slightly released the pressure of her finger that was blocking Tim's cum flow. Her finger pressure would allow only enough cum passing his prostate to allow a continuous orgasm for exactly seven minutes, twenty-eight seconds.

Sparks flew in Tim's mind for the seven and a half minutes. His cum slowly crept past his prostate and into her waiting pussy. Tim had never had an orgasm like it. He did not understand how it was lasting so long or how the licking sensations were being applied to his cock. He only cared that he was cumming.

Angela continued to apply the pheromones to his nostrils and milk his cock with her internal cup and tongue.

Exactly on time, she released the pressure from under his cock shaft and Tim spurted the remaining last shot of cum into her pussy.

Angela released a chemical that caused Tim to pass out. She inserted her tongue into his ear and began the memory erase program.

She unlocked her legs from around his waist and allowed his soft cock to fall out of her cunt.

With the memory of the fuck erased from Tim's mind, she washed his cock with her mouth to remove any traces of their copulation.

It was an easy task for her to dress him and set him on the couch. She picked up her torn clothes and went to put on a new outfit.

After dressing herself, Angela dialed her preprogrammed number into the phone and uploaded the beta test result. She then gathered the packet of papers to present to Tim and approached him as he sat limply on the couch.

"Tim, Tim," Angela said as Tim began to awaken.

"Damn, I must have dozed off. Sorry," Tim mumbled.

"You did say that you were a little tired when I went to change," replied Angela.

Angela let Tim read the assignment packet. Their job was to find and record the movements of one, Jack Cotton. Jack Cotton was an escaped killer and rapist. He had escaped two months ago from prison after being convicted of seven murders and nine rapes. Reports indicated that Cotton was hiding out in the city.

"If we find him, why not just bring him in?" asked Tim.

"I don't know," came Angela's reply. "It has something to do with an ongoing cooperation between the police department and the federal government. Our information is that he has had contact with a guy named Lonnie who hangs out at a bar on Lincoln Ave. It looks like this Lonnie guy supplies girls to Cotton."

Tim and Angela arrived at the bar. Tim went in to look for Lonnie as Angela watched from outside in case Cotton showed up.

Angela heard the gunshots from inside the bar. There was a mass exit of people out the doors. Angela entered the bar and Tim told her, "The son of a bitch got away. I know where he lives, let's go."

In the car Angela saw the red blood stains on Tim's right leg and saw him grimace. He had been shot but had not told her.

Angela took Tim back to her apartment after he refused to go to the hospital. He had said, "It just grazed my leg. Help me patch it up and I'll be OK."

Angela removed Tim's trousers and cleaned up the wound as Tim lay on her bed. The sting from the wound was easing when Tim realized that his cock had found it's way out of the opening in his underwear. He reached to put in back in. Angela stopped him.

"I told you to keep your hands away from the wound. Do you want to get an infection?" Angela scolded as she finished cleansing the wound.

"Sorry, it's just that..." came Tim's feeble reply.

"Hush," Angela reminded him.

She bandaged the wound as Tim's cock came to a full erection. She had not released any pheromones. Tim was hard because he had a clear view of her bare breasts beneath her blouse as she bent to apply the medication and bandages.

He covered his eyes with his arm to hide some of his embarrassment at showing his hard cock to a woman he just met today.

Tim's eyes flew open as he felt the warm lips slip over the head of his cock. Angela looked him straight in the eye as she sucked the hard cock into her mouth.

Tim had absolutely no pain now as the sensations of the warm mouth on his cock head flooded his mind. Angela would not do anything other that administer a normal human cock suck to him. She would allow him to remember it. This would not be a recorded beta test. It would just be therapy that would allow him to sleep better. It should help with recovery.

Angela drew his cock deeper into her mouth. She began swirling her tongue on his shaft. She reached under his ass and gripped his ass cheeks. Angela bobbed her head up and down allowing most of his cock to enter her mouth as she pulled against his ass.

Tim reached for her face. His hands cupped her face cheeks as he watched his cock disappearing into her mouth. His fingers felt along her lips as those lips enveloped his cock.

'I knew that mouth was made for cock sucking,' he thought to himself as the excitement washed over his brain.

Tim intertwined his fingers into Angela's hair and began to buck against her face in time with her bobbing. He pulled her head down towards his crotch as he tried to penetrate her further.

Angela allowed him to pull her head down. She would take his cock all the way into her throat. She had no gag reflex and did not need to get air. She ground her face onto his cock until her lips were tight against his groin and his ball sack was against her chin. He was completely buried in her mouth.

Tim's cock erupted deep in her throat. Angela kept him impaled in her face as the cum slid down her throat.

After the last spurt of cum left Tim's cock, Angela massaged his cock head with her tongue until it went soft.

"Sleep Baby." Angela whispered to him as his eyes closed.

Angela left Tim sleeping in her bed. She drove to where Tim had said that Lonnie lived. Lonnie answered her knock at the door.

"Word on the street is that you pay pretty good for girls to entertain one of your friends," Angela spoke.

"I sure do Honey but, I have to sample the wares first," came Lonnie's reply.

"No Problem," said Angela as she entered the house.

Angela released some of the pheromones as she stripped naked. She walked up behind Lonnie as he removed his trousers and underwear. As soon as he was naked, she released a strong mixture of pheromones. She wrapped one arm around his neck from behind and reached around his body and gripped his raging cock with her other hand.

Lonnie was immediately jolted with the intense desire to cum. She kept her grip tight on his cock to prevent him from cumming.

Tell me where Cotton is and I will allow you to cum," she breathed into his ear while releasing stronger pheromones to increase his wanton desires.

Lonnie had no choice. His mind would explode if he did not get sexual release. He would do anything to be allowed to cum.

He told her where to find Cotton. Angela released an agent into the air that caused Lonnie to pass out. She released her grip around his neck and from his cock. Lonnie squirted cum onto his own face as he fell to the floor unconscious.

Angela dressed and drove to where Lonnie told her to find Jack Cotton.

She knocked at the door and answered that, "Lonnie sent me," when Cotton answered the door.

Cotton's eyes grew large when he looked at Angela. 'Damn, Lonnie found a nice one this time,' he thought.

Angela entered the hotel room where Cotton was staying.

Jack Cotton began to get hard. He was really turned on by this woman. Just being in her presence was making him very horny. Maybe it was that nice perfume. His cock was growing by the second.

She stepped close to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She drove her tongue into his mouth as she pressed her body to his. She said not another word as that both stripped naked.

Angela pulled Jack Cotton down on top of her as she fell back onto the hotel bed. She allowed him to enter her cunt. Once he was inside her, she gripped his cock tightly from inside her pussy. She locked her legs and arms in an unbreakable grip on his body. He would not be able to break free if he tried.

Angela released a probe that found it's way to Cottons ass.

"What the fuck?" thought Cotton as the probe entered his ass hole.

He would not get much pleasure from this fuck. Angela's probe would massage his prostate from inside his ass hole to ensure that all of his cum came out at once.

She forced her tongue into his mouth and down his throat nearly choking him. She then released the pheromones that caused him to ejaculate immediately.

As Angela's body accepted all of his cum at once, it mixed it with the cum from Tim and Lonnie that she had received before.

This mixture of cum was further mixed with another chemical.

The chemical and cum mixture was forced down Jack Cotton's throat, one half second after he had cum in her pussy.

Jack Cotton felt the burning cum reach his stomach. Within a second the mixture entered his blood stream. As soon as the contaminated blood entered his brain, he became a vegetable. His mind was gone and he wound never be a threat again.

Angela uncoupled with him and dialed the phone.

"Angela Hart, mission accomplished," she said. The computer on the other end immediately contacted Mr. Wilson with the news. Angela was instructed to wait there for further instructions.

"That completes the beta test Mr. Director," said Mr. Wilson into the phone. "What should we do with the beta model?"

"Let her stay with that detective," the Director said. "He did a good job and deserves some reward."

"Yes, Mr. Director," was Wilson's reply.

Wilson dialed back the number. When Angela answered, the computer gave her instructions to make Detective Tim Conrad's sexual life as pleasant as he wanted for as long as he wanted.

The Director gave the order. "Release the production models."

Angela returned to find Tim still asleep in her bed. She stripped naked and crawled in with him. Tim was still pretty groggy and did not wake as Angela worked her body under his.

As Tim lay on top of her still asleep, his cock dangled between her legs. Angela spread her legs and her pussy began a sucking action that gently pulled his soft cock into her cunt. Her pussy was massaging Tim's cock head as he awoke. My God, this is the woman of my dreams thought Tim as be began to cum.

At the same time, in a European country, security personnel escorted a young lady into an office.

"Mr. President, This is your new secretary," said the Security Chief.

"Hi, I'm Angela Hart. Nice to meet you Mr. President."

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